Tucson Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 1, 1951 · 21
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Tucson Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1951
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" sg jr vsr V A I EMiMiioSsE SGti©©ii WKil 1'J'l‘lf Jf -' tflr - v I L t k u 1 tf FEB I 1951 — PAGE! 2 1 CLASSIFIED COMICS RADlOy T il 1950 Open Champ harptr I I II l L I' I 4— mr-GAftfe 9Y JCK UNQERWOOO :yr' — t Donald Guthrie one - off the Old Pueblo’ most ardent fishermen came up with 1 a very Interesting story this week about a $rlp tojj a remote fishing spot op jjthe gilf 1 that Is visited very little by fisher-'5' j ’ men from this "neck of Use woods -3 l v ' Guthrie has been fishing along i the gulf for the past 15 Veers msk- tng several trips each year down i there ’ fie has a great ambition t© find fils way lpto the most remote T -places 1 I I 1 1 ' Ope of these! trips wa to Isf ' Sap I Jorge or $alnt George Island ' by automobile J This Island lies i 3 only about )60 miles dwn the coast from Rocky Point hut is reached by going through I Sasabe fFrom there you “ travel! to Mesquite - Eg Plomo El Papafcx Mips de Juarez and then 11 nan Upon beaching the ttidfstnct sandy ! trail that leads to Salinas the Island! can be aeen for the first time i j j Even though Ithe gulf and the island can be sela from khtk point it Is not possible to drive jvlthin'a couple of miles of the ocean due to the large sand dunes The ocean ''can be reached by walking and at that point op the gulf !there lls a lobster bed that yields some pf the finest - lobsters foundjj Jn the s gulf Close by Ithere are salt pits where the cattle rancher In thjat lection of Bondra obtain wait for thYlr cattle- 41 I J ‘ After walking tc f the ‘ beach and seeing these Warden-lar Sights yon can drive on op the coast on a seldom-nsei sandy trail that Wind np and around ’ aaed done 'Until you reach the Bay of Hal a da About three mile up the bay there la au Opr a spcst where boats can be launched Donald claims Isome’ of t4 finest fishing in the gulf right (thfcite He promises that if you congidier yoUr self a hardy fisherman laid hafe the necessary equipment for this particular venture you wUR find this one of the most dlffetjent and exciting trips you have evrt taken Don also recalls seeing ngmeroas grave-markers a Mg the( oBd road - to Rocky Point! yhen he made h'is firs trip down tfer In 103$ Thefe markers showed ‘the way and testified to the drjt desert Journey that It was In the early days I i - Even at that time the tatl wis all sand and many hours hid to be spent pushing land pulling d make It Now a good paved road leads right Into Rocky Point and can be driven easily In art hour an a hat The Arizona Came ani Fish com mission has released th checking station records for the 1950 seasons The h outer and cess ratio for the Kalbab North deer hunt was the lowest aiarO 1945 on backs only In 1941 thtj percentage of successful hunters taking bucks was 359 This past season It was 591 for the first section of the halt and 278 for the second section tW Jng ns n total of I9J snrressfaf 1 i f ii The highest the success jjercenlfr age recorded was in 1947V when 708 of the hunter entering thje srea got hi or heir buck TIpwever that year i only j 1R00 permits were available andlcrtlyi 873 Ihfunters checked In This past seasniri 5000 permits were available and a total oL 4550 checked In : f t The I5p0 elk season shelved up with a tbtal ctf 1“ 1481 elk § taken hy 1 3878 Punters Actually checking lnt thehunter Sreas put pf 4230 I ll permit Issued The percentage of eucpestfuf hunt ere was 3 8L3 'A