Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 25, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1895
Page 2
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£?^ Nervous Prostration Mood's Sarsapnrilln Cavo Norve Strength and Good Health. "Eood'H Sorsaparjila has helped me wonderfully. For tUreo years I have been doctoring but could not pet cared. Soon niter beginning to tnl:o . Hood's Sa-japa- rilla there* was a change for the bet- ttr. In a short time I was feeling jmlondidly. For fnuv/f-'^u^fr. ,j,fli*€.-r..^-i "J.M»-—«•>«>,/' •everal months previous 1 could not lie 4own to sleep on account of my heart teoubleancl nor vow prostration. I DOW lent well nnd urn nblo to dp -work of whatever kind. If I hud not tried ilood'n Sarsaparilla vorce without further proceeding's is established. H ood's fl*mparilla I do cot know tThat would fcave become of me." JlRB. 3. BRAHDOCX, w c ures 404 Erie Avenue, llUam.iport, Penniiylvunin. 'c DSHc act harmoniously with S rlllS Hood's Sarsaparllla. 20o. THE MARKETS. Uritln, I'rovlrilonri, Kte. CHICAGO. April St FLOCTU — In moderate durnund and (Irtn. Quo- talilu us follows; VV'Inior— Patents. K.imB 2.1)0: .straights, .rf :ij<i>U -iU: oloars. £1 IS •£.•.:«>: Mdcocuis, •il.'MitS.W: low Crudes. '$l.Wif,l.lio. Sprlii},'— r'utcnts. 5:1.00 rt,:!.:,t); strulfc'hus. K lOSfl !£7i>; biiUur-t', 3\.tf~x(*~.-fi', lou- k'r.ulo-t, -iil.7J^j VtiO; K«d LIQK. $I.O.V ; «1.75: Uyti. 43.30iaioO U'llKAT— LTusuttlud a lid lowor No. - Cash, BtH,<foM : :»u; May, r>l)',/:f fioi'.o: July, COWinil l /,c. COII.N — ModuruLely uctlvti and eunlur. No. l : •nd Xo. -2 Volliiw, •lil.'"i;.'!f.-l7S»u: N'o. 3 uud Xo. S' Yullow, •).') 'iV.'Ido; Miw. -lO.'.i -;-l7Mc: July, 4" Ml 4?-,'iu; SL'ptcrnbur. •)7, 7 iiu/,-H? u o, OATS— .Steady, with niotiorat.0 trading. Xo. i. SSH'ii.-tc.'.ic: May, aHjjrujaii'ic: July, Wiu'H lie. Siitni)lus tia^ioi'. Xo. .'i. vt)'f/j:ile: No. ^ \Vlilto, •»Sii!i3a«; No L', :Wu,3lte; Xo. i Wliltu, UJJi'ii APPROPRIATIONS. A Total of aM'J7.0UH..-'JO MinJn by tho W.\sm.N(n-(>.N'. April :M.°—The volume showing tlii: i-xi.ct. appropriations ami the ne\v olliccs crealeti htm In-en pi'c- pari-d fisr tin: last session of the l-'ifty- thini congress by Ck-riCh Cieave.s and Courts, of tlu? M.TKIIU a;ttl house :ippj-o- priat.iuns cuumiitU-us. Thu fjrsinil total of appropriations \v:is;r-l'.l7.0US,.'>- l (J. The number of newol'ileesspc'ciiioally ereiitud is 1,77,'), at an ;tnnu;il co.st of Sl,sn,,'ti-l, and the nr.mlii.-r olnitti.'d is •ID'.), ;it an annual cost of .^107.'.MS, making a not increase of 1,'M-t in number and SHI.},,'!7i; in amount. Included in tlii.i increase are the 1,000 additional seamen authorized to be enlisted in the navy uiui 31f> additional deputy collectors and revenue agents in the internal revenue service to carry into effect the income tax law. The number of salaries speciScully increased is 119, at an annual cost of 530,jOG, and the number of salaries specifically reduced is (i!', at an annual cost of SlK.oL'.S, ranking a net increase of 50 in number and of SL'1,177 in amount, making- a net total increase on account of salaries of offices, new and old, of 51,042,253. SEEK THE SOUTH. Ten Thousand Families to Establish Homes in Georgia. Acute Dyspepsia. SYMPATHETIC HEART DISEASE OFTEN ATTENDS IT. PATRIOTISM IN JAPAN. Largest American Colony Ever Formed—Outline of Plan of the Organization. Pledged to Gold. CHIOAOO, April 2'!.—After one of the most exciting 1 meeting's in its histoi'y the Jroquois club Tuesday night repudiated the democratic national platform of is;):;, the state democratic platform of IS'J-I and adopted a single gold standard resolution which several of the members boldly declared would result in the disruption of the famous democratic club of Chicago. FOR A "LONG TERM. KVK— In fair demand •toro.Ufw: siiEiiplu lots, and llrrn. Xo. - In May delivery, BAItl.iiV—-Dull nnd slow. Xo. .