Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 15, 1954 · Page 40
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 40

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1954
Page 40
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PAGE FORTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 1954 List Committecmcn Elected Tuesday in Macoupin County CAftUIWJLLE - A* a of Tuesday's balloting the following jprftcinct committeemen were Republican: Staunton 1, Har- 6ld P. Jung; Staunfon 2, Sam G. Edwards; Steunron 3. John "Buck" Karlovic; Staunton 4, Otto fi. Fey; Mt. Olive 1. Leslie Canton; Ml. Olive '2, Grant Hix; Mt. Olive 3. John Carter; Mt. Olive 4. Richard Doty; Mt. Olive 5, Mike S. Kudak; Cahokia 2. Herbert Lohamr; Cahokia 3, Sam Garella; Cahokia 5. Howard M. Curtis; Honey Pont, Hairy E. Klaus, Shaws Point, John D. McMillan; BELAIR POUTE 66 if TONIGHT * On Our 84-F«ot Pwrimlo Scrim CLIFTON WEBB "TITANIC" and ROD CAMKKON in "Rldi thi Man Down 11 And ERROL FLYNN In "ADVENTURES OF CAPT. FABIAN" (color) 1. Divie Davis; Nilwood 2, Ben H. Benstesd; Nilwood 3, Charles Klaus; Girard 1, How- srd Stewart; Girard 2.Paul Post; Virdcn 1, William W. Sanders; Virden 2. Williflm C. Boyd; Virden S, George F. Rishel; Virden 4, William Vincent: Dorrhester, 1, John F. Mansholt; Dorchester 2, Matt Katich: Gillespie 1, Thomas M. Vlasich; Gillrspie L', liai-old W, Klocke; Gillespie 3. I/«iis Valerio; Gillespie 4. L. C. Morrison; Gillcspio S, r,lenn C.'oodnight; Gillespie 6, Emlvn Thomas; Brushy Mound, I^eo T. Young; Carlinville 1, Fred C. Fickcr; Carlinville 2, Ralph K. Kuester; Carlinville 3 Fred Lawrence; Carlinville 4, Roy Arnold; Cnrlinville 5, Lorrin Arnetl; Soulh Oder, Carl Blnomc: North Otter, Harry II. Wallace; Hunker Hill 1, W. H. Whitefifld; Bunker Hill '2. Wayne Heal; Bunker Hill 3, Franris Stone; Hilyiml, Harold A. Morrison; Polk, Gladys Parker; Bird, Charles Robert Miller: £ o u I h Falmyra 1, Dayle SrroRgins; South Palmyra 2, L. K. Sonne- iKirn; North Palmyra 1, Charles Cravens; North Palmyra 2, Albert Maycs; Sllihhlrflold Will* Brighton 1, K. M. Sluhblefield; P/righton 2, George L. Baker; Shipman 1, Carl Sohuetx; Shipman 2, A. C. Wilson; Shipmun .1, Elslon Gaffnoy: Chesterfield 1, Kric Corney; Giesterfield 2, W. D. Gilworlh; Western Mound, Howard Clark; Barr 1, Otto Son- nehorn; Barr 2, C. J, Starkweather; Scotlvillc, Edward 1 lender- son. Democratic: Slaunton 1, Rob- ert G. Fritz Sr. ; Staunton 2, Frank Rizzfe; Staimton 3, Robert Vegher; Sfaunfon 4. L. H. "Scribby" Doyle; Ml. Olive 1, Harry Dankleff; Mt. Olive 2. Martin Luecht; Mt. Olive 3rAn- drew ,T. Biscan; Mt. Olive .<!, Nick Vukovich; Ml. Olive f>. Mike Tomso; Cahokia 2, Matt Ktatinirh; Cahokia 3. Tommy "Cotton" Campbell; Cahokia 4, Clod Valsoano; Cahokia 5,. John Garboltno; Honey Point, Edward HiiRhrs; Shaws Point, A. C. Groves ; Nilwood 1, Roy I). Ruyle; Nil- woorl 2, L W. Sir-art: Nilwood .1 Howard Clark; (Jirard 1, Bartin Hospon; Oirard 2, James L. Me- Donald; Virdf-n 1, Carl Neighbors; Virden 2, Waller Elliott; Virdrn .'