The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 21, 1941
Page 5
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MONDAY, APK11, 21, 1941 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Suez Is Still "Open " To Axis Vessels (][[) If They Don't Mind British Warships SERVICE NEW \ORK — Picture the Piuuunu canal in enemy hands and you'll iuive a pretty gooci idea of what it would mean to Britain it the Cu-rman drive on the Sue*; canal should .succeed. in both cases an alternate .sea I'outo, in mis of unit's lunger, is available to freighters and war- .snips. But .speed is success in bliiiikiieg wanure. And the Suez canal cuus almost 5000 miles of .prec-icu.s time for su^y-laden freighters hurrying from iJrltain's arsenals in the Lust to I heir besieged mother country. i-m-ili wonder Lh:-u this 100-mile ricc;,n of l;uie, only 197 feet from de-en j;ank to ae.sert bunk at iis narrowest point a no an. ••>< i>\-^ to iu shallowest bottom, has so often teen called Britain's "life line" of empire. In the light, of present day de- : veic;;mera,s, it- seems hard to believe that when, in the middle Iliad's the great- French engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps tried to interest British capital in a canal between the Mediterranean and ' the Red Sea, Britain not only bought no .stock but tried to discourage the whole project. De LL'i^eps had obtained permission ircni the Egyptian government tc form a private company (Companie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez) to build a canal in 1854, It was to be built \vithout cost- to Egypt and to become Egyptian property after 99 years. (Unless some new agree- mei is arrived at, the canal will revert to Egypt in 11)68.) Actual construction on the Suez caanal was begun on April 25, 1859. It took ten long years and S80.000.000 (Panama Canal's cost: .$375,000,000) before, in November. 13(59, the French Empress, on her yacht L'Aigle. led a flag-bedecked fleet of G8 ships through the long, narrow waterway that was to become the world's busiest maritime canal. iPanama has sometimes run Suez a very close second*. It was not until six years later that che British overnment, in the person of the legendary, far- j sighted Disraeli, obtained an interest- in the Suez Canal Company. In that year Britain's prime minister, knowing that the Khedive of Egypt was in need of cash, paid S2u,OOu.OOO for the Khedive's 176.602 shares of canal stock — 44 per cent of the total stock. Since that time. although France has 19 of the company's 32 directors to Britain's 10 (two are Egyptiaan, one Dutch), the Suez casual has been primarily a British ditch. In 1938, 6171 ships, 2020 of them flying the union jack, carried over 50.00~0.000 gross . tons between Port Said and Port Tewfik. They brought Britain petroleum from Iran (.22 per cent of all Britain's petroleum imports); tin and rubber from Malaga; jute manganese, rice, tea and cotton from India. By the Suez Canal Convention of 1888, the waterway was "always to be free and open, in time of war as in time of peace, to every vessel of commerce or of war. . . " As in the days of the first World War. Suez is open in theory today .But the presence of powerful British naval squadrons at either end efectively discourages Axis shipping from taking advantage of the terms of the Canal Convention. Since the fall of France, the British have taken over the collection of all canal tolls and have sent the money to London for distribution after the The desert-bordered Suez Canal, laetured from an R. /*. F. plane. Nazi Post on Libyan Front i i DALLAS, Tex. (UP) — This city's aging Houston street viaxlucL "longest viaduct of its kind in the , world" when it was built 29 years ago, has a bad case ol' falling arches. All concerned agree Unit the mile-long four-lane concrete motorway, first of five to spun the narrow Trinity river find its wide bottomlands, needs repairing. But the city of Dallas, the county of Dullas and the state of Texas ill rough Us highway department are squabbling as to' which should do the jab. Cost would be $30.000. "The state highway department has profited by more than $700,000 in gasoline taxes on fuel used by vehicles in traversing this stniC" lure." said County Commissioner Buck Frank. "And still they balk- at spending $30.000 to repair