Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 6, 1952 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1952
Page 15
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1952 FIFTEEN Nudist Colony Plans "Tour" vrrTOBTA * VICTORIA, B. ) —For SI. U. S. Soil Could Sustain Billion TRENTON, N. J.. i^;—New Jersey farmers were told recently at a farm meeting that the soil of the United a visitor will be able to take a i states ls capa bi e O f producing-iood conducted tour of Vancouver's nud- j n abundance" for one billion per- ist colony this summer. The society has the objective ofj providing "a -private and secluded j^JJ^, d ^ actua i production location for recreation and the prac-1J , h Iood tlce of sunbathtag/- Under the title,* le wou , d be v of Van Tan Club the society was, ° sa id land would have to recently incorporated, the first such _ d , ^ rrom the sea> watcr f 0r sons. Or. Firman E Bear chairman ol University Soils De- Radio Programs Th» programs listed below are nipplied by th» local radio et»tlon«. which «r« responsible for their accuracy. Thl« »pac« U provided without chargo by tn» TUBM as a service to listeners. WEDNESDAY, FtBRCAtty 6, IBM TODAY PJtt. 4:CO 4:15 4:30 1:45 organization in British Columbia. The published ruies say a visitor May tour the camp for $1 as long as he Is accompanied by a member "who will be responsible for his conduct." A camp hostess will welcome visitors and make introduc- irrlgation distilled from the ocean, floods brought under complete control and every acre of land conserved. The soils specialist said that at the present time there are only about 12 acres of land for each per- tions. No photographs may be taken i Mn Jn the United states and over without consent of the subject. ha[f Qf thls is swamp _ des ert, moun- Membership fees are $12 for single men, $6 for single women. Television Summary 7:30—Name's ti« Sarna—abo • lOO—Katft Smith Hr.—nbo Godfrey Hour—cba Paul Dixon Show—abc 1:00—TV Theater—nbc Strike It Rich—cb» Jury Trials—DuMont i:30—The Web, Drama^- cbg Newsstand Theater—abo 10:00—Pantomime Quiz—nbo Boxing Bouts—cbs Drama Hour—abo 10:30—TV Recital Hal!—nbo tain and lake. 'Virgin fertility of the soil has been largely exhausted," Bear said, 'and we are no longer satisfied with the yields that unaided nature can provide." 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 WTBO 1150 KG Bacfcitage Wile (NBC) Stella Dallas (NBC) Young Wldder Brown Woman In Hous« Plva O'clock Show Mews wills Creek Hoedown 6:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 i Van Roby Sport? ' Newi Dick Hymes Show Play Radio 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 till Five Little Slams ROSETOWN, Sask. (£>) —Bidding and making a little slam at bridge isn't unusual. But Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cracknell bid and made five little slams in a row at a bridge tournament here. LITTLE fNJOV THIS TASTY CHEWW6 TREAT Businessmen used to be interested in onything that was profitable. Now they are interested in onything that's deductible. BULLETIN! Potomac Valley Television has started to extend its television cable to the heart of Cumberland. By February 15, the company hopes to have the cable at Frederick and Decatur Streets. When the coaxial cable reaches Frederick St., the number of applicants applying for service will determine the direction of the cable from there. Don't be disappointed . . . apply for television service now. Phone us for details. POTOMAC VALLEY TELEVISION 100 S. Liberty St. Phone 4908 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 1:00 ,1:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 Richard Harkness (NBC) David Ro» Shaw World NSWJ (NBC) One Man's Pa'lly (NBC) Halh Of Ivy (NBC) Great Glldersle«ve NBC Groucho Man (NBO The Big Story (NBC) Barry Craig (NBC) Robert Montgomery Meredith Wilson (NBC) News News of World (NBC) Hotel Orchestra (NBC) News—Sign Off The Chicagoans (CBS) The Brighter Day (CBS) Treasury Bandstand Artistry In Mltsld Kom Kobblers Country Music Time News Sports Roundup Old Timers' Club You and World Jack Smith (CBS) Errand ol Mercy Edward Murrow (CBS) Music by Both Dr. Christian (CBS) Bed Slcelton Show (CBS) Bing Crosby (CBS) IBC Boxing (CBS) Henry Jerome Band CB8 News & Analysis (CBS) Norman Lee Band (CBS) Weather; Sign OK Valiant Lady (ABC) Thy Neighbor* Voice Muggsy's Movie Matinee Big Jon and Sparicy Mark Trail (ABC) Tom Corb't. Space Cadet Cecil Brown (MBS) Local, National News Sports Roundup Dinner Date Story Time pulton Lewis (MBS) I Love A Mystery The Lon« Ranger (ABC) Mystery Theatre ABC The Top Guy (ABC) Theatre of Air (MBS) Newt; Out o_f Thunder Family Theatre (MBS) Rouge's Gallery (ABC) Prank Edwards (MBS) Moonlight Reveries LI'L ABNER By Af Capp Reveries; 1. Sign Oil AJVL TOMORROW 6:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 News; Mike Hurst Show 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:45 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 lliOO 11:15 11:30 11:45^ Noon 12:15 12:30 12:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:45 3:00 3:15 or-s 3:45 :29 Sign On Sundial World News Koundup Mike Hurst Show Morning Meditation! World News (CBS) Sundial CoHee Time Merry Go Bound Helen The Homemaker W'lo'mo Traveler! (NBC) Double or Nothing ikers Rich Kings Row (NBC) Dave Garroway (NBC) Music &t Mid-Day Mid-Day News Bandstand Play Radio Kate Smith News (NBC) Lorenzo Jones (NBC) Ralph Edwards Show Afternoon Matlnei Life C'n Be B'Ufl (NBC) Road of Life (NBC) Pepper Young (NBC) Right to Hap'nes* (NBC) AM With .JM News Of America (CBS) Friendship Hour Morning Melodlei Arthur Godfrey (CBS) Jimmy Carroll Rosemary (CBS) Noon News Roundup Perry Mason (CBSi Helen Trent (CBS) Our Gal Sunday (CBS) Big Sister (CBS) Ma Perkins (CBS) Susan Smith Time Guiding Light (CBS) News; Melody Ballroom Houseparty; Adams This I Believe Martin Agronsky AM with JM Breakfast Club (ABC) My True Story; Newi Marriage for Two (ABC) Against the Storm ABC Lone Journey When Girl Marrlei Break The Bank Curt Massey (MBS) Capitol Commentary Jack Berch Show (ABC) Grandstand Bandstand Paul Harvey (ABC) Ted Malone (ABC) Queen For A Day (MBS! Ladles Fair; Newi Take A Number (MBS: Poole's Paradise; News Joyce Jordan, M. D. ABC Evelyn winters (ABC) Astaire To Appear With Bing (By The Associated Presst On the air tonight: NBC—8 Halls of Ivy; 8:30 Great Glldersleeve; 9 Groucho Marx Quiz; 9:30 Big Story; 10 Barrie Craig; 10:35 Meredith Willson. CBS—8 Big Town; 8:30 Dr. Christian; 9 Red Skeleton; 9:30 Fred Astaire with Bing Crosby. ABC—8 Mystery Theater "Silver Mouse"; 8:30 Top Guy; 9 Rouge's Gallery; 9:30 Mr. President; 10:30 Dance Music. MBS — 8 Musical Comedy Hour; 9:05 Out Of The Thundred; 9:30 Family Theater. Television: NBC-r8 Kate Smith; 9 TV Theater; 10 Patomime Quiz; 10:30 TV Recital Hall . . . CBS—8 Godfrey; 9 Strike It Rich; 9:30 The Web. ABC—7:30 Names The panel; 8 Paul Dixon Hour; 9 Rug- bies Film; 9:30 Newsstand Theater 10 Veronica Lake In "Brief Mo ment"; ... Dumonfc—9 Jury Trials. Gaudy Throne The grandfather of Peter the Great had a throne set with 8,00( turquoises, 1,500 rubies, four grea amethysts, and two laJ-ge topazes according to the Encyclopedia Bri tannlca. Higher Than Niagara Southeastern Venezuela's Ange Falls drops more than 5,500 feet in a single, unbroken sheet of water These falls are nearly 33 times a Same high as Niagara Falls. VIC FLINT By Michael O'Malley 'lrTHATVVOMAM IN FKOWT