(, .I8<ijr>lc; Xo, 3, •lliiit.O^io for ddr lo choice, uml No. :!, HSW(iXt>ie. Surui'nliih'N nc Ht5.IIOitlS.atl pur ton MKSS I'oitit—TrailliiK fi.lrly iiutlvu uiul prices lowt:r. Quotations ruriK'od IL& il^'.^'OiO JB.U7'/i for cush ru^'ulnr: $l~,*U.u;l~.i!5 for -May, Mid$l;!,7u'(fll0.7'i for July. i,A.HD—Vory slow unit o;isy. QuotuUonH ItiU^uil ilt.-Jfl b7'/|ii(lG.l)0 for C'li.sh; $C.STnrtt).!li) for 'Muy; $?.0-Jvi<a"UD for July, uml iT.l7S44»" i'O ifi»r .September. LIVK ro u [/ni Y—Por pound: Turlteys, IOJ .J2o; Chtokuns. 8'4'<0!lo; Ducks, OiMlc: Ccuso, •jj/or do'jiyn, >:<,00(£5.00. Croiimory, lOffiSO^o; dulry, 7(jiJlSo: 1 Stoclc, 5^7u. )its—U'hlsky rtuotoit stoinly nt il.liO pnr gullou (orhlKtiwIiio.s. New YOHK, April 24. Ftouii—State nnd western qulut, llriu. WHKAT—N'o. 2 red opunoil oxcltml and tr- •nrular ut W&Xo uilvnnce, rolloivlmr tlio -west, nnd on lonil oovorlnir; declined M©?*'o •c foreign solUn«; milled Ho: now steady. May. iMM'iCiMJfc: Juno.8l?ii9i!0>io: July. (Mis-Id Oto-ic: AuKUst. 65^(1 -cttoiJic: September, 05^^ iBWc; December, 6TJi tflSUo. COIIN—No. - dull. steudy. Mny, f>\%f.t,Xa: July, .""l^focO^ n-lOo; Octobor, 6i ; ijU4Si5ic; No. ". May, 3-;-i{J3'.',ye o; western, S0«4 , OATS— Xo."3 (lull, culler. bly. .'i3iaS!Jiic; state, a msKF—Plrm. Kxtnv mess, J8.00it3.50: rmnlly, ;I.M>SI-J.OO. JPOHK—Quiet, steady. Moss. Sl3.505JM.00. LAKU—Quiet, steady, bteiim-rumlcrcd, $7.15. BUTTEII — Llpht clemuml; choice steady. Astern diilry, S^iri'/io; do. creamery. nou'. 1C '(to; do., old, Oioloc; do., factory, TigiHc; 1C1- is. iOc: Imluulon ccouraery, 93l5o, — Quiet, easy. Stutu, Inrgo. old, do., nuw, 0®Sc: do., fdnoy. old, i; do., 'small, old, "vitlt&c: do., now, •Moderate domuud; less Irm. West-. I.ITO stock. ClItCACO, April 24, pO.s—Mnrket rather slow nnd fcellnij Prices lOc lower. Salost ninsed ^3.>K)Jll.50 for plg.s; J*-lj®'l.W for llRht; i-l.iW for rotifh paoklnc: J-t45<a-(.DO for jteJ. and $-tC5<ai!).CO for honvy packing ana pplnx' lots. rr-LB — Market rathor nctlvo: feellnif and prices imchuuKOU. Quotations pod (it J.-I7,")®!!. 15 for oholco to extra ship- r Steers; jj.20^S70 for (rood to choice do; x-'S for fnlr to good: W. 103175 for com- Bu to medium Uo: J3.W)Q»l-W for Butchers' Jors: »J.COtt;t.SO for Stockers; if3.80a4.55 for pliers: Sl.TSClS.SO lor Cows; J3,60ffilSO for ilers; t3.SOJ,5.00 for Bulls; $180^5.80 for i Steers, tvnd $U 00.-j. r t.CO for Veal Calves Hill Cook Kn Ttonte for a. Stay of Forty- I r lvi l VOIII-K Jn Prison. FOKT SMITH, Ark., April 2-1.—Tuesday afternoon iiill Cook TjeK'.in His journey .to Albany, N. Y., where he will serve forty-five years in the penitentiary. Coolc left in the special prison car, which is lined with sheet iron and the windows are heavily barricaded. In the special coach were nineteen other prisoners for the penitentiary at Albany. Heavy Duty on Flour. WASHINGTON-, April "4.—George W. Roosevelt, consul at .Brussels, Belgium, advised the state department that in May or June the Belgium fi-overnment will adopt a bill imposing- a heavy duty on Hour. The dispatch from Mr. Roosevelt confirms the gravest fears of the northwest millers, who from un- ollicial sources had learned that sueh action was probable. Ktholrnii Not MntaHtei]. BOSTON-, April 24.