Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 2, 1896 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1896
Page 12
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BAB'S LIBERAL SERMON. Worship in Church and Green Fields Compared. . Florida, Orau«e County. Mow i'ork, July 30. ISiKi. , In tho eouivtry we all go to elmreh. We -may have dmicil fc'1-.U.-.vousIy ilui'lng ,f,hc wliuh.-!-, wo liavii si>.mt Suiulays sleeping 01- mttlliw tlw paper, but in suimuor 'the moral UicUhono stiffen* and we so ,to clmivli. Just now I visiting at wluit k< known as a short ••instance -from -tho vJlUige. A short distance Uii Clio -.wintry mem* anything , from two miles to If": wo nvc five miles' from itlh'- l*^t.«tliee, !«'J UllJ church Is a short, diwtancv U-yond th in the up am ai. , 'Hhe gresvtwt mtolsike a rtry visitor eon .make is to «nppoA' Unit she esui go .(ilmi'dli wUon iin MIC country in her ™- dlnary got-np. IC sl«' clow this the coii- • grosaUiin. i hi' dinai 1 nwl tlie .pivauher ;are all 1iv«ullK»l. Inwt«id of putting on a cot toil Crock, a biwid-brlninu-d h:U mini saf't. .-'.hi:>e.i. otw 'nvust got out one's liotmet, lightest •or- •irii . ' plows. priimnesil. i>:nr:i.<"l .ami limn w ship tin- I-onl "'• "• ' h ' vt mom (U ' 011 w all'tltt UK* 'I tat. oil' wry rwlirr day. «Winuil:i,ti> around tihe hold liar. \Vliou nmirtra- to u-u.cii.iiws wo are i-xpcctod be midy to .-H:i,ni: -lilie clnililroii arc n to •liappy Ili sillily g.rown-np l>ix>l>le :re iMually uticom- furfcil'le in, tilieir Sinulay clothes. Um'-l<> Tlinotliy, who is a Immlsmne old iiisiii when ho fuel* at ease, looks go1C-COT--x-.ioii.-t. :i.ml is 'awkward In 'full black go:-ui>. topped l-.v a high silk but of the vintage of fifty-seven. Wo gi>l JT> a largo wagon. Uofore we got to the ohm-elk. t:l(o srnsillost boy. who is en- ciiKcd in a. mode™ suit <>; rumor, that Is ,hc has a ki-lt and :i jacket of pique so nCtff I licit .In rattles like sheet-Iron. outrages propriety by Hcwamrng at the top of his voice tat. h« hates olwreh and he bs to ' ' WILLIE'S CATECHISM. The wagtail sto]« inuler a sluuly tree, tJio smial'l boy ami his mother are ns- ststetl our, nud we nil wait while ho has a warmtag up. He comes l:ac-k liflt- ing church worse, :uwl tluiUms " inore eotufurtiiWe to sUinal in' during the.re .matador ot 'his ditiivc. At last .we get there. We 'ivomwi arc .tenderly .helped «nt by Uncle Timfoithy, and I cannot Itulp jiotilcing tlitiit even Aunt Maria, who, is supposed to know the WeM- itti'iitaer t-.iiteclili.-iui backward* and forwards, raises to skirt aa she steps down so tat tho piii-.tdrag elder has a glimi>se of n wMl-turned ankle. When do woman craae t" be coquettish? And ' when do uten. wnxc .to be interested In thalt wluk-U 'is tarbiddeii? Once we a.K) packed in the pew, a corl'iilii s-'otoniMlty conies over us «H and : t3ie. elrildrnn are painfully qu r lite <<ho.tr slups an anthem. I an .,.