Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 27, 1963 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 27, 1963
Page 2
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editorials Page 2 City Tclofirani Saturday, July 27, 1963 Drew Pearson Reports Gourmet's Delight "WTcekorul comments: The controversial dancing-in-the-taverns issue was settled this week by a divided City Commission. A significant thing about this vote, which most overlook in the outcome, is the reasons behind the voting. Votes against changing the ordinance to permit dancing were cast because these commissioners did not think this would be'a good thing for the community. The other vote, favoring the change, was made in the interest of fair treatment for all. Those who can afford or qualify for admission behind the walls of private or fraternal clubs can continue to drink and dance, but the ordinance says others can't. I/eft hanging is what the vocal opposition will do about the hard-liquor drinking citizens who have both the means and influence to do about what they darn well please. * * * There's a parking change being made on E. Chestnut on the norbh side of the half-block which fronts the Telegram building and new municipal parking lot. Parking stalls are being changed from angle to parallel. Several accidents occur in this block due to cars backing out from angle stalls on opposite sides of the street and colliding in the middle. This relatively-short encroachment of parallal parking should prove that it would be a good thing for the entire block, and on the first block of Chestnut west of Main. Survey Shows Rail Strike Would Be Catastrophic By JACK ANDERSON (Editor's Note — The Wash- 'Ingtem Merry-GoRound today is written by Drew Pearson's associate. Jack Anderson.) President chlorine. Not enough truck tank- Khrushchev will now use the is- ers are available to deliver the sue in his ideological struggle chlorine needed to keep the wa- with the Chinese Reds. He will tcr safe downstream. be able to argue that the Chinese The economic experts predict- campaign for peace. IINUTUIN — rrcsiueni <** ***** the nation's gross output "Khrushchev has trapped the V «rim «,a«,!ntf thnt « would drop an alarming 75 bil- Chinese Communists into coming «H^T.fHtoT21,M MlS Hon dollars if the trains stop run- out against a test ban, which *,™-,™ V i v * ning for 30 days. Puts them on the side of death 6,000,000 nonrailroad workers and 8 « J_ d destruction) .. obs erved the cause an economic decline four ««-y als °. w j arne a "* al toreign M - t «mator times greater than the worst suppliers would take over part of ™ e ^« ?«W 0 postwar recession was based *e American market, both here upon the sober conclusions of the and abroad, labor, agriculture, and commerce departments'. He also toM the Stockholm gathering that Russia 'doesn't have the means to continue They reported confiaentially to subordinates that peS^prSSenr^enn^y "to^u »* ^ arms race and economic rotoneed development. the White House that a mere railed strike was 0 /unacceV ,££&£ &£*£?£ £, weeklong strike would be no ca- able" and must be headed off Y recaUei £ that he had warned lamity, although it would strand for the sake of the national wel- lne premier- "You have had it 500,000 commuters who ride the fare. e the ^ f ew years w j tll the trains to work in New York, Chi- while world attention has been Republicans running the United cago, and Philadelphia, w o u 1 d riveted on Moscow, Mayor Willy states. When my crowd takes also close down some industrial Brandt of once-enibattled Berlin over we are going to run you plants dependent upon rail ship- has conceded privately lihat the r^t out o f the ball park." ments. • Brlin crisis "appairs to have Tme to his prediction, Humph- Several automobile plants, for passed into the pages of history." rey sa i d ^at President Kennedy example, operate with less than ^ a year ag0i Khrushchev had stepped up spending on a week s supply of materials on wag threatening war over B er- missiles, arms, and economic hand, 'in But Brandt told a gathering projects. This had forced Khrush- , . u _i i j A few food shortages would of leaders in Stockholm c hev to choose whether to speed also turn up in New York City the otber d tnat , <the pressur e up his own military program at *™ g *** a " the expense of economic de- Garden City Telegram Published Daily Except Sunday and Flva Holidays Yaarly By The Telegram Publishing Company Telephone BR 6-3232 117 East Chestnut But if the railroad workers should halt the trains for more than 30 days, the experts