Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 21, 1957 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN * LOCAL ' WANT AD RATES HlnHft intl lit. !»»-— — No. o) is Wfls. Each Word Dayt or i,ess over IS.Add: 1 93o 6c 3 $1.80 120 S 42.40 ISc 4 $300 20C 7 {1.95 33c In Memoriams, Cards of Thanks (2.50 for 10 lines or less 25c each line over ID MAIL YOUR AD WITH REMITTANCE TO: Wonf Ads, Times-News Cumberland, Md. DIAL PA 2-4600 YOU SAVE money in Ihe Ions run *ti<cb li IUM anotnei tvaj ol sayinj th»[ the longer voui art runt tii low?: pei day youi ratf oeeomti Order yout «d to run ur.ui noUfift and get the best raff obtain »WP fo thr oumber of limes (bat il run». Cards of Thank* We wish to thank all our friends nelfnbori~ »nd relative* who Tier.? so kind to Ui dm ing our recent ben-ayo nienl, the death of our belovrd molher and wife. K specially do we itunK Rev 1. D. Hudson who olfk-ialed at The funeral service and Rev, L. G. Lock mood. Rev. 1,. N, Wilfong and Rev- Howard Wilfans for Ihc.r aid and co« kolallon. To the members ol the choir lhos« «ho sent floral tributes, donatcrl (heir cars or in any manner assisted U* we are Indeed grateful. Fred Bishop and Family In Memoriam In loving memory at Mri, Ruin Lease, who passed away 2 a/ears a£o ilay 14. Two Ion* year* aRo, iUy 14, ft&d railed our dear mother to rest. We can't unite rstand why. But Ood knew best, fihe Is gone but not forfto.ten, We will be together some day. Sadly missed t>v her CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN 1 -Announcements /or cjeaning rug* and upholsierj- Rosenbaum's. 2 — Automotive International Harvester Authorised Deale* Motor fmc* Farm Traclors Ji Machinery THE LIGHT & DECKER CO S15 S C*nlr« Sl, Phone PA 2-S600 you should include <n want ad tl * happen* to take a lest Avoids irior than the minimum doo'i worr; abou (he an: a II extra cost, ft wiU be mono well spent and the qulckcsi way o netting Information to roar prospect CMC Trwcfcs Case Tractors & Machinery Neto Holland Farm £quipmenf COMPLETE RES PA EH SERV1CK FOR ALX MAKES Collins G.M.C. Truck Co. RT 40 EAST PHONE PA 2-3922 TOW 1 Kin 2^HOUR 1 WVV UNO SERVICE TAYLOR, PA 2-7979 1556 BUICK I DJ1 H. H. DYN I9jj BUICK 2-DR. R. H.' DYN. PS. 1953 BUICK 2'DTl. R. H DYN 1553 POXTUC 2 DR. R. H IIYD. 1532 BUICK J OR R. H. DYN ST. CLOUD MOTORS f'roslburg. Md. TOWING 24 Hour . . Service Moore PA 4-6440 SAFE BUY USED CARS Finest Selection in Town 56 Buick Spec. 2-dr. 56 Plym. Sta. Wagon, fully equip ped M Dodge 2-door 56 Ford 4 door 55 Mercury 4-door 54 Ford Ranch Wagon 53 Olds. 2-dr. 88 53 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupe 51 Mercury 2 door 50 Pontiac 4 door 50 Sludebaker Cpe . $200 No Down Payment Except Good Credit on Any Car Up to $850! Cumberland Lincoln-Mercury 828 N. Mechanic St Phone PA 4-0460 52 PLYM. BEI.V. IrT. S6D5 HJrH, Blue t- (irej Verv sharp HI -WAY MOTORS McMulIen HOT., 2ix> j,is. beyond Circle Inn. PA 2-50S5 STEINLA MOTOR CO. . '57 DeSotos-Plymouths ; end quality Used Cars 215 S. Mechanic Sl. |>A 4-2&XJ out his Uroritc pipe, takes oft his BecMIe «r,d puts an his slippers ind reads for nis easy chau near the telephone that he is on a buying mis •Ion Thar* how easy ft Is to shop for bargains ID the want ails TIT H today f Do It Yourself Bargains W7 H ton pickup $150 IWfl Jeep *, ton pickup Sl 1 ^ 19JI Buick Special ills 1547 Ford V-8 1125 l?ffi Farm Jeep J2S5 Penn Mar Motor Co. , A'OJO one location Narrows Park PA 2-6340 or RE 88797 1956 Chevrolet Sta. Wag. V.g, 2 door Sam. aj rev. Charles Gurley Garage iKiuSfPFf 'IH3 Sport Car, hrnter, adjustable ste*rmg. lormfjiu cover and *fn? wh«*r«. J-CAp Motor*-. Triumph Deakr, Hyndman, Pa, Phone H or HO. AHLBURN'S CHEVROLET CO. 54 Pljrrnoam B*lre»er* Ctuh Sdn 11575 55 For*/ Ctortom Jin* 2-dr. .Sdn. J1I93 54 Otcv 4t4r Station ftajon PG fl.