The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 2, 1930 · Page 17
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 17

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, November 2, 1930
Page 17
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THE LINCOLN SUNDAY STAR— SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2,1930. B—THREE I^ebrüskci State Leaguers Meet Aionday In Capital City Lincoln to Pull Out Unless Finance Plan Materially Amended by Mathis to Pitfs 48-yard line. ; Pi t on the Husker 14-yard line. Young made two at the middle, j Wallnchus plunged for a couple Young's pas.s to Mathis was com-| yards. Hood rammed the middle j plete for 13 yards and a first down , for three more. Walinchus plunged ; on the Pitt 34-yard line. Kreizinger , for three yards. Hood hit the line i lost one at the middle ^ for two yards and a first down on | Lcwi.s grabbed a Nebraska lateral i the Husker three-yard line. ■ on the Panther 33-yard line. i Hood crashed the line for a yard, i Hirschberg replaced Collins for i Hokuf and Frahm threw Walin- Pitt. Reider made a yard at cen- : chus for a two-vard loss at left end. ter. and on the second play fumbled prucke and Rhea stopped Reider ¡ but recovered for a six-yard loss, for a three-yard loss aJ, the oppo- Baker punted 37 yard.s to Mathks. , gjfjp Hood’s pass to Baker was I who returned five yards to the ‘REB’ FACTOR IN WILDC ATS’ WIN Nebraska-Pitt Game Statistics. NEBRASKA. PITT. Russell’s Plunging: Gives Edge to Northwestern Over Gophers. i complete for five yards, but the i-rnwrr KtRKgwv Hii.sker 30-yard line. . 1 Huskers acain took the ball on BY fjie.Oin.fc rikkM!.!. Tries by Young and Mathis at the on their own three-yard line.; MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Nov. 1 ..................... , , 1 11 1 line failed to gain. Young punted Kreizimrer naiVri Raker in his'<UP)—Northwestern moved nearer Club prenident» of the Nebraska State baseball league 39 yards. Baker returning three gg received the pass the Big Ten football championship ■ ' " ' ’ " " “ Rhea Smothers Williams.' today by scoring_a smashing_27 to BY SHERMAN, will be rolling into Lincoln Monday to assemble for an ‘tn- yacds m^^p«t^44-^ya^ nual fall session that is expected to bring the final decision Brown circled the Husker ieii as to whether or not the class 1) loop is to continue to operate RSr°made*i yar dime. 'Hood’s oas.s to Hirsch- sons. during the 1931 campaign. The meeting place is the Hotel three ^ yard.s^ ^at center^S' Clark Saced Sider*^'for°Pitt Lincoln and the time 10 a. m.. with League President J, R. ,^^ds iSSTfU'^down™^^^^^ nisi? Rhea broke through and tossed Wll- Carter of Norfolk in the chair. . |eT3tyarVim?' ‘^Ser^ddertwo i ?*ams for a nine-yard loss as the . . .. r, , 1 if Young punted 32 yards. Reider re- 6 victory over Minnesota before a Brown circled the Husker left end f^^j-ning 14 yards to the Husker 21- home-coming crowd of 54,000 per. •. n-af Mrwirl’e txficc trt KfinS. Just what the club heads may have in mind is largely i *• t»„ Brown for Pitt. Clark hit the mid- a matter of conjecture, yet one of the executives, t resiaenc qje for one yard. Reider muffed !ob Kohinson oi Lincoln, spoke out Saturday night .’ance of the pow-wow m as.serting that unless tne league fjom the Husker 3i-yard line, but it on the Husker 30-yard line. Final score—Nebraska, 0; burgh, 0 . Pitts- revises its financial system, the state capital city will not be muVhblfck^^^ Husker-Pitt Notes, The weather was Ideal for football, the temperature being warm enough for the spectators and the air having enough tinge of coolness to aid the players. represented in 1931. The Huskers .scrimmaged from Opposes Pooling Receipts. have to be changed but surely there their 20-yard line. Two plunges by i "The State league plan of com- are six or eight live cities on the Young netted two yards and Man- blnlng tne reclpt.s in a common j map of Nebraska, each capable and : ley and Long entered the Husker pool l.s not satksfactory to myself or | anxious to pay its own way, to or- backfield for R^this ^d \j)ung. a majority of the stockholders of | ganize a strong league. Lons Punts Outside, the Lincoln club," President Rob -1 "That’s my idea of the situation ^ng s ,»2-yard punt in.son said. "Unless It is changed and unless the league sees ?he firs^niav and each club on the circuit enters ; my way, Lincoln will not be in the ‘¿„gdston? reco^^^^^^^ for Nebras- wlth the understanding that it is to ' running next year” retain its home receipts and meet! Park Lease Live Topic. . Hoktif was inromolete >cx)rnnusK.eis auu tanw.vio. iU own, Lincoln will not | The detail of acquiring a playing f„ore passes bv Long were in- !