„ by n fly who hovers around the mouth of HH: soprano and threatens to enter It. I wonulur lit ate knows anil I woiutar it sh^dkl know whether she would open her jnom*h so -wide. Just as fflie reaches tilie last Uljjh note, I he flj goos iln, the note is ,'t ta-iJure. ?he coughs chokfw, and nil tlie cWl'dren giggle After finis titero to more quiet, for the presiding .older let.praying. Ho Is the most condescending men I ever knew He adrtrossos 1* Manor as If fliej 'stood on aw equal'plans. wl*h odds n Itta favor, owcl he calmly iiiiiioimces, WHAT THE LOUD OUGHT TO HAVE DONE. uuid he syaiiiKifliliacK -with- Him in His . forgotifuliiiess of "I-ibts duty.. He gives IJiKiii to umleistand tlnat If He woulV ask the advice ot the elders.of this clnircli, everyltlil-ug would have been right, ami >IM> closes by syinpathiz' with Him ;In life .Ignorance, and hoping •He wltU do better In tl»e future. 01 : coinlse, lliiit Isn't exactly what he says but t'luit. -i.s tlve impression he leaves 01 everybody's miliid. ,Uiiirie,T.imQthy, lie ing old-fn-slilaned, sfcniuW up during Ui prayer, Wlnk-h gives Mte oldest boy nu oppoa-tTia£t>' to.ptocu luta leg. Then the " children nil gjgglc and I look at then -wHli n frown mid tlwy make faces a •uu>. Anal tilie rtmrnon coninieiwes. . •• s'lllre prvncher, realteirig «i«it the thcr • intome'ter -i"n the village drug si niaiite-nliiely-xluX -1ms-xclceted For Ills' Itext, "A.Tx.1 .thcii-e sfti:rtl l« everlasHug ihell." He jwenxfliw' for -o,ne hour and t lialf, ami Niutuy Ibteiui to Win. wlrt dl>e fascli«itl<in Mint only cornea whim tlie horrible Is to fflw fore. He picture, tte abode of Satan, he pliituras.Satan' joy at MobJjig lunoeont inCnuw and' un tontauate sinmas. he diQates on the fac tlwt all suffortag 1m the .future will b '" overliwtlmK.' rail 'tl*at everlasttag wlJ be forevea 1 nmt ton-over. NO CHANCE ON TIH3 HEHBAPTER And. lifter 'he 1ms .toild nDout tills Co •nil ham-'and'twenty-five mJuutes, h' ' .rfevotot live nitotrte more to Impress ing «" <»"' nitotlH ,how Uiankfnl,,w Should bo that ,1ft In alnw»t craitalii Urn . -we are to bt> dannied.. N:umy has atoo It an long as slie can— vshe 1ms a vivl Imnglmitlou awl IK ttupoisenigltlve. Jus before tl»c cmdJanu she gives a' loiu ioream a.nd .beghw to cry, a'nd; shi wduuted .ot by. Uncle Tlpmothy, who Kita her 001 t'Jie SHoul'dcr, offera Iwr a luce of iKfl»])«iuilut miudy llavored with unit. SKKits her cu tllie church step, and a UK her. Then they take up the collection. It b for • provMing waroii clothkug and .Ibles for .tilio lientlkeu In 1-JilmUistancc. 'lie yomigcst child Has lx>uu' given his ifliiiiy to put In, but ho llnuly declines 0 do so imd'rhc entire co'ngregatJou Htm talHug lils mother that he von« raWter keep It ami buy hokcy- lolu-y i«x> creAin. That TOY will sonic lay be a gii-.it man. At hist WE are .lilgling the Uoxology, ami with w.ha-t ervor do we all sing!. We fairly »l*» lf yiiir gwwilitmlc tlftit we iieeil ito longer ;;iy Jin the hot durrch. But II Isn't time i go home yet. THE II.USTIC AFTEUGLOW. Evi'rybotly sfciikc.s .luiuds wlth.eveiT- >ody else, a'tkl all tlie ooraitry peoi>:o ,.,.!£ aiml atlinli-e'cM- (Wsa,piH'Ove of \vhnr lie c:.ty people are wearing. One ener- •la.dy who' - Jftia five unmarried, hiughfeis as-ks me wliose ixitienis I ise whcni I nuike m-y clothiv, and If I loSi't tlilnk OlablxMtek's call I'.w too inieh niat.wui.1. She.looks a.t me with si-ouix when she hcsn-s that 1 h'.: SOUK_. (Jso make my g»wns, Tor she .says uidlibly tllia't ^ae don't, see, after all, that hen- Is uiiieli stylo about lihwii. 