Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 21, 1957 · Page 19
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 19
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Dial PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker 27—female Help Wanted IlOOXKEKI'En Typist, Write in <nvn ,,?,..* "•"»• experience and qualllleallonsi Box 8«-AX, e/o Times-News. „„ — . —,-. ...., maintain home and car* for children aged s t 7 (white), raid summer vacation. Write Mrs* Maxlne ». Gi-lnini. 322 Marshall Ave Laurel. Md. tXI'KHIENCKD Power Smlns Machine Operators (or the [allowing op- el'allons- on Men's Dre&I SlUitS' Collir ul, collar close, sleeving, and felling, nenort to: Personnel OKIee al l-lushinj Shin Mir. Co., Grantsville, Sid., lor Interview. 28-Mole Help Wanted MAN, 25 or over, for part time wor» 1 Jilsbls. 12 to 7:30 A.M. Some drivinl V Please give reEerences in appllca '»' lien. Apply 1J3.A. c/o Timei%w> BENNETT 32;*' gf .oca!—Long Distance PHONE PA 2-6770 \VANTED — Man to operate bulldoze and farm machinery. Prefer one lha lives In vicinity of Happy Hills Farms. Apply: John J. llafer, 530 Baltimore Ave. No phone rail PITTSBURGH Plate Glass Co. WORKS NO. 7 CUMBERLAND, MD. Applications are note being received (or job openings ir flic Maintenance Department to be filled in the early pan o/ this summer. Hourly ratet of pay for (he Dept: — Electricians J2.62 per houi —> Machinists—Shop J2.6: per hour — Machinists—Plant .... $2,4 per hour — Pipe Fitters (2.4: per hour — Millrights $2.* per hour — Carpenler-PaiDler .... fi.y per hour Applicants must be quali/ie, Journeymen in order to re ceive consideration. For further inform a lion call PA 2-3300 or write: Director of Personnel. '0-PersonoIs Piono Tuning & Repairing -aurencc Gri/Jitft PA-2-1833 SALES REPRESENTATIVE w * ar* lafcinr appllcaisoni far Sinter Stu-ini Machine* ami vacuui ctri fieri. Von will be trained and wtjrL hei mtlnf of ia.].uy. commlsnon ptui ii rtntive monthly bonus, hospital tu B! ranee, paid v a cations ar.d iran&por Utiort furnished b>- th« Company, If >ou really want to u-ork >our wi n^ In * jtopd re.iibie firm, and U jr. rave good references, corno in tods *nd fill out an Application. Singer Sewing Machine Co. 65 Baltimore St. 47—Real Esfofe For Sale WANTED—Boy! 'l'tt\ School Alt To Help with Wort Apply: 120 Federal Si. MAN to le*m lo operate our SanJ-Vi Cloninc tiijck*. Apply Holland ^^J nacc Co.. <*9 N. L'tolrc Si Lxtwcc 9 & 10 a.m. KKPKESKNTATIVE5 In and Ke>Kr. KJ Full or p*rt tt/i Cumber.; W* Urn; port t. No »ft bar nlact: Mr, Clirfc SALESMAN WANTED ~ GOOri P\\ SEE -MR. LICHTEAfSTEI.V. 176 N. CENTHK ST. men. age 25-TO. Salei or Crertit *Ej IH-rienc« helpful. Call on ttuMnei flOO uteMy draw plus'honut quJl l<t<i men, Appointment at DiMil. 