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'A, -n gbo5 tfKt fj Wi S' V' SPORTS Senator Truman Here Last Friday Morning Race Getting Hot As i me wiumy ogun mei iaoi imwy Jmmary Approaches and selected the follwlng najned persons as Judges of th thflk primary election to be held Tuesday, Agiust Tax Stilts apd Who Appoints Tax Attorney Enter Picture County Milligan Gaining Fast In far II. S. Senator U. S. Senator Harry Truman, speaking In behalf of his candidacy lor Democratic nomination for that office, spoke on the streets of Dex-' ter last Friday morning.

i Senator Truman spent most of his time In redtlng the failure of the Republican party before the Democrats came Into power, and In reciting his own standing and position In the U. S. Senate. Three things only stood out significantly In Trumans speech. He BED SOX TO FACE A MONEY CLUB HERE SUNDAY, AUG.

4 The Scott County Milling Co. of Sikeston, who runs the Sikeston Millers baseball dub, is out to defeat the Dexter Red Sox. We understand they are going to spend $100 to get players for the Red Sox game. The fight started when Gene Nichols and the Sikeston manager were talking about a game and the Slkseton man wanted to play winner take all. Nichols told him that he had better take what he can get because his dub wasnt that good.

So the game is matched and the Sikeston dub is bringing Lefty Gentry from St. Louis to face the Red Sox. This Is going to be a hard fought ball game. As the primary approaches next Tuesday, the county, state and national candidates begin to receive more and more attention and are fast gaining over the war In Europe in conversation of the people. Into the race for county treasur- Ud not mention his opponents for er has been injected the question the office.

He declared himself of the appointment of tax attorney 6th In Stoddard county Castor Township I Aid Democrats: John Almond, Curt Frank; Republican: Wlldon Hill, A Book. Avert (D) Albert Patrick, oqcar Wilson; (R) Lenord Morris, J4hn Morlan. I (D) Elvis Mooney, Lonnie Aslin, Alvin Corbin; CR) Floyd Sal loirs, WBlomeyer, Mrs Florence Gettles. Bloomfield 2 (D) Dalton Blades, John Ezzell, Mrs Daisy Ollar; (R) Frank Walker, Amos Smith, Mrs Edna Tiller. I Idalla (D) Clyde Henson, Ed McClard; (R) Mortan Barnett, Mrs Guy Chrisman.

Sherry (D) Frank Stoker, T4m Southerland; R) Ernest Edwards, Wm Jarrells. Duck Creek -AsherviUe (D) David Hodge A (R) Andrews; (R) Frank Hopkins, against the conscription law now before congress, but for a universal service plan fo the whole country. In closing his speech he declared himself for Roosevelt and called attention to his record as an man. A FAN TELLS WHAT'S WRONG AUTH THE SOX After all the Dexter Red Sox is and the way in which the county treasurer can collect taxes without attorney's fees being added to the cost of collecting. When it came to our attention that some were being told that the county court, not the treasurer, appointed the tax attorney, we asked Judge C.

A. Crane, member of the court, about the matter. The Judge pointed out that the county court could not appoint a tax attorney according to his knowledge, and that the county court any jjagetoU-nfafera team and ones who govern PETITIONS FOB GRAND JURY BEING CIRCULATED Petitions for a grand Jury In the August term of circuit court have been circulated the past week or 10 days in the county. specifically mentioii elections in the countv Onlv 50 to sltirin the appointment Aft tnoaTowaVeufgenrS man and submitted his name to the Jury, we under- Court to call a stand. Ray Barter.

Dudley (D) Cecil Casey, Lebn Varble, Mary Page; (R) Rdg. ers, John Rough, Walter White, i ZoU (D) Tobe Crank, Billy Hay-den; (R) Campbell, Chalen Hobbs. Charter Oak (D) Bell, Sam Gwen; (R) Arza Baldwin, Van Acord. East LaValle (D) Street-, King; (R) Warren, Jake Powell. LaValle (D) Bryon Wammock, Kenneth Keasler; (R) Carol Mine-hart, George Ellerbrook.

