Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 10, 1978 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1978
Page 3
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By Bil. Alverhaz. manager. ~ Greater itkiah Chamber ot Commerce •:*>^>»:-:w:(:-:'>:%w>x<<'K<<<'>>»^^ Ah, the rains. That glorious wet stuff has' watered us, winded us, pelted us, melted us, and soaked us ... and we've loved every minute of it. The 70MM earner^ pans this beautiful green, wet valley to the lake ... and what do we see? ... Could it be? ... It is! It is!! Lake Mendocino is almost,/ what its name says again - a LAKE. The familiar serenity is also back now that the dirt- bikers' drylakebedtrack has disappeared. The boat launch can once again be used as a place to un-trailer water craft. Looks like this year of one seven and one eight there will be a lot of dam recreation. FIRST THINGS FIRST: As most of you loyal (is it fair to use the word hard-core?) THIS' WEEK readers, kno>v this column has been on a kind of sabbatical. During the six months (Yes, it has been that long) absence a week didn't pass without people mentioning something about the column; AND, personally, I continually found myself saying, "K could have used that for the column." The spirit of THIS WEEK continued and survived time and weather to this instant as your mind processes whatever it is that this is. Once again I have picked up my tablet and Bic pen to begin where I left off on my front porch last July 8th. THIS WEEK is back and I am sincerely glad, to say the least. ' ' It's going to be the same column, based on YOU, the reader. Without your input and comments (that means- letters again, folks) there wouldn't be a THIS WEEK. The potential is limited only to how much you're going to participate. So let's work together — like we did before to make THIS WEEK better than ever ... look for it each Tuesday and Friday. There's no way to cover the last six months ... so let's start from scratch, so to speak. Here goes: KING. CECIL'S REIGN BEGINS: Close to 150 people Experienced a very rare, beautiful, touching, and, at times, outrageously funny evening last Saturday night at the Broiler Steak House. The occasioii was the Greater Ukiah Chamber's Annual Dinner.' If you missed it, all I can say is, BOY, OH, BOY! DID YOU MISS OUT! It was an evening where everyone found out In-coming Chamber President Bill Fowler's middle hame is Ctecil. There was a little bit of everything from the humor of a true-to-life crown and T- Shirts (including my "Tuxedo" with a real carnation) to the touching moment when Outstanding Citizen of The Year Rowland , Nielson brought tears to just about everyones' eyes as he talked about the real beauty of Ukiah (you know the feeling when you're on your way Health Council meets Jan. 16 The Lake County Health Coimcil's second meeting will be on Jan. 16 at 7:30 p.m. in; th6 Middletown Methodist <!3iurch. The guest speaker is Gregory Voelm of the Foundation for Comprehensive Health Services. He will describe a plan to bring two family doctors to Lake County and will solicit support (in the form of approval) from Lake County citizens. Issues discussed at the last meeting included: (1) grants for bringing more health care providers into Lake County; (2) transportation; (3) a free catalog listing medical services of all kinds now available in Lake County. Tt}e Council needs "people power" to obtain grants of money from state and federal agencies who offer money for funding rural health .programs. A $2 membership adds to this "people power," and entitles each member to receive a monthly letter describing the progress of the pouncil. home and you come , over Burke Hill) artd the strength of our youth: , When Rowland walked to the froht of the room td receive his' plaqw you couldn't help but get goose bumps as the crowd stood for a long ovation. Instead of dying out the applause continued to grow. It was one of those rare moments that you know doesn't happen often and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. The Chamber's Annual Report drew much attention with the board members' (and staff) baby pictures. Limited copies are still available to quick-dialed-fingered people. Al Norris handled the mike as MC for the evening and did an excellent job UhAt's KJOR- VES-TAt), Al). Everyfflhe had such a good time that it was almost midnight before the crowd headed for The Lido. An unexpected surprise was the chance meeting with thie film crew from the movie MAGIC. They just happened to lie having dinner in one ol the banquet rooms near the Chamber's room. It's for sure that people will be talking about the dinner for some time to come. ROSE AWARD: There's no point in wasting any time in