Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 22, 1957 · Page 1
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 1

Cumberland, Maryland
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Wednesday, May 22, 1957
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Twisters Kill 51, Damage In Millions • —•-•• •_ _ ' ^—^, The Weather Warmer, showers toniyht. Low 55-60. Wanner, showers tomorrow, Friday, High, 68; low, 51; noon, GS. River, 4.47 jeei. Relative humidity, 85 per ecu!. VOL. LXXXVHI. —NO. 141 AWuttJ P, ea 1 PMola* CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND. WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 1957 /. tolM «™, Nw , s«,, ic . 22 Paget 6 CENTS Death Blow Again Dealt Storm Area Town (lit By Flood 10 Days Ago Razed By Terrific Winds BULLETIN TORONTO. Ont. —UN'S)— Tlie Canadian -Meteorological Rureau warned today thai a tornado might strike the Toronto area sometime between 2 p. in. and midnight tonight. ST.LOUIS net— Tornadoes struck a second death blow at Missouri yesterday in as many days b> claiming 14 more lives for a total of 51 and 270 injured. Small towns in southern and eastern Missouri were hit by 2 rash of tornadoes even as work men stitl dug in the rubble of Kan sas City suburbs where less than 24 hours before a tornado claimed 37 lives and injured 200 persons Six persons were k'illed in ;. twister which leveled Fremont, a town of 207 which only 10 days ago was hit by a flash flood. One man was killed at nearby Van Burcn and a hundred miles to Hie northeast seven more persons perished in and around Deslogc, 60 miles south of St.Louis. Hundreds Made Homeless Some 70 persons were left in jured in the wake of the deadly black funnels. Hundreds were homeless. The rapid-fire chain of tornadoes, spawned by the same sultry weather disturbances that gave birth to the year's deadliest tornado in Kansas City's outskirts at sundown Monday, struck the most vicious blow at Fremont. There a twister sheared the second floor from a two-story brick '.school and then roared'on into town. "It sounded like a jet plane as it came in from the west." Alvin Bell, one of the survivors, related, lie credited a tornado alert four hours earlier with saving al least Slash I Crews Clean IPebris Left lit/ Torntulo Volunteer workers were on the scene minutes after a tornado struck Ihc village of Monlicello Mo., late yesterday. Here they help clear the wreckage at home of Russell Bowles, which was unroofed and practically demolished. Hundreds of cars carrying volunteer workers from nearby areas were on the scene shortly after twister raked community. MP p/,oio/a/J 100 persons who storm cellars. Only seven homes al Fremont were left intact. Six business buildings and -SO homes were flattened. At Dcsloge. witnesses said residents were lucky to escape with only three dead as a twister cut a path of havoc six blocks wide. Three other persons were killed Lodge Meets Egypt Rebuff : In Suez Plan UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. UV- Tlie Suez Canal issue wsS bafK on the shelf today after an inconclusive Security Council debate touched off by France's call for new negotiations on Egypt's uni lateral operation of the waterway. The two-day discussion achieved only one concrete result—a request by Council President Henry Cabot Lodge of the United Stale took "cover in lllat E S>'P l amplify her rules running the canal. Egyptian delegate Omar Loutfi indicated he had little intention of making any such amplification. Loulfi received quick support as usual from Russian Delegate Arkady A. Sobolev, who asserted Wnrmer, Wet Weather One BALTIMORE «v_Five-day forecast: Warmer Thursday, Friday and Saturday, cooler Sunday or Monday. Scattered afternoon or evening thundershowers Thursday through Saturday. Temperatures will average 2 to 5 degrees above normal, and precipitation will total one-half to three-fourths of an inch. Normal highs are in the 70s. "£ Strike Threat Facing Haiti New Regime PORT AU PRINCE. Haiti tSW- Lodge's summary at the debate Haiti's new military regime todav Rob «rt Ferrise, 34, both of St reflected the views of individual faced a genera) strike in Port au Pa . u1 ' Minn - *l a & ei <* dayligh at a family reunion at a farm! 3 wl)olp - members and not the Council as home 15 miles northeast of there. ume 13 nines norineasi oi mere. • 0. M. McLeod. a miner of near- tlan P' n ea». «' v Flat Rivi>r who walrhcH is«. ' orlc to P rt ss by Flat River who watched the tornado hit Dcslcge, said it sound- 'ho came la New- demands for new ^w **™ u ami.™. allci "pts at a canal selllemenl cd like "a steam engine wilh more !