11eld Manage r. Apply Bn* «13 A c r> Tin-M-Ncu-j. NO STRIKES — NO LAYOFFS! Or.e cJ Americi's tartest CorpOratiOE r.crds 3 additloaal men to c6mpleie fa?n orfAniiAticm in the CumbcrUr am. JIM per ivevX, dr»w and con nij.t»«ni if JQU quijjfj*. You r-eetl r.< <^u.l itur preKrn: r-ffl until jou pio\ to joursell [hat jnu ran do lhj.» CR Ktpenence r.ot nece<«ar>. You will r r<i-ve traihinji *l rompatsy OAp<n« See Mr. I>. J. Ctaham it Kon rum be l.-.nd Hotel, Tur«rtay. \Vednc<.da>' ar Thur»(t*y. [0 A M lo J P.M. Mornic and evening sppolnimcnti, .Inquire . 29-Salesmen Wanted ces. Guarantee** SaUry paid we*' plus cornmJision. Appfj; Burkej Hi. -tfl, I j Vale. CAPABLE man tnterejted -In jell experience and rrfcrrncci req-jln but rot necessarily anlomotlv*-. S. ary, pr,j> commlnslon. f>rB-M Motor Co., In thf Narrowi, cumbe UnrJ 31-Situations Wanted \Y IN NEED of experienced olfl workers, ffoujtrh<ilti. nursjnc, etc., c- PA 4-1M2. Tri-SUte Aj;«ncy. R.ABV SIT IN MV 7IOMK Tho.-.e PA ^-O^52 32-Instrtictions LEARN TO DRIVE - Dual Control Automatics, StraicM Shifts. 9 lo 9 HowardTwtKK. 1M BedlonL PA 1-T. 34-Lost and Found t.OST— Wrdnefdar. Race SL jrey striped maJc cat, while nf< and face- Reward. Jt! Race i PA *-6SOS. 35-Miscclloncous SF.PTIC TANKS CLEANED $25. Mode cctuipf, Rl-SUU Diipcj^l Scrvtc Write or F^o^c Lonacotiing HO 341 WELL DRILLING 51 yrs. Exp. Modem ,*(«•! tquipmc rump Injial.atlons, Galvanized tasit F- V. CARPKXTKR WELL 11R1LL1N J\ O. Bo* 3ol. Oimb., Th. HE 8-930 LOOXTION—SHAliES LANE HOUT CONSTRUCTJOi^ Shovels, Doiem. Trucks, Gnder, Roltcrs. Stone Spreaders. Fill Dirt Phone PA 4-5575 or PA 2-63: SHOVELS - DOZER > u Mobile Crane*. Back Hoes. U.Rh Compressors, Pavinc Breakers. DriV Trnctnr-Trailci?, Ixjw Br<J Trailei Tolc Trailers. Tnickit or ,t\] kinrt* F k Jtrrt'.;>d Ar^l roart material XV# ftore ncr« ffttn 300 Pietft fif BAUGI1MAN CONT'RACT| f NG flf. ^0 U'c.9f. O?rtf P.-l 2-45S Ejccauntintj Bjifidozhig A Xip-hclJ Driteuavi — PirWnp Lot) *" Fill tlin Top 5o?i EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY, MAY 21, 1957 6-Wotch, Clock Rep«lr* 1ST, Ef'FJCIKST WATCH REPAIRS JOHN NKWCOMEFl Av«. —^ PA l-«5« 47—R«o1 Estate For Sale 7-Metal Weatherstrip Co. HEDER1CK C. HAAS DIAL PA *WH 8-Moving, Storing .RAPES TRANSFER Dial PA 4-5G22 MEDERS IHANbKtK, LOCAL UONQ 01 Bl ANCE AUEN1 NORTH M£R1CAN VAN LfN'ES PA i-MM 18-Roofing, Spouting ACE.NT. MAVFUJH'fH TRANSIT -OCAL. LONG DISTANCE MOVING KLAVUHN TBANSFEH PA 4-J770 JOHN APPEL IHANSF£R LOCAL. LO«G DISTANCE UOVWO ACKN1 REYVAN LINKS PA ( 1H 9-Pointing, Poperhonging 'AINTINO—EXTERIOR. INTERIOR MEE ESTISIATES. GET TUB BESTJ 1- WILBERT PA 2 AINTJ.VG. Spoutlnj-. Roofinj. Complete repairing. Cement ind block work. Guaranteed! Kuho and Purr. PA < 0617, PA HS17. XTKRIOJl and INTERIOR PAINTING FOR FHKE ESTINIATES C;ALL PA 4-2169 'ANT 10 Travel; Dread driving? Bell abte. eongenfal lady will drtve yoyr far an/ distance you uanl to so In/conation t ftererences. Bo* til A.