getting back into the swing of things with THIS WEEK. Let's start off with t\yo Rose Awards. The trumpets are still packed away, so kazoos will have to do. Rose Awards to Cathy Velardi and Pam MacLean both employed by the Journal. C^athy is not only a foxy lady,' but a great addition to the ad staff, and a tremendous artist. Pam is also a foxy lady who is more than an asset to the editorial staff. She writes well and takes great pictures (most of the time). Pam and Cathy are two very nice people and ... so ... naturally a rose to each of you is in order. (SPECIAL NOTE TO DORIS HARDING - I need more Rose Award cards.) IAN UP-DATE: Ian is now 19-months-old arid talking (some of what we can understand, most of which we just sort of fake our way through). He has reached that point all children do where he is no longer a dependent entity - he now has such a well- defined personality that he can steal your heart with the drop of a pin. Being a child is made up of so much n;agic and wonder. Why do we have to lose it? COMING UP: Friday the Thirteenth for all of you Black^Cat-Fearful-People. Is it a coincidence that the punk rock group The Sex Pistols hit San Francisco the following day? January 27th will be the first Economic Council - State of Ukiah Report, prepared > and sponsored by the Ukiah Chamber. The cost-of-living survey for all of 1977 will be publically released, plus a detailed outlook on the locaLeconomy. Details as theyd^elop. More of THIS WEEK Friday. Tuesday, January JO, 1978' Ukiafh Daily Journal, Ukiah^ Calif.-^ AO iecrefary says Soviet bureaucracy i$ needed for farm parity HOUSTON (UPI) - The government would need a Soviet style'bureaucracy "no one is prepared to accept" to guarantee striking faripers 100 percent parity. Agriculture Secretary Bob Bergland says. "We'd have to invent a system of bureaucracy that is too much like the system in the Soviet Union, which is rigid and unresponsive," Bergland told an American Farm Bureau Federation convention news conference Monday. "When you get into government guaranteeing, you're looking at disciplines that no one is prepared to accept." It was Bergland's bluntest rebuttal yet to the demand of striking farmers for parity pricing that would give them the same relative purchasing power they had from 1910 to 1914. one occasion," Bergland said, payments or total government "He simply has been unable to control of the marketplace. find time. I am satisfied that before this year is out, the president will hear you." Berfeland said 100 percent parity would require either rhassive gove'rnmeht He said the cost of the first — which he estimated' at $55 billion the first year — would be unacceptable and thp second would be intolerable ir\ a free society. ( FROM OUR READERS) Ukiah, Calif. Editor, Ukiah Daily Journal: An open letter to Senators S.I. Hayakawa and Alan Cranston We paid France, Colombia and Panama for the Canal Zone ten miles wide across the isthmus and paid each private owner for his holdings in the Zone. It is ours "through all perpetuity — to the complete exclusion of any sovereignity, remaining to Panama". . , 'Surely no one but America !!!. endured the many hardships to construct the Canal, before the miracles of bulldozers and like sophisticated equipment AUTO RESCUES FOR PRACTICE — One of the final meetings of the ' Emergency Medical Training class offered by Adult Education was to learn how to get injured"people out of wrecked cars. Ukiah Fiireman Bob Vander Stoep was the instructor for the class that met at Millview Auto Wreckers Satirday to take apart two cars just for practice. Five nurses, members of the Ukiah Fire Department, and volunteer fire fighters from Redwood Valley, participated. — Journal photo by MacLean Vot ed funds disfribufed A total of $131,694 in federal Vocational Education Act (VEA) entitlement money is coming to • eight school districts in Mendocino County to be used in the 1978-79 school year. Ukiah Unified School District \yill be getting $46,560 of those funds. "This is more than we've ever received before," stated Ed Nickerman, asst. supt. of schools for Mendocino (bounty. He explained that these funds are distributed to districts annus^lly for job related training and vocational education programs run by districts. The money is divided in differing amounts among the districts in the state that have applied. Districts with a greater need of voc ed programs and that are equipped to provide those programs, get more money says Nickerman. Ukiah Unified Supt. W.O. ; Murphy said that Ukiah's schools will be using the funds for voc ed equipment and Supplies for South Valley, adult education and Ukiah High. More 1976 Vocational Education Act funds are anticipated in