The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 15, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1930
Page 1
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J Ytaojjs xxxv;!xo. no. E Exportation of fjjquor to the! United Stated Will Be J '.Prohibited. ! AID T(ii ENFORCEMENT! Canadian BoozeiiHas Been a Thorft in the Side of This Coukrv. King of Siam Makrs Gift. to of St. John New .York, March 15.—William C. Redfield,"former seerer' tary of commerce, has been informed, by Major General Prince Am'oradot ICridakara. Siamese minister.' to the United States, that the king of Siaih has donated two book cabinets to the Calhedraj of St. John the IDi- vinc. Siam will be the fourteen! h foreign, government to make a srjft to the New York Cathedral. The work was executed" by Jji<> aits and crafts department of (lie Siamese government in Bangkok. The cabinets are now on their .way lo the United States. While secretary of commerce, Mr. Redfield aided the Japanese government in the construction of a model paper mill in Siam and earned the gratitude of that,government. \ Oct. a. 1S96, at postofflce at Tipton, led., undar the aat of JUrtfc It 1BT>- TIPTON,, SATURDAY EVI3X1X0, MARCH in,. 1030. ^bm|pa in Miami Contest S., Britain and Japan Have Reached aJ Naval Agreement. NOW UP TO APPROVAL Fact Has Been Signed and Official of Governments Must Act. Ottawa,.jMareh if;—Passage of j the.bill to] prohibit j clearances fori craft carrying liquor to the Uni-j ted States; today sejunjsd assured! after secoiia reading;-HI the house' of common? without; a division, j The measure.- whi-jdi was intro-j dticed by Premier L. Ma.-kcn-i King. I-as the sj'pport of tho- ronservativ-! opposition. It. B. lirnnett. oj position [-leader, .said i'.o would st/pport tlnijmea.stirc. despite the f ci that lie took issue wiih the af-gumentsjudviiiiced for mm mm ..:-V ?, TAftlFF BILL POSSIBLE KOI Rout of Coaltion May Mean BilLPresident Hoover Will Sign. A NEW COMBINATION i; by .Vr. .in? I *A -,IX<; TAIVKK. t'omi il y Trii.iBiiti'i- :£rpm -fs iiiiil-; . : iicrP;isiTiji ll.-iily. Ri'- London, March 15.—A complete J agreement among the United j States, Great Britain and Japan (•was said this afternoon in naval ] conference circles to be an accom- iplisbled fact as far as the delega­ e tiops' are concerned.; | Approval by the home govern! mentis of the American-Japine j 1 . . j settlement completed yesterday ;was said to be the only thing re- Another of Europe's Gilded imainlng to enable these thrqe de'l- jegations to bring their naval,con- i ferenpe difficulties to an end. '• Observers said if this agrce- . I ment | is approved by the home i governments, the United States, T ACT /-Kir nr»TrPl»rt»ie! Great Britain and Japan will ne LAST OF BOURBONS: jn a p l osiUon to sign a three . power | pact at any minute if this should I sfem j ! The But Unstable Thrones Is Near Fall. New York. Starch lfl.—Anoth- of i AMli-ons!,:-the portal for payinsj,. r of Europe's gilded but unstable}) 1 1lH' Nprillg .;,-|ISIUllnH>|it Of tilXPS ' docs not-<l<;;,c until jjoiidny. May S. tin' ici 'ij"".ls ;]i ilieitiflice of the i -onniy ireaj.'urer iinj; dail.% in- cii'asinRa-imlay lnia'iiing there wero Kf -v^ri I persnfis waiting their turn .; Iln- iljinilows to makr> pay m< aits. $ The treas+'irer has I, number of ditches ccii!n"nd ; over'ito.liim for unpaid diti- i as.sessiiients which are a lien t! o same ;f; taxes, and persons knowing t.httjnselves assessed on aiy of tlieJ? are asked to mention ho fact. =>n- it might not bo inrlitled in receipt. Unpaid .•.issoi'.smonts. j-.fl raw interest' and penalties tlifii same as other taxes fluid nwivjh's should Will oil I his - .. i| .KXPKIT I;*IM;KR iknutKi;. ' 5? i;'< Total «f < ".•in lidali-s l --;«r Nomination Will K :Wr<| Omj'Hundred. anese I terest 'desirable. report of the America n-.Tap- seltlement created much in-j (Left to right) Miss Alberta McKellop, who aa "Miss California," won second prize in the Miami Beauty Contest. Hiss Janet Eastman, as "Miss Texas," was adjudged "America's. Sweetheart," carrying the highest honors to the Lone Star State, and Miaa Margaret Ekdahl, as "Miss Florida," was awarded third place. They will journey to Bio D« Janiro, where they will compete tor the-! wllat !t believed title of "Miai Universe.'