Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 5, 1972 · Page 7
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 7

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1972
Page 7
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See More Korea Troop Withdrawal WASHINGTON (AP) - Nixon administration officials are starting to discuss a further reduction of U.S. troops in South Korea, possibly late this year. Pentagon sources indicate some administration officials favor a total pullout of U.S. ground forces while others, notably the Joint Chiefs of Staff, contend the United States should station at least a fire- brigade-type force in Korea. U.S. troop strength in Korea was scaled down to 43,000 men last spring, a reduction of about 20,000. One Army infantry division was returned to the United States and inactivated. The remaining American division was pulled off the demilitarized zone and replaced by South Korean soldiers. The withdrawal from Korea has been part of a widespread reduction of U.S. military forces in Asia, including Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan and elsewhere. These reductions in Asia have kept pace with an over-all retrenchment in the number of Americans under arms as the United States has disengaged gradually from the Vietnam war and de-emphasized overseas military commitments in general. In line with the Nixon doctrine, the United States has undertaken a $l-billion program to modernize South Korea's 670,000-man armed forces so they can defend their own soil without the help of U.S. troops. However, Seoul is expected to rely on U.S. airpower for some time because the South Korean air force is rated a poor match for the Russian-equipped North Korean air force. Some officials advocate withdrawing the remaining U.S. Army division and replacing It with a brigade of the 25th Infantry Division now in Hawaii. A division numbers more man Will Codfish Catch a Cold? MCMURDO STATION, ' Antarctica (AP) — Art DeVries would like to catch a codfish in the cold, cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean—and then give it a blood transfusion. He'd give it the blood of a * codfish .taken from ,,the cold, a cold,.>.cpJder waters of Antarctica, to see if a peculiar "antifreeze" agent in its blood could keep the northern cod from freezing to death when placed ~* Into the water here. The experiment—no fish may ever before have received blood from another fish—would be one more step in pinning down facts about the fishy anti-freeze material, which one day could have very practical human applications. One possibility is that the anti-freeze, made synthetically in large amounts, could make it possible to preserve human blood for transfusions far longer than now is possible, by keeping it almost frozen. It might clue plant biologists to find anti-freeze materials in plants, then to select and breed those strains having the most anti-freeze and thus the ability to withstand unexpected frosts 15,000 men; a brigade, normally fewer than 5,000. This replacement unit would serve as a fire brigade ready for use in emergencies anywhere in the Pacific area. Before the Vietnam war, the Army maintained the 173rd Airborne Brigade on Okinawa for just that purpose. But the 173rd has been shipped to the United States, and some military planners feel a Pacific theater fire brigade should be based in Korea rather than Okinawa, where political control has been returned to Japan. The timing and scope of withdrawals from South Korea, will depend, among other things, on progress in modernizing Korean forces, the timetable for return of some 50,000 South Korean troops from Vietnam, whether North Korea becomes more or less belligerent toward South Korea, and whether the United States can afford to keep substantial numbers of its soldiers in Korea. Iowans Are Traveling Faster Now AMES, Iowa (AP) - Motorists on Iowa highways are traveling faster these days and about 50 per cent of commercial vehicles have chosen the hours of darkness to exceed posted speed limits, the Iowa Highway Commission has learned. An engineer in the commission's traffic and safety department, Harold Schiel, said Tuesday that the average speed for cars on Iowa interstate highways has increased more than three miles per hour from 1967 to 1971. Interstate speeds of commercial vehicles has increased more than five miles per hour, he added. Schiel reported that the average speed of passenger cars during the daylight hours was 75.6 miles per hour in 1971, compared to 72.5 miles per hour in 1967. For commercial vehicles — primarily trucks — Schiel said the average 1971 daytime speed was 67.3 miles per hour, compared to 61.7 miles per hour, in 1967 ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, WED., JAN. 5, 1972 Page 7 17-Year-Old Girl Crash Victim Survives Jungle Pickup, Car Collide Darlene K. Johnson, R. 4, Estherville, received facial cuts and her car was totally wrecked as a result of an accident