—The British stcaia- er Ethclred, one of the Boston Fruit compaii3''s boats plying- between this port and Jamaica, which was reported to have been chased by a Spanish frua- "boat on her last trip to Jamaica, arrived in port Wednesday, Capt. Hopkins, her commander, said there was no truth in tho report. Ijookout'ut >'owciiMtlo Furnucew. JJKWCASTLK, Pa,, April 2-1,—Every furnace in Newcastle has shut down, but for how long no ouo knows. The j men aslced the employers to pay the j wag-t-s of a year ago, and gave the , owners, twenty-four hours to determine the matter. The latter declined to take the time, but decided to close at once. ___^ . Papers .BurroU Out of TurUoy. CoN8TAXTiNi>rr,K, April 24. — The Turkish g-ovcrnrnent has issued orders refusing-admission into the Turkish empire of any newspaper containing- the letter from a special correspondent in Armenia, received here April 19, announcing- that the Armenians were planning a revolt against Turkish rule. ATI-.A-VTA, Ga., April 24.—Ex-Gov. Xoi'theu. ia an interview, states that he is bejfinniD<j correspondence to arrange details for the transportation of the household goods and stock belonging- to the members of the Indiana soldiers' 'colony that he has recently located in this state. The deal has been finally closed for the purchase of 100.000 acres of land for settlement and the parties are now I only waiting- for the title papers to beg-in the survey of the lands. These papers will soon be perfected, the governor says, and then the work will begin. The colony is the largest ever organized in this country, and one of the grandest ever conceived in the world It consists of more than 10,000 families and will bring into this state upwards of 40,000 persons. One may appreciate its size when he understands that this number of persons is about equal to a city of the population, of Jlacon or 1 Augusta, and to three of our average j counties. I This organization is the creation of ! Mr. P. H. Fitzgerald, editor of the American Tribune, of Indianapolis. Its plan is to form a mutual colony in which every share participates in the affairs of the community, and has a proportionate interest in all profits. Xo one can hold more than ten shares of stock, the shnres being 810 each. The holder'of one share is entitled to make ii location of land for his home, and all hind taken must be for the purpose of living thereon. At the center of the tract of land selected for the settlement of the colony, 1,200 acres will be laid off into streets for a city, the remainder of the land to be divided into gardens and farms. Every other lot and farm will be reserved for the general profit expected in the sale of land after improvements will havu enhanced its value. These lands will be divided out by allotment. The colonists get their homes at original co.st of the land. They arc charged with the price of their homes, and it is expected that the profits will clear off the indebtedness within six years. There will be, therefore, DO outlay by the colonist for the land he holds. The Modern Treatment ConiliU In Removing tile Cause* (From the Republican, Cedar Rapidi, Jotca-} Mrs. V. Curlcy who has resided in Clarence, Iowa, for the post twenty-two years, tells au interesting ecory of what she considers rescue from premature death. Her narrative is as follows: " For ten years prior io 1S94, I was a constant sufferer from acute stomach trouble. I hud all the manifold symptoms of acme dyspepsia, and at tiroes other troubles were present in complication—I did not know H-Iiat it was to enjoy a meal. N« matter how careful I might be as to the quality, quantity and preparation of ray food, distress always followed eating. I was despondent and blue. Almost to tbe point of insanity at timei, and would have been glad to die. Often, and often I could not sleep. Sympathetic heart trouble Ret in nnd time and again I was obliged to call a doctor in the night to relieve sudden attacks of suffocation which would come on without a moment's warning. My troubles increased as time wore on and I spent larRe sums in doctor bills, being compelled-to have medical attendants almost