>£> 5i DcSoto Cujt. Conv 5 315 St FonJ Dl». 1-rfr Sdn. S 375 OTHERS AHLBURiVS Chevrolet Co. Pione 26 Hyndman, Pa. 2-AutomotJve U-HAUL- Renfa! TRAILERS Prices Start at $2.50 DINGLE ESS9 STATION - Fayeltc & Greene . PA .4-0848 THE BEST USED CARS 55 Pont. S. C. $1895 t I>r. Cuilom, S; 8, Hyd., HH, WW. A-l. 54 Olds. "88" $1595 < Dr., Ont Owner, Hyd., RH, A-l. 54 Dodge V-8 $1125 4 Tir. Coronet, SS, on, HH, Nict. 53 Cad. Conv. $1795 Green. Hvd.. I>S, nH. WW. A Dandy. 53 Olds. "98" $1295 4 Dr., One Owner, Hyd,, HH< WW. 53 Chev. H'top $ 995 rtarfio, heater, straiuht ahin. A real cream putf, 50 Olds. "88" $ 395 \ Door Sedan, Kydramalic, sood tir*3 hraterv 50 Buick Sdn. $ 295 '•Special" Slialsht ibitl. radio * IteiMr GLEN-ROY OLDS. CO. G.M.C. & BANK TERMS Henderson Ave. Frederick St. PHONE PA 4-6685 TIRE SALE! 670.-15, full treaded . $7 4t e p t New 670-15 .... JIZ.95*. p. 1 IH'NLOP TIHE t BATTERY SERVICI- 6 WILLIAMS ST. I>A 2.3190 •>5 fJieiroJe! JleJaire JIT, Vs. PG 43 Chevrolet *i 10/1 Pickup NELSON AUTO SALES W. f.. tniftclii Car, 30 POTOMAC. RIIM;KLK\ RK 8-9290 55 PLYMOUTH nchedcre V-8 Con vertible Coupe, ntl. Howcrfllle Trans mission, WW Tiras. Dalk Green (in Uh ftilh li»!hl Sports Top. Low mile *Re. local (-0 truer. like new 52 OLDS "68", Super i-Ar. Bedan. RH Piiat Drive Hyrtramalic. WW. Tires OriKina] Jet BlacX (inish. Local 1 owner, l.lkt new. Sl. neome Molor Co.. PA 2.3«B. IT S IIAKD lo EU?ss wnat a property, a lisea car or anj other used ilein it worth: bul reading (he want adj daih will rnake it easier and make your guesses a lot more accurate Read Ihem and use them for jour economic health. COLLINS Studebaker-Pacr-ard Certified Used Cars 1S54 Aferc. Station Wagon Automatic transmission, power brakes, power operated seat, white tires, radio, heater, spot- ight, beautiful red and white nterior. This is a local one owner 9 passenger wagon with only 21.000 miles. 1954 Dodge Royal V-S Sdn. Automatic transmission, power ights, tinted glass, lurn signals, radio, heater. Local one owner. ColIin'sGorage STUDEBAKER-PACKARD 75 Henderson Ave. FA 4-1542 Weekdays 'til 9 Sat. 6 Mclntyre Chevrolet Inc. 219 N. Mechanic St. PA 4-4400 Thrifty Auto Sales Open Evenings till 8 3055. Centre PA2-lul, PA 2-1772 Buy where you save! M-G-K Motor Co. 221 GLENN ST. DIAL PA 2-2300 FOR SALE— One 1953 Chevrolet 6 cylinder Business Coupe. One 1952 Ford 6 cylinder BuOt)e.<3 Coupe. Can be seen at Swill A; Co., 212 Commerce )1 Line. 4 dr. S8S5 Sl Mere < dr. SIM il Buick HT S595 51 Nash t, tlr. J29S Triple Lakes Auto Mart HI. 220. Triple Lakes. PA V46M Smith's Triangle MOTORS ' 22 S. Centre PA 4-6-564. PA 4-6466 Man. — Sat. — 8-9 P. Af. FKRntJSON TTtiMTTOnS FARM MACHINERY Richf* Garage BaUo Pike PA 4-4170 \ Sir»N ol mccet* it i *Sold" »iff& on Resdinc the nanl ad* daily |j the lirst eood s(<-p foreword m tha direction S'ou°ll Und hare* in f dally ondn real e*lat« for nale and m the rcAl(or» ^d Monday. Wednesday ane Friday evening ami Tursdav. iliur* day aod SMurda* morning TODAY'S SPECIAL 46 Chev 2 ton stoke Red. 2-Speed $295 Woody Gur ley's USED CAR LOT 212 CREEXK ST. PA 2-0202 FF.ELrNr. low? In Ihe pocliettxiok, that is A wanl iil can open the door 10 new source* ol income lor you It'i «as* lo sell aomethSTiR or rent AOme- Hiln« mill an art »ni1 youll find lh«. CO&1 Li «urprlkint;ly low. BVEN.NG TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY. MAY, 21 . , 1« S , „„, pl .,„„„ f||| „ ^^ in Tn , ffr ' 2 — Aufomotiv* Bank Financing AT OUR OFFICE 30-month 5% Interest . ON ALL 'S? MODELS 57 Ford ¥1. Viet. "500" loaded 57 ford 4-dr. Sta. Wagon 56 Chev. Bel Air Sdn. 56 Pont. 2 Dr. H.T. R.H. Hyd. 56 Plym. Ildtop, equipped 5S Plym. V-S Sedan, nice 56 Pont. Sdn., R&H, hyd. 56 UmcJc n. T. R&H, dim. 56 Chev. V-S Sta. W, 4-dr. 56 Pont. Conv. F equip. Sharp SS Ford HT 4 D. RH, F'matie 56 Ford 4 D. S. Waqan, nice 56 Ford Sdn. RH, F'matie 56 Ford Conv. RH, F'malic 56 Chev. Sdn. R&U, P.O. 55 Cadillac Sdn. Equipped 55 ford Viet. RH.. sharp! 