Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 21, 1957 · Page 17
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 17
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Dial ;; PA ; 2-4660^ for a WANT An Taker ;/..%,,••> Estate Transfers EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, C, and Darl<*n Wsiat- rte'• Elmer• A.'and Hazel R Abe, property j n Cumberland. -Bertha M. Bloom, to State of Maryland, pripert; on Route 36 Joseph H. Reinhart to Clyde M. and WUda.V. Sipes, property fn Richland Addition. . James H. and EWiea M. Thompson to Ambrose and Flor, «nce Morris, property in Barrelville. Carl -J. Neder and others to Mary Ann Neder, properly in lit. Savage. Harry W/and Clara M. Shank to Gregory A. and Marion I. King, property in Ml, Savage. Abraham *. W. and Elsie G. Peterson' to Lcroy K. and Virginia E. Bennett, property in Al- Jegany County. George C.'an'd Emily C. Frcy lo George R.' Hughe's, trustee, property on Harrison Street, Theie people each won MOW VACATION from their Ford Dealer (You can, too!) JOHN W. FOY I R. D. 4 Marietta, • Ohio ! JE. Mv WH1TEFIELD B. D, 1, Box 310 Pltcalra, Pa. , Chelsle A. and Mary F, Lillcr lo Luther A.'and-Bessie M. Bit- linger, property in Bowling Gicen, • Walter M. and Dorothy S. Thomas (o John C. and Edith L. Lcdbetter, properly on Bedford Road. West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company to John T. and Pearl li. Kazlo, property In Westernport, West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company to William E. and Mary fc. Rogers, property in Westernport. Blanche Pearl Bceche to May V., Burkeli, property on West Second Street. Elizabeth E. Campbell and others to Marion H. and Ray mond P. Cutter, properly in Mid land. West Vir£inla J-ulp and Paper Company to James J. and Gladys M. Pamepinlo, properly in West ernporl. Evelyn W. and Claude E. Ma- Iheny lo Gorman E. Getly, trustee, property '.a Lonaconing. Hillcrest Burial Part- to James E. Judy, properly in Allegany County. James Jenkins to Rheta J. and Margaret E. Leimbach, properly it; Cumberland. Kenneth R. and Cora Lee Thompson to Carrie Jane Hill property in Cumberland. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company to Amerilla Buildings Inc., property off Locust Alley. TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS ',..'• TUESDAY, MAY ii, i»jt . • /;''" _ ;«tl«Wo» »•«»«» «r» comma trom pnurinu tunwn br itttJon*. Tfc.Tl.-7ir. u M( rwfutibl* for I»u 1957 Fiiter-flo "G-E" Automatic Washer MP., TUE8PAY, MAY 21, J957 L!'L ABNER «D«A UCQ. Chi awl I 'TODA1 5:10 Tuesday Movl« 6:15 Boldlur* I'ortuiM 6:45 News, Weilhtr T-.OO Kin Tin Tin 7:30 I'klt Silver! 8:00 Walerfronl B-,30 1'aolc 9:00 SlUdlo £7 9:30 Red Skelton 10:00 161,000 QueiUon 10:30 Mao Called <X' 11:00 ti'«»« 11:15 Trlanjl« Tbeilr* A. M, 12:30 Newi 13 :M Swing Shl/t TOMORROW 7;00 Today Gtrroway 9:00 S too land 9:30 On Location 10:00 Garry Moore 10:30 Woman's Angle 10:49 Arthur Godfrey 11:30 Strike II Rich (2:00 Newi 11:15 Cartoooj 12:30 ScJirch Tomorrow UiU Guiding LJ«bt 1:00 Big Worte 2:30 FaLher'i Troubl* 3:00 Bis Payoff 3:30 Secret Storm 3:45 Valiant Lady 4:00 Queen for a Day ""artoon* ew«, Weather 11:20 SporU 11:15 Sam and Frteodj 11:30 TOOljcht TOXOEKOW 7:90 C arrow*? 9:00 UttU Hatcaui 9;30 Bo.roper Room 10:00 Home U:00 Price U Right 11:30 Truth, Coo'quencej 12:00 Tic Tao Uoufb 12:30 Could Be You 1:00 Afternoon 1:30 Club Sixty 1:30 Emit Ford 1:00 Matinee Theatre 4:00 Queen tor a Day 4:45 Modern Romance* *:V) Wyalt E»rp 9:00 Broken Arroir 9:30 Pupom Th«Atr« 10:00 WreitUnj , '. 