constantly. During 1S92 and 1S93, it was ' impossible for me to retain food, and water '• brashes plagued me. I was reduced to a I skeleton. A consultation of physicians was unable to determine just what did ail me. The doctors gave us as their opinion that the probable trouble was ulcerution of tbe coats of the stomach and held out no hope of recovery. One doctor said, "All I can do to relieve your suffering is by the use of opium." About thin time a friend of mine, Mrs. Symantha Smith, of Glidden, Iowa, told me about the case of Mrs. Thurston, of O.v- ford Junction, Iowa. This lady said she had been afflicted much the same as 1 bid. She had consulted local physicians without relief, and had gone to Davenport for trcat^ ment. Giving up a!l hope of recovery, she was persuaded by a friend to take Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. The result was almost magical. 1 was led to try them from her experience, anj before many months I feh better than I had for a dozen years. I um now almost free from trouble, and if through some error ot diet I feel badly, this splendid remedy sets me right again. I have regained my strength and am once more in my usual flesh. I sleep well and can eat without distress. I have no doubt that I owe my recovery to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, I "only wish that I bad beard of them years ago thereby saving myself ten years of suffering »nd much money." Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restoro shattered nerves. They are for sale by all druggists, or may be had by mn.il from Dr. Williams Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y., for 50c. per box, or six boxes for $2,50. -An Instance of Their CnielQih LOT* for Country. In Japan there lives a native scholar and writer than whom no one has done ! more toward introducing education and civilization into his country. Repeatedly he has refused both titles and remunerative offices. This man. says the Youth's Companion, had never sought for wealth, but he had acquired during a long life of usefulness a moderate sum for his support in later years—about ten thousand dollar^ in our money. \>"hen the war with Cuina broke out ho at once gave this money to his government as his contribution toward the \vt>r expenses, saying that individuals must make sacrifices for the ca.use of patriotism. This splendid example of love for the native land illustrates the intensity of the patriotic spirit in Japan. The general absence of this unselfishness in China has been one cause of her defeat. Office has been used to satisfy personal greed. The government has been feared and cheated, not loved and strengthened. A Japanese student in this country, talking-with an American, saidnaively: "In Japan I was a Christian; here I do not know what I am. I do not understand your young men. They do not want to do anything for the country. They want to make mdney, or get to congress, or marry rich widows and go to Europe. In Japan every 3'oung roan wants to do something for thecountry." Devotion to the general good, earnestness in advocating what is for the interest of all rather than for that of the class or individual, willingness to give one's own time and trouble to advance needed reform—these are qualities that should be universal. In them lies the hope of the future. CHINESE ETIQUETTE. THE WHEEL. INTERNAL REVENUE RECEIPTS. For the Nine Month* Ended Mnrch 31 the ' Total Amount Watf Slot),995,015. I WASHINGTON, April 24.—The monthly statement of collections of internal revenue issued Tuesday shows the total receipts from all sources for the nine months of the present fiscal year ended March 8.1 to have been 5100,095,015, of which 819,803 was from income tax from persons and SS,S5. r > from corporations, companies and associations. The remaining items of receipts were: Spirits. $(J3,902.Sffi): increase $1.1!