55 Chev. V-S a. T. R&ll, PG 55 Pont. HT, R&U, Hyd. ' 55 DeSoto Htp, R&H 55 Merc. Sdn. R]l, M'matic 55 Pontiac Sdn., R&H, Hyd 55 Olds. Sdn. R.H., P. S., P B 55 Chev. "6" Sedan H&D 54 liuick Sup. HT, loaded 54 Buick Cent. H'dtop, nice 54 Ford Sdn. Loaded, RH 5^ Chev. Sdn.R.H., P.O. 53. Packard Sdn R&H 53 Merc. H. T., R&U, OD. 53 Ford S. Wag., RH, P'matic 53 Olds Super SS, RH, Hyd 5.3 Kuick Sup. Riv. R!l, Dim 53 Cadillac Sdn., like new 53 tinick Spl. 2-Dr RH 52 Cad. Cpe. R&H, hyd. 52 Plym Hardtop, RH 51 Chev. Sdn. R&ll 51 Pant. S. Wag. RH, Hyd. 50 Stude. Sd. R&H 50 Cad. HT, R &H, hyd. 50 Olds SS Sdn., R&U, hyd. Red's Used Cars 722 GREENE ST/ PA 2-8150 VACATION SPECIALS 51 Chrysler Sharp S295 52 Dodge Conv. $145 51 Oldsmobile Sup. "88" 5395 51 Ford V-8 R&H $295 49 Buick R&H. Clean 5195 56 Ford Wagon, Loaded . 1151 56 Ford 4 Dr. * I15S5 SS Duicfe Cent,, loaded " *igq' 55 Olds "EB", rMl sharp .S2MS 55 Ford Custom, H t H . . |l»5 ^ £°n'iac 2 Dr. RH. Ifyd. S1595 5« Ford Country Sdn. 9 Pass. $t«S St Fotd Ranch U'agoa 11195 5* ford Customline 4 Dr $119' « « h "j Bel A3r ' Cream P""- PG SW3S S3 Chev 1 Or. RH " * 793 S3 Do-iee VB »T • ' 179^ M Pontlae C^talina. Sharp $995 52 Bufcfc i dr. | 575 51 Pljmaulh. real sharp ' | 395 51 Chev 3 or 4-dr. ( 435 51 Ford 1 or 4 dr | 495 51 Oldj llojidaj t Dr. ,„ l 495 Sl Ford V-B 2 or -I drs ;. $ 295 iO Chevrolet 1 or 4 drs 5 aaa « PonUac S.W, j 93 TRUCKS 55 Ford'plckup V-s . . 51195 54 Ford 1 (on pickup s B95 53 Dodge pickup j 795 M Chev, 2 T Dump j 795 52 Dodge Panel i fl9j 52 Ford Couner -.. | 455 53 DodRe PicVup ..'.., I 5S5 51 Chev Imcte walk-In $ 495 51 Stude. 2 ton van 3455 49 Inn IV, ton. Make Body. .. J 195 3 Chev. Vi ion . . . J 235 9 International dump $ 595 S International % T. pickup % 1S5 -W Ford Pkup 1 ton- Stafce 3 25a 7 Urids* Pkup >,<} ron I I9 1 ; « Stude., Rood shape ."..".. t 195 Many Others to Choose From $5 Down On Cars Up To J70Q BANK TERMS See Max, or Buckwheat JOT the Best Deal in town 100% Guarantee See Max, or Buckwheat for the Best Deal in Town HAROLD'S McMullen Hwy at Custard Stand 9 a. m. to 9 p m Dial PA 4-0670 S2 FORD 4DH. FOHDOMATlC^fiOi; FULLY KWIPPED OOt/J Jim Raupacli's Garage 443 N. Mechanic St PA 2-4224 Priced to Sell! i» Oicv "JII)" « dr.. H. PG 5J Slude Uod CrvIKi <^lr., (1 t n W Chev Bel Air HT. RF 52 CTic* nil * Dr RH SI Chevrolet t it.. R. M. PG il Chevrolet 7 Or n H M Ford J nr n n rorltam.H. 5t Oicv 1-T *-Sp«td Pickup M Dodge ^4-T Pickup JO Chev 1 Dr.. R * H. Ovei JO car* lo clioot* from Bant tcrtni and no ooirr oarmeM Cumberland Molor Sale il lVicro« Sl Opo A*V St.,i«r Mti SPRING SPECIALS! 55 Chfys. tt'ind. DIx. Conv. $1250 '!>. PB. AT. Timed class. Crash lo. ttumtnt panel, tur. oack up and *1g- ri»t tlshts. l^woer, tB.OCO milts. 52 Buick Super Converlible $795 AT. RH. P\V. PS. back up t li^nal ichts. LONACONJNG MOTORS xinaconing, Md. Dial HO 3-3501 Skilled Radiator Service Schatie's MecM 4 Val PA 2-Oo(W 50 FORD J/2 TON V-8 PANEL 4 Foricard Speed i Transmissicm. A-l. THOMPSON BUICK Call Car Lot: Dial PA 2-1424 DEREMEK'S GARAGF. Ridcelcy RE jsuo VA»tt>mrti», ALLQUT • END OF THE MONTH SALE -' ifarKln-QuIck Turnover, ^*h««l '«m fc Deal 'em Altltud*, M««n* W« Can Continue to Sell You A Good Car For Ihft L*»st Dollar. — The Very Best SloeV -* Gutranlffd, 56 PLYM V8 1588 55 FORD V8 1288 54 OLDS 88 1550 53 PONT "8" 688 52 PLYM CPE 388 51 CHEV4DR 388 50 BUICK SPL 248 49 CHEV SDN 188 PRICED TO SELL 54 BUICK ll.T. >5 FOnn WAG 51 BUICK CENT. U FOHIJ F'lane 53 BUICK ll.T. 55 FORD F'malic 53 BUICK CO\'V. 55 FORD 4 Dn. 52 BUICK H.T. 55 FOnD VB 2 dr. 51 BUICK J DR. 51 FORD CUST. 8 5Z CAD. CPE. 54 FOBB 2 Dn. S 50 CAD. CPE. 5) FORD WAO. O CAD. SnV S3 FORD CUST S 56 CIIEV WAG. 53 FOKD "6" oy). 