at 1:18 p.m. yesterday. Her cuts were treated and she had stitches taken. She was driving her 1961 Ford north on a gravel road which intersects A17, 3 miles north and 2 miles east of Estherville. Her vehicle was slowed at the intersection and then proceeded across the road in the path of a pickup driven by Harold Clifford Jones, Estherville. The Jones pickup, a 1967 Chevrolet was traveling east on A17. Damages amounted to about $250 to the pickup. Two children in Mrs. Johnson's car were not injured. (Daily News Photo by Stan Brotherton) Hit by Car, Coed Recovering A 19-year-old Iowa Lakes Community College student is hospitalized with a concussion suffered at about 7 o'clock last night when she was struck by a car as she was crossing a street In good condition at Holy Family Hospital today is Theresa Davis, 19, Coon Rapids. She was walking across Central Avenue about 260 feet west of 15th Street PI., when struck by a car driven by 19-year-old Theodore Timothy Twigg of Estherville. No. tickets were issued, according to an Estherville police report. Earlier in the day, at 3:35 p.m., two cars were damaged Duke Hospitalized as they were traveling east on Central Avenue. Barbara Jean Pompe of Whittemore was ticketed for making an improper change of lane. Traveling on the inside lane, she moved her car to the outside lane and collided with a car driven by Evelyn Petersen, Estherville. Okoboji will Host Agri-Trade Council DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) Iowa will play host to the Mid American International Agri- Trade Council at Lake Okoboji June 18-21, Secretary of Agriculture L.B. Liddy said Tuesday. CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP) — Apollo 16 astronaut Charles >ui. M. Duke Jr. Is hospitalized, with : Dajrtiihe' speed limits on iiW/\i^toKiai;^eum6i^,,but")ie'! is «.*_ir.'._;.« '--»»-*• »•«•- expected to fly to the moon on ture's marketing division, also announced Iowa will participate April 17-21 in a MIATCO "team effort" to sponsor a U.S. food exhibit in Tokyo, Japan, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's foreign service. Danilson said U.S. farm exports to Japan came to $1.2 billion in the last fiscal year and 'a goal has been set to make ter's'tate highways were exceeded In 1971 by 15.9 per cent of the passenger cars and 22.8 per cent of the commercial vehicles, he reported. The commission learned that 3.2 per cent of the cars and 28.1 per cent of the commercial vehicles violated primary highway daytime speed limits. Schiel said experts checked four points on primary roads at night and found that 27.3 per cent of the passenger cars and 50.4 per cent of the commercial vehicles were over the speed limit. Eighty-four per cent of the daytime speed violations involved speeds one to five miles over the limit and 63 per cent of the violations at night were in that range, he said. C|J££ 50 Ex,ra Es,hervllle * ,... Secretary of State William P. and freezes that take an im- Rogers has ruled that United mense toll of fruits and other States passports will be denied crops. those Americans who refuse to For scientists it might ex- take an oath of allegiance to the plain some remaining puzzles Constitution, about the structure of water and ice, and the structure of vital life molecules composed of complex combinations of sugars and proteins. Art DeVries is Dr. Arthur L. DeVries, an amiable man of 34 with a degree in biology and long blond hair and bushy mustache and beard. He's spent two winters and three summers in Antarctica, and one summer up north in the Arctic. Now with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif., Dr. DeVries began research in 1965 with the question why Antarctic fish don't freeze when sea water freezes at 28 degrees F. Non-salt water freezes at 32 degrees F. Separating fish blood into its components, he found the antifreeze material. The temperature has to drop a fraction of a i _ , . A/ ,- . degree below 28 degrees before f Coupon oood I nru Wed., Jan. \l the blood will freeze. Fish liv- | 0n e Coupon Per Car Per Week Please ing in the coldest water, right f __ _ _ _ under the eight-foot thick ice of ™ ~ " "" . • • ^ ^ McMurdo Sound have more of the agent than fish at 1,500 foot depth . where the water is warmer, he found. A black perch taken off the California coast and placed in McMurdo Sound froze almost immediately. A man would die in five minutes in these waters. Dr. Devries has identified the anti-freeze substance as a gly­ coprotein, consisting of two amino acids of components of protein, and two forms of sugar. A high salt content in fish blood will depress the blood freezing point, but the antifreeze stuff takes it lower. And the glycoprotein also exists in other fluids and tissues of the antarctic cod. Cold seems to be a challenge for the fish to start producing the anti-freeze. schedule in March. Duke complained of a cold and bad cough Tuesday and was admitted to nearby Patrick Air Force Base