-"0.730 TOOHCCO, ±;,iOfi.;«0: Increase 951,385 Kctmontod liquors, $£.',301,603: decree. ;tMi,i'lS Oleomargarine. ?1,1B6,-;"; decrease,.. 202,103 Miscellaneous, *470,OT; increase M0,5:!9 The net irtcreaso for the nine months was 81,950,103. The principal single ' item of increase was 51,20.1,028 from whisky. Karl Ita SHORT SPECIALS. Minnesota legislature adjourned Tuesday. , derrick used by a welldriver at El,111., fellupon 11 lud named Smileunii ling him instantly. The body of Edwin Forrest is to bo Boved to a mausoleum at the Edwin frrest home near Philadelphia. The Kentucky republican state cen- committee has postponed the stato -•(invention from May 29 to June 5. jln ice gorge has caused the flooding 2 St. Jerome, Quebec. Water to the pth of r. feet is rushing through the •tain street. Saloon license in Elgin, 111., baa «^ain been fixed at Si,(XX), though half *e council -favored §700. The mayor decided the tie vote. I.snac r,a Forge, aged 74, of Pino Jufih, X. V., killed himself with a shot- in n, pulling the trigger with the great *>e of the right foot. Furson, Loach & Co., the Chicago •tinkers, bought the two series of Mon- •ina agricultural college bonus, •mounting to ;?l">0.000. At San Jose, Csil., Albert Anderson troke into the room of Mrs, Alice T. Blair at, midnight and stabbed her to <fcivth. Then he killed himself. 3lrs. IVilliam Hartley, of Hartshorn, •. T., took a dose of arsenic and forced lor 7-year-old daughter to swallow a JBce quantity of the drug. The mother fcdead and the little girl is dying. The Wisconsin supreme court has bunded down a decision by which the y»lidity of the law which provides that We .imprisonment works absolute di«. T HE STRONG POINT about the cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla is tiat they arc p^ '.. ,ent. Tb.^y start from 4fce solid foundation —p r«» I'roroisof CixivicboiJ OL .•ursrer.v. FRESNO, Cal., April 24.—Prof. W. A. Sanders was Tuesday night convicted of the crime of forging the name of William Woo tea to a draft for 51,400 on the Kutner-Goldstein. company, a local mercantile firm. The case is one of: the most sensational ever tried in this country, and back of it is a mystery, as yet unsolved. Drop* Bend In » Hotel. NKW YORK, April 34.—Rev. S. S. Sweet dropped dead in the St. Denis HottjL Bo was at one time editor of the Macon (Ga.) Telegraph, _and formerly librarian of the Macou public library. He was en route to Europe, having left Macon last Wednesday. llckolx to speak ikt Detroit, Mich. WAS.IIISOTOX, April 2-f.-—Comptroller Eckels has accepted an invitation to deliver a speech at the banquet of the Detroit (Mich.) chamber of commerce on Thursday, May -. His speech will bo devoted largely to the financial situation of the country, and his remarks, especially at this time, are likely to attract widespread attention, Vlncount Peel's Uaochtcr VFeel.1. LoynoN, April 24.—At St. Margaret's church, Westminster, at '- o'clock Wednesday afteruoon, Hon. Miss Julia Peel, daughter of Viscount Peel, late speaker of the house of commons, was married to Mr. Kochfort Maguire, the young Parnellite who represents the west division of Clare in the house of commons. it'll (xetH IIIH uirorc**. i ' LOXDOK, April 3-t.—Earl Russell was ! Wednesday granted a judicial separa- I tion from his wife. Countess Russell, i on the ground of legal cruelty upon the part of his wife, and her suit for a restitution of conjugal rights consequently failed. Xo Mexican Tiuaii Acenti. WASHINGTON, April 24.—Senor Komero, the Mexican minister, has received official information to the effect that the Mexican government has not authorized anyone to sell its land in the United States or In any other country. Cnlqiie Ofytmt ffofcr SbwrKlaii. ISDIAJJAPOLIS, Ind., April 24.