55 CIJKV 2 dr. '«• 53 Fonn ML *rfr 55 CHEV V8 S.S. 52 FORD F'matlc 55 CIIKV V« P.O. Sl FORD VS t dr 55 CIIEV WAC. 50 FORD V8 1 dr St CHEV 4 DR. 55 MERC Ji.Top M CHEV 2 DR. 54 MERC Il.Top 53 CHEV 4 DR. it .MERC O'Drive 51 CHEV 2 DR." 55 OLDS Full Pr 51 CHEV 4 DR. 51 PI.Y.M 4 DR. il CHEV CPE u PLYS1 WAG 5t DODGK V8 PF 52 PLYM 4 DR 52 DOnfiE 4 OR. It PONT HT 4 dr 50 DODGE 4-DR. it PONT HT Cpe. .GOOD TRUCK BUYS 56 FORD VB W TON L. NEW » WILLYS 1 IVH DRIVE *i TON 52 DODGF. DI.X CAB V> TON' 49 WILLYS < WHEEL DRIVE . .100% Warranty On Many! BIG CUT IF NO TRADE-IN ALL CAIis5ALE PRICED GULICK'S I>OWN ON THE COHNF.R S. CENTRE A- K.MS. ALSO 5« THOMAS STREET PA 2-3650 , ' PA 2-1401 HARE MOTOR SALES 56 Mercury 2 door. 56 Ford 2 door, VS. 33 Cadillac Cpe. DaVille. 55 Chev. Bel. 2 door. 55 Olds. "88" Holi. Cpe. 55 Buick Spec. 4 door. 55 Pontiac 4 door. 55 Plymouth Belv. Cpe. 54 Chev. i,i ton Pkup. 54 Chev. ij Ion Panel. 54 Ford 2 door V3. 53 Buick Spec. Hardtop Cpe. 53 Chev. Bel. Hardtop Cpe. 53 7 J lymoulh 4 door. 52 Ford 2 door. 52 Chevrolet clb. cpe. 51 Buick Spec. 2 door. 51 Olds. 4 dr. Super. 41 Chevrolet 4 rioor. 51 Chev. club coupe. 51 Ford 2 door V8. 51 Willys Pickup. 4 tv. d. 51 Chev. Convertible. SO Buick Super H. T. Cpe. 50 Olds. "88" 4 door. 50 Chev. i,i t. pkup. 49 Buick Sup. 4 door. 43 Pontiac 2 door. Wms. at Orchard — PA 2--1664 CHRYSLER 1956 Lincoln Copri Hardtop Attention all you people who like black cars! We have in stock this spotless black hardtop thai has had only one owner. He kept this car in lip-lop condition with regular 1000 mile cherts. The equipment includes power steering, power brakes, poiver seats power windows, automatic trans mission, tinted glass, radio, heater, electric eye to dim the lights good tires and all the other accessories to make driving a pleasure. This car can be bought for thousands of dollars below book value. At only . , . S2995 55 DeSoto Sport Hardtop 1995 55 Chrysler Windsor. Green 1995 53 Cadillac 4 dr. "62" ... 1695 53 Chrysler N'cw Yorker ... 1095 53 Jaguar XK120 1795 53 Buick 4-dr 5195 52 Buick Hardtop 895 51 Studebakcr 305 50 Plymouth 2-dr 405 •18 N'ash 4-dr 95 47 Chrysler X. V. 4-dr 145 46 Dodge 4-dr 73 PA 4-3840 Potomac Motors Open Evenings 6:30 to 3:30 LOT and GARAGE Cor. S. George and Harrison Sis. PLYMOU 1 H SPOERL'S L'SED CAB LOT «4S N. Mechanic PA J-U15 Open 'UI 9 4— Autc Glow GLASS INSTALLED IWH11.F, fUU WAIT) BEEKMAN AUTQ PARTS 1K-521 N Mechanic PA 'WZ50 5— Auto Repairs, S«rvic« NORTH END ORAGE 507 Kendertot Ave. PA 2-3SM McFARLAND AUTO SHOP Phono PA i-5216 507 Pine Ave. V 7-Gusiness Opportunities Established Business BTOCh FOB SA1.B BKLOW COST Machinery 1 Equipment Coil • L«I3 Depreciation Reasonable lease on premises DIAL PA 2-2028 GROfKHV and meal market. C3ean Block, good equipment. Selling due lo ase. Wrile 8M-A f/o Timei News. A One-Mah Business . $1,500 Investment .(Can Start Part Time) NAT'l.. CO. NO SELUNG. Consists of eri'icing our point of sates displays In drugstores and numerous other accounts, rollcrllng for merchandise sold and replenish, nj inventory. Unlimited Potential centance. lifetime repeats. Is backed by inteaslve promotion and Locally Advertised at 100';o Co. Expense Must h* responsible, permanent resident, have Ihe necessary capita? for In- •rmory, *tarl Immediately if Accepted and aspire to income up to 1250 week, 'or interview, include phoae, JJo* 846 AX. c/o Times-News. 8-CoaJ t-or Sale aUARANTEEU PROMPT DELIVERY BERLIN BIG VEIN (JOAL. t6JO TON PHONE PA t-wi? 9-E1ec»nca1 Work, Fixture* ELECTRIC WORK FREE ESTIMATKh ON WIRING Sterling Electric Co., Inc. 100 ft CENTRE ST PA 2-4SOQ ELECTRIC WORK Motor Repairing* Wiring and Fixture* QUEEN CITY ELECTRIC CO 10-Financing, Money Loont — McKAlG'S— LOANS in a HURRY! ON AHTICLES OF VALUE MORTON* I-OAX CO. 33 BALTIMOHK STRKET LOANS ON YOUR SIGNATURE ONLY UP TO J1500 FAMILY FINANCE CORPORATION 40 North Mechanic Street Ph.jne PA «-SWO THRIFT PLA.V Fiaanc* Corpora lion o! Cumbecland AUTO „,&!