Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 13, 1969 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1969
Page 8
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Redlands Daily Foch | 8 - Thursday, Feb. 13, 1969' Book Fair at Loma Linda | to be Sunday Tbe Book Fair, sponsored by the Woman's Auxiliary to the Loma Unda University Scfaoid of Medicine Alumni Association,' will be held Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Gentry Gymnasium, Loma Unda. Many nsied authors uill be on band to discuss their books and> answer questions. Alonzo L. Baker, PhD., professor of pditical; science at tbe university, and} author of several books, will bej the emcee. Present will be such authors' as Randall Henderson, past edi-j tor of Desert Magazine; Irving. Sussman. author of '•This Train is Bound for Glor>':" Jonreed Laurilzen «1io has written many; award winning Indian stories;', Leo Politi. author of ••Pedro, the Angel of Qlvera Street;" and Edward Radlauer, who has written many books about indoor and outdoor sports. Also appearing at the Book' Fair will be Rutherford Mont-j ?omcrj- who spent four weeks :.s a Ciir'l of Ihe Slrclcsic .^r Command saihering material for his books. Anyone interested in books is invited to attend the Book Fair. JOSEPHINE BEAV Editor Pallufh lecture draws crowd fo Lyon Gallery By RHEA 0. APPLEWHITE Who Km 9 bMhdat FEBRUARY 14 - Liwrcnct Callaghtr Cliffevri Boyd L*rry Larson toward Lake Jack Dutcher W. S. Jackson Lennie Melashanke Virgil Byrd Homer Brown Kenneth Hell Joe Eichinger Alfred Armenrarit Jack Benny Clinton Blakely Dan De Greet David R. Lewis Francis Livengood Nirman Dalc^ Lew William Nilterheuse Marcos Rameriz, Jr. J«rry Roberts R<<--h»rd Sherman Carles St-isler H«rsehel Po«»»rs riirenee Wilshire HMIwig w.tii. swemera Bill Bailey Happy Birthday from 11 E. State Ph. 7»3-lS«5 Mrs. Harrison fo celebrate at theatre party New officers for Redlands Day Nursery board begin terms A ing OUve (Mrs. H. F.) Hanisoo , , . ji^^^,^ u ^.n*, of the Wissahicbm Inn. is cele-'^"^.'* '•'rectors of R«flaiKls festivdy «iecarated build-eral gifts, induding a piano members of the! stool tmm Mrs. Dorothy-Cope Weller and a caWe car from Esther Page. Tbe cable car was Homemaking classes tak« shopping tour Studofts from Hamemakinc 12 classes at Redands high school veot on a shopi«ig ^vee this A capacity audience in the Lyon Gallery on Monday eve^H ^Mti ^nVen^v wn^ls"^"*" ^ surprise dinner at the jvaleirtine decorations are ondis-i Nursery Education We* was'r"climJax tothet lUuth The orocram was spon-1 by * of her relatives, | piay in every room and eadi announced for March 3 through classroom buying for U Palluth. The program was spon- "J" "^^j^^ "f, "^'r!" sored by the Redlands Art As.'«^,»?*™"f "^^^ sociaUon^ as one of their lee-; ^'Jer by smg^ Happy brating her ninely-first birthdayi Day Nurs«y as they arrived for} j^^^ "Calvin Caboose" and, ^^^^ "ttey "v^ted^'various this week. On Sunday she was I tbe annual meeting Tuesday., is enjoyed by all the children. jdowTitown Redlands stores as consumer the home" teacher has a Valentine box for 9 and the public is mvited to unit autwuim OS w. u.^.. .vv . - - - heTgTOup. Parties are planned become more familiar With nur- With primary interest on tures for members and friends'^"''bday'' when she returned! for tomorrow for each group, scry programs at that Ume. items of china, crystal, glass- from church. j jfew board members and ofQ- During the meeting, special ware, stainless and sterling serv- Today, her nirtlvlav . . J J fn-t-i . ^ . __ ..t-_ t_ ^^t*^ T.......! in the community. Mr Palluth an electronics J :"^n'K ""i -rt."^^'!"" '^''^ introduced. Taking of- thanks were given to Mrs. .Ar- ice, the students visited Imperi- and balStics ^gh ^r!