(?anie. however, leR a much better be a league member next summer. | field in Lincoln is another («alter . j ^ ^ . ^ pen•■Lincoln receipt, were used last that mav engase the league ^ §Swn and Sid? ing's attention Directors of the lo ^^ punted 39 vard.s out of ««»de nary a first down ana maae local park association, owner of bounds on the Panther 17-yard Landis Field, are not inclined to,une. Two buck.s by Walinchus and grant the Nebraska league anothei Reider gained seven yards. Baker year's of the tract on P. | passed 23 yards to Reider, making It street. In fact, a majority of the |a first down in midfield, park association directors have de- | Pitt Passes 30 Yards. The Saturday result was the second scoreless tie turned In ±>y me Cornhuskers and Panthers. The summer to keep the wheels going around in other towns on the circuit. That might have been a good thing for the league, but it wasn’t giving Lincoln the break that It deserved.’’ Shonld Pay Own Way. no attempt at aerial play. r\ny member of the Nebra.ska ! dared, them.selves on the subject, | Clark made three yards at cen- /iny intriiiufi ui uit? iNrorusMi j eittiru. tnt:ni.>civc-?> \ni viit- | v- league that is unable to hold up its I stating that they might be agree- ter A 30-yard pa.^s, Baker to end and pay its own way, doesn't ' able to giving a personal lease to Reider. gave Pitt a first down on deserve to be on the circuit. ¡President Robinson, but are not in Nebraska's 17-yard line. Manleys "My plan, I believe, .should be i favor of renewing the lease to the saved a touchdown for the adopted. I figure the circuit will 1 league under present conditions, ;Husker.s, Walinchus plunged ¡Husker.s, Walinchus plunged for jtwo yards. Baker’s jmss to MacMurdo was incomplete. Daily re- to the Nebraska quarter for a first placed MacMurdo in the Panther down on the Pitt 34-yard line, lineup. Baker jmssed to Walln- Mathls making a nice running chus. but it was incomplete and the catch before he was forced out of Fitters were penalized five yards. (Continued from Page One.) bounds. Lewis stopped Kreizinger Another Baker pass was blocked by frnt oihon thi» Nphraskii. mldrilcmpn Tullv’s recovery of a fumbled Frahm and the Huskers took the foot when the Nebraska middlemen enabled Pitt to stop the ball on downs on their 25-yard line. Nebraska advance. Long swung around end for 14 It was the final gesture on the HUSKERS VS. PITT IN SCORELESS COMBAT Bob Manley came through with a very useful tackle in the second quarter. Reider took a forward from Baker and was hiking for the goal when the Nebraska quarterback smeared him on the Husker 17-yard line. By virtue of today’s triumph, Northwestern tied Michigan for the Big Ten lead, ea h with three conference victories In as many games played. Until today Minnesota was undefeated in Big Ten competition, | having won its only game from i Indiana. ^ dazzling aerial attack in the second period netted Northwestern two touchdowns, after which the Wildcats resorted to straight football and pushed over two more touchdowns, one each in the third and fourth periods. Gophers Score Once. After Northwestern '.ad piled up 27 points. Minnesota staged a courageous rally and scored its only touchdown seven minutes before the end of the game when Ken McDougal, Gophers’ substitute quarterback, took a lateral fioin Jack Manders and raced 45 yards through the entie Nothwesten team fo his team's only score of the game The first period was a punting duel, with Minnesota, with the wind at its back, having a slight advantage. Once Minnesota advanced 1-Q 2-Q3-Q 4-Q Total i 1-Q 2-Q3-Q 4-Q Total First downs earned ............ 3 3 00 6First downs earned ................ 