Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 13, 1969 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1969
Page 2
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2 - Thuradoy, F«b. 13, 1969 Itodlondi Doay Foch Red kiden hoU D^-k Miocks topmeeKngh f*^^ EastBofti (Continued from Pase 1) can rest on tbe recosnition of a practical joke. So he toM tbe tiw status quo. Our defense of pQot to fly Urn to Cuba. N. Y. Stocks NEW YORK OJPD-SoAs backpedaled today is active tradinx- Tbe deadk>ck«I Vietnam PMce cooiiBcne* in Paris save tbe rnvtet aa easier tone ble MfYirn frrv /tmn v« (Cooiiniied bm Pace D i"* lessioo alter news of MEXICO cm (UPI)—Nnrs- „„JjZ^~Z^J^.Z^^ -stwoe antonMUIe salea-a ker ins a botUe of Uquor. VKtor :5«?«?^«^ ^'^g' Rodriguez was in the mood ibr SS ^.„^2f ^^,SS^1^ito^ '^'"T't!^^ . i^, c» I.. ,M "he ctvtt, has no iHaea on oar|^ campuses," he said. The Wisconsin guardsmen falls OSIMP Guanl clashes with students By PMI Silm 10 days of Febniaiy provided a bcdsterins influence at the outset. the autus quo of West Berlin; His airborne ti^Unj couM,,,^ ooirSe °Mnt«rcam |»s The UPI stock maritet indica- aeainst a provocative attack by cost him 40 years in priswi. A --d white'««r. measuring aU stocks traded. Bonn is a defense of the peace Mexico City judge Wednesday j,^,^^.., v-... Mocked 0.07 per cent on 1471 interests of aU European ordered him held without baa ^[JJ^^ andfaculty from class- «ss«<» •™Jed. There were 7121 nations." M charges of airiine hijacking. obstructed traffic and *«lJoes and 601 advances. It did not sa>- what "decisive Rodriguez toW the judge. "I jcuffied with police most of tbe General Motors, which ac- rcsistance" might mean. was drunk and it was just a ^^y^ counted for most of the bulge in In West Berlin fears grew stupid joke. I'm sorrj-. I didn't Wisconsin rebels »w sj""^* ^ that the Communists, wljosc mean it" demanding a black curriculum Q"" ^ late m tbe session. Soviet bloc forces reportedly Rodriguez forced his way into a«, „„„ .vegro faculty inem-,B'" /**f^ "?»^">' will hold maneuvers in East,the pilot's cabin of a Me«icana(be«. Gov. Wanw Knowte;""^ » the opposite direction. Germany, may be planning harassment of all West Beriin IBM made good progress in the electronics after adding i ^fJS?' x^i^^rH^ «" »0 suanlsmen ^ ^ T^-- r J 1 ^ mor. than 3 in the 1ST S'^T*^ a""^ 'iT' *^ R<>^« Tlie eiardsmen took up their' the day. Scientific Data, down 3 \^L ^AX'^ JJ"^''*^ J** l""^ «^<' 1^ "»«yiPosls in fiDnt of about a half on Wednesday, again worked HwoW Wilswaimaunced Wed. «T )uld have to land a^ In the week 's first ^^/^^^ ^ ^ S*' S« *° 'y before 9 a.m. CST. They had sewion. the computer manufac- MTlin tilecuoa only because of make Cuba, so Rodriguez went Ml rilles slune over iheir't>«rins »omed more than r west German promises of back to his seat and fdl asleep, shoulders. «x>re sted helmets'»"«• Xerox tenUUvely Defense asks mistrial as Sirhan case opens to acquire Scientific a'^ Soldier sets '-'^ self obloie financial aid for his nation. He had to be shaken awake and were equipped with gas It said Wilson was tn-ing also by poUce who boarded the pUne.masks. inarrowOj'. to 'smooth the path" into in Jfinatitlan and put him under At the Umversity of Chicago.! Aircrafts were on Uie upswing; Common Market membership arrest. Rodriguez was unarmed, miliiants occupied the adminis- much of the day. but aJnu ^Sj . „ -rivate awaiting medical tration buikiinc for the Utfa day and rails lacked a dermite!^'W^'T~j^>^JJT^^ ^SK^fi. .tePattem. OU issues ranged U>'^!^L ^.Jrf^^. SA.N FRANCISCO (UPD-Anl for Britain by aiding Bonn's "rude provocations." "Wilson demonstrated his readiness to serve Bonn by any means," it said. The Soviet news ageocj' Tass also charged that neo-Nazis in West Beriin were blackmailing Bono into hokiing the elections, here. Tass said the neo-Xuis: threatened to publicize alleged (Continued from Page 1) Hitlerite backgrounds of West thousands of Vietnamese pur- t>on Ui. troops given warning to stay off streets left the at iMX. "further Advances Uucjt I .Vegro students took over Declines All shu'ule buses carr^ classes at Chicago's Roosevelt Unchanged North AUanUcTi«tyOrganiza-today had aw^««m^ ^ ^ near future. taffeiiled to bomb two of them .I A student boj-cott forced German leaders unless Bonn dkl diasmg food and »fU for the OTmeJatdy. but as it was told new j-ear's hobday. Music blared si.OiCCt open lor Informed sources in Westloudspeakers and traffic <bscussioo." Germany Wednesday said the forces of the Warsaw Pact, the Eastern counterpart of today, coosidenng wnat lo oo vuna. uu usun i.i .sou w after a faculty committee i more than a point or so in each ughter fluid during a reveille recommcflded extending for one direction. formation, struck a match aiidi;^ !year the contract of the radical « ^.