\. c/o TiineE'News 13—Piono Tuning OBERT W. MORELAND. AiPT Tunes. Kcp«U. School, tharell. Horn. Planet. PA i-10&4- UMd Piano*. 5-Rodio Service GUARANTEED RADIO SERVICE peelalizlns botna 4 soto r'djo* [X>LASS IJ N. G«or«« SL PA (-&S5C i6-Televijion Service CUMBERLAND ELECTRIC CO. V *enlce* oa *U titf-i '! ft tr SuiidZ7 terv.c* »v»L!«ble Humbertson's STRAND TV S51e» t. W LaVale PA 1-7J ii Serrlec 20 Open 'til UNITED TV We repair ail rafters Radio, T-V S4 Bcd/onl St. PA * li 7o»lif1l TV AUTKORIZED Ziemcn i v s> i ca A 6«rric* EL-VIM JIT'S, PA25WO. 9 J.m, 11 i adyjlnin* lou 33x115. Mon 1 ry Avc. erne block buitdinf! 3QxtQ tiav is gara.K«f. lot 60x225. S'i inll< 'idtou'n [load. J. S, MUTTON. Rc-4)(»r ley, W. Va. UK SHO Harry Albright, Pinto, Md. lx»ts For Sale. IINCHKSTEK ROAD — Small Lot 150 x HO ll. Itonl iourtlatJon_ Dial PA 2-1W KIX>YO P. GKACE JtKAt ESTA'l'K (dgcley, W. Va. f'iionc ftB Display Classified ACHKS, 6 room house, city water, gas. Dawn payment, balance as rerif. r«tomac ParX. I'A 4-1*24. MO]>KRN 6 JIQOM HOMK Kii-e Heii'lcnlial Section 303 National Highway, La Vale lOHBJlN fix roym house, full hast- m*nt, automatic heal, tity water, acre croimrj. Bedford Hoad, near city. PA 2-5683. IXCKIJ.KNT Ixiration, 539 Patterson Avenue, 3 Bedrooms. Modern Hath. Good conrtitlon. Iniulatrd, J,ar^e yard. I'A ^-585T. Rooftng, SpouUnK. Siding, Awnings *ree ycir* to pay 'riuraaiceo WOI Andrew Witt, Phone CO 4 31M SALE 9x12 ICcngoleum Rugs $495 9x12 Congoltum Gold Seal Rugs 10.95 KLINE'S MARKET I N'. Meed, J'A 4-3TW Display Clarified WHIT ACRE'S cu M n KK I.&N u u A ri *o «,TA£::£.I»A*2780 NINETEEN They'll Do ItjvcryJTime^ By Timmy Hallo" jMlOl? TURNS HIS TOUGH HOMEWORK PROBLEMS OVER TO POP /WD KEEPS W47CHIK6 THE New Roofing, Patnnag, Gutters Mctil Woil. <u lipfi. Estlmite, tree.! 0 jr». Exp Ait» J tjctmu PA 26505 1UMKS Home Ir^piovemetil Co-, general cotHracl.Dg ID rootinc. J M and Inwlbrio riding. Also Aluminum SJd- Ing No down payment. Phone PA 2-1*9-1, PA 4-3595, 337 Davidson Si JARLJTZ Home Improvement Co BuHdifl» Contractor. Jotms'Maimi]* InieSbric Siding, Roofing, Block lay- Inj, PA 4-025J. Alcoa Aluminum Siding Bj the Equate or Complete Job So Down P»ymccl 5 yrs. lo P»y CumtxrliBd Home Improvement 1 W. Vomit, PAVMXH. Bedford ReL ROOF Rcp»Lri I, New n«rfi, Slat* Built Up. Hot Acpbalt E W Afc*»< PA 1-781L 48—Roofing, Spouting hoOFING, SlDUs'G, Paffillaj, Spool- LDK- GtHeral rcp&lri. Csl] Oimb, PA mate*. BiUlBxer-UurkettL , iAtm. Alt male ft. Root . repair*. 