The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 8, 1925 · Page 14
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 14

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, November 8, 1925
Page 14
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TWO THE LI\COLN SUNDAY STAR—SUNDAY. NOYEMUKR I9iô. SMITH RELEASED TO COAST LEAGUE. CINCINNATI. O., Nov. 7.—Carry Herrmann, president of the Keds. today announced the release of Elmer Smith, veteran outfielder, to the Portland club of the Pacific coast lenRue, for a cash sum, not stated Herrman also announced^ the Reds had concluded their option to purcha.s»' the release of Billy Hunnefield, infielder, from Portland. <%e L’SEYE Zditmrmnd Qtn^ralMânmatr WILL ROGERS ^ SKERS LOSE N Ì 3 (Continued from Patre One.) NEW MANAGER Amodier "Btilf" rhirhiim edrerrtsemetit br WiU Roger», ZiestcM FolUe» and *cr«en »tar, and laadlns Amrricati hnmorirt. Mora coming. Watch for tham. My little boy, thirteen yearf old, hai just returned from a trip to the Mediterranean. He was ju*t at that age when there was no doing anything with him at home, so I sent him over there to see what he could find out for his old f’ather, who had never been any farther away from home than thg barn. He apent two weeka In Kgypt, and visited the Tombs of the old Pharaohs. In fact he prowled around in King 'Put* a Tomb. Now I am a great believer in ancestry. I hate to see new things or new people come up with no tradition or backing behind them. So when my Young Hopeful returned from a three months’ cruise, he Informed me of a historical faet that even I (at a Harvard Man) didn't knew. He said the most prized thing dug out of King 'Put’s 'Pomb was a sacred Bull, hich the Egyvxians idolized at their God. The wrapping, on close examination, was found to he of empty “BULL" DURHAM sacks iewed together by those ancient people. And when they reached the Inner tomb or sarcophagus of this old Pharaoh, or Bull Worshipper, the pocket of his pajantas was found to contain a sack of “Bull" Durham, proving that “BULL" DUR- HA.M Is older than the ages. Now, my own hoy told me this and he don’t lie. He ain’t old enough to have to. tunes uf the gume were that the breaks fatltMl to materialize and the Cornhuskcrs, fumblinK away every ■coring Opportunity, found that the Journey to the Dr.ake goal was a distance they could not negotiate. The third period, from a Nebraska standpoint, was frultles.s as the second and when the contending elevens again »witched goals at the start of the final period, giving the Bulldogs the advantage of the gale, it was written then and there Ifi the record that, Drake was victorious. Draks Scoras Again. Nebraska, however, was not destined to emerge with a defeat by a margin of a single touchdowm; the fates apparently were determined to frown on the Huskera until the climax of the struggle. A Nebraska fumble gave Drake pos- Be.H.^l«n of the ball within the Corn, busker’s 25-yard line and Willard Sutherland, a pew star in Drake’s consellatlon. then proceeded to plunge for nine yards, following with another drive for two yards to earn Drake’s first down of the day. Switching their offensive to the left of the Nebraska llrie. Sutherland swung loose on a wide end run and sped in the direction of the Nebraska goal. Even then the breaks persisted In favoring the Hiilldugs. Sutherland once lost his footing on the Icy field and the ball tximbled from his grasp, hut it hoimced right back again Into 'his clutches, and the Bulldog runner sprinted triumphantly to an earned touchdown. Drake’s final scoring achievement came In the form of a Nebraska safety. Following Drake’s touchdown and kickoff. Harydalls fumbled after retunnlng the kick ten yard?», and the BuUdog.s downed Wie slippery bladder within 30 yards of the Nebraska goal. Cook punted on the first down and the ball rolled out of bounds on the Nebraska five-yard line. ('aptaln Weir retreated back of his goal to punt out of danger, but he fumbled the pass from center and Robertson. Drake guard. pUed through the Nebraska line to drop Weir In his tracks a performance which added two points to the Drake total and made complete the Bulldog’s triumph. In a last desperate effort to escape a shutout, the Cornhuskers attempted a forward passing offensive. The Icc-covered b.all was much too elusive for an aerial attack to hold forth even scant hope for succès."