Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 15, 1954 · Page 42
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 42

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1954
Page 42
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 1954 BUSfNESS SERVICE US Bl)SWM8 rtetley-FhierWir, Godfrey— S-7710 ClefWflt, repJHrttig gtutt. Anon. »-<tt34 g. r»rerln*. mi 3 WELL DRILLING Call tor ttet fcstlfttate*. Trt-Clty Well Drtntnt Company, Granite Cltv. jit JPI>. Trl-Anitle 7-1189. f atone. cTHrt, u> 4-1X33. f afiimi. e. KARL . SITES, fteontint, rurnaw, prp* replaced, fret ertimstei. White's Tm Strop. 1-14M. " WELL DRILLING All New Equipment. Experienced Operator MAKE APPOINTMENTS VOW WATSON DRILLING CO. WO N, Liberty St. Phone 355W Jerse.vvlHe. Illinois _ "Get your lawn mower sharpened At repaired before the rush. Rand and power. Latest equipment used. Motors repaired and overhauled. All makes. STANKA GARAGE, North Alton. 'A 1 repaired; also light hauling. Guar- snteed work. Pick up and deliver. Phone 4-2041. wood and manure; also light haul- Ing done. Call 2-2S7S. 1AWNMOWERS SHARPENED «nd Repaired. A Stupperlch, 31M . Alby St. ' TREE SPECIALIST Trim fops, Take Down A Haul Away insured. Free Estimates tO KRAUT. Ply 4-9343 make, while you wait OTT'S, Stratford Hotel Bldg. ur»r URNISHED ROOMS—One child atttpted; hot and eold water, lights ind water fnrnnhed *.w monthly M* Condft. 2-SR70 r'UnNfSHEfo—Or iinfurni«hed rm* . wlrafe entrance, remonshle rent . a _S3M. S:M to * p m ROOM APT FOR RFNT - r;nfur nl*h*d. Apply M.1 Rlditr "ROOMS" A BATH 21S Blmr Ave Z-4roC_afteT 7 .10 p m ROOM~iCTTIcfF.NCY Convenient tecatlem Private bath ««1 5ft .1-VI7H evenings and weekend* OOERN A PT'.'—MS Washington VHI tie* furnished, private entrance, t" afce, basement facilitie« Adult« onlv W. 3-5914 between P and rt p m to B p m . 2-A041 ROOM&--Onfurntshrd nenr (ft«M company. »»o per month .vm>7.l FLAGSTONE For walk), patio*. Building (tone for walki. Gillenwater. Dial 3-8.10B TuS>"«."WHtTl: SAlJlf ARY 8*1^151 Cesspools and Septic Tanks «nd Outside Vault Cleaned Owner ALEXANDER BRF.WER 133 St. Louli Ave., East Alton. 111. Phone 4-8062 or_4 : 34BS WANT TO SAVE MONEY On ftarter. generator repair ar exchange. See Wicker Auto Electric M13 Walnut Ph. 2-4700 AST ALTON —Silver Ridire Apts 3 room modern furnished Steom he»l. ill utllltlei. on hus lire Adults $«n monthly. Phone 4-P1U heffire s p. m. Frank Voder, Resltnr, 2OJ F. Main ROONf—Tufnlsbed «pt. first floor -nlldren welcome 2-6830 HNisiffefo ROOMS—Private' halh. irlvate front * rear entrances, all utmtle* paid. I2H F.. 5th Call 2-4700 SooSTrTjR"NisHEb APT.-"A'irutif- ties furnished. Private entrance h >ath, electric refrlgcrstor, electric stove, stoker heat. Ill per week. one 4-2188. ROOM—Furmshed~house Man and wife °nly._Phone 4j-2:i4fl HOOM- : NlceTy"~fiTrnlshed" modern" pt, (ood location. Adults only. JK)7I2. ROSMS—Water and" heM furnished" North Side. $40 per mo. 2-B423 or 1-3221). _ ^MODfiRN FilRNISilED "APT - f or rent. Private entrance and both, -tWF, close to tilass works. IBltl Walker. GENERAL CONTRACTING—Hoofing, ildlng, remodeling. Union labor Fully Insured. Free eitlmate. Nothing down, 36 monthi to pay, Whltworth Construction Co, 4-3374. ROOMS — Furnished. "Near down- own. ¥12 P«f_w«ek. 3-n07.'t. _ 'Oh RENT—2 furniahed "rooms. 24fl Lincoln, East Alton. Apply rear. 4-IKW7. •Baaemenl apiT ROOM— Basement apt. PrlvaYe entrance, utilities furnished. Ph. 4-2Rfl:i ~ BUILDING CONTRACTORS CONTRACTING—Roof ln», repairs, All kinds of carpenter work. Call 2-8228, ..•CEMENT WORK—Of alt klndi. Union" work. Free estimates. BOO WOOD, 3-8774. INTERIOR fc EXTERIOR— Decorating, wallpaper cleaned, removed. Free estimate. 3-3141, 2-0871. CARPENTER HEMm' WORtf-Porch enclosures, aluminum awnings, Smell homes. Free estimates. 4-2013, CONTRACT— Block and cement woTk of }-.lnd«. Herrln Bro».. 3-1041. CONTH/-CT CEMENT WORK - Of •I) Kinds. Union work Free estl- mates. LYNN WOOD. 3603 Fr.nor. Phone 3-929II - 3-81SJ. DECORATING INTERIOR — Exterior decorating; plastering, patch plastering, removing wallpaper. Free eitlmate. 3-8884, 3-3196. INTERIOR & EXTERIOR PAINTING —Very reasonable. Free estimate, Call 4-8886, WALLS WASHED—Or cleaned: wall« painted, window! washed. Experienced. Phone 4-7900, FLOOR SANDING & REFINISHING— Interior painting. Reasonable rate*. Tar fret estimates dial 3-8814 or 3-3230. WALLPAPER CLEANING — WaTT wishing, Interior decorating. Expert 20 year*' experience. 2-1371. ».\ RADIO *. T.V. HKI'AIKINO WILCOX RADIO tr TV" Bervic* 3-7443 •U makei TV 3612 Stata and radla _ N. Alton _ RADIO AND TELTVISION"" SERVICE SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY— 3-9411 SEVEN MEN TO SERVE Y Oil frV SERVICE — Be a factory trained" technician. We aervlct any make radio or TV iet. Atio Inital) UHF converters and antenna*. EBBLER ELECTRIC Ph. 1-7588 2.112 State 17 HEATING AND PLUMBING STOVE, FURNACE & BOILER REPAIR—-Parti moat all makes. Quick aervice. Try ui. WISEMAN, 1128 E. Broadway, Phone 2-9294, STORAGE — MOVING H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE ACROSS THE STREET ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE 1628 Waihlngton Ave. Dial 2-2663 PRES BELCHER MOVERS LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE Barrel! and cartons fnr packing 1018 ELLIOTT ST. Dial 3-7630 or 2-8240 RENTALS LARGE SLEEPING ROOM ~ Twin beds, electric fan. Man and wlf or 2 women; 2 or .1 furnishr rooms. Downtown. J. C. Shinpaugh 214 Slate. Phone _3- 1 <!2fi. SLEEPING ROOM""—""With kiTche: privileges (or working girl. Call be tore 3 p.m, 2723 Brown. :i-7BlB, ONE OR TWCTGENTLEMEN—BeautT fully furnished combination bedroon and sitting room, rferlgcrator an rathskeller available. Tile bath, prl vale. Mlddletown. Much belter lh« the average sleeping room offered 3-3244 or 2-32,-IB. SLEEPING ROOMS—At"l40f EaTt "41 Twin bed«, plenty hot water at « times. Single or_doulile^Phoiie :i-S94 SLEEPING ROOM—With kTfcrfeiTpflv llegei. 2-2603 after 5 _ppjn. _ SLEEPING ROOM—In modern home Phone 3-8474. _____ LARGE — Nicely furnSiied~sieepfn room for gentleman; automatic ho water. 2-7181. WOOD RIVER—One «leep!nF«£iirfo 3 men, wilh cooking. 4-3428. ROOM A ItOAKI) ROOM If BOARD—For 2 pensioner' Private home. Dial 2-2077, J» HOU8EKEEn\r. ROOM* 2 FURNISHED ROOMS-FoFrYnC __ 3 MODERN— nithed, at 1712 Bo»a Direct. Adul only. Phone 3-8126. FURNISHED — nCigTrTTwusekeeFin room. Lights, water, gas, heat. Adul 703 Washington. 2-1740. _ 3 ROOMS— For rent. Washing facil ties, heat furnUhed, 4-3271. 237 Woo River Ave., Wood River. 