The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 17, 1959 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1959
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD AfrrU 17, 1959 Laff-A-Dav TUck Skins What does a Russian look like? there^'are many Americans who can't answer this question. The two women from Moscow who visited Ottawa recently frankly admitted one secretary they had met told them she expected them to be carrying a bomb. These Russians, touring America on an exchange basis looked much like women from any country. Maybe by our standards their clothei weren't very stylish but they appeared to be of good material. One woman, an engineer, did not admit to speaking English. The other, a lawyer, did. In a 2-hour visit with them, partially through an interpreter, we must admit we have never run into any women who think the way they do. Both were obviously fully Indoctrinated in the Communist way of life, both completely sold on the Soviet system. Here are some of the observations we got from the lawyer. On unemployment. You have a terrible problem here in America. We don't tolerate it. On women working. America doesn't employ enough women in business and industry or the professions. In Russia, women do everything. Seventy-five per cent of the doctors are women. Many of the lawyers are women. Where are the men? In the army. On airplanes. Yes, we have them, but no private ones. I'm not sure it's good to have private airplanes. What would you do with them? On streets. The streets of Moscow are much wider and cleaner than here. (When it was pointed out America has cars on its streets, the answer was a shrug.) On education. Everyone goes eight years. It used to be 10, but the extra two years are a waste. There Is no reason for a person to go to college if he isn't going to use higher learning in his work. A woman doesn't need to go to college if she is just going to be a mother and not work. On mental health. Your mental health is a national problem. In Russia it is not. Asked for a figure on how many committed or being treated in Russia, the answer was "not as many as in America, but I'm not an expert in that field." On religion. There are churches in Russia. On Russian-American relations. At the end of war we were all friends. Why did you change? On fashions — Yes we have a few patterns in our magazines. Not many. These magazines are for more serious, important subjects, And so it went. They were thoroughly sold. Even when the lawyer was asked if she would have time in New York to "do a little shopping." she remarked, "Oh, yes, I guess I'll take home a few souvenirs." Then a typically feminine remark broke through her veneer, "but I do need a new hat." Women the world around may be sisters under the skin, but in Russia they grow that skin pretty tough. Television Programs Channel 4, NBC Channel 5-13, CBS Channel I, ABC FRIDAY This And That The past two years bowling has had a great revival. And do losing team members in the women's leagues still gather by the alley, as in the old days, for a bowling bawl? Despite the gngs down through the years about marrying the boss's daughter our observation has been that the fellow who marries a fortune earns It. In a Florida city firemen had to be called to aid two small boys whose shoes got stuck on a freshly tarred street. Macadam had 'em. Chamber of Commerce not 200 miles from here has had to call off a bathing beauty JPH contest for lack of contestants. Were it resourceful, it would change its pitch and try to select from the wide field of talent there must be, Miss Homeliest Girl in Town of 1959. Speaking of inflation, remember back before outer apace came into the picture when the sky was the limit? A local specialist in the sport tells us that in a game with a couple of doctors participating a poker player must have a shade more than his share of cards to hold his own. Perhaps because being required professionally to gamble with lives, the M.D.s gain past mastery on bow to do it with dollars. A neighbor U the type who doesn't know what the world is coming to but he is satisfied in advance that he won't like it. The name of the city