Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 13, 1969 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1969
Page 9
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OuManding young UR pianist IS so/o/s/ in orchestra concert The Umvetsity-Coffliiunity:bo«s bom individiul pcribrm Smiteay Orefaestra's coi»cert;er» in eadt of tbese icctkns at POdlMMed from Jimiaxy 2S be- the end of the tnrk - a favor caoK of tbe aaathUnd floodslite witb ooocert andieaeet. •ju pKaeated last ereaios in Last eveninc k vas the wood- Menotial chapel oo tbe Univer -iwiads. bonis and braases that Btr «f Sediands campus. Istarred. Tbe ezceOeat sMag ae- tt was a mcram wUcb shouldiiecBoo ^ *» ofl-olcbt. althwih bave had appeal for mtuic-lov-|its inster was not oitirdjr mln- cn and iocloded a fine youBcinc Actnal]>-. it excelled in tbe piano soloisL Instead, tbe baD (bird movemeot of the Bectbo- w leas than ooe-tbird filled. ^ Symphony No. 5 with its hanlljr aa audience to io^ire mysterious prabioQ faintiaf of players wbo have devo:ed grandeur to follow. It was maay rehearsal boun fa prepa- " exciUng eoospiracy of bMsec. ratioo. cellos, violas aad violins. Borodin. Franck and Beetbo- Els «*er* ^,J!^ ven wete the composers whose occasional faulty mtoaabons «-oits were programmed fa that * "1 prematire entrances order. Bdwanl C. Tritt. tbe or- »™? .l"^"^"^' rbestra -s founder and director. « "*J*U' on the podium and VS. sen- P<«^ers. resul^ from tbe ior piano major. Marjoiie Poe. two -week postpone- uho bad been selecled by the « school of muac faculty as the concept as a whole could year's most outstandfag stBior'*?'^^i*>f^^^^^^^ performer, was the soloist roicwT)rk which would be w^ •n. • - • J worth a repeat m the near fti- Tbe young pamst jomed the f„ a targer audience, o-chestra to play tbe Sympbon- ^ JUOICOCC ic VariaUons by Cesar Franck. _„ , , , Her pUying was beautifully con- Elks lodge to have trolled and produced passages of •49er$' nighf Friday poetic expression. Tbe melodic ' and rhythmic exchanges fa the Rcdlands Emblem club will prorjression of the variations scr>e "Sloppj' Joes" after tbe were accomplished wiih discrim- H£pp>' Hour at the Elks chib ination and the work fbwcd tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. They will from introduction to finale with continue to sene throughout tbe fluid, expressive lines. Miss e\«ung which will be a "49ers" Poe's performance was com- nighs affair. Members and mendable in many details and friends are all welcome. she proved worthy of the hon- ' or of her selection for Uiis par- AAUW bridge group : titular role. . x »j j Dr. TViU opened the program Monday with Borodfa's exotic "On the AAfW Bridge Section A will Steppes of Central Asia." the meet Mooday at 7:30 p.m. at; composer's miniature master- the home of Miss Ada K. Dietz.: piece. Handling of melodic 12323 Fremont, Yucaipa. Beser-j blends of woodwinds and boms rations arc due by 6 p.m. Sun-j fa particular called for solo day. | ffliiy JOSEPHINE SBAV Redlands Oaify Focb Thursday, Fab. 13, 19aV • f Doris Weitorberg starts term as noble grand of Yucaipa Rebekahs ! Slvcr Leaf Rebrioii fadge ofjcofar bearer; Emma Smith and; ! Upland provided the installingi Vera Robertson, right and lefti team for Yucaipa iodse oCBcers supporter to tbe oobie grand:! i at recent open taataOatfan fa the'Ven Pope and Lilly Morris.! Yucaipa lOOF ball. June Reitz, right and left supporter to tbe district (74) deputy presideot. lice grand: Gladdts Holt and assisted by Irene Washburn, dep-1 Peggy Bastes, inside and out- uty marshal, and staff coo-:side guardians, ducted the ceremonies. | Jessie Guroey and EBen Md- Installed were Effie CUeneross.j vin. altar bearers: Uarjorie La- jiaior past noble grand: Doris sater. Lulu Minor, Lois Nelson Westetterg. noble grand: Loutte and Freda Scfaim. banner bear- Burget, vice graoil; Vkla Had- ers; Mary Weddfag, Alice Pro- dock, recording secretary: z^er, Tbelma Lawrence, Deana Grace Hatula, financial secre-. Fleming. Margaret Reid. Gdene jtaiy: Jessie Woodruft, treasur- Tucker. courtesy officers: ler: Beinice Berkley, warden; Emma Smith, drill captam. Ef- if iv ii 'Zanabel Browne, conductor. ifie Glencross and Lulu Minor. Vflll IJPP VPPIl. IsabelWilson. chaplafa: Peariipress. fQIIUCI TCCII, Gail, musician: Esther Stewart. Pcg?