^^^^ Boogher outgoing presi -,al Hardware, Smith Jewdry. b «n Uitei ^ed h. uTe coUecUoS^'^.'^.'^y Mrs. Gordon Witter, dent, and Mrs. DUthey for their and tbe Hams Company where aS rStoS ol pTinto^ Hei "r ;?^,/SlL -Ji ?SL «f '''^ P^**^': Paul extra service during the recon-|local merchants greeted the .is- KVpainter and bodied e.'!^."™!?^ second xice president; struction period folhnving the j itors and ans««ed many ques- the preservatioa and repair of|'^„J'^i^Ldb ?t ^^l?f fire at the Nursery, merchandise, paintogs m onler to wt)ric onJf«*1 "„°fJ^J«^ secretary; Mrs. Donald last March. ??. u„ ^;,iher friends from the Wuisabick- gtewart, corresponding secre -j ^ coffee hour after the meet- '^„I^^M!TLi''L'^<^ and her grandson, John j Itary; Mrs. Robert Mitchdl. trea- j^g welcome the new cdlection. He was a student ofi^.^ , A,„ai,f»,. m William YeUand of the Yelland French Gallery in Orange, a noted ex-j"-^^-^^-^^S^; Harrison was escorted td tbe graphed and organized, were j^^t^and^j^.^FroncrG'^UJ her annual report, .Irs. pert on restoration. The slides. beautiftiDy photo- members and honor those who New to the board are Varaum are retu-ing this year. Mrs. aark. Clinton Cogbill and David,Boogher. Miss Olive Lawsoniy,rty Allen Tour All members of \&s. Bette Davis's Homonaking classes had vien^ several filmstrips about similar merdiaodise before making the trip. shown in grouped Rquences to illustrate what damages occur to paintings, steps taken to preserve them, various stages in intricate repair, and masteriy retouching and restoring tech and Darid Murphy. Others at the meeting were uan ana Jonn rrencn. vjuesiS|„"_ Tk:i.i..«, Air-^tr,^ nntorf uuiers ac me meeang were at the dinner mcluded Mr. andl^'^f ^^'^-^^^^^J ^'Mmes. Chester Bare, PhUip Dis- Mrs. William Gilraore. Mr. and! S^^^'^SI^iry ^/^^n^i parte. E. T. netcher, RusseU Mrs. Dan Frendi and family, John French, Blrs. Ray States and family, Mrs. Hazel Valen- HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Comedian Marty Allen has launched his second annual "Operation: Hello Dere!" entertain- niques. Mr. PaUuth concluded7»«-. EsteUe Fawcett and his fascinating talk with tips for f?.""!^- "f- and Xfrs. Frank collectors and lovers of paint-,"'SS«»s. Mr. and -Mrs- Oscar ings by .showing slides of gal- r"^*- ajw Mrs. Flo>-d Hig- Jorqenson youngsters Ier>- sources and books for col- ^ms. Mr Ed Higgms. all of .J r LJ-„' R.„ J lector?, and many paintings 0'-="?'' County, and Professor^ Chosen tOr MOnor band from his ott-n collection. and .Mrs. .Albert Johnson of Red- gusan and John Jorgenson. The audience wa..* composed Jf,.,*^ "a "gbter and son of Mr. a n d s of Ifais area-^'"^'"^'^ "'^ nonagenarian..^i^^. james R. Jorgenson. 705 ' i Hemlock court, are among 100 Mothers of Playschool *^ 1*^ 'i^iGoDdiin, Wflliam •Hartzen,iment torn- of U.S. military hos- ^^X ^co'^- f^l^"-' "^'->- ^ ^ ''^^ ""'^ tbe morning hours only. Mrs. Dilthey also told of sev of many painters whose work may be seen in the' Redlands Vine Street Gallery,' and interested collectors of this valley. Those attending the lecture also had an opportunity to view the current Ijon Art Gallery exhibit, "Touches of Elegance," which will continue through March 16, daily except Thursdays and Saturdays. O'Learys are winners of duplicate event QUEEN OF HE.\RTS — Two coed.s ffom Redlands ai-e among a.'^pifants seeking to reign as Queen of the Valentine Dance at Cal State, &in Bcinardino. Marchand Archiuletta, at Icfl, the cuf- rcnl .Miss Redlands, entered in the compeli- lion by Ihe Yount; RepulMlcans. Linda Aith, a former Winier B;ill Queen at Redlands High, fep- lesenis Ilic senior cias.