*, liut Halfback Mandcrj managed to hurl one p.ass to End Shsner for a gain of 20 yards, when the final pistol shot barked out the signal that the combat had terminated. Lineup pncl SummPfy* Nebraska, 0— P is. —Drake, 14. ...................le........................Sample E Weir (C) ................... Henry ..Ig. .c.. . rg. .rt. .r ». .qh. . .I'l. .rh. ..fb. Harry C. Schalls Is the new manager of the clothing department of S. Samuels’ clothes shop. North Platte Hi In Field With Strong Football Team This Year No. PMitt*. ___13 Fwriuun . No. riatU. ___3* Loxtagton ... No. riaHo.___14Kearney .... No. IMwtto. ___41Sidney ............ No. IMiUte. ___ 1» Mcottitblaff .. No. PloU«. __ U (fothenburg . No. PlMt«. __ M Broken lb*vr. Totwl» .. __ .Hi Totals............ BY GREGG McBRIDE. Platte schedule and each one of th« trio i»romlses to be a real battle in every sense of the word. The fas; covered for Drake on Nebraska’s 35-y.ird line. 1 Cook piMilcd twenty yards. Nebraska making no return. Nebraska’s ball on its 15-yard line. Stephens replaced l,ooke In the Nebraska buckfleld. Husksrs Start Rally. Rrown made three yards on an every ui me wuili. jluv tirown iiiauo inrue yuru» uii **** Cambridge team will lock horn off-tackle drive. \ forward pass by with the Lincoln county grUlder ‘ Stephens was Incomplete, this week, AlcCook and the i'ur.lM Drake was offside on the next k . I ... 1 m a m.E w ng the middle of the period on an 18-yard run which carried the oval i.o the Lincoln 49-yard line. The little quarter ran five yards on the next play but fumbled, Tindall and a fellow' lineman recovering for Lincoln. W'ltte soon punted out of langer. Central Starts Rally. Robertson’s 14-yard run In the fourth period looked like the start ng of another Central rally out Central forward passes weui a.stray and l.,incoln took the ball on downs, driving down to the Central 11-yard line as the game ended. The contest wa.s waged in the laee of a bitter north wind and ua j, field which was partly covered with snow. A good-sized crowd witnessed the game, a delegation ot five hundred Omaha Central rootere headed by a band filling the Purple section. , Linaup and Summary. Lincoln, 21— Poa. —Central. 0. . le.. .It.. .Ig.. .c... ..rg.. Four years ago when Roland Locke was cavorting around ih« North IMatte ■»nnd-lots, the I.lucoln county grldders boasted a state championship football team. Locke, Shanner and Yost have been gr.idu ated and are seeking laurels elsewhere but this fall North Platte Is | ypm.g_ back with a winning football team | ^ —an aggregation of moleskin warriors which give every promise of being In a, po.sitiou to bid for a slate title as the .seaao a draws to a close. Out west they start playing their schedule early and the North Platte machine In the seven games to dat« has rolled up a total of 244 points while only one aggregation has l>«en able to cros.s the Lincoln county goal. North Platte’s scoring machine has been In action under nearly ill conditions, two of the games being played in the mud and a third In a combination of snow, mud and Ice. Record Looks Good. Victories dangling from the Lincoln county belt Include a 14-0 wl.n over the all-veteran Kearney team a 12-0 victory over Gothenburg and a 10-6 triumph over Scottsbluff. a team leading the race In * Nebraska circles. Sidney, Farnam, Lexington and Broken Bow' ur others to bow in defeat, the Custe* county athletes being swamped 53-9 In u game In which North Platt trotted 33 athletes out 10 public