* ..j.-. ._•-.... • . OattnnttaaalMmrMl) Expected to Enact Legisla! tioh in Keeping With Hoover's Plans. Tinted Sand Used to Show ,' Shifting of Walkiki Beiirh Honolulu, March 15.—Engineers of the department of public works are to try an experiment, with, colored aand to determine the directfon of ocean currents which have been shifting a portion oi the beach at Waikiki. Ever since reclamation work throue.h the nse n't groins was begun at' Hawaii's most famous "watering place, those in charge have been puzzled by the shifting of the sand at certain times of the year. A stretch of beach would be filled in only to be almost completely denuded a mtjnth later. Time and money, were being wasted with no results. Along came Dr. Douglass Johnson, geologjst of Columbia University, who suggested that a simple method of keeping track of the shifting would be to use tinted sand, and his idea has been adopted. Very Inquisitive \. to Call, Has I Compelling Ways. - HELD IN CONTTDEMCiS I? Father Is a Bootlegger*; ' Mother Must Admit It : ' i to Census here when it became known, .lust •what this settlement is no one in authority was paTed to say. pre- i j which duce her claim for a 70 per cent | iratio of eight-inch' gun' cruisers i and would receive in exchange ai percentage of destroyers! Japan would consent to re-j thrones seems on the verge falling. The royal regime in Spain, last stronghold of the once ; powerful Bourbon line which waved its various scepthes over virtually all of Mediterranean Europe, appears destined for an early end. King Alfonso, the gay, sporting monarch of the Iberian king- j higher dom, may now be spending his j and submarines than she had ex last few months as the ruler ofjp Cc t e d his discontended people. The 'wave i cf Republicanism "unleashed" in ai mighty tide since the deposal of. General iPrimo de Rivera as dic-i lator. threatens in the near fu-' • Jam f H ' Harper sure to sweep up to the doors of er n ' 0in the second the royal palace and bring Alton-! f ,led ]l f s declaration as. a candi-j .-o's rule to a close. ' | date for renomination for this of-j E THE ID [i. Washington, March 15.—:Upon {he ruins| of the senate coalition, which suffered a complete rout Thursday, on sugar and cement, a new combination has been fcrmed, j which is expected to draft a tariff bill that will be signed by President Hoover. While the White House refused any comment onWhe debacle of the insurgent Republican and Democratic .group. : which has been bus3" since last September on was "limited" tariff revision, those' close to the administration assert the President has gained as much as lie \\as lost in the sudden shift in the senate control. Undoubtedly not. •only the rates on sugar and cement will he increased, in the* bill which will lie Mr.-Hoover.' but also.several other industrial itemij. Indications are, however, that everything the combination of eastern and western industry U. S. BLAMED BY AR6EHTIKE Wha' ro enainer:.' or T',.<: mai r-! - s busy th. li- -.-all bv ! Much of Adverse Propaganda on Argentine Products Laid to U. S. RIVALRY IS IMPLIED,,- It was rumored. ..however, that | j a compromise-had been effected by j Dealers' Prices Being Used 1 Democrats Will Meet He r e i desires '""the way of higher dii'-. in Getting Assessments on Automobiles. in May to Name Chairman and Organize. MAKING EIRST REPORT!TO GATHER IN ARMORY • • r • • ! • • Asking Second Term. Saturday aj 2 o'cloci; a total of 02 persons h:";d filed tileir declarations for ol'j3ce with jibe county clerk that licj/tig the p'ghtli day filings i-ould •;ie made.!; At the lasj'. priniarv; when the filing closed t;\eve wevi'i a total of \96 declarati(tis and l\ie number this time is i.expected to exceed that. The corniy £ler)'-- who is keeping a rrj -'jord of flings \vas certain it woiild go o^lr the one hundred mark this tint's. Wants Coroner's f?lnre. Ralph R. undertaker h 'IfcMullaiip Kempton s filed lii; declaration with the jisounty cljk for the nomination for c^rone;-- on the Democratic ticket Bol^ar this is the only' peri;pn to fiij for this nomination oit! either fil-Je. Mr. McMulljin served^iUiis county aa coroner,:;one terij:{ and" was a candidate fjjSr re-ele|ition two years ago t He 4s a worti war veteran and "a number of !i)ie-Ameri­ can Legion.. |j? ; - ' - '1 1 A. E. Hobli-i of Keripton and Ed Thompson* of Cicero township have, filec their declarations with the 'clerlt, as cand^dates^for committeemenij-BnVject f|? the Re publican primary. May- 6. Cal Boldon ot Tlptvn alio qj Republi can, has filed;?as a delegate to 41ie; state oonTJstipn. ;j ••••", f .... lt>.