Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 13, 1969 · Page 5
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 5

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1969
Page 5
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AfUr handling fetnagers Willie Mae takes on reporters in stride •r HiLKN THOMAS 'a bit on the matronly side. WASHINGTON (UPII — Willie stood tiiere in a rojral blue dress! Uae Boeen, a peppery former ^od a pink bat. didunc it out as bish school teacher &x>ai^ >s it came. ; Teooessee. dammed the ice box Rogers, a oati\-e o(> daor shut 00 Betty Fnmess. Jadcsoo. Tens., tau^ Miss Rogen The milifary says Conduct code designed to help POWs survive •y TOM Tlf Of NE* Staff CenMpM WASHIXG7X )N (NEA) — A President home ecooomics before rueky aw" ancient question has Nixon's neW " eonsulto*~i'^ *^ Good emerged witli the rdease of the clJi ^w *I «<««^S as director o( the Pueblo crew from North Ko «a^ rathe ran. a nenec^ia^i^^ Housekeepmg lasutute. ^h^i is: How sbouH a captured at the White ^^avl Washington Post today soWier conduct Jumsdf in the in her a«^ssSr ^«h,''«'^ the enemy? icamtm the dar abr ha-i*""** appointment ('the Not surprisingly, the military ippSrtmeoLtt ^ a ^Spf«^!»*« Uiat can be said for it. . . ukes a petrified attitude. Re- inFoT ^ls Md wwtme''* «l » inexplicable"* and gardless of punishment, it says. 1^. * her ne«-s conference ("perhaps prisoners of war mnst never she plan to coosidt with !?* fri^'^' °* <»" ''S^ wiU MuTFurn^ tte ^etoei^*"^ perfonnance o€ any oc distoyal or hanniiil to the teleiision apriiiicelStdw^ United Stales or iU allies. utT^ a rim^ iA ln «»i ^ P«* s*'"! ««*s In a 2*7-»t)rd document, t h e Joto »nAtoSSh^ confenwe bad the qualitj- of a CWe of Conduct, members of Jco^^A^mnistration. .-put-on." the armed forces are told that WS.I HU ^ thnrtir H..' "0* edJloTJal — accompanied if they arc captured Ibey must waT^R^^t^' **, by a biting Hertlock cartoon give inly name. rank, ser^•ice talk about me-okav '-i'^^'*"^ to each ear and; .hing more is excessive. WtaVabout the fart that she'""**'"**' - ^ " « " ''"^ "'^y- »iB get wy &om Ch housekeeping InsUtule" - con- To extract informaUon. enc- ^etMctT aS^ ftT G^^'*^«'= "Somehow, the hovrting mies of the Vnited States have Housekeeotnff Macaiine viW '""ProP"**' M"** Rogers' been known to poke out men's ri ,?^f^f;„.;;.:f^-. i^own financial arrangement eves, sever their extremities mnc ^l^^. rJ^ ^-"s e^en less consequenUal j.nd electrocute or torture them Hou ^l ^n^ ihan does her e^dentlack of w .th wires. !.^^*V . , oualifieatjon for her job." Bui the mililarv- argues thai Well. «tat a personal . ,he code of Conduct actuallv question: I alio »ill not telJ you how oM I am and how much I weigh." Might there be a conflict of interest since she bands out •hose "Good Housekeeping Seals of approval" for products adveitised in the magazine and tiso would be responaUe for eoBsumer protection at the came time? "You-all worry me a Utile bit You've got to accept the fact that I am basically honest. )liss Rogers, middle-aged and Jill St. John, Jock Jones separofe HOLLYWOOD (UPI) tress Jin St Jdim and singer hi-Ips a prisoner of war withstand such brutality. "Our studies have found." says a Defense Department authority, "that a prisoner stands a better chance I of suniving if he believes in I? set of rules, and discijdines Ac-himself to follow what he be- Kg four first proposed by GoHberj in '67 IMIands Daily Facts Thursday, Fab. 13, 1969 -5 •f (MM Prtm Nixon seeks approach to Lafin Americans . »r miL NcwsoM UPI FM«ifn NMM Analyst In Latin America, the new administration of Preskient Nixoo faces a matter ofl conscience. K goes back to Dec. 2. 1823, when President James Monroe outright month. ConmnDtsti imt On May U. mi, Arthur J. Goldberg, then VS. ambassador to the UiBited Nations, ivoposed that the United SUtes, Britain. France and the Soviet Vuon take joint action to "restore and p««:e" in the Middle;— ling his name, and extended the The action, he said, should be!United States* protective um taken both within and outside brdla to aU the independent the United Nations. j countries of Latin .America. On that same day. President i It has run the gamut from Charies de Gaulle of France'gunboat diplomacy to the late proposed a big four conference; President Joto F. Kennedy's to reserve the mountins Mideasti MealisUc Alliance for Progress, ^ . . crisis. land it has irritated Latins!