view. Three games remain on the Nortli Aggies following in order any on of the trio carryiOg a possible upset. Harry McCandless. Nebraska Wesleyan athlete and former Go.h- enburg coach, Is serving Ins lirsi year at .North Platte high. *rh • team Is well-balanced and acc<rd- ing to reports is one of the most polished machines in the west*rn high school realm for - Fisher Brow'n ,.. Folger ... . Bauer (C.) Koster ... rindall ... -McCarthy Witte ___ .Still ........... Packer McBride Purruccllo .. Leplcler .... Kurtz Chaloupka .. Douglas Greenocrg Thompson Egan Hamilton . Ambelang .. . . Amend . Robertson Swart Sloan . . . Everett Cook Spears (C ) . . Cr''(nklte p. 8. TKerc it folnf to he *n- other picco in thlt ptpcr toon. Look for It Halsh ......... Hutchison . Scholz ......... Htlner ......... Lawson ... Brown ......... T>alley........ A Muidery Rhodes .................. Suhstltiittons; Nebrasks — J- Weir for Lawson. Sprague for Lee, Steprens for Dailey. Dailey for Stephens. Shaner for Sprague. Handels for Stlner. Locke fo- D a-l 1«y, PosplsU for Ralsh Stephens for Ijocke, Wostoupal for Hutchison, Wlckmun for Stephens Drake — Sutherland for Everett, Everett for ('’ronktfe, Dustin for Everett, Durn for Ambelang. Touchdowns—Spears. Sutherland. Safety «'aptaln Wclr. Nebraska. Score i»y periods; Nebraska ......0 0 0 0—0 Drake ..............................6 0 0 8—14 Officials; Referee — Cochrane, Umpire Millard. Field Judge — Dennle. Headllnesman—Reilly. ED AND BLIGK GRUSDES R1 (Continued from Page One.) Muxen’s punt gave Lincoln the hall on its 34-yard line. The Red and Black then plunged and sprinted 66 yards to a touchdown before relinquishing posses slon of the tiall. A 26-yard off- tackle pl.ay with s rut-h.ick by McBride factored In the scoring march, the Lincoln fullback carrying tlu ball across on a 4-yard plunge. Central failed to gain following the second kU-koff and an exchange of punts gave I.lncoln the ball on the C»*ntral 18-yard line. Mcjdrld*- making a sensational return of SO y ards. Witt« and McBride alternated at carrying the ball and after the ova’ had been planted on the S-yard line. Packer slipped across on a erlss- cros» McBrtd«’« Thrilling Run. McBride’s 4«-yard jaunt scored Llm ola’s last tally. On his scoring run, McBride was furnished near perfect interference back» and linemen Joining in the work of mowing doun the Purple tacklers Thre- Omaha backs appeared to have the Lincoln player In their grasp but with M neat hip swing and side-step he whirled and spun down the side lines across the final chalk mark Central's rally was in the third quarter The Purple line functioned much more smoothly during this period and the battle was waged on even terms. reeled off a first down diir- re.. qb.. Ih.. ... .rh Robertson (AC.; ...,fb................. Muxen .Subslllutlons: Lincoln—Kitchen for Btlll, Klmmel for Kitchen, Kitchen for Klmmel, Townstsid for McCarthy. Central—Moorhead for Kurtz. Touchdowns—McBride 2. Packer. Extra points—McBride 3 (place- kicks.) Kcore by periods; Lincoln ......................14 7 0 0—21 Central ...................... 0 0 0 0— 0 Officials: Referee—Jones. Orln- nell. Umpire — Doarn, Missouri, Headllnesman—Adams, Omaha, U. Lincoln Reserves Win. By way of an indication to whal might follow, the Lincoln Reserves trampled over the Omaha Central ResiAves, 26 to 0. The lineups: The first team average.^ 157 pounds with a 156-pound Uno end a 157-pound backlleld. Wickwire Leads Team. Captain Ralph Wickwire plays a quarter position. He is skillful at running backs’ punts and In add! tlon is a triple-threat man, an accurate passer, drop-kicker and clever ball-lugger. Marvin Hastings at halfback Is the big cog In the ncoring machine. He scales 160 pounds and is fas,. The secret of the North Platt*' ground-gaining machine is said, by those who have watched the team work, to be In b'ullback Yates. 