it." One span of the many-arched viaduct has partly given away at the new channel of the Trinity. Cars and trucks still cross at a 15.000 a day rate,' there being iMiti possibility of a complete structure failure, but the repair n-ccuLj LS urgent. The viaduct, a show-place of the city when built in 190'J. made possible all year travel between Dallas proper and its suburb of Oak Cliff. An old road which crossed the flatlands between the two sections of the city was passable in dry weather but was inundated during spring rains. In 1908 came u major flood on the Trinity, disrupting transportation between the inhabited sections for weeks and a campaign for a permanent cross-river structure ended with erection of the viaduct at a cost of $750.000. Dallas county still owes $203,000. on the original viaduct bonds issued in 1009. The motorway, one end completed to a point near a giant cottonwood tree at which the ferry Nellie Maurine anchored during the 1908 flood, has accommodated approximately 160,000,000 vehicles i in its 29 years. I "Pure" Food i Tests for food adulteration have revealed cases of paraffin wax in lard, sulphur in barley, maize starch in mustard, sand in mixed | spice and cinnamon, /.inc in cider aand ice cream, rice in flour, and starch in suet. 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WARNING OlU)i:K IN TilK CHANCERY COURT OF CHICKASAWBA D I S T R 1 C T, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Bryant Scwnll Polls, Plaintift, vs. No. 7472 Annii- Kntc Polls, Defendant. Tho defendant Annie Kate Pot,l.s, is warned to appear within thirty How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly In I Mace Do your false teeth annoy and embarrass by slipping, dropping or wabbling when you cat, laugh or talk? Just sprinkle a little PAS- TEETH on your plates This alkaline (non-acid powder holds fiilse teeth more firmly and more comfortably. No gummy, gooey,'pasty taste or feeling. Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture •breath). Get FASTEETH today at any drug store. - Adv. 6 days in the urnr; named in the en 5: t ion hereof and answer the mnplaint of the pliilntllV. liryiuu Sewn 11 Polls. Dated this 21st ilny of April. Datodthis :>lsl. dny of April. 10-11. HARVEY MORRIS, Cleric. Par (low ,-v: Hn\ d ley, Attorneys for PlnintilV. (SeaU 21-2(1-5-12 WARNING OKI) UK A. M. JHlmon is hereby warned lo appear in the Clmncery Court for the ChlckHKiiwbti District of Mississippi vJimnty. Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint Illrcl against him there- in by (he plaiiUitV. Carrie B. Jet- IVrson. in No. V-«7:i, Witness my hand as Clerk of .said court and tin? .seal thereof on this 'Jlst dny of April, 1<M1. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk By Eli/abuth Blythc, D. C. Ivficl A: Evrard, Atty.s. for PUT. Jt's.s<> Tnylor. Ally, ml Lltem. 21-28-5-12 WE VILL ALL DOCTORS PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MONEY Stewart-Robinson Drug Co. Main & Lake Phone 20 777 MARKET Fresh Meals and Vegetables Fancy Groceries FREE UGLIVEUY f>23 W. Ash I'himc 777 Selected Limited Supply Order Now Phone 27:5 or Write Us Today RED TOP GIN , Klylheville, Ark., .Highway 61 North All is not DELUXE SEDAN GENE JACKIE HENRY! JOHN CARRADlNEfJg j.EDWARD BRCMSERGjiJf- DONALD EDDIE GEORGE A 20th C«ntury-Foi Pi 121 West Ash Street Blytheville, Arkansas Phone Day 111,- Night Rows ol: glittering trinkets—and yet you pass them by, wisely refusing to buy from hawkers, peddlers, hide-away salesmen. Why? Because, like all smart shoppers, you prefer to know the goods you purchase. You insist on knowing "the name of the merchant behind his wares, the attitude and personality of the store that sells them to you. In your daily newspaper, you get these vital shopping-facts. Here, in these pages, the stores tell you exactly what they have. Here you can select ahead of' time without stepping out of your front door. Here the merchant's signature in each advertisement assures you that the goods you buy will be exactly as advertised. That is why clever budget-keepers shop in the newspapers first —discover where they can get what they want, and buy without the costly danger of fraud. You, .too, can enjoy this saving of time and money. Look in your newspaper now!

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