^ -'°<^ PerteO. attention"!^ Wednesday ni^'138 $tudcnu *l^*••!•^^" *« flames ^ot^^'tatjooal „^Tbt^ optntioas voted 240-1 re ^ti.^^aS ^i*^'^*-,'^''''*;^ . envetop«l Pvt John W. D. to leavr^ bSg^ VS°5*^u'-i2?*'""^ ?f'»^- West Point. Miss. ouuamg , 100 base, the indicator ctosed, hospital officials at the Presidio (Continued from Page 1> found — win also bring in a furious that such a statement penalty of death or life hit (he headlines on the eve of imprisonment the trial and to feel was higlilyi Ihe juiy will hear the whole prejudicial to his client's story ol the smiling Bobby, with So far as could be deter-his wife. Ethel, a few feet , mhied. the report of tbe away, falling to the floor with a :"guihy" plea was based mainly bullet in his brain. They will on the fact it was a possibility hear of the professional fiiotball under California law. but there star. Roosevelt Grier. and ;was no evidence that a "dfal" Olympic Decathalon champion bad been made. There is Rafer Johnson oveipewing tremendous pressure for the'Sirhan. whole story to be tokl. lest it' Cooper has saki that Sirhan :come under the shadow of win take the witness stand, uncertainly whkh surroonds the;Then will come the qoestian: {assassination of President John Why? |F. Kennedy. The defense has indicated it i Compton had in tbe court-i will plead "diminished responsi- room of the ban of justice; hility." That is something less charts of the Ambassador Hotel {than a plea of insanity, but main floor and the pantry i retains the diminution of guilty where the senator from New!on grounds that Sirhan did not [York was fatally wounded have the mentality to plot a minutes after addressmg a crime of such enormity. I victory cdebration following his The matter of premediation j win in tbe California presiden- will be central to the defense tial primary. jcase. I The prosecutor has Ihied up! Compton has witnesses pre- I approximately 80 witnesses to'pared to testify they saw Sirfaas I present the case for the state,! at a target range the day before ; including eye witnesses who the shooting practicing rapid :were feel away when Sirijanlfire with a pistol They talked jfired tbe shot that mortallyi with him and one man said that I wounded Komedy and injured beneath Sirhan's feet were ! five other persons. hundreds of empty shell casings DAYTON, Ohio (UPI) — The! The state will summon all from his practice. Air Force announced today that! those witnesses even though Berman told newsmen when twin engine "Huey" hdicop-j Sirhan admits he did pull the i he first came here that the wouU be built at a costi trigger. The main reason is that j main objective of the defense the jury not only render a I was to save Sirhan's life, verdict of guilty or innocent! That b what is at stake today but — if first degree murder is!as the trial begins. Air Force orders 79 helicopters and for psydwtogieal warfare, said officials at Wri^-Patter SCO Air Force Base. The helicopters were to be procured by the Army. The first aircraft is expected There was some i of dasces at' Ind Brs couW use the games as a In recent "-S-^«n *^^^V-,Jl, sTr^U^"! UU pretext to interfere with traffic South Vietoamese forces tawfJ^SJiKBro^^ l£ ^ to and fnnn Beriin in reUUation captured thousands of pound, rf"^^jN^ «*ool at Ida for the West German Electoral ammunition apparently stock- Saks today were College meeting here March 5. pSed for some sort of Tet A one<lay bo>xott of classes shares compared w«h 11.53 mU TTie Russians and East offensive and U.S. forces today .ft St. Vmcenl OUcge m Hon shares Wednesday. said there was no evidence of Shira VtNimi: serious bums. 5.200.000 Presidio authoriUes said. 5.720.0001 Brown turned himself in at the' to be delivered to the Air Forcei 1.090.000 .