3 UNFURNlSHED~ROOMS~^And "ba'lh all Mlllllles. Phone 3-7391. RENTALS REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE Ht __ __ 10 ACRES -"Godfrey Modern 1^ room hou«e, full ha«ement. new linker fired furnace land all till- ; • hie partly fenced. Imrnedlste pftd- ,' i*n«lnn AOtinf nnlv *!)450 WM n NORRIS. 242nS \ Drew Agenrv 3 12D* ! »» tinvntn ran HAI.E j .w *orm »<vm IULJ BY OWWER—S room tiriekT MM Valley i OOlVrtlV—tilth t ronm modern house, drive. East Alton Phone 4-1300. J fa« furnace, (arafe. double lot. near Montlcello College, by owner. Immediate po«ses«lon. Write Box MO, eare Telegraph • ROSEWOOD ffiKGnfS"'§'"" LARO8 TWO BEDROOM -Fireplace. Ynunirstown kitchen cabinets automatic heat, 2-ra'r jrarair*. Insulated. S20oo down, IS years on balance. 2 years old. - , J r* • e TWO BEDROOM • Knnity pine living brOCk Jftfl (jtitn rlrfn room, carpeting and drapes, insulal mile« nf North Alton 77 »crr« till- < ed Automntir bent S years old OOMS FOR RENT-*7 Ea's't Martfon. Wood River. 2 unfurnl^hfrt roonn. Nt~4 ROOM—Newly furnished and lecorated apt Hrnt «nrt w»trr. Adultl only. .1-d.VMl ulirr fi p m S^ATi modern Exrfllfnl location. 430 E. Third llOOM APf~—Private "hath «nd fn' ranee, garage, heat and wntrr im. able. 12 acre* alfnlfa. 20 acres «weet rlnvrr, rent In pjnture All under fence Plenty nf water, ft room semi-modern house, 2 food barn* and other nulhulldlngs 114.700 TOM GIBSON 2-4258 or 2-9755 Fit M. (treer Agenrv *6 ACRES -All tillable s room hnuse" .11, mile* east, 1 mile north of Al- harnhra. III. Alrmgo Newton. 120-ACRE W'ELL IMPROVED -Ml«- •nurl farm fK) *rrri in cultlvaltnn. haUnre In flmbpr snd pasture U mile off highway. Thin farm munt be *ern to he apprectatrd Abmjt R mile* to Lnke of Orarlo Price «d10o. S.VXX) down, balance termt Inmiedl- ate possesKlon NICE 7-ROOM -Rock veneered house. completely modern Large bark porch enclosed and front porch, garage, chirken house and barn, with three acres On highway 17 In Missouri, near Lake nf O*arki A re*) bargain al 17SOO; »HOOO down. term« on balance 240 ACRF. M O7.ARK FARM — For sale or trade. One nf the most h*-au- liful farm* In that part of the cinin try fl rnom modern houte in every wav A nice tennnl house, chicken hnii<e, garage and s large grade A dairy barn, running water in harn. All thin land In the bent nf pnMure gra*s. Would have to br seen to he appreciated &22.000. 20 minute drivp to the Lake nf the O*ark>. \, mile to town. W K TOPPING, DOW, ILL Phone 2fl«4-R2, Jerseyvlllr unto quiet home; utilities furnished, prl- v«t«_hath. Clote In, 2-3277. "ROOM— Purni»hedlipt7Uriline«"pald Upper Alton. Phone 2-2inn. MTEToN'TitL'L 'nTsfnicf ASEMENT APAnTMENT.-Ulllltles fticnl«hed. Ren( $.1(1 per tnn ROOMS Ik BATH — Utilities furnished. Rent $(M per mo. WOOD RIVER ROOMS— Both, gnrnge; utilities furnished. Rent $03 per mn. R, II. JIESSENFLOW, REALTOR Wood Hlver Ave. Dial 4-;iBM _ E ± l!n J n J"' 4 " 7 ! 4 " FURNTSIIED ROOMS— Lights,"~(firs, hot water and bath; refrigerator, private, entrnnce. Apply Illfl K. 4th. ~"" ln RM. BASEMENT APf.-~Furn"lihetf Newly palnled. Adults, Lights, gas, water. JI-!HMn. _ _____ URNISlfED " APT— f rooms, pflvaTe" balh Ar enlrance, clean, ulllllles GTRL~"v7iLL~8llA¥E""APtr~wIlrrT7ir 2 girls, 2-R304. S::iO to fl p.m. ROOM — Furnished api. Private entrance and hath, heat, lights and water furnlthed. Phone 4-4011. private bath, entrance, utilities. Ph, 4-11(147,, _____ _ _ liOOM — furnished apt., partly 'mod- ROOMS—Near lown. Ulllltles fur__ _ ilO'OM— Fur'niiihe'd "npi. p'rlviTto entrance untl bath, heal and wnti'.r lur- riljihed._284 Madinon.^ I'lionejf- 1 lino, WlLL'SlfAHE— -MY nioii'eFn'tHrfne'wlth lady. 40:i Serlng^ 2^541 ,_S-7jnH._ i ROOM— Kf/fcleney furnished api.' with biith, separata enlranc*. 2-6414 after A p.m. hcnl, hot water and hath; rcfrlgei'- atnr. Apply 204 Henry, Ph. :i-7:i:il. KOOM— "cTean , nicely furnlahed ai>l. Private entrance. Children al- owed. 12H Thirteenth. Wood Hlver. nOOM — Furnlahed ap'i. Fi-lvMe both «ntt entrance, heiit and water furnished. Call 3-llfl3n after 8:110. AJ'i\— J > artly~furnlshed,"prT vnttt entrnnce, heat nnd witter furnished. _Adwlt« : _ a-«20l). rHOb"M^?'unffah«d~aptr~U^ nlshed, laundry and phona prlvl- legea. Phone .1-noi)7. 41 HOUKK8 FOK HUNT I RiDOMlTOUSE— Large closet and bath, 723 nice. Wood Jllver. Would accept one sinull child. Modern and newly decorated. 4-7HH2. or gas. Child ok. fSS month. 443 Anna, Wood River. Phone Belhallo (All. GObF"HKV-"For lease! Sighi room modern house, gas henl, large lot, references. Available May 1st. Write Ilox 1100, rare Telegraph. 3""RbOM~llbUSE—519 "Bowinan," Ph. 4-774H. Urgn room» and tcrrened porch, sullubli for house to live in. On Brighton Monti. Call rcniroi:i M~»rsh ___ 3 KdbJM~H"OUSIt--- NewTy~dec"or«Trd no bath tub; no drink Ing. 2-7U63. "'"~"~ See three room and ullllty, Scinl-mDd fin In Meadowhrook. $43 monthly call F, H. Brrkhain al Ship niiin Lumber Co , Shipmnn, 111 2 KOOM "HOUSE -Water furri Ish'rd Phonc_4-HI)3ll. SMALL"3-HOOM'"HOllSK-'-Wood*HivV. No tub or furnai-e. Child accepted Phone 4-523U. 4Ji ___ J 4 ROOM— Furnjiihed" in'odVrn' house Cull 3-11471). 802 Eiifcl 7th. KUHNrsflED— 2 "ro'bm'ira'lier. Reason able. 1 block ofl Edwurdsvlllr mad "» I'l'imsylvanla in South Huxana 3 HOOM- "Furnliiird" hoiiie", Upper "AT ton. Phuno 2-12U2. 2"~BEbilOOAl— Nicely "lurnlihrd house autumailc furnui-e, nnt child accent ed. $HH) inunthly plus uiihilcs Ph 2-liU:i7. 5 HOOM-'-Funublicd "huuse, Eiul Al ton. UUIitlcs nut pntd, Ph^4-2U88 tit ___ WANTBlTTiTllliNT 4 or 5 R"bOM"iibUSE-Or"apl."c'ouulc _2 children. 2-OU3B. WANTED— (TVor B~r"i>oiii "h'oinr I; North Alton or Godfrey, Can iurnihl reference. While Hux ago, cure Trie graph WANTED — 2-b«droom unlurmnhri house. I'rcfer living within curporat limiti ol Wood River. Cull City Man ager'» ollice, 4-012J in call 4-;n02 SA LE FOR HM-F. _ LOT—Rir~r)uTfrling, "on" inn line. Apply 85 East Elm. sHts—&it f» x 200, (1200. 4-fll47. AWfftD'TO BUY -Pay cash'for" lot lo Cottage Hills nn water llnr Call alter ,1 p rn 4-2.102. X)TS'FOR SALE -• "On 'Marquetle Drive, restricted subdivision. Phone 3-IM2B. nE"STfllCTEj3 SIIBDIVfSrON - North Alton Moat lota BO x 120 Phont 2-0007 or 2-2447 y6T 'Fbn~SAKB'—lOT'x2W v ""M"lll»p7i'n"g subrilvlilon, restricted. Terms. Ph. 2-/I4OT. __ _ M ff.f 6N~A R E A"—3" foTa" flri" x"" Tfll. good location. EMIL KF.LLE1UIOUKK ,1-»B4n Ell M Cireer Agency Office; 2-m.1S Ml H(|llRK»_KIR HAI.K EL'MWbOD ?ATik "NATIONAL HOMES" FHA APPROVED bedroom home. $1200 down, IB3 per month. Near schools, playground and bus line. See our 1034 display house at 20;i So. 14th St., Wood River. Open for Inspection every afternoon from 2.