Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 21, 1957 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 16
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SIXTEEN Career Corner EVENING. TItyES, CUMBERLAND, MP, TUESDAY, MAY 21, 1957 Dial PA 2-4600 for « WANT AD Taker . . ilANAUER NEW, YORK - UN'S): --Metf \vith Iheir feet on Ihe ground who. want an aviation career that isn't a>borne can liave tlieir pick of jobs. Au you need is Ihe proper education and/or training in (he field which appeals to you. Ini many cases al least part of Ihe' necessary groundwork can be obtained from Hie desperate employers. - i The aircraft industries association, which lisls among its inem-f hers most of the major companies in the field, is practically begging engineers and scientifically trained graduates lo apply for jobs. The association brags about the opportunity (or ciuick advancement to executive level, the health benefils are the patent- sharing or "idea" bonus propositions offered by aircraft firms foi new designs and creative thinking. Mathematics is the base of all scientific careers, so if you want to lake advantage of Ihis employment plum, concentrate on figures. Margaret Mitchell, author ot "Gone With the Wind." died in 1949 as the result of an automobile accident. Jiazy Decade t MOHTGAGE UUR.VKD —A ceremony was held at Emmanuel Methodist Church for the burning of the mortgage on the church parsonage at 27 llumbird Street. The parsonage was creeled and placed in use April 18, 1954. Left lo righl are William II. Harmon, treasurer of the First Federal Savings and Loan GET AHEAD WITH A BILL CLEAN-UP * Pay t el lover seasonal bills and reduce high monthly payments wilh a prompt loan here, We like lo *ay M VcsP when you «ik Jor a loin. Phone for your loan m one viiit. or to mo In- LOAN! Potomac River Commission To Meet The Interstate Commission onljohn I. Rogers, Keyset, commis-lester Thomas Thayer of Garrett the Potomac River Basin will sion chairman, and L. B. Diet- County. Fred Clot/oily of Oak meet at Staunton. Va. Thursday rick, V. P. 1. dean of agriculturejland. member of the Garrell and Friday with "Cooperation and E. C.' Fiery, supervisor ofiCnunty Forest Conservancy Dis „„ w,i.r. h ^ >,„„,„ ... «.. ' Loan* up to $1,000 on SfgnotUrt, Furniture tv Car UfTrUNCISD. cmflEST, (Ttltr titular teJnJ Fl.) CUMIERUID 2nd Ft., Raomi 202-204 • LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY BLOC. Pben*: PA 2-0721 * Atk for the YES (HAN*c«r OP£N £Y£MIHOS 6T WfOIfHlVNl — PHONE JOB tVtWING HOU1S ' Denefidai Association, the firm which held- Ihc mortgage; Mrs Annie /.mimerla, representing the Dorcas DiWe Class; Rev Dr Harry C. Marsh, superintendent of the Hagerslown district- Rev Kenneth W. Grove (holding mortgage! and Virgil Bishop, president of the official board, holding the candle. on Watershed Management" the theme. Delegates will be welcomed by FINANCE CO. FOtMEILT Fit SON Al fINANCE CO «'«i *.*. \j. riuiy, supuivisur OE v-»uniy roresi conservancy Dis th6 Shenandoah Valley Soil Con- trie I Board; Assistant Dislric! "-"-"-- ™-'- : -' Forester Harry Hartman ot Alle !gany County. Assistant Distric 1 •'orcster Tunis Lyon ot Washing on County, Donald Boyer, par] You can always do better in a P. S. Mkt. PEANUT BUTTER PORK & BEANS PORK SHOULDER STEAK 45" L , 1-LB. Cans 29c U. S. No. 1 A SIZE POTATOES 50 •" NOW SHOWING PEKN PREMIER SHOWS WORLD'S LARGEST MOTORIZED SHOW servation District. Addresses scheduled at the Thursday morning session include 'What Happens When It Rains," by E. W. Mundie. V. P. I. soil conservationist; "South River ?lood Control Project," by Frank Carr, Soil Conservation Service; "Role of the Local Watershed Association," Orvllle Flory, South River Watershed Association; "Watershed Conservation Program," Giles Miller Jr., Culpepper National Bank, and plans for a field trip by R. B. Warner, Soil Conservation Service. A luncheon will be served at 12:30 p. m. in the Ingleside Hotel, headquarters for the meeting, followed by an' afternoon tour o5 40 RIDES SHOWS UBLIC SERV1C OOP MARKETS 26 N. CtORCE STREET AND CRfriAPTOW') AT THE CUMBERLAND FAIR GROUNDS MAY 20-25 AH NEW and Diffeun* for 3757 Furc lor Young and Old Auipit.i Bowling Green Volimleer Hr» Co. ADVERTISEMENT water conservation projecls on the South. River.. A social hour at 6:15 p. m. ant a banquet at 7:15 p. m. featuring an address by Rep. Burr P..Harrison, Winchester, Va., will