^ Umted States. hoU> for The French declared no more often than it has! ^ U.S. presence m *• to^r rS the W ^ledge Pl««d them. S ^S ^nSf 'j^*/,^ by which the United States. Seeking a new approach to a that Panama i«^tteba^ Britain and France promised ProWem. NLXon has «lled/°^^jl;f tmnmg of Latm joint acUon against any viola-! for a policy of cooperation with Anifr^ mOitanr men. lion of the trace that ended theil-atw American nations and not! ^ <* In Peru, a regime not notably friendly toward Hw United States has escalated daims against American oil properties to neariy three-quarters o( a billion dollars. U .S. laws ban both ecoaomic aid and access to the American sugar maricet to any country expropriating priviatdy owned American properties without just compensation. For Peru, it could mean a loss ot in vuBaa annually. Panama is an embarrassment 1M849 Israeli-Arab war. No joint international action! one based simply on dollar aid. Iwhich face the U.S. He has asked New York Gov | conscience as the administra- coiiid br'takerta'"the' Middtei'^^ A. RockefeUer to visit,'lion seeks a new approach to East the French said without I "^''""s and determine ?W economic prob- Russian participaUon. 'T'""}^ ^^u- \~ Neither proposal ever was Smi'^oS Jack Jones have separated afler 18 months of marriage. Miss St John plans to get a ilexican divorce. Jones said in Honolulu Tues- lieves." FIRST AMERICAN la escape from North Metnamese captivity. Xavy flyer U. (j.g.) Dcitcr Dengler beams happilv as he embraces his mother. Dengler, adherinj; to the Code of Conduct for U.S. military men, withstood several montbt af bullying and threats at the hands of bis Commnnist captors before he was able to escape. threatened for several months; says that the code is not "le- by Communist guards. Rather, gaily binding unless, in violating The Defense Department says J the record is full of examples: Sgt Orville Ballenger, a U.S. Army adviser in Laos, iras cap- lured by the Pathet Lao in 1961. . - _ . „ When I'm here my loyalty and day the demands of his career!Subjected to inhuman and inde- than submit he risked bis life'it, a prisoner also violates the truthfiitoess is for the Pres- and the traveling involved were ^ tent physical and mental aire to escape. He spent 22 d a y s Uniformed Code of Military ideot's benefit So I dont expect a factor in the breakup icities, he aviodcd signing or wandering in enemy territoryiJusUce." Giving a false state- any conflict of interest" i "We just didn't see each other sajing anything of value. In the tefore being picked up by an, ment, the official explains, may very much" he said "We end. the Pathcl Lao gave up on, American helicopter. • i not break any laws. Givmg slra- parted friends ... the love in- b'm and released him. ! Sgt Roy Talbert, a POW inltcgieally harmful statements, volved is sometimes not enough." Lt. Dieter Dengler .a Navy Korea, was forced to kneel on.l'owcver, may. Miss St John 27 said she P''"'^'''''•|^''*'T> boards, placed in a gravel Says the legal officer: "You uiJuW go lo Acapulco for the "^"^ bullied and, and shot at with pistols. He re.; can't say the code is not good divorce decree. i fused to co-operate in any way. because it hasn't put anybody It was the third marriage for No time for Nixon _ _ SELMA. OaUf. (UPP-The! K was the third marriage for TQQ mUcH SflOW portrait of liition Johnson oni'-hc actress. Her other husbands ' **** •»"w»v the wall of the aty Councii:were Lance Reventlow, wealthy WIPfBr chambers has been replaced. ;Son of dime , store heiress After repatriation, he said: "If in jail. It wasn't written to put II got no other satisfaction out of people in jail. It was wTitlcn to the war, at least I know I; give our soldiers a meaningful acted upoii. probably because ^.-^^^^^ revolution I «r er^Me^'aJ 't^^divs' late/ « the Israehs had won it pjopj^ freedom of choice. Under considerably different ,„ 3^^, US circumstances, the same proposal is bemg made today. The Russians took the 1967 proposal under "consideration." This year it' is the United States that hesitates. In 1967. the Frendi stiU maintained a position of traditional friendship for Israel, most of whose airiorce was French-supplied. Today. De Gaulle declares Israel the "aggressor" m the! Middle East, denies it arms or even replacement parts for In science frequently has had to give way to realities. Four Latin Amen'can .Vations, each the recipient of large amounts of U.S. aid. are under thilitary rule, including Brazil and Argentina, the tuo largest The two most recent to be taken over by the mUitary are Peni and Panama and they are at the moment the most troublesome to the American conscience. Among others, Bolivia has an elected government which is by the a long But not by a picture of Richard Jfixon. Instead a dock has been bung. The coundlmen said this ©ves them more guidance than| a portrait of a president ' : carniYi 0/ Barbara Hutton, and Neil Dubin, a laundry heir. Jones, 29, w^s divorced ini WILLIAMSTOWN. 