Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 22, 1957 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 2
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-TWO KVBNlNtt TIMES, CU.MKKU1,ANI), Ml)., WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 1957 Graham Cites New York People Too Busy For God Uy GKOKGE COHNEU, NEW YORK —Ui — Lies in business dealing . . . Double se> lives . . . Obsession wilh money making. These,.Billy Graham says, are some of New York's moral ills. "You're loo busy." lie told 17,500 people last night, and Ills arm swept the vast Madison Squarel ' Garden. "That's what's wrongf'lloc lVin<vr>n with Xew York. You're too busy 111 "* tjfl "gi'l lor God." (Continued from Page 1) "But there is coining a clay a disarmament agreement with when you won't be loo busy," lie'lliissia. thundered. j T | le more t(la[ intelligent men! "That is the day when yoirthink about the arms race. Ihci stand before the judgment of God.jmorc they realize progress lownul and He says. 'Depart from me!disarmaj»ent must be made, IVI you cursed. I never knew you.iscnliower added. Alluding then lot You had no time for me. Depart talks wilh Russia which have been! from me into outer darkness.'" soing on in London, Eisenhower At Ihe close of his sermon. s »id Ihe United Stales must not Graliam gripped the rait of tliejbo picaytinish and must be tt'illiiiiJi platfofm. half leaning across it.j'o meet the Russians half way. I appealing lo listeners to repent] But in the light of history with and "surrender your liearl to,respect to the way the Soviets fail; Christ." jto keep agreements, he said, this' "It's hard." lie said, (ingcrs^ounlry must also be especially; tight on the rail, eyes closed.'careful in entering into any in-' "It's hard to bow your bead and snection pact | say, $od I am a sinner'. REACTION - Eisenhower said - ner sai l.ed.hy a blind man tapping Ins Wje reac(ioi , , o ,,-,, lelevjsio «hilo cane, Ob men and women ,.. i(lio a ,,d news conference efforts and young oik came fonvard al in bt , half of nis spcnding budgct Graham s plea, bnngmg he Krtal ,, as gl . a , luilUy turicd jA.vor of of such decisions to 4,524 m seven lho administration's position At nights. ... „ | , , mos peope eer In his sermon the (a I hand- werc ilK .| iltC(| lo , io ^ lhc a(1 . some 'evangelist declared (liDt ly- minislral io,,'s spending plans or ing has become a part of "busi.;, 0 bc ,,„,,-,,,, ° ' all black." He said greed and lust for money have so immersed (he economic scene that "many men are ready to go to hell lo get a belter job." Graham hit at what he said was (he absorption of people in movies, television and other entertainment (o'the point thai they have no lime for church or prayer, lie cited occasions when Jesus prayed all night, and said-. "Ho\v long since you have spent the night in prayer? How long since you've spent an hour in prayer ... a half hour ... IS minutes?" lle-eolled on Christian. 1 ; presenl to "redouble your prayers" — at home, on the subway, in offices. TEST _ said Hie only atomic weapons tests now scheduled, so far as he knows, are those to be held shortly in Nevada. He made that reply when asked about reports that the United Slates is arranging to carry 'on the new H-bomb tests next year. OII^-Asked whether he would favor a cut in the 27(4 per cent lax deplelion allowance now given to. oil producers, Eisenhower responded thai he was not prepared to say that allowance is an evil. He said there is no doubt that some rich men lake unfair advantage of Ihe allowance, but that on Hie other band there must he some incentive to encourage Ibe development of oil resources. COCOA. Fla. i Elkins Gets Prison Term PORTLAND, Ore. «i-Big Jim Klkins, the rackeleer whose revelations touched off Port- T Ituiaiiainjit idlU land s year-long vice probe, yes- would continue. fefday was sentenced to 20 months in federal prison for wiretapping. ilual stir (o restore (he moral soul of the city of New York." The text was from John 3:1-11, telling of (lie adulterous woman whom Ihe Pharisees brought before Jesus, demanding whether he accepted Ihe Alesaic law that she should be stoned lo death. Jesus instead offered forgiveness and told the woman lo "go and sin no more." The American tulip induslry, (hmigli