total of 41ffl bulla and 1071 antlerteis elk were taken Unit seven the southwest ifflorftef ©f the Ban Carlos reservation pro dueevl’the highesIS number t kill foj the mimbcr of hunter! with 737 of the hunters successful ’Only 101 turkeys were Uen by apodal of 933 hunters for a211 success ratio Records xSe( not quit ready yet far the enttrt state on the success of the general deer hunting season put should bd read beffwe too long1 ' -By non a rt many of sportsmen have received tU a n n aal aeries pt wildlife ijampt from the National Wildlife feder tractive and make Ideal gifts or are very I attractive for use la neollng envelopes etc The use of these stamps furnishes a grand way ‘to teach youngster the Identity of oar birds aplmals and fish and the part they play In onr lives They teach a lesson la conservation that Is tfreded by all of us Jto don’t th’row them awaj ne them and be sure to end your hnCk or even more to the$N'atIoaaI Wildlife federation Contributions from these stamps are used exclusively for the educational activities sponsored and flnaaced by the National Wildlife federation Almost a hundred members of the game association turned out for the big coyote and rabbit hunt last Sunday No coyotes were taken aniJ not too many rabbits but thev T j had a swell outing and are plan- etion These atawpe are vrfy at nlrg another one soon — 1 ° w " WS starts title defense with Demaret (left) and Knox Corbett 111 I SS?030 I mmn—s—iwi iniim m mun nirai’rniisimiia w i i 0 —Photo br lUgvh StuaMll ! Tee-shlrted Bill Veeck didn’t seem to mind yesterday’ Weather Here he studied poster of Leo Diegelr cancer stricken former El Rio pro in whose honor this year’ Tucson $10000 Open has been named ! J 1 White Scores 37 For LIU!Five Biit K-StateTriumphs 85-65 ill! ii i 1 1 'i 1 ' !' I MANHATTAN Kas Feb 1 CP) — The Long Island university Blackbirds are singing the blues today 1 Just eight days ago they cheerfully began a road trip west— undefeated and with 15 straight victories jU But today they possess three straight defeats I to 65 drubbing administered last night by the Kansas State Wildcats LIU’s Coach cfalr Bee had only praise for K-State j‘ f Best Of All f’My boys were not tired from the long trip” he said “We were beat-enby the best team I have seen all season I don’t See how they can keep ! Kansas State out of the National Invitation tournament In Madison Square Garden” 1 : There’s still one more game on Long Island's disastrous western trip The Blackbirds play highly rated St Louis university Saturday K-State held only a 38-37 edge at halftime In last night’s game but turned loose a red hot attack In the last half dominating the back-boards and stealing the ball from the Blackbirds ( Kansas State is ranked No 7 nationally and LIU ranks fourth A cyowd of 13400 largest ever to see a basketball game In Kansas' watched LIU’s greats Sherman White pour In 37 points to set an Individual scoring mark for the K State fleldhouse - "I'm not ready to say Sherman White Is the greatest player In the nation but he’s a lot of ball play er"' Bee commented after the performance Jack Gardner the Kansas State coach said j I White is the best player we’ve met all season — -possibly anygea-son”j ' s 4 In contrast tc hla comments after Monday’s gamp -against Arizona Bef complimented the officials In last night’s contest TUe officiating was fine” he said “I have absolutely no crlt! cism” Tn 1 “ A -n f si I Mf ! t i i I i not xntrau 4 j i5 f' 121 Ni- i £he last one an Cage Capers ARIZONA OPPONENTS Kshms ttats S tons ItlanS Uni vanity U I CCNY 7f John Carrall 7 Watt Virginia M Virginia Military In atltuta 1 ‘ - CQLLIOI