February, according to Nickerman, and these could amount to even more than the $131,694 entitlement funds. The word should come on the release of these monies in the next two months, the voc ed 'administrator reported. A breakdown by district of entitlement VEA funds is as follows: Ukiah Unified, $46,560; Anderson Valley Unified, $13,371; Fort Bragg Unified, $17,363; Mendocino UnWied, $5,404; Point Arena Joint Union High School, $6,371; Potter Valley Community Unified, $6,800; Round Valley Unified,. $12,111; and Willits Unified, $23,714. convention, „ Bergland drew applause whfen he said, "We do not think that the government's role is to assume the responsibility of guaranteiein| fiill parity income to all farmers and to assume all the risks." He said he sympathizes with the difficulties that many farm families are suffering and believes they have a right to a fair profit. "I think those that have been involved in the demonstrations have generally done American agriculture a service in focusing public attention," Bergland said. But he vvarned against violence — "it would fail and should" — and suggested, farmers who do not plant in the spring will have nothing to bargain with in the fall. In a, question-and-answer session ,after his, remarks, Bergland was asked why President Carter has not met yet with Farm Bureau President Allen Grant. "There's no answer other than that I discussed this wiui the president on more than was invented. It is the American Canal, built in the American Canal Zone across Panama. Tori-ijos does not legitimately represent the people of Panama. He is owned and represents David Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank, Sol Lino^fitz and the Marine Midland Bank and probably the other 71 banks in Panama. The Super- Internationalists have loaned more millions than Panama is our "total debts and contingent liabilities, (are) $7.58 trillion". This ends up as "151,000 for each taxpayer". Actually, you Congressmen have committed us to this horrible debt. We now owe more than all the rest of the people in the world combined. This is a personal mortgage against everything we think we own.. And, we don't owe it to ourselves, we owe it to the^ OherWorlders who belong to the C.F.R^ and theTri-lateral Commission. It is time to'keep what we have and quit being "Uncle Sucker"! Walter M. Heady Ukiah, Calif. Editor, Ukiah Daily Journal: Was just wondering if thfere has been any concern given to traffic signal lights, more than the 4 waysignals at Perkins and Orchard, —a marvelous improvement! recently installed? Perkins and Main; Orchard and Gobbi. There have been two accidents at both Orchard ahd Leslie intersections on Gobbi, in the last year. Fpr- worth,' without the Canal, to tunately no one was ihjured, in Torrijos. The American either, taxpayer must now sacrifice there should be, at least two the billions we have spent on installed! on Dora, at suitably our Canal, plus 50 million more, according to the new treaty, to compensate for the inefficiency anticipated in "Torrijos' socialist operation of the Canal. These same internationalists control the Federal Reserve, that controls the red hot -jjrinting presses, that create oiir worthless paper money, that they charge us full price for, until located intersections, the traffic is getting quite. hazardous at times. The school, the hospitals, ahd all the doctors offices fronted on Dora, makes that thoroughfare quite a traveled roadway. The city of Ukiah is growing and we must grow with it, unquestionably, these lights are expensive, but better the expense than the fatalities. LewHaydon Feinstein is SF board chairman SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) Dianne Feinstein was chosen by a 6-5 vote Monday to be president of the Board of Supervisors for the next two years. Runnerup in the balloting by 11 newly-elected supervisors was Gordon Lau of the 1st District, the only other candidate nominated. The supervisors are the first in this century to be elected by district rather than on a citywide basis. SPEED QUEEN Built better to last longer. FACTORY REBATE! $50.00 on a pair; $25.00 on a Washer or Dryer AND We're Not Monkeyin' Around!! Poma TV will match the factory offer... Double your rebate on purchase of P0|\/|/\jy^3 GONEBANANASI SALE A Speed Queen Fine Appliance POMA TV 198 SCHOOL ST DOWNTOWN UKiAH JANUARY CLEARANCE! STARTSWEDNESDAY, JAN. 11th SPECIAL BARGAINS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS BOOTS - HATS - LEATHEH JACKETS - SUITS SHIRTS-LADIES'TOPS Airp PASTS DOWN COATS e VESTS SADDLES S SILVER EQUIPMENT I SPECIAL SALE TABLE Some Items at 50%OFF DON'T MISS IT! 1206 V. STAXe S'Ki^ VKIAHi ^ni462-3477

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