1 agroa U . L , :1 , -iujr-style ami I arc two. Agiiin \vo HIT packeO in the big wagon; the difldrPti' are t.i.rerl a.nd sleepy: Aunt Maria's Naiiniy 1-= hyst.piiti-.il. anil smells her vinog;iiret.te and then hei ^ _/s liot-tlo or TBIV rum. Whon home Ls TiitieHe'rt, iliere is :i gooil Unncr waillitaig f(fr '"s. l'"t ercryliody s loo lh-1-ira.nd too depressed tn be umgiy. After tlKit we civn do w.h-nt we p'.cnse, inrl we wonivn pl«isc to lake off wir tight gowns, tissmnc those Unit urn cool easj-. nnul indulge An exquisite Idle- i. •! sit under a tree wltli a book ot poeliiy .'raid look .it the (lower gnrden. Tust -liv .front of nie 1s a great botinuet of sunshine. .It is a bed of old-fash- lanod yellow flowws, anil beyond that l« Uie real, aweeit-sniolllup.. old-fa-'liioned gariloii, protected by'a borVTor of box, Ttore grows, .In Uie real oUl-fashioned n-ay. sweet, jx?as. citron aloes, pansii*, twootWlBifci'ins, ragged Robins, mlgnon- ot.to, se.'n-lot sage nwl Baltimore Belle roses, wlllle Iwck of the flowers is mint, sweet mnrjowiim ac.d parsley. I look at the flowers and forgot, my book, 7 look at tlie Mils, way off Jn.the distance, and the valleys Win.t la.ugh bct.woen. anil it seems to me that this Is A BETTER WAY TO* WORSHIP ROD chain lo sit In a licit chtirc-li a.iul to listen to fJic^vords of a nwui who somehort' dowu't swm -to twicli-the tender chord Uliat is-b-a*all, aiui which, for want of ,n bettor ramie, we caiU sympathy. The el»Udn» are playing ir;itlu;r quietly. In view of its being Sunday, they are burying a (loll awl •m:i.rchrng to tlie Jluiieml. And the snmit l»y Is ofliclnt- Ing as preadhw lias rc-meiiiliei-ed a little of the morning sermon and he. Is saying over itllie battered chiiKi Image. "Our dupMitecl 1ia« undoiibUHily gon« to hell." Awl tire squeaking llrtlc vol<w vise up. .in am ol'd-fasflitaned Uyiran, and, 'oddly enough, the diUdreit are qnlf-c saH-i- fiod and feel r,hat they' are observing the .Sabbaitlli Day as Jt should be. Uncle a.ppe,TiB'JiU'a cool linen, filling, very comfortably, a b!:g iwrktog clialr in one corner of the •'parch. He would like to look arc-mud the farm; he would like to see liow tho aaiimnls m-e nil doing; but knowing thutllife Js'liio ^y whetr he canwiot do what 'he lite, he makes the best of it -.MKl tnlks to one ot vhe bab- to. Slic-fe a knowing Itttle baby, and she asfcs.qostloiw thnt would puzzle the Presbytery. • ' " • " • . Si«j» slie: "Gramdfatliier, .why cannot 1 Jiave .tSw ehtekous out here?" Hcloolas at uw, and then .answers, • '."BECAUSE IT IS SUNDAY." Them, site inquires, "Bui don't the 'elUt-kens'like gl'ugorbraid on "Sunday ay well as on week days?" ! U.ncle,T.lim*>thy knows t'liu;t they do, but IK- does not .think it wiiso to tell Inn 1 so; so ho bents a,bout Oie bush, and says tha t the chickens have gone .to cliui'Ch. ••IHH tarnioKtor knows'better limn that a,u<l nhe sayw. "Oh, .grandfather, yon have toM 11 fil;. Tlie grny di'leken laid ain egg, n:utl ' the speckled one Is out ciwvtog about It. Onglit a chicken to lay nn egg on Sunday? 