Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 13, 1969 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1969
Page 4
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Redlands Daily Focb I 4 - Thmday, Feb. 13, I969| Local Notes Caratt S«l* - «M WadiinfliM , Saturday and Sunday. x VaiantiM Cmtf- • Fine band dipped chocolates. Please phooe early for flowers. "City Florist Ic Candies, Ul Or- •ange St. 79MML Future of Teen Post awaits survey result DateFeslini f n IINEO opens tomorrow st 10 flIKII H MMliM Mary Louise Millioii. of 1044 X. Central a\-etnie. told police Southern Califonna's favorite: i desert resort win become Scbe-t iherazade's land of a thousand; 1^'and one ti^its tomorrow with Ihe opening of Riverside Coon-j . ty's National Date Festival at' "llndio. Gates and buildings open at' Ite second Tbe RAW of the Bedtands;ces«y *»r Oommisri« ^^S^ tJ^^ X Teea Post may hinge Oft re-lbers to consider a more «MUble»wlhftirtlier study. saks of the current survey be-iteeaSoB fcr die Post , All members have agreed _ ing made in tbe commimity in' -Teen Post Advisory Board,!tbe past that the premit Teeni . _ . on ^ari to it«wtioo facilities. : with Han*! McDaniel as chair- Post boosing in inadequate. Sev- lo ajn. and the formal SS^i^^^S^^ ^^e ^^cSmnission com- nrn. .»main acUve to pn>vide _eral alternate locations w e r e^ ceremonies win follow at no« yf»Sftf sI^'SSSS^ Hiah Mmeooe took $60. including four nuttwlppoiottd to stncjy the leadership and giwbDce. mentioned today. Uaeoto de- when a brief ceremony wiU^«««^ San Gor^niomgn 52 bills and 66 Kennedy 50<ent ^assOAe commissioo takeover of i —A much broader base of op- majtary school recewed " pieces, firom her home. There rr ~ .. . - - .. _ - . R'as Da sign of forced entry. 4nfHftter conference sMed Safurday in 5.B. annual Southern; Land Affairs Consultant. East En-:Bay Regiocal Park District, WiU -SulcMlint the Redlands Teen Post pro-ention serving all Retfiands gram, recommended today that youth be made available, a fmai deci^ be postponed un atteoftion. t>>e cUmaxed by Queen Scbeheraza- SdxMi id San Bcnacdino Satur|de. Donna Kennedy of Coache'.-^day, Feb. 15. Befkeley. Luncheon Uckets will ..''•f**'' AbotttPMpto Ffawmaii^Oick 6. Ja son of Mr. and Mrs. Jones. 04 RooievcK waA ia serving abovd the dcifeRqrer USS HaroM J. EHaoB is Jkt MediteTOaeaa. Kami WHMN SdMNn af R«i> lands has been awarded a bach- elon degree hi psychology tnm the University of California. Riverside, after completioB of her academic requirements at the dose of the fall qnaiter. The Redlands student was one of IIO master 'or bs avaOaUe at the conference. Tbe conference begins at 9:30 a.m. and win be preceded by a doctoral degrees, according to Chancellor Ivan Hinderaker. S|t. Marvin L. Ywinfl, IM ef „ „ , ^ According 4D BiU Gflisoo, ad- la. breaking ttirough a huge' Conference speaieers wiU dis-,«>ff« hour hosted by tbe yoatblMr. and Mrs. William C. Young rn^^Tl^^t,J!