—A well j drilled in the northeast corner of H»m- j ilton county, near Sheridan, last Thura- j day, in quoct of ga,t or oil, has resulted In the development of a remarkable water geyser at a depth of GOO feet. i The water escapes through a 6-lnch pipe and is thrown 130 feet high. Tho roar can be heard a mile. A cash prize of $200 is to be given to the writer of the best account ot the race for the Cycling Grand Trix in Paris. Garn, a well-known French racing man, is said to have come into a tor- tune of 18,000,000 frnncs, loft him by a Mexican aunt. G'arn! Things go by contraries. No sooner does lii Hung: Chang get his yellow jacket back again than Johnson rri'.n to discard his similar colored garment, Thirty years ago velocipede races •were held in various parts oL' France. It was the fashion then to give each machine a distinct name, the same us race horses. Osgood is looking: after the University ot Pennsylvania's racing- team, anj expects the wearers of the red and blue to Jinlth one, two, three in thy Inter- j colleKiiita championships, | A -up.siern wheel club has a plaster cast ot A. A, Zimmerman. A'lorning 1 thlK is a card, which says: "Thi« only bust of Zlm; found in the ruins of Pompeii." That's" record! The Canadian minister of agriculture has ordered that all cattle entering any of the quarantine stations shall be subjected to the tuberculin test. One valuable bull was found to be affected with tuberculosis, and the owner was given the alternative of having him slaughtered without compensation or returning him to the United States, whence he came. Frau Tultouy Coming. Frau Talmay has been one of Germany's best know comediennes. She has been engaged by Manager Amberg to appear at the Irving- Place theater for It I> Very Eliutlc und Permits or nu Oe- cmloiiHl Itrcnrli. Don't be frightened by the tremendous formality that the books talk about. In half an hour, if you are gay yourself, every constraint disappears and jollier companions could not bo found. They have that genuine politeness that annihilates constraint, says a, writer in Temple Bar. Full of tact they do not press you with attentions or observe by the slightest sign your mistakes in language or etiquette, unless your mistake is so obvious as to make non-observance forced. I remember once I was endeavoring to get hold of a sea-slug- away in tho middle of the table; when 1 did grip it, with the chopsticks I cut it in half; one minute: no notice. I got one, and dropped it half way: no remark, except a lively continuation of the conversation. I tried a^ain—I was fond of them. My under chopstick slipped, and I flipped tho soup and half a slug across the table. "Allow me," said my host; "that's a slippery customer, but far too good to let go for want of a net," and he handed me one over in a spoon. "I am extremely fond of them myself; but I never attempt the chopsticks. 1 like to get a good mouthful, so 1 use my spoon." Of course- he had never done so in his life. Of course ho commenced eating them himself—with a spoon. Fortunate!}' I recollected a pun on spoons and politeness, and brought it out, full of wrong tones and Vt'adified conceits. The most hearty good mirth followed. The dinner was as heartily enjoyable and full of real fun and laughter as if we had been old chums reunited. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and 1 wnds to personal enjoyment when .