16 mop. to pay. Ml to brewer, Bitl)n«c*, Md Ph. CH &-2601 Delicious Beautifully RIPENED BANANAS FRUITS And Vegetables Potatoes HAGER'S SUPER FRUIT MARKET NARSOWS COVER'S IEAP 50-Upholstering Selling Out We mun sell All our WATCHES To pOX OVi tttd'rton Elgin, Hamilton, Bulova Ond other maV«i Less than'/I Price Southern Jewelers 131 N. Mechanic St. So POP WORKS IT OOT FOR c-* C WCWKING-OUT TIME- ONE HOUR. SEVENTEEN MlMU7ES>"4rlO I'm heading for Smith Gardens for Vegetable Plants POP-WILL you HELP ME VVITH MV /AL6EBR4 ? WHAT'S THE SQUARE ROOT OF Mf7 OVER 67XX6 ? WILL you WORK IT OUT L r Plt01J>TKni\<; Truck Seals i Con Tops. Drapery 4. Slip Cover Fabru- Window sciesru made lo wider, Alum- inujn tcrcrnine i- molding avaiJat... il Celaneie Slieerbrecie, Wt off, 60o yd. SKO. HRACC. La Vale, Md- PA 4-4 POSSELT'S Cttslom VJpbolsterlQc. runilturc Rtpilxi, Avninjp k T'arpauljju Ul Frederick SL Oldeit, oosl ccliaL.. DU1 PA 2-4715. OYCF 55 Tears 10 cily HE LO.VCEH j-our aa roa4 ctte csp er per day il becomes. We'lJ b« glad to quote Icnf term and contract /atej to toy n-ant advertiser. The lower your cosl Ihe erealer your profiL ACROSS i Humoriyl,.— HuUrijm 4 He is on the UPHOLSTERING JOho TTOiell. 223 Davit CUSTOM >WDE FURNJTUKK RtcoveriBf acd Spiioc Repair E. Bnxte 5^5 Greene PA 2-183Q form) 36 Contend 371s (Latin) 38 Cclnr 35 Boulh American wood sorrel -50 MuLsalice 42 Before 43 Heavy blow 44 Possesses 46 Pigeon pea 48 Physician 51 Ancient language S3 Malt drink 56 Savor fiO Individual *J1 Meadow 62 Nolural (at 2 Arabian gulf 31 Shakespcarcaf 3 Trial river 4 Tab anew 32 Fastidious s Hail! a3 Period of. titr« 6 Lxi'A' haunt 41 Article 1 Anger 43 Pai m }eaf 5 Mammal 45 Poker stakes 9 Existed *1 Vigilant 10 Press 48 Strong wind • 1) Small children 49 Nautical lerra ' parl 19 John (Gaelic) 50 Meager UPHOLSTERING AUTO CO.SVERIIBLE"TO'PS TRUCK SEATS TARPAULIKS HASTINGS ALUMINUM AWNINGS G«o. S. Waraer 1JQ1 V*. ATC. PA (XJ77* 51 —Vacuum Cleanen 64 Even (poet.) 21 Energy C5 Exhausted ^3 Idolizes 66 Harden, as 24 Eaten away cement 25 Retain IW1WV 2SOth«ro-lse IXJttN , 7 consumes t Skin oriftct 29 Above 52 Spinning toys 53 Arrow poison 54 Bird's home 57 Viper SB Fejnalc saint _' (ab.) 59 Number VACUUM CLEANERS PACT'S Ka ABC v Ag^ <0 U HOOVER VACUUM CLEANER SERVICE PA 2-5070 1302 VA. AVE. INGKR vacuum cl«ai«r. flepo May be purrha**d for balan Singer Co., &S Baltimore St. COZY BUNGALOW. Wiley Vcrd. 5 m*, modrm bath. All city con\en- poue^ti - tni'de »tid out. I n. tftat RE S «J77. Attention Hou»o Tr*l!er Ow&ert .r moalblj rrnt «rill pay (or a lot- water »nd tlettricny ~iervic«5. er lap. p*ved street. SLie ol lot! t 1W. Located BC»T MeMuUea Blvd.. 1 mile* trom Cumberland. HOWARD BUCHANAN. INC- Office 543 N. Centrr. TA 2XftM, F.veninjci. dial PA 4 3230. iEL[.lXG your houw 1 Is our busltx^s. flrorge WjincotJ Real f:st.itp. Oark- Ke_*UlU Dldj. I'A 221U. PA 4-li*3, Display Classified •B TRY PENNSY We Give S&H Green Stamps "Building Materials" Paint — Lumber — Hardware Kort* tft >"»r/!