„ LOANS National Loan, 201 S. George DIAL PA 4-6622 We Loan Money On Watches, Diamonds. Open 'til T "I/ ITO* nttA money ret S&m" Soutfarre JewcIeM " 131 N. Mecb^nic 11 — For Rent HOSPITAL BEDS. WHEELCHAIRS. WALKERS CRUTCHES PA 2B«t Pile Bros, Rt. 5 Mc.MuJlen Hwj l2-Aportment» W6 WASHINGTON - Attractive fur nished or unfurnished. Combination living-dining, tfcrfroam. Hilcb'iQ, £»th 13-Furnished Apartments Two and Three Room Furnished Apartniecis. PA 4-3874 SMITH aparUnents. Kelly Blvd. 1. ] t tocrai: sleeping rooms b; week Utilitiea. PA 2-8100. PA 4-2498. 11 CHESAP ST.. first Toor. 3 rooms bath, porches, yard. C. Glenn Watson, PA 2- lOtU. IDEAL ior couple. 1 rooms, bath. Modern. Spacious yard and porch. Ever} convenient:*. Warner's Restaurant -Cresaptouo. PA 2-9651. AVAILABLE June 1st. J Rooms. Bajh AIL utilillcs furnished, 545 month. Route 40 west. Red Hill. 0. C. Good- FURNISHED apartment suitable for two or four adults. Strictly private. PA 4-2071. 2-KOO.MS. porch, outside entrance Serai-private hath. Centrally located Rial PA 2-4379. 2 nOO.M furnished apartment, atl utilities furnished. centrally located Phone PA M1H after S p.m. tOUR rooms, private bath, all utilities tarnished, use of launrfrv, adults FCTHXISHED fltst floor apartment, semi-private bath. Two or three adults- -106 Park St. 14-Unfurnished A pa it m en M THREE ROOMS, private bath, secoa4 floor. ATJ u Ul! tl es lu rnisbe a 10 'ourtti Sl Dial PA 4-&S23 m VIRGINIA AVE., second floor. S rooms, bath, porch, Immediate possession. Good condition. S3A monlh. Glen Watson. PA 2^tHO. THREE rooms, bath, second floor. 115 BertEord St. »& month. Phone PA •1-2303. 'RIVATE— 3-Rooms anrt bath. 411 Washington S(. Apply: Second National BanK Trust Dept. fOUR ROOMS and bath. 2nd floor 3 ROOMS, tltchenelte, sun porch, prir- ^:c bath. Heat. Second floor. Dial PA 2-7*37. THREE rooms. 1st floor. Rath, cas and ctcrlrie. 323.50 per month. 890 Sparry Tfrracr.. Phone PA 2*7135. 15-Furnished Rooms PRIVATE ROOMS FOR RENT- BY THE WEEK. .MEN ONLY CALI, PA *$&* 17-Room and Board ROOM AMI BOARD for one or tw> vounn men- Garare or parting IB-Houses FO^ Rent NEW 4 ROOMS TILE BATH. GARAGE. 411 Piedmont Ave. Call PA 4-1RR8 19— Wanted to Rent S100 l,ocal business executive w ill pay up to SlW) renl for 3 or 4-htrtroom house in jfood nefjjhborhootJ. Exrellenl re/er- cncM. Writ* Pox K12-A c/o Time*- 20-For Sate Miscellaneous 5oby Porakeels & Supplies Mart/'s. 439 N Alcch PA Z-7011 STORM DOORS ALUMINUM $39.95 Try "Pennsy" Route 40 Van-Aw-ji Dial PA 2-7300 TRI-STATE MEMORIAL CO. — -Monuments & Morkers — . Bverl&stlnR Cuaranlee In WciKni atuplown PA 4-1SID, Pieimoal 3069) 20-For Sol* MiKelloncoui BE AT THE HEAT! Air Conditioners WARD AIRE 1-ton ttlx, 220 volts, Reg. $229.93 NOW $199. 88 SERVEL ELDORADO *i Ion. Reg. $229,95 NOW $179.77 WESTINGHOUSE tt-ton, 110 volt, Reg. $319.95 NOW $269.88 WESTINGHOUSE % ton For Casement Window One Only! Reg. $329.95 NOW $279.88 Vacuum Cleaners TANK TYPE With attachments. Reg. $59.95 NOW $47.88 CANISTER TYPE With attachments. Reg. $59.95 NOW $47.88 Montgomery Ward Baltimore Street at George . PA 2-3700 SOFA BKD <ma AND CHAIR •?! 