St Laula 47 TuIm 48 I I Lauiavllla M North Carotins Ststs 70 Volo 7J SpringflolO 80 Ml Taaaa ASM 82 Taxat 28 E KantucVy 81 Louisiana Stata 88 Vlllansva 8l Oonova 81 f Morohoad 84 Eaotorn Ksntucky ft aaorsssioNAL J National Association Port Wayno tt Phllodolphla 84 Now York 88 Baltimore 77 Minneaeolls 108 Trt-CItisa 7S Indianapolis 88 nocJiootor 83 i A X j I I r V SdUyRopklnc Photo OUT OF BUSINESS — Slammin’ Sammy Sneail lead fftg money-winner of golfdom it talsslng the Tucson! $10000 Open because it was discovered he broke bonq in his left hand dnr)ng the recent Miami Open which hi won Sam Snead ’Jr watches as Dr Ralph Ferguson1 puts a east on the in Jared arm in his office Miami Fla1 Sunset A-T PHOENIX Feb 1 1 ! Mh — Reports that a new class C baseball league may be fonrted by merging the Ar I S o n a -Texas league and the Sunset league were being circulated her today No confirmation could be obtained 'In ny quarter The story s reported In sports circles was that three) teams from each clrcut farm the new six-club loop and that there was a remote posslblUty that four from "each might even join In the plan t i ( If the iqove becomes a reality It Is expected a new 'league up me will be adopted since the Sunset princpally embraces California cities A-T President Don ponder Catch Up With Revolta-Witttier Combination a ' 1 Jim Turnesa Brlarcllff N and A1 Touche local amateur army-bound today for Fort Sill Okla carded a 61 best-ball acore yesterday afternoon to tie Johnny Revolta and Bud Wltmer for the pro-amateur championship Former prc here and now Evanston lllJ Revolta fired yesterday only one stroke over the El Rio course record to take the low pro prize of $100 as well as $6250 for the first place ti Wltmer also of Tucson I and Touche received trophies ) j Jimmy Thomson Chicopee Mass did all right for himself ‘yesterday by winning the drtv lng contest with 291-yard blow into the wind as well aa getting a 62 best-ball score in the pro am with Bob Goldwater of Phoenix ill individual medal acore was 68 i Some 800 chilled fans attended Jimmy Derilaret’s clinic late In the afternoon Chandler Harper last year’a winner here had the crowd some beautiful and low hooks (Porky) Oliver handled the hunior-ous side of the exhibition Others showing their form In the clinic lnclndcd Fred Hawkins Jalias Boros Dave Douglas' Jack Burke Jr Lawson Little Lew Worsham Glen Teal and BUI Nary j The pro-amatenr saw 24 professionals coming In under the par 79 over the' soggy coarse Behind Revolta with 63's came Ted KrolL New Hartford N Yd Art Wall Jr Bronxville N Yd and Loddle Kemps Kansas City Mo i Phoenix Open Winner Worsham remained hot jwith a 66 the same score chalked ' up by A1 Zimmerman Portland Ore At 67 were Jim Ferrler San Francisco I Jim Ireland St Charles III4 Cary Mlddlecoff Memphis Tennj and Glen Teal Jacksonville Fla A I 1 The pro-amateur results (pro! listed first In ill scores: I 1“-J4hBr nvlta and Sk WHrrtwi Jim Turn and Ai Taueha i 8S— id Oliva and frank tymani Jimmy Tharnmn and Sab Oaldwatcri Oaaraa Vana and Knas CarSatti Art Wall Jr and Bill Tartar f 1 i I 8—Oava Dausaa and Jaak Oumblni Jahnny falma and Ban Wllaani Tad Krall and Jahn Crahlai Srrla Ball and H Mar-anf Laddla Kamaa and J MaOanald i 4— enuak Kialn and Dick Black) AI Zimmerman and O' U L Hudcacthi feta Caaaar and Maa I BcauJ ryj Jimmy Hlnaa and Hank LatkaT) Andy Andarcan and SIM Vlckaet Jimmy Clark and Jack Uawai Lawaas Lktla and M Hardlni Cary Middle-ft and H C Ttvrea tr AI Bataallak and a Ulatu Bek Grey and Kyta Jarvis — Art Daarlnf and'K Da van parti Vallea Tarsa and U Oruailchi Law Waraham and Df Clyde Plead) Claytan Haafnar