Marco (D) Ricord Minnear, Harvey 'Mauldlng; (R) Tom Sandei court. Judge Crane pointed out that when Mr. Smyth, the present treasurer, submitted the name of R. I any baU dub. Their paid admls- I sions keep the dub going.

The trouble with the Red Sox dub Is that they are not playing the right men. The right men to play are the ones who work hard to win, one who can run after those fly balls, and catch them on the fly, and the men who can lay down on those ground balls and not let them go thru their legs for extra bases. No it is not the Infield, the pitching nor catch which is losing our games. Then is must be In the outfield and it isn't left field either. I am just an interested fan who has seen every ball game on the local diamond this year and along with many other Dexter fans want to see Dexter win their games, and if the manager has an ear he could hear the fans in the stand saying, Give us Charlie Hart and R.

D. Baker In right and center field. Try tor Just one game and see the results. A FAN. Hello 'After reading last week's issue of this column, probably, some people, arrived at the conclusion that the writer does not believe in pre-.

paredness, preparedness to defend was confirmed America and preserve American vt the two other judges Institutions. Kip Briney as his choice for tax attorney, that he, udge Crane, objected to the appointment, and made the record show that he voted I against the confirmation of Mr. to But it is also the assignment to Taxes Can Be Collected Without Abb Creed. maintain the ordinary, economic Attorney Fees Pryor (D) Taylor Jones, Nic machinery of the country, to buy It is being pointed out in the Fulbright; (R) Elmer Esterlin. and sell, and do business as nearly race for treasurer and In cosinec- Dude Parker, as usual as the times allow.

To-1 Hon with the question of attorneys Sinson (D) Wm Warren, Bet, day, survival in the world means fees, that the law provides a means Crayne; (R) Roy Swinger, Georgi not merely external defence, but It delinquent taxes may be Allen Boyd, also means maintaining and streng-. collected without the- use of at- Liberty ghtening internal institutions which eys and the subsequent addl- BenHe-(D) Ray Blades, Joe make our life as a people, happy on is ees to the cost of the amey, garter Curtis, (R) and secure There Is An Ameri- taxpayers. Woods, Jim Young, Julius WinerJ can Wav of Life" which is basd 1 Under Sectn 9940. revised stat- Dexter 1 (D) Frank Asa, on frreLtlative andfite abiUtt to utes 1929 the use of a tax, Vaughn, Mrs. Miller; (R) Ed worknd tradeandhSd jobs and Pvlded, but under Hubbard, Hurlus Cox, J.

a Cal- spend the proceeds as the individual 11 1 Ve-t' I s. may deslr To preserve this Ufe JS collector collect Bobbitt, Webb The last two Civil War Veterans of the District Mr. George Fox of Dexter and Mr. Francis M. Snider of Camp- tekcn a year ago when they were honored by the tzjftm With the death of Uncle George Fox," Jtoly 19th, Mr.

Snider remains the last of the Civil War veterans living in this district. RED SOX LOSE AT ILLMO TO 1 SUNDAY In spite of the fact that Dexters Red Sox took 8 hits off Paul Bray, Big Bucks pitcher, while the Bucks were taking only 5 off of Dexters Gene Nichols, and in spite of the fact our Sox made 3 double plays to none for the Bucks, our boys took a whipping 3 to 1 at the ball park at Illmo last Sunday. The Sox have not been able to whip the Bucks on their home grounds in the past two years, although whipping them here last season. is 8 maior Dart of our oroblem. may taxes by sim- Watkins; (R) VtefJ Moreoveruls well to remember certifying the delinquent list here In America, human Ufe various Justices of the peace nt Powe-(D) John Boyd, John i.

rfin the townships and they may pro- Gaines; (R) Russell Perry, Joe collect them with only I P. Lewey. dividual human Hip is a -central an(j constable costs added to the I Pvle purpw ow dvization. taxpayers burden, is the clalm'being Lawrence; (R) Dolan Ray, Arnold made t0 tew in the manner Stewart. upon American energy today, jjj which delinoeunt taxes mav be But the demands of our usual way collected New Lisbon Acorn Ridge (D) Robert The Oldest Continuous Firm in Dexter History Wilker-MIHIgan Gaining in U.

