The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on September 27, 1931 · Page 11
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 11

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, September 27, 1931
Page 11
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iRFSTIJS'G promntrrR arr not worrying nhout new faces. The hnafs still are running from Europe and tS,oOO young mm are playing football this fall.* w The V( cord in golf teaehing goes to the S*ew Turk pro n h*‘se pupil mode o hole hi one on his fh'st shot. G lie using the name >>f the manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers for 193J has brought in more answers than the rndiomvtomohdr cigar contest. The Car nrgie Foundation thinks we’re going to have a deader football. USCOLS, SEK., SI \DAY, SEPTEMHEK 27, mi. T he comeback eampaigns of old fight champs is relier.I ing the unemployment situation—jobs for a half do:m huskies every night. | Sing Sing inmates are playing football, (ine of f)ir[ fundamentals of the early lessons is not f * ru f out of ' bounds . Here is a halfback irho got airay from Xotre Dame ; and enrolled at Xorth Carolina — .Xnaucauskas. ■ Xame of a new heavyweight from Greece—IHiunis Tzoneteopoulus. That’s too long for a restaumnt window or a sports page headline. COYOTE PELTS IN CORNHUSKERS’ GAME BAG Nebraskans Romp Over South Dakota Biblemen Indulge In Touchdown Parade In Grabbing 44-6 Victory Before a Crdwcf of 8,000 at University Stadium. HV GREGG McBRIDE. A parade of CornhuHker football talent was on display at Memorial stadium Saturday afternoon as Nebraska swept through South Dakota, 41 to 6. in the kickoff game of the 1031 Scarlet and ('ream schedule. Ideal football weather for an early season game greeted the crowd of 8,000 specta- tor.s which watched the contest, the turnout exceeding early ex{>ectations by .several thousand. Thirty-Sevrn Hu«ikrr^ Faced Fire. Camera Man Snaps High Spots of Nebraska's I'riumph. with the Northwestern game at F.vanston next Saturday loommz large on the Cornhu.sker hori?:on. Coach Dana X. Bible u.secl 37 players during the Dakota game, tlv Hu.sker mentor and his aide.s having ample opporiunlty to watrh th- full roster of candidates performing under the fire of actual game competition. When the game was seheduled nearly a year ago. the contest v.a- booked as a laboratory for early ea.son testing of the Nebra.ska .quad and It was played exactly as such Saturday afternoon. Three complete teams .saw action during the game, each of the tno doing duty for a full period and each account me for one touchdown at South Dakota’s expense Last Period Rampage. In the final period, th** Nebraska roach revamped the first .string lineup and the new combination elirked for four touchdowns and wa.N well on the way to a fifth 'ore when the timer'; pistol ended the afternoon’s rampage W'lth Northwestern scouts in the .stand; charting the Nebraska plavs. the Cornhuskers confined their effort., mostly to straight football, varying it ooca.'^ionally for a dotible pa.s« or forward flip, wnth a pinner or two mixed in for goo<l mra.» lire. While the performance w -, ra ;f-d m .-pot.«, a« might be IN Tin BUi I inroln—Vibrasti*, knta, S. \t l.anfinre—Ran9«., î tiri. «. Al Norimin—Oklah«ma Varali». Ill; Ohla- hnma fisah. T. Al —Iowa .Stair, A; Simp»on. <1. Cnioradn, \g. NTIIRASKA COI-I.KI.IN, .At I aramlr~~>W ,omtng, 3.1; I badrnn. A At i rnlral ('It, —Hrbren Junior, 19, Nrbraaka Ontral, ll. St Omaha—Crrighlon, 38; Bakrr. I. At n»ynr —Vtaynr Traehrra, !»; Mornlni- »Idr, IN Till mu TEN. At f.taiisiton—Northwralrrn »aralt» .Norlhwr«trrn Froab. ». .At Alinnrapoll*—Mlnnraol*. :♦«; Ripon. ». At Chiraio—t'hleafo, IÎ; Cornrll ila.I, 8 . At AtiiinrapoMa—Mlnnraot*. 