building inspector at Emporia is Golden Hollar, a living example that money not only talks, it yells. Prayer For Today He that gearcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for saints according to the will of God. (Romans 8:27.) PRAYER: Our Father, as we traverse the sea of life, we thank Thee that neither death, nor life, nor powers; nor things present nor things to come; nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature nor things shall be able to separate us from Thy love. We thank Thee for that love manifested V» us through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. I, King Future* Syndicate, tnc. World rifhtt rtMrvedT' "Now, when I snap my fingers you will come out of it and be very happy about everything . . . Understand?" Your Good Health By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER "Dear Dr. Molner: A year ago I lost my father whom I loved and miss very much. I have no family. Life has but little meaning now. "Shortly after his death I went to a psychiatrist. The talks and medicine helped for a while. "I have been trying to sew [and to paint, etc., because | friends all say you have to [help yourself. But I r e a 11 y Idon't know what to do. I'm [depressed, have a poor appe- [lite, and don't sleep. "Since I am a domestic, [when 1 finish work I am too [tired to go out. What can 1 'do to get myself out of this Dr. Molner rut?-A.M.C." One should not love one person too much, or wrap one's life in a single person — neither in a father or mother, nor in a child, nor a husband or wife, nor a dear friend. By this, I don't mean that you should love less; love your dearest one just as much, but Jove someone else, too. A wife doesn't love her husband the less because a child is born and is loved, too. The mother of 12 children loves each child as much as she could love one. What I'm saying is that the human heart isn't like a bucket, or like a bank account. If you take some love out of the heart, you haven't reduced the amount of love that is left. You have increased it. This Is not n new idea. The Bible tells how God loves His creatures. Not a sparrow falls to the ground without His knowing it. So, you see, you loved your father so deeply that, you forgot that you could love other people just as well without losing any of the Iov6 for him. How, when friends tell you that you must "help yourself," they are right. They tell you, no doubt, that you must find some "other interests" in life. They are right. But the other interests aren't just sewing or painting. The other interests must be people. Sew with somebody, or for somebody. The same with painting. Share your life with people. By "love," I don't mean romantic love, or the distorted "love" of cheesy fiction. I just mean sharing interest, sympathy, gladness, hope, fear. Sharing all the things we all have and need. In pioneer days, when nobody had much of anything except problems, people were happy. If, tomorrow, we lost all the material wealth we haVe, and had to scramble hard just to give ourselves something to eat, and some shelter, be happy, sharing each other's prob- 3—Funtlm* H30 9-Mlekey MOVM 3—Gordon Elliott 1:4* 5—Take Flv* (Ml 6— News 13-Sports 4t« 13-Wes.ther «t<)0 4-N*wi S-Newi •—Annie Oakley l3-N«ws • ilO 4—Sport* 5—Bporti n-Weather «il» 4-Newi 13-News f:20 8—neither 8:21 5—Personality «:30 4—NW Passage 6—Hit Parade 9-nin Tin Tin 13—Hit Parade Ti09 4—Ellery Queen 6—Rawhide 9—Wnll Disney 13—Hawhlds MlflU 4—M-Squad 5—Phil Blivers 9—Tombstone 13-Phll Silvers America Must Think Of More Foreign Sales 1:3* 4—Thin Man 5—Lux Play 9—77 Sunset 13—Lux Playh'M • tOO 4— Sports Cavil. S—Llneup 18—Whlrleyblrds • :30 4—Bowling IV—Per. to Per. B-V8 Men 13—Per. to Per. 10:00 4—Country Style S—Death Valley 9-News 13-Newp 10:10 t— Sports 10:15 9-News 13-Weather IflHO 13—Deo Nelsoo 10:30 4—Garden Time 5—Theater 9—Playhouse 13-Jubllee U -.nil 4—Jack Paar 13—MovleDme 12:00 4—Louis Pasteur 9—Sign Oft I2i:<n n. m. B—News 13—Sign Orr 5—Late Show 1:00 B—Sign 0(1 By SAM DAWSON AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP) - American businessmen must adjust to a new serves, concept of trade. That is, companies must