Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 9, 1978 · Page 7
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1978
Page 7
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AAonday, January 9, 1978 Ukiah Daily Journal, Uklah, Calif.—7 Dear Miss Landers: I wish you Would print this piece^ of non-fiction. I realize it will, bring many a school bus driver to tears, but perhaps it will make the public more aware of the school bus driver's plight. I will call this — REQUIEM FOR A SCHOOL BUS DRIVER First Stop — It's 7:30 a.m.: "Driver, you're late." "Yes, Ma'am. What time do you have?" "I don't have a watch, but I've been standing here a long time." Yes. Ma'am," SecondStop: "Driver, can you wait for my brother? Mom says you're early." TTiird Stop: "Driver, why can't you pick up my child on the other side ofUie street?" "Well, for one thing I'd be going in the wrong direction." Fourth Stop: "Driver, why are those kids standing up?" "They won't stay seated." "Yell at them. That's your job." "Yes, Ma'am." Fifth Stop: "Hey, you! What's the idea of yelling at my kid?" "Well, sir, he had a little girl by the throat. She was turning blue." "She deserved it. She called my son a creep." • Sixth Stop: "i;)river, can't you come a half hour later? I have to make breakfast for my husband." "No, Ma'am, then I'd be late." "Can't you change your schedule?" "Bye, Ma'am." Between Sixth and Sever!th Stops: "Driver, Mary threw up all over my coat." Into School: "How many kids you got?" "Seventy." "Principal wants to see you." "Hello, Mr. Principal." "I got a call from the President of the PTA and she said you ran a stop sign on Fourth Street." "I don't go near Fourth Street." "She took your bus number. Look." "Sir, you've got five numbers written down and my bus has only three." "Oh." Driver endures two more trips in the a.m., two more at noon, and three more in the p.m. Finished. Parks bus. ' ? ''Hello, Dispatcher." "Got a call you w^re speeding on Tenth Street and almost hit a dog." "I wasn't speeding!" "Got your bus number. Look." "Hooray for the dog, he got the bus number right." "Boss wants to see you." "Okay." "Hello, Boss." "You're fired. You didn't pass your annual physical. Something about high blood pressure and nerves." — It Really Happened Dear Really: Thank yqu for giving us a look at the , life of a school bus driver close up. There's got to be a seat at God's right hand for thbse heroic souls. Dear Ann: You frequently publish, on request, a poem or column someone has lost or worn out from can'ying it around. I'd certainly be grateful if you qould locate a poem that appeared shortly after World War II. It started out like this: Me and Halsey and Nimitz Are having a hell of a time. ' I realize I haven't given you much to go on but I'll bet some sm^t cookie out-there will recognize it and sen it in. I sure hope you'll print it for all us old brokenndown relics who remember World Warr II as if it were yesterday. — New Jersey Fan Dear N.J.: Speak for yourself, Buster. I remember World War II very well and I'm no old broken-down relic. In spite of the low blow, if I get the poem I'll print it — if it's fit for this respectable newspaper. Discover how to be date bait without falling hook, line and sinker. Ann Landers' booklet, "Dating Do's and Don'ts," will help you be more poised and sure of yourself on dates. Send 50 cents in coin along with a long, stamped, ^elf-addressed envelope with your request to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, 111. 60611. , < Knievel busts his jail curfew LOS ANGELES (UPI) Motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel's latest stunt may have cost him the, special" night-time only prisoner arrangement some said he never deserved. Knievel, 39, was booked on a felony escape charge Saturday morning after h? failed to return for lock up at the Hall of Justice jail Friday night under provisions of his work-release program. The Sheriff's Department announced it would seek a complaii;it today with the <iistrict attorney's office and Knievel could be arraigned on the same day. The stuntman, vjrtio had served less than two months of a six months sentence for beating his former publicity agent with a baseball bat, returned to the jail five hours past his 9:30 p.m. curfew. He was declared an escapee following a three hour "grace period." A sheriff's spokesman said although prisoners on the work- furlough program have, the grace period, "any prisoner who doesn't return is guilty of a felony." Knievel had telephoned his IH-obation officer earlier and said he was leaving the r fflAKMOUSK country because of disturbing television news reports of President Carter's trip abroad.' "I've been looking at the news on two channels and I don't dig ft,"- Knievel told probation officer Kenneth Caldwell. "I'm leaving the country uhtil it straightens itself out.'" Knievel evidently changed his mind and turned himself in at 2:40 a.m. Saturday. Since his surrender, he has been held in a private cell in the maximum-security section of county jail. FIRMER