04 511 First downs penalty .......... . , 0 0 0 00F’irst downs nenalty .............. 0 0 0 00 Yards gained rushing........ .. 56 1810 1 83 1 Yards gained rushing .......... 17 4836 48149 Yards lost rushing .............. .. 1 321 0 28' Yards lost rushing .............. 56 14 1641 Forward passes attempted .. 3 .»3 0 11F'orward pawes attempted... I 6 •» 918 Forward passes Incomplete .. 2 33 0 8' Forward passes Incomplete.. 0 4 •» 6 12 Intercepted by opponent .. .. 0 0 0 0 0 > Intercepted by opponent .... 10 Ò 0 1 Forw ard passes complete.. .. I 00 3 Forward passes complete ... 0 <» 0 3 5 Yards gained passes .......... .. 13 48 0 061; Yards gained passes .............. 0 53 039 9*2 Lateral passes attempted.. .. 0 1 0 I ; Lateral passes attempted.... 000 0 0 Yafds gained laterals ........ .. 0 0 0 0 Ò Yards gained laterals ............ 0 0 I) 00 Yards lost laterals................ .. 0 4 0 « n Yards lost laterals .................. 0 0 0 0'J Net yardage gained .......... .. 68 59 —14 1 115 Net jardage gained .............. 129.5 22 71 200 Klckoffs ................................ .. I 0 1 0 2 Klckoffs .................................. 00 ”’0 0 0 Kickoff yardage .................. .. 58 059 0117 ‘ Kickoff yardage ...................... 000 00 Kickoff returned ................ .. 0 000 0 ; Kickoff returned .................... 15 0 21 0 36 Punts ...................................... .. 3 34 3 13 Punts ......................................... .3 «» 4 0 9 Punt average ........................ .. 31 3736 34 34 Punt average ............................ 41 44 29036 Punts returned .................... .. 7 I’i 7 026 i Punts returned ........................ 0 319 1436 Punts bliKked ...................... . 0 0 000 i Punts blocked .......................... 00 0 00 Ball lost on blocked punt.. .. 0 0 0 0 0 Ball lost on blocked punt.... 0 000 0 Fumbles ................................ .. I 0 01 2 ; Fumbles .................................... 0 2 1 0 3 Ball lost on fumble............ f . 1 00 I •T Ball lost on fumble ................ 0 I 0 0 1 Ball lost on downs ............ .. 0 0 00 Ô Ball lost on dow ns .............. 01 0 0 1 Penalties ................................ 31 06 Penalties ................................... 1 2 01 4 Penalty ;sardage .................. .. 10 15 50 30 . Psnalty yardage ...................... 5 10 05 20 Field goals attempted ---- .. 0 0 000 1 Field goals attempted .......... 0 1 0 0 1 western was given the ball on Min- Reb Russell. Wildcat halfback. IGOLDBUGS PILE UP nesotas 40-yard line as the result carrying the ball almost on every 1 of a penalty. Three plunges in ! play. Wcwdworth. Northwestern [ STRING VICTORIES succession by Hanley. Rentner and ; guard, carried the ball over on a Leach made it first down for North- i fake play period was barely Franklin Hood, husky Pitt bswk, who got into action late In the game, cxme to Lincoln ballyhoocd as a gridster who could pas» 75 yards. Nebraska fans are ready to believe this, for Hood shot a 65- yard pass into the end zone Sat- turday afternoon. met him in mid-air to stop his attempted catapult into the end zone. Reider tried the left side on ihe third play but a yard. On the fourth try. Clark was called through center and the Scarlet jerseys rolled back the Pitt forward wall to stop the Pai.ther back for another yard loss. Four Thrusts Futile. Tlie four futile thrusts gave Ne- bra'ka iK>.s.sesslon of the ball and Young droppen into the end zone and got off a spiral which Reider downed cii the Nebraska 31-yard line after a'^hort return. • The Panthers lost a yard on three running plays and danger once more was averted when a long Pitt pass missed Its mark and went as H tonchback. An exchange of punts kept the part of the Cornhuskers for Baker’s high punts, which permitted the Panther linemen to swarm down on the receiver, nullified what short gains the Nebraska backs were able to turn in through the stout Pitt line. i.lnrup and Summary. Nebraska. Pos. - Pitt U . 0 Hukuf ...................Li5.................... MacMurdo Hhca ...........................LT............................. Quatsr Kostrr .............. L(i........................ Millinan Ely ................................C...................... Duughfity Orf*»nb*ri{ ..RO ............................ LewLs Hroad.ston« ............ RT............................... TuUy Prucka ic t RE.,............................ Colima Mathis .......................QB................... Baker (c.) KreUinger .......LH............................ Heller Frahm . .................RH...................... Williams Young ...................FB .................. Clark Sub.stltutions Nebraska — Long tor Young, Mar.ley for Mathis. Mathis Manley. Young lor Manley ball well out of danger, but the fum- Mathts. .»mtice for Roster, put Brown pan wen nut oi Heller. Reider for Williams Hirschb. rg bb’ Jinx bobbed up on a lateral pa.SS Co lln.«, W’allnchu» for Brown. Uatly s plav, tile Nebraska fumble .spotting mr MacMurdo MacMurdo for D'lily, Col- the ball to Pitt on the Husker 13- Itns for llirschberg. Daily for Mac.Murdo. cirietf> H Morns for Milligan, Hirschberg for Col- yaia stripe. .... Una. Hood lor Clark, Williams for Reider. Husky Fullback Enters. ; ^ periods: Clark falling to gain ground on Nebraska .....................o o o o o the previous offensive. Coach Suth- i Pttt.sburgh ....................o o o o-d erland ot Pitt had rushed in Prank- ] officials: Refereo e . c _ 11.« Pltfa 2n0-r>ound iullback. i Mary's college. Umpire Dean Watkeys, lln H^. ®ni.lverslty Heaedllnesman la-s- On thft fourth plfty* Hood S plunRC Edmonds, Ottawa unlvprsity I*iPld made yardage by inches and Pitts- ' judge e e Miiur, I’enn state college, burgh again had the ball four yards ling yards and a first down on his own 39-yard iine. Nebraska was penalized five yards for an extra timeout Long’s 33-yard to Frahm was good for a first down on the Pitt 35-yard line as the half ended. Score—Nebraska, 0; Pitt. 0. THIRD QUARTER. Nebraska’s lineup was the .same as finished the half except Mathis had replaced Manley. Pitt’s line was the same as f»arted the game and the backfield the same as finished the half. Frahm kicked off 59 yards, Baker returning 21 yards to his own 22 yard line. Plunges by Clark and Reider netted five yards, nd Baker ,*o" ' punted 33 yards out of bounds on for the Husker 39-yard line. Long's pass to Hokuf rolled off Hokuf’s fingers. Long's pass was Incomplete and Nebraska received a five-yard penalty^ Long plunged for a yard loss. yprds, Reider returning seven yards to his own 31-yard line. First Down for Pitt. The Pitt pas.sing attack had a trio of fine tossers in Hood, Baker and ’Williams, but Halfback Reider appeared to be the only receiver able to hang onto the ball. the ball to Northwestern’s 27-yard pass to Baker, who tossed a lateral line In the first period, but North- ' pass to Hanley Just as he was about western smothered the advance and to be tackled. Hanley then raced took the ball on downs. ' 60 yards for Northwestern’s second Wildcats Across on Pass, ; touchdown. Early In the second period. North- | Midway in the thircf period, A1 western scored its first touchdown. ; Moore intercepted Captain Brdbk- western on Minnesota's 33-yard line. The fourth 'period was Rentner tossed a 27-yard to i under way when Captain Brock- Frank Baker, North estern left end, meyer fumbled for I linnesota and who stumbled over for the first Baker recovered for Northwe.stern touchdown. Minnesota was offside on Minnesota's 25-yard line. Russell and the extra point was awarded to j ripped off five yards and then 18 Northwestern ; yards. Then he smashed over for Minnesota kicked off. North- Northwestern's fourth touchdown. Bruder failed to kick goal. Minnescota scored its touchdown when McDougal broke away for liis thrilling 45-yard run Northwestern made 15 first downs to Minne.sota's seven and completed three pa.sses out of 10 attempts for a total gain of 104 yards. western got the ball on Its own 30- yard line. Rentner threw a 10-yard ELKINS. W. Va„ Nov. l~tUP) — Oklahoma City university extended its winning .streak to .seven straight* games by defeating Davis Elkms, 13 to 2. in u home-coming game here this afternoon. Both the westerners’ touclidowns were made in tlie third perliKt after tliey were trailihg, 2 to 0. Ander.son grabbed a lateral pass and ran 76 yard.s for a touchdown. The .second was made when he heaved a pass 50 yards to Alexander, wiio ran 10 yards over the goal line. Swartz, Minnesota halfback, intercepted one of Rentner’s pc'.ses. but the play was nullified and North- meyer’s attempt to pass on Northwestern’s 48-yard line. Northwestern marched to a touchdown, with Vic Hanson, 00 . 