-.10 In 4:.10. RALPH H. LADD Phone Wood Itlver 4-f>4«8 or Etlwarrlsvllle SIM ROOM—Moilorn brick 1iXeeiien't~Uv cation. Income properly Terms ffl3llO ROOMS—Ga§ heal. Income property. Godfrey, »2000 down. Full price . . $11,300 ROOM nnlCK—CnbhicU, oil heal, pave.d street. North Alton. Terms . »12,noo i-CAR GAMAOE—.3 room apt. Modern Gns heat. Also amall bouse. Terms *«aoo RIEHL AGENCY 2-7722 3-9777 a-IILIB 2-3020 NF,W THREE BF.ROOOM -Brick der construction from $14.100 -121..VX1 Call for information • J. P CRANK REALTY CO • DIAL 2-M4« ANYTIME SPLIT LEVEL 2-BEDROOM n^rtwoort hoti»* fnffuJnt>d Ihroufh- oul. Aluminum windows, ftorm unrt rrr^cn. llfftlmf .tltimtniim r n o f, mrtiant oil h^nl. Arm^tronR tile floor-* t((^rf hiifh. hiffh woodwork, flnor^rlpnt IlRhllnR flxturrn. attic fan 2.1 ft. porrh m^tnt rutling*. ^irt^wfttk^, hanrm^nt. R»raRf Lnt ^5 x 127 Clrwt* to hupt «nfJ *r hoold. $M,.^K». Phon»» 2-7:100 UPPER ALTON BY OWNER S rnnm all modern .', Urge rorims and bath down, t rooms to hath ii|i Stoker, electric hot water heater, garage Good location, extra large lot 70 * I3S. Price $7nOO 2U24 Humbert. Phone 3-487R for further Information. MILTON AREA 5 ronm '1 tiedrnomsi all modern Oil heat, HWF. cahmets. full h.ip>enient. automatic water heJitrt, storm win- dnwn ft screens, city sewer. Priced for rjiilrk snlr VI.2.VI PAUL GLASSBRENNER 3-3584 After 5 P.M. — 2-4982 Hemphill Agency ALTAMONT .1IIKT OUT OF NORTH ALTON fnr comfortable living Built of brick and Ideal for n couple or a small faintly. Living mom Is spacious. IHxl.'l, with Invelv flreplare, nice *l/e kltrhrn wilh plenty nf built- in fruliirrv full bnth and two larRe bptlronlin rarh wllh rln-iPt Jipnrr. Full hiMfmrnt wllh flllto. mnltf HO* hejil nnd tinrtlcttlly fln- I'hfrt lur * inllr-kellar An Ideal Inrnllun snrl nnlv 4 year* old. «1,1 .WOO ALLEN Id NIMMONS CO. RE ALTO fl GEORGE PETERIE 2-9248 —_2-?]85____ BLUFF ST. i-ROOM modern brick home. 4 bed- rnnms, rnnny rlnsels, HWF, flre- plare, gnu heal, beautiful river view . . . .... IM.ftOn BLUFF ST. fl -ROOM mmlrrn homi". )IWF. S lnr((ft hrtdonin*. mnny rlo»rt«, InAuliitcrl, KHn hrnt, InrRr ncrrrnrrl porch. Clone fn Hrhnotfl nnrt hu«. MIDDLETOWN 4-IIOOM all modern home. HWF, gas heal, enclosed porch, gnrage. Close In hus. $711.10. Financial arrangement* can he made. ROZIER STREET -ROOM nil mofloni hnmp. Nf wty drcnrntnri, Inmilnlrrt, new roof, aluminum RtiltrrirtR, ncrc of Rrounfl fnr jinrdrn npiicf; Mho frutU »nd berrien, SmRll down pn.vmenl. Price I78AO GROCERY "SMALL GROCERY STOItF, wllh living quarleni. F.xcellenl nelghbnrhood. New flxiures, nenl opportiinlly, Call MRS. ARCHA TRABUE Tingley Real Estate Agency, Realtor Office 2-n«M. Home S-SI40 MIDDLETOWN MIDDLETOWN 2 FAMILY DUPLEX-Tivo 4-rootn modern apartments, wllh complete hath, HWF, gns hent. lull himemenf, nlc« neighborhood. Priced tor quick ""PAUL GLASSBRENNER 3-3584 — Alter 5 2-4982 Hemphill Agency 2208 Marquette Drive NEW BRICK SUBDIVISION 1 block off Stale Street New B-room brick veneer and iton« home. 3 bedroomn, modern In every respect. Prlvi $16,900 Dial 4-1023. NORTH ALTON Close to school and bus. :i brdrnnm, new oil furnace, nulnmntlc hot wn- trr hrnter, new shower sfull In bnnrmcnl. Nice, yard, Kiiod neluhbor- hnori. Asking .... $11.000 Call Carl or Viola Tuctken 3-5095 DREW AGENCY — S-I2HB REDUCTION IN PIUCE -- Speclnl terms, immediate possession. North Alton, l.HWlon St.—3 room modern, Insulated, 2 hnths, storm sush Ar door, wired for stnvr, glassed - In porch, basement, stoker heal, electric wnlnr healer, jmrngr, 1 BITB of ground, some large nnk trees, berries At garden. Can be snld In liils. Will sell nn contract. $800 down payment Price $(WOO HENRY K. NARUP AGENCY 2-37:1.1 • NISW"HOUS'K'S"FOU SALE—IN PAT TISON HIC1GHTS, RODPREY, ILL. STIUCTLY MODERN. E. R. MEIST- KR PHONE :l-7:i38. SPECIAL NEAT 5-ROOM HOME PLUS A BEAUTIFUL RATHSKELLER • 2 nine baths • Aurnclive Urxr kitchen • P.MTllrnt conclilion • Gas hrnt. Aillonuilic hoi ^'Hl • IhHiiliiird, Sloiin kji.nh • CitbinrK Venrllnil bllnris. • Pan'h. CininKf • l.HIUlsCOpcll Mllll • Priced al tH.CKlO If yuu want • nice, cnmfoilnlile home wilh « veo niilstnililinit r»lh- skellfi 1 then don I full in »rr this cimtnicttir'it home "EMicilv A., Adverllspd" CLEM NOLL AGENCY HFALTOR Office Ph. a-ti«21 Kveiilngx Please C'Hll: 2-84M ........ DICKMANN 2-47HH . (JHKN/.EBACK .1 HOOM nillCK--AJI modern, *11 nob Phone 4-IO:w. <4!i Plalnvlrw Drive. Riwewnnd Heighll SPECIAL 5 LARGE BEAUTIFUL ROOMS DOWN PLUS 2 NICE APARTMENTS UP LOW PRICE OF $16,000 Newly ii'nuxlrlcil, Including new roof • nd new laise brick and concrete ptuvh. New pinker work and nc\v h.inlwood flooru down. Large, at- liaclive rereption hall, a full bath*. (!ii« hp,ii with blower. Automatic Inn wiilcr liiMilaicil Sliirin win- sctern>. Vennlian lilimis. X GI LOANS 10':;, DOWN UP TO 25 YEAR TERMS 4-BEDROOM BRICK In Hie and rr 3 ROOM GARAGE APT.— For remT Newly decorated, (as heal, arranged for gat move; private entrance. JSj5Sl*!JJ?'. y -_¥L*i **•!!!• E . s » l Alton 5 HOOM MODERN APT.--Ve'rTnice, heat, water, garage Included. $HO mo 2-15M. 3 UNrimNtSHED~R66MS^2U llai net St., Alton. _ _ 3 BbOM APAlifMENT^rNr Main St.. Wood River. Inquire at Williami. 3 ROOM—Unfurnished aptTTIVhu heat and water lurnibhed. Adulu i-tesa. fOR BENT—3 room unfurnished Ypt He«t «nd wtler furntthed 3-8386. AN EXCEPTIONAL APT.—uTomTol Alton'i liner locatlont. a roomt. mocjtro, private bath, entrance and largg*. All utilitie* furnUhed. Adult* poly. Call between » »nd 4. 3-Sjti, 3 RQOJJ—Un/urnUhed upatiiir«"»"piT UWtf< (M, water, automatic hot w*tw furul»hed. With garage y»rd fnfl n»Mm«nt privilege!. Private en- <rMM. «b«r* bath. »i6 per moo la. a igWM. ii6plgN~=: FARMS,' INVESTMENTS »ud "" CITY PROPERTY 10 ACHES -Unimproved on hard road All tillable 12 mile* of Allon i UKIU 80 ACHES- -tiO HllHhlc. Bam. »il« garage; no house 2:1 miles ol Allon hinall down payment. J mii c oil HI 100 on gravel road . $6500 3-BKDHOOM MODEHN-Allai-hed gar age. HWK, '. acre in more ground i( wiinled If »old beiore May IM wilh 'j acre 'I mile of N Altom »'»100 ACHfcAdt- -On Levis Lane S 10 or 13 acifs. C'ontaci me fur puce 80 ACHES— On hard mad. No IUHIM :io miick ol Alioii Hum, vhu-kcn huu.c j 70uo 1BO ACRES- I:MJ lillabli- On hurri ro»d Good 8 room lioiine li.'i nulen of Allon. C«ood producjtig Jajid. Per acre • Mj^ 2-FAMILY APT. HOUSE Near Square »l Cenliil On i-oiiirai-t »12 coo DOUBLE BRICK -On 4ih" near SI Josephs Hospital. A bargain » 10 .100 340 ACHES— 200 tillable 40 mflet »outhwe*l of Springlield. N'.n nnd iilli.ii-livc npnraruncr In- *lil»' anil mil r.M-cllenl for a lovely iioiiM- \\ith iiu-ollu' or «>. on In- vi^imeni wnh many wnv> lo »r- i.m«e lur lop income Vc-iv (jood Incntion. on Iniv luir in Upper Alton See this anil yon will ajjree this li nn inuiMiullv nice, luriie home for ihis low nia-t- 'l x .u-'l> As Adverll'-ed" CLEM NOLL AGENCY HKALTOH offln- Ph. J-(i<iai Kvi'ninitK Pli-iive Call- 2-.14-., DICKMANN 1'-I7H(-, CRKN/KRACK i ACTON AVE . WOOO R1VKR- inodern in A-l ctmiliilun house t,nd btubeclle oil on lol . KMIL KKLLKHIIOUSK Mi M lirecr Aurncy Office. J.»7.v, HARTFORD — NEW BASEMFNf HOi;SE. PR ACTICA l.LY 1,1 V ABIE WIRING. PLUMBING, WATER OK BY INSPECTION PLENTY OF U M'^"JP £A5?'