Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 26, 1963 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 26, 1963
Page 5
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j^er&onai Pa,, Attending tlie funeral of Vvil- lard Miller at Steger, 111.,' whose wife is the former Mary j Jacobs of Garden City, were I Mrs. Anna Jacobs. Mrs. Hollis Pitts, Mrs. Dale Snodgrass and Mrs. Esther Jacobs, all of, Gar-i den City, and Mrs. Paul Jacobs, j Topeka. Returning Saturday from a western vacation were Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Upcluirch, Gregory and Gwendolyn, 307 Davis. They toured Utah. California, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona. Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. The Rev, and Mrs. DeLon Hales, 608 Pershing, spent last week in Wichita attending the Church of God convention. This week the pastor is assisting at Camp Fellowship, the Church of God youth camp near Wichita. Leaving yesterday for their home in Kansas City, Mo., were Mr. and Mrs. Art Pay, Mark, Laurie who have been visiting several clays with her sister, Mrs. DeLon Hales, G03 Pershing. Leaving today for Lockhart, Tex., is Mrs. F. L. 'Smith, 708 N. 7th. He r new home will be in the same town where her daughter lives, Mrs. W. E. Motley. HORMONES-MALE AND FEMALE J. Would yon explain the unction of hormonei for toth men and women? L. Hormones are gland-produced chemical substances which regulate various body unctions., The so-called sex hormones alter our physical configuration. The child is es- entially o£ neuter gender. At puberty the entire body of the >irl is flooded with hormones if femininity which trans- brm her into a woman. A comparable process occurs in he boy who, through the ef- 'ects of male • hormones, is ransformed into a young man. The hormone influence )ersists to about the same de- jree- in both men. and women :or perhaps 20 years before a marked difference shows up. In women, "sex hormone" production is curtailed 'more or less abruptly, which brings on the menopause or "change of life." In 'men there is only a gradual tapering off. This difference in "biological aging" has striking overall effects We maintain full stocks of prescription drugs . . . have the professional stilt to dispense them promptly . . . and the reputation to do so at reasonable prices. M'CLUNG PAYNE PHARMACY • ;•-••••109 Grant BR6.-6762 Cherries Enhance Dessert Whole fresh cherries add that extra special eye-appeal to dessert. Try trimming your favorite vanilla or bmon pudding with biq red luscious bing cherries. Pile the pudding in a graham cracker or pre-baked crust and drop the cherries on top for a time-saving super -dessert. Your Problems — by Ann Landers DEAR ANN LANDERS: My husband has a 'business friend who is a grand person of excellent character. Mr. F. C. (Fine Citizen) has contributed a great deal to oim community and he is admired and respected by all who know him. ! Mr. F. C. has a fault which is widely discussed behind his bade but nobody wants to come right out and tell him. He ha s a handshake like a dead fish. I feel it is sheer gutlessness on the part of people who call themselves "friends" to keep quit about this. Isn't it a shame for Mr. F. C. to go through life with this terrible fault when it could be so easily remedied? I've urged my husband to do this man a favor and teE him. My husband says he has no desire to make anybody over, nor does he want to jeopardize his friendship by risking offending the man. What do you say? — TO TELL OR NOT TO TELL? Dear To Tell: People are not born with a firm handshake or with a limp one. It's something they learn. Apparently Mr. F. C. hag been handing out dead fish for years because no one ever told him that a