OF US HAVE NO OME IN THE. Sox VET./ POYOU SLFPDSE... ALLEY OOP By V. T, Hamlin MOO? rVE NEVER \ OH,NO.""UG" !S HEARD OF IT...DO IIMDIANTAJ-K... MOOVIANS AJLL /OOP TALKUM TALK WITH., f<50UAW...UOTS «-" OF US.' "OOP TALKUM \OOR..THAT'SME! SQUAW?" WHAT'S) YOU, INDIAN THAT MEAN? yGIRU...SQUAW.' US.'MENO8QUAW/ ME....OH,STOPIT J VOU BIG APE, NOW YOU'VE I GOT ME DOING IT/ I'LL HAVE VOU KNOW/POWHATAN, I'M A PRINCESS, DAUGHTER OF \ IVE NEVER POWHATAN, CHIEFV HEARD OF THE AU3ONKIN 1 OF 'IM.' /" OOMFECNERACY' CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner VB5. WHV DIDN'T VOt! HPWB HINV AEEESTEP, EASY? JUDAS, WHAT A NARROW THMM^HIS FACE SGUEAKl IP I HADN'T HAD ( SEEMS VAGUELV FBI CREDENTIALS—:^ FA.WIUAR.... WELL, THEV CAWT 5TAY GLUED TO THW CMS. VIOLATED NO LWW X WEU.IHAD &Y WERELV FOLLO'AliUQ \ THOUGHT L~ U5. BV THE WAV, 3WOET. BUT HOW'D DO YOU PLAW TO-UH-MEET/VOU KMOW ? ^^1VO^IE ON THIS TRIP? 7THWfe W* LIT- SECREt! 'i &EE. WEU,LET'S \$AV! NOW I KNOW WHERE DRIVE OM...IW WOr WE 5/V.W THW MAN BEFORE! HUUGR.Y ANY MORE.yHE'S THE ONE I NOTICED EVE- ^•m ME AT THAT FILLING STATION IM JAONTERREV- PRISCILLA'S POP Tint. T. M. B«t. J. S. Pa. Q<l^ By Al Vermeer I'M ANGRY WITH YOU' f VOL) WEMT TO WORK I THIS MORNING AND \ FOR SOT TO K!SS ME GOODBYE! WHAT A PITY! AND I WAS JUST GO\NG TO INVITE YOU • ,TO A MOVIE! ,/ / fefT^-S^/ '^ VOKUM/^-HEP.E'SVOOR M£W /; ; ,^g LAfiORATORV, WHERE "YOU <i(^.^1 VASSUH, CAM WHIP UP THAT PERFUME 1 -^'Y MlSTAH THAT NO GIRL CAN] ppftisr- J— . r FATBACK- BECAUSE IT SMELLS LIKE MONCV/:'' 1L NICE LAD.'J'-ArrER I MAKE MV FIRST TEN MILLION, " RAISE HIS SALARV, TO A WEEK.T- NO-TMAT'i UNLUCKV.T'-rLL MAKE IT &I2..75. RUSTY RILEY By Frank Godwin I'M SLAP, PAAL/THAT YOU LL JOIN us IN BREAKING UP THIS HORSE-WDNAPlNS PACKET.. BY THE WAV, I'D UKE MEET" INSPECTOR DIX . 6LAP TO KNOW VOU, DIXON. TME RANSOM FOE THE eSTUKN OF'SLUE eFAS WILL BE PASSED IN THIS STATION IN THE NEXT FEW MINUTES. I KNOW WHO'S GOIN<5 TO 6ET IT/ c Rimes SYCTKATt IK. »OtIJ »ICH« TOCIVIP. THE MOZE ASSISTANCE WE 6ET IN THIS MATTE!?, MR. FAYAL,TWE BETTER., WELL,ITS NEARLY SIX..WHY PONT • YOU "AVO ANP RUSTY WALK NEXT . TO THE AMBASSADOR WHEN H£ STAfTTS FOR THE. STEVE CANYON By Milton Cani/t STSVS, rrs NICE OF you TO Be CONCERNS? ABOUT urrrue OLEV AND ME, R)T WE'LL <5ET ALON6... I'VE WOEffiD EVER SINCE OLEV WAS KILL£D...I'VE NEVER HAP A DOLLAR LEFT AT THE END OF THE W££tC, X7 BUT THE BAB/ANP I H NBVEE MISSED A MEAL! Vt3U'KE A \ ARE SO MANY W1POW5 PRAVE J *0 MUCH WOESE OPP KIP, \ THAN JAM—YOU • SUMMER \) MUSTN'T MAKE AAE A MARTYR! yODU.HA)iffi ME SEUEVIMS T. NEEP RIP KIRBY By Alex Raymond WAIT/ DON'T BE A FOOL.' N THERE'S BIG MONEY IN IT/ YOU CAN NAME VDUR OWN PeiCE...ANOI SAID IT WAS w _ LEGITIMATE/ R '! GOOD NIGHT; I CAN'T SAY IT WAS NICE SEEINS YOU AGAIN COP*. IW. K!*G nCATTiHIS ByHnlEATr. IB*, wo 50RRY...YOUU HAVE/ WELL, IF IT'S GOTTA BE THIS TO GET YOURSELF/ VW, IT'5 SOTTA/^ ANOTHER BOY/X SIT DOWN, ',. AN' LISTEN.' J £ r\\'n. ~ Cr\S IT'S ABOUT MY DAUGHTER AN ANSEL.' I CAN'T HELPHEE BUT YOU CM AND I'M NOT TAKIN' NO TOR AN ANSWER.' BUGS BUNNY (2OOM. GET AN' KU5TL.E THEM WITH A, PRIVATE •HOWKR / LETT ME KNOW ] IF THERE'£ J BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin Copr. 19S2 by MEA S^nrtc^, lr>c- T. M. R*fl. U. ». PKt. Oft TIM TYLER'S LUCK By Lyman Young LITTU HITCH MAKETMS ROUNPS I'LL MEMORIZE THIS ANC 8UEM "WE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS *fuNefl.ND HILDA. HAVe MADE VANDYKE A CAPe AND AK£ HOLDING- A DEDfCATOH By Merrill Blaster MOW ABOUT A PICTURE FDR ) , THE WADYSIDE BUGLF? ' bURE -' SoTMATB WHO THEY DOESMT SHAPE MYRTLE By Dudley Fisher •s -- S 1-0-35 IT'S M C'-s 0 5 T -<3 ik -C£ --<•= AW WALLET, 2S *z A PAL

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