1 , " Th'te "th<K>log3 - Is too deep' for Uncle Timothy, so he says he wnl tase Her OQ libs lap nud sing to her; hoping to end tho conversation .tihte-way. The fimiill lady announces that she will be sung to, proyitded the tuue.is.a gnyi.one. So U'nclo TJ/nio'lliiy tales to remember when he used to go to cnimp. mecliug and make love to, Aunt Martav And he •croons oiit .a',ra,ld»eir ,'chtrpy.tiine about ifihe angel* nnd clouds and. linrps, Th1l3 anakas n great Linpressdou on the lieirfc .and slve -asks, "Grandfather, do you tlilnkthe manttot played the.o'rghii and braught tire monkey will go to heaven?" The .minu referred to Is nn Italian wlto looket! as If lie Might ..be- long'fo ilhe'worat of.'tlie secretr.sodetics and whb hull.appeored alti.Micifarm oo — • " •' L -"- i *'" t .''.'t)y...fli» inontfiy. luul bee-u eotentaJued ana sent on Ul« wny rejofchw. Tlic clilldi-cn HAD ADORED THE MONKEY . ami fonud ideasurc In Ui« music ot tho organ. U'uolo Tilimothj' has his doubta 'tihe icaiUim going 1w ncaveu, so he tells 'tihe simiaill wouinn that lie Is a bad man, a wo'mhftper of. "stun" images. Foa- a little whilte his grimddrraghter thinks. Then bhe Inquires, "1* tt a.ny more liiwm to worship a '»tun' Image than to w,ars ; h'lip -ino. sra.iid(itHi«r, And my mother snys you do." Now, Uncle Timothy hns lost all pn- 'iico, and lie tells hor fna,t no wishes site, d'lidin't iisk so many questions, and that slue te a bad girl. She leaves him In disgust,- having great, doubt about the value ot nny rellfflon,. or tlio win- Hum of hoi 1 grandfather. Tc:i11ime comes, and tihcngn we :iro all more.cheerful tluiii we were at dinner, still the Snbbatih depression Is over us all. Somelxxly cvmits and' announces that nve boys have botsn. wtilppod and two small gh'ts put to bed. Such a tltilig would iH'.vor ,'ha.ve happonod ou a week day. I give a siffh, nnxl rake ray book and go out. Hinder the trpcfl, and tihero I am Joined by Graiidr'atJier's Pw. SeatLng .UsereM bi.whlo me, she .wants to know If God Hindi- the raouu- l-.ulu«. I ainswcr-licr, and th -n, together, tilie child and T Iwk at. the .-iiinsct She is t.tved, too tltod to talk much, but after a \v)»lle i-she asks. "Did yon ever hear Owl's great ramnon go off?" I know wlMit she means.'ami I tell her that I have, ami that IT is meant to warn little people to go .'.H-IO tlio house before the ItalYrniiiig comeis. At last she falls asleep iln my air.nus. - EvorytlAng about IB qufct; t ami. conscious of the perfume of the lloAvt'iis and of 1'he majesty of th'c .hills. The tall tree? surround mo, and w.lnli tin; .llrtle child etase to me. I feel a.5 'If I were in the temple of God. Thure is uo sound except rhat made by tho birds as they cMi-p forth their tiluviiks for tliei;r nests. And yet. every l:ldng illait' has lieiMi creaii-ed snrans to be a iJnnuk&Rirtixr. Ami tho majesty and tihe ]>ower of God impi-nsscd upon me, and there comics over ni€ a ceitaln scorn of fflje ITttleness of the sermon that I have 'liciinl. Then oow<* darkness, and In it wo bit-it oni-solvos to Almighty God wM-hout :i Hiought of presbytery or pnl'ost, of siiuu'.r oovbMhop, but we are uippy J;n the i>iirc nnd simple faith like iliirt whltii lives In'the .Heart of a UtMe chlW. And wiitili the cooling winds, .It as If the leji.vos or the trees whispered, "Good night and Goil bless everybody." BAB. THE RECORD UNBROKEN. Relay Race, Actual Racing Time Was Thirteen Hodrs. In the relay bicycle race run last Tuesday, the aataal ruiinvtug time was ; few Jinluntes over tlrafltocn hours, but couniiiilng from iJlmc -Hie start was made it was over 'twenty-two • hour,?.. As t'lvere i-iaio tilnipsed rime allowed In such a race,. 