end the opening day's program. Friday's program includes "Nationwide Progress in the Small Watershed Program,' Carl. Brown, Soil Conservation Service; "Progress in the Poto mac Study," Byron Bird, Corps of Engineers; panel discussion |"The People and Watershed Man agement" and a talk by Joseph F. Kaylor, chairman of the Pofo mac River Commission's land committee. The meeting closes'' with a luncheon Friday at 12:30 p. m with Joseph H. Daniel, chairmar of the Virginia Soil Conservation Committee as speaker. Standing committees will meet Wednesday at 8 p. m. in Staun ton and report Friday morning. District Forester William H. Johnson will head a delegation ADVERTISEMENT Roaring 20s Provide Fine Fare For TV By CHARLES MERCER NEW YCmk U^-Television has been displaying an Interesting af inity for the 1920s,this season. Most recently there was the lory of Helen Morgan, superbly jlaycd by Polly Bergefl, on "Playhouse 9fi" (CBS-TV1. A few nights ire.viously Mickey Rooney iroughl us George M. Cohan in 'Mr, Broadway" over NBC-TV, A couple of weeks before lhal NBC did Ihe story of singer Gene Auslin. "The Jazz Age," narrated by he laic Fred Allen, was the besl of Ihe "Project 20" series this year. The works of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who so brilliantly ox- iressed. the spirit o( the 1920s lave proved a fertile source for TV drama. (This Thursday "Play- louse 90" will present his "Winter Dreams.") Television's preoccupation with he J920s is pleasant because it's one of the medium's rare trends lhat does nol seem to have beei plotted by the business offices Actually, the decade strikes a nostalgic note with only a minority of viewers. For one thing the decade was the last that developed a number of colorful, personally uninhibited performers whose lives and works have slipped far enough into the past lo be available to TV. Young. NEW YORK (INS) - Over at mc ABC Ihe brass is still waiting to see what's gonna happen. 1 •.•'• . •• • •' " '•.•• • ••!,• , • ' .?'' . -.A-', 'Result Of Mickey Coljeu Quiz Has ABC Guessing By ATRA FAER show. _ . . . DA's office" arresl Mickey Cohen — relired gangster lurned florist whom Mike Wallace described on his now famous Sunday program as having "lurn- ed his trigger finger into a green thumb" — on charges of criminal libel? Will two of Los Angeles' top cops — whose integrity Cohen attacked —sue? If Cohen'is permitted to return to California, is he going to get the VIP treatment when he ambles ol( Ihe plane — complete with home precinct police escort? •Stay luned, this drama will be continued any minute now. The mess resulting from Co hen's denunciations of the inoral and professional character ot Los Angeles police chief William Parker and chief of the intelligence squad, Jinr Hamilton, has soap-opera elements. But il's far from amusing. This is going lo be vital test case for television. To be decided: Where j speech', ends and loose language starts. To be decided: If anybody wilh a personal grudge can use the airwaves to tell it to (he nation. Face it, Cohen was fascinat Tonight's Arthur Murray Parly !NB'C>. is slated lo be lops in entertainment. The all-star line-up : includes Judy Holllday, Melvyn Douglas, 3ypsy Rose Lee, Pear) Bailey, Basil Ralhbone and Bert Lahr. Arizona mines 40 per. cenl ol all copper in the U. S. .You couldn't have blasted from my TV set.' '••'..' "The COW" Barton's Dairy Ice Cream Bar Route 220 South . -.--__„. ..^ i . UVY iv, V'l/uiii Y> H3 irtS'-UltH- er viewers may be unfamiliar ingly shocking on Mike Wallace's with them, but they're interested ~ It was a rare person under 3( who had heard of Gene Austin before NBC resurrected him. Almost as rare were Ihe young people who had heard of Helen Morgan. More significant, however, is vii v-uuuijr, Ljuudiu ooyer, park i -'«»*- However, is uperintendent of the Washington lhe £ P irit oi ln e 1920s, as it is Monument Slate Park, and John recall< =d to us. It was the last ^akin. a member of the Washing "mantle decade before dcpres- on County Forest Conservancy sion and wars an(i international District Board. Martin M. Gordon, soil conservation aide here, and Charles S. farvey, member of the Allegany County Soil Conservation District Board of Supervisors, also will make the trip. The Oakland area is interested in a flood control project involving the Little Youghiogheny River ' and its tributaries ana/ Washington Counly is interested: 