18 1 - pounder, who runs clean-up In the interference. In addition he Is u godo llne-bucker and a whiz on the defense in hacking up the line. The NoHh Platte Tram. Sc&l« rtadlng* on the North nistto eleven; Poe Player " LE— Macomber ...................................... I.T—Tottenhoft ............................................. LG—Trout ......................................................... le» C — Wolt ........................... Ill HO—Schllent* ................................................. nX—Shsner ............................................. J»« HE Brannon .................................................. JJ« QB—Wickwire ...................................... *"■ LH—Haetlnga ........................................ l<® RH—MorrU ....................................................... If* FD—Yatee .............................................. »»I Sub—Atteberry ............................................... UO Play-By-Play Details— Nebraska vs. Drake U. l.incoln— Moore ............. De V’ore ......... ............. Martin ..... Gartnar......... Hickman .... Reed ............... Armstrong .. True ............... A. Danielson Chamberlain Pos. —Central le ('armlchai. It ............ iShlmmel Bmilh .... Enger ... I.arkii. C.’het U .... Fou s ... .Langcll Moore Love , .McEntiro Guaranteed by III I àllb Avaau*. YuA Cti (Continued from Page One.) line. Swartz. Bach and Cross began to run loose for gains up to twenty yards and soon the Wesleyan team found Itself on the Wesleyan twelve-yard line with the Maroons In possession of the hall with a first and ten. It took them all of four downs to negotiate the distance but they did and with one minute and thirty seconds to go proceeded to try the Wesleyan line on four different occasions to gain but failed. The large homecoming crowd did not get through cheering before the whistle blew announcing the close of the game. The game was viewed by Coach ••Bill’ Kline’s Hastings Bronchos which are the next on the Wesleyan schedule. Little substituting was done. Wesleyan going through the game without a change while Mnrnlng- ■ide substituted but three times. Lineup and Summary. Wesleyan, 7—Pos.—Mornlngslde, 0 Manchester .. Huyck ......... Gass ................... Lally............... Boell . Frühling .... Clark ............... Roper ......... Danker ........... Calvert......... Wlherg (c .,. uwwqohen Pubatltutlona: Morntngalde—Wil- llama fur i'warti, Okerberg for Wilhams. Cross for C>kerberg, Touchdown - WIberg. Extra point -- VVlherg kick ) Hfore hy periods: Wesleyan .........0 7 0 Mornngalde ......................00 Officials' Referee- Elliott. Ne- iirasku. Umpire - - King, Doane, Headllnesman -- Young, Nebraska. WIFE GETS RUTH'S FARM. HUDBURY, .Mass.—Nov. 7.— Babe" Ruth has conveyed his farm here to his wife. Ib cause he pur- etissed the plaee for a home, he thought It should t>e In his wife’s narn**. The farm, which comprises .I bout 125 acres, is atiout two miles from the M'aysld«* Inn. ..le.. ... Vanclttsr ..It.., ,Henderson , .Ig.. ,. Leitch (c) ,,c... .... Bashitan rg... ......... Hancer j .. rt.. ... Wickman j . ,r*.. ........... Means 1 .qb., ...... Swart* . ,lh.. ............... Bach ,rh... ......... Fowlsr ,..fb.. ....... l^Voy uta.n.............. FIRST QUARTER. Drake won the toss and chose the north goal giving advantage of the wind. W’eir kicked fifty yards, Everett returning thirty yards to Drake’s 30-yard line. Spears charged line ami failed to gain. , ^ _ Sample punted sixty yards to Nebraska's 20-yard line. Dailey failed on first plunge. Rhodes plunged through center for three y«rd.s. Brown made two vards on off-tackle plunge. Wclr punted thirty-five yards out of hounds. It w'as Drake's ball on Its 45-yard line. Everett made five yards around Nebraska’s left end. Spears plunged through center for three yards. Spears fumbled on the next play and Nebraska recovered on its for- iy-flve yard line. Dailey failed to gain on try at center. Brown went through right side of Drake lino for ten