101 ), captained football, ba.sketball, baseball and track teams in college. One hundred Kentucky and Alabama have two of the heaviest lines in the country, | been working out with each weighing over 200 per man. oarsmen this fall. candidates tlie have Navy The Nebraska line played the game with one substitution. Chick Justice replaced George Koster at guard during the fourth period. Lewis Brown, quarterback, and Bill Bokenkroger, end, watched the game In civilian clothes. They were ineligible for the Pitt game, but hope to clear the scholastic hurdle in time for the Kansas rontest next Saturday at Lawrence. Missouri. Kansas, Carnegie Tech and Ohio State had scouts in the press box Saturday. It appeared from the press box that Field Judge Miller muffed one of a Panther pass late in the game. On the fourth down Baker passed T AM from the Nebraska 31-yaJKl line and i the ball from the stands apparently was five yards short of the end zone. The field Judge, however, decided it landed in the end zone and the play Two plunges by Reider and one went as a touchback. bly Clark made 10 yards and a first Play-By-Play Details, FIRST QUARTER. Captain Baker of Pittsburgh won from the Nebraska goal, with four downs to make less than four yards. With the iwwerful Hood as the | battering ram. Pitt stuck to Its rush- | ing tactics the toss and to defend the B«»*' Nebra.ska will kick, der to shoulder H^ JJl“ ' Prahm’s first kick was out of iVvl^o varrt at the line hounds, and his second boot was Walinchus a ^ gtxid for 58 yards, Williams rcturn- «."1 l°hown ; IHK 15 yards to hlsow .1 17-yard line. down on Pitt s 41-yard line. Koster tos.sed Clark for a one-yard Rhea stopped Clark for no gain, and Baker’s pass to MacMurdo was incomplete. Baker punted 24 yards out of bounds on the Husker 36-yard line. Two plunges by Long netted five Kick, yards. Long’s lateral to Mathis ; was good for a yard. Long punted The Panthers made the most of inches Saturday. At two important stages of the game. Linesman Les Edmonds was called from the sidelines to bring the chain to measure a first down. Each time the ball was over by inches. CHEVROLET atêd FORD OWNERS Trade in Yonr 1928-29-30 Cars and Get a Brand New HCDSOBi or ESSEX at Present Low Prices The Nebraska passing attack _____ looked Improved against the Panth- 43 yards out of bounds on the Pitt hut the running plays suffered 17-yard line. Reider made 12 yards I*"«*« blockers. in two tries at Nebraska’s right side. vtird setback, the Panthers resorted to a de.stwrate, Tlie Hiuker .secondary spread and Rrlder found its mark, but Haltback Kirlzlnger smeared the tlie three-yard line and the ball went to Nebra.ska on downs. •Red’* Young's kick pu.shed the Panthers back from the danger rnne and the game ended shortly tliercafter Passer Hurled to Turf. Jnst before tlie timer’.H pistol announced the end of the game C^fh Sutherland rushed in Josh Wh“ llain.s, a southpaw i>«.sser, in a final sttempt to connect. As final evidence of Nebraskas deierminatlon to keep its goal line un.sulhed. Tackle Rhea and End Hokuf cra.shed Williams to turf before he could cut loose with a forward tmss which nughl have placed the game in the Pittsburgh bag. While the Nebraska line displayed n beautiful defensive game, the o(- fen.-ive ouolhics of the forward wall left plenty to be de.sired With no j,)oweriul back of the .Howell or Noble type to through for needed yardage, the, light Husker backs found the road rough when the Nebraska forwards failed to open holes in the Panther wall . _ Prxhm Snap« Long Pass, riielr drives stopwd except for in occnsjonal thrust by "Red" Young or Buster txmg. the Cornhuskers switched their attention to forward pas.s'x Only once did this aerial nlit% eonnect for what appeared to he a aroring threat This was on the final play of the stH'ond quarter, heaved a pass to Frahm which the latter Ux)k on the run and jceied off a gain Of 33 yards before he finally was forced out of bouiuts Fa Her in the first