^^. **» «w>n»i ««M«». «>. Ad: heart in commemoration of Sticuss a wide mge of topics be -|C( *e Natural Beau^ Ptogramof 34237V4 Avenue F. Yncaipa Give your driveway that New til results arc obtained from the ed by the Teen Post with aidiHo,. «,iiunitt«e stwKine acbooli Valentine's Day. look. Free estimates on seal-Recreation amey. : from the RecnatioB Commissioo gj-^^ PWNMM hi Red-i National Horse Show, which coating driveways and parking. Dr. James M. Kenny, com-i until June 30. ^ expressed an opinion'runs throughout the Date Festi- -ToU. Also pacing and grading, mittee chairman, presented Eve' Tbe report was adopted as Lincofa school on Texas! val opens at 1 p.m. tomorrow.,„ Kevari Contractors 792-5652. x recommendaUons foUowing com- submitted «im a provision ttatij^ should be discootmued as It ieads of» the Califwuia horseTwve Got to Keep it dean mittee meetogs with Teen Port the rewMendatiooreprd^ „ eJementary scbooi. show circuit each year and is; and Gi«en" by Norvdl Gillespie, advisors on the proposal to assist a broader base of operatuo be ^ recommendatioo has not'*"* ^ America's top rated per-; executive vice pitsident, Cali- SinoinK with Congicssfflan Jerry L. Pettu and "This Proud Land - A Heritage Tb Protect" and ending with "This Proud Land Cuttem Mad* Draperies _ _ _ and Free Decorator Ser\ice ^ fu^'ily tord^^j^^sed Teen stadid' in greater deWL your Imperial p,^ opsration. Commissioners expressed coo ^available at gone to the Scbod Boand as yet formance class horse shows. S.ore. X, E. Citrus Ave ^^^^^ Tinal ce;,""tSrSr;.^^^£;-'-^^^ „S SoU Co. « Recreation survey re^dts the Pest at pr^ "^sj^Jved '^'tt^ot^s^^J^^^'^' about 3:30. during the ^UoiS 'e iS iTcX committee-s recommendations a seereaated membetshw. w c««i on lo snioy me propo- j.^^^ Show. Friday is; Division of Chevron Chemical foraia Anti-Litter League. Organizations such «s the U.S. U.S. Soa Con- of San Bernardino. The conference is spoosoied by the California AnU-Iitter League, the C^ of San Bernardino, file San Bernardino Chamber oC Commerce and the Natural Beauty Program. -MitsMI Paper* Phooe Redlands committee's Daily FacU induded: , Dr. Kenny repotted that his,''V~*;T™' " r"""' _ ^^ Sweethearts Day at the aumsy !5 :;;i^"';rtn oceseot displays circulaUon depanmenl. 793 3221. -Facts regarding tbe future commitlee fdt that a P«gram; ™e .»MtoB w^ed.Qassics and jockeys wiU bei,„rt I«!^aiute handouts. ,-before 6:30 p.m. week days, or "f Uacvia Sdwcri will be ne-.of a Youth Center for all «eM -;;|I2l .^.^irff ,^^JlzSl°'»™«J couples. The »2:30 p.m. Saturdays recommendations a segregated membership. Dr. Kenny repotted that his, sal sometime in March. to report obtain de- p.m. 'missed papers and pn-ery. t rBrownsen To Speak ' Jerrj- Brownson of Aerospace ;will discus the psychtrfogical 4-H club members get ready for Orange Sftow i ?r!i^?r ***^,'S *".*^i daily foor-event card includes ' ^.Jr"*"^!?^ i ^ '•'^i camd races, a bareback os- Bbeing iwed by tlie RecrMtion, trich race and an ostrich suUde department as an Aduk Leisnpejrace. ! Jo Ann CasUe. honky tonk pi-' and distribute handouts. Tlie VS. Bureau of Land Management will present "Johnny Horizon", the Bureau's out Evangelist from China fo speak bas been recognized for helping his unit earn the U. S. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award. Sgt. Young, an airframe repairman in the 60th Military Airlift Wing at Travis AFB. win wear the distinctive service ribbon as a permanent decoration. The nins was cited for exceplwnally meritorious service by providing reliable airlift of passengers and cargo to Pacific destinations. The sergeant, a graduate of Yucaipa high school, attended Pasadena College and San Bernardi- Andrew Gih. fbunder of no Valley College. 