limp handshake suggests a lack of interest and enthusiam. Why don't you send him this column — anonymously? * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: I'm a middle-aged woman who has been going with a respectable widower for almost four years. Theodore 3$ 15 years older than I am, but doesn't look his age. He enjoys art galleries, picnics, concerts and flower shows as I do. I am not trying to marry him so he need have no fears along that line. He is a pleasant, intelligent, attractive person and I'm sure he enjoys my companionship as I do his. Something happened last week which upset me terribly. Theodore invited me to his home to see his rock-garden. When we pulled into his driveway we found his son and daughter-in-law's oar parked there. Without saying a word Theodore backed right out of the driveway and drove me straight home. He offered no explanation but said, "I'll phone you later in the week." What do you make of this strange behavior? — INSULTED AND PUZZLED Dear I and P: Obviously, Theodore did not want his children to see him bringing a woman to his home. S'Jch behavior, or course, demonstrates an enormous lack of maturity. If you are content to be his companion continue to see him. But don't harbor any secret hopes that this relationship will ever go be<yond that stage. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: My daughter is 16 years of age. She is a good-looking girl with a cream complexion. Yet she insists on covering her face with Close Out MELMAC DINNERWARE Metro and Gotham In The Following Patterns: •Sandalwood •Spring Glory •Autumn Leaves OUR ENTIRE STOCK TO BE SOLD AT ... ! /2 price The Paul Reids Given Farewell Parfy by Stars A farewell party to honor Mr and Mrs. Paul Reid, who are moving to Wichita, was given Friday evem.ig at the home o Mr. and Mis. Clayton Ladwig 1502 W. Kansas. Forty officers and members of the Order of the Eastern Star with whom the Reids have been as sociated were present. Mr. anc. Mrs. Reid are past patron and past matron of Finney Chapter He will be associated with the Wichita school system. Those present wrote friendship mcs sages in .1 memory book which was presented to the Reids as a memento. Refreshments were s e r v e t from a table centered with a doll-sized traveling case holding a flower arrangement and tw small moving vans. The napkin also carriuri out the theme wi" a picture and inscriptiin, "Going Places?" Assisting hosts wen the Harold Colliers, Kenneth Swensons and Raymond Heers. pane a k e foundation which gives her an artificial, masker.: ook. She makes up only her ace and forgets about her neck o of course, her neck is aboul ive shades lighter. Several of her girl friends do ;his, also. One friend has an un- ortunate complexion and the make-up does cover some of the blemishes. But why would young girls with lovely complexions want to cover them with make jp? Please explain. — ONLY HER MOTHER Dear Only: Girls who do this magin c the gunk makes them ook glamorous. Someone ough to tell them that the wholesome scrubbed look is In and the pas ty-faced, consumptive look is out. * it * Confidential to Just Nosey: Your informed source is misinformed. I don't Wear a wig. I have never worn a wig". I have no plans to buy a wig. G. /. Forum Schedules Dance Party Saturday n^ht the American 0. I. l'*orum Club has scheduled a dance and food sal e at t h c clubhouse on \V. Santa Fi\ Officers selected at a recent meeting were D. l\ Oarcifl, vice-chairman; Ladlslado Hernandez, stn-retary - reporter .. COI-RC Yturrlago, treasurer; I'orfirio Garcia, sergeant- nt-arms; the Rev. James II. Schroder, chaplain and Jerry Dur- nn, club house manager. New appointments mode by c h a I IMU a n Garlla Included Ladislado Hernandez, education