!, Thorrws C. Cody; Virdon 4, Leonard F. O'Brien ; Dor- rbr.sler 2, Marvin D. Pofert; Gil- le.spie 1, Joe Valerio; Gillespie '2, W. K. Cavanaugh; Gillespie .'!, A Moo Delia Rocca; Gillespie •1, KdKar Fuess; Gillrspie 5 Harry; r,j|)n s pje 6. ftus- srlt Sexton; Brushy Mound, Joel Kahurifk: SQUARE DANCE FRIDAY, APRIL 16th AT TIIK GODFREY TOWNSHIP VETERANS' CENTER 8 in I Ida from North Alton Rnulo 100. Music Ity "PIJKUIH" and Ihr MIDWKSX SWINUSTKRS Post 1318 Public \Vrlcmuc we're WILD about this NEW miracle! Clif Action Swivtl'Top CLEANS AIL OVER { FROM ONE POSITION Coir Carlinville 1, John Cole; Car- Imvilln 2, John W. Russell; Carlinville ,"!, John n. Dunn Sr. ; Carlinville 5, Woo<lie Neighbors; South Oiler, Alfred L, Krucger; North Oltcr, Clifford O. Hays; Hunker Hill 1, Herman Danksch; HJIym-d .S. K. DI-PW; Polk; (3lady« Roscnlreler; South Palmyra 1, Perry O. Angclo; South Palmyra 2, Charles Wade; North Palmyra 1. Harold Sims; North Palmyra 2, Melvin C. Hoover; Brighton 1, Humid H. Uoady; Brighton 2. Alexander 1 vole, and McCann 1 vote; Shipman 1, James A. Archer; Shipman 2, Seaman Schaefer; Shlpman 3, Russell Downs; Chesterfield 1, W. W. Dams; Western Mound, Thomas A. Stevens; Bnrr 2, Wayne Jackson; Scoltvllle, Karl H. Kerslein. llnad ling Slopped FLINT, Mich., /!»—Waller .1. Hurley slopped by police bend- quarters to announce: f just punched a rood hog." Ho explained another car forced him off the rood nnd that he pursued it to a slop signal, where ho jumped out, yanked open the door and punched I ho driver. "Just wanted to gel it on record in case you gel a complaint," Hurley said. Telegraph Want Ads CLICK •tterff different! *ar« EXCLUSIVE Airach-O-Matia ClIP-ON TOOLS New Supcr-Pbw/ered EUREKA " You've never seen the like of it . . because there isn't any! No other cleaner offers all its features every convenience you've evei, wonted . . . PLUS lots you never even thought of! Come see it for seeing'5 believing! (1 , ATE TONITE Releised Uirw llnilxl litittl nt 0:.H — AN1> — It holdtihe scorching Shown nt 8:00 — I'UJS — Serial 8 Cartoons A r o other eleuner of for* you ALL these features! NCWIOCAIEMUU- S I V t CURIKA CUIP-ON TOOl s, »hia >•« ><n l llxm! DUST BA6 TO P7JT! Bi«. n«». itlblf ixpir bt| Murtin llu.vcralt, MunaKor TONIGHT . FRIDAY aomr-6*/ eumr- 6010.. off & 7:.1» only other tunntauiliny feature* See "live" demonstration of thlt • m«zin fl new EUREKA Roto.Matlc •t our »tore at once...or 'phone now fpr home demonitration-FREEl IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! "SERVICE FOLLOWS iVERY SALE" CHWARTZ FURNITURE COMPANY Thii year tht IIG advfiitiirt If -AUKUDO *. ( PARATKUOI'lin IE06ENN o7 only , "UltU. L KubeuU" ; i'ojiiedy. , : In Ptmlificnlr. Cotifiraiatioii at St. John's, Carrollton, Next Thursday Lions To Fete Youngsters at Easter Party CARROLLTON The surra- mr-nt of Confirmation will he ad- mlnistererl by Bishop William O'Connor of Springfield to a large rlas« of children and adults in St. John's Church Thursday April n. a! 7 .