Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 2, 1967 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1967
Page 6
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'Junior Editor Quiz on' THE SUN THE INSIDE ^ J* O J^ -MAKING ONE \O ATOM OF K <Z r\v HELIUM, <-J GIVING OFF GROUPS OF ojj HEAT AND 4 ATCMS <I LIGHT, OF HYDROGEN UNITE- WHICH- [/ I WAS OUT IU THE- I DUKIh/G VACATION { MAKE5 A GUV F£EL you tze. KEAUY i,\'ro you*. SCHOOL- SILL I P/D yOU GET THAT QUESTION: How does the sun get its energy? ANSWER: Since ancient times, people have associated the son with a ball of fire, but no one knew what fuel it was consuming. The putile was solved in 1925 when scientists realized that nuclear fusion, the process used in a hydrogen bomb, caused the sun to burn steadily. Many astronomers believe the sun and planets were born from an enormous cloud of gas and dust. As gravitation pulled the sun's mass inward, the sun became a ball; the great heat created in the process caused hydrogen particles to race violently around. These particles collided, starting nuclear fusion. In this process atoms of hydrogen are changed into helium, releasing energy and heat; it is this energy that provides the earth's warmth. The sim will not use up its hydrogen for billions of years. In the meantime, we can all return from vacation suntanned and bursting with energy, like Jack in the picture. (Diane Devins of Burlington, Vt. wins today's combined priie of Compton's Illustrated Science Dictionary plus $10 cash for this question. Mail yours on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper). TIZZY By Kate Osann "They can keep that stuff—there's nothing like smelling like a batch of freshly baked cookies!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox 11-2- , NU. k T.M I, e 'I'm just not ready for it, Harry! Our little girl's first protest!' READ THE WANT ADS Daily Times Herald Thursday, November 2, 1967 JPeatures . . . Comics What's Missing? Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 and cown 4 DAlai 8 support of the family 12 Cry heard nl bullfighting i-infi 13 Offensive smell 14 Class of vertebrates 15 and crumpets Ifi Itnnortincncn 38 Indian chieftains 20 Annual income, in France 21 Auricle 22 One who (suffix) 24 Ancient kingdom in Syria (Bib.) 26 "What do you by that?" 27 Taxi 30 Kliolatcd plant 32 Pharmaceutical decoction 34 Caused to slope. 35 (tame at cards and .17 Have on, as apparel M Kqiial •10 Liquefy 41 Small child 42 Assistants 45 Colonnade 40 Stretched out 51 Cogni/.ance 52 Scotch and RH Popular sonfjs M Ktitomolony (ah ) 5f> Son of Sffth (Hill i 56 Individuals 57 Scottish sheopfold DOWN 1 Folding beds 2 Athena 3 Not Riven to quarrelsomeness 4 Nonvictorioiis individual 5 and Eve 6 Frozen dessert 7 Circle part fl Mentally sounder 0 "Hot as an 10 For fear that .11 F.ssential being 17 Peaceful J9 "it's a of mine" •a Potato (coll.) 24 Diminutive of Matthew 25 Hodfiepodge 26 Archetype 27 One who takes charge of a place 28 Poker stake 29 Malt brew 31 Latest 33 Flavor 38 Achieve 40 Flat-topped