yards. Exchsnf) of Fumbles. Nebraska fumbled on «ext play c.nd Drake recovered on Its 45-yard line. Everett fumbled and was thrown for three yard loss. It was "*t'»iglng cold and ev’erybody was having trouble to hold the ball. .Sample punted forty yards and Brown returned ten yards to Nebraska’s 20-yard line. Rhodes plunged for on* yard. Brown dove through for one yard. Sloan broke through and downed Dailey for 6- vard loss. Wclr punted thirty-seven yards. It W’as Drake’s ball on Nebraska s 4.5-yard line. Everet made five vards on an off-tuckle plunge Spears fumbled. Hutchison recovering for Nebraska on Nebraska’s 35-yard line. Rhodes plunged for four yards. Brown went through for six yards and first down. Brown hit Drake’s left guard for three yard.s. _ . , Draks Scorss on Fumbio. Drake was penalized five yards. Nebraska fumbled on the next P«*y- Spears recovered and ran from the middle of the fiel<^ for a touchdown for Drake. Score: Drake, 6; Nebraska. 0. Scholz blocked Everett’s try for ixtra point. Score: Drake. 6; Nebraska. 0. Weir kicked <'fT forty-five yards, Everett returning thirty yards to Drake’s 45-yard line, ('’ronkhlte failed to gain on try at Nebraska s line. Roth teams take time out. Sample’s punt , yards. Nebraska s hall o« Its one- yard line. Time up for end first period. . . , * Score: Dralfe. 6; Nebraska. 0. SECOND QUARTER. Joe Weir replaced Lawson In the Nebraska hne . Sutherland replacetl Everett In the Drake hackfield Weir punted fifty’«ve yards. Sullivan returning ten yards to Nebraska’s 4i-yard Une. Sutler land made three yards on an off-tuckle plusige. Cook fumbled on the next play and lost a yard. Cook punted thirty yards. Brown making no return. R was Nebraska’s ball on its 15-yard 1*»^ Weir punted sixty yards. Sullivan returned ten yards to Drake s Sr.-yard line. Sutherlind tried Ne braska’s right end foi Sutherland phmg*d f*>r off. Play was called back for another kick. Drake was penalized five yards for offside. Sutherland kicked oft forty yards. Brown returning twenty-five yarifs to Nebraska’s 45-yard Ikie. Rhodes plunged for five yards, but the gain was disallowed nsid Nebraska w’as penalized for off-side. Rhodes fumbled and l>rake recovered on Nebraska’s 45-ynrd line. Dailey went In the Nebraska backfield In place of Htephena. Everett made five yards around right end. Cook failed to gain on a try at left .side of Nebraska line. Cook punted twtirity-flvc yards. Brown returned ten yards to Ne- braaka’Ji 26-yard line. Weir dropped hack to punt, but fumbled the pass from center and w'as thrown for a ten yard loss. Weir punted forty-five yards out of bounds. Drake's ball on Its 45- yard line. Sloan fumbled and Dailey recovered for Nebraska on Drake's 45- yard line. Rhodes pliMiged for three yards, but fumbled and Drake recovered. Drake’s ball on 11s 42- yard line. Shaner replaced Sprague. Spears hit the middle of the Nebraska line for three yards. Spears failcil to gain on a try at right side of Nebraska line. Drake was offside, and WHS penalized five yards. Cook punted ten yards. Nebraska’s ball on Its 48-yard line. Weir’s punt rolled twenty-five yards «»ut of hounds. Drake’s ball on its 25- yard line,. Everett failed to gain on a smash at the Une. Sutherland plunged for four yards. Cook punted forty-yards. Brown returning five yards. Nebraska’s ball on Its 45-yard line. Weir punted sixty yards out of bounds. 