° tt)e West's liking, told the burned - out bearings pulling a """ " I "' '" '' ' string of freight cars." The twisters did many slrangc things. At Dcsloge it picked up Bobby Ticfenauer's two- slory frame house and turned it about Council lhe debale had cleared up "important questions." Observers in Paris had fell Prc- Guy Mollet's government before setting it down 200 yards Only an hour before the storm struck, some -100 students at the Dcsloge High School had completed classes and were dismissed: The school was heavily damaged. (Continued on Page 2. Col. 5) Teenagers Riot, Krf/igs Council Curb On Dances BERNALILLO. N.M. tin - The Town Council niled last night youngsiers under 18 cannol allend was reopening the canal question in an effort to confound crilics al home of its domestic policy. If ' that was failed. by parents or guardians. The action was the result of what officers called a riot by 200 teen-agers early Sunday. Police said it look three state policemen and seven county and local o!fi- . French Foreign Minister Chris- Prince and Ihe Ihreal that the work stoppage might spread lo the rest of the turbulent Negro republic. An Army spokesman said troops would be used only if disorders developed. It remained to be seen whether 11 remained to be seen whether ;, •" •": - """• """•" "'"> ule " Haiti's politicians whose rivalryi all '? m P ted to loek Kila C-raddy for the' presidency has kept the| ana . Adam Casper, assistant bank- country in turmoil for six months, casn ' er s. m the vault. A time - ™«"an'sm on the lock foiled th . the purpose, it also Ike Gels Backed By Church Group NEW YORK (.^Leaders of the National Council of Churches praised President Eisenhower last night for "clear, forthrighl leader ship" on Ihe foreign aid issue. Police Seize Two Bandits, Recover Loot (Picture on Page 5) \V1CKL1FFE, Ky. «-Kcnluck, police officers yesterday foiled a getaway attempt of two men who had robbed a Mounds, 111, ban! ol ?44.000. The men fled across the Ohii River in a fast motorboat, bu found police waiting on the Ken tucky side. After waiving extra dition, they were returned . Murphysboro, HI., by federal off cers. Authorities said $36,819.50 wa in their possession. The gunmen, identified by slat police as Arthur Kerner, 30, an holdup at the First State Bank~o Mounds. Honor ttlind Den Mother Premier In New Crisis Mollct Quits Post After Losing Vole On Algerian Issue By JOSEPH E, DYNA.V PARIS Utt— President Rene Coty oday began the recurrent, wearisome task of looking for a new 'rench premier. The National As iembly last nigbl rejected Guy Mollet's austerity program to fi- lance the Algerian campaign, and the Socialist Premier promptly •esigned. Another long period of political nstability appeared in prospect with the likelihood that the government eventually would fall to another of the uneasy center coalitions which has ruled France most ol the time since World Var II. Visit Seen Postponed The new political crisis threatened to cancel or at least post ione Coty's official visit to the LTniied States. He is due in New York June 3. Most prominently mentioned as successors to Mollet were Pierre Pflimlin, national chairman of the eft-of-center Catholic MRP — the Popular Republican Movement — and former Premier Rene Pleven, Deader of a splinter group affil- laled with the so-called Leftist Rally. The Assembly voted 230-213 yes- lerday to reject Mollet's proposals for new taxes and cuts in the nonmilitary budget to provide more than a billion dollars for the French campaign against the Algerian nationalist rebels. Actually 298 votes — a majority of the total Assembly membership — were required to force the government's resignation on the vote of confidence. But Mollet because he had lost, conformed with tradition and took his Cabinet's resignation to Coty just he- Mrs. Donald Benedict, who lost her sight while serving in the WAC, is honored as "Den Mother of the Year" in San Francisco area. Cub Scout George Wade, 12. presents flowers as "Mr. Hale." her guide dog, takes it in stride. (Ap Pkotolox) Demands For Slash In Foreign Aid Rise WASHINGTON—«s—Demands for big cuts in foreign aid spend persisted in Congress today despite President Eisenhower' charge that economy advocates are gambling blindly and recklessly along a road Jo free world "disaster." u The President stripped oft the velvet gloves last night in a nationwide television - radio ap peal for support of the adminis to fore midnight. Sets Postwar Record The Socialist premier resigned after 15 months in office, a post- recovered from two paper sacks war record for France. For months he had stayed in power because of the "benevolent neutrality" of the conservative Independents. Although they opposed Socialist domestic policy they supported Mollefs tough policy against Egypt in the Suez Can- They fled in a SlOO automobile a ' dispute and against the rebels they had purchased Monday in '" Algeria. Accordingly they abstained on many crucial votes, reducing the size of the majority country in turmoil for six months, could again paralyze the country. Business establishments and lhe posl office closed down in Port au Prince yesterday shortly after the army chief. Brig. Gen. Leon Cantavc, 46, dissolved the Executive Council which had incurred growing opposition ever since leading presidential candidates chose it April 3 to rule the coun- y. Acting with the solid support of his army officers, Canlave declared the military' was taking t am issue control lo prevent anarchy and A telegram sent to the While ceon °'n ic ruin. He pledged lhat House by the leaders just after the the arm - v would S(C P oul as s °on "--••-•• - as a provisional president is selected. Cairo. 