1 y FURNITURE MART 2* N. Mechanic St. PA 2-3HJ KOOL VENT ALUMrNUSI AWNINGS Welch Insulation Free Estimate!! n. Aahby 1HO Fraslburx 540 USED POWER MOWERS $25 i UP COSGROVE'S 252 N. Centre PA 2-3040 By selecting your family p)o: KOMT. ^u can enjoy theie advantages: Low [trices. Easy Terms, Best ie. IcttTorxs. Perpttual Care! III.IX-RKST BURIAL PARK PA t-2332 Low Prices.' Spoutiiig, Spoilt- inr, Fixtures, Roof Paints! Liberty Hordwore Co. 57 S. Liberty St. Phone PA I.7MO MASONITE & PEGBOARD TRY PENNSY Rout« <0 Sarrowi Dial PA 1-7 JOO Tree Easy parkinvt Complete Home Furnishing WOLF'S Baltimore Strtc' WALLPAPER Cochian Palnti Sander* R«nted QUENTIM M. RICE 19 Litoj *»» Op«o » ctaj-i weclt 9 •. m. to 12 p. m. AUTO Injursnce to cover State I_a» 931.23. Also Worferacn'a CorapczuaUoa PUPPIES, Neu- Ulicr. reservation*. Mehte Kennels, neelitercd Cocker SpanieSs- PA 2-1591. USED BLTILIJISC MATKTIIAL New fc U*«-d Bathroom Kisturc* Cumberland 5alva«« Dial FA 4-WU WEDDING Icvnlallonj, announctmcDLs, reception*, napkins, matches. Federal Printing, '25? Columbia St PA 2-3124 USED TAPE RECORDERS Phonograph!, Hi-Fi tqmpmtnl Enterprise Amusement Co. 170 .N CK.V1RE SI UMl PA 3-WXt SCOTT-ATWATEH MOTORS. WHIRLWIND BOATS, BOAT TKAfLEHS, MARINE EQUIPMENT. BOATHAVEN 1 "™ WARWICK 4: CREENWAV. PA 3-6510 USED Bf 5t aura nl Equiptn cut Bought , and Sold. Dave Gunicr Food' Consul lant. LaVale, -\td. Dial PA 2-0214. Rugs, Mage'e Carpels Burkey's Floor Covering BEDFORD ROAD PA '>-49?5 I^IMf"'^ TACKLE SHOP |\ 1 1 N \3 J 243 VA AVE FISIfcCRMES-S IIGADQUABTEnS Open daily 8-5 Also Mon-\Ved.Fri 6-3 HEGISTEBED COLT'S DKALER "SPECIALS" — 3 Ford Tractors. 1 J-ersuion w/manttre fork. 'S! and '51 models, Si95 to 5395.' New Holland =600 Forage Harvester uvmotor and Jirass heart. Sfi5j. 3 John Deere 71 Harvesters, PTO gras^ and corn heads. £695 and ST95. For your Forage equipment and necds^ new or u.sed, see R. D. Spcicher. phone CIMKI.ES M. STIEFF uprifkt piano A bargain (or only SIS. PA 2 6100 or I'A 4-5S19. EVERGHEF.NS. pansies. searltt Base unnias, astery. tomato, cabbage, 'et- tuce. broccoli. s»«e( hot pepper plants. Dolan's, 1701 Bedlom St. I'A S]Jrin« Coals t Toppers .....,V4 price Dusters f.- Dresses '*• price »»ts SPECIAL: . .: ... soe i si M Gradujlioti i Formats from SIC 95 Bigs, Je»elr>. CJovei from SIM SYKES STYLE SHOP "05 Md. Ave. Dally ll'a. m. 9 p.' m Top Soil, any amount. Landscaping. Dial PA 2-0396 FREE KITCHEN Plaomnj >nd Re modeling. Grccn-UarttnaTi Appliance PA * 0730, or shop our showroom anc see ouj modern Kitchen; Display. Save Here! Prices As Low As Any JACK i DOROTHY « ETZEL STRAND LIQUOR STORE X. CENTRE at BALTIMORE ST. TOMATO AND CABBAGE PLANTS SS per 1,000 SMITH GARDENS 1120 SHADES LANE PA 4-14M Me Dades p A \^ nt T tc \V \VASTIER SERVICE Apex, Kenmore. Easy. Maytaf, Blacknone. Wrinv:ci Rolls. PA 4-2>4] BEER Thrtiwavay boltlc. $2.99 case. CUMBERLAND LIQUOR STORE 4(9 Henderson Ave, PA 2-777? ilOMELITE CHAIN SAWS Satei and Service Davis Gftrac* nintsAone. Md Pnone GR &-4Z83 OLD COINS C'O'IN^C-PPLI'ES KOLMEi II CKSSNA IBB HENRY ST HOUSE PLANS; Whether .vou sa them trom a magarine or have an architect, we'll reproduce them. Evcryxine rceris copies of valuable papers rholnsut or Bhieprim. Cumberland Engraven. 119 S. Mcch. St. PA 1-K22. Fabulous Carpet Sale! All wool plain twists anrt textured velvets 0 and 12 ft. widths, colors: nuggot tweed, spice, spray green and nutria. Reg $12.95 Sq. yd. Sole Price $7.95 Sq. Yd Only at Millenson's cun you }m-t a valve, like this! MILLENSON'S 317 Virginia Ave, PA 2-3930 20-Ftv Sole Mi«elkn«ou> FOR SALE (unit bedj, 1M Point Kle-clrio Start, Kenmore automatic , washer, 2 electric efrlerralort, one S x 12 rat, melil wardrobe, Sennett Transfer & Slorcgs Warehouse-Franklin St. PA 2-6730 VEGETABLE PLANTS me quality, thick stem lomatoes, pfp. iers, sweel potatoes, eaubaye, *lc. Tharn's Seed Store. PA 26H7. OVKR 200 ACMES ol timber Ior <ale on easy access road. Both pint and oak. saw timber and pulp. Taylor Van Meier, Oliltown. Sid. PLASTERBOARD— All Sizes Try.