«9N JO V9»Q OWN room Milton Area. Perfect for ft large family, llns Inrrr Mvlnn ronm, rnrpcttd wall-to-wall, tipnrioim kllrhr*n wilh nlcr hut It-In fpjttiircK, 2 brdrnntiMt and full hath flown, plu* 3 bedroom* up, Full bi.Rfimcnt with hnsrmc nt garnftf, KHK hr«l, KlHwrd-tn Ktm porch, Pti,nt*rrd wiillH, hnrdwood floor*. IciMiIitirtl, Moi'tn window* and Ht'rcPM*. $lftno down, and rnn- ncrvatlvft monthly payments. Full Is .$16.1100 4-BEDROOM BRICK aVH-atVd nt ft Id Onk Drive, Ennf Alton. All our floor plan. Good ttf/e IfvtnR room with ft rr place, his kllchrn wllh lovely built-in*, four hiMironnn rnch with nice- rlo*rt Kpnrr. At tor tied KnrnKe and utility room wilh n»» rndlnnt hrnt. Plnstrrpd w a Hi nnd IK In prrferl rondltlnn throiiffhnnl. $1(11)0 down. Full prtrc 2 BEDROOMS I.ncnlrd at 304 N. Cenlrnl, Wood Hlvrr Prarllmll.v new. LIvlnK room Is Mxl7, Ulchrn Is 12xlH wilh beau llfnl biilll-ln frnlinr«, full both nnd 2 bedroom*, both nir Full bmrinrut with rathskeller «nd one completely Ilnlhhed rnom fnt Additional hrcironm If drslred. Oil hrnl, ln«iilatrd, plnsltrcd HWF. HAS miHrhad Rmnijc. $1100 down, and smnll monthly nnv rnri'i^ I'rlcr Sll.flOO ALLEN & NIMMONS REALTORS GEORGE PETERIE 2-9249 — 2-9185 FivK -'ROOM 'BRICK •-iiosKwobn HEIGHTS, $11,1100. CAN BE HAND LED ON CONTRACT FOR DEED WITH SMALL DOWN PAYMENT OWNER LEAVING TOWN. CAL1 4-lo;i:i OR 4-4704. WILSHIRE — 5-room modern trend brick home—stone fire- place—HWF—Clay tile kitchen & bath — colored bath fixtures—cove lighting—G washer & dryer—garbage disposal — gas heat—landscaped level lot—close to schools. $13,300 FRANK YODER REALTOR 4-9113 or 4-4627 "ATTRACTIVE HOME ARRANGED FOR 3 OR 4 BEDROOMS AT LOW PRICE OF $11,600 Plus Ifit'ri 1 * 1 ' ewN'sfd porvh wllh «\vn- ln«s This in not un "ovn -sited" hinm' and not old Kxct'llent for « liirije family fur I?M upkeep. In liood romlitUm Nice corner lot with vhadr trees. Also nice location and un huh line. Plenty cab- tneIN and rln.seIs. Insulated. Storm windows and .screen*. Automatic hot wat* 1 ) A)M> ju.rajjr. 'KMirily ,\s Advertised" CLEM NOLL AGENCY RKALTOK OI'KICE PH. 3-BB21 Kvrniniit, plcntr cull 3-»4.t4 DIL'KMANN :M7lfH t;HEN/.KBACK BRICK HOMES • ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS $114.000 IS ROOMS Wry lurgr kitchen, »l- larhrd K»r*ff, liil lOllxi'OO. su.uoo NKW 3 BED ROOM Very nice kili-h rn fc (iinrtlr: long living room with picture window »ltt..VM 6 .ROOMS & SCIteKNED PORCH — Fireplace. miniKr. lol UWxtOO wilh InnilM-aping, iivnt. ben-let, garden ALLEN & NIMMONS CO. ! NORTH ROOCERS Drive by 2WW N Rodgen and »ee this modern 4 room home l*arge living room, food »l?e kjfr/hen with bijill- in features and 2 bedrooms each with nlre rl/>«et spare Full bath, full basement with gas heat, HWF, aluminum Ktorm windows and screens. Inmilated. plastered walls and Ju«< redecorated Directly across from new school being built. Only 7 years old . *0500 MILTON AREA An excellent buy Has .", roomi In- rlndlng large living room and din- Ing room, kitchen with hullt-ins. full hath plus 2 bedrooms, full bine- menl with good hot air furnace Ha« hanernent garage, HWF. plastered wall*. Insulated, aluminum storm sa*h, glassed-in front porch. Outside t and Inside Is In good condition $8030 ALLEN k NIMMONS CO REALTORS GEORGE PETERIE 2-9249 _ 2-9185 _____ JOHN A. GREER, REALTOR MILTON ROAD OFFICE Phone 2-8312 MILTON ROAD - Near new high school » room all modern, one-floor plan; also has 2 finished rooms in basement. HWF, plastered walls, rahl- nets and Inlalds. automatic water heater, Insulated, storm windows and screen. Asking $12,500 WILLARD ST.- R room all modern. A-l condition. 4 large rooms down, 2 room apt. up. Private entrance. 2 full balh«, plastered walls, Venetian blinds, IfWF, gas heat, Insulated Asking $14.1)00 HUMBERT nn. -7 room Ml modern, (.nrage, barn, large poultry house, in A I condition. .'10 acres. Ideal for subdivision. Call lor Information. RT. 67—4 room all modern. Full basement in A-l condition. Long living rnnm with fireplace, has no acres, about 2.1 llllable. Asking only $12,600 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS AIRLINE DRIVE * WEST HALLF.R )ne of the outstanding homes In the area. A large 7 room brick, one floor plan; 2-car garage attached. Full basement, radlanl gas heal. Large living and dining space with a bemiUdll fireplace, HWF plastered walls, tile bath, large picture windows. A lovely kitchen arrangement with breakfast nook, lots nf cabinets. You will he amazed at the many fine features and wonderful construction this home has. The Interior will be decoraled to your specification*. Call us for appointment or owner will show. WE HAVK A LAHGt L.ISTINO OF HOMES OF ALL TYPES IN THE BETHALTO AREA. CALL MR. HATTERY AT BETHALTO OFFICE FOR INFORMATION, ALTON — Nelgrborhood grocery doing an excellent business. All flxlurcs In A-l con- rllllon. Will sell stock and fixtures or lease building or will sell all cnmplele with building. Information at office. HI-POINTS PLACE—6 room all modern. One floor plan. 2 fireplaces, 1 '/jbalhs, beautifully decoraled Inlerlor, cabinets and Inlalds. HWF. oil henl, large lot, 200' x 37FT. L a f S • floor plan. Call for information. HARTFORD- 5 room all modern. Glns«rd-ln porch, full basement, garage, in good location. Has extra lot. Onlv Sifliino BETHALTO—New 4 rnom all modern With ullllty room, large modern with iilillty room, large living room, cabin* is and Inlalds, Insulated, ll.W K . plastered walls, gas heat, city water and sewer. Reduced fnr quick sale $8750 BETHALTO AREA- We have I new 4-room all modern homes. Garages attached. Will sell on G L loan wllh $400 down. Prices REAL ESTATE SALE ^^ lri FOR No A|{«n»i Need Applf J bedroom in food Upper Alton location . . $13,900 1 room brlek in Milton area fll.DOri Income property 4 apt* 12,50 per mo. meomi!. All rented $13.SOO 2-liV) PLlASi NOTE AM VERY FORTUNATE IN HAVING AT THIS TIME AN UNUSUALLY NICE LISTING OF HOMES. NORTH ALTON AImo«t new 4-room brick, utility room, gas heat, cabinets, carpet In- eluded. nice yard. UPPER ALTON •» vrry nlci; small hom*« — On* 4 room on* ftv« room. Nlr« y»rd», r«hln*'«. rli*»n reasonable, EXCELLENT LOCATION Jnuiual ranch type hrick, larite living room, fireplace, tile hath. colored fixtures, rathokellar with firepl»<-e, beautiful setting, owner leaving town. Everything for comfortable HvlnK. If you want to sell your home, free correct appraisal given. Ask for VERNA C. RICCS Days S-35B4. Evenings 2-.12.W Sixteen years with Marry F. Hemphill Agency 'OR SALE — 4 room modern house with basement. HWF. garage and chicken house. I*arge lot. On S Oak St . Cottage Hills, III. From owner. _Phone 4-27BH. _ ______ A'NE'W 4V," ROOMS 'STBATh —Com- nletelv modern home ga« furnace. insulated, oak floor In Alton, near schools and trannportatlon. Priced REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE back . NEW 'I HK1) RUOM N" .'i. 8 lull roomi,; purrli: .in.ichcil jjHitiKf. llexi-v'rlll window* with aluminum ulcirin wln- In Norlhwoods tirepUi-r: back bargain . WiO.OOO »lock and gram One ol the best farms in Illinois. Other listings not in ihu a d J. C SHINPAUGH »H St»U. Phone 2-1M6 _ Alton Realty »"" ACHES— Of "farm "and timberlaiidT f°?5L }l u ^5.«l_g5' 0 Un'Js Ph. 3-7416. ' fOR S'ALE— CO »cr'eT~f room" house. •Jl modern. Good outbuildings 20 mlle» from Allon on blwklop ro»d +4 milt cast of Pr»irJ«town. No Phont tail*. Shown «fter i:'M p.m Sgturdw ox Suod*y. Alfred 8. S 44i) FIELDON, ILLINOIS - 2 LIVABl E BUILDINGS. FRONTAGE ON RT IB IN TOWN. $4400 INVESTED' ASKING S'i70<J CALL KENNETH C. KILLEBHEW 4-74«2 M. R. HARPOLE AGENCY • NEW DUPLEX -' InMeudowbrook.' Two 3-room plus utility Very nice, water in kitchens and utility rooms'. Let your icnli-j make your uuxf menu Going lor W930 frum owruWr See r. H. Beckh«in al Shipman. Lumber_Co., Shipman. Illinois " > 18. WOO :i BKI> KOOM With studied double (aragc; m Norlhwoodt No 1: exlr« larur living room wllh Hone fireplace: radiant gat baseboard heal; lol 100x130; aluminum window*. $18,900 3 BED ROOM— 1 ,vr. old: large living room wllh fireplace; very nice «n- rloned back porch with new type jalounie window*, radianl bate board heat; lol 100x200. $21.500 8 ROOMS--Plu» enclo»ed breezeway . & large g«rage; fireplace; ticker heal: large lol wilh barbecue & frill I At ahade tree*. ROOMS— Plu* cncloted bre«e\va>- 4; double allached garage: fireplace In large living room and in ralh- tkeller In baiemeiit; large lot; house 1 yi. old. R. H. HESSENFLOW, REALTOR 4-38SJ ot *-i»« NKAR BETHALTO—2.1 acres on highway. Ideal (or subdivision. City water and sewer available. Choice location. Cull our Milton Rd. or Bethalto olllre. BETHALTO—4 room modern in A-l rnnriltlon. On large lol. near high school. Only $B330 EAST ALTON—3 rooms and 2 enclosed porches. Full bath. In A-l condlllon. Has 2-room house on rear of lot, rents for $22 per monlh. Only ... $4500 CALL ONE OF OUR OFFICES FOR INFORMATION ON TIIESF. AND OTHER HOMF.S. WE HAVE A LARGE LISTING OF ALL TYPES, IN ALL PRICE RANGES. JOHN A. GREER, Realtor Milton Road Office 2-8312 Onen Till 9 P. M. JOHN GREER 2-7M1 WM 'BILL! PLUMMER a-fiUprt ORV1LLE WILLIAMS. . .2-BIIM WEBB MOUSEK 1-HIWO PAUL HATTERY 4-2002 Bethalto Office 3581 WM. inll.L) MATTERY.. 6.122 WOOD RIVEH~-":i"room seniY-iuoderii rash or terms, very reasonable. Ph 4-54HS. _ FOR "SALE"" "J2 acres. Fine, mod ern hrick ranch type home. Nea Greenville on hifinway; 40 acres— good house, near Palmyra, $31 142 acres Improved •- Rood soil good rond, near Ilillshoro. $17.000 beautiful home for spacious living Carllnvllle. excellent locution, cash In ins. trade. W, M GREKR AGENCY (inn So. Broad, Carllnvllle. llllnol MCE ~4-~KO~OM " HOUSE" "—'"' Iflfi E Forest St.. Hartford. limilaled screens, stoker Lol SO x 125; J750C J.'alJ^ 2-4074 after S p.m. _ ~ "BENDER AVENUE— ~ ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS NEW 4-ROOM HOME. AS BESTOS SIDING, OIL FUR NACE, CABINETS, WIRED FOR STOVE. H.W. FLOORS STORM DOORS, AUTO MATIC HOT WATER HEATER. LOT IS 50 x 180. PRICED TO SELL $9,950 FIFTH STREET- HARTFORD GOOD CONDITION, 4-ROOM HOME. CONCRETE BLOCK, GAS FURNACE, WIRED FOR STOVE, CABINETS, VENETIAN BLINDS, FULL BATH, LARGE LOT, CAN BE BOUGHT ON CONTRACT FOR DEED WITH $1,500 DOWN PAYMENT. SALE PRICE ONLY $6,200 CALL HAROLD E. AUSTIN EVENINGS 4-3976 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY S ROOM MODERN—Gas"~heat"."Tieat inside, reasonable price 2010 Park Avenue. FOUR ROOM HOUSE—In Rosewood Heights, for tale or rent. Call Ed- wardavllle, 2584-Wi._ WOOD" RIVER—rotH"stREE"tr"HOX~ ANA SCHOOL DISTRICT. FHST TIME ON THE MARKET. A MOME THAT HAS BEEN PERSONALIZED AT THE EXPENSE Of THE SELLER COMPARE THESE ITEMS, GAS HEAT, VENETIAN BLINDS, COMPLETE INSULATION, INLAIDS FULL BASEMENT, SCREENED PORCH. CONCRETE PATIO. GARAGE, ETC. FOR APPOINTMENT CALL KENNETH C. KIU4EBREW. i M. S. BAJBPOW5 AGENCY. If 1 CLYDE BEH^MfTH. Post Office Bo* 71, Alton. Phone Portage Dei Sioux, Mo., 9377 SBRING ADbTftON — Nice 4 room modern home. Full basement. Small down paymemnt, balance contract for deed. CALL ELMER McPHERSON 2-;>147 Hemphill Agency ROXANA 117 S. Cenlral — 5 rooms. Full base- rncnl wllh new aiilnmntlc gas furnace and wnter hcnter. windows. Insulated, garage. Price $A250. Now vacant; owner will sell on terms to suit buyer, dial 4-11093. Evenings, 4-774B, . MODCTrT—3 room hotiM. Corner lot. Nice garden irpaee, extra large room*. Sll So Olive, Hartford 4-3290. MfLTOrf AREA - 3 ROOM BRjCR GAS RKAT. ruLL BASCTTZNT. COMBINATION WINDOWS, GAR AGE t73,V) ROSS DARR - 2-1381 i HARRY DREW AGENCY—2-12M \ 3 BEDROOMS '~| NEW 3-ROOM BRICK veneer home i Rosewood HeUhtJt. Large floor plan. HWr, birch cablneti, tile j walls & rubber tile on floors In i both kitchen & bath, basement j finished Into recreation room, plus | rathskellar with fireplace, attached «ar»iee, brick nower box, concrete drive. ^-«ttS_. .. .__ .. I1B.500 " MlLfON AREA HORN ST. --Clone to schools. 