111., and left it at the whar where they had tied their boat. = „ ,..„.,„„,, They cleaned the bank's vault S'ollet needed to turn back his !xcept for a lone dollar bill, then more determined opponents ... ^ ,_ ._. „ .. In the final debate Mollefs followers again sought refuge in the international situation with appeals for support in Algeria and by reopening the Suez Canal dispute before the U. N. Security Council. This time the maneuver failed. President's radio and television address to the nation said in part: "We hope your leadership will youngsiers unaer is cannot attend . " F *"'" "••""•"""p »«i public dances unless accompanied bnng favorable active support K.. .....-.*..>.• «..__j: amonc rhnrrli nonnlp IVi** <"v*n_ among church people, the Conand the citizens of our cers lo quiet them. The Council also advanced a Truck Driver Killed BALTIMORE <-T> — William E. Allison, 23. of Whilcford, Md., was killed Inday when his truck Beck Would Gel Salary Even If He's Ousted WASHINGTON (.TV-Dave Beck, when and if ousted as Teamsters will draw his $50,000 annual salary. John F. English, Teamsters gen- ...^ x, vu ,».,> C...-V. CI.JKIJH.VU rtjMUL'u icxjay wncn nis truck Jonn r. tngnsn, leamsters gen- gcncrally unobserved curfew fromjcrashed into the rear of anoVher °ral secrelary-treasurcr now seek- 10 n.m. tft 9 n.m. anH <Htd if w:»titn»ril- r-fr.nnnr1 /«- — *_~(V.'_ _: iiinn !>Asil-'c r.,.f4r.- ™-.'J n»-«- :_ JO p.m. to 9 p.m. and said it wasjtruck stopped for a traffic signal to be enforced. lin suburban Rosedale. Roman Scandal Defendants Exonerated By Prosecution VENICE IB — The prosecutionjseaiidal headlines and for a lime ing can change that." today absolved the three principal defendants in Italy's notorious Wilma Montesi scandal. Prosecutor Cesare Palminleri asked a three-judge courl to return verdicts of innocensc for Gi- anpicro Piccioni, 3'azz pianist son of a former foreign minister; Rome man-about-town Ugo Monta'_-»..._ ...»,, uuwu . » v ,. ,, v^t,u .<iu«i<i- n_-oi £111 \>da tuuiiu un a uuc-swcpl ga and former Rome Police Chief beach near Rome in April 1953 c, ---- :. n.i:,_ threatened Italy's ruling Christian Democratic parly. Palminteri made his recommendation at Ihc end of his (inal argument, Piccioni and Montagna «n- Ihusiaslically shook his hand. Polilo, 76. sobbed wilh relief. The body of the 20-year-old Mon- lesi girl was found on a tide-swept Saverio Polito. Palminteri said ths three months of often uproarious, mudslinging testimony had brought collapsed the case which had al scandal a Her a Rome newspaper charged that she died at a high society drug and sex orgy . ,, , * «. ...o" «~*.n.ij viiu$ anw ac.\ vi&y incut auenuine al 13 ollllon nnl- out abso utety no proof" against at Monlagna's hunting lodge near lars for Ihe year starling July l the lr,o._ Hut statement virtually the beach, instead of U,e •W,m,<m,m TprV- Ident Eisenhower's January budg- Mcdical experts said Wilma was • -....-.. »viu 11 t>.ui^Qi \,.\jjvi to amu IT mi let \vdo splashed through three years of drowned by the incoming tide. move. Illinois authorities alerted Kentucky police by radio. They were apprehended about five miles downstream about an hour after the robbery. Stale Trooper Marvin Monroe said the men ran when they saw the officers, but surrendered without a fight when a shot was fired over their heads. Missile Testiug Base Blast Mild COCOA, Fla. Iff—A "mild explosion" occurred al Patrick Air Force Base last night during a guided missile firing operation. Maj. Gen. Daniel Yates. base commander, said no one was hurt and no property damage was suffered. Yates described the incident as a "mild explosion and fire con- Jliller Has Surgery Truman Appeals For Foreign Aid KANSAS CITY «i - Former President Harry S. Truman de manded last night that the U.S continue its military and economic aid programs for free nations a: a deterrent to Communist aggres "ion. "We must insist on the contin raising dinner here. Garden Parly For Vcls Cancelled By President WASHINGTON -(INS)- TT *»v]nn»ia i \ji\ —\ ii\^ t —|TOM t ASTON. Md. l^-Rcp. Edward dent and Mrs. Eisenhower can I. Miller <R-Mdl was operated on celled their annual garden partv yesterday at Bethcsda Hospital but for hospitalized veterans today ing Beck's ouster, said Beck is entitled to continue receiving thai „„„..