-30 p. m. Children in the group are Charles Becker, Thomas Brennan, Robert Bowman, Robert Brinker. David Brown, Ixinnie C a m d e n, Dennis Carmody, James Carmody, Joseph Clark, John Dailey, Robert Edwards, Eugene Goeddey, Richard Gruct- er, John Keller, Jerry Roster, Robert Lake, f^rry Lee, Peter McCadden, Bernard Meyer, Thomas Meyer, Robert Nash, Eugene Ostermann, Frank Pohlman, Richard Pohlman, John Rawe, f^onard Rawe, Paul Rawe, David Riva, Lawrence Riva, George SchnrJlen, G a r y Schroeder s John Skagits, John Staples, Kenneth Sturgeon, Delmar Tepen, Harold Valslad, Je r - ry Vandersand, Elizabeth Behnen, Paricia Clark, Jo Ann Cordes, Sharon Conrad, Myra Cox, Carol Cunningham, Doris Daugh- erry, Sarah DeMongrun, Marilyn DeShaiser, Judy Edwards, Martha Geers. Anna Knth- erine Grummcl Elizabeth Fit/.- simmons, JoAnn Fran!-:, Mary Ann H a n s c n, Mary Frances Hanscn, Carolyn Hartman, Donna HlmMang, Lnrm Jones, Marilyn Kinser, Connie Hosier, Janet Koster, Kay Kosler, Mary T,ou Matlis, Barbara McCadden, Sandra Meek, Donna Meyer, Elizabeth Meyer, Theresa Meyer, Mary Norri, Carolyn Pohlman, Doris Pohlman Martha Rawe. .Sharon Hnhinson. Fran^eH Srhnelt, Judy SVhnelfon. Mary Kay Schnelfcin Joyre er, Carolyn Sieroer. Connie arher. Darlene Tepen and Ele^ anor Tepen. Adult members of the rlasls are Anton Siesen, Jasper DeMwl- hrun. Robert Grancr, Finley Proffer, Rirhard Shanks. William Vandersand, Mrs. May Richards. Mrs. Wilherta Joyce, Mr*. Nancy Cordes. Mrs. Helen Seth- aler and Mrs. Jo Ann Roth. On the game day Confirmation will be administered at All Saints Church, White Hall at 4:30 p. m. The Bishop and the assisting priests in the two services will be entertained at dinner byMsgr. Michael Enrirjht in St. John's School hall. There are children in three- fifths of U. S. families where the husband is under '25 and In three-fourth of the families wher« he is between 25 and 80 years old. RIVKR — The annual. Easter ^g.hunt «sprmsorpd by the j Liom club will fx> at 2 p. m. Sunday at fho Community High .School athletic stadium, it was announced st (he club mrcting Tups- day. Membrrs will mrrt at the firld at 11 a. m. to scatter eggs. The hunf wil bo postponed if it rains Sunday. All children in the area am invited, and pri/es will be awarded. Don Ott is in charge of arrangements, The house-to-house canvass by DIA THEATRE * •%IW Cottage Hillti TONITE-FRI. •lohn \Vn.vni', Colrun (irny \\ " FORT APACHE" TKttllNICOLOR Jt:20 Ilobrrl a.AHK Cntherlnn MeLKOI* 1 "Sword of Venus" 7:on ALT-WOOD members to sell brooms for the benefit of the club's sight conservation program will be held Saturday. Brooms will be sold for $1.50 each. Members are to meet at the Colonial Dairy at 10 a. m. and again at 2 p. m. to receive final instructions. It was announced the ladies night dinner will be held Saturday at 6:30 p. m. at Skaggs Dining Room. Jim Baker is in charge of arrangements. Martin Langehaug, new administrator at Wood River township Hospital, was accepted as a new member. The meeting marked the end of the 10 per cent attendance contest for members started in September. The 12 members who will receive pins are Louis Camp. G. O. DeAtley, Clarence Decker, Jesse