8. isn. -Sweeney; (R) Elbert Senator Race Tweedy, Frank Gladden. The most pronounced change in Leora (D) Ralph McFerron, the political setup during the past Jones, Earl Walker; (R) Willie two weeks or 10 days has been a White, Oliver Townsend, Lee Wil- of life are equally as great, Jf not greater. We have heard this last week, many dissenters, as to our president calling for $4,000,000 to aid the children In the stricken areas of war tom Europe.

But If you will but pause and think, that even The Editors Column The Machine Draws In The Maverick machine Is reported to have drawn in Us horns and are concentrating on electing only two men on the county ticket They were earlier reported to be ambitious enough to carry a whole ticket and were reported trying to lick George Barham in the sheriffs race. Last reports from the citidel are that they have drawn in their support and are telling that they ar concentrating only on trying to elect their candidate for treasurer son. swing to Milligan in the race for United States Senator. Recent State reports that Milligan and The oldest firm in Dexter history under one man is the L. H.

Culbertson Blacksmith and Machine Shop. For some 7 years the firm was known as Culbertson A Kirkpatrick, when Mr. Kirkpatrick bought an Interest, but the firm was started by Mr. Culbertson in 1882 on a site where the Scott County elevator now stands and has been operated by Mr. Culbertson for 58 though charity does begin at home fast gaimnT rnpport and even though we do have lots 'at the expense of Stark, has started SOFTBALL SCORES July 26th The Kroger girls defeated the Hill White girls 12 to 4 In a five inning game.

This was the 5th straight game Krogers have won. They havent lost a game at home this season. Ringer Hardware took a close 8 inning game from Marco 8 to 7. The game was filled with plenty of excitement and arguments. The feature of the game was a home years.

In fact Mr. Culbertson was run with 2 on by Charles Ringer. July 29 I XL defeated the Kiwanls In established the year the railway came to Dexter and did much black- a Swinton (D Finis Moore, Ralph Hood; (R) oe Bess, Joe Bland. Pike Advance (D) Clarence Schon-hoff, Clyde Ckibb, Pat Simmons; (R) Doyle Shell, Lenord Harness, Mrs A Mayfield. Bell City (D) Bollinger, A Hill, Ben Luke; (R) Claude many Independent voters toward the Milligan bandwagon in an effort to beat Truman.

Wheeler, Thrower, John Me- and a Judge of the county court, and are declaring themselves out of .1 all other races. Present indications smith work for the firm building are they can win only one and pos- the railway. of little fellows of our own who are suffering, we cannot idly alt by and see those lllttlle ones over there suffer. It Isnt their fault that they were bom, French or English. It isnt their faulti that they are on this globe today.

Lets not turn our backs. And In aiding them, we might well say, that child could have been mine. Lets keep America the criterion that it has been in the past. We will find that by so doing that "The Ameican Way will have paved the way for a peace and better understanding than we have ever before known. Be prepared, not repaired.

But not by conscription as outlined by the Senate Military Committee. sibly not one of their two offices. V-4 COLLIN HARTY A BIG SHOT OUT IN CALIFORNIA Out at Bakersfield, Calif, Collin Harty, an old Dexter boy and a brother-in-law of Homer Smith, is a big shot In more ways than one. Last year he was elected one of four commissioners of Kern county to look after the spending of four million dollars a year income of that county, but along about the first of the month he became a Big Shot indeed, when he won the Bowling championship of Kern county over a large field. Collins glcture, with one of those giant bil-ard balls just leaving for the one sided game 12 to 5.

Elder defeated the Sons of Legion with a make-shift team 6 to 5. The hero of the game was Gus Nagel vho had 3 hits on 4 trips. July 31 Although Junior Chamber of Commerce out hit the Scott County 14 to 11, they were defeated 13 to 11. This was the first defeat for the Jr. in the American League.