- "Pennsy" Bout* <0 Narrows Di»[ PA MJOo frtf taiv partiiHol BOYS 21" Bicycle. Evcetfenl shape. Girl Scout uniform, sire 10; worn twice. Salisbury, Pa. JUOhjvrk 3 4«i. rOR BEST BARGAINS in Moves, wash. «r*. sweeper* and other appliance*, visit our warehouse. Duplex Sales i Service. Mary St. at Virginia Ave. Very Gentle Riding Horses Call PA 2-0942 USED EQUIPMENT FOR SALE •lodel M Farm-ill (vllh hljh hit K-veral John Deerl forage harvesters J ° h "on n bl' r ' Mo ' 1 ' 1 M Sel1 Propelled lolo Baler Allis Chalmers rombine ohn Deere uie<i baler equ'pnie"? °' ""*' "*"" Chalm "' Vevr Allis Chalmers and Cleaner combines, self propelled COCIIHAN FARM EQUIPMENT CO SOMERSET. PA. KITZMILLER MEMORIALS MONUMENTS and SIAKKERS AU Hi* bejl mtrbM »no fitQitt loeludini "Rock ol Aju" ,rjq,i« •nd "Barr« Qulld Meiaorials- Fred'ct * Ceorce Sts PA 1 »»0. J-35M "Stl VH4T IOU IVT- JASCO JALOUSIES STORM WINDOWS STORM DOORS AWNINGS Approved by Good Housekeeping JOHN E. SHARP, & CO. McMulten Highway PA 2-7620 -MASTRRS CONCRETE VIBRATOR 11 Fool Hose. Usfd Klve Hoars PA <-1377 REPOSSESSED. Sinjer Sewini .M> chine, may be purchased for balance due. Sinter Co.. W Baltimore St. SI Ford w/Hcavy Duly Loader '52 Ford w/Cuttivalor Ford MoM-er» — side & Hear Xild II. H. BKNDKIl Phone MF: OJ71 -Mejersdale. P». mile out old Furnace Hoad. 15e quart, llring containers, pick yourself. RK.8.SM9. Pickint May 71. U, 28. June 1, 1. FRIGIOAini-: .to sallon eleclric hoi u-aier lank. Pracilrally new. Call PA 1. 1618. lOOSIER duo lone solid light oak 85" exteniLon table ana 1 chairs, .vice S25. PA 4 otifi. 1955 "5^ HP" OUTBOARD .MOTOR Like ,Ve», JIM. Call PA 2-SJH L'SKn BRICK. « per Iruck load de. Sivered in cily llmils. Cumberland Salvage- PA t-Cf&3. 3 PIECE USED LIV1.VC ROO.M SUITE REASONABLE. CALL PA 4.5913 USED HOT AIR FURNACE Inquire 470 Williams Sl. Hein-Wamcr hydraulic bumper jack lor service station. Harold Dalley, Short Cap. Call IUI S 8751. Faclory Dlsplay The r'amous Kimball Pisnai PEOPLES tTjRNlTURE STORE Reinharfs 17 Baltimore St. 18" POWER MOWER 3'.«T SCREES IKJOR DIAL PA 4.3643 USED POULTRY EQUIPMENT i' Feeders. Metal .Vests. Electric Sl.rt- ing Balterles. Finishing Batteries, Rain Shelters. RoOitint Sections. Eleclric Incubator. 100 Turkey Crates •30 INTERNATIONAL "160" TRUCK •li I.VTER.VATIONAL Hi TON *5a INTERNATIONAL 1^ TON Sel Rear-Mounled Forrf Cultivator* CHARLES ROWZEE Lake Koon Rd PHONE BEDFORD VALLEY 451 BUSINESS MACHINES Sales & Service — .Typewriters — Adding Machines — Cash Registers BUY OR RENT Keyser Office Supply Co. Victor .Adding Machine Agency Keyser, W. Va. Phone 28721 ONE USED Frlcidaire refrigerator. J«; one used Crosier refn'serator, S3«: one used GE electric ranre. SICOi one used Crosley electric ranee, like new: Terms available. Green- Si . PA" (dijo'""*' "* ' c "" r ' Save 20% On Bottled Gos • Insulofion! Balsam Wool! Try "Pennsy" Rout* M Narrows Dial PA .1-7300 Fret f&tj Parktap PARAKEETS S',?.? pdpl S fL'i'i'it-S-i;«l(er Spaniels. MM. Harold Mrok. Pomp^r KcnneU at Vale Summit. Phone Froslburx 11(M W-l MOTOROLA High F.dcll.v Console Phonograph. BTontic ?0-«"al( ainpli Onlv Sl?9.9.> .nchtdinjt *S30 <H*mond BMdEf. Sycke'c Music Store. 72 N Centre-. '^^>OV,W Storm Wtndows Completely fnstalled CT^H QS As Low As ... •4 > <£*J./J 203 S Gtorne Sl. PA 5-6030 WALLPAPFR-MjVt jelKllon a 1 borne Expert paperhangiDf. low cost PA 10224 foi samples. tUrtlcy \\1cficld PANSY PLANTS - 25c DOZEN Enrlulj daisies tie dot. . er«*pina phlox 15c A clump: rock EATX.CI, »nd pcitntiial flower plant* I5c «ach; urce assortmcnl sccdj, plants And tapplfe* o( nn. quality n,,,rp-* seed Ster*. Phone PA Z-6U7. RUBBER STAMPS Federal Printing K) Columblj PA2-3«< Wr StO tJtt Beit •n« Repolt t»t mil Schwinn Bicycles Rco Lawn Mowers Everjibing loi trie b1cyc]« .