••«» DliJ PA 3-731V ^KCK homp-silf-s. bciutllul lrc«t. Growine area. 100 ft. front*EC. 1500, t»*h or term*- PA 2-W*/. AT FURNACE ACRES -nlffj o-at ltoui« 2B. Another A t- A Iam« for s»U. Will be completed About • l*f, I'or pric* ind fr.formilron, r.e A 1 A Builders, Fort Aihby '*j, jf ixurcs, «i. recn for Used Ctr Ixt. Call 7U KroHburj. C.ood price for quick ule. WILL BUILD 2-Bcdrooro Ramhl«r J8J7i. 3-Bedroom 59J*X Split Level 110^00. Mank ConitrucUoa. PA «-4UO ROOM FKAME, KXTRA LOT, 53 Cre-ap Strict. Make us an offer! >5M do»'n on S room home. bath. M11.LKNSOX R**t *F.iut« PA I-S5M REAL ESTATE SERVICE Let us list yo»r properly \Ve Get Results! Ttt HAROLD R. FLETCHKR CO. 2A N. LIBERTY ST. DIAL PJA 4-S42J MAYBUHY-POLAND REALTY REAL ESTATE BROKERS PHONE PIEDMONT 60n E01 KENT AVENUE - B room brick, ithi. car ace. PA 2 ITU. »ve c*i& bayen for CuaraDtetd Herufti or no co*t to you. Your Inqolrlo wtleotntii- U. D Kelchart Arcncy— PA 3-311L MODERN 2 t«aroom home — XUchea. dincUc, spacious brinj; room, Rood location in LaValc. Phon* PA 4-3232. COLUMBUS pre-<ut bona*»- Lester Me* GLil. a sent, ^t^>del on BraddocX Ho ad cpto dally 7-8. -S*{urd»y. Sunday. 3-« 59o Down To Veterans 702 HILLTOP Drnt. 6 room trick bune^low, 3 bedrooms. C*raf:«- !>•» baths. Phone PA 1-2322. '^ ROOFING and SIDING Call PA 2-5100 for AH Typet of Roofing on<( SWIng Applied by Expert* Ul TUU WXmtH OUAlAKTtl ON UIO< ANO MATDUAU Ask About Sean Own MODERNIZING CREDIT PLAN Ha M»—, D«w^ Up » 16 M'Kfcl «> P^ SCARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 179 BoTtimoi* St. Cumberland, Md. Tomato?! Peppers Cabbage Sweet Potatoes Home Grown By SMITH GARDENS 1120 Shades D He is a 12 Pc*m 13 Turn inside out H Age 15 Legal point 16 Doctrine n Wanci Id Abstract beings 20 Levels 22 Arabian garment 21 Assitrn stlkv. orro 25 Sharp 28 Drone bee 30 H<- has talents 34 Note in Guido's scale (comb. THE "EVOIUIIOWA*¥ WROUGHT IRON RAILINGS WARNER'S 1201 Vo. Avt, PA «-0774 VENETIAN BIINO The South Cumberland Planing Mill Company 33 Queen St. PA 2-2600 Air Conditioning By Buy Carrier Call your dealer or AIRGON Engineering & Supply PA 2-7269 NEW CASE Loader-Backhoe Hrrt h o powerlel In- oylfir ^ engineered and btrill en- lirely by J. I Cole — l ex;tyo«rlrenehTng.l£>ad ing or>d faockfEding coiTi* Heavy-Jury onikuctlotj tbrooghoyl — wMh U3 ca la. engine, power-ileering, plos lainou> COT« >h«lll« tionjmmion. CcO « lei deloili. Morgan Brothers Industrial Sales Rt. 40 Wesr City Limits Phone Frosrburg 1080 «w 3 Bedroom (rain T<- Oramtr Til* B*v. —..