„,,,.„, „„, amount as a pension "and roth- is rot expected to be hospitalized 'more than a few days. because of continuing chill, damp prices were narrowly mixed weather in Washington uance of our defense programs Tokyo in 1342 opened yesterday in and our programs lo slrengthen the Japanese capital. The theater the power of the free nations to operator predicted that the film resist aggression." he said in a "Thirty Seconds over Tokyo' speech to a Democratic party fund would be a record flop. The first day's six showings drew 6.322 spectalors. The second day audience «as estimated at CitesDanger To Program For Defense President Asserts He Won't Approve Tax Cut Proposals WASHINGTON iff, ~ President Eisenhower said today about half ;of the 214 billion dollar cut in dc, tense funds voted by a House com- 'mittce would cut directly into the inalion's guided missile and aircraft programs. The country is going to suffer if the reduction approved by Ihe House Appropriations Commillee is allowed to sland wilh respect to those fields, Eisenhower told a news conference. He also said he never will agree to a tax cut while Ihe budget is in what he called its current precarious stale of balance. "Not Real Budget Cut" Discussing the 2 V- 'billion dollar defense reduction approved by the House committee, Eisenhower said about $1,300,000,000 of it is not a budget cut at all but a boofc- ifceeping tactic. He went on to say that $1,200.- JOO.OOO of the proposed reduction vould, however, cut direclly into he defense program in such fields s aircraft and guided missiles. At that point. Eisenhower said ;e are going to have to suffer f thai portion of the cut stands. He expressed hope the Senate will restore every cent of the $1 200 000,000. The President, wearing a gray suit wilh a white shirt and blue figured tie, spent most of the 0 lts ,. „.„ „,„.„„. lime answering questions about ng persisted in Congress today despite President Eisenhower's lhe allmin i s ' r a t ion's $71,800,000,OM budget for the fiscal year itarling July 1. But he also dealt with these other matters:. LEADERSHIP - Eisenhower said he never has even considered asking Sen. Know-land of California, or anyone else, to resign from a position of congressional leadership because of disagreement with him. Knowland is the GOP Senale leader. As for differences with party 'eaders in Congress, Eisenhower said he personally is committed to' support of the Republican parly's 1956 platform! Tries To Support COP POLITICS—Eisenhower said he always endeavors to support all Republican nominees for Congress because lie feels so strongly that both the White House and the legislative branch should be trolled by the same party. He went on to say, that when it comes to who he is for enthusiastically for congressional office and who he is just for, that is another matter. Eisenhower's remarks ... reply to a question whether he would follow his practice of the past and give blanket endorsement to all Republican candidates for Congress, regardless of their voting records. DISARMAMENT - Eisenhower said lhe Uniled States must make every possible effort to ivorfc out (Continued on Page 2; Col. 2) Whisky Exhibit 'Evaporates 7 At Maryland Trial UPPER MARLBORO. Md. Vf, — PORT SAID, Egypt—(INS)—When the jury found Jack H. Four U. S naval ships entered Burke guilty of selling whisky on the Suez Canal today at Port Sunday, dctcnsc lawyers Said " pass Court Orders Second Trial Of Dr. Adams EASTBOURNE, England SI — Dr. John Bodkin Adams today- was ordered to stand trial on charges of forgery, larceny and violations of the dangerous drug LW. Last month the 58-year-old society doctor was found innocent after a sensational trial on charges of having murdered an elderly patient in order to benefit from her will. Dr. Adams was freed on bail. He entered a plea of innocent. The dale of the new trial was not immediately set. The committal was made by the same Magistrates Court that earlier this year held Adams for trial on a charge of murdering Jlrs. Edith Alice Morrell. Si-year old wealthy patient, in 1950. Adams now will be tried on 15 tration's $3,865,000.000 mulual security program. He spoke of "those blindly striv ing to save the money that must be spent as the price of peace." and said he doesn't propose to "take thai gamble." A week ago lasl night Eisenhower made a strong pitch on lele- vision and radio for his general $71,800,000,000 spending budget for the fiscal year starling July 1. But al a meeting with newsmen the next day he refused to lake a lough line wilh members of his own party in Congress who disagree wilh him on spending and other mailers. He talked again al thai time of the possibility ol squeezing fat