young, produces about 12.347,000 bulbs annually. vo Youths Of Attempted Assault BALTIMORE Ml—Two 18-year- old youths, Andrew Bogdan and Howard Riemcr faced prison terms of seven years each today for attempting lo rape a neighbor woman. The 37-year-old woman fold Judge Emory H. Niles in Youth Court yesterday that she was on the way home from church lasl March 31 when she was seized, beaten, dragged into an alley and iraped. Dial PA 2-iGOO for a WANT AD'Taker. Fine Rebuffed By Voters In Pennsylvania Primary PHILADELPHIA W — Formor-j Fine lias pracliccd law in Wilkcs BRITISH 1MJI.KH VISITS DKN'.MAKK-Queen ri,/.both H « JU! , lo crowd as she'nfe, vsilh Oenmarks king I-rcdcnk 11 in open horse-diawn carnage on arrival in Copenhagen yesterday She and Prince Philip will pay llirce-day state visit, followed by a few days of vacation. . <<\i' riiofoi.nx via radio from London) Guided Missile Center Picketed The nation's . . largest guided missile center w as blocked by picket lines today but an official" of Truck drivers, helpers and warehousemen working for a con- U. S. Dist. Judge William East also lined Elk-ins $2.000 and (lien released him on hail because of motions pending for a new trial. liast imposed a six-month prison sentence and a 5500 fine on Raymond Clark, a former SI. Helens. Ore., police chief who was Elkins' employe and co- defondant. Clark also was released on bail. Each man was convicted on seven counts of wirclapping and could have received a one-year sentence and $10.000 fine on each. Malayan Troops Kill Top Coiiiiiiiuiisi Chief KUALA LUMPUR, Malaya Ml — Malay troops killed a top Communist leader last night in a camp seven miles from Kuala Lumpur. Ah Full, 62-year-old chief of the Communist guerrilla organization in Sclangor Slate, died with six bullets in his body. Another guer- - struction contractor threw xip Deal 11 Blow (Conlinued from Page 1) Only the walls were left standing linltcrs Kiirnl Towns The twisters bounced around 01 both sides on the Mississipi liiv > ir ->„,..„ er l>elosv St. Louis and continued oncritiniK '" Sl " ke Iong after dark ' One lva operations ighted near Fre(lc , d< , ktow ,, Mo In rural southern Illinois i struck at scattered points, includ Ihe Alto Pass, Columbia picket lines yesterday and 2.000 men stopped work on projects at the guided missile center on Cape Canaveral and at Patrick Air Force Base. 190 miles north of Miami on Florida's East Coast. Gl Says He Shol In Self Defense TAIPEI wi— U. S. Army M. Sgt. Robert G. Reynolds told a court- martial today be fired two shots at a man he found peeping through a bathroom window after Ihe man started toward him wilh an object that looked like a steel rod. pipe or slick. Reynolds is accused of wilfully killing a Chinese. Liu Tze-Jan. 33, the night of March 20 outside Ihe sergeanl's home near Taipei. Reynolds, who was born at Co- loras. Md., lists Coalsville, Pa. as his home. Fifty workmen were needed recently to the 67-year accumulation of dirt from the. Eiffel MY VACATION SPECIAL CAN SAVE YOU UP TO 672 ° NASH AMBASSADOR V-8 WITH AIRLINER RECLINING SEATS, TWIN TRAVEL BEDS, 255 H.P I & , Claremont and llerrod areas. In Missouri Iwislers were . w ported at Monticello in the north eastern part of the state; a Squires in the southern Ozark foot iills; at Cecitervillc. 40 mile lorth of Fremont, and al Kennett 1 town of 10,000. The one at Ken iclt struck after midnight, eigh lours after the first one rakci Van Buren. No deaths or injurie were reported in those areas. Grain Futures Louer CHICAGO W — .Most grain fu lures moved slightly lower at th opening on the Board of Trade tc day. but no outstanding sclliii: pressure was apparent. !ov. John S. Fine met voter Barre since he left office. ejection in yesterday's Pennsyl- ania primary as he sought un- uccessfully lo make a political omeback in Luzerne County •here lie had been Republican oss for nearly 30 years. Fine's defeat in his /irsl bid for ublic office since his voluntary etirement in 1955 was the high pot ol an election that attracted >arely a million of the Keystone Mate's 5,247,925 registered voters. There was no statewide contest. Organization slates of bolh Dem- cral and Republican parties won ^verywberc. The nation's No. t citizen, Pres- denl Eisenhower, was