and Haaarf) Jaak Burka Jr and Bud MarDlat) Via OH Mai and Nick Hlltani Chick Harbart andi Pata Thamaai Bay Oaffard and K Carearan I h 44— Je Stalsar and W Glbtant Chandlar Harytr and Art Oraan) Jim Parrlar add Cal William Plehari Mas Svana and B Tankaraly) Sd Purjal and Sak Mall) Olann Teal and Dan Pitt) Jaak Shlelde and Pr4d llaaal) Jim Dtal and If C Tavraa Jf Marty furyal and Judd Kant) Stas Oudaa and L Chavay ”1 7— Jahn Waltaal and Jack Kannadyi Hartas Smith an Alan Carrall) Jullua area and Prank 1 Oanulaai Llayd Man-arum and Loan Lavyi Baa Taakl and Tam Clark) Ounnar Nalaan and H Harrinten Shelley Mayfield and Jlpt W arrant Jim Ireland and Jehni Hay) Charlea Baaalar and M Pfl user I - i T 8— OIk Lundhal and D Lambartl Al aaalanta and Dr Oa Carai Pad Baat and Qamaia Dick) Stan ' Leenard and Pata Bennett) ab Wattaa and P Qraar 1 48— Jaa Meere Jr and Wally Saaatrami Oaare Busk and Kan Ot'acby) Bill Nary and J Peralta: Marehall Sarlnaar and J Paaat tmary Zimmerman and J Treat I TO— Bab Otjdr and r “ Stewart and D Andarcan MeSumay arf it L Loops May Merge i r 1 declined to comment on the reports as did Rlney Salmon former league president and Chet Murphy 1 business manager for the Phoenix Senators i i i The proposed development cornea as no great aurprise to many close observers Minor leagued throughout the nation are reported having trouble staying alive under the threat of national emergency i Already two of the former A-T league teams— Juapex and Globe-Miami —r have said they would not be -around for the 1951 pennant I race There I has been some hope they might get adequate backing and return but there has been no Indication such would happen to date V i: r r i- f ’ Z r ’ 4- ny sT I I J-1 Ml r t ' 4 ' i 1 1 f I v Sa A -3 : c I'WW 0" r i t V t ' ’"' Oh - ’VJ’ yW -v Pro-Am Winners Touche Today’s Tucsod Sport Shorts I r j 'JL Sports Events 1 Tomorrow 8A0 am w- Second 18-hole round Tucson $10000 Open El Rio Golf A Country dab West Speedway Rillito Entries Fori Sunday M l ‘ i 1 PI AST BACK i IMjYirdi Pa Orta a Harsaa Llttl SI K P JaauM Kirw J D Walk SuryrlM Jflnln) A Outlarrss Batty Lou Alw J Curry ' Tw Tlmar t Cralf j Aa Cant C Qulnup Platllla Q Mawar f Day Doll P Jaauaa i Cllai A a BlaeulL B Sawla A ad Oangar Ida AadP i SCCONO AACS ' ISO Varda Par Twa Yaar Old Maldana PIASTMALP OP THS DAILY DOUBLK 114 10S 111 118 8110 111 11 110 120 1M 110 Draaaan Cblekadaa J Waikar Dandy Annls J Hunaarfar Had Puncb C Oulnup darrnada B Bawdla Ouaan O Cluba f j Llttla CdypL O Mawar Marriballa Aaad P Jaauaa C-P D Chaa Pluaraa tllffl Laana Sd Hury B Urlta i' ‘ THIgD BACK Plva Purlono Claiming All 1800 SECOND HALP Or DAILY DOUBLK MlekloaitMlna P Jaauaa CapL Tam C Oulnup Adma S Crblf Ann CaToM N Pattla Earn Au Planty O Mawar Aearln D Kukuk r Plva-Thlrty C tlda Uaau-Jlm J D Waikar Slidl Trial PllohL Crus Pffluoaa FOUATH AACS ISO Varda Par Twa Vaar Old Maldana lit 111 117 lit 112 -111 lit 117 114 117 Currncy Duskv Bar Iwtip J Curry ! Atd Aboard P Jaauaa 1 Canaata Finlay J Hunsarford Llttla Dr Jaa E Oral® Oiaabarrbd M Figuaraa O B Cactua C Pisuaraa Ellai Barja B Bawdla Parkr§ Traubla E McKInnan I FIFTH AACE 1 E Purlanp Claiming Tammy Whalan P Jaauaa Visalia Sam J D Waikar MlnUiEla’s Boy J Hunsarford Dai Nil I C Pisuaraa j Day Early C Oulnup I AM ValvsL D Kukuk G Aamlar N Patti Oovanar Os C Eldar ’ Elip Own pffalr N Patti I SIXTH AACE - 880 Varda Orada A Haras Wbltpar W J O Waikar j Aetian Plus B Bawdla j Mia Mas M Flpuaoa ! Clara N Pattla Waapy MeCua J HuAfarford Llttla Bill J Cure y Bannl W a Mawar ) 1 Half Chick P Jaauaa ' I dial Bottom Hand C Ounup I ! SEVENTH AACE 880 J Varda Par Oradp A Mia Aaad M Pisuaraa