chnirman and civil rights representative nnd Bob Hernandez, entertainment chairman. Devotion* wore conducted by Reverend Schroder of St. Mary's Parish. Guests were Mr. and Mrs, Larry Atteberry and Jose Hernal. Mr. AHed«b*rry, a local high school language teacher, spoke on education In general with a comparison of education on the international level. He told of the importance of learning a foreign language and the prominent place it now holds in thp educational field. Aims of the G. I. Forum are betterment of the community through the promotion of education and participation in community activities. All persons interested are invited to attend the meeting Aug. 4 at 2 p.m. at Ihfc clubhouse or to,write D. C. Garcia at 305 E. Santa Fc or to Ladislado Hernandez, 808 Pearl. Does almost everyone have a good time but you? If so, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "How To Be Well-Liked," enclosing with you request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Engaged The engagement of Carla J. Ashburn to Larry Stalton h announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Car| Ashburn, 117 W. Hazel. Her fiance, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Shelton, Wichita, was graduated from South Easf High Scho.ol at Wichita, attended two years at Wichita University and a year at Kansas University. He is employed with the United States Geological Survey. Their wedding will be an event of Aug. 31. Fall Wedding Pldnned A fall wedding if planned by Dolores Kloysfeubor and J. Dale Gillan. The engagement and wedding plans Are announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kleysteuber, 308 G. Olive. Parents of the bridegroom are Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Glllen, Independence. The brlde-eloct Is a graduate of Garden City High School and attended Gardon City Junior College. Her fiance is a graduate of Independence High School and the Kansas State College at Pittsburg. He is employed with Cities Service Gas Co. Pag* 9 tfnrtfan «Ify Friday, July, 2i. 1963 Charter Draping Honors Rebekah Lodge Members Noble Grand Mrs. Marlon Martin conducted the business ncetlng for the. Rebekoh Lodgd Tuesday rtlRhl In the Odd Fellow lall with 36 members attending, Co-hostesses were Mrs. Ever* itt Allen and Kmma Brewer who vero assisted by Elsie Burskj rfona Hehmeyer, Mrs. William loles and Kalhryn Blakeslce. Mr*. D. E. Single assisted by >y Mrs. Raymond Huffmaster, Mrs, 0. W. Terlnme, Mrs, C. W. Whltehead, Mrs, Roscoo Marnon, Mrs, Robert Taylor, Mrs. Mary Kundell, Mrs. Ellsworth tolmes, Mrs, Uoy Sturgeon, Mrs, Clayton Lndwltf and Mrs, Itoy Uarnum draped the chap- ler tor Beulah Rogers and Jkggs White who died the past month, Thp all-branch family picnic Is Kdieduled for Aug. 25 at 5 p.m. in Finmip Pork. Next meeting will bo Aug. 1.1 at 8 p.m. at the Odd Fellow Hall. Cdlendar of Social Events rniDAY mem scnoot. — j),m. Civic Cf'.llnl'. I,ArUEB AUXIMAKY Pntrlnrnlm Mllltinil nnil Clinton •- 8 p.m. Oilil How Hull. Civil tipfinwn proRrntn. 1CK CHKAM SUIT'IOH — 8:110 P.m. riytni'll Imdliw Alii, n|ii>imorn nt rly- nrtll Cluiiv.h. .HrltiK «»ko or I c f, •rimni. Tlvorynno Invltnil. GAMMA Mil clmplnr of Jlpullon lffiim Alpha — li::i() p.m. Plnmip I'nrli. Fiimlljr jilpnic. Rrl'.iR iihlckoll, veiTil illuli nnil t»t>l« *nrvlni». MONtlAV PINNWY GOUTY PARK • FISH ANU OAMK — Clvld Oimtnr. 