among the Millions of I'ennsylvanians who lidn'l vole, lie was busy in the Vbitc House polishing up mes- ages on foreign aid. Eisenhower maintains legal res- dence outside Gettysburg where le has a farm. Voters nominated mayors in 25 •ities. The Democrats gained a seat in he State House of Represenla- ives as a result of a special elec- ion in Montour County. The Democratic mayors of Pills, mrgli and Scranton, each seeking an unprecedented fourth term, again won their parly's nomina ion. Stl THfSf COMING BASEBAUr Piluburgh Piral.t VI Brooklyn— Hay 28, 27, 30; vi New Volt — May 31, June 1, 2 v». St. UuT* — Jun« 4, S, 6. IHt PUYHOltSF: "Wifn... for Ih Pfoiecution" — thru June I; A migin^C muiicBl r«vi/» — Ihiu Jun 15. SYRIA MOSQUE: Symphony.!r,.5win tty Kay Concur — May 10; ta Spectacular — May IS WIXON THfArtR: "Around Thl Worl in 80 Day»" — thru May WBI7E lor b/o<hofe on HoJ«l Vebiler Koll'i money-loving WEEKEND FUH PACKAGE. Dcpl. 8 HOTEL WEBSTER HALL J" P;»i4urj4'r BuMiful Citlt d,i,, 4415 Fifth A*enu«, Piciiburgh 13, p Session Postponed WASHINGTON W—The AFL-C10 today postponed indefinitely a meeting of its L'lliical Practices Committee set for Friday lo consider charges the ' Teamslcrs Union is corruptly dominated. The Manhattan fNew light weight! New iight colors! ADOBES "CITY LIGHTS" STRAWS! __ You'll step lightly through the summer heat in Dobbs new City Lights straws. They weigh perceptibly less...their colors are I elegantly lighter. Ami they're lighter in spirit, too. We found that Dobbs City Lights make going downtown cooler-ami somehow more pleasurable. See them now. from 5.00 T/t e M n as fata jj <ut Baltimore Street at Liberty Cumberland 7 UbrferfuC o HERE'S PROOF YOU SAVE WITH NASH! Competitive Cor Prices a re Op os much os Nash Prices for 1957 ore Down Os much as YOU SAVE UP TO... *672.97 $OfiO ^OxI« '57 WOKIO'S WNfSr TKAVfL CAR Have a king-size vacation in the biggest of the big V-8 cars— and save money, too! Enjoy the biggest room in any car ... tho biggest bonus of luxury travel features : . . the newest thrill in V-8 power. Get it all in this big Nash for less than you pay for a smaller car! EXCELLENT RESALE VALUE! Latest official figures show the big Nash Ambassador retains more of its original cost than 5 of the 10 low and medium priced cars. Be sure to get our proposition. We can save yovi plenty— probably enough to pay for your whole family's vacation. Don't buy any car until yop hear our Vacation Special offer. Amtrkcn Helen Meant Mar. For Amiricaat THE M-G-K MOTOR COMPANY GLENN ST. PA 2-2300 Give a General Electric Starter Set For The Bride's "Kitchen Trousseau" For today's rriodefn btide - get today's modern "kitchen trousseau", wonderful General Electric Portable Appliances. For these gleaming General Electric work savers are practical as well as beautiful - can (Jo so much to mak« household chores easier, during the happy ye "$ yj$ AUTOMATIC COFFEE MAKER ?| Good Coffee every time. Just set it and X forget it. Makes 2 to 9 cups. $29.95 •£ STTAM AND DRY IRON Has "Oial The Fabric" temperature control. Presses without sprinkling. Switches from steam to dry instantly. $15.95 '?£s$&*®^1^t&(3!$8 £ i I) AUTOMATIC TOAST-R-OVEN So new-So Different! Automatic toaster with handy toasting oven belowl Has oven toasting chart, signal light. 529.95 ^-^ SPEED KETTII Boils water as fast as the bride can use it. 1 cups in P/4 minutes. Striking copper on stainless steel Was S18.95 Now only $12.95 with your old kettle AUTOMATIC GRIU ANDWAFFIE BAKER Grills sandwiches, fries bacon and eggs. Simply reverse grids for golden waffles. Temperature control. $21.95 J PORTABU MIXER Handiest mixer ever-powerful enough for most any mixing job. Comes in yellow, white, pink or turquoise, $18.95 Aluminum cover, $2.50,coppertone, Cumberland Electric Co, Cumberland, Maryland Montgomery Ward Cumberland, Maryland A. D. Noylor Oakland, Maryland Ace Radio & Electric Service Oakland, Mao-land # Is Our Most Imfor GENERAl|||ELECTRlC PORTABLE APPLIANCE DEPARTMENT tleclrtc Housewares qnef Rodio Receiver Division Oakland Hardware & Furniture Co. Oakland, Maryland Arlo Koines Romney, Wcsl Virginia Electric Co. Grantsvillc, Maryland Fulton Radio & Salei Hancock, Marjlmid

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