4 room modern In Rood condition Plastered walls. HWP, a bedrooms, modern kttrhrn. Venetian blinds, full basement, fa» heat. Price $8flOn ALTON COLLEor CREST—41-, room modern. , like new. Large floor plan, HWF. I modern kitchen with tile, ttorm *ash. Insulated, full basement, itoker heat, garage. Price . $10,500 CALL |IM CREEK 2-9735 After « p.m. 2-67M «li_M. Oreer SPECIAL . tgTATt A QDICt SAtft of yoor property _ Call tLI M. GAKKA AGCNCt OmCK: Dial 2-9754 3-g130 WANTlD W need 2 - 4-room homes in Upper Alton, priced under *10,flOO In North Alton, 1 - S-room. priced around »11,000 1, 4 or 5 room, anywhere that It nice. Must be large kitchen. We have cash guverj VERNON JOHNSON—2-3398 Cldtebrook Agency WANTED TO BUY—3 bedroom home In North Alton or Godfrey. Write Box 870. care Telegraph. FARM - LIVESTOCK n rttpg AND stEtta FOH DeKALB HYBRID CORN ArTT) CHICKS—Phone J-70« John Stutj, FosterbuTg Hd. f» Ltvtarocn 5~ SADDLE MARES—Baby beef "3rd house down McCluiky Rd . 1 milt off Highway_g7 BLACK SHEfLANBPpONY—« yearT old Broke for children, good enouth for show pony. Phone 2-6566 after FOR SALK^fweTvt bred fllti wm" farrow in thirty days. Walter Beter- mann. telephone 39S4-WS. Jersey- vllle. Illinois. , DAIRY HEIFERS—For sale. Henry" Bachman, Godfrey, III. AUCTIONS «4C NEW SUMMER COTTAGE ON MILL CHEEK — 19 mlnutei from Alton, Include* furniture and boat, $3900 ,OTS — Mlddletown $2830; Upper Alton $2.175. Forest Homes $523. -ROOM BRICK, Upper Alton. 1 floor, double garage $24.000 1-STORY BRICK — 4 bedrooms. Upper Alton $22,000 STONE MANSION — D'Adrian fiardens $BO,000 BETH ALTO -- New, 3-bedronm home. Oil heal $8300 i-ROOM MODERN --• Rosewood Heights. Full basertfent, oil furnace. $8500 I-ROOM MODERN — Closed porch, big back yard. Gas furnace. Wallace St S7930 iF.VERAL LOW-PRICED HOMES — Forest Homes. |ohnson 3-8284 Beoll 3-9478 West 2-7301 Moore 2-1742 ALTON REALTY CO., Realtor 613 E. Broadway 2-2222 LARGE 5-ROOM HOME A HARO-TO-FINO 2-STORY PLAN $11,500 Nice location; Central Ave. Plus large enclosed porch Comb, aluminum storm window! and screens Oil heat. Auto, hot water Cabinets. Large closets New Venetian blinds Attractive Interior Nice floors > Large bedrooms » A well-arranged home "Exactly As Advertised" CLEM NOLL AGENCY REALTOR Office Ph. 3-6021 Evenings please call 2-H4.14 OICKMANN _2-47«.fl ORENZEBACH RODGER'S PARK Storm! 3-BEDROOM BRICK ti STONE- Pella windows, ceramic tile In kitchen & bathroom, natural cabinets, coved ceilings, lot* of closeta, full basement, 2 fireplaces, level lot HOX13.V Located In restricted subdivision. .Shown by appointment. Call 3-3232 or 4-*lB3 or 2-427B NOHTH RODDERS' ANNUAL SPRING FARM MACHINERY SALE Af the Hilltop Sales Barn Saturday, April 17, 11 a.m. Already consigned: 1951 John Deere B and cultivator. 952 Ford, plow and cultivator. 947 Ford, 1 A.C. tractor, 2 International tractors, several Ford-Ferguson tractors, 1951 Hammermill, Ford cultivators, pows and disc, International corn planter and fertilizer attachment, wagons, drills,, A.C. mounted mower, John Deere 16" plow, 2-whecl dump trailer, many other articles too numerous to mention. Bring all consignments early. ART LONG, 2-5112 GODFREY TOWNSHIP SPECIAL 7-ROOM MODERN — IVi- story. 2 baths. Beautiful hardwood floors and fireplace, well decorated, plenty of cabinets and closets, 3 bedrooms, large den, utility, automatic oil heat and hot water, 2-car garage and work shop, 2 acres. Humbert road. Nice for subdividing. Owner going to California. OUTH ROXANA—$1500 down NEW BRICK—5-room modern and large utility, large living room, fireplace, picture window, 3 bedrooms, plenty of closets, automatic heat, hot water heater, attached garage. Sale price $9500 |OHN BERIGAN, REALTOR 4-6614 ROBERT IOHNSON 3-6962 _ |ohn Berigan_— 2-4276 ATTENTFON VETERANS ONLY $500.00 DOWN 4-ROOM MODERN FULL PRICE $6000 Balance at $55 per month under Contract for Deed but only until your G, I. loan is completed then the payments drop to $35 with interest at only 4'/2'Vi. This is a good deal so don't wait too long. Immediate possession. CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY REALTOR 349 E. Bdwy. Office 3-6621 .JllTlS Evenings 2-8454 WOOD RIVER 442 DULANY-5 rooms, only few yearx old. Full basement with sinker Illcd bath, tub and shower; Ntorm windows, insulated, atitoniittic water healer: water snfincr; lol B7',-jxl(>o wilh large garage. Owner transferred. Iivt- meriiHte possession. Will sell for $11.000 n. II. IIESSKNFLOW, REALTOR 9 Wood River Ave.—Dial 4-3893 Evenings Dial Glenn _L-_Sjijith,_4-4808 INCOM E~PHbl'ERTY~One~biricic, o'tie frame; good location, newly decorated. For price of one. Call 4-R39H. Lights & water, lot 75x150 J3150 WHITE OAK (Milton Area) room modern, lot 60x120 ... »8250 Jnhnnon ,1-8284 West 2-7301 ALTON REALTY CO. EAST ALTON WASHINGTON AVE.—New 4-room modern brick, large floor plan, HWK. modern kitchen with lots of cabinet*, full basement, gas heat, large level lot. Price . $13,500 MILTON AREA HERBERT ST. — In restricted area. 5 room modern brick with garage atached. Wall-to-wall carpeting in living room and dining room, modern kllchen, bath, full basement, automatic heat. Reduced price— call for information. CALL KENNETH GREER 2-9753 After « p.m. call 2-9884 Eli M. Greer Agency ABBOY STREET—BETHALTO," NEAR HIGH SCHOOL, NEW 5-ROOM HOME, CAS FLOOR FURNACE WEATHERBOARD FINISH, INSULATED, HWF. UTILITY ROOM, ALL MODERN, GARAGE. LOT 50x 110. SALE PRICE.. $7,900. FIFTH STREET-HARTFORD, 4-ROOM ALL MODERN HOME, GOOD CONDITION, CONCRETE BLOCK FINISH, CAS FURNACE. CABINETS, VENETIAN BLINDS, WIRED FOR STOVE. GARAGE, LARGE LOT. $1,500 DOWN PAYMENT. SALE PRICE $6,200 ACTON STREET - WOOD RIVER, GOOD CONDITION, 5-ROOM HOME. WEATHERBOARD FINISH, STOKER FURNACE, GARAGE, AUTOMATIC HOT WATER HEATER, INSULATED, STORM WINDOWS AND SCREENS, WIRED FOR STOVE, FUU BATH. LOT §0*150. PRICED TO SELL AT $11,550 CALL HAROLD E. AUSTIN 4-1914. EVENINGS 4-397$ HARRY F. HfMPHIU AGENCY ELI M. GREER, REALTOR ALTON PROPERTY JUST OUT OF ALTON—Humbert St. road. A beautiful new ranch style modern with breezeway and garage. This home has large floor plan, strickly modern. Full basement, oil furnace. Large lot. Call for further information. INCOME PROPERTY—Just off State street, close to schools and bus. 9 room home with .'I apartments; each aparlmcnl has balh, some furniture, garage. Income $100 month. Price *13,200 NORTH HODGERS—« room modern, like new. a bedrooms, modern kitchen, full basement, stoker heat. Price f 10,500 NORTH ALTON—Large 4 room modern ranch style with garage attached. Large living room with fireplace, modern kitchen, 2 large bedrooms, large closet space, full basement, gns heat. Large lot. Price ... $1.1,250 JUST OFF WASHINGTON AVE.— Jocsting Ave. Income property. 10- room home with two 5-room apis. Price $10,600 MILTON AREA MILTON ARF.A—Duco SI. Close to bus and school. 