'The ball was culled back. Drake Draws Penalty. Drake roughed Weir on the kirk. Drake w’as pfxiallzed, Nebraska being given possession of the hall on Drake’s 15-yard line. Rhodes drove through for four yards. Nebraska took out time. Dustin replaced Everett In the Drake backfleld. A forward pass by Brown was Incomplete. Rhodes fumbled on next play. Suthirland recovered for Drake, and carried the ball to Drake’s 20- yard Une. Kpears fumbled but re- covi red for a two yard loss. Huth- erland made five yards on a lUne smash. Cook’s punt rolled thirty yards, Neliraska making no return Brown made three yards through the Une. Weir punted twenty-five yards, Drake making no return, it was Drake’s ball on its 25-yard Une. Cook failed to gain on a try at the 11»)«' Randels replaced Htlner. Kutherland fulled to gain on a drive at center. Drake was offside and was penalized five yards. Time was up for the third quarter. Score: Drake, f>; Nebraska, 0. FOURTH QUARTER. Locke went In for l>alley In Nebraska hack field play and was I'enallzed five yards. Rhodes made n yard through center for first down. On a criss-cross play, Mandery fumbled and Drake ri'covered on Nebraska’s 25-yard Une. Wotistopal replaced Hutchison at Nebraska center. Sutherland attempted a drop-kick from the thir- . j ty yard Une, but was short and ball number oi went for a touchback. Nebraska scrimmaged from the 20-yard Une. On the next play both teams were offside. Wlckman replaced Htephisia for Net>raska. Wlckman fumbled on the next play, Drake recovered on Nebraska’s 25-yard Une. .Sutherland made nine yards around Nqbrnska's left end. Drake Makes Yardage. Sutherland made it first dow’u on an I'ff-tackle plunge for two yards. It was Drake’s first down of the game. The ball was on Nebra.ska*s 12- yard line. Sutherland swung around Nebraska’s right end for a 12-yard run anil cro.s.sod Nebraska’s goal fur a touchdown. Sutherland dropped the ball during his run, but recovered It, and raced on for a touchdown. Huth- erlund missed the try for extra point. Score: Drake, 12; Nebraska, 0. Dover was aubHtltuteU for J. Weir In the Nebraska Une. Sutherland kicks off forty-five yards. Randels returned ten yards, anil fumbles the ball. Sample re- covens for Drake. Drake’s ball on Nebraska’s 30-ynrd Une. Cook punted 25-y.ards out of bounds. Nebraska’s ball on Us 16- yard Une. Weir dropped back of his goal line to punt but the pass was muffed and Roberts of Drake broke through and the downed him for a safety. Nebraska put the ball in play on Us 20-yard litie. Forw'ard pass Brow’n to Shaner was good for 20-yards. Pa.sH from Brown to Ed Weir w’ns Incomplete. Dalbey goes in ut end for Sample of Drake. Nebraska offside on next play, and penalized 5-yards. Forward pass by Brown was incomplete as game ended. Final Hcore: Drake, 14; Nebraska, b. 5KIES WALL STANFORD.13- Washington In Line For Claim To Pacific Coast Laurels. ILLINOIS DOUBLE PASS vs. CHICAGO, FEATURING GRANGE. The early season dope last year wa.s that Illinois, starring the metooilc "Red’’ Grange, had a strangle-hold on th« championship. After decisive victories over Iowa and Michigan in both of which the score getting proclivities of Grunge had Hstounded the »'>0 ball world, U remained for Chicago to check the rampage, of the tornado from Illinois. And In the early November clash »»‘‘«'veen tw» teams, Chicago, with a powerful ru.Hhlng attaek, swept Illinois before U fcr three touchdowns. The brilliant Grunge, however, managed to even the score before the day wu.s done by several feats of unusual excellence His individual nbllUy was a strong attack in Itself. The above pass II- lustrâtes what may’ be attempted and completed with a star like (.trang* *IlimoTs had the ball on Chicago’s 40-yard Une In the third quarter, with the score 14 to 0 In favor of Uhlcago, and lined up in a wide open formation with the closest back not nearer than 5 yards to the center. The defense was loiasened accorrilngly to meet the unexpcct*>d. No. 5, left end, shot diagonally Into the hackfiebl. His bu.slncss was to deflect the attention of the defensive backs and not to act a.s an interférer if the pass succeeded. The five linemen, not waiting to hold, drlftd ahead to clean up after the mmpletiou uf the puss. No. 6 right end, ran down held on a slight angle, drawing the wing back on his side an.l at the seme time getting into a g«K»d position as an interférer. The ball was snapped to No. l. Grange, who caught U on the mn from the center and carried It as