1.1, North Oakota Ajgira. Î. At Bloomington—Indiana, *; Ohio I'., «. At Chlrago—Hllladalr, ('hirago. 8. Y anks Step Ahead Washington Club Babe Ruth and His Teammates Snatch Second Place Laurels From Senators by Dint of Winning Both Ends Twin Bill. YANKEE STADIUM. New York. Stqit. 2(>—(INS)—As the .shades of night fell here today, the New York Vankee.s clinched second place in the American league race by taking both ends of a douhleheader from Washington. The superb pitching of Vernon Gomez in the first game and that of Charlie Ruffing in the second enahh'd the Yankeo.s to do the trick. Gomez won. 7 to 3, and Ruffing followed yvilh an 8 to 3 victory. Upper icit hand picture shows Kreizingcr diving acro.s.s the South Dakota goal line tor Nebra.ska's touchdown m the opening period Upiwr right was .'.napped after Ma.vter.son, Nebraska halfback, had snagged a Coyote forward pass and was dashing down the field in the direction of the South Dakota goal. The lower picture was snapped while Bauer. Nebraska back, was sprinting around end toward the north goal. Upper pic- ture.s were snapped by a member of The Star’s staff, while the lower is. a DeVnendt photo. IN TH» VVFsr I At >ottth B»nd—Notr» Dam» »*r»ltjr, Î.V; Nntr*. I».m» re.»r»»». ». At AA »<»tf r—AA ro«t»r, 13; Bluff Ion. ». .At tA*l«tn, loo—Kalamaioo Tearhor«. 35; Frrrl. ln\tituf .At trrrr Haut»—R«*»» Bol», 1»; Oak exi>eetrd of earlv sea..un football, i*n«i •'•‘s, • the f»rrt tha' the varlou.s var^sltv “ “ fombination.s mcde good 50 per cent of the forward pa.sse.s and were guiltV of only four fumbles rated the Saturdav work as a most u’ca:.- ing exhibition Krelilnger’s Busy Hay. Kverett Kreizinger. veteran triu.e- fhieater. wa.s the big driving rod m the Hu.sker attack against the Coyotes The Husker oack plunged and romfved to four touchdowns, hia first being achieved In the opening quarter with the starting lineup and Ontru. « At H»i«Uf—Bololt roll»*», 8; .North*e»t- rrn roll»*», ». At S|, raut—Hamltn», II; .st. fToud T»*rh»r«. I At l,al»»b»rf—«. II. Maromb, 1. At Unihur»t—Valparalvo, 1; Flmbar.t, ». At Odar Rapid»—I*«» Slat» T»a»h»r*, III; Columbia »oil»*». At t‘l»»»Und—kindla», t:t; Ca»», *. At Tl'fl»—Il»id»!bur*. II. Hop». «. At I.*ii»ln«—.Allthl*an .A|fl»t. II. Alma, WILDCATS RATED BEST IN BIG TEN .Bowlin* (ir»*n, «; Baldwin ». At Bff»o- AAallar». » At Indlanapoli»—Franklin, r; Bullir. ». .At CrawfordtvlU»—AAabath, 31. Indian* his three other scoring achievements coming in the final ptwiod when he sllpned into the backfleld combination with Oeorge Sauer. Henry Bauer and Bernle Masteraon, three former Lincoln high Athletes This latter qu.vrtet looked like the real article, with Sauer breaking into the .score column in ttie final spree a.s the result of a b.MU- tiful 40-yard run through a broKcn field in which he brushed car ■ side-stepped and whirled awa. from a string of CovoO tacklcrs. I’aul a ’ Masterson. Maivin Paul and Bernle Master,von drew credit for the other touchdowns When Jack Miller wa.s in- imed and forced out of th» game during the third quarter Just a.s Ih- Cornhusker third-string apparently w* on the wav to a touchdown. Paul was returned to the game On the fourth plav. Paul darted through a hole oj>ened by his for,wards. slipped by the defen.sive full- hack and reversed his field to crovs the goal line without a Dakota tackier laying a hand on him. Masterson's touchdown was in the .'I cond quarter, the elongated half - ^ hark going into the air to t.P<e s ban, pass from Sauer and cutting; .