STAND — A stronger hand in bargaining with both Israel and Arab hardliners is seen as the result for Egyptian President Sadat of his compromise with President Carter on the issue of a Palestinian homeland. The two agreed at their meeting at Ispailia that "legitimate rights" of the Palestinians must be recognized and they niufet "participate, in the determination of their own future." Idaho man wears a hero'i cloak WASHINGTON (UPI) — Bill Barlow is an Idaho businessman who is becoming a hero among his ^ peers because of his challenge to a government agency's right to inspect his business, premises without cause or warrant. His suit against the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was scheduled for arguments in the Supreme Court today. Both sides acknowledge it to be A test of the entire federal regulatory system. It could also kill an a,dminis- trption ^ effort to revitalize' OSHA — one of the government's most unpopular agencies — after years of adverse publicity. President Carter and Labor Secretary Ray Marshall are campaigning to reverse heavy criticism agaihst OSHA, which has been accused of "nitpicking" small business. A move in Congress to abolish OSHA . was stymied last year when Marshall declared the nitpicking would be stopped. The agency then revoked about 1,000 regulations considered unnecessary. Conservatives have seized on Barlow's case "as a first step in a larger battle against federal regulation. Rep. George Hansen, R-Idaho, predicts a Barlow victory would cripple most regulatory agencies. OSHA agrees. "That is why OSHA's case will be argued by the solicitor general of the United States, not by a Labor Department attorney," said an aide to OSHA Chief Eula Bingham. The American Civil Liberties Union is. in Barlow's corner. His suit is based on the contention that OSHA's surprise inspections violate the Fourth Amendment, whi6h forbids unreasonable searches and,the issuance of search warrants without good reason to believe that a crime has been committed. Barlow-, who keeps a copy of the Constitution on his office wall, said he pointed to that amendment Sept. 11, 1975, when an OSHA representative tried to inspect his business for health • and safety violations. Barlow argued the inspector had no cause to believe anything was endangering the lives of the 35 employes in his plumbing, heating and electrial supply business in Poca telle. A three-judge federal court ruled in Barlow's favor in December 1976. OSHA officials appealed, arguing that they cannot effectively enforce the law , without surprise inspections. It was business as usual at OSHA, meanwhile. Ms. Bingham said Sunday new regulations covering some 1,500 known or suspected cancer- causing siibstances found in the workplace will be issued soon. In an interview with U.S. News & World Report, she also'said a new regulation requiring a company to notify its workers of dangerous chemicals is under consideration. . Only 17 of the 1,500 known or suspected toxic substances are covered by OSHA regulations now. "I guarantee that while I'm here, we're' going to move faster," she said. Ms. Bingham acknowledged OSHA has beifen criticized for nitpicking. She said the agency now will concentrate on "addressing the real occupational safety and health problems, not spending time on minor, inconsequential things." GLIMPSES: Farrah Fawcett-Majors took time out for tennis Thursday night, watching as GuiUermo Vilas downed Jimmy Connors at the Colgate Grand Prix Masters Tournament in Madison Square Garden ... Sen. H.L Hayakawa, R-Calif., is in Tokyo to visit his 93-year-old mother and examine trade relations between Japan and the United States ... tee Van Cleef and Karen Black are in New York to film Raymond R. Homer's "I Tried to Live" ... Holland's Prince Bernhard, husband of Queen Juliana, left Thursday for a visit to Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund International (WEATHER) SAN FRANaSCO (UPI) — California extended forecasts Wednesday through Friday: Northern California — Variable cloudiness Wednesday. Rain Thursday, Showers Friday. Snow in mountains above about 4000 f6et. Local fog in valleys Wednesday. Slightly above normal temperatures. Highs in the upper 50s to low 60s and , lews in the upper mid 40s at low altitudes. ! Central California — Partly cloudy Wednesday. Rain Thursday. Showers Friday.- Snow in mountains above about 5000 feet. Local fog in valleys Wednesday. Slightly above normal tenjperatures. Highs in the upper ^s to mid 60s and lows in the upper 30s to mid 40s at low altitudes. Southern California desert areas — Windy with a chance of showers especially high desert areas early in period then turning fair and cool with decreasing winds. Highs Wednesday in 40s in Owens Valley ... 