11U1U.UU , -re - — rEvangclize China" Fellowship.- doorsman type symbol of a clean inc.. , will speak tonight at 7' and beautiful America. 'o'clock at the Calvary Baptist' Tlmeisolthe.«;anistwiththeUwre„ceWeik ;^^.fl„"^^ Alabama and Barton iissioners agreed T*er«:rea-,Show. wiU head a free va.riet>& ^luch^^^f^- •^."^^^^.'1 Z'^^t^ Member of Yucaipa.Mentone LoweU Jeffcoat. Susie Johnson. "<«.f««P tasauttwizedfimd^.^^^ on the Ai^bijn Nights;^„^ ^ ContinenUl Canj •^^_L ^;and Rcdlairis area chibs ateiGinaScta^er. .S«an. Sctari-j^X'^'iir Jn L^^l ^"''Z -^^^icompan^ "Swat Litterbug' ' Evening ident unrest this 'members of the '.\vaois club. •Your Valentine's Dctira tiM^i^ ^^^d^J ^»F7ir\'^ Shi^ Gtwikltearice-lP*;^ ^ obtaining additional j smallest U-wnpolme. and Tonii Jj^^^ ^'"^'"g ,p2toit *p!I^ -Vew carpet samples for 1969 Ditision of the 1969 National Or-;nogle. Teresa Icenogle and!J*'SJ!f_.Srtu?!.^!!l^'.-r.,.!lication entitied "Trees For Bet- His message will be ainstrat' ed nith color slides of Indonesia, , ana nooiams area f-n cnun are'uuia ocnucnci, ouaou ouim-, — ZL . -- - j- i w>mpany. owai uueruug _ ., . „ . joining with other county cUibs'der. Daxid Soo»-don. Mitey Bai- •'7 »• But wo- acU wdl be The Wendaj's aero- bumpo'stickers contributed by '^'ailand. Hong Kong and Forin getting ready for partidpa-lej\ Peter Buoye. C&thleen El-e^*^^ CalifomU Anti-Litter ;•"«»•_ ^ . ^ . 3nay be seen in your home if ange Show m San Bernardino you (iKtoe 793-2389. 3Iaxwell-i Hardi 6 through 16. Arabian NigbU Pageant Comnanv for 1969. will be at 6:45 Friday ^ ^°"*P*°i Susan Katnls Community Chest, accord- 1 First puWic showing of "Tale _ _ r^^Kirc^h M,«WM«pr "«*»''<*ertG. Campbdl,Com -|Of the Enchanted Treasure.' jMeans will help you .^-decorate. Livestock. Sime' economics B^o 'S..*'^aS:j=[«^3»^^ . » and oa^r exhibit departments Itoid, Nancy Reuter. w—use $2,000 m reserve '.Airasrt ThaM RaBBrtad f** *e 4-H'ers will be shown Shaw. Patty *^hIXghJ^redat «0M3rch 6-10. with the Futurolajri PJj ^Sue V.nderwaU, aU ^V^^ ieadi. were removed from a farmers of Amenra monng taof R«wn* and Karen LaPP. ,tich was not forthcoming this «>' ^ costumed smgers and ed in a con- final fii-e da>-s of t h e .tegehis Oaks. morning. i dancers Dr. Gih was born in Shanghai land brought up as a Confucian ter Neighborhoods" from Ortho!scholar. Whfle studying English; . Division. Chevron Chemical he discovered Christ He has story r^„r^„„ authored many books and has; taured the worid as a Christian; is WeKivi;*'?".'" " i»!rv«|"" V, "^'"V Luncheon speaker wiU be Dr .i ^-u.~ Lou V «KS '*f::2:'*««^-.'«'^'S3Grov^^^^ P"''"'^ .^_...!znr!i;i <«««c<ors wanted an immediate Garden Gwe and Barbara Heu-, ^^^j^ Conservatiwi CouncU and come to attend. 2 DAY SPECfALI 2 Crust BOYSENBERRY PIE Reg. $1.75 SPECIAL $1.1* (Plus pie plate deposit) also B.B.Q. CHICKEN Min. Wt. t lb. 3 ex. FRIDAY ft SATURDAY ONLY, SAGE'S REDLANDS ptiad grader parked moroing, j Other n.. •-H club is Darrell eoi^Ue,, studying Teen Post bi the muskal spectac- struclion area at Redlands Mu- cimis exposition. Also exhibiting with the High-, CKjjjj. nicmbers of the special Geneve Kepner of La Jol- enmitiM. snutvins T«m T >«rf la is choreographer - director •nicipal Airport Police said the Exhibiting 5-H clubs in the lo-; landers :tbeft was reported b>- Leroy Wfl- eal area include Sons Construction company o. , San Bernardino, which owns Uie MenJotte dubs. old Embrcy of RcdUnds. •stader 'G'ub members inchide: — Dunlci> Dudes — Dense Al-_ , !