The Sons of Legion won a close one from Ringer Hardware 7 ta 5. The Sons put across 2 runs in the final inning to take the game. Bride. Shawan (D) Lon Keith, Jim Mann; (R) Harry Clayton, Everett Link. Zadock (D) Odus Capps, A Smith; (R) Arthur Parkhurst, Tom Harwell.

Richland Clines Island (D) Adlai Hartley, Bird; (R) Gray Sandage, Gladys Kelley. Essex (D) Mrs Jesse Vaughn, Baird, Estes; (R) Mrs. Reed, Josh Davis, Mrs. Wlel-munseer. Gray Ridge ID) John Renord, Vest Long, White; (R) John Julian, Smith Pearl Black.

Tanner (D) Wm Hancock, Vick Cedarburg; (R) Hoyt Mothers-head, Elmer Riney. Back (D) Loran Hogan, Bill Ray; (R) Joe Hooks, I Eggers. RENNER SOFTBALL CLUB THANKS ALL WHO HELPED IN BARBECUE AND RALLY The sponsors of the barbecue and political rally given on July 23rd at Renner school wish to thank all the visitors and those who took part for their fine cooperation and support The expense of putting on the event was and cash taken in was $111.55. The next oldest is E. Gunter, who has been in business 47 years in Dexter, the Riddle Lumber Co.

some 46 years. Another firm gussed by one of our readers was Kers trier's Store. Due to the fact that some readers eliminated the Culbertson Machine Shop because it at one time was Culbertson Kirkpatrick, we are making two awards, one to D. F. Menu-land who guessed the L.

H. Culbertson Machine Shop 58 years old, which is correct, and the other to Luther Welborn who guessed El El Gunter as 47 years and 8 months which Is the nearest correct answer to the aage of that firm. BENNETT GOLFERS TAKE BEATING HERE SUNDAY Local golfers defeated the Ken-nett team here Sunday afternoon by a score of 30 to 4 Miles Falls was man champion of the country low man with a score of 71, one jgj Sone uy above par. I pins, was published In the Bakresfleld Daily as king of the ten pins. But what took our eye was the picture of a good looking miss, the with The Look for the man Orange Trading Stick.

THE SCISM FAMILY REUNION Heard on Streets American League Junior of Scott County Kiwanls IXL National League Elder Ringer Hardwire Sons of Legion Marco Girls Krogers 5 Modern Woodman 1 Whites SOFTBALL SCHEDULE Friday, August2: White vs. Modem Woodmen; Kiwanls vs. Scott County. Monday, August 5: IXL vs. Scott County; Elder vs.

Marco. Wednesday, August 7: Marco vs Sons of Legion; Kiwanis vs Junior Chamber. Fire Chief Sore Fire Chief Boyer Is sore at Sam Williams these days. It seems when a fire broke out on the porch of the rooming house of Aunt Nancy Deason last Friday moring while Senator Truman was trying to burn up the Republicans here, that Sam Williams with the aid of Aunt Nancy and a couple of thunder mugs from Aunt Nancy's bed-rooms, put the fire out before the fire boys got there on the rurt. "And It was the first Deason' fire we had all year, too, said Chief Boyer.

interest checks being MAILED BY MO. UTILITIES Interest checks upon meter deposits are being mailed out this week by the Missouri Utilities Co. The company pays 6 Interest on these deposits, and since only one year's Interest is now due most of toe checks are for 30 cents on the $5.00 meter deposits for homes and smaller businesses. Notice your checks, they are not payable at the bank, but must be taken to the Missouri Utilities office whwe you will receive the cash on them without paying any exchange. So do not take your checks to the bank but to the Missouri Utilities moBcat DB.

LARUE PUTS IN FINE NEW OFFICES Dr. Frank LaRue has refinlshed and refurnished his offices here, making of them the most modern and beautiful offices of the city. You have to take a look at diem to really appreciate what beauties they are. Only a part of the large crowd which attended the Seism Family Reunion at Philadelphia Church, July Members of the Seism family from all parts of the United States attended this big annual reunion of this pioneer family. Twelve States were represented by members of the present.

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