31:00 New*, Sport* '. 11:20 Mystery Theatr* TOMomBOV 12iM Clown Comer 1:30 Ladlea , The atr* 2,30 FavoriU Story 3:00 Public Defender 3:30 Cantor Thealr* 4:00 Brighter Day 4:15 Secret Storm 4:30 Ed«e of Night STATION Si 60 STATION WSVA TODAY (St&ndtrd Time) 5:45 News 6:00 Quartet lime 6; 15 fs'ews, Market; 6:30 Jim Bowie 7iW Phit Silver* 7:30 Crossroads 8:00 Jane Wyman B:30 iletf 5k?Lion 9:00 S61.WO Question 9:30 Wrestling 10:00 Theatre Time 10:30 The Pendulum 11:00 News, Sports 11:15 UorlctLne USA TOMOKBDW 11:00 Adventure Film 11:15 U>ve o£ Ufe 1L;33 Search Tomorraw 11:45 Guiding Light 12-.(M The Answer 12: JO At World Turn* 1:00 Matinee 1:30 Tennessee Ernie 1:00 Matinee Theatra 3;00 Brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 Kd£« of Night 4:00 Comedy Time <:30 Theatre TUne STATION WTTO ICftmtt/Und C»blt ft) TODAY 5:00 MMt Grant Show ' 6iW BUly Johns&n 8:30 Tte Fun Hous« 7;W Wwtero Martbtl 7:30 Top Secrtt 8:00 Nais-A's 11:00 Newt, Weather llilO D. C. Movtelim* »:00 Kartoon Club 10:00 Alornlo* Alovte 11:45 Frankto Laioe 12:00 Music Hal) 12:30 Afternoon Movi« 2:00 Ladlea B« Sealed 3:00 Liberate 4:00 IJfe Wilh Edzabetii "" ~"he Unexpected STATION ITBO WAS 269.95 209 95 With old woiher Cumberland Electric Co. (CmnVtrltoft. TODAY 5:00 Comedy Tlm« '5:30 Susie 6:00 Man Behind Bad< 6:30 A'ewj. Wealitr Sporti 6:50 Sam ftnd Frlccdj 7:00 SQpennaD 7:30 Jonathan Wlateri 7;(S NBC N'evi j 6:00 Arthur Murray 8:30 Panic 9:00 Jau Wyman I 9i30 Alumlnuin Hour | 10:30 The Lone Woil STATION WJAt? (JebJUI«va, CbftEUKl <> TODAY 5:00 HopaLon# Ca*sJd/ 5:30 Superman 6:00 Sports 6:15 No urs 6:30 Waterfront 7:00 Robin Hood 7:30 Jonathan Winter* 7:15 NBC Ktwi 8:00 Arthur Murray 8:30 Panic 9:00 Jan* \Vyinan 9:30 Aluminum Hour 10:30 AUrec Hitchcock 11:00 N'ew* 31:15 Dr. Christian 11:45 Public Dreader TOMOKBOW 7:00 Garroway 9:00 Romper • Room 10:00 Home 11:00 Prl« I« Right 11:30 Troth, Con'qnentti 12:00 Tic Tac Dough 13:30 Jl Could B* You 1:00 Dtvotloiu 1:15 Your Trouble* 'l:30Tneatre S:30 Ernie,Ford 3:00 MaHuee The*(™ 4:00 Queen for a Day 4:i5 Modern Romancej STATION WMAL C«bU TODAY 5:00 Amos and And? 5i30 Margto 6:00 Cisco Kid 6:30 Spotlight l:li Newi 7:00 Annapolis Men 7:30 Nam* That TUD* 1:00 PtU SUvera 8:30 Private Secretary 9iOO Tte Tmlh Only 9:30 Red Sitlton 10:00 t64,«W Queilloa 10:30 Silent Etfvk. 11:M To» 11 Report 11:15 The LaU show TpKOlUOW €-.55 Morning MedlTaUoi 7:00 Jimmy Dean 8:00 Panorama Potomac ».•«> Capialu Konusroo 9:U Oiwald Rabbit 10:00 Girr. Moore 10:30 Arthur Godfrey 11:30 SUlks It EUck 12:00 Valiant Lady 12:15 Love ol Life 12:30 Search Tomorrow 12:15 Guldinc Light 1:00 Neva 1:10 Donna Douglaa 1:39 As World Turnj 2:00 Our Ulsx Brook* 2:30 House Party 3:00 BfE Payolf 3:30 Bob Crosby «:00 Pick Tempi* Hanci STITION wna <Altoona, CblBAel IB) B:00 Mickey Motu* 6:00 Superman 6:30 Penna. Today 6:<5 News 7:00 Life oi fl 7:30 Cheyenne 8:30 Private Secretary 9.-00 The Truth Only 9:30 Brokefi Arrow 10:' ' 10:30 Spikt Jonea 11:00 Newi 11:13 Beat Movlea TOSJOEEOW T:0fl Jimmy Dean 8:00 Captain 9:00 Horizons 10:00 Mo«etlme USA 11:33 Etrlka H ttlcn 12:00 Kew< 12:15 Lore Of 12:30 HFD 10 1:00 1:30 Af World Tum« 2:00 Search Tomorrow 6:00 ClOTra Comer 6:30 Towo uid Country 6:55 Weilher 7:00 News, Sporli 7:15 John Daly _1:30 Cheyenne Virginia Ave ot 2nd St.. 47 N. Centre St. PA 2-6191 PA 2-6862 Kite Flyers' Safety Tips DETROIT— (INS) —Springtime Ijis kite time and the Detroit Edi '(son Power Co. has