Pi Pass P Jaauaa Jim Patla J Hunsarford j Wagon N P Hardy I Mias Davlna J Hunsarford Arizona Chi f O Mawor Buddy Barnd B Brit Hot Pappor t Oulnup i I EIOMTH AACE ‘ 830 Varda Par All Apa Allawanoa War Panny C Eldar Llttla Haa C Oulnup I Copula Lad a Maws I Jaa Jaa 1 Look Out H M Pisuaraa i Canay Laa B Bawdlp f r Nora Laa P Jaauaa : Palaan Ivy J O Waikar j NINTH AACK 1 IU Varda Par Orada AA Namaa THE SANTA CATALINA STAKES” Hula Oirl C Oulnup Littia titar w J o walk Drlftar J Hunsarford Baa I Garza Hard TwIaL I Oaraa Sandy Ad A Jaauaa TENTH AACK I t 11 Mila Claiming tip T C Oulnup Tim D N Pattla ! ' Abkatafard M PIUra I WitPua C Eld j Calllna Qirl D Kukuk ' Varda Prank N Patti Junior Ward Crux Plpuarpa Apprantica HARDER SIGNS AGAIN 1 CLEVELAND Feb 1 WV Mel Harder1 signed his 24th contract with the Cleveland Indians today — the fourth he has signed as a coach Harder onetime pitching ace U credited with helping to develop such present day first line hurlers as Bob Lemon Early Wynn and Alike Garcia lie ’ i Lf f e’W ‘ ii -V it (c t Cl 4? V i ft il i-J I’M 1 I 'M x i 4 j ' -s "V f V v V'6’ L kir ' V 4 Si t Turnesa Revolta and Witmer Jlere’s a rundown on 'today’s sports developments 1 la the Old Pueblo: i i t Jalopy Promoter Dudley Froy announced that Wild BilF Chees-bouig lost ground last Sunday to pacesetting Ben Ramsey in their spirited duel for TACRA pblnt-maklng honors despite the fact that Cheesbourg copped the main event Ramsey totaled 47 points during the afternoon by 'grabbing second In the main: coming home first in th trophy dasn and producing the fastest qualifying -time All Cheesbourg could manage was a -36-polnt total taking fifth in the time trials before his feature victory 1 As of -the moment Ramsey boasts 3027 markers while Cheesbourg has jumped into second with 2374 Bunched up behind them ar$ R C Whltwell 2060 Micky Marcum 1964 Roy Stewart 1648 Cl$tus Rhlnehart 1635 Les Mot-risen 1611 and Roger McCluskey 1560 f ' 1 1 j i Jimmy Hines Tucson Country club pro and dean lof local auctioneers reported that the third annual Tucson Country Club Ini vltstional sgolf tournament will be hekl on'trie east side links Feb 15 through 18 Gene Llttler defend-lng champ will hot compete due to a previous engagement with Uncle Saf j f ii ' Rumps Trlbolet Arizona gradu atd manager ‘ said' there are 1 still plenty of choice tickets available for Saturday night’s appearance of the Bobby Riggs professional tennis troupe In Bear Down gymnasium They' may be purchased at ' the university ticket office North Cherry at Sixth Reserve seat ducats are also1 on sale at Stelnfeldl sporting goods i ! i A A S l' ibp-ynumiwwib-ii — hotp by Rcggi EuntU congratulate each other department where Jack Kramer World’s pro champion will make a public appearance at 3:30 p 1 pi Saturday ”B!g Jake” will give Instructions free of charge at that time i The West Texas State basketball team which meets Arizona here tomorrow night was scheduled to arrive in Tucson late this afternoon The ruggejd Buffs 'will work out on the Bear Down court NY shot! a 67 ($3-31) and Jack this evening & Four more Arizona athletes di-opped by the wayside as the spring semester began They are Jim Davis of Coolldge outstanding frosh fullback who left because of family difficulties Leonard Bice class A half mile champ from Glendale who joined the army Charles ngebretson frosh sprinter who transferred to Oceanside Junior college and Harry Cameron yearling end from South-port Pa who entered the army UA Fencing ’Coach Hilary Sandoval ahnounced that Saturday’s meet with undefeated Texas Tech in the women’s gym will ’be con ducted from 1Q:30 a ro to 6:30 p m