hospital. Dr. John T. Teegan, a space agency physician, diagnosed the bacterial pneumonia, but said it was not serious and that the astronaut was resting comfortably. Teegan said the recuperative period would be 10 days to two weeks and that Duke should then be ready to resume training. Donald K. Slayton, director of flight crew operations, said the Apollo 16 training was well along and the illness would not seriously affect preparations. He said the other two Apollo 16 astronauts, John W. Young and Thomas K. Mattingly n, would work their schedule around Duke's absence. Apollo 16 is scheduled to be launched March 17. Young and Duke are to spend a record 73 hours on the moon, Meeting jointly with MIATCO will be the Midwest Association of State Departments of Agriculture, Liddy said. MIATCO is an organization of ;—..- , A „ , ,„, XI midwestern states formed to'****" ?ountry-,the.. first $2 biUlpiu increase exports of farm prod-' 5 U - S - products customer." - ucts; Liddy said Iowa invited its 11 sister states to hold the MIATCO midsummer meeting at Lake Okoboji because "Iowa is proud of its agricultural know-how and the state's heritage of agriculture makes it a natural host." LIMA, Peru (AP) - A 17- year-old girl survived an airliner crash in the Peruvian jungle on Christmas Eve, wandered for days in the tropical rain forest, swam across flooded areas and waded through swamps, then built a raft that carried her to a woodcutters' camp. Juliane Koepcke, the daughter of two noted German-born ornithologists, was brought to the jungle colony of Tournavista Tuesday by two woodcutters who found her semiconscious, floating down the Pachitea River aboard the log and vine raft. From there she was flown to a U.S. missionary center at Pucallpa, 500 miles northeast of Lima, and reunited with her father. Her mother is missing in the crash. Juliane's father, Dr. Hans Koepcke, and her mother had lived in Peru for more than 20 years and were the leading authorities on Peruvian birds. The girl was reported suffering from hunger, exhaustion, cuts and bruises, but she seemed to be in fair shape. She had made many trips in the jungle with her parents, and the couple she lived with while attending high school in Lima. So far she is the only survivor of 92 persons who were aboard an Electra turboprop that crashed 12 days ago on a flight from Lima to Pucallpa and Iquitos. Aerial and ground searchers redoubled their efforts today, seeking the wreckage, but officials said there was no indication the girl saw any other survivors. The plane was operated by a Peruvian airline, Lineas Aereas Nacionales, and five U.S. citizens from the missionary center at Pucallpa were among the passengers. Amanda de Pina, a nurse at a medical post in Tournavista, said Juliane had only a partial memory of the crash and her harrowing 10-day trek through the jungle. She remembered looking out the window and seeing an engine afire, then the airliner lurched and she suddenly found herself flying through the air. The next thing the girl remembered, the nurse said, was waking up amid the wreckage, still strapped to her seat and covered by. the bodies of three or four other passengers. Freeing herself from the seat and bodies, the terrified girl ran from the scene, stopping only to pick up a Christmas cake which she had been bringing to her father. Suffering from a number of cuts, the girl walked for several days following a stream, sometimes swimming across flooded areas and wading through swamps. The cake lasted three days. After that Juliane ate nothing, the nurse said. Finally she arrived at the Pachitea River, a tributary of the Amazon. There the young survivor built a crude raft of logs tied together with vines and launched it into the current. It was not immediately known how many days Juliane spent aboard the raft, but the woodcutters— Amado Pereyra and Marcio Ribera— reported that she was scarcely able to identify herself when she reached their camp Monday. SfiM PACIFIC® 50% F0RTREL 50% COTTON PERCALE NO-IRON SHEETS! i Lovely new multi-print floral pattern 3.99 Twin Flat or Bottom Contour® 4.99 Full Flat or Bottom Contour® 2 FOR *5. 2 WR *6. 42" x 36" Pillow Cases 60" WIDE NINON Dacron® Polyester PANELS 81" or 63" Length 2.99 and 3.19 Values 2.50 pair $ 2. Lovely tailored panels — in soft white to coordinate with almost any color scheme. They'll be crisp ond fresh for years to come. They have a deep 5" hem and are ready to hang. John Wayne Tops Liddy said Iowa farm exports last year totaled $592 million, making it a close second to Illinois among the 50 states in farm commodities marketed abroad. Gail Danilson, director of the Iowa Department of Agricul- NEW YORK (AP) - John Wayne has been chosen the No. 1 boxoffice star of 1971 in a mail poll conducted by Motion Picture Herald, a movie industry trade publication. The survey asks theater owners to list 10 top money-making stars for the year. 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