\crou lor the goal line Srhniltt Gets His Xian. On his final Jaunt. Ma t'" on was given the a.sslstance of some neat intri ferenre. End Schmitt foldm? «Continued on Page Four ! At Owato»na—Vorthflild. 3«; PllUbury. Hanley’s Team (’onceded As (iridiron I»eader In Conference. BV GFORGF: KIRKSEY. CHICAGO, Sept. 26—«UP) —For the second successive season, Northwestern is favored to win the Big Ten football conference championship m the annual United Press Biass C\ SH&maoi At»na—(Irariland. S8; 0»»»ola, # At .Mount Alorrls—Mount Morrl», II; ( ran», «, At OI(v»l—OII»»t, n; Man»h»«t»r, 7. At Imporla—(oil**» of F.mporl*, S(, ('hillireo. 8. At N'arthri»ld—(arl»t«n. 8; Rl»»r Fall*. 8 . At VVhtl»wat»r—AAhU*w*t»r T»*»h»r». i,A. Orkalb T»*rh*r», « At M Paul—Af*»*l»»t»r, TÍ; Stout, 8 At Monmouth—Monmouth. 8; Far­ aón». 8 At Fvrlfth-F»»l»th, 31; nululh Junio» 8. At Rrookln*»—South Oahot* Stal», ;««. Ilakola 1V»»I»* an 8 At Rork I'land—Au«u»t*na, S*. r»u- bu»u» o At »I 1 . 0 UI» — AA a»hln*lon I .. 8, AAll- llam l»w»ll • At Jarkaontlll» HI —IIHnol* roll»*» (Juinra. *. At (inilnnatl — ftnrlnnall. I'». Rio l.rand». 8 At Rurna A i»l*—.Storm I *k». #; Yankton. 8. IN THF FAST. At Pltlahurcn—Plttaburgh, 8| ¡ Allami. 8. At N»w A ork—F ordham, 38. Thirl. 8. At tirono—Rhodr («land. 8, Main*. A. At VA'*»t Point—Arm,. 8», Ohio North- win. 8 At Buffalo—tarn**!* Tr»h. Sft; Buffalo. 0 N*w Aofk—N*w York I-, 6A; Ho- 8 Attl*a, M, Coop*r- consensus of mid-west sports writ- Qretttcst Northwestern was first choice last flranap nr Chnmip*^ year and Coach Dick Hanley com- or L Zltt/nte. TO NEW WEARER Helen Hicks Lifts Title In Final Duel With (ilenna Collett. BUFF'ALO. N. Y.. Sept. 26 «1 N. S. I—Helen ‘ BiUie ’ Hicks, tomboy golfer of Hevviitt. L. I, made a grand slam In American golf today when she won the national championship title on the links of the country club of Buffalo, defeating the five-time holder, Glenna Collett Vare of Philadelphia, two and one. Today Helen is in the unique position of holding four major titles—the national, the metropolitan, the ea.stern and the New ‘York state. It’s an amazing record for a 0. At f'iMlirld**- At VAil-nnvilU -t'smbrid**, 8. t>rl*in», ». -I l*ond. 1.-;; AAlUonvill*. Gilkerson'H Giants vs. Cubans Tanight Althiiugh the House of IMvid- (iitker»on Colored Giants dou- bl*he.ider la^t Sunday wassched- uled as the last chance for ba'chall fans to see the national pastime this year in Lincoln, anrthtr game has been booked between traveling teams. The Gllkerson Colored Giants and the Cuban House of David, both undefeated in Lincoln, are scheduled to meet at 8 o’clock at Landis Field tonight. Gilkerson's Lincoln record consl . of two victcrles a tie trith the Avhite House of David. AAhlle the Cubans beat the ,\1I-Star, Canadian Clowns twice, and Ccunril Bluffs Dwarfles at Landis Field. \eif Singles Champ. .At Amh*r«t- M»«», I'ntnn. 8 At Bn»t8n -Ba»t8n rail***, 38; ( alho- II» V . Î. At N*» A ark—full*** #f N*w lark. 8. S*lnn Hall, a At Middt*la«B—AV*«l*,a«, 8| Rarh*«- t*r. 3. At PhUadrlahla—Villa Nata. St. Fat­ als, 8. At Brthl*h*m -I r»lnu«. It; t*lil*li, T. At Phtiadrlakia—tlr*a*l. 38, Marati»», a At Phlladrlalila—laSalU, 3«. Braakltn (It, *»ll***. 