\nny post Jan 21 as absent'Nwember to undergo tests j 12,010,000 without leave from Fort Ben-i*' Edwards AFB. Production| D«» iu^ SiKk Avragt . »>e was iniaircratt deUveries wiU begin in; HithUwCI«MClMig;'^<= trainmg. He was under 957.73 942.57 952.70 up 3.61 "* '''re of Army psychiatric 279.40 275.67 277J8 off 1.52! « 139.76137.65 138JS off 0J8 d**""^317.98 342.U 345J2 off 0.16 April mo. Similar helicopters are now inj 120. millio;,! Quote of tHc Day tin 11.53 mil- * medical! use i" Southeast Asia as gun-! ships and to transport troops. The new ships will carry 15 persons. WASHINGTON-James Far- SHlde«t prottst mcr. explaining why he rbkcd, RAWALPINDI, Germans did just that four batUed to smash a guerrilla i L»*n*e- P«-. I«J ^ciab « ii jf«« ACUI . si.»kt rears ago to show their buildup threatening sudi an,"** d«n»<"- '"'ViS^rlllllr'i cl 'r"' nbjections to a mceUng in West offensive. i At Chicago a seven-man ^r ;jE.»ui. n«.i.i„„ a««tant wretarv B ~ i - J: K,MI «.. ..oii™. w«« Beriin of the West German Owimunisfs shot do»Ti|«>nn»itU» namrt to stu^v^thc v»^^^ . . ci«. c».w. posiuon as assjsUnt secretary Rawalpindi, batUed police Wed Pakistan being called an "Uncle Tom" by ,upi )_coiicge students in Si- fomc .Negro mUitants to lake aHot, jjo miles south of Pariiament (Bundestag). I The parliament met here April 7. 1965. and the Russian and East German armed forces held maneuvers from April 5 to April 11 that disnipted both Western allied and German traffic to the western outpost four American helicopters in Iccae of Mrs. Marlene Dixon— the fights but lost 92 men in j 1^*^! ISsS Think of "LARRr PATNT Meet • created ed painte are pretty much II marckante ere net. Try Larry's and SAVK. LARRrS Paint House Wmn BMf. Celtan and Oranta m -1M4 battle while atUcUng three allied bases. BS2s replied by dropping 700 tons of bombs en Viet Cong positions near Saifoa In stcpped-up raidinc. Three of tbe four VS. belicoptert «hot down Wednesday fell to the guerrillas protecting an infiltration route 90 miles north of Saigon. Three Americans were UUed and three were wwioded fai the trio!"^""^^ r?".'^'' "T* of downings. Four more chop-!* imefmy who pert in the same area were holed but not downed by tbe Communists. US. infantr>-men the jungle after the first helicopter losses. Aided by helicopter gunships, they killed 84 guerrillas. The fourth helicopter downed ,was a Marine CH34 on aerial ambulance duty at the A Shan Valley m South Vietnam's northern sector. Three Leathernecks were killed and fotir wounded in that crash. X.,I9JH* * IIT.«»» •asm LVA Car*. _ . 4> •SKk Qnx. lJU o»»M. m. H CIUM »»rT. . . ?l'» L»aa ttu CH ai'* nic . . n >i »sui c* in* OlUku Mai. — AMK Car*. 4l>a •»»• OH M'i TkrUir Dr. «>. Ar«aar ^ traaf rra4. . Uia U rata KaL Gat U'a Craaua tlS Education - >a Whose dismissal led to theui student occupation of the siX' story bnadinc—leleased hs report. Tbe stndenis had charsad the tmivcnity was firing her becnae dte was a radical and a Hwnan. The committee reoommcnded Mn. Dixon's tfaree-}«ar ooo- Iract be extended for one >-ear because the dispute of her case bad taken so long. Ihe committee said Mrs. Dixon was ^ .^1 HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - The oouU stimulate tboae "^.^ of singer Glen CampbeU ^ve not yH found .their birth to a 7.pound, 1 l-^ (hrecdeo m aocial sdenees." I ^unce b^ boy Wednesday . , . , However, it aaid. bar "own ^i-ht at Cedars of Lebanon ""toicflotrihilions to the •dvance .JijSMial t^ment of knowledje" "uadistinfuidied." Mrs. Dixon rejected a ^Ipo^ ^"g^ -I'* of Health. -luj Welfare: - "It was a very easy decision.. Pakistan provinces under one^ I could stand outside and be in'administratiott. Shops were ran-! _ a position to criticize or go'sacked and the town market-] inside and hope in a small way place littered in the melcc. 'to determine the course of which Icfl at least six youths events." j injured. ' SOHETMNG for EVBtYBODY SM Us For Tools. Point Hardware, Houseware. Giftwore OPEN SUNDAYS 10 to 2 Doily 8 to 4 mmi HARDWARE ^ 18M MENTONE BLVD. PH. 794-1028 IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN MENTONI Son for Glen Campbells I Both Billie Oampbeli and tbe as yet unnamed baby were year extension of her contract, "^J" . . because "this university U «* JJ« «"A,X .r Kel ^^T v«t univmitv wfaoe I children, a oiugbtcr. heui, 7, ^^'^antTS .-lTsaii '^^^'^^'1,1^'^'''^ the committee did not reach the;**" '<> >^"- dis- underiyinc oauaes of her missal: radicalism and unfair treatment of women at Chicago. 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