4 room home in A-I condition. Venetian blinds, full base menl, furnace heat, garage. Price J5700 BUENA VISTA—Just off Huberl St. 9 room modern In A-l condition. HWF, Venetian blinds, modern kltch en, glassed-in front porch, full basement. Furnace heat. Large lot. Price *R950 CORONADO DRIVE—4 room modern in good condition, HWF, modern kitchen, full basement, furnace heat; also a room home on rear of lot in good condition for rental. Price $7900 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS PROPERTY ROSEDALE DRIVE—One block from new school. A beautiful new 4 room modern wilh breezeway and garage large living room wilh fireplace, HWF, 2 large bedrooms, cedar closets, modern kitchen and balh Kns heal, Insulaled, slorm sash. Large lot. Price $U,fiOO WOOD RIVER PROPERTY CENTRAL AVE.—4 room modern in A-l condition. Large floor plan, HWF, veentian blinds, modern kilch- en with tile, full basement, stoker heat, garage. Prica $10.500 GRAND AVE.—Lincoln addition. 3- room home in A-l condition. Mod ern kitchen, full basemenl, shower and stool, large worshop and garage. Price $4200 PENNING AVE.—4 room modern newly decoraled, new balh fixtures large kitchen, full basement, new furnace. Price $6.1(10 1IITH STREET—-5 room modern, years old in A-l condition. ,1 bedrooms, HWF, modern kitchen, full ba.semenl, Insulated, furnace heat Price $8000 ELI M. GREER, REALTOR OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 9 P. M. We Have 2 Offices to Give You Better Real Estate Service For a Quick Sale nf Your Property Call MILTON ROAD OFFICE 2-97S5 UPPER ALTON OFFICE 3-7S04 After fi;00 P. M. Jim Greer Richard Beuttel . Emit Kellerhouse. Kenneth Greer ., Tom G'bson .... Frank Page .... Irene Clark .... Call ...2-6728 ...3-8130 ...3-5649 ...2-9884 ...2-4258 ...2-2885 ...3-5649 ROXANA Perfect location, excellent condition. 4 roomi Including living, nice size kitchen, full bath, plus 2 bedrooms. Full basement, automatic oil heat, plastered walls, hardwood floors, in- tulated, norm windows and icrceni. One block from but and shopping dlitrict. Close to ichool and churchei $9000 ALLEN it NIMMONS Realtor George Peterie—2-9249, 2-9185 ROYAL ST. 7-ROOM modern home. 4 bedrooms, ctoker heal, HWF, wired lur electric stove. Price $8623 Call RICHARD BEUTTEL 3-7504 After 5 p.m. a-8130 ELI M. GREER AGENCY 1703 Wathington Ave. WANTEO-BBAt, g»T4T» WANTED — 1 acre lot In Godfrey township. Phone 3-72S3. PLEASE CALL OR SEE GEORGE PETERIE To list your house (or sale. I v call al your home evenings or weekends to discuss and appraise your property. No obligations. We have the ability to finance F H.A.. Prudential and some G. I. loans. Prompt, efficient a n d courteous service will be given you. ALLEN 4 NIMMONS l*«lfor .9185 WANTED—LOT-Eoiewood Height*: Cub (or (004 buiMUof tot. 4-«m YEAR OLD BArtmO fttNS—35c In. Helenj3rosh«n. Humbert Rd. 3-6449. SPECIAL—on four-weefc-old COCKERELS now. Baby tmd ttarted chick* available. Ail MartM chick* earrj * on* week guarantee. Open Sundays. Call 181 collect to pl«c« an order. Hall-i Hatchery. Ctrrolltofi. SAW, On SATURDAY, APRIL 24. 1954 leglnning at 10:30 A.M. at the late farm home of ELIZABETH C. HAAG deceased, located 5 miles Southwest of Brighton and S miles Northwest of Godfrey, on Lafteman all-weather road, the farm and personal property owned by the decedent will be «old at public sale. Personal property consists of auto deep freer.e. refrigerator, miscellaneous furniture, quilts, dishes and silverware, corn, clover seed, lumber, posts, hay loader, wagon, chickens, shop and garden tools, canned fruit, frozen meal and fruit and other Hems too numerous to mention. Real estate consisting of well Improved 166 acre farm will be sold at 3 P.M. This Is one of the better farms In Plasa Township. 100 acre* In cultivation and balance In pasture. Terms of sale on personal property; Cash on day of sale. Terms of sale nn renl estate; 20-S down on day of sale and balance upon delivery of merchantable abstract of title and deed. OTTO L. OERTEL, FRANK J, SCHMIDT, Executors. JERRY LONG, Auctioneer. HEMPHILL A KELSEY, Attorneys. COMMUNITY AUCTION — TuesdayT Friday and Saturday nights. Route 140. Cottage Hills. We Buy and Sell. 4-R266. flit DOfiS—I'ATS—I'ETS FOR SALE— 2 male beagle pups, S10. 2-3567. pur> WANTED— Home foTTTfemale pics. 220B Holland, ^Alton. C AN AR Y~SIN G ER' XT'C A"G&^R7oiolv able. 3-8056. ___ _______ _ FOR SALE — Beagle pups! the~»ire7 Field Champion Browning's Bing. AKC. Phone 3-6356. W I LL~GIVE AWAY^fi month old part Irish Setter pup for good home. jK)B_Union. __ __ BOX ER^PUPS^PedTgrced, AKCTfawn with black mask. 4-2002. EASTER BUNNIES — Seminary Rd, Ph. 2-0401. EASTEIt BUNNIES -- Young'does and meal rabbits. 519 Prairie St., Bethalto. RABBITS ~~ Rcsidencc, Alton. ""KENTfELS Godfrey . . Phone 2-1)374 We hoard dogs of all breeds; also females In season. Individual stall and runs. Heated kennel. WHira~57n»BITS~FOR~SA"i,E —"Call 4-9145. RABBITS FOR SALE— Fryers, breed- Ing stock and Easter bunnies. 436 Jihcridan St., Bethalto. Pr. 4H52. EASTEli~BU"NN JES~^^Fl>F~' " Humbert. "2514 In~an~coloi-s oTTSnster Parade. 40 East Airline Drive, Hosc- wood _Heights._ 4-400B. _ FOR S'ALE"— "Easter raTSTt»."~2;)18 Humbcrt SI. EASTER" B UNNIES — For saTe^ an sizes. Call Bethallo 4711. 340 Corbin, Bethalto. _ "HEGISTElRED COLTfE PUPS— 4 mos. old. Sable and white, $35. 3-9061 . COCKERS — "Blond and bla~ck7~two months, AKC, besl breed, reasonable. 2-3373. YOUNG PARAKEETS—Training age, guaranteed singers. Also nice female canaries. 2-1637. 013 Lamport JARRETT KENNELS • - "Board your dogs or cats; also females In season Holidays, weekends, vacations, Individual houses and runs. For reservations call 2-4074. <IB FARM EQUIPMENT NEW HOLLAND — 66-77-80 balers delivered to your farm. 10 per cent down, Interest free to June 1st. For best deal see Stanka Garage. North Allon LOW, LOW PRICES ON THE KELLY RYAN TRAILWAY ELEVATOR FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLV Lowest Prices In Our History'. Prices FOB. Factory include tpout hopper, tires & tubes. 24 ft. 28 ft. 32 ft. 36 ft. 40 ft. 44 ft. $247.00 281.00 304.00 320.00 336.00 352.00 Available in additional lengths up to 00 ft. This is a special offer for a limited time only. See or call us today, take advantage of the money saving LOW LOW Price*. CARTER BROS. TRACTOR CO., ALTON, ILL. rubber; lights, 7-ft. tandem disc, J bottom 14" plow with holt colter* cultivators. 2-0884. GARDEN~TRACTOR^¥f1gjs~i"~"sfrat ton motor, all attachments, good con dltion. 4-8232^ 19*8 AC W/C"ivefy~goodl $7So 181B FORD—At is $405 1948 FORD — Overhauled, repainted S79! 