Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 9, 1978 · Page 8
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 8

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1978
Page 8
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fl^—Ukiah Daily J<^urnal, Ukiah, Calif. AAonday, Daily Crossword ACROSS , 1 Genetic material (abbr.) 4 Father • 7 Measure of time 10 Actor Duryea , , 11 Australian bird , 12 Profess 14 Similarly defined word 16 Stair post 18 Commercials • ,19-: .Hammarskjold 21 Law degree (abbr.). 22 Lap, ' 24 Failure 25 Interrogates 26 Biblical character 27 Female's 29 Made home 31 Unearthly 35 Is excessively fond of 36 Is in store for 37 Apologizes 40 Obtain 41 Chicken 44 Month (abbr.) 45 Capital of Italia 46 Women's patriotic society (abbr.) 47 Snakelike fish 48 Fish • 49'Tipping 5 1 Act pretentiously (2wds) 55 Varying . weight of India 56 Over (poetic) 57 Egypt (abbr.) 58 Deer 59 Compass point 60 Profess Answer to Previous Puzzle 1 F N ( M 1 E N P L U S 1 1 F F Y M| I L O P L 0 D QBE] El O OBOBIiaO B •BO QIQCIIIBBHHBH §ggg III 8i|B lAlPlRio N Jalnuary 9, 1978 Sheinwold on bridge Don't risk filiesse if you have a cinch L I D Ol •BElBDIDIil E10IDI3D B m • U G D Y • 1 N B • E T s s L o E s C A B E S T Y E w S Y E A S DOWN College degree (abbr.) Dissenting vote Reporter Lions' homes Poetess Lowell Idiot Mild expletive 8 Prayer 9 Yelps 13 Bandleader Lawrence 15 Fey 17 Pounds (abbr 20 Oklahoma city 22 Push away . 23 Margarine 24 • partment . (abbr.) , 25 Confused 27 Florida key 28 New York newspaper 30 Small duck 32 Strict 33 Detail 34 This (Sp.) 36 Nuclear agency (abbr) 38 Scriptural canticle 39 English admiral 4 1 Drug agency (abbr.) 42 Horse food 43 More twisted 45 Cold and bleak 47 To be (Fr.) 48 Pierce 50 Sign'of the zodiac 52 Rooster's mate 53 Aviation agency (abbr.) 54 Cook quickly By ALFRED SHEINWOLD I't's qiiite reasonable to bid a slain that depends on one successful finesse. You may not even need the finesse if an opponent.discards obligingly. . North dealer ' . North-South vulnerable NORTH • AK4 • , ^AKJ2 •OK74 *Q64 WEST EAST • 10 9 8 3 4 7 2 <^64 ^ 9 8 7 5 3 OQ 1062 0 95 • AJ 5 +9 8 7 3 SOUTH • QJ65 <^Q10 OAJ83 • K 10 2 East South West Pass 2 NT Pass All Pass North 1 V 6 NT • Opening lead —• 10 Declarer took his spade tricks, discarding a club from dummy. East discarded the three of hearts and then the seven of clubs. South next led a club to dummy's queen and ran the hearts. Declarer and West each discarded a diamond on the third heart. South next threw the ten of clubs; and West, the jack of clubs, Now South foolishly tried the diamond finesse. West took the queen of diamonds and the ace of clubs to defeat the contract. SHOULD LEAD CLUB At the end, declarer should make the contract by leading a club instead of trying the diamond finesse.. West would have to take the ace of clubs and lead diamonds, giving South a free finesse. West should casually discard a second diamond instead of the jack of clubs. South then goes down if he leads a club or tries the diamond finesse. South can still malcethe contract if he leads out the king and ace of diamonds, relying on the queen to be unguarded after West's two discards, but this sort of play is easier to talk about than to make at the table. DAILY QUESTIOIVI As,dealer you hold: Spades QJ65, Hearts Q 10, Diamonds A J 8 3, Clubs K 10 2. What do you say? • ANSWER: Pass. You have 13 points in high cards and 1 point for the doubleton, but the hand is not worth an opMiing bid. Avoid making an opening bid that depends on counting doubleton queens or jacks at full value. THOSE HOCKEV. ftAVERS Af^ETRVlNG TO CHASE PePPERMlNT PATTV OFF P0N'TLET*EM6ET AWAVWITHIXSIRI IlLHELPVOU hifir nitfiitii III! iilii II'. WHAT HAPPENED? VOU FELL ON THE ICE, [ MARCIE... Al^EMV GLASSES? THEV FLEU) OFF WHEN m HIT m ic£...r PON'T KNOW WHERE THEt/. CANPEP..; BLONDtE By Jim Raymond "WASN'T MUCH ^1 OF A PROSLEM, ^ WAS IT? [ Television Highlights] ( Today's Almanac} By Unitecl Press International Today is Monday, Jan. 9, the ninth day of 1978 with 356 to follow. The moon is between its new phase and first quarter. The morning stars are Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn. The evening star is Jupiter. Those born on this date are ALLEY OOP under the sign of Capricorn. Richard Nixon; 37th president of the United States, was born Jan. 9, 1913. On this day in history: In 1793, the first successful balloon, flight in the United States was made by Jean Blanchard over Philadelphia. In 1861, Mississippi seceded from the Union. MONDAY 8 p.m. CBS, Special. Variety '77 — The Year in Entertainment. Review of the year's major events in television, nriovies, music, theater and tiie perforrning arts hosted by Telly Savalas, Alan King and Art Garfunkel. NBC, Uttle House on the Prairie. Laura Ingalls falls in love with a baseball pitcher and almost loses him when she sheds her tomboy image. ABC, Luean. Lucan meets a couple claiming to be his lost parents. PBS, National Geographic Special. "The Legacy pf Dr. L.S.B. Leakey." 9 p.m. NBC, Movie. "Car Wash," starring Richard I^yor and George Cariin in a hip comedy about a day at the Deluxe Car Wash in L.A. ABC, Special. "Superdome," starring David Jansen. The Super Bowl game is threatened by a silent killer, PBS, In Pursuit of Liberty. "The Private Life." 9:30 p.m. CBS, The Betty White Show. Hugo h^s to share his stunt work with a stunt woman. ' 10 p.m. CBS, Switch. A cook in a local restaurant is a high- ranking member of a Chinese long. ^BS, Scenes From a Marriage. "Innocence and Panic." by Dave Graue BEETLE BAILEY By Mort Walker WHEN ARE you SOIN6 TO SET A1ARRIEP, KILLER-? I LIKE THE APARTMEMT BUT . I CAN'T STAND THAT UDUD'A ^( MEH, HEH, I K\NDA TELL THE PERSON IN THE NEXT APARTMENT TO STOP OK THERE'5 ^ NO ^ r<^sis/y/ DEAL/ BETTER KNOCK OFF THAT RACKET OR 17/>r \ VERIN 6IO, rWy \ TT^BLE/ bv Bob Thorn BUGS BUNNY OKAV; FUDDSY LE'S <5ET I WANT MV \J fOKTWAIT ID I ^AAKE ME UXK MANDSOME, N06LE, VIRILE, ' AND S INTELLIGENT^ by Stoffel & HeimdoM I WOULD HAVE SETTLED ^ FOR TMWBE OUT OF FOUR/ OOOD ev&MlfSlG. THE TODHY IN* T&fCYO, ilTHtWi^ — EI .5eiAIH &RE, PlGHTlN^ ® 197« By NEA . Inc.. T.M. fl«g. U.S. W. OM SHORT RIBS ISNY THIS PUEA'SAm ? WHAT IS IT ? by Frank Hill SOl^HTAU.'

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