•nej lawn mo^er at Vefi Blcrcle 1 Mo«er Sapote M Queen Cits P'nnenl PA J «ii TOP SOIL & FILL DIRT Phone CO 4-4198 ••••-. . ••• i 20-For Sal* Mi«c«llon»oit« 1 •• .;.'"'• f Unpalnfed Furniture— Save! ,. ml an* SM axem stuurt Try "Pennsy" Jtoutl M N.rtom Dial rjl.fttt .frit fail ^arJtlnff/ GARDEN SUPPLIES Cabbage, tomato, potted tomato, p«p- >er. cauliflower, celery, teed potato* »» onlorv tels, Pansy, petunia, diliy, imp drigon, lota and scarlet ia?c plants. All kind) Ol .'efeiablei a DO Ftow*t itfds Garden fertilizer*. Uran P«»t IUTUU\ *ad -Peal Moss. Our SpecJa) mis Lawn Seed 35c lh, LIBERTY HARDWARE CO. 4f N. LIberly SI. rhon« PA z-n<4 21 -Wonted to Buy SCRAP IRON & METAL PIPE-PLATE, STRUCTURAL Copper. Brass, Batterir*, Altua.. «t^ tHOCK SCRAP li SALVACE CO. liettretD Klc« <j oifult Oid 11» Plait 6!U PAJOtM SCRAP IRON METALS STRUCTURAL STEEL OUt it RtUaoli Driln No^ Uxrated Ui La V alt Bear Zlmmerla Auto Shop TELDSTEIN'S Pton« fA J.5320, PA MB6J 24 — furnacct, Heat, Stov«» LEXKOX Coal. C«>, Ol! FURNACES Cleanlov L RepaLrint Windier Heatjjjg ISSftVCentre PA i.MM Plumbing & Heating J. E. Woodyard Phone PA 2-<J950 BOLLASD FURNACE CO. OS — Coal '— Oat #i«r<na Until M9 N. Centre St. Phone PA i-5SU [>o joa need • new neatlaj plinll ClU PA t-Z*J4 rot tre« i<Um»u«. Sun tfeailni Co.. P O Boi «7 25 — Building Suppliei OAK FLOORING SAVK-SAVK-SAVK NtW LOWEH TRICES D1RKCT KnOM .MANUKACTURER 2S/32 ic 2*V Clear Red 23>-ic (t. 25/32 x 2''." Clear While 2J«ie It 2J/32 X 2 1 *" Select Red .. .. 22c It 23/33 » 2'i" Select IVolte 28c It. 2J/32 jc 5!i" Com 1 Rtd. ftTille 17c It. 2a/32 x 2^4" Economy 9 tjc ft. 2>/32 « 2(1" Com 1 Rlr ShorU 12c It. Floorins - Kllntlried. end trulctrd, Bundled and traded in aceotdaoce with National As.^oclallon Rules. rve«u"ra Y " Ani>(VOOD >LboniNn Quality Lumber end Building Supplies The South Cumberland Planing Mitl Company M Qijwn St. PA 2-Z600 HAGERSTOWN BLOCKS & MARTINSBURG BRICK Roy U. Athey Dial Pa 4-4417* KITCHEN -AIDE DISHWASHERS $325.00 Here is an item which will alltw your wife more time with her family and will eliminate a tremendous headache which occurs three limes a day. The Kitchen- Aide dishwashers leave your , r, glass and silverware without spots — sparkling clean. The temperature of the water ttfeti in the washing and rinsing process is so high that your dishes are actually much more germ free than, they become by the dishwashing method. See this dishwasher in our beautiful Geneva kitchen in our display room. BUCHANAN LUMBER COMPANY 549 N. CENTRE PA 2-0650 STA-DRt The Wonder Woterproofing (or that wet cellar; cisterns, etc. SUPER CONCRETE CO. Sole Odd Windows 30% Off Anderson Flcjcivents Anderson Casements Standard Double Hung Colonial Piclure Windows And many others BUCHANAN Lumber Co. 549 N. Centre St. PHONE PA 2-Ooofl Wet Basement? Waterproof and Decorate with THOROSEAL only S4.65 per 50 !bs. The Cumberland Cement and Supply Company Rear 419 N. Centre St. PA 4-20M 26-Help Wonted Experienced searosler. Good pay. Call PA 2-0780. SEE OUR At) UNDER BUSINESS OrrORTUNtT>F.S "A ONE-MAX BUSINESS SUM INVESTMENT " fCAN START PART TIME, HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STUDENTS lor special ontsMr promotion. Pleasant working eotidillons and opportunity to earn up to SJOO or mere ' per \veeX. Wt wm train you. Com* ana talk Ihls over between 8 and 10 a.m. Keystone Home Furnlsnlnf Co.. 1M N. Mechanic Sl. 27-Femole Help Wanted WAITRESS W»Mf<f u Hjb urJJ er R«»- taaninl, Root* 10, six mile* \VMI ol Cumberland. EXPERIENCED _.,, LICENSED BEALTICrA.N CALL PA 4-5678. .Her 7 j> m. PA J.JIU WOMAN »s noujeneeper In modern bungalow, ill ~modrm convemrnret. PA <.15ii »[|cr li > m. ""' * IW i

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