hills 41 Lock of hair 42 Part of a church 43 Metal 44 Extinct bird 46 Feminine suffix 47 Recent (comb, form) 48 Grafted (her.) 50 Greek letter CARNIVAL By Dick Turner © IW t, N£A, I.e. T.M I.,. US. fol. Oil "While you're making the sandwiches, Mom, would you like for me to go in and listen for you?" BUGS BUNNY By RALPH HEIMDAHL I CAME. T' BORRER A FEW /THINGS FER DINNER/ ELMER] TAKE WHAT NEED AND &CH64MJ IT'S CHEAPER THAN HAVING HIAA STAY ARE YOU SURE YOU CA.K1 CAwwy ALL OP ^THAT? ) I DON'T KNOW/ FUDDSY- HM/A1 I WOULDN'T WANNA BUST TH' EGGS' CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER THEM HEART REWPIW CROAKS STILL DOW'T 50UWD LIKE APOLOGIES TO ME 1 . ReMEM6ER,,,ME CAB METER'S RUNWIW6'. _ WOULDN'T HIT A FEMALE SCARECROW FORGET 1T- OUT OUR WAY By NEG COCHRAN OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . with . . MAJOR HOOPLB I KNOW WHAT YOU KID3 THIMK OF MY N COOKIMG.SO I'M 60IWS TO HAVE YOUR MOTHER OVERSEE TW JOB THIS TIME/ JVC GOT ALL THE MAXIM'S FOR CHIU UP HERE AM 1 SHE'LL DIRECT THE OPERATION OF PUTTIW 1 »T TOfiETH- ER-SO THERE'LL BE NO WEED FOR SMIDE REMARKS AN'LOOKS OF AMSUISH AT THE DIMKJER TABLE.' DO YOU HEAR ME DOWM THERE ? ARE MOU LISTENING? iv. WHV MOTHERe <3ET <3RAV YOU CLODS RIDICULED MY PAINT-, IN6S AND SCULPTURE, eUT TVE- 3UST CONSENTED TO-SELL A FEW PIECES TO ATTORNEY CRUMWEIL/ PERHAPS i SHOULD POINT OOT THAT HE'£ NOT NOTED FOR •CARELESS •SPENDIN6/ O CANT UNDERSTAND IT, \ BUT I NEVEft AR6UE WITH AW HOROSCOPE WHEN / IT THROWS ME A LUCKY DAY/ YOU CAN 5TART / 6Y PEELIN' Off THE HAWBUCK YOU 00RROWED NEW YEAR'S EVE/jv__ By FRANK O'NEAL A LOT OP T& V0UN6 PBOPUE INI THE STATES ARE 6ETT7N6 S&NEK & Iny t t n». i«t. m »;;. us. M. OK- O THE FLINTSTONES By HANNA-BARBERA POOR AMNIE..THI& \€> TH' THIRp, NICrHT IN A ROW SHE'S SAT HOME WITHOUT A AAAYBE A (SAME OF CARDS WIL.U TAKE HER MIMP OFF THINGS/ PRISCILLA'S POP COULPMT YOU 7WINJK OF SOME GAME OTHER 11 a v THAN OLD MAID ? CANGE! YOU WAIT AND By AL VERMEER _ . READ IN . , BOOK THAT BOYS •ARE'MADE OF, CHEMICALS,,. ...AND ONE OF THESE DAYS... ALLEY OOP CAREFUL WITH .THAT MATCH, YOUR WOMEN RAN OFF WITH VOUR WEAPONS? I NEVER HEflRPOF SUCH NONSENSE/ NOT MINE, BY SADFRY/ MY WIFE KNOWS BETTER'N TO MONKEY WITH MY STUFF.' By V. T. HAMLIN WINTHROP LJMPA TOOK OFF A y?>— -< / YE??IC AM'/-IUCCM WHILE AGO, SIR.../AN- THEvV N UMPA WAS ?S WHOLE / WERE ALL (ARMED?) 'EM twtviN' YOUR TH^TEETH'^ '"^ B ' S ^ R CUJBl WH£N I -SEE- HCWHAEP P£OPLB WO12J4. TOE4/2NA LIVING.,. By DICK CAVALLI AND TH/NK THAT-SOMePAY Hi- Be ct?/N<s IT; TOO... s> O 1967 by NEA. Inc. T.M. Rij. U.S. tat. Oil. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Me .TOO, JusJEf ip HAve HAD TUP By HENRY FORMHALS T,,. ^^ /v, , ^< '" c ' t(JUl ^"N 6 ! -LO HAVE- 1AA SORR/YOUR. ^ VJOpLO BEAT1M0 A pATMTb PROJECT .R2ZLEP, MurryV -x^< THE WILLETS COM/MA, WILL VOL) PLEA6E GO TO THE. " 6TORE FOR /HE co WITR THE EXTRA FIME !..KJOW. WHERE - J YOU MAY BUY ARE THE TWN6S JUR^ELF A , IA6KEDY00TO NICE 6UCKER ! *> BUY FOR /^£r p By WALT WETTERBERG

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