«.» .... (5- " •i-'iWri'-*«rd^{^;^fotd- : .'pareiifc 'OUBB yon baii '^^iralni|the cnil- fice oh The feeling against King Al- ; fouso dates back a considerable! [ rpe ^ time, but. it has been only with the i of his i Baur, w i didate . •• • Saturday the various assessors' Saturday DemocAttic District ion-! I v_ ! has^ of th6 C0UI1 '- V jwere here checking! chairman, fir. W. P. , Dunham "jnp ther two-peeks' work: of as-j 01 - Kempton-was in'Tipton meeN jsessing, the law requiring - that; inK ideal Democrats and discuss- the Republican ticket. Mr. { is serving the last year present term. Philip M. ho was talked of as a cantor ,' commissioner, has filed for the office of member of ibeen appointed to the un- term of Zora A. Watson, less iron -handed methods prevail- ng under the -government of Premier Damaso Bergenguer that the I Republicans have been able to the C0XL ^' council; he serving on hold popular demonstrations. r tnat b P d ' at the present time, These have revealed beyond ques-j uavi »S tion that Republican sentiment in i ex Plre"i Snain is extremely widespread and j County furnishing a very dangerous threat j third district, to the throne ot Alfonso. ..j News dispatches from Madrid \ • Mrs. have indicated that Alfonso- may; Charles abdicate Voluntarily before (Continued-on Page 2.) Commissioner from thei countr y- Autos are Mary Sabens, Mrs. Fannie and rMrs. Hershel Vines' theTvisited jwith friends at Kokomo, Friday -afternoon. Psychologist Finds Few Content; What They Would Do if Millionaires Is Test New York, March Testing I persons on the basis ot whether! [wey would continue in their present jobs if -they should fall' heir to $1,000,0(W), Dr. Harry Dexter Kison, psychologist and professor of education at Teachers College, Columbia University, found that few are satisfied with their work. Among teachers' the degree of maximum interest in their work i3 only 19 per cent - and among nurses 33 per cent, "he said In announcing the partial results ot ft survey of vocational interest, at which he has been, working.(or two "years. The most significant phase of the results so far. achieved, the psychologist sai«V Is the revelation nf the "very considerableTiumbw" who are clearly dissatisfied with tnelr work, i »- , - - ' Several "tUttA TihinUr" that menace to the; effectiveV ! they make a report every .two-j tng matters pertaining to .'the -dis- j weeks, to. the! state. Thej report i triot meeting which will be held will •be available, the Urst; nr the; here in May, ror. the purpose of week and from it be, deter-• sc i ming a district chairman and mined the equality of j assess- j perfecting .'-'an i organization: merits in the various townships. 'Democrats from all sections of 'Assessors this year are using} the^district will be present at the what they term the "Red Book,"! meeting and several of the state it beinga book of prices of used j officials are invited and will like- cars as placed;by dealers of.theily be here. State Chairman Earl os are being as-j Peters of Ft. 'Wayne,, has stated ] sessed according to the prices! he will be here if'possible and adjusted in tlie dealer's book. Many i dress the meeting. . i amusing things' are encountered' Arningements are being, made by the assessors in making the,'to, hold the meeting in- the Arm- automobile assnssment, one manjory. The various county chair- insisting that he would take' less j men and vice chairmen and dis- than the "Red Book," list price j trict committeemen will be here, for this 1929 Ford. The assessor j This. will be the first district sent a man to who offered the- him the next day [ meeting held' in Tipton for many price and was! years. ' •. ' quickly turned; down the owner; their. (professional group I Ray shank , a/representative of serious ness ot as well. Dr. Kitson also sought to find a relation between length