8, At Rradtnf—I . 8. Caatt C.uard, .3.3, Atbriglit. At BurllBfta«—A armant. 3; i Bla t, • At W llliamttatiM—Wllllamt. IS. flaatan I 8 At lUmiHen—(*«l*al* 48; Nia*ara. t A* Nr-» Rrunaarirk—Ruttar«, IS; Pratl- d*B.«. 8. V .ru Yark—(‘aiumbia, 81, Mtddtr- burt, 8 At Itliaaa—4'artiail 88 ClarktaB, 8. .At I arkhatrn — I aakhatan Faarhrr«, 3, Indiana T**»h*r», 3 At Hanatrr—ilarlmsulli. 38; Nsrwlrh. 8. Mi>rr*»t*r—Halt Cra««. St, St Bans- tantura, 0, A* llarbam -N»w Hampshtrr I? lattali rettila 8 At MartanlauB —AA'**I Alr*lnU. It, OuAua»na 8 . At Pratldrnra—Brsttn t1. ( albt, 8. Continued'on Page Eight « HOW THEY —STAN D— plained that write and coaches Bob Zuppke, author of a series of were putting his team “on the spot.'* entertaming articles on “FootbaU ” Wildcats, however, justified „-hip-. The «ttiir i* nuhhshinir in their favoritism and came through ^ publishing in it marked the first undefeated to tie with Michigan for three of its week-day i.ssucs, clings had ivJr K the title to the belief that Red Grange was rlmd for tl^? l»°'’i:»i'rvonhw."ern croi n, as aha .on th. Hmley la Tn ha^lns a ‘ Presume ha means that the over- previous time she entered the wealth of reserves and a group of n;an from Wheaton, who wore final .stage* the out.standmg soi’.vomores In the Illinois moleskin.s for a three-year New Champion Popular, conference. The five regular.s in- period beginning in 1923. was the Miss Hick.s prob.Tbly is the mast elude Reb Ru.s.scU and Pug Rentner, most (¡usive running back and the popular wom.Tn player in the couii- rated by many a.s the two greatest brilliant individual producer jjry today. She's the gamin type, backs in the Big Ten. and Dallas of touchdow ns of all the hall backs boyish and friendlv with a grin a Mar^.I and Jim Riley, a pair of 220- in th^ annals of the college game, pound tackles who w ( tc never out- 2up has had nearly 20 years of played year, not even in the opportunity to measure value.- m the Notre Dame game. B»*? Ten region one ks compelled to .»/ RMtinir« conced« that the veteran Illinois U. Order of Ratings. qualified to know The order of finish this year is his stuff., I cannot but disagree With the sage of Urbana in his award of the crown to the lUmois red-head In short. I vote the jMlm to a former Nebraska halfback— none other than Guy Chamoerlain, wearer of Cornhu.sker moleskins during the seasons of 1914 and 1915. /up, as a matter of course, has ‘cen only a limited number of the truly great half bar k.s whose names predicted a.s follows. I - Northwe.stern 2-Michigan. 3 Purdue. 4 - Illinois. 5^—Ohio Stat». 6—Wisconsin. 7 Minnesota R Iowa 9—Indiai^ ICC-Chicago y ■ fh V n. ■ f! ;i c "V “T J Ph'..«'»•: Itu-’. F H. 3. N 4 P our.' li.8 • • . 1 . 1-. 'll' Pl- t lU. -r-'. r ». I V “ in -■ Î Y. AM» Ri( AN I » A(.l 1 O w L Frt r lit 101 A« TdV St Y , ■ *193 »1 39 • !.( w' in ...........- . 1.-39i «1 •01 ‘-.*nS .... . U-3 B >. "I • 1»0 404 .1 U"Ui I A3 • 19; 4C1 f ' It t 3> I 1»« i»i 111 9« St 371 N AnON Al 1 1 A(.l » . > W L P»( 1I'J1 •51 N. Y : a .... 191 »3•4•>38 V ' .............. 193»3 >4 1 P: D-1 1 ; 1 ■ 13 r . : ................... r-; A* F ................ I.-.- •4 •1 431 B l&J«- « 4 ' I'i :»t * AMI KUAN A»»!)« lAriON w Pc V l»1t;- il at-Í : f ■140 1 '■4 '■20 la* •3 •r V.3 ,48 «3 14 «P4 VI ;38 3» • 74 A .