the following Stay or live in the Cumberland Area and enjoy ... METROPOLITAN CABLE .... TV 4 UNDUPLICATED CLEAR CHANNELS Call Potomac Valley Television Company now for INFORMATION and your FREE DEMONSTRATION. •••••BI^H POTOMAC VALLEY TELEVISION CO. TOO S. Liberty St. Cumberland, Md. Phone PA 2-6540 SEVENTEEN ' YOUR EVES LIGHT UP ATNIGMT , AUTOMATICALLY.':' - vOO START - THE ONOITHIN GRPANS GOI N' BY WIGQLIN' YOUR LETT TOE— WIGGLIN' THE RIGHT TOE STARTS THE UNOITHLY . SMELL. AN'NUTTIN'CAN HOITVOU,K)D. YOU'RE BULLCr-PROOF.'/' AH'MGLADAHGOT THIS'lSOB. NOT MAWV ' l5S,-V'AfVOLD KIDS k. GITS TO WEAR A f. MIU-YUN-DCX-LAR ^M STEVE CANYON By Milton Caniff Of- COUZSE Mor, POTEEr! £ VYANT«VASMY«T£AW ClEu! HHY TIME VOU TZV IO K£tf. ITcff, IlL SENP YOUK LerrEK K> THE FOUCE WHK6 co vou KEEP THOSE OH, t MKSHT HAVE TH£V\ ElOHTHEZE THE WM1»I6 t MJP JXAr I KNEW IT WA? AN E220E M YOU IfT ME. AU> WE? Johm Prentice and Fred Dichenton A LINE ABOARD AW } Be ANYOtJcVTHERE TAXE WE SCAT IN rO»3L£ TO HANPIE THAT END BUT A MAN WITH A ROPc ASOJNP Ms\ AMSF1T AWKE IT Dudley Fithmr «9 TiSte I tOSS-SONO "V" TAffS if EMD HWBI1O BE A».VBW5 - M.-JIKT «1 OC'SaaS)-lB>l 2:30 Charlei Flyna 3:00 Big 3:30 Store Girl 4:00 Brighter Day 4:15 Secret Starm 4:30 Edga CAPTAIN EA5T WHAT "\»WIHWS GOOPI WHrXT A VIEW-.LOO1C USTEN, PENNY 1 . 1 HE^.R 6IK MS US MOTOR BOftT! 5!!?.™£ . A N T5?"!rC-. A PISSRACE TO W riOWTOYMitCALpy!? aw« TKEV'SM SM ABOUrHWTO IEAVS fC FEO UP WITH HIS BROTHER' but ha was "lucky" be wasn'; BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES . . ive board meeting will follow the BEG1NNER-SIMPLE! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blaster THEN PASS 'EM BV BETCHA ANYTHING WF etr A RE- AcrioM FROM 'EM NEXT TIME AROUND / rr sujw BAST BABES AT THE BUX1K .' 1 CAN HAEDTDGET.Tbol By V. T. Hamlin CM, HO; a: FDOZV; TH'CNE FELIA I COULDN'T FIND WHEN t GOT EVEKYBOtTV W.L1CGETHER UP HERE_ WEU-,WH_l_' BETTER LWB THSJJ NEVER, t AUVAYS OF \VHV FOLK5 DONT TO THE GRAND \VttERS MICKEY MOUSE By Wall Disney LOO< OUT FOR THA.-T eicvcue i THSEH'S STOP SX5N1 t TUSKE'S A LEAK )NJ ONS OP MOUB TllJES.. ETC.,., ETC....[ suggestions for sate kiteflying: Fly kites in open fields kway rom overhead wires and streets and roads. Use wooden kite frames and plain string. Metal frames and vire conduct electricity and may •ause injury or death. If the late catches on s pole or tree, leave it there. Don't fly Idles during electrical ;torms. Benjamin Franklin did killed When running fo raise the kite in the air, watch your step rather than the kite Nominates Today Nomination of officers for (he coming year 'will be held this evening at a general member ship meeting of Knobley Moun tain Post 138, American Legion ol Ridgeley. Archie Lough, commander, announced last night the meeting ivill begin at 8 p. m. An execu Printed ... piece; just pin it to fabric, oul the entire dress al once! ginner-simple to sew—and so-o-< flattering! Perfect style for sum mer in gay print, plaid cotton. Printed Pattern 4700: Misses Sires 10, 12. I'H, 16, 18, M. '16 takes 4H yards 35-inch fabric Printed directions on each pal tern part. Easier, faster, curate. Send Thirty-five tents In coin ;for this pattern—add 5 cents fo ;eBCh pattern for Ist-class mail ! ing. Send lo ANNE ADAMS, car The Evening Times 42, Pattern Department, 243 West 17th Street •,New York H, N. Y. Print plainl 'NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE iSIZE and STYLE NUMBER

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