•ightly used. The many, who Jjve bet- ;er than others and enjoy life more, with (ess expenditure, l>7 "more promptly idaptinff the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid- laxative principles embraced in tha remedy, Svrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting ji the form most acceptable and pleas- wit to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax- itire; effectually cleansing the system,, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers ind permanently curing constipation, ft has given satisfaction to millions and met Tithithe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from ivery objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c atid$1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syvnp of Figs,. Mid being well infornied, you will not »ccept any substitute if ofisi** 1 A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete without an ideal POMPLEXIOll U FOWDEXl. II | POZZONIS Combines .every clement of I beauty and purity. It is beauli-1 fying, soothing, healing, healtk- ' i ful, anH narmless, and when ' fightjy used is invisible. A most] I delicate and desirable protection [ the face in this climate. Insist upon having tha IT IS FOB SALE EVERYWJKSE. [INJECTION TRAINING A PARROT. Jardinieres of china in largo floral designs arc new and effective. Naturally colored pacsies, pin]; and white azaleas, daisies and fuU-blovm roses are used to hold palms, dwarf "pines and ferns. They are a charming- addition to a drawing-room. In sending- a growing- plant as a gift it is a pretty fancy to place it ia one of the new floral jardinieres. / FRAU TAiiMAT. the season of 18S5-'96. She will appear In "Nitouche," which has created a good deal or attention on the other side, and will then come to this country. THE TURF. fall IOWH'H Democratic Convention. DES MOINES, Ia., April 24.—The democratic state central committee met here Wednesday afternoon, Fletcher Howard presiding. It is generally con- I ceded that Marshalltown will have the state convention. The committee is divided as to the time, the dates proposed ranging from June to August 25. KlotA In North PormaftA- LONBON, April 24.—The Times correspondent in Hong Kong says: The soldiery are rioting in North Formosa. Twenty-eight have been killed, in- .cluding two officers, and fifty have been wounded. We Offer a Remedy WiiciInsures Safety to Life of Mother TO YOUNG WIVES "MOTHERS'FRIEND" ROBS CONFINEMENT OF ITS PAIN, HORROR AND RISK. "My wile nsed only two bottles. She was easily and quickly relieved; is now doing splendidly.— J.- S. MORTOH, Harlow, N- C. Sent by expnn or m»ll, on receipt o( nrlce, *1.«0 per bottle. Book "TO MOTHEB3'' mailed tree. BBADF1ELD REGULATOR CO., ATLANTA, GA. •OLD BY ALL VJtCCCUX*. There will be an eight weeks meeting- at Galesburg this fall. AJIerton Is the only horse who ever defeated Delmarch (2:11^) in a race. James 'vThelpley says that Duplex (2:17',i) will be a gr.?at horse in his class this year. f Peoria is to have a first-class mile track, and a meeting- will probably be held there this season. Pansy McGregor (2) (2.17 3 ,i) has been ••driven on the road all the past winter. One of her engugements is the Kentucky Futurity. Reports from all parts of Kentucky are favorable regarding the condition of b-*oo<J mares and their foals. Both «jy in a vigorous and healthy condition. A Pot AltTHjn Arauilng mnd Which JUrcl an Lonff an Illi Jlljutcr. As a household pet the parrot with justice ranks a paramount favorite. Possessed of brilliant plumage, endowed with speech, he is gifted with intelligence and understanding almost human. The parrot, properly cared for, says the New York Observer, lives from fifty to one hundred years, and thus, with his increasing wisdom and repertoire of words, can be passed from father to son as a valuable heirloom. That he dies young under the too loving care of his foolish masters, who insist upon overfeeding him, and exposing him to draughts and sudden changes of atmosphere, is but another reminder that tho care of pets