jjeriod. Young w lo<vse for a 17-yard run to the Put 38-vard line On thus sprint li* 11 but cleared the Panther sec- I nd; rv, slipping in a final whirl and r.iopping to the turf. A five-yard V«na;ty «nd string of incomplete IHivs. ~ halted the march Fumble Halts Advance. >'rahm s interception of a Pan- Ihei j)««s brought the ball to mid- lield during the same period and Young to Prueka for a fir«t down on Pitt’s 39-yard striix* kreizinger fumbled on the next play and Pittbuigh took ix»sse«sion of the tall. Raker’s long kick getting the ball out of danger. Just before the opening quarter »ndcd. Kreizinger broke loos«* tor 19 ards and the Huskers had the ball n imdfteld. Nullification of an IS- ard pass gain becauix* Young air led the oval Inside the required ive-vard distance stopped the Ne- ira.ska rally. to Nebraska’s 40-yard line, the ball rolling dead. Two plunges by 'Voung netted five yards, and on his third attempt the Norfolk redhead broke loose for 17 yards on the Pitt 38-yard line. Young, with a clear field for many yards, stumbled and was nailed from behind while getting up. Ne­ bra.ska tlien was pt>nalized five yanls for backs in motion. Two plunges by Young were good for thr«*e iMirds and a Young to Frahiji, was incomplete. Fair i'ateh By Baker. Young punted 20 yards, Baker signalling for a fair catch on his own 17-yard line. Two plunges by .«hot ahead of him. Baker punted Nebraska meets Kansas at Lawrence in the next game on the schedule. Tlie Cornhusker - Jayhawker tilt, of prime Importance in the Big Six conference race, will be 20 yards. Ix)ng returning seven yards Lawrence and a thoasand to Pitt’s 48-yard line. Nebraskans are expected to make Frahm Tossed for Loss. tbe Journey south to watch the Frahm -A-as thrown for a 13-yard <^««test ' at Pitt's right endI 0 .S.S ai i'ltis right end. Mathis r«‘gained three vards at center Long fumbled Ely’s j> from center but recovered for an eight-yard lass Long punted 38 yards. Reider catching and tossing to Baker for a 12 yard return. Pitt’s ball on its own 40-yard line. Reider fumb'ed and recovered for a five-yard loss, but made two vards Broadstone .spilled Walinchus 'or a five-yard less. Baker punted 33 yards out of The bugle and drum corps of No. 23, Auburn, American Legion .scored a hit when it marched into the stadium. The legionnaires were dressed in snappy fashion with bright shining helmeLs. The girls drill team of the Omaha post aLso paraded the track before the game. u\Aii i<-vuru iiiir. iwo piunKPS uy aw-, »» • «7 Clark and anothrr by WUliani., p™hm ? J The Nebraska band formed a huge "N" on the field during the intermission and released a numb<;r of red and white balloons. totaled nine yards and Baker punted 49 yards, MathLs returning four yards to the Husker 28-yard line, Young was thrown for a one-yard loss at the line, but on the next play broke through for eight yards. Frahm added another yard and Young punted 31 yaivls. Baker sig- nalling for a fair latch on the Pitt 32-yard line. Rliea spilled William.» for a one- Prahm and Long made two yarcts through the line Long’s long pass to Hokuf, incomplete. Long punted 18 yards Cut of Ixmnds on Pitt's 46- yard line as the quarter ended Score; Nebra.ska, 0 ; Pitt 0 FOURTH QUARTER. Young replaced Long for Ne­ bí-aska. Clark failed to gain at Hokuf’s end. Baker iia.«iK»*d 18 yards to Reider on the Hiusker 37-yard line. Two Walinchus plunges made PURDUE ADDS TO ZUPPKE’S WOES vard hxss Clark added two more four yard.s. but Plt^ was {»enalized Iloosiers Enjoy Romp at Expense of lllini on Urbana Grid. vards on a fake punt, and Williams failed to gain on a reverse play URBANA. in., Nov. 1—(U. P.)— Purdue’s powerful Boilermakers. 