of serv- interest, but admitted his ! telling him he would not think of | taking the offer; Next Wednesday, March 19 ice and figures were not yet significant except ^for school teachers. their lntoi ^>WM ^»tvtlwVie«rjn*^ Teachers who had served for sixteen years or more bad:an average interest of 92 per cent, he found, while the average of those: who. have: worked less than that period IB 76 per cent, v In thel preliminary testa .workers were instructed - to - indicate by a check ijrhat they considered their percentageiot interest. Or. Kitson, :caUlng t^: >^ giw ,-' v -tl »iL>l ^V«."'ttem:Hhe "!foIr lowing listrwrtlons: - 1 > "Aa th J lOfl 4«tf«e point, think of, tW^itctlvity^inl"whictivyou woriMV/q »il¥aJ«»3or':portlo«lot the sbate, tax board, will be, here to meet with the- assessors and at that time" their report for the first I two weeks will Ibe discussed. This -year, the assessors are taking brood sows at an average of $26 and the reeling hogs" and shoatS i at about; 10c per pound. Milch COWB are lieing listed at «n"| ayerage >6f ,.$70, -this being lower than-last: year,, as tins class of cattle .and .dairy. • products r are wort)i less than one year ago; although" retail milk, prices remain the same In this city. • Good horses are being averaged around? |1,60: and-downwardjrjmost of>the"fanima!s listed being below ^th'at Bgore. Jot' the .reasorifthat mm thereiarefewi really good horses The chairman, was accompanied by his son Parker Dunham, who while here filed his'declara­ tion for the Democrat nomination for the office of Clerk of the Tipton Circuit. The candidate stated that he was expecting to make a thorough campaign for the office during the summer, in case he secured the nomination: So far no other person has filed' for' 1 his nomination on .the Democrat ticket. Irvin Miller, the present clerk Is asking the \ Republican nomination-and so. far has - no opposition. . : •(_• •' RECEIVING .BITCH BIDH. County Surveyor Richards Helling : • Tolle and OverWan Drains. a Saturday County purveyor L. j;-Richards;was.^receivingsbidson the:Tolle:;and^OvOTn^s.dltches"lii the northeast "uurt.of Itnebwntyi tiiereibelng/afnumberSoilDld^m on^the«iimprorim »nti ^;.^K ; ties will not-be granted The compensation to the. President for the higher- industrial rate, it is pointed out, is the/'as- snrance the export debenture provision will be removed from the.senate bill and the flexible provision changed so the President, on recommendation of the Ruehos Aires, March 15.—^The newspaper La Prensa. iinW -wiu- ing editorially on this criticisms recently - made in Germany, Fiynre" and fireat Hritain as..inst the allegedly un-;initnry conditions of certain Ar-enHne animal and-agricultural products, says it should be remembered that, all this anti-Argentine propaganda originated in the U.nited States. It cites as proof the campaigns in the United. States against Argentine meat :on the ground that; it carries hoof and mouth disease, against Argentine alfalfa seed tariff commission, may raise or j lower rates 50 per cent without I a,ltl ^xseed, arid finally agninst congressional action. The coali- • A ' - sentine fruit on tion sptiglft to force on Mr. Hoover a subsidy for agriculture the ground that it is affecte.l with the Mediterranean fruit fly.' through the debenture, and to La Prensa states that official, do till th* cenxtitt •• •rrives? ; keep' toe boaaeooki- I ~e- evenings prior to- he man i or woman j vested with authority i from Unci* •• 'Jam to count nosenl For instance, mother should : discus.-- with father jsnch items a* 'what 1,-. '.guage was j spoken in .our home before we; came to the ; : United States?" and "do we nav«» ' a radio set?" ; | And father will turn off th<» radio and look anxiously toward ;r.->ther, saying: ; ; ' * j • "You know very ;wnll we have alvrays lived in Tiptop county and; that we have always "poken Eas- 1', h. and thai we have a radio. What's the matter \iitb yon. mo- thfr?" j ; Oh. T was jn*t stjuiliyins; np on • -r ••> of iht» qupstioiiii ;thp cen.«n<» •in ratnr will as|c "* was the- reply. • j That's a very good j Idea, too. in many instances the- housewife will be tb^ j M,e to *n»- wer the enumerator's; | qae >>tion.