- ,™ om. Ml on one fioor. Biicmmt with arntf. ff« heat- Pric« S17.SO3.00; U N, Centre St. S rr>om brick, bath—[ Price 55750.00, 1? Cecelia Si. Five nwm fram*. Part 1 b*lh. - Price 12300.00 Addition. & room Irimr covered ^itb uuulttricV. Bath. b*wmcnl,! drilled well. <oal liird »arin-»ir lur- ftcctrlc hot water lank, Lol; 120xl3J. Immediate ponesilon, i Price iSTM.DO; C'otURc on lh^ Soulh, 1 miles below Sprincfrcld. We it Vir,7inJjt. 5 room frame and bath. funii* Drill-; .-ri «fl). Porch on three .-.ide.v 22 year lease on Unfl- Trice S4QQO.W M Warwick Avenue-. Brick dwelling ..~tth 6 rooms and bath. Mottcrn kitchen, | Basement with Karaite. \&. 40x128. Inspection by appointment- [ rtlord Road Property. Frame covered th Insulbrick aix) made inio 2 a part- ;nts. first floor Tias S room* and bath. Second floor has S rooms and. lulh. Full bA^rmem, coal-fiixtl uam; ?lr Tical. At th« rear Is a paracc wilh! S room apartment. 2 acres of cround. Vrice i9500.00 West Virjfinia Prrperlx, n«c. lo Ft.' t shingles on Pattersons Creek. «*om "7.\2*. Wormy CONCRETE « POWER » STEEL SEPTIC TANKS EXCAVATING STORAGE TANKS '«•• '••>«noiioM TRENCHING PILE BROTHERS McMuHcn Hwj. More information Call: PA 2-S4&4 or 2-S4S5 Ornc Sensabaugh PA 4-5953 Septic Tanks Cleaned LKROY KENKELL an Hl-R-3; • C&mbgrianrf FA2-4241 Block Laying, Cement Work , PHONE PA rOR EXCAVATING OF MJL TYPES Chert Kill tor Driveways? R R. JOKN'SON. RT S. IM *-!!« JT.ODRS - LAYING. SANfllXtt. t'lN- ISKI-VG. Fret csUhia(*s. Clurlrs 'l, Mt. Savapr. Phone CO 4-4f<n. LAWN MOWERS .. HAND OR POWEH. U OAK ST. PA 2-2361. , .-. lar^c fire ealalaler. 1 b«dmcms. ^tlh oi] hrtd hnt \v»tcr tKlU and furnace, laundiy tufes. _and automatic "pr hralcr. I^rpt nixlcrn Kitchen Storage room. Screeae<J-it! K~.>?t arrows front of house, fvack porch. Double saragc. ouutdc Cireplac*. I 1 * acres of Icwl ground. Price on *p- plicatic>ti. D C. Goodfellow Agency Kcat rsiate Storage [nsqrancc 131 N. Cctilrc St. Phone PA M8S) JUST OUTSIDK OK CITY~^^~6~room j brieV. wood lircplAcc. it\«ldc Rarasc, - automatic h-at. . lx>t SilxUO. SU.SOO. Opie Annan, M N. Centre St., PA *• Whether you're building a coffage or a mansion in traditional or in modern architecture in anyone of a thousand floor plans, you con best realize your dreams by using our concrete block. The CUMBERLAND CEMENT and SUPPLY Company Rear 419 N. Centre St. PA 4-4670 'Above prices based on 24"x47"window opening. Installation included. ( Make your choice from three popular-priced aluminum models. Or choose long-lasting deluxe steel, finish painted in your choice of .color. No mailer which model you select you' gel all these famous Rusco advantages: r • Completely self-sloring. Nothing to change! « Fiberglas screens won't ro!, corrode or stain! .