1929 champions of the Big Ten, met with little opposition today and rcored an easy 25 to 0 victory over Bob Zuppke’s inexjierienced and crippled Illinois eleven. The defeat was the third conference for the lllini who have let to win a Big Ten game. Today’s victory was the first Purdue has scored over Illinois since 1905. Illinois had won 15 of the previous 21 games between the two five yards for off.slde. Baker’s pass „ . , - Reider was incomplete. On the Nebra.ska received a five - yard i fourth down. Raker pa.ssed 18 yar«!» penalty. Pitt was ivnaiized live ! to Reider for down on the Ne- yards lor delaying the game. bra.ska 19-yard line. Wallnchus rrufka Snatch«*» Pa»». made three at center. Daiiev for Baker’.s pas.s was partially blocked MaeMurdo in Fitfs line by Young and Frahm intercepted Clark pierc ed the Hu.sker line tor on the Hiusker 48-yard line A for- H yards and a first down on :he ward pass. Voung to Prucka, w a.» Husker five-yard line Manley re- good for 13 yard.s and a first down i?laced Mat ills for Nebra.ska. .tu.s- on the Pitt 39-yard line after tice went in for Koster in the line Young's first attempt had failed Walinchus drove over guard for Kreizinger fumbled and TuUy re- three yards. Clark dived over the covered for Pitt on his own 43 -yard middle for another yard. Broad- ____ ........................ line, Broadstone .«pilled Wliliam.s stone .spilled Reider for a vard loas. ' schooLs in a series which started* in and Heller < *ark Falls On I uìki Dnwn. 189.5 wlta Purdue winning three and spinbled and was thrown for a Clark was stopned at center and three resulting in ties, three-yard los.s, Baker punted 37 Nebra.ska took the ball on do'wns Purdue outclas-sed Illinois from yards. Mathi.« returning two yards on i s two-yard line. Young, stand- the start, advancing almost at will to the HiLsker 27-yard line Brown ing in the end zone, punted 29 Illinois fumbles made Purdue’s task yards. Rhea and Hokuf nailing Reider in his tracks. Frahm rtropijed Walinchus for a ’O-yard loss at the Husker left end Greenberg smeared ! Clark after a yard gam Baker’s to Reider was incomnlete. oidy" tWice Baker shot a forward pass to Dailv ! which was high and went into the end zone. Tlie Huskers scrumnaged from their 20 -vard line. Young failed to rain a* renter Hirschberg and H. Morris replaced Collins and Milligan for Pitt. Voung made one vard through center Young’s Dunt rolled . 'ad on the Hu.sker 47-V'.»rd line. Walinchus plunged for three vards Hood re- Hlddlng for "Break.** Tlie Hu.«kers were bidding for a ^reak at the start of the second . quarter Mathis ran Baker’j punt tackle for four years replaced Heller for Pitt Krelxlnger Goes 19 %’ard«. Two plunges by Kreizinger and Young made three yards, and Kreizinger broke through on the third play for 19 yards and a first down It was a fake pass bv Young and Kreizinger cracked the Pitt left Side, Young followed up a one-yard gam with a 13-yard pass to Hukuf, which was disallowed because Young was not five yards behind the line of scrimmage Young’s 41-yard punt rolled out of bounds on the Panther 10-yard hue Clark was stopijed for no gain a* the quarter ended with Put in jAosse.'tfion. s«*cond down and 10 to go. on its own 10 -yard line. Si'or« Nebraska 0: Pittsburgh, 0 SEC’OND QUARTER. Reider replaced Wilhams in th? Pitt backfield Brown tirove over Baker’s 41- ea.sler Kt'k’s .50-yard run for the first touchdown was the only one in which Illinois misplays had no part. The Boilermakers scored in every period, while Illinois threatended NO DOWN PAYMENT! Why drire the old cap through the winter? 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Factory RIIDSOX GREAT EIGRT, «885 and up, F.O.BU Factory Badgers, Bttckeyes Seorelem. COLUMBUSi O. Nov. 1—(U. P.) —Ohio State and WLsconstn fought to a scoreless tie here today, while 40,000 home-coming fans watched stubborn defense forces resort to frequent punting. Twice the Wisconsin eleven drove de«*p into Buckeye territory, but Markel Hudson-Essex Co. placed Clark for Pitt Hood'.s paw «‘a^h lime the Scarlet clan fought was incomplete Hood pas-sed 601 them off. Once Ohio lost the ball vards over the Nebra.ska goal and on downs after working It to the the home team scrimmaged 'rom its i Badger three-yard line. 20-vard line * Ohio State gained 154 yards and Hood Grahii Husker F’umhle. | Wisconsin garaed 159 The Buckeyes Manlev fumbled a lateral pass i were credited with eight fU'St downs. J. H. MARKEL, President Omaha — Harney at 20th DOS WÄCHTER Srcy-Trens, Lincoln—1732 0 Distributor — Nebraska—Western Iowa ^ ^ nuaiieia aua Young passed yard punt was returned seven yards * from Young and Hood recovered lot while Wisrormu made il.

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