1 tine doliiy of seven hours and more on nho trip canmrat be counted our ami 'Hie Stnite .voem-d for a two-hundred, mile relay -slil'll remaSns unbroken there .fore. Tho nwnrbeis 0C t;lw lUvcroMe Cycle CUi'b liiivo de!t»niiinixl to organize a .race oven- the samie course im, which t.he record will- bo broken. Tlie.raee will be slaJ-t«l from, thil's dity, following, fclie snimo course jus itliait wMdi was':ri<idi?n Twesdny. Fa'om tlite city'to Delphi "flit first rcOiiy wfll .'hike the mess:igc at a lifttlc ovot-.a tihrQeTimliiute.cllp. -Fron Dolplil to Lttfayptite two rldors will bca 1 *lie m'etesage nit about iflie sa'ine rate of speed ami so on.' around tlie circle. Th. wilind-up wilfll be tlie tard<st stretch of road of til* wtoole oouroc. .Tlie piece 01 iroiid from aiMs cllty lo.Peru Is, for tin most part, stony and i-ougili under tin miost favorable circumstances, nad tin itlrne'iundo by the Pom cyclists in th< race Tuesday is therefore considered re •markttbly. pood. It Jjs believed that tin I'wo liuuidlred rallos am be run In less tllian thin-toon houTB, wliWh will break the State record wlich sonic hours t spare,. .' A MONUMENT, In flic year 17800 frost .destroyed th corn crop of lihe iiiifaat settlement whlcl rtfterwai-d grew luto the dty o£ Marl otto, and 'he piloneers niid thdr families wore 'reduced almost to a state of faui lue. It so liappened tlia.t Isaac WU Jlnims, a pioneer, who owned a tract o land on the Virginia side .of the Oht< •rivet, opi«alte the destitute colony, a good, crop of corn. Speculators , of Lfered ihdon ta-rge prices for It, but he re fused to sell. He gave tt free or soli" :lt for a merely nominal price to the poo settlers OVCT the ailver and thereby saved them, from faihilie, Isaac Wil Ihuns and Ihls wife Rebecca were bnrlei on their owji 'farm In, a lonely 'spot se, lectcd Uy themiaelves. The land w.as long since sold, the graves are sadlj neglected and. the' people at ; Williams town, TC'.! Va., niid :of . JIariette,.:'p;, : ar taking steps to crept a siiitiible mono jneirt to "the. • generous oM ploneers.j . Joote' ns. « *hay.;were' ctergeiible: Complete Assortment of _1— Zenith, American, Belding, Refrigerators National, Reliable and Quick Meal Gasoline Stoves. Mantels and Grates. Large Line of Door and Window Screens. Little Wonder and Shepard's Lightening Ice-cream Freezers. SEE THE PAN, The Finest in Use. A special invitation is extended to the ladies to call and examine. Special Attention Given to Prepared and Tin Roofing. H. J. CRISMOND, 812 Market Street, The LOGAN WHEEI The Light, The Strong, ' The Easy Wheel, Logan riders can be seen everywhere and are proud. Logan Models: Ladies' No. 25 and 32, and Gents' No. 29 and 31 are the popular wheels. We have these numbers now in stock- We also carry the Monarch full line, the Clipper full line and the Norwood. The above wheels all have a record. Joote' ns. « *hay.;were' ctergeiible: wlthV. ,,v; ite^UtudeiftWj^t^

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