„A ;î 13 *1» T •1 M 4'iS With one point counting for adorn the page* of football history. ,\nd that applies to myself also. However, I »aw Grange in action oftener than Zuppke inspected Chamberlain, so I ran eonjure no rea.son why I should take a bark seat to the Illinois mentor in the matter of passing Judgment on and comparing these two spectacular performers In the gridiron realm. Redhead Flopped Against Xebraska. To be more specific, it was my plea mre to scan the great Orange when pitted again*« Nebra ka in three fucces.sive seasons, wherecs I que f.ioa that Zup so much as even had a giimirse at Chamberlain when the IctP r was making historv on behalf ot the 5C.arIet-jerseved Husk- LAWRENCE. Ka.s Sept. 26 «U ers. P - umver.sity started its The hard-boiled fpct.s of the case football lodav with an im- «re that Oraniie wa.s actuallv great pres.sive victorv, 27 to 6, over the a am t Nebra.ska in but one of his Colorado Aggii: • three starts In the of 1923. The 'irst half of the game was a wore IlUiuus varsitv col- nip-and-tuck battle, ending 7 to 6 “P.u’VVrhtna In ^iivnr ni Affj*r tHuf rKi? triv v Tudnft Hli &ll‘tors succumbed rapidly to the Y foot dro ’4 in Altitude Aitd iLflt Z«i^ pkP cl&ims. TTliC-llilnii iW’Orcd Schaakc, and Borelh ^ first place, two for second, three for third, etc., the point scoring was. The Point Standings. Northwestern, 20' . Michigan. 24S: Purdue, 28. lillnms. 63'^. «Continued on Page Eight.) KANSAS STARTS WITH GRID WIN Jay hawks’ Steam-Roller Flattens C’olorado -Vifirie (’rew. SOONERS PUSHED BEAT FRESHMEN Varsity Has Close Call, Winninif by Margin Three f’oints. NORMAN, Okla . Sept. 2&-«U P.> — Swede " Eilstrom s field goal from victory here this wc*ek, convinced the 25-yard line staved off a tie that she was de.stlncd to win Miss the ire.shman team in the annual Oklahoma-Oklahoma fre.shmen game tcday The S<x)ners won, 10 to 7 Ell.sircm’.s kick came in the final period after a fre.shman halfback. Nick Roblruson of Seminole, almost .»tole honors from the varsity with a 30-yard run to touchdown. Robinson kicked the goal to tie the score in the third quarter. ElLstrom, 200 - pound halfba« k. scored all the Sooner points. He broke through the fre.shman line in the secono quarter for a touchdown and kicked the extra point. Coach Adrian Lindsay started his “shock troops’ against the freshmen, but had to rely on hw regulars to score Lineup and .Summary ,A« »ar*ant—N*r*an«. .38. Tatlor, 0. .At ( hj8r»n—( hakran, 13; Hot Nprin*», s. I»., i;. At »lout ('it». I«,—Fa»t Siou* Ctt»,.' Thomaa Jaffarton (Cnunrii Bluff«), 3. .At ( ounril Bluff»—.Abraham l.inroln, 1» Harlan, t). .At AAilhar—VAI!b»r, U8!. HalUm, «, At VA tmorr—AA ym«r», tl, Star»«, 111* Ka»., At Homar—Homar, 1»; Fmar»t>n, 0. At Sfhuylar—Omaha .North. 31; Nfhut lar, 8 At ( ulhart»on—.Alft'onk. 3; ( ulbartton. » .At 1* attamouth—AAahoo, 1.', Platt» mouth. ». At llattin*»—Haatin*». (3; Cniait, ». At Mayuood —Mayiaood, 13; tAaunata, fl ■At Nfll*h—.N'aligh, 18; Plarf», «, At \Aa»t Point—AA»«| Point. I,von», 8 At .Nt»rl(nt—Starlln*. .31. f'mwood, 3. At PI*Aaa—Pandrr, II; Pil»ar, c. At Mtnd»n—Mlndan. M: Bloomin-lon, i At Mantón—Stanlun, |.1; Laural «. ■At O-raola—( antra* Cltv, 3"; 0»raola. ' At «tmaha—Nrbraaka lAaaf. t.{, A»h land. 8 At AAInnaba*o—AAinnaba*o. 1«; I m»r»or 8 . At Blair—B»n»on. »; P.latr, ». At S»ott»hl«fl—NroHabliiff, 11: I hap pall. It. At Alllan»»—A'llanra. 31; «.ordon. At ( rauford—t ra»ford, .31. Ilamingford, 8, .At Stdnav—Sldnat. 3» *»trrlln*. Colo..». At .Morrill—Bayard. 