warned, the results would be disastrous. Farmers would be unable to is off Berlin.' In an aside to Minnesota's velopment. Sen. Hubert Humphrey, Brandt "We have the means to in- also remarked that President dulge in both the arms race and Kennedy's Berlin visit had bc4- economic development," Humphr stered the city "as if you had rey told the Liberal leaders. sent in powerful new forces." The Russians don't." British Labor Leader Harold Kill Brown JU«r\ln Smith Editor Advertising Manage! ship their August harvest to mar- Both men were among ^ Ub . ket; fruits vegetables and other leaders who accepted myita- food would begin to disappear aoM fmm Swedish Prime Min . wilson was skeptical, however, from the grocery stands; prices . T Erlander to attend a about America's economic would start to skyrocket; work- Z pow-wow. stren, ers would be laid off in the Al 1 _i_'«J;i««, „, At one closed-door session, strength. He recalled that Britain had tried to finance world OF SUBSCRIPTION Hy carrier a month In Garden City. J1.55. Payable to carrier la advance. By carrier In other cltlea where service 13 available, !)0o per week. Bf mail to other addresses In Flnney. Lane, Scott, Wlclilta, (Jrselpy, Hamllto* Xoarny, Grant Huskc] and Gray counties, JO.OO per ycur; elsewhere J15.00 lici year. Local and «re» college students, J6.00 tor 8-month school ye*r. Snconi! class postage paid at Garden City. Kansas. Jf Telegram motor carrier service Is required to have publication-day d«- llveiy hy mall In cities that have local carrier service, local carrier rat»« •DMT ..... i r*t 1/1JC CAWOtU-UWl. ov^u^i^ll, (HI144 klAU Vij^u w *»».«***,v ,, ~-« — steel, coal, lumber,paper, stone, Brandt also acknowle dged that development in the 1900s but that glass, and other industries. Khrushchev, in going his separate way from the Chinese Com- tlie drain had been too great The United States, he said, was now discovering the same problem. No country is rich enough any be unsafe to drink. The sewage tence The BerUn mayor disposal plants in the upper ,^ e Hmnnhrcv what he lonepr to bp the world's banker, ohio Valley for example de- tti P ? J ,14! longer to oe me woim s uoiuvt-i, ™° «',„ railroads for their * ol »g h t Of Khrushchev's latest he said. tlie railroads for tneir movcs . pend "I Was Hoping They Wouldn't Schedule A Stop Here" Wilson suggested that an international combine should fi- HomPhrey pointed out that the nance the undeveloped countries, Communists have been preach- establishing international cred- ing peace and leading ban-the- its, rather than relying on a sin- bomb-demonstrations since 1946, gle country. but that Khrushchev had maneu- The group agreed to appoint a vered the Chinese Communists committee, representing the Uni- into taking a stand hi favor of ted States, Britain, Germany and nuclear war. Scandinavia, to study the Free Such a stand is directly count- World's economic problems. The er to fifteen years of Communist Liberal leaders will gather propaganda, which Humphrey again in Germany at the end of said, has made an impact on the world, particularly on the masses of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. the year sion. to' renew the discus- -Whether buying 01 selling, use Humphrey predicted that Telegram Want Adsl iJk ONE OF the origins for the phase "hot as hell" is a poetic sort of recipe for coffee claimed by onetime bishop Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perifford. It goes "Black as the devil, Hot as Hell, Pure r.3 an ang«l, Sweet as love." He probably didn't originate it, but he had a way of "adopting any good things that were wondering about in search of a parent." He also put his name to the saying "The beginning of the end." * it * THIS IS the brand of hot weather that causes talk of frying eggs on the sidewalk. To our knowledge no one ever has come up with a recipe for doing it. For instance, do you first pour cooking oil or grease on the sidewalk so the egg won't stick? A modern and social version of this old art might be to work it into a Fried Eggs on the Patio Party. it * * WE HAVE heard no more regarding an Eclipse Party that was planned for last Saturday. * * * READING IN recent weeks of the election of Pope Paul, we \yere reminded of something an old friend of the family said some years buck. We do not remember in what connection it came up, but she was making a comparison — "It's just like in the College of Cardinals," she explained. "When" they're voting for Pope, each one votes for himself the first time around." d. h.

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