_.. iSht't On a DM? y-ersoo, Jcannette AIversoo .|U ||fJ |Ml Ufl Mim Vitol ReCOTdS ; A,Co.'metic valentine Gift-'Mike Alvcrsoa. Cindy Perez.'tOWarU rWeliCiniail WIT«I I ^TOVTW jni^t be Uie answer. See all Uie Tcri Patrick. Chris Utter. Fred- - • • inajor brands for your selec- dj^ uiJer, and John Utter, all nniAKll CAnfirA Jion at Winn's Drug Store. Cor- o' Redlands. SIJIWHI jier Colton & Orange, Phone pan, Alverson, Danny Bliss.. ^. m. 593-2804. X Cindy Lrj Both, Dennis Both, SPf lOnlOITOW fri.. Sat Feb. 14. 15. 9-5. Bene-:f^^ «^ fit Zeta Lambda chapter. Ensi- fr^ uicssxi. ocni ...,.M .r ...i..i, w— — - ui^u irw-nuimca — i:.u»iu c. ^ Soi^ty X B«k>- Brth Ann Ford T^es<Uy at Ihe age of 65. will ciujas. 19. and Domia Lee'^""* and Kay Frappart conducted'tomorrow at 11 Hodges, choreographer Curtis Peterson of Indio is Ion Sigma Alpha Piliar Services : the Dunk>p;Crai^, Charles Kid and Nancy sooi^SriD"w»B"Normai Ma?- ' of Dudes, and the Yucaipa andiKid of East HighUnds and Har-SJ^^^-^!^^^ director. There wiU be " I sS^cUrrJSn dt^ !»J?£«'« ^^-^f Saturday ! with Uie second performance at 8:20. A full schedule of special ; events on Saturday will start at MARRIAGE LICENSES i»' 5;™- *•>"> "SinS-?"^ icciien End" appearmg on the Arabi n 1. X »•> N'Shts Stage. A miliUry band (L»» vesas) concert by the 15th Air Force COOK-MOLINA — Ray Dean Band from March Air Force Cook, 42. and Jessie Molina, Base will sUrt at 2:30. Funeral services for Edward "' ^ °^ B^ia C^lifornU Ballet Folk- Eri*s.p. MeLemian. w*o died h*«:GLUYASHODGES _ Edwin E.'j^S'co-'li^aftern^^ 17: both Redlands, ' ^"8 at 2 p.m. The troupe of 45 John Harper, Kathy Harper.) froa F. Arthur Cortner Funeral services for Mrs. EtU Dottie Hiltz, Jan HUtz, Lorrie (ji ,pe). J»jtier were held last Friday at HiMz, Carol Leach. Mirie Leed- jj^. McLennan, wbo lived at t p.m. from the Hoyt avenue; ham. Jen Mann. Scott Rogercgje Alvarado street, was a na- Wesleyw church, in E( Monte. Marj- Zevenbergen. Jeff Ericks{,i^.e of OkUtoma and had been «ith Rev. Clifford Morgan, and and Robin Vander Wolf, all ofij nsidcnt of Redlands for 24 Rev. Dave Olsen. ofSdaUs. Pali- Yncaipa. and Mary Norman.' bearers were Dave Scboradt Calimesa. i Mr. McLennan, an electrician. Leooanl Rugh. William Hugh.; Yucaipa tH dub — Mary;,,^ general chainnan U Inter' DEATHS MtntPHY — Died in Orange. I singers and dancers in the na 'live costumes of Mexico wi" provide a colorful contrast to be shown in Taj Mahal a 38. OOO-squarefoot building alive Barry L. P.Ilcr. Don WesUakc.;Lou Geadroo. Kim Mwtm. Te-"jing carpels, mystery and Jordan Miller, totenncnt resa_Misbodw. Dorwa Sav-ari-jcaj woitets and represented j RedUwls; and the foltowtag sis-! ^^P*- "'P* •«« ow«" Calif.. F«). 9. 1969. Joseph A- j "»;f. NighU setting from Murphy Jr.. 0«n«e: aged «>^'^?J^;Z? «.