3, Morrill. (I At Minalara—Minalara, 3; (iarin*. 8 At Kimball—Kimball, 33; Ptnabluff». AAto.. ». At MItfhall—Mitfhall. 1; I.»man, » (for­ fait •. At Baalrl»*—Bratrira. 18; Ta»um«ah, «. At I »In*—F h I b *. 8. .'»panrar, 3. At F'riand—b rland. (.1. MfCool. 8. At An»lay—Anilay, ;18, .Mason CHt, 0. At Nlltar t raak-ssllvar (raak. 13, Gibbon, 8 At Polk-Polk. 8; (lanoa. 8. •At Nuparlor—Nuparlor, It; Rad ('loud, 8. At Cral*—( rata, 33; Falrbury, 8. At Kaarnaj—l.axlnfton, 3; Kearnay, 8. At Baxtalt—Ravsrit, 23; Lyn»h, 8. At York—Sattard. .31; York. «. .At Oiallal*—Julasbur*, Cota., 3; 0*al- lala. 8 At AYood I.aka—AVood Laka. .34, St. Franria Indiana, At .Aurora—.Aurora, 13; ('lark». 8. At Rsndotpli—Randolph, i2i Croftnn. 8. .At Franklin—Franklin. 18; Huntlay. 0. At Mlndan—Mlndan, 8.3; Btoomlnfton, 8. At Cotumbtt»—(olumbua. 3; David City. ' At .Mitrhall—Milrhall, 38, l.vman. 8 ri;iy Halted Ity .Showers. The threatening weather .slowed the games uj) con.sidcrably and time had to be called twice because of show'ers. Tlie Yankee.* banged out 12 hits off the combined efforts of Brown, Fi.schcr and Weaver m the night cap. Theirbipgest inning was the third, in which five hits arcmintcd for four runs, enough to win the ball game. The score.s. Flr«t (iama. AA «»hin*«nn— 8h rh po » » Ms»r "It................. ......................3 n n 3 2 8 ' Rlrf If ................... ...................... 3I 33 n 8 . \V»st (-1 .............. ......... 4 0 84 08 1; Cronin. ..... . ...................... 40 8 1 3 8 Harri.-. r' . ... ...................... 4 8ft 1 8 8 Kuh-I. Ih . ... ________ , .1 8 1 .* 88 f. n.u»« '. .Ill . ... .............. .4 0 1 fl 2 1 .Sp»n.>-i‘ r . ......... 3 123 0 l lladl-v. p ...................... 2 0 0 fl n8 .Marbarr- p .............. , 0 8 n fl 0 8 • Fischer, p ......................0 0n0 8 II M»nu'.i ................. . 1 0 00 0 8 ■i. Weaver, p . .. ..................... 0 0 fl n i n Totals . 31 2 7 24 3 3 M«iv, ,h h»tted for Fi;-cher ln8!h. 1. N»« Aork — 8h r h po • a rninbs f f . , , , ... 4 0 8 2 8 8 I. Sev. ell 1b . . . . - .4 2 S l 1 0 Ruth I ............. .1 Il 2 n « O.hrij !b ...................... 40 1 n n n II. ('napm -.ii If .............. . 4fln 1 1 n Dlckay. r .............. . 3n8 3 l « ! arv......................3 2 1 3 l 8 1- 1-8» ten 7Ij . . . . .............. . 4 0 l 0 9 0 1. v<omc- p .............. ................. ? Il 0 î 0 Tot U ........... ... . 12 ; 827 18 8 I W'.vshmgtot . . . . . . , 10 1 fl 0 n 8 8 8 2 1- New Yo).( 8 0 0 I 2l 1 8 X 7 Rui. h- • 'I'd ' . W'e t Rtc». ChapniBil 2 .*»»*1!. Kulh. iium»' (iplul* l.Hf h.i hit I'.i hrif Rli Thrar hs > hi« riir», R«nt»n b.i»» Ear- ».icrlfhCtom»/, Rlr» Lrfl nn li;‘ a N» m A'firk 3 \A'a ihlnk- tnii 3 II..-. on bail; ("Mr Hadlay 4 off domi-/. 3 off ’■■■.,:•.«•» 1 fliruck out Bv HnKUf 8. bv 3 bv 3V. »v.t 1 Hit* Off Il-ol. v. ■» in 4 ] T off M»rb»rrv. 8 in 1 '.*-3 of- F. ( har 0 on 1 off W»at»r, i 0 In 1 r,(.<ine plichar Hadlcv Umptra- Van fit«flan, Campball and Dlnn-i’ii Tim» 2 03. I s»»«nd dam». AA‘a»hln*lvn- Mv»r. 3a HIC» ri Manu.'ih 1' W»-a. cf Cronin. ». Kuh»l. lb . B1u»K'' 3b Sp»n»»r. c Bro«ivn. p . Fischar. p Jud«» M Waatri To*»;- h po I 1 .3 3 3 1 2 n I 0 1 0 10 0 I 0 4 1 0 « 0 0 fl 0 0 • a n 0 0 0 0 0 I) 0 0 8 0 0 33 3 9 34 13 0 Jud«a Imttad for Fiachar in *;h New Aorh- Combv, ff «»«v."!!. 1b mile wide and a smile that gains friend.s in all corners cf the globe. Helen has been riding the crest of Hick.s never lost confidence. When she beat Marion Hollins after a 19- tContlnued on ?age Eight.) American Association. At Banrruft—Takamah. 