If he were starting for an *nd run around Chicago’s left. The No. 3 back ran as Indicated. He rlrew the attention of the elosc-up defensive hack, and to some extt'nt .screened No 4 back started on the snap of the hall ami cut arro.HS the path of No. 1. as In.Ucated. He added to the confusion of the, partiallv •screened the receiver and continued on, paralleling the running roxit of Grange as an Interférer. „ . . No. 2 ulckly arrived at hhs receiving position In the fhat territoiy behind the defensive end. and «'uiight the ball thrown him by Grange who tossed It while running. No. 2 was standing still when he recelve.l the hall. As soon as he got It. he released It hy a backward lateral puss to ilrange, who had made the forward pass to him. The defensive end and tackle are allowed to ronie across tlu* scrim mage line unhindered so the pass may bg made over their heads. After tossing the hall to No, 2. Grange put on a hurst of speed and. careening around Chicago’s left end. took the pns.s from No. 2 amf ran for a 30-yard gain. . , On the next play, so demoralizing had this play been to the defense. Grange on an end run to the left îrii way across the field and cut In for a touchdown for Illinois ^ ^ This plav Is a dazzling offensive stunt. It succeeded In leading directly to a touchdown In one of the great contests of the season For .1 team with a highly skilled forward pass per.sonnel. It affords an uttrae- tlve design for an un\i»unl effort In a tight tdaee. (Copyright, 1925. Sol Metzger.) SEATTLE. Wash., Nov. 7. —The Huskies of the Washington university paved the way to u Uacl- flc Uoast conference championship ioday by dow'iilng the Stanford Cardinals, 13 to 0 . The first Washington score came early In the second quarter when a pass followed by two center tmcka near Stanford’s 20 yard Une and a long pass Wilson to Guttormsen .put the ball over. Guttormsen failed to kick goal. When the first half ended it became apparent the Huskies had stopped N*vers ,V)Ut the UarfUnals started a march that looked disastrous when they carrltd thu ball to Washington’s four-yard line l*ut were finally stopped. Winning Plays by Missouri Valley Conference Coaches Bears Trounce Cougars. BERKELEY, Cal., Nov. 7 .—The Golden luar attacked the ('ougar with sharpened claws here this afternoon and after sixty minutes of one-sided football. California hud defftiited Washington State college 85 to 0 Uallfornla was not forced to show anything spectacular to win. The game was too obviously un- «■ven to la- particularly interesting from the spectators viewpoint. Coach Andy Smith started the full strength of the Hruln team, while Coaeh A. A. Exendin« threw several second stringers into his starting line-up. Indiana looses To Ohio State In Close Game {'OI.UMBUS, O. Nov, 7. Ohio State’s undent foe. Indiana, went down Into defeat before the Buckeyes 7 to 0. In a driving rainstorm here this afterno-.u Utterly dev«dd of spectacular plays, til* game was a monolonotts punting duel witnessed by only 13.- PosplsU replaced Raish for Ne-1000 fans, eight hundred braska. jwere Hooslers who j.mrned here td Drake was In»slon of 'he j J,re^ented n^^d tried Ne- l hall on its 85-yard line at start of •'» dtsplaMng a a no gain, j luarter ( 00 k punted „„«pv brand of f.miball. and made r two yards.* returning twenty-^ ).m kins plays Im-five yards, i •>>hraska’s hall DiakeS|J dsrkeneil skies at limes almost ob- h e m ud-bcspattered of State is gusrsntesd with cloth that Is the last word In quality. Our gusrsntss with svsry gar* msnt. John K. Lebsock OFPHEUM TAILOBt Phens L9223 tOt Ne. 11th (plaeo 0—7.. 