demands intelligence as well as affection. The African gray parrot and the Mexican green arc the two standard favorites. They are excellent talkers and whistlers, and learn to sing both words and music of popular ballads. The proper time for the instruction of parrots is the three hours immediately following sunrise and the three before sunset. They must be taught with the utmost patience by a constant rcpeti- ! tion of the same phrase, and should be rewarded by a bit of apple or fruit from the mouth. The best work is done after the bird's affection, and confidence are gained. Occasionally .1 bird will remain persistently dumb and stupid for eight or even ten months, and then, to the surprise of its delighted teacher, break out into speech and song, chuckling with vicious delight at the merry trick it has played. g^ THE1 TO 4 DAY CURE' itn Giworrtai, Glrct, IiM»rrtivt BpfnuUirhff«7^*£* > »ll unhealthy Minftl <UKhKr?«* Frtti Hyrl«ir*B K^Jfo ?(iB. 2fo Stun* PrerentzStn'cturej [onni of Private Diiouet of both •&]« and F At prunrlBtK, or vrat ta any »d<lr*», ror fl.o "Injuctlaa jUl^dor U'ThfEefii'orfcii «lmiiwrcc.,_— DR. IICXR? RENT, DKUeford, H*. MAL.YDOR MFC. CO., Lancaster. O., U.B.A Do You Feel Hull and Tlr«dt Nature signals you for help to throw otf tbe accumulation of bile and if you heed not the warning, eickoess will follow. The beet and most promp relief is a few doees of Rinehari's Pills, they will make you feel like a DOW man; act pleasantly and l the bowele with natural tlool. Sol B. F. Keeelicg and Keystone drug' store. RHO Bubr «w lick, w* (•*• b«r ChAxtk OnmttKWM* Child, the cHodfor C««turlfc, /hen me became Jlln, «be dun j u> CattoMa, Ikeo *M bad ChUdfen, ab* gat* ibcm ( The WorJr of ln*ect». The great Barrier reef along the coast of Australia'is about t.-'iOO miles long, i.be work of coral insects. Sometimes it risc^ almost perpendicularly from a depth of 1.200 fathoms. The officfal scheiuie or tne jaarva.ni Cricket eleven has been announced. The gchedule comprises eight clubs. The championship game \ritli Haverford will occur May 24. and with the University of Pennsylvania May 29. All the grimes, with the exception of the two championship contest*, will be played away from home. A Bl*»t"-rt I>eiiv«-rano">. Tfcls Is effected when tbe fiostlle lilsturtwnce of tbe liver, known as biliousness, ceases ituotiKb tne benign operation of Hostet'er'n Stomach Blrter?. Pain In ihe rtgnt side and undt* the right shoulder blade. jeJIown^sa of the skin and ey-balK "tor" noon the loDga», morning natuci, vertigo, sour brvatb Irregntarirr of the bowoU and sick headache, are anung tbe distressing ajmptoms wblcb take their departure when the great anU-blUoos medlclnejli, resorted to. Chills aidfevcr Icidnfj and bladder trouble, rheumatism, djspept-la and nervousness ue alfo refueled by the Bitters, »bJcb Li also a superb toolc an* promotor o( sleep and appetite. Uxetbe Bittenpenlitemtlj,and notbr nu and starU. Speedy good remit* will follow. Chlliihoori'< Greitett Foe. Owing to rapid growth of children their stomach ia impaired by enfeebled digestion, th!e leads to stomach wormi, and they induce fevers and nervou* troubles which in time will cause Illness and general impaired vitality. The best cure is Rinebart's Worm Lozenges, they remove all kinds of worms and worm neat. Sold by B. F. Keealing and Keystone drug store. Children Cry for Pitcher's f If you wish a pill that will leave tho bowels with free natural eiool, ute. Rinehart's. Sold by B. Koe Keystone drug- store. Children Cryfpjr Pitcher's Castoria. If your child bus swelled *bdom»n) I giro Elneh»rt'« Worm Lozeogss. Sold ^1 by B. F. Keenllng and Keystone drug-v I •tore. " Children Pitcher's Castor** I

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