3; Banrrnft, », • Ruth, rf ... At Fall» Cltj—Fall» City. 3. Hortan Bvrd rf Ka»., » • • Orlirm lb At flumboldt—llumbAldt, 8; Naarad Heart Chapm n If (fall» (llys. 8 1)1(1.» r . At .Salem—P»Hnaa ('My, .31; Sairm, 8. Laiv, .» At .Auburn—.Auburn, 23; Peru Prep. 8, La /»n. 3i> At Rloumflald—Rloamflald. 19; tola- Rufflni p .. rid*». 8 . .At Kimball—Kimball r»»*r»»a. 19; Potter. 8. At llpthlrr — Hrbron. 3: D»»lil»r. 8. ,At I allau ay—Callaw ay. 111. Maplrlan. 8. At Imperial—(■othanbur*, 8; Imparlat. 8 •b 3 4 .3 0 4 5 3 3 4 4 h po 3 4 To* .1» . W.! hinj ‘111 Na-i Yoik . Run» h»U# man. Uu « u*h I n hi ........................... 14 « 12 33 4 ...................... 00 3 00 I 000 ................ 01400013* (1 m Ru*ti 3, Ch«p dahrif, «< *-'ll Rica 3. Man hit Ruth. T'iraa hit Coach H W Haret5.3 chsrge« so dominated the ¿ridiron drama • Memonal .vtddium during the latter lacci that he sent ;n « team feeling out his men in preparation for the Big Six conference * drfense In Captain Re ' White. l 48 -ix>und hs'.ib.Tck, the Agi-ue.s had on dl-plav one of the tinesi running backs seen here in .omc time Until his removal from ;ie game in the third quarter the Motors .iri^ented a real offcniuve threat K.invas Nrores Fir»t tmith of Kdnv,'„.v -.«/--.d a 39\««rd mer-h doi i the ticid ifcei the «r^rne L/':»wn Hun'« and I* .■c^ took tne bail w i.he one-vard line vpr; Smith piunir'd u ovcr A blo-ked mint inu the AfS>*A hi noMiion f.vr ihetr 'onh "oie On a fake po» Wh.ic to M'Donald the iConunued on Page Eight.' lugging «Continued on Pak.c Eight « At Mitwsukar. First Kama fii Paul ... .103010000 SII t Mil'asukaa J 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 0- 4 10 3 H*rn*» and Pannar. Nelson and Manlon. Sacond t»me 8« Pad . .«0030000 0 3 4 I Mlia-iUUkaa OOOOllOl* .1 3 1 Murphy »nd 8n: dar Polli and Crouih .At Indlanapolia. F;rsl gama Columbuv ...OlOOOOOOOO I t 3 Indianapolt* OOlOOOOOOl 3 5 0 Cvangro* and Damancay Hmkla Campb*n and Riddi* Baeond game Columbut ..............0003000 0 3 9 t Indianapi 'IS 30030009 S 9 1 Chapman, w nford and Da'.aacay Barnhart and Anglay At KaB»at City, Minnaapolts ..131010000 9 13 0 Kar-4- CUV 010001113 0 13 1 llai.sirk BnUhaart. Wllr rn and Qriffln. Malay, Sanders. Bayne and Peters At l4iul»»itla. Toledo .001000080 1 9 0 Louivillla 10031000» 0 13 Ba hiiun and H*nllna Marcum and Thompr-^n ./ uni or C ham pi on Tourneg Sunday The Junior clianilier of rntn- merce will aponvir a one-day golf tournam'iit for members today. The play At ill be over the Nhrine course, starting at 1 p. m. Max Roper aud M. V, I’edersen are In charge of the tourney. YESTEKD\YS PESVLTS AMFRICAN i.FAdI F. AAashingtan, 2-3; Na« V»rk, 3*«, (hlraio, 3-3; Nt. I.auia, 1-13 (flr«t gama 11 Innlngi, ta»nnd gama 8 inntngai. Datroit, 3; Clavaland, 3. Bnaton at Philadalphia ; rain. Oklahdma Denton ........ Orallman ... Boran ...... Jack.von ........ Whitunpton Max')ii ........... Cherry ...... W' Par.ze ... Maloney .... Stoqner ......... Rw 01 ford Bv periods ^Okla. Ffosh Touchdown Pos, . .le.. ..lg.. . .C.., .. rg ,. . rt . .. re .. .Qb.. . .m.. ..rh., . ib. Freshmen .... Reed ,.. Stacey Beck . Wlliíam.s .. PhimpR .... Low ry Yarbrough Wilkerson . Robinson Craig .. Daw.-ion NATIONAL LF4(,(F. SI I4IUÍB, 3, Cinrlnnall, t. Na« Yark at Brooklyn, rat«, Plttaburgk at Chlea*«; rain.' AMFRIt AN A.HMKTATION. Columba«, i-2; Indianapolis, 2-9. at Paul. .3-2. MHwauhaa. 