7:!IO .111. Dvuryimn Invited, Parboil Duckling One good barbecue cook always parboils quartered or cut up duckling for about 20 into' ute s before broiling it on th t . out door Rrlll. Hnwh the duck with rny sweet bnrbccuo sauce you invor while It's broiling. orner PATIO S'JPEiB BURGERS 1 pound hamburger 2 tablespoons fat 3 tablespoons catsup =>/4 teaspoon salt Vi cup onion 1 cnn chicken gumbo soup or cream of chlekan soup 2 tablespoons prepared mustard dash of pepper Brown hamburger and onions in fat. Cook until golden brown. Add remaining ingredients, simmer over low heal about 35 minutes. Serve on toasted buttered buns. Enough for 0-8 servings. BETTY A. SCU1EER 30Q N. 2tid> (Send your favorite recipe to Hit Coofc'v Corner. Bach reclfM which Is puNlshed will earn • $1 prixe for the contributor. R«clpe§ will be judged on the basis of reader interest or originality. They may be taken from a cook book or magazine, but the source should be given and sh-uld not be a current if sue.) For Little or No Money Down, You Can Own a Beautiful Custom-Built jT'—Vfa ^. capphone fei? B ; K. Th» Yorktown 24'x42' with 4'x42' porch $6189 Cash ft'ict 100'sof other plans Contact us or your local representative INCLUDES ALL HEAVY CONSTRUCTION DONE RIGHT ON YOUR LOT... WITH ALL BUILDING MATERIALS TO COMPLETE YOUR HOME INSIDE AND OUT! Capp-Homesdellvers,erecU your home; and furnishes: • Your choice of lap tiding or prestalned shakes (ilumi- num slightly extra) • Self- storing aluminum stormj and scroens (installed) • Heavy thick butt asphalt shingles • Sheetrock or rock- lath, inside doors, hardware. insulation end combination doors • Select oak flooring, oak base,door twindgwUlm. YOU CAN INCtUDE ANO FINANCE THE COMPUTE HEAT/NQ, PUIMBINO ANO HECTRIC SYSTEMS, ANU KITCHEN CABINETS. AT IOW ADDI1IONAL CO1TI FINANCING FOR EVERYONE WITH OR WITHOUT MONEY! AVow/iere will you find as honest and liberal financing as The Capp-Hom* Purchase Plan! No add-on interest! No ballooning! You got 100% financing, 10% down, or you can pay casn. Anything you finance thru Capp- Hornes is completely paid up within 10 years! CAPP-HOMES472I E. Mth St., Dei Moinoi 13, Is., Dept. Kjlj P. S. McCormick, Box 166, La lei n, Kansei Office Phone: Elliot 5-6621 Home Phone: Elliot 5-6330 NO MOLLY YOU CAN'T DANCE but • • • YOU CAN do the next best thing. Listen to your favorite music at • • • AL BRUNGARDT'S Park Inn FEATURING ABE MAIN and hit en* man band Thursday, Friday and Saturday "THE DREAMERS 11 On Tuesday Nights SOD* THE WESTERNERS NOW SHOWING TRIFFIDS! - - • Your Blood Freezes as You See Them Waiting To Devour the Human Race - • • TRIFFIDS' : HIDEOUS • ORAWLINQ • TERROR! N COLOR nnil CINEMASCOPE •MMBBBBMBBaalaiMIBVHMW Plus Color Cartoon Feature Starts 7:30-9:30 Matinee Sat. 2:00 Please Notion Eevryone! This movie "HUD" is for Mature Minds - - - It deals in a subject t'hat only the very mature can understand . . . It will be engrossing and exciting for those old enough ... for this type of movie . .. Chuck Rees, Mgr. !•»•« PAUL NEWMAN "HUD! This one Is not for the kiddies — Adults Only STARTS SUNDAYI COMING SOONI Starts Thursday Haylay Will Have You Jumpin 1 and hi a Whirl WaitDI8N6Y, Add Corn to Salad You can stretch a tossed ffrvi salad and make it especially In to men, by n 1 h ii corn. Cut the. her- rols from leftover cooked corn on Jic cf;h, or use canned com; in the latter case, drain it Uior pj alteadu own 1/2 of wi all-season air conditioning system! Call u« tor complete information 205 5. Main Your certmed Ujmo* HURRY ENDS TONIGHT! IN JULY! WE'RE NOT KIDDING! We Can't Walt Until That DECEMBER DATE TO PRESENT Our Christmas Program AS THE WEATHER WON'T PERMIT SO WE'RE HAVING OUR CHRISTMAS PARTY SATURDAY-JULY 27th FREE CANDY-FREE BALLOONS FOR THE KIDDIES SEE SANTA AT THE PLAY GROUND FROM 7:15 to 8:15 P.M. ON OUR BIG FREE PLAYGROUND SEE THESE TWO BIG HITS! MICH! *HO 1AHC ...» »•** 'LANCASTER'"" CURTIS? £**£7 <""* LOLLOBRIGIDA I !^*?£r TRAPEZE iBI CO-HIT KIRK roUGUMY ClllS-LWI BORGNINtlANE! LEIGH. PLUS BONUS OWL SHOW THRILLING ADVENTURE STARTS SUNDAYI

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