think less about export sales—the traditional concept —and more about international sales. <J Make your goods where you can do so best and sell them where you can beat your competitors regardless of where you made them, even if it means importing your own products and selling them here. That's what Sidney C. Moody, director general of Cyanamid International, a year-old division of American Cyanamid Co., sees on the horizon. The international division now could be cut off by war if made 'only here. And the big benefit often is that the other nation conserves its foreign exchange re- American business is migrating overseas, just as in our early days European industry set up branch shops here. SATURDAY lino «. m. 5—Wtitern RiOO 13—Cartooni Si30 4—Cartoon ft— Kangaroo 13—Kangaroo 1:00 4—Ho-wdy Doody 1:30 4—Ruff 'n' Reddy 5-Mlghty Mouse —Farm Hour 3— Mighty Mouie • :00 4— Fury 5-Heckle, Jeckle »—Little Rascals S—Heckle.J'kle 0:15 S— Heekle-J'kle 0:30 4—Circus Boy r-Jr. Auction 13—Robin Hood 1)00 4-Ai Fair*, S—Cartoons 9— Comlelub 13—Jr Auction 1)30 4—Detective S—Mid-America 13—Cartoeni 1:45 6—Safely J:00 4—Mr. Wizard 5—Cowb'y G-men 9— Uncle At 13—News JUS 13—Baseball T:!5 13-Game of Wk. 11:30 4—Sperts 5—Farm Reporter 9—Talent Sprouts !:4» 4—Dugout 5—Industry 13—Baseball 1:00 4—Baseball 5—Western 9—Movie 1:M 6—New* 1:00 B—Theatre; 3:00 8—Wrestling 13—Race of Wk. 3:15 13—Movie 1:30 4-Western 3:45 13—Movie 4:00 (I—Robin Hood 9-TBA 13—doll 4:30 9— Advent. 5— Lone Ranger »:00 4-Westein B— Profile n— Rocket Jones 13— Big Picture 5:30 B— News 13— Industry 5:4» 13— Your Question • :00 4— Lassie B— 50th Century 9—3 Musketeers 13— News din—Weather 0:10 13— Sports • :30 4— People Funny B— P. Mason 9— Dick Clark 13— P. Mason tiM 4— Perry Come t— Jublle* 1:30 5— Wanted 9— Jubilee 13— Charlie Chin 1:00 4— Black Saddle B— Hollyw'd Play 9-WelK 13— Hollyw'd Play «:30 4— Clmmaron 5— Have Oun 13— Have Gun • :M B— Runsmoke 9— MuMc 13— Gunsmoke 9:30 4— DA's Man B— Mike Hammer 9— Bhock 13— N.Y. Conflden. 10:00 4— Bowling B— Movie accounts for 15 per cent of the parent company's sales of chemicals and drugs. It operates in 80 world markets. Since the war Cyanamid has put more than 15 million dollars into overseas plants and sales units. "We plan to expand overseas as fast as the general economy and |other factors permit," says Harry F. Bliss Jr., director of operations for the divisions. It now has seven wholly owned plants abroad, two owned jointly with local manufacturing firms, several others with Cyanamid owning 40 per cent of the stock, and wholly owned distribution and sales organizations in 12 countries. The reasons it plans to go on expanding in this direction are Contracts For Viaduct Awarded TOPEKA (/P) _ The Kansas Highway Commission today an nounced award of initial contract for a new intercity viaduct con necling Kansas City, Mo., with Kansas City, Kas. The viaduct will parallel the existing structure and eventually make it possible to have three lanes of traffic in each direction. The work is a joint Kansas-Missouri project on the interstate highway system. Initial Kansas contracts went to L. G. Barcus and Sons Inc., Kansas City, Kas., for footings and construction of piers for the por- lion of the new viaduct spanning ihe Kansas River, and to Kansas City Structural Steel Co., also of Kansas City, Kas., for the superstructure spanning the river. The contract for the footings and piers is $514,280; for the superstructure $991,935. These were included in contracts totaling $3,690,000 awarded by the commission for 53 miles of major construction and 550 miles 4 Union Men Fife Complaints KANSAS CITY (AP) — Four expelled members of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers filed complaints with the National Labor Relations Board yesterday. Leonard Adams, George Mecum, Eugene Owen and Andrew Findey charged they were fired from :heir jobs in violation of the Taft- Hartley Law. Findley, Norman Markus and Thomas O'Connor were fired by contractors working on the Montrose power light plant project near Clinton, Mo., after 34 other boilermakers walked off the job for three consecutive days. The union members