>- Eastes. sunshine: Marj- Wedding. Louise Burget. Doris Westerberg. Mabel Cedejren visiting: irma Powers. Rose fO DC IR JUnC Panhellenic program is on spring decor CAROLYN ANNE PATCH Patch wedding Grub. Mable Cedegren. Irene Harduick, Lucy Warren. Bur-^ dctU Cbe. Anna Tygart, Myrtle' June 8th is the date selected Hightower. pro terns. w-edding by Carolyn Frerta Sehim fjii-v w,,^»n T^tch and Stanley Dale ••Sprfag Decorations." a talk w &e £fi. ^'^ "f ««"«"<'^y Mrs. Don Otis to tbe Red- G\^o^^^' J ^^l ''"P^''^ "> ^ solemnized fa the lands Area PanheUenic was en- Gw^?^m^mV7^mmi^ 'Chino Valley Reformed church. S^™rn ^Ml °?^i^- Caro'yn « ^he daughter of "pafcrofRSf stop. Emma Snutt, good fellow- EUzabeU, Crawfort of San thusiastically receiv-ed Tuesday jcvenfag at the regular meeting. Kliere many sanqdes were displayed. ^n'S^K^'^'^'r!^ ^wi^iPl B«nuce Beridey. Heart Beraanlmo and is now emptoyed TALL GIRLS PETITE FEMININE DRESS HEaS Qualify JACK ROGERS fashions Mary McCalls SNOCF/UMONS »:Jt «• 5:30 Man. Hirw Sat. 4 W. Citrus. Rcdlands VALENTINE MODELS — Among models for the fashion show to be put on Sunday at the Mother-Daughter tea sponsored b.v the Catholic Youth Organization of Sacred Heart church are, seated, Gail Jacinto, and standing from left, Cindy Grigsby. Cathy Wood. Qndi Bcrlingeri and Michelle Castanedo. Other CYO members modeling fashions from Maggi's will be Adrienne Adams, Johanna McCormick. Pattie and Susie Ohlund. The tea. which is open to the public, will start at 3 p. m. in the school hall, 21.5 South Eureka street. Allison Fish will supeivLse the hall decoration in the Valentine motif and Peggy Whalen is refreshments chairman. Arrangements for the affair have been made by Michelle Gi^ace and her committee. (Facts photo) recenUy by the first president and founder of the local Pan­ hellenic group. Kitty Peelfag. was announced as now available. Hostess for the evenfag was Mrs. George E. Meier, assisted by Mrs. Fern Dwight and .Mrs. i Phillip B. CampbeU. Other members present were: Mmes. C£?-James H. Moore. Ralph B. JA /fl/JV Mitchell. Don J. Daniels. Em Mrs. Hitt says 'a good womon is hard to find' County Rebekah lodges to work for Heart Fund .iiucneu. uon J . uameis. cm- • est H. Stockton. ElUworth E. SUSpeCT JliUcr. ,. Vernon E. Murdock. AmoW;SK/p$ f^"^ by Fridcn. Inc. fa San Bernar- Yucaipa Rebdcahs will have a dino. She is a 1966 graduate of potluck dinner Saturday at 6. Pacific high school and a 1967 p.m. in tbe lOOF hall and prac-i graduate of Skadron College of tice for newly elected officers Busfaess. will begfa at 3 p.m. Simday, also Her fiance is the son of John fa the hall. Van Der Veen. 11129 Iowa .street, and the late Jlrs. Van Der Veen. His grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Hans Van Der \'een. 63 San Gorgonio drive, and .Mr. and Mrs. Jake Van iBoogher. Leonard Keith, Wil-; tiam E. White, David J. Bun- PHILADELPHIA ndl, Vance Taylor. William K. lice today sought Fawcett, Stanley P. ViU. Wil- suspect wiUi skinny wrists and liam B. Adams Jr. hands. Hattem of Iowa. Stanley, now employed by Brookside and Van tJffelen's 1 1 mil Dn- dairies in Redlands. graduated in 1966 from Eisenhott-er high school fa Rialto. He majored fa business ad- WASHINGTON (UPI)—Pres-'aooointcd by Nixon said the _ . Mmes. Ted D. Frost. Jesse F. Laur<m«. Ran<»ninh — mfaistration at Skadron CoOege ident NWS i ^.