™ years, native of New Jersey.' f'T «^ *»™ Deceased is survived by histe^o^ SouUiern Caifonua will father. Joseph A. Murphy Sr.. ' — •» • Jersey City. NJ.; two sons. Jo- yas in Grandview Memorial no. Charies Oark. Paul CUrit,'sevepai ^jomand electrical work- Park. Glendale. F. Arthur Cort- Jim Frcy and Bill Mothersole. ^ JQ 17 througbout the oer Chapd in charge. , all of Yucaipa. Miit Santa Fe R ^lroad sys- Mentooe 4-H dub — Mary (^n,. A\«re(e Febnurn- relntan »<9 Avrngt cMMn tout] raialell 14.0S 2.IS ITS ters: Mrs. Blanche EhrgoU. Jersey CUy. N.J.: Mrs. Regina Waltx. Upper Darby. ^Pesn.: Mrs. Haiioo Gannon. Jersey Bohaty. Bill}- aingman. Joyce At the time U the layng of i City. NJ. jClingnM. Julie CUngm^. DA- conentooe at Safety Hallj Requiem Mass wlU be beW tilings out of Uie Arabian Nights. ExhibiU depicting Uie industrial and recreational growth of' Riverside County will also be in Taj Mahal. I The popular Gem and Mmer- al Show. Uiird largest hi the worid. wiU have as an added attraction, unusual raw goU for Temp. 34 Boun J.-n !J 59 50 .OS Jan. 14 . <i2 SO leo Jan. IS S3 «« xa Jan. 16 «1 44 Jan. IT M 4« Jan. :3 a> ai ,. Jan. 19 . 37 4S .vs Jan. 30 62 SO m Jan. SI - C4 54 LO; Jan. S sn io J9 Jan. 3S Si «S _ Jan. 24 _ ia M Jan. » «3 56 3.41 Jan. 36 59 M J6 Jan. 27 53 41 .47 Jan. 28 4S 40 ;0S Jan. » S3 31 J« Jan. 30 as 31 Jan. Jl - S» 32 - r»b. 1 - 57 32 Feb. 3 ... 61 34 Frtl. 3 70 3S Feb. 4 65 » > Feb. 5 57 4S J8 Feb. • - 52 43 J.43 Feb. 7 -g 37 .as Feb. t _«7 36 .— Feb. » g 2 Feb. 10 71 3i Feb. 11 -61 40 ... Feb. 13 3» 47 Tr. bie E\-ancik. Charlotte Flnfrodc. „. 190, be was the worAipfuIj Saturday. 9 a.m.. at Uic Sacred Linda Grisham. Steric Hovanas. „Mrtr of Redlands Masonic! Heart CaUioUc church. Rev. DawTi Kinpicy Diannc Mcln- j^dge who took part in Uie eere-i Henry W. Keane. pastor, ofn-t„j,uo ,3^^ ^ if^- ^"v'r"'' ^'"^ «"ni«- He was a past master dating. Interment in WiUamelte i f^^"^;;'^^ .Neisr-.- ar-j Lw, .Noses. Redlands hxl^ No. 300, F. National Cemetery, Emmersoo- ^°^ri^ Hr'ta R-^s?. ZJTi Rr^-;. A-i- 4 A.M.. and a past patioo of Bartlctl Memorial Chapel. Red """"y 'American 3.7S Marie Srbt'-jpi.sse-. Chrisina ccca d?l Cro dMp :cr. Order of lands, hi charge. P-fiu-T!!'-'- ?!-^r!» Sm''h I.inii .u- . c— McLE.V'NAN - Died in Red *.-a 4JS «M 6J> TJSi 10.44 llJOO 11.47 11J6 Srftu-ijf-'. ?!-!ria Sm'h. Linla ^ Easleni Star. Taack. -Nancie Taack. Tom jje leaves hU wife. Mary E. Oagn-^r. ani Hcji Schuppis-; McLennan: one daughter. Mrs. ^l:^?^ "l MfJitnne. . Herbert J. Conrad Jr. of S a n DT :b>- Clark. Sandra Hodsoo, Bemaitfno: a broUier. URoy iLcnnan of Austin. Texas: Uiree asters. Miss Etbet McLennan of DaUas. Tex.: Miss Ada CSF deodline sot foniorrow lands. Calif.. Feb. 11. 1969. Edward F. McLennan. 826 Al- tarado. aged 6S years, native of OUahoDM and resident of Redlands fbr 24 years. „_ ^ _ Funeral sertiees will be held McLnuian of McAUen. Ttex.; and i"•«>• ^ ^ money from the 17th Century to Uie present will be another fca tiire. BoUi are from Bank of America. '. A final notice was given to — all Redlaiuls high school stu- lua denU digible for mcmbertfaip in 13.70 Mrs. MiUred Haicomb of Mer^ cedes. Tex: and two giwidsoof. Tomorrow's ser\1ce« win be j . , „ - , , cooducted by ofTieers of Uie Red-j "tnt fa Hillside Memorial Parte lands F. & A.M. lodee. Enttxhb-i F. Arthur Gartner Chapel, offi cers of Redlands Lodge No. 300. F & AM offidating. Enlomb- }SS Uie California S^rdup Fed-I^^ be in' ffiUiide Memo- 'ThumJUgM^* —leraliao Uut appUcabons must ^^3, | I llllliaSrDOITS plan rtunien 3 be completed by tomorrow. Membership for this academic isae : .1 i- V I organization is based OPM 'StOrHilNI grades earned Uie first semes-' •"••Tl ter of this school year, accord- 'ing to Miss EtizabeUi Collins. CSF advisor. Forms must be comideted and returned to Miss Cdlins. or Iktiss Hdene Villard prophecy' to bo SDA subjoct ' T%e Army's famed 83rd Infiu- try (TbunderboU) Diviskw of Work) War II is seeking some '35.000 of its former members who may be interested in attending the division's 23rd an Your Cett of DRY CLEANING HIGH Announcomenf o§ funeral Services SPBAGUE. Mrs. Rub}- Jo Requiem Mass: 9 a.m. Friday Norton Air Base Chapel MURPHY. Joseph A., Jr. Bequien Mass: 9 am Saturday Sacred Heart Cburdi CEOERBURG. Ivar Remains forwarded fo Ridgecrest. Calif., for Services and BoriaL rT ™aM i^^TTh.; Rri^ Conduding his series of re- ^'XiJoJ-^ * «^ vival meetings Friday. Feb. 14. STL^ST 'advisors, no Uter Uian 4 pm- f ^•-"^Mhi'Ridi^'Wv-.'^'' , ^ ^. Fridaj'. Additional information ^1,^,.^'XdvenUst chnrdi. Har- Former members of Uie (fivi- may be obtained from Miss Col- ,0, ^peak on ^ .«» tins ia Room 3 on Uie BHS cam- ,ubject "The Most &rtling »ModaUoo s national pus. Prophecy Ever Revealed." The J**!?*''J^ ranTfor Uie evenbig wiU be "Ev- Rodtwood dn\-e. Ha\-ertoo. Pa.. UNDER DIRECTION OF r.UTHU CORTNER 221 BROOKSIOE AVE. 12-1411 ery Christian A Misdooary." Parents and friends wbo attend the home and school meeting Saturday. Feb. is. 7:30 p.m.. in tbe church gymnasium. wiU learn what "Paliiolism" means to Uie }-ouUi of Redlands Junior Academy, grades fix thnugh iten. A Free-Day Plan lo Stop SmoUag win be coaduded at !ifae Rcdlaads Sei-enth-day Ad< Ivcntitt Junior Academy. Feb. lfr-20. RegistraUw may be made 'by eatliBg Uie cburcb. 7K-5625. iin the monints. The Academy U kicatcd al 130 Teoneaee (street 19CS3. if hiiereslcd in further information about Uie reuiuon meeting. VACAMCIIS WOUVINQ VOUf Find rdiabie tenanu Uie easy ]«ay with a fut-actiBK CtaHtfied Ad. Dial mva. tidari EDWARD F. MCLENNAN Ser%iccc U a .m.. FHday. at Uie F. Artlnr Cortacr Chapd. eaili miiiiim law—7w> Ten wnxiAX a. Meam. rmAMC E. MOOU. M IM •! I l>lllH Aw. et OMMT. Mi- lanh. CalO. mo. FEBRUARY FREE COLA WITH EVERY PraBELHH! PHONE 793-2285 0Mf eoofrMnfgAr-oif CHICKEN OEUGHT i. CiMM — Regular Scissors REPEAT SALE Scissors Sharpened 2 DAYS ONLY Friday ft Salunby, Feb. 14 & 15 JJ* 25 89" HOOVER" " COAAAAERCIAL VACUUM The sensible Shog Rug and Indoor - Outdoor Corpet Vocuum from Hoover! SPECIAL! Atlidiinents (WHh Pwrehate) ONLY FaraRymir |%||# abava-ttie^laar cle«flin0 Nau mi Sat af Taala) 4 POSITION RU6 ADJUSTMENT Select ttw proper cleaning height for maximum efficiency on any type of carpeting . .. regardless of Uie pile depUi. Mamully operated rug adjustment lever quidciy and easily adpists ttie deanhic porition of the Hoover Conrerti'ble for an "Indoor-Oufdoor," "Normal", "High", or •'Shag" carpeting. The e «ari is inly a* faad a* liw dealer — uflha b a tervkftit Julir. BURROUGHS a IS •iHa ra«M af TI7 C. Stota S». APPUANCES Ph.7t3 -54S5 -&nt.l930

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