said they would not work on a project with nonunion boilermakers. Markus an O'Connor filed sinr ilar complaints with the NLRB March 27. Adams, Mecum and Owen were fired from a power project at Lawenw, Kan., «n<ier similar circumstances. All of the men were expelled from th« Onion in February following hearings before union officers. They were accused of violating the constitution and bylaws of the organization by demanding a revision of election procedures .n their local and an audit of the books. these: To get by the currency restrictions which some nations still have; to avoid the tariff barriers against American goods, with a special eye on the common market developing in Europe; and to overcome the competitive disadvantage which rising production costs here impose. Moody stresses that the host lands to his company benefit too. When an American company puts up a plant abroad it creates new jobs and usually introduces into the country new techniques and efficiency. The other country also acquires a dependable source of supply of the product, one that of maintenance resurfacing in northeast and south central Kansas. 10:10 13— BporU 10:30 13— Jubilee, USA 11:00 4— News 9— Movie 13— Movletlm* IliOfi 4-Movle 12:00 9-Sljn Oft lt:15 5— News U:!S switching Hour 1:30 13- Sign Off 2:00 6— Sign OH Dorothy Gray SALON COLD CREAM KRAMER DRUG STORE 134 8. Main CH2-205?! Happiness doesn't lie in having things. It doesn't He in doing things just to be doing something. Happiness lies in the spirit, and the spirit means liking and knowing and sharing whatever we have, little or much, with others. You loved your father so very much. But you forgot that you could love others, too, without taking anything away from his memory. "Dear Dr. Molner: What are some of the causes of not having a menstrual period, other than pregnancy?—Mrs. W.D." Some of them are obesity (overweight), psychological disturbances, lactation (nursing), poor nutrition, some upset in function of the glands such as thyroid, ovary, infection, anemia. NOTE TO MRS. P.B.: I don't care what "everybody" says. Shots used in the change of life (hormones) do not cause cancer. Beset by blinding, painful headaches? If so, write me in care of Box 158, Dundee, 111., for a copy of my booklet, "How To Tame Headaches," enclosing a large, self-addressed stamped envelope and 20c in coin to cover cost of handling. Auld Lang Syne SUNDAY R:(A ». m. 5— Homestead 1:30 S— Christophers 13— This IB Life •:M 5— Lamp Unto 9— Serenade 13— Lamp Unto • sSfl 4— The Answer 5— Look Up 9— Science Heals 13— Look Up • :45 9-Musl« 10:00 4— Frontiers 5— Ideas 9— Let's Go Set 13'— Christian Scl. 10:11 13— Dr. Peale 10:30 4— Why 5— Camera S 13— Camera 3 10:5.1 5— News 11:00 4-Thls Is Life 6 — Bowline 13— Last Word 1 1 ISO 4— Bible Answers 0— Porky FIR 13— Face Nation IS:flfl 4— flop, r-mdv 5— Dr. Kildare 9— Movies 13-Kartoon 13:15 6— Mystery IS:M 13— Feature 13:4(1 13— BasebsT See Us For All Your SPORTING NEEDS • Fishing Equipment • Marine Supplies • Picnic Goods LEE'S Refrigeration (Across from L&L Cafe) 1519 S. Main CH 2-5528 Roller Skate Ottawa Roller Rink 2nd and Main Public Sessions Wed. and Fit 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. Nights ..8:00 to 11:00 SUN. Matinee 1:00 to 3:00 PRIVATE PARTIES Mon., Tues. ajid Thurs. Telephones: CH 2-9704, CH 2-5398 and CH 2-2536 Easily Serviced No Special Tool Is Needed HILLMAN MOCK Motors 103 N. Main GH 2-3601 T-A-U-Y Now Thru Next Wed. First Run M-G-M presents A SOL C. SI ECU Production jUr*| Feat. Tonite 7:40 Only Continuous Sat. and Sun. Feat. 1:40-4:10-6:35-9:05 SATURDAY KOFO Schedule 9:30—News Summary 9:35—KOFO Serenade 6:30—Top of the Morning 10:30—News Summary 25 Years Ago Chester Bolton reported someone stole a spare tire and wheel from his Hupmobile. Father Thaddeus Bnrlro, of Sacred Heart Church, became pastor of the Catholic church at Paola. He was succeeded here by Father Cowell O'Neill, of Blaine, Kas. Miss Margaret Stickler, 625 S. Sycamore, slipped on a wax floor and fell, fracturing her left hip. 50 Years Ago Gay Slater was injured when a pile of sacks of flour fell over on him at the Forest Park Mill. The new dwelling of W. B. Moore, at 512 Ash, was nearing completion. H. E. Sample of Peoria was in town for shopping and announced he was leaving Kansas soon to make his home at Clagary, Canada. 