Ford, O. Hall, Don Ott, Bearj Parks, C. B. Ragland, Irvan Smith, William Tsimpris, Bob Wegman and Kerrigan Logsdon. Guests were Probate Judge Joe Barr, Former Lion member, and Brace Lambert, member from Edwardsville. Vacationing Mere WOOD RIVER-Mr. and Mrs. Bill MeGbee of Villa Grove FWve been spending a vacation here with friends and relatives. Word has been received here that Lt. William R. Hanselman has arrived in Puson, Korea, where he will be stationed an indefinite time. He is scheduled for active military duty until April, 1955. Mrs. Hanselmaft and their son, Jeff, are residing *t 559 Second St. Puerto RJco is 1,750 miles from New York City. TONITE • FRIDAY .Tame* Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, .lull* Adam* "BEND OF THE RIVER" TECHNICOLOR fi:09 nan Wnlley, Diana Lynn Chnt Allen "MEET ME AT THE FAIR" TKCIINICOLOR 1 J:32 SELECTED SHORTS OLD ST. LOUIS ROAD — TEL. 4-2114 OIPKN «:SO—Show Stnrts 7:00 Nltcly—HATN OR CLKAR. ENDS TONITE 2 BIG HITS uc to the length of this irogrom, there will be one full show only. FRI. - SAT, Esther Red Howard Williams Skclton Keel "Texas Carnival" (TECHNICOLOR) 2 RUGGED ACTION FEATURES CHARLTON HESTDN Mutt* SUSAN MORROW PETER HANSON JOAN TAYLOR „„, . ».'.,!.. b, GfORGE MARSHALL . *,...,«, ., SYDNCY BOtHM • ^",1 One way road to the chair for THE at EDWARD TIERNEY | Owl Show Every Saturday I 3rd ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT rtj _cVl 6PM <)vt(r lot) Prter* for A FAMILY DRIVE-IN ENDS TONIGHT— 2 FEATURES (HAKI.TON 11KSTO.V ^ARROWHEAD" KI)U AIU> (i. KOIU.NSOV "LITTLE CAESAR" FRIDAY-SATURDAY— 2 BIG HITS 2 Plus Cartoon. Fret Playground \VJptc i FINE SHOWS TONIGHT and FRI, Own with i handlul of) harem honeys! Shawn nt 9:00 P.M. CRAZVLEOS tUrrlni ELROY ^yl^ HIRSCH LLOYD NOLAN JOAN VOHS K*w A REPUBLIC PRESENTATION^.:^ Shown at 7:25 I'. M. SHORT SUBJECTS 7:00 P.M. Shown 1:20 3:20 5:20 7:20 9:20 Robert Strauss-Gerald Mohr-Sheldon Leonard W by George Marshall • Screenplay fry Hal Unify Adaptation by James Allardice and Hal Kanter • A Pumnunt Pictun • Regular Prices STARTS Matinees Daily 12:45 TODAY! KIDDIES! CELEBRATE YOUR "EASTER MONDAY" HOLIDAY AT OUR "ALL CARTOON SHOW"-15 COLORED COMICS ALL SEATS 25c 10:00 A. M. MONDAY -At The GRAND- TONITE LAST TIMES JlllONDA FLEMING l<'KltNANOS I^AMOS "JIVARO" Shown 8:55 ItUREKT JtYAN' -IAN STEKIJNG "ALASKA SEAS" Shown 7 :35 OPEN «:15 • 2 BIG TERRIFIC HITS • •v«ry gun in th« W«st! JOEL McCREA YVONNE DE CARLO PLUS Ivwy Shown 6:45 U:45 TOHYJfl-JDMINEDBU COMING MONDAY = "ALL CARTOON CARNIVAL' 9 ML S F Tl?c UR FAVORITE PALS 2 P. M. ~ AH Scots 25c ^ Doors Open 1:30. • TODAY LAST TIMES • Ksthcr WILLIAMS • Van JOHNSON • Tony MARTIN "EASY TO LOVE" Showl> 3:SO (;;:!n 9:to fcHWI IW fcUWfc TECHNfCOI/lR Guy Madison "TRAIL OF THE ARROW" .A"'.';,.. MATINEES DAILY RIDAY&SAT, THE NO-GUN SHERIFF FROM OKLAHOMA WHO STOPS' EM ALL! H« Even Scared "BILLY THE KID" WILL ROGERS, Jr. NANCY OLSON CHANEY • ANTHONY CARUSO WALLACE FORD ____ See the Greot Gorillo Hynt and other AIUN»w 6;M ItlA

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