'n a project involving Antietam and Little Beaver creeks. Alle- jany Counly has shown interest 'n a project on George's Creek. Crafts Meet Tonight The Building and Construction Trades Council will meet today at 8 p. m. in the Allegany Labor Temple. responsibilities taught us that the sky does have a limit. U began with a bang and ended with a whimper. About a third of the 1956 lum her production went into home construction in the U.S. Iron composes four per cent of the earth's crust. Robison's Restaurant Bar and Se/v3t» Station 10 Milei weit of Froitbuig on Koul« 40 DINNERS • Quick Lunches • • Fountain Service • TURKEY our specialty , . . we grow our own! NOW-24Ho U ,S, vi( . LEARN to DANCE SPECIAL RATES — » for 1 ! Bring a Irlend and halve the cosl. MOYER DANCE STUDIO v Fhon. PA 2-1310 231 S. Mechanic St. PLUS CARTOON Crystal Drive-In Double Feature Tonife ] JOAN *-, j CRAWFORD '**( AUTUMN / LEAVES Plu« Technicolor Comedy Eddie. Dobbin FtshPr Rc.ynohfs BUNDLE OF JOY :oitoon 10:11 *0<V—10:10 Winchester Road 2 BIG HITS 2" DIANA /-7J^ "~—~r/.-' r< fc' ^ ™ l» ™r~ "I. ^i J^^^^™ ^ THE RAIN* Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery CUMBERLAND'S DELUXE 4-DAY Tour To NEW YORK CITY Thursday to Sunday June 13-16, July 25-28 Inclusive Rote from Cumberland .75 Personally Conducted Your chance to join a LOCAL GROUP -seeing all lhe sis'nls ot fabulous New York City—Crossroads of the World! You'll travel in reserved seat coach on B&O's Strata- Dome COLUMBIAN Irain. leaving Cumberland 6:02 AM. DST ™ Thursday. Three nights' lodging at the Victoria Hotel Complete sightseeing tour ol the city by hus with guide-lecturer. Visit NBC Television and Radio Studios. You'll see a stage show at famous Radio City Music Mall: complete tour of the United Nations Building: delightful three-hour boat cruise around Manhattan Island: visit famed Broadway at night, and do/ens of nther world-renowned attractions along \ jft n^T 1 e Vh i lC Way> Rcturnin S y™ arrive Cumberland s.JO DST, Sunday. Our own tour conductor. "Mad" \V. Grove assures a carefree trip for the enlire four days. Kvcry necessary "expense is included in the tour rale with the exception of meals Make your tescrvalions now as lour membership is based on low group rates. CONLON TRAVEL AGENCY 62 Pershing Strcer Cumberland, Md. Telephone PArkvicw 4-6776 F^ T.A. it V. fint tim« Kitn Find* Healing Subttance That Doe» Both- RcUevef Pain-Shnnlu Hemorrhoids utonishinc iUtetnent< like "Pile* tare ceased lo be « problem!" The secret b a new healing mb- rtance (BI&-Djne*)-3iscoTcry cf m world-famous research Inatitat*. Thlj «ubstance Is now available la ruppotitary or ointment form under the name Prtptiratiort H* At yonr Cone? back guarantee. _ , las found • ne» eAmg «iibslaact with lie »stoni»)i- Sng .bilitjr lo thrinV hemortioldl »nd to relieve piln-wlUiont inrreir. In cat »f(er c«e, while Re W r rellETmj pain, « c tn»I redaction (»hnnt«p5 toelt pl >M . Jijjt amazing of ill-rnultj were •• thorough that tatltteii ci«d« CONCERT TONIGHT! CUMBERLAND Civic Symphony Orchestra WILTON SYCKES, Conductor, Baritone—Chariei Sager, Soloist Allegany High School Auditorium 8:15 P. M. Ti<Ve)i AvoitobU Al Box OHitl ADULTS—51.00 STUDENTS- -50c Ad CourTviv 5ycV«i Muiic Slot F ORTHAND WEEKS THIS _ SUMMER for College Students High School Students and Graduates Take better lecture notes and type your own term papers in school this tall. Morning classes. Onejow fee. Terms available. Used in business and Civil Sen-ice Write for FREE catalog: CathermarTs Business School, 171 Baltimore St Cumberland, Md. PA 4-09« Mr. Catnerman: Please send mc free Information aboal Spccdwntmg Shorthand !n Summer School. My Name I'honc Address cu^ie & TRAIM UNTAMEI YOUTI NOW ... SEE BOTH AS LATE AS 8:25 P. M. KIDS TURNED ROCK-tfflOU. Co-Hit! "The Counterfeit Plan" -ISg r/ 2 FR r HITS! NOW! BRICIDA PLUS! "Oneofikegnatshotkers of alt («»"-TIME TOMORROW The Dixon Dance Studio "STARS of TOMORROW REVUE" - : ' WirH CAST Of JOO UVISK COSfUMtS , lEAUIIfUt STAGE StTTINGS AKO THE .-.'. DIXON REVUE ORCHESriA A FAST MOVlNp 2 HOUR STAGE SHOW! Molir. 2—SKov»i Ect'h Day—2 • PS1CES CHiMrtn und«r 12 ftl.--3S AJuln Tic SUPER 40 How* LAST 2 DAYS STARTS THURSDAY GARY COOPER FRIENDLY PERSUASION TOPS THEM ALL DOUBLE-FEATURE VALUE SHOW ACTION! COMEDY! THE MOST COLD-BLOODED DRAGNET IN THE HISTORY OF THE WEST ! Starting Thursday PLUS

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