^^S ^t ^cos^M^^^^^^ Lodges Uirougbout Van Wickd, Don J. Paul.iarifstT^J'^'^^^''^- -(^^^^^ appomtee has defended her either finding a woman willing S^"", Bc™rdmo County tfas Gwrgc W. Paul Robert S. Hat- rfay and ha^cuffTto Jt^"^ ^^"""^ ^ boss-s apparent slowness fa to come to Washinston and ^'I^^ 'PI*'" "^.'h™ !» Frank P. PoUncr, W^^^^ anteroom at narcotics — namfag more women to federal transport her husband and r ^^V''^,'""";^ ""^^ ^W^- ^^^^ „-..K ^ «l"atl headquarters pcndins Pnnce tO COmpttV jobs. She says "a good woman chUdren with her or findfag a "le I cart Fund campaign dur-l Gilbert B. Becker. Richard C.iquestionfag. ' LONDOV nrPiJZi • • • • —ms Fcbniar.v. Ohvcr; and guests. Mmes. Cal- „„ ..^'^ . . ^ . • LONDON (UPi)_pnnce JU- Direciing the Rebekahs' acti- vfa J. Loos. A. Gar>- Anderson. „.."! 'V^ missms an hour lalcr chad of Kent, the first British • • •••=••:—"—t-D.... m.!.. ^hPn detectives got aroimd to prince to visit a Communist "is hard to find." qualified .single woman. Mrs. Patricia a^^i ^^V „^°?T"vfvJ° hLs "'^Lws vi^o^Z'' M^ch ^ii ^a^'is J. WjUiam Gonlon LeBoy Whit- jj^;;,;- jj;;^^^^^^^^ r :,c «fa silTeaK. Tdt'bTcar secreUry m the Department of ^'^"'^Mrs. Robert S. Farran of Foo- ^. John J. Smythe: and the^„ handcuffs and for Romania today to compete Health. Education and Welfare, conference last week, she >aid,^^^- Misses Jane Meier. Lois C.^^^ in a bobsled meeL menL Mrs. told a news conference Wednes- "I don't think women have been ^ZT'c^.J^.^n,'-. ' day she is certafa Nixon has sUghtod. He ha.snt been man- The 19G9 heart cnisadc is the -Moore ana bandy Otis. been tiyfag "veiy haitl" to get guratcd a month yet. Give him consecutive year the Rebek-| women to come into govern-'a chance." shs have played a promfaent ' Mrs. Hitt said Nixon has four role in tlic February fund-rais- Hitt, the first female Homcn in mind for various i'ng drives in San Bernardino departments presently. She County and Uiroughout the state. refused to name Uiem. > .As in the past, they will agafaj utKi-i'm \t;^ mon She saM her short time fa be as.sistcd by Uicir affiUatedj. i « J£l „, government had convinced her lodges of the Independent Order' ruT r^^V lit was much more difficult to of Odd Fcltows. !Stln»sHpv^n ^L.^^. I get competent women to fill' Among activities planned by iJ^^J HOUSTON fUPI)-^ Chrysler'federal jobs, because few the Rebekahs wiU he assisting J ^'b ^^^U^ Maw' No bunny for Andy Automobile name mix-up official said this week a' women haVe Uie background or in the Heart Sunday door-to- Cmevnlet dealer named FordiUie interest required. door had won top award in the auto industry's hi^way safety committee dealer program. Bj-ron J. Nichols. Chrjslcr Corp. Vice Presklcnt. announced at the .National Auto Dealers convention that Gene campaign, conducting Schuster, the father of several Drips into big bill Heart Fund benefits, dislribut -i children, turned down the date ing posters and coin contamers.i but accepted the subscription hclpin? in the mail campaign. ^—— donating trcasur>' gifts for the Heart A.ssociaUon and opening lodges as collection centers for 1 i MEXICAN iAN AND AMERICAN FOOD' ^ f' EVERYDAY IS VALENTINES DAY WHEN YOU DINE AT LA HACIENDA LUNCH OR DINNER PhwM 7T3-5fl5 Rtdlands 1570 No. Cfan«a winner. _ _ C1.NC1.\N.\TI (tPl) - Mrs. ihc"drivc Ford. owTier of Frontier Chcvro- Thomai McGoy got her quarter- Throu-hout the vcars the Re­ let Co.. Fresno. Calif., was Uie ly ci;y water bill and Wanchcd. tekahs and lOOF have helped Tbe total was S175.i5. raise thousands of dollars for the^ She complafacd and city fight arainst heart disease andj I manager Richard Krabach sent the lodges have won Heart as-j I out an fax-estigating team which sociatinn scr\ice awards eachj , discotwd a leaky pipe beneath campaign for their dedication to) jher basement floor. the hcalUi and welfare of their , Krabach ordered the water- communities. j works department to adjust the; I bill, saying tfaere was no way Fascfaating items are for salt ^nnClff Only Two Days Left! ALWAYS FIRST PORTRAITS BY In Mir ttan ... Thm THE nXY MOTOGIUPHBt'S HOURS: TUK., FB. 11. 9:30 to SM WID, fH. M..9M1m5M THURS., FfB. n.9-J0 ta S-JO FW, FH. U 9M l> 5M SAT, fM. IJ ..?:M to *M

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