TuCsonlans are Invited to attend the event which will also include bouts between YMCA competitors and the Red Raiders Both 5Vnder As 1951 Open Gets Stented j B j TO St TSK1EXT1S 1 fc Malntalnlr a Tucson Open tra- ditlon lankjriJob VYatson of White Plains NY snd blonde Ralph BlomquUt trf’vGlendale Calif ’ ' pair of golfdom’s I lesser tourney lights today tgrabbed the lead -among earlyj finlehbrs In the $10 I 000 southern AflzoAa classic’ - 1 The two J tall boys posted first 1 round 118-hole totals of 65’ five under-par Watson tsrved his hunk ! of opening day jglory with I brilliant faur-undett par first nine I score of 31i foHowejd hy a neat 34 Blomquifct j v a more consistent' with 33-J52I - i ’ To achieve hs total Watson registered aeveqbirdies and bo Keyed the lit and 16th boles BlomquUt the-stocky 36-yearold who frightened the nation's sports pages in December with n sensational record 14-under-par 3$ at Oaktnokt Park In Glendale posted five (birdies today ‘He ald nddd a i 5-toot patt on the 18th for an eigle three1 A ch)t wind- blevf acro the 3402-yaM1 El Rio tjlolf & Country club- coqrse as iVaon 'and Blom qulst wlihsidodhei elements to set a torrid! jpace Teeng off! was de layed 45 minutes due to frost on v the greens which made them slow Even soi condltlpnsi were improved over yeSterdSyJw i t That ihd Uatson01omqulst'hold -on first (place nvita 6o be short-lived wag fully expected I Twenty-four proa 6hpt sub-par igolf yesterday when the weatper was worse and they weren’t even! bearing down So watch th4 sboreboard for those late finlhera t - i - Johnpy Revplta! who fired a sizzling 63 ater the- par 70 course yesterday was finding the going 'ranch tougher today He hitr36 jon the first nine an indication (that he iweuld top his pro am total considerably i Jack Ellis top-rated local ama tevr sink a beautiful 33-foot putt on the sixth green (to go one under par at that f juncture His better known partners Uoyd Mangrum of Chipago ’ and George Farlo of Washington DjC were one stroke behind hlip- ip!' 1 1 Troqble came early for Jimmy Demaret Ojai Califs the only two-time winner! of the Tucson Open On1 the 186-yaed par-three fourth hole - bis drive was trapped 30 feet from the f plrv He ( took five shots j to get down- 'I 1 ! 1 Jo Brown Des Moines Iowa had his second shot on the fourth land in -aj clump of mistletoe atop a 30-foot tree He climbed np and knocked it to the ground but was forced o take a two over-par nix 1 Morris WUUamsJ Midland Texas was the first golftr to finish th opening roiind of the 1951 Open under par Ha stroked a 34-35—69 Close behind thfr early leaders with 60s wer John Bamum of Grand ' Rapids Ml£h (33-33) ard TeJ Krolliof New! Hartford NY (3531) Jim: Deal 'df New York Shields of 'Cedar Rapids) Iowa along with Williams had i a 69 (36-33) j I 1 Chandler t Harper ! Portsmouth Va the current PGA champ took last year’s (Tucson event with a 13-under par 1267 2n so doing he set a record of j20 putts for 18 holes Yet It! is his g-jrrHron the greens that Is jx)thsrlhjrn today “I'm-playing betters Qian When I won in’ jl 950’ pe ‘say ’’but to repeat I’ll have i td -improve poor putting1! '-j i i - j Y estferddyf8 : Races MIAMl Pla-calel 2nd 8810 was Bsugalnvlllaa 1 Handicap for th aacand atraipht vaar avpr th turf ceura at Hlalaafi Park') t ARCADIA 'CallfJ-e Slaat 118 00 bM Aanown tv hif lanatp in mil raca fa-tur ad Santa Anita NEW GRLEANS-Tidr Sum 87 80 was Vux Carr Handicap at Fair Ground OLDSMAR Fiau-Quetn Chattar 0380 favorH ! won 'Mary Hatchar Pure at Sunthlna 'Park I -i 1 i f 1 1 ! 1 ! 1 ' A A- A Sk sv 1 i rtN Pa t

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