from the spending program. Eisenhower went on the air last night after formally submilling his foreign aid program to the lawmakers during the day. In a special message he said it would >e "supreme folly" for America o cripple its allies against com- nunism "through an overween- ng 7eal to scrimp." charges of forging patients' pre- . ', T ° ' ry to savc money at the " " • - • 'isk of such damage is neilher scriptions and making false declarations to get the bodies patients cremated. of his conse "'ative nor constructive. It c reckless. "It could mean the loss Dooliltlc Raid Film Draws Crowds In Tokyo TOKYO 151 — An expurgated American movie depicting Lt. Gen. James Doolittle's air raid on peace. It could mean the loss oi freedom. It could mean the loss of both." U. S. Navy Ships Use Suez Canal was reopened to traffic. theater draws 7,000-8.000 fans day. Markc! Prices Mixed NEW YORK i.P—Stock market early trading today. Hope For Tax Cut Seen Fading *** *** *** * * * Federal Spending Hike Forecast As Prices Rise By B. I.. LIVINGSTONE WASHINGTON (&— Hopes of lax cut flickered today in the lighl of forecasts that higher government spending will cut a billion dollars off expected budget surpluses in the next two years. A staff report by House tax experts yesterday estimated government spending at 73 billion dol Despite Congress' current budg -. j cl-culting efforts, the report said price rises—which it indicated probably will continue—will "necessitate increases" in spending, especially for defense purposes. Government income also will rise, the Ways and Means Committee staff predicted, but al a slower rate. As a result it estimated budget surpluses as of June 30 this year and the same date et mentioned. Those additional tax indicalors also entered the picture: | 1. Some top administration officials were rcpresenfed by congressional sources as believing the 1957 Treasury surplus may be even smaller than estimated by the predicted $1,200.000,000 surplus ....... .„ „„,„ o^., u ,,,j some administration officials were the experts' forecasts. year below Eisenhower's January estimates. is expected to stress the upward effect of inflationary.pressures on future government spending despite budget cuts. Three influential senators said today prospective tax cuts rnaj go out the window if Congresf said to look for a figure nearer "" *...v jt-di anu tilt: 3C11IIC udLl; utlv ullllvll uullnl^ UI fuu IllllilUU^ in 1958 at 500 million dollars each below January budget estimates. ~ ' ' 2. A forthcoming report of the Senate-House economic cominiltee Chairman Byrd through the canal since it trial 4.000. Normally the downtown Gowan and Sullivan, the transport. General Langfit. and a cor- Egj-pt last July when it na- Ihe first such vessels to nounced they would seek a new The lawyers, Ignatius Keane Tolls for t p vo destroyers, Me- and Joseph A. Dcpaul. told Judge John B. Gray that Ihe bottle of proof evidence which the jury vclte, were paid in dollars lo the examined during deliberations Suez Canal Authority established was not as full afterward. - . Keanc added: "Consumption of - tionalized the former internation- intoxicating beverages is grounds ally-owned canal company. for a mistrial." Teamster 'Cleanup Squad' Drafts Plans To Oust Beck \VAS11I\GTON IP—A Teamslersjmember of the union for more Union cleanup squad led by 68- year-old John F. English, newly- named as an AFL-C10 vice president, inappcd plans today to oust Dave Beck as Teamsters president. than a half century. He said a majority of the Teamsters board members is behind him in a plan to demand that Beck call a board session to consider Beck's status. If Beck refuses, English said, English planned an informal his group will simply convene a strategy session with fellow mem board meeting on their own and bers of the Teamsters Executive consider demanding Beck's resig Board who, like him, are deter mined that Beck must go. Their BU uui me \\uraow u congress mmea inai isecK musi go. tneir English was unanimously elect- fails to hold spending far below determination grew from Senale ed by AFL-CIO chiefs yesterday the exerts' forecast. Rackels Committee charges that as an AFL-CIO vice president and -v*, ui me one billion dollars— or 700 millions Senate Finance Committee said a of the Beck helped himself to vast sums ' J -' ~ • - 73 billion dollar spending figure "would leave no room for tax re- duclions." of Teamsters funds. English has been general secre ^"Si*-". >iuo ut^ll £<;tlv.-lal cwlv:* |A*3l:> llvml Villon UIU C £U£l allU! lary-lreasurer of the Teamsters ousted Beck on Monday as "guil Tor more than a decade.and a ty" of corruption charges. nation. English was unanimously elect- executive council member. This put English in the AFL-CIO posts from which the Federation

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