1948 FORD—With plow and cultivator Make u» an offer. 1951 FORD — With Sherman comb. transmission $993 1 OLIVER 70 Cheap MASSEY-HARRIS 82—Wilh plow and cultivator Cheap For a better deal—see your Ford Tractor Dealer. FRANK LYNN CARTER BROS. TRACTOR & EQUIP. CO., ALTON, ILL. NEW"jTD^bleVerR~t7aeto7rcoSujiete with hyd. cylinder. $3750. We trade. NEW J.D.—50 Tractor PTO Rolo Malic $1950 NARMONT MACHINERY CO. Aubu_rn. 111. HAY "CONDlflbNER MEYER~t,a« model with mower attachment JS75. Narmont Machinery Company, Au burn, Illinois. D - 4 CRAWLER TRACTOR - 4-14 1 plow. Farmal Cub tractor with mower, plow, cultivator and 3 row plint- er. Call evenings. 2-9343. GRAVELY TRACTORS Sale* at Service C R JUNGK 3-9611 301 e. Broadway Alton ADOLPH E. JUNGK - *»7«-R« B H 1. Jerteyvllle 1000 7' LOCUST POSTS—5" " - 12' diameter. 40c, 50c; and firewood Phone 2-8085. _ r'EEttg 4KB JEEPi HAY"fQR SAUE—Jo« Becbtold. 3-3Q35: AGHICO FERTILIZE*. NUTRENA FEED£ PFISTEB SEED COBN GET THE BEST - 1-400* CVSBITT H&iBIi 'OR SALE—77 head Mock cattle. Weight about 450-300 pounds, consisting of 37 Hereford ateeri and 40 Black An<ru! »t*ert. These are all good quality cattle. Ed Brummer, 1 mile east Bunker Hill, 111. POtll.Tltf A"NP BVPPLIIlS* " FOR SALE—Fryers, 3 to 3^4 IBS. »1.00 each «llv*. Also will take orders for asparagus. Srwln ttnke. Wanda Poag Road. John Kluette Place. Phone Edwardsville 1676-R3. FOR SALE—Battery raited " rryersT dremed or allv*. Nelson Gibbons. 3-7052, MISC. FOR SALE ARTICLES ro* »ALt FOR SALE-IO" console TV, »SO. * new travli rods, 4 - 4fl" »nd 1 -120" >/i price. Chrome let formica top breakfast net. $so. Console radio, cheap. Car carrier, $8. Dropleat table $8. 4-8325. SHALLOW WELL WATER PUMP — 17 gallon tank. Also 1947 Ngih. Phone 2-5472. YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS Vl«lt our new atore. See the flrat completely new Diana Ensemble Kitchen. We will plan your kitchen without obligation. No down payment required. 36 month! to pay. Wedge plan. Alton Home Improvement <M2_ E. Bdwy. Dial 2-6320—2-288» ALUMINUM TRIPLE TRACK—StornT window!, most sizei. »J1.95. No money down. 4-3917. NEW AND USED—Hand and power" mowers. Guaranteed. Will trade, rent. Goodall and Swfsher Dealer. Frea demonstration. Newby's Lawnmower Service. 138 South 14th Street, Wood River. 4-9368. MAYTAG WASHEH-I1S. Small round" table and 4 chain, |4. Drop leaf tabl« and 4 extra chain, W. Antique table. Ph. 2-4443. / _ SALE 0"R~fRADE— 80 meter trans'- mltter. Crystal controlled frequency. Inquire 319 Elfgen. after 8 p.m. FOR SALE — Like new, Kelvinatnr electric dehumidlfler, 2 mo«. old, Will sacrifice. 4-1978 before S:30 p.m. NEW SKELGAS RANGE— Model 24-44!" Full size range, 16" ooven. Only $12.75 down, $9.47 monthly. No charge for installation. Bottle of natural uns. Alton Skelgai & Heating, JBM. Washington. 2-2763. klTCHEN"~ i rA"gL"E— Natural or bottle gas heater, Frlgldaire refrigerator. _____ ___ NEW i«p3A~U GREASE TRAP, $5^" 2-burner oil stove, $5, oil healer, 55. ^^ft^wcl^pjpe^SS. Ph. 4-9942. BO~Y]T~*"GiRTs~lfiKE"S— Size 2B V " Good condition. New U hp. electric motor. 3 used electric motors, >/« hp. 2(124 Jutisnn. SEVER AL^Good used rcfriReratofsT $49 up. Alton Skclgas & HeatinK, 1654 Washington. 2-2765. _ LAWNMO"WE~R SHARPENER — Like new. Call before 2 p.m. 4-9703. MEN'S CLEVELAND — Shoe roTl'er" skates, toe stops and case, 8"i, $18. Boy's blue suit, size 14, worn 3 times, $10, cost $35. T. V. and lounge chair, $7.30. Coffee table, 408 Con__ ____ ___ _____ APT. "S'iZE ELECTRIC STOVE— And refrigerator, washer, oil healer, wardrobe, bed, sprlngn. mattress, cabinet base, 2 chests of drawers, 2 platform rockers, 2 lawn mowers, 110-ga)lon tank, radio tools and other articles. 4-3056. WEBCOR—All speed record player. Bought Christmas for $91 and S2(l for records. Will sell both for $65. Or will trade for good boat trailer. Call 2-8518. FAIRBANKS-MORSE — Shallow well pump with tank. Good condition. Ph. JMmsO. MUELLER—4 or 5 room Gravely furnace, good condition, $65. 4-8367. G" 0 iTAH~& "AMPLIFIER—Winchester 20 gauge pump. Hoss Smith, 14) h St., St Edwardsville Rd. Inquire fnr James Rlgdon. USED" MER^HANlbTSE Maytag Washer *-tn Apt. Gas Range $2!) Apt. Electric Range .,$20 Bemllx Washer $;ill Frlgldaire Refrigerator ,,,,,,,,$4!i in" Console TV $95 Globe Meat Slicer $H9 A t;ood selection nf used electric ranges and refrigerators. ALTON REFRIGERATION CO. 530 E. Broadway Ph. .'1-7722 WHITE BIBLES—$1 and up. The perfect Easter or Confirmation gift. Visit our newly enlarged store and browse. You'll be filad you did. Alton Bible and Book Store, 208 Laclcde_St. J-BOfll. 30-GALLON—Side arm gas Water heater, good condition. 4-5559. MOWERS Goodall Rotary Mowers for tale, i-enl or trade. Used Power Mowers $25.00 up. THE WORK SHOP Godfrey — 2-14S6 ASPHALT TILE — Plastic wall tile, linoleum tile and plastic tile, by the block or we install. Aluminum and Canvas Awnings RUSSELL VENETIAN BLIND MFG. CO. nil MILTON ROAD ALTON ELECTRIC WATER HEATER — Free electrical installation wher* 220 volts are in the house. No money down. Payment* a> low ai |5 per month. EBBLER ELECTRIC 2512 Slate St. Phone »-7S8» NEW 4t USED—Air conditioner! for home, office or itore. Convenient term*. Phone 3-3015 or 3-7723. BOATS * ACCE880BIEB 14 FT. STRIP CEDAR BOAT—10 h. p. Johnson motor and boat trailer, all $350. Phone 4-3094 afler 5 p.m. SPEED1CRAKT Boats, Sterling Boat Trailers. Scott-Atwaler Motor!. Complete Repair Service on All Makes. Clark's Boat! tc Motors, 808 E. Bdwy.. Alton. 3-6855. 14 FT. LARSON—Like new, with 25 h. p. Johnson motor; will demonstrate, Call 3-7249. CHRIS-CRAFT AND U-MAK-IT-BOAT KITS All sizes, 8 ft. to 23-ft. inboard an4 outboard, cruisert and runabout!. Save money by aasemblinf your own boat. See your authorized dealer for Information and pricei. 18 and 21 ft. Express crulsen on display. REXROAT MOTORS, Inc. 2625 E. Broadway Dial 3-777« HOUSEBOAT—With or without power, Grafton Boat Works. EXTRA LIGHT—14 ft. boat for sale. 421 Bdwy.. East Alton. 5 HP. JOHNSON SEAHORSE — Out. board motor. Excellent condition, »7S, Will accept down payment. Call _2-8516. NEW & USED DOATS & MOTORS—" All makes and sizes. KLUMP BOAT and MOTOR CO., 1319 Milton Road, 3-6541. Til BUILD IN U MATERIAL YOUNGSTOWN Aluminum Storm and Screen Windows and Doors FHA TERMS—36 Mo. to Par Windows *23.85 Poors 138.50 Alton Home Improvement 647 £. Broadway Dial a-83»» Alter 5 p. m. 2-2668 Oo i 7M UQ IT BUILp YOUR OWN-20" window f«n7 W4VMIBK IU*»

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