1966 by fashion model Lee^irPI>-\rilIiams College ; didn't tell anythmg.' In each of these cases, offi- Larence after marriage. Helen M. Beeler, M.A. Licensed Psychologist ANNOUNCES THAT AS OF FEBRUARY 15, 1969 HER OFFICE LOCATION IS 47 E. Vino Redlands SPECIALIZING IN PROBIEAAS IN LEARNING AND BEHAVIOR OF CHILDREN OFFICE HOURS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Ph. 792-8512 Residence Ph. 875-3 f 77 five years of mto a strange problem Wednes- jda.v. There was too much snow for the winter carnival. The schedule of events for the weekend's 54th Williams Winter Carmval had to be revised because 20-foot-high drifts on the upper section of the college's ski area made Friday's downhill event impossible. I The giant slalom has been • shifted to nearby Brodie Moun- :tain. creed to live by. In captivity, a man must re-^ icials say, the POWs followed a.sist Not just to keep informa-'xhant's appcart'o'lhe big four M a <; s """''^ ~ "P-i''"" enemy, but to to bring moral pressures " rani"-'^'' ""^''^ e.\aclly what the I hang on to his dignity and hbjisrael and the Arab naUons .„ ;Code of Conduct is all about." iwill to survive."" French-built eqmpment and , . .. proriaims his Wendship for the;"»der clo«> scrutmy Arabs while permitting 'rms'^^'^-fP^^^^t,^^.^^^ deUveries to Iraq, Saudi Arabia, ^^it ^fiiTJZ ..... . , ments, is at ttie same time tnc '^E^n iS tKes'of French- 'he greatest chance of m^n!'"he hls'r^mov^ ^rn ^^l^ .^^P ^LS "Tn^ from any role as neutral •'°'8«' ^'^^^ ""^ arbiter. For President Nixon and his "ILLS HARD TO PAYT Se)' advisers, the decisions they I things you no longer use' must make on the Middle East through inexpensive Classified are crucial. Ads and set quick cash. Dial U.N. Secretary General 1 793-3221 now. The Truth Abovt NERVE DEAFNESS Frtt Beohlel Tells All Now for the first tim« ANYWHERE - Get lh« facta • bout the Nation's N*. cause of haarint dislrass — NERVE DEAFNESS. Until today liltlt has bMn written about this painless mvisibit cenditien Kwt handicaps and iselatM millions. This new bookM aaplains what Ntrva OsafnMS is. 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CamiUe Lloyd, president of the- New Mexico Girls' State, heard Foreman talk about the pay raise before the New i Mexico legislature and when her turn to talk came, said: "After listening to Congressman Foreman, I think I agree with him. We shouldn't pay him so much." rean War. It was the end result of a study which probed thou- underlines the fact that no U. action can be effective without agreement of the big powers, and that means the United States and the Soviet Union. The Soviet proposal for Mideast settlement suggests phased withdrawal ot Israeli ing testimonies of the Pueblo]forces to pre-1967 lines, without ;„„„.„ ™ <» -jj prior or concurrent peace way or another. Too few prisoners have been repatriated sands of former POWs. includ-'.cince Korea to provide enough ing many who had co-operated data for judgment. The continu- with the enemy. Always a controversy, the j crew are expected to add only code has come into increasing! £ little knowledge, debate as ot late. Some mem- 1 "I suppose we'll have to wait hers of the Pueblo crew have for Vietnam to end," says a De- admitted signing false documents, under pressure; but be- treaty with the Arab states, and sn Arab declaration that they no longer claim the rights of fcnse Department colonel.! belligerents. 'We'll have 400-500 prisoners It makes no mention of pas- cause there is slim chance any] coming back from there and!sage of Israeli ships through will be penalized for their ac-;i suppose then we'll find t h e | the Suez Canal but does declare lions, many observers fed the code has helped those who foI-|for their free passage through code is now worthless. i>wed it. And, as for those who i the Strait of Tiran. The Israelis The military disagrees. A Pentagon legal spokesman didn't well, I just hope we get,already have rejected it as an them back at all." i "imposed" solution. IT TAKES DOLLARS TOMAKEASALE! 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