13— Game of Wk. ItOO • 4-Bullderi 1:30 4— Frnnl How 5— Mlll'n $ Movie 2:30 9— By-Line 3:na 4-Law of West 9— Detective 9— Hunter 13— News 3:30 4 -Star Perf. p— The Hunter 13-Fealurete 4:00 4— Onnlbuj 5— CollfRj B. 9— Dateline Ill-College Bowl 4:30 8-Amateur Hr. 9—Janet Dean 13—Amateur Hr. 5:00 4—Meet Press B—Sninll Word 9—Wlnchell 13—Drag. 5:30 4—Tugboat Annie 9—Lone Ranger B—Music 13—20th Century a:00 4—Newi fi—Lansl* 9—Ask For It 13—Lassie 6:30 4—Steve Allen 5—Jack Benny 9—Maverick 13—Jack Benny 7:00 4—Steve Allen B—Ed Sullivan 13—Ed Sullvan 7:30 4—Pete Kellys 9—Lawman 8:00 4—Dinah Shore B—Theatre 9—Colt .45 13—State Troopei 11:30 5—Hitchcock 9—We&tevr. Gun 13—Hitchcock A-00 4—Loretta Young B—Richard Dla. II—'In the Bag' \3—Richard Dla. 9:30 -'•i Hunt B-My Line 9—McGrew 13—My Lint |0:00 — Tifatre B—Whtrly Birds 9—News 13—News 10:10 9—Music Man 10:15 4—Jack Paar 9—Theatre 10:30 B-News 13-Welk 10:35 5—Theatre 11:15 13-Movl* 11:30 9 Sign Off 1I:4B 4—Chan I! sou 4-Eltn Off 1!:4S 6-Slgn OH II Jack Kille, pipeline patrol contactor, portrays the roll of debonair Grandpere Bonnard, who offers the family his fresh wit during some of the most tense moments. • I THE HAPPY TIME The first production of the Ottawa "Community Theater Players, Inc." Fri., April 24 - Sat., April 25 Memor/o/ Auditorium Curtain Time 8:15 Tickets, Reserved Seats Available at Sounders Music Co. or Phone CH 2-2721 YOUR LAST CHANCE Final The Ottawa Herald 106-101 B. Main Published daily except Sunday and Holidays. Second class postal* paid ai Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B. Wellington Edltoi Guy Snedaker Publlshei •ubscrlptton rates to trade area—Bj mall, on* month .C5; three months K): six months 13.75: one year ft. Subscription ratee outride trade area — by mall, on* month, |1 GO; three months |4 «: sli months |S.OO: one year $14-00 Matinee WEDNESDAY 2'00 PM —; Matinee SATUR. DAY /nd SUNDAY 2:00 PM— MISSOURI 14th jnd MAIN VI. 2-5988 $l.50-J2.0p; Evtmnii MONDAY thru SATURDAY 8:30 PM— il.50-J2.00; SUNDAY Evening 8:00 PM—J1.50-J2.00. 6:30—Top of Morning 6:45— Weather Roundup 6:50—Top of Morning 7:30—News Summary 7:40—Weather Forecast 7:45—Markets 7:50—Top of Morning 8:30—News Summary 6:35—Top of Morning 10:35—KOFO Serenad*; 11:00—Bulletin Board 11:05—Around Town 11:30—News Summary 11:35—KOFO Serenade 12:00—People's Exchange 12:15—Farm Program 12:30—News Summary 12:45—Noontime Wcalh. 9:00-Morning Devotions 12:80—Noon Tune Time 0:15—Church Notes 9:20— KOFO Serenade SUNDAY 8:00—Centropolls Bapt. 8:30—News Summary S:35—Easy Melodies 9:00—Family Worship 0:16—The Chrlstopheri 9:30—Newt Summary 9:45—Easy Melodies 10:00—First Bapt. Cr. 1:00— Rock Chalk Radio II '00 First Meth. Ch. 1:30—News Summary 1:35—KOFO- Karavan 2:30—News Summary 2:35—KOFO Knrnvan 3:00—Bulletin Board 3:05—KOFO Karavan 3:15—Service Program 3:30—News Summary 3:35—KOFO Karavan 4:30—News Summary 4:35—XOFO Karavan 5:30—Newn Summary 5:45—Sports 6:00—Sundown Serenade 6:25—Newa A Weather 1:35—Music fr. Album (last Sundny of Month 2:05—Big Top Ten Main Street United 2:00— Sports Roundup Presbyterian Church) 2:30—News Summary 12:00—Music fr. Masters 2:35—Big Top Ten 12:30—News Summary 3:30—News Summary 12:45—Sun. Serenade 3:35—Big Top Ten 1:00—Music fr. Mt. Or. 4:15—Serenade in Blue 1:30—News Summary 4:30—News Summary 4:45—Outdoor Sp. Kai. Tonite and Saturday tAUMOUNI PICIM STARTS SUNDAY Kiddies under 12 Free I WILLIAM FAULKNER'S The Long, Hot Summer PAUL NEWMAN • JOANNE WOODWARD • ANTHONY FRANCIOSA ORSON WELLES • LEE REMICK • AN8ELA LANSBURY Vfcrr Home Owed , Horn OF Peerecr ttww DRIVE-IN i^ "Tke&foe> TrtrtAY CAT Shows-7-8:25 I WllA I and 3M I • —Cont. — Sat. 1:30 "TANK BATTALION" Plus -- "HELL SQUAD' Regular Admission SUN.-MON.-TUE. Cont. Sunday 1:25-3-5-7-9 Bo* office Optn 10 AM Dally Winner of 2 Academy Awards One of the Great Ones Con NOT Ahd Will NOT Be Shown In Any Local Or Neighborhood Theatre And Will NEVER Be Shown On TV!

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