<« which must be answered truthfully. In fact. Unclei Sam bit provided penalties fori those' who willfully neglect to answer questions and for those who give faint* answers. This census | i»i a matter of law. provided in aj- special art "f cnngrr.s. Those whoirefnse ami wilfully neglect to an»wer any af the questions will be guilty of misdemeanors, and upon convii:- tinn shall he fined not jmore than transfer- the flexible powers in! investigations have proved each 1 ^^ ^.pri^upj for | not the present; tariff act from . tliej one M these charges false. N(>M .' s [ Xty (Iavs or pan^hed President to Congress. . . fto o;.p the climax. La Prensa ^ h ^ ^ sent i [: Mr. Hoover publicly has . ex- 'j a«ns- the United States hlames pressed niniself . on only, two \ Argentine parrots for spreading thing.? now; in the tariff, bill, ex-1 parrot fever,whereas cept In his regular messages to more by congress advocating a "limited" revision. He denounced the export debenture plan in the farm relief tight; for last spring, and later demanded that'the flexible provisions in the present tariff act be retained. By those;-close to the administration, it was pointed out the (Continued on Page 2). t is well known, the: editorial contends, that no parrots are. shipped from Argentina.. There are other pqijaltles for (he enumerators or census supervisors . who divert an»wW». give a in confidence, to tbo*e| jwho have no business knowing the -results ot the census. In other; words. Although La Prensa's editorial: THE SECRET , BETWEEN TJBU . gam is directed ostensibly, against thej and his „ epheB . s a „djifece„ are campaign being carried on in ..ise-., business, j i Germany. France and Great Brit-; „ Mr , ^^.^ d Lllnes to ai n against Argentina hides, those nswer any of , he enjnLeratorV three countries ar* disposed ot in, niiest j 0ns tne llJ.JiA,.. fifty words, and the remainder of' ;; -I :ii ii tor will (Continued on Page 2). City Noises Called Scrathbled Chords; Expert Shows They Are Musical Notes —i——i—, ————- ..———-—— New York, March 15.—The rumbling ot the elevated and subway trains,. the hammering of the ironworker, the snorting of the steam shovel, the grating of the concrete mixer, the honking of the automobile horn and the other noises of a big city are not noises after i ail. Instead these headache-making sounds contain the-same sweet tones as come from the piano, the harp, the violin, but" they occur as scrambled chords,-"; played' staccato, and witV such' rapfd'ity that it. is impossible: for the' human ear. to distinguish their tonal qualities llani^Braid''-White; director of Scouitlc^reseaTch of;',tli«v:i||mer:T sen the :\ after a item stm »»or will i«up- enumet say: "Now. I am going to| | ; about three or four hod \ believe you will chaii| ittii'id by that time." I Me returns probably j husband In home, and i confereiii-.-. the infor By means or a projection osiso, f is withheld, the ennnnjr an instrument recently developed ! report the case to the cf^ by the Westinghpnse Electric and ervlsor. Manufacturing Company, he gave! The supervisor will sail! at tb* a-visual analysis of noise and mu-| home. It the ratnily stiilj b> stttb- sical sounds. The oslso threw a]born, the sn;-*rv!sor wjlltj place 1 straight line of light across a. the case in the hands clfUhatdis* translucent screen. As different:trict attorney, and by that lime' artists played or sang into a mi- j action will follow along U|» acme- ,crophone, the sound waves pro -'n n es as the violation pisy[olfc-i d^ced, varying according to each er federal law note, danced esthetlcally across ( .Mother needn't be afi the screen, breaking np the Una. - Mr. White showed photographs of the sounds made by elevated trains, -vacuum cleaners and concrete .misers, and compared -the shape of the notjes to those made by the artists'. He asserted that the droning hum of the vacnnm cleaner was in reality a decidedly 'musical jaonbd, and produced a - ttntern Jillde to ; show~ the note ^attributed thepopahirtty ot mssmsmssmmm army and navy inTMlo# parlor just becaase site member off-hand home is valued at *| ?12.00(V. J When the be will follow a llaa at like' taia: .,\y<?j. "What bi ,; tlw head: of taa laaai^ ;. ; Thte:m,iwia|ib>i; '":a$tha) itaaC!

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