>;. Student.s arc balloting this week to name ihe (jncon who v.ii! l)e crowned at the Salurc.'aj' night dance. children at coffee A morning coffee was hcM recently for the mothers of children attending the Redlands PlayschooL The group had as its speaker Harry Fitzgerald, a psychologist for the Redlands public schools, whose talk dealt with some of the educational and social aspects of society as projected into Oie 21sl century. He gave specific suggestions as' to how mothers can help equip 1 their young children for life in' a changing world. Coffee arrangements for the affair were young musicians selected from 400 auditioned to play in the .^l-Southcm California Jumor High School Honor Band this >-ear. The young people will rehearse at vaia Park Saturday and win perform at Disneyland | on Sunday and at Orange Coast College. Susan plays the flute and John the B Flat clarinet. Both are members of Alen; Ritchie's orchestra at Moorej : junior high sdiool. j Reservations due for TRW Wives luncheon OES Social club cancels luncheon Mrs. Ellswortn Stone, prcsi- Sunday is the deadline for res- dent of the Social club of Copa ervations for the TRW Wives del Oro chapter. Order of the luncheon and Interior Design Eastern Star, announced cancel- Show February 22 at Canyon ation of the luncheon originally Crest Countrj- Club in Riverside, scheduled for tomorrow at thei •'^ special invitation is extended home of .Mrs. Virginia Ho\dc bc-l'o «'"«^ not previously contact- cause of the death of Edward Mc A social hour at 11:30 will Lennan, a patt patron of Copa be followed by luncheon at 12:30. acl Oro chapter, whose funeral Mrs. Marie Peterson. 792-4317. wiU be tomorrow. .Mr. .McLcn-" taking reservations. nan was the husband of Marrj- : McLennan, a past malron of the ing as deputy grand matron of chapter, who is currcntlj' serv- the 6OU1 district. Mr. and .Mrs. Richard O'Leary were first place winners of the T ^^r eS'Tii;^^-^'^'^-^^-^ piayoa Tuesday evening at the •_ Y.MCA by <lupl'icate bridge players. .Mrs. Vic Kebcly and Frank Parry were second: Mrs. Roy, Wick .iml John Elliott, third; i Mrs. .lack Little and Lylc Ken-i ncdy. fourth: .Mrs. C. R. Keim 1 an.'l William Deckel, fiflh; Mr.' and Mrs. Joseph Ryall, sixth. A Charily Party is planned February 26. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances win find a ready market through Classified Ads. ,'WANT LOW COST .VSOFT WATER? . ; RENT A • CONDITIONER •from ^Jj^lgVlSOFT) :^0NIY$L00 per week 'Call 793-2359 Redlands 612 Texas St. W ^en the Love BH^ Bites.,.Give t()eWatcf) that Makes an\) Time... a Special Invent BulOVa from {..taint L»dv "BO^'- FSorantin* bMuty. 21 jmMH; •dioM- (blt txptmion band. S55 Fir«L»dv -V Tfuly feminin*. 17 iewvlt: slitn- lilM brKtm. $65 Firtt L»dv "G"Pratty and praciM. 17 jawali; »ll»af- tona dial. S70 Gold«n Cantannial 14 karat gold cat«. 17itwalt; silvar- ton* dial. S85 Data Kins "NQ'' Calandar watch, 17ia«vali:Bald ontilvar dial $40 Bankar"N"-17 iawali; ailvar or gilt dial: math bracalat. $65 ACCUTRON BY BULOVA Accutren "5*0-- StalnlattRaal; iwatarproof; ttaal «M,li>mif<ouidoti. S110 Acculron AftTonauI- Suinlau ttaal; >raiar- praa<: 12 and 2**out ADY 'CREDi Accumn Calandar- 18 karat aolid (Old: naiarproo4: tilvar $275 DIAMOND MERCHANTS OF AMERICA laHaJaafa 20EAST ST/ffE ST. la WaraftaWr VAIXEY PLAZA SHOP. CTX. la Oitariat flNTARlO PLAZASHOPPING era. btetamaaCaat XiCSTKET THE BIG ONE FOR ADVERTISERS if you want your store to be a leader, go to the reader . . . with the REDLANDS DAILY FACTS AND SHOPPERS' GUIDE. They're the No. I marketplace in the Redlands area . . . where everyone shops. Beats waiting, beats hoping, gets 'eon coming your way a. a fast. Number I ! !

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