4-3. Tolade, 1 1 l.ouUvllia, 8. .Minnaapolts, .A; Kansas Ctty 8. FXHIBIYION liAMF. Philadalphia, (N'.L.t, 3; Rorheatar, (I, L.), PA( ine («AHT I.F.Adl r.. Oakland. 8-2, P(*rtland, 3-1. Holly«*o«l, ;t, Mikst*n», # TROJANS TRAIL MADIGAN MEN Oahrig Hnma run M»iii li Sarnfi»» hit Saa 11. I 4 fv Doubla play Cronin in Mvar to Kurial lef' on ba. ;■ W'a: fungton .1 Na V York 2. Hi!s Off Brnan 3 m .1 off r-.-rh.i 3 in 4 Bilia rm ball» Off Broun 1. off Fl: > h»r 1. off M Wi-avar Struck out By B; an 1, by Fisrhar 1 tiy M WXvar 2 bv RUfflng fi Tim* 1 .AO Lmpir#» Campball. Dtnnean a ‘d Van Oraflan AtlandaiU' 3 OhO Leads Panthers. 0 7 0 3 10 FlLstrom. Robm.'ton. Humbled, 13 to 7, Field goal- Ellstrom Points after touchdown— EPstrom, Robin.son Irlkh Win From Henervea. NOTRE DAME. Ind.. Sept 26 «U P I - Notre Dame’s varsity today defeated the reserve* m a benefit game for the Knute Rockne memorial field house 25 to 0 A crowd of 20.(Kk) attended The reserve* 'howed unexpected «Continued on Page Eight » Cornhusker-Covote Statistics. I NIAIR'ITY OF MBRA'KA Ural do«n. aarrad 4lr«( daana by p»-*lty Iard* istnad ruahin* A ard, lati ru.hln* Furward pa»»r, altamptad 4iir«srd pa».»« In<r*mpt'’t< intarrapird b» appanan*. I'a'ivr. -'araplatad \ âtdt (.ii-ird p»’- »« Art » ar da ;r *tnrd Ki.kaff. Kirkulf rs'd;!* S'*kjff ra; i.n-d P«n< I'ari a*»'**» Pan'. r< t.nrd 4 umbla- •tali l*ii •• liimblcs Ball «•;.( an d»««a Panali)» . r»a«tiy -¿rdsgc INIALRMTY or *»01 TH DAKiilA 5 3« • » 2-q « Q i oiftii i-q N «I ■A .»2»ir«t doMii» »¿»nad «« • ft N »irai ••«ni by ^anally 8 M t»8 lit t.'Il I»-; 1»rrt» (*ia»4 rushing 2« 1 11 2 IV il A arda Inai ruahln* • 1 »:< M Fai ward pa»»»« altamptad 1 1 ■* *• î »•naard paaaaa InrampiaU 1 1 a N m 1 Intrrrrptad by «ppanani- » M >; ft t ■; 4 ut ward p * s*a» f=>«ip!»(a a 8 1 ft 1 îII Aards *ain»it ps.>-/- 8 tu 1 21 : » Ifft î '.au Nat yard«*» lalnad Kirhaff, 2* 1 ■ 1 M H ? ï »1 '« f. KI» 2sl r 1 arda * r . . lA 1 * '*> Í Í Nta Kt«-v>iffs raturned li 1 1 U t n l'uii' ' 1» Ì iII■; l*M»t a >-ra*» (1 (t k » 1 t -1 l'un' rl'ifurda ;: •1 ft i f iim •«' 1 m 1 IIIf 1 l-all h"l •» fu nabla k 1 H ! D 17 BalM« I •« d*-sìi» 8 1 11 11 •*' nxlli».n ÎA -.(1 if l'»n.‘.H.k »arda,;» 8 22 l.q I «lais 3 • SÀ 11 14 K 3 3 111 r.t 1 l'il HIM By (iallopinjr Gaels of St. Mary* . OLYMPIC STADIUM Lo,» Angeles. Cal.. Sept 26—« INS I An Inspired St. Mary team ca«i.xed the first up.Nif of the 1931 ifxytball *ea- son by scoring a 13 to 7 victory over a highly favored U 8 C. eleven here today Sighty thousand peetators .tood amazed at the uncanny forward pa .‘ing attack launched by the Gael, in the third quarter which rt lUed in two touchdowns and I/Veivnm- - 7 to 0 lead the Tio- jan; had piled up at half-time. Only an iiv/pired defense on the goal line on three separate occasions enabled the Oael.A to *la\e off repeated drives of the Troians and three time.» thev took the ball on downs Within the ona^-yard line riue largely to th- defensive work of Fi .'■her Hunt Step'mvtrh and Rubel Southerr Calli'-mia far «■ailgaiD« 1 it' rit/'h in r'lnnin« plays, ba« lui ‘d the punch when wuhin «or- ing d: tanee and th» TTojai.'’ grrut weakn.. gmm forward na s--- le'ulted in * four to one underd«',-■ ■Continu'd on P-..'.e Ei'/ht » C... ■ F .d l(,.fl 'hi V ' thou)h ha ..'•ifnt I I t- I'iti.-i a . »r.d r* ■ ’. er. -n Hu ,ibj ■ I'- i- , -j t 1 • P i .1 - <r 1 '4

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