0 0—0 The Home of the Malted Milk Whors Thoy AU Moot For WAFFLES AND OYSTER STEWS SALEM’S 19th and O St. braska’. ball on recuv* rod on Its 40-yord Un* t h Weir's Dunt was block* u, out *Ne- ' . srureil I n braska recovered on its one-yard < Cook punted forty yards. Brow n i players linT Weir’s ount rolled fifty yards I returning ten yards. Nebraska» ('»ptaln «’unnlngbain Sutherland returned ten yards ball on its 45-yard Une. i scored Ohio’s only touchdown, in I Nebraska’s 40-yard Un«" Sprague , Rhodes made five yards on a line the secon.l quarter after a, I ** 111 Nebrosk* line f plutige, but fumbled and In-ako re- ptmts and forward pHsses, that took nlunsed for a yard hut : covered on Nel»raaka’s 45 yard line. 1 the l»all to Indiana’s ten yar*l Une , fu^^ried and Nebtwika recovered on | Fad. to Gam. riark’s kick for goal was low. b its 40 yard line Weir punted fifty i Cook punted fori> yunle over Ne- Ohio was awarded the ^*'ra l»‘ ; braska’» ball on l»rake's 36-yard j Rhudes failed to gain un a try at Injured bfl'k. **■• ■'-«< ?T*T'0N IMPROVEME»^*. fine Nebraska’s ball on Drake’s 18. > and in a wild acramide l»y both, NEBRASKA « , . wu. lird Une Rhodes tried Drake’s right teams Weir recovered for Nebraska , „‘i tL fna I urfalicd to gain. Brown was, on U m 5-y.ird line 'recently graveled around 'h* freight •*Mindery fumblid ' uV'ih« next i Dr\^%*bTirin li-ya“ | fhi'p«"'ienge;' Htaliun am/ hmtaUcfl ! Sn Vrfkc’J"i6-;;Xun^^ made fuur yard, through ! of amo ship. fand ma*1e six yards a drive c*n*er. but fumbled and Uook ra-' metits an.l heavy m.u^htnery. ..... i off-tH.'kle Sutherland failed to gain ' ........................ Ion th" next play ^’ook punted, thirty yards. Brown returning fiv< 1 I yards. It was .Nebraska’s ball In mlddlo of field St* phcna went In for | ‘ Dailey in the Nebraska bu*‘k field, I Nebraka Pass Fadg. Brown rammed the Une for four yards Rhodes hit center for three yards Rhodes dove through for four yards and first down. A pass from Stephesns was incomplete. Tha pima woa to Ed Wetr but it woa over his head Hhodea plunged through for three yards. Mandery tried Drake’s right end and waa thrown for six yard loss Weir punted thlrtv yards K was Drake’s hall on its Ifc-yard Une Sutherland failed to gain on an •nd run as tha platol ended the ftrat half. Score: l»raka. «; Nehraaka, 0. THIRD QUARTER. Bpragua and Joa Walr ora the Nabraaka and». SutlierlanA lOckad BY GEORGE "POTSY" CLARK. Univaraity of Kansas Coach. Ever sine« he has been head couch at the University of Kansas, George “Potsy" Clark has i»een an ar«b nt believer In 11 Un« shift, mucli on the order of the obi Minnesota shift, which was the pioneer of the line shift plays of modern football. Here Is shown one of Clark’s most effective plays. It 1m neccHsary to hsve fast guards and tackles who can run Interfert nce to mak** this piny a succcMs nnd prop«iiy « Xi'CUte It. but with iunl, powerful KUnnlH 00 «! tackle,H, it iM one of the most cffc. tlvc ground gnlm*rs In Clnik’s list. The dluKnrm shows very well just bow the pluy Is made. It i« nradc with nn unbalanced line, one gri.ird «hlftlng to the right Mid*- If Is called a reverse j»lay to the wenk aid*-. The rear back curries tb^ ball to the right «nd mrrkes h backward pass to th* quai tci b.-o k run nlng to the left In the meantime the right half comes hciosm to block defensive right end and two guards and tackle <»ii 1 iKht Hid«- ba<l the Interference to the left. Hàfs For Men 'C SIMON«I O FIVES «. Ttie6redte5tHatVâiüeoiilcirfti SitiSimm&Scnii . * •» ’«Ts.’VTV ** T-ir-s >, DID THI.S Ever Occur ^ To You r I T pays to have your bank, your physician, your lawyer, for in that way you are certain of the beat attention and service. They get to know you well—mutual good will is created—and they can serve you with better knowledge and better will In the same way, it pays to have your tailor. In the world of business today, success absolutely demands that one keep his best foot foremost and l(M>k tlie part -and an able tailor can do such for you if you give him an opportunity to properly know and serve you. Uonsuti with ua. The extra cost is small— the extra service great. E lliott B ros . IJoyd F. Elliott LINCOLN’S LEADING TAILORS. 1219 1» Street.

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