•Sliding panels .ramove from Inside for easy cleaning! • AWNINGS—Aluminum & Fiberglas Installations by Rusco factory trained experts Phone PA 2-6030 TODAY for free estimates No Co»J or Obligation to You Window and Supply Co. 203 S. George St. PA 2-6030 Freak Wreck Kills Driver Details of the freak accidenijPennsyl Hollow Head north of (hat killed Howard Ickes Jr., 34JBcdford. of Osterberg, Pa., five miles) Some ot the bricks went lorlh of Bedford on Route 220jthrough the windshield and left yesterday ttfre revealed by State front door window, striking Mr. Ickes. who died later in Una hospital. Approximately S2.3TO damages was done to the sedan driven by Mr. Ickes and about $75 damage. was caused (o (lie load of brick. He suffered a fractured skull vlien struck by some bricks being ihauled on a flatbed trailer and 'driven by Edward Page. 44. of : York. Pa. Police said the acci- ident occurred when the load of jhricks shifted ami struck the 'automobile on a curve near the Display Classified EASY SKEUEY'S r AM Wok-* 12-5115 NOTICE TO BIDDKRS Sealed proposals win be received t»y he Board of Kducaiion of Allepany Count}- at iho Bnjni'a fifllcf, IPS Wash- glon Si reel, Curr.bvrlaRd, M^rviariiJ, .til 2:00 p. m. n S.T. on June 4," 1937, for th* eonslruciron oi an arldiuon in the a .Met it flel rt o f AUe pa ny H i sh School, at v.hich time they "will ba publicly npeoed and rrad aloud. The work includes excavation, dj-aln- ("onlrattors rf^iirins tr* bid may obtain two sets of drawings and rpociii- r-Jtians from Tbc Koarrf of Erfuealion in Or after May 21, 1357. Each bidder will fcu required fa submit with his bid 3 hid bond or a c«rU- Jird check in (lie .imcunt of five wr ccni (5"c> of the bid ^ubmitlrd. No bid may l*e vtthdrAw n for * ,..:riRd oi thirty (30 1 days nHtr sche- Idulori closing lime tor receipt of bid$; [howe\cr. the ripht is rcser%r<l to icj«ct jany or alt bids and to waive informali- TflE BOARD OF KDVCATIOM- OK ALLKGANV COUNTY Ker.ncth R. Malcolm. President -NT-May 21 >a gin to fast a fHetlirt* eye-saving tracing vetlum POCKET SLIDE RULES ,Thb gift is snre to pkase the pro- f fcssional or student. Post bamboo r. slide rules in vtst-poekct si z*s have 1 Ui* san» c.->sy workability and life- j ginc-d luloid face. Hnndsorec, top grain j leather c«=c can be imprinted with '. owner's name. Ask for comptcta catelog of Post Slide Rules.' j. Transparent tracing v«llum tinted Hue to reduce eye-strain. 100% rag content. Special treatment assures long life under aD conditions. Velvety finish is perfect for ink or pencil. Repeated erasures leave no scars. In rolls and sheets. Ask for complete catalog of POST Tracing and Drawing Mediums. THE CUMBERLAND ENGRAVING CO. PA 4-7622—Pfioro Engraving—Blue Prints—Offset Negatives ond Plofcs—Arf Service—U8 S. Mechanic St. I

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