50s high desert and 55 to 65 low desert.... then turning about 5 degrees colder. Overnight lows 20 tp 30 Owens Valley... in the 30s high deserts and 40s low desert. Lows 5 degrees colde? by Friday. Southern California coastal and'mountain areas — Chance of showers and locally windy Wednesday then turning fair and cooler with decreasing winds. Highs mostly 56 to 65 coastal sections and 32 to 42 in the mountains. Overnight lows 45 to 52 coastal sections and 25 to 35 at the mountain resorts. Lows by Thursday turning 5 to 10 degrees colder with local frosts inland valleys and 15 to 25 in mountains. Tornadoes ripped through Florida, powerful surf pounded expensive homesites in California and an Arctic air mass froze just about every state in between as winter's bite set teeth chattering throughout the nation. Tornadoes in advance of the Arctic air mass blasted through central Florida and Miami late Sunday, causing widespread damage. A tornado that churned through an Orlando mobile- home park injured at least 23 persons, spliritered 20 trailers and damaged another 25.. Two other twisters hit near Brandon, wrecking eight homes and overturning a trailer, and another hit west of Lakeland. High Winds caused damage at three Miami-area locations, but no injuries were reported. At Malibu, Calif., beachfront residents hastily constructed sandbag barriers and prayed they would hold against crashing waves that damaged expensive homesites Sunday. Tides up to 9 feet sent 12-foot waves over the concrete sea walls, filling up to a dozen homes with water as much as waist deep. A new high tide was due early today. Calholin, Ga., reported an inch of snow Sunday night, and flurries were reported in Atlanta. PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLICNOTICE No. 16846-A DeptNo.2 CITATION Probate Code 1206 In the Matter of the Adoption Petition of CLIFFORD A. DOOLITTLE, Adopting parent. The Peopl? of the State of California Send Greetings To: WILLI AM 'DENNIS CLAYTON YOU ARE HEREBY CITED to be and appear in our SuperioF'Court, Dept.' 2, of the County of Mt^ndocino, State of California, at the Court room thereof, at the City of Ukiah, in said County of Mendocino, on Friday, the 27th day of January, A.D. 1978, at 10:30 o'clock A.M. of that day, then and there to show cause if any you have,why the Petition of CLIFFORD A. DOOLITTLE for the adoption of Richard Allen Clayton should not be granted. WITNESS, the Hon. ARTHUR B. BROADDUS Judge of our Superior Court, at the County of Mendocino, this 19 day of December, A.D. 1977 , ATTEST: ' . ' . VIOLA N. RICHARDSON, County Clerk By' s r Yolanda McTague, beputy 12-27,1977,1,-2,9,15,1978 f PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STA-TE OF CALIFORNIA IN AND FOR THECOUNTY OF MENDOCINO PROBATE IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE State of California INANDFOR , THE COUNTY OF MENDOCINO PROBATE No. 16847-A Dept. No. 2 CITATION Probate Code 1206 In the Matter of the Adoption Petition of STEVEN NEWMAN, Adopting parent The People of the State of California Send <lreetings To: TED LEE HOWSE YOU ARE HEREBY CITED to be and appear in our Superior Court, Dept. 2, of thci County of Mendocino, State o^ California, at the Court roon) thereof, at the City of Ukiah, in said County of Mendocin^, on Friday, the 17th day pf January, A.D. 1978, at 10:30 o'clock A.M. of that day, then and there to show cause if any you have, why the Petition of STEVEN NEWMAN for ^the adoption of CRYSTAL SALEE WALKER should not be granted. WITNESS, the Hon. ARTHUR B. BROADDUS Judge of our Superior Court, at the Coi(|nty of Mendocino, this 19 day of December, AD. 1977. ATTEST: -VIOLA N. RICHARDSON, Countv Clerk By s—Yolanda McTague. Deputy 12-27,1977, 1-2,9,15,1978 PUBLICNOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that the Mendocino County Planning Commission; at its regular meeting ' on Thursday, January 19,1978, to be held in the Board of Supervisors' Chambers, County Cour- thbusCi comer of No. State and Perkins St8 .,Ukiah, Ca., will PUBLICNOTICE conduct public hearings on the following items, at the times hereinafter listed, or as soon thereafter as the items may be heard: 9r03 a.m. AGRICULTURAL PRESERVES 1. GIANNECCHINI, Donald A 51-77 — AP No. 182-180-15, 21; 183-100-07/Requesting Type I Agricultural Preserve. 9:05 a.m. CHANGE OF ZONES 1. LINDSTEADT, William — R 197-77—in Ukiah, extending along the E side of So. Dora St (CR No. 209). 100+- ft S from its intersection with Fircrest Dr (CR No. 210) Request: R-1 (One Family Residence) to R-3 (Neighborhood Apartment) 2. REDWOOD ANNEX - R 215-77 — 2%-t- mi S of central Ukiah, lying on the E side of So. Stalest (CR No. 104A) and on the S side of Plant Rd (CR No. 142) at their intersection Request: M-1 (Light Industrial) to M-1) (Light Industrial) 9:30 a.m. CHANGE OF ZONE & MINOR SUBDIVISION 1. PRINCE, John —R 200-77 & MS 230-77 — 5 -f- mi N of central Redwood Valley, extending 70O+- ft E froni Tomki Rd (CR No. 237D), l '/<2-f- mi N of its intersection with East Rd (CR No. 230) and West Rd (CR No. 236) Request: A-1 (Unclassified) to S-A :B to size (Suburban Agriculture : Special Bldg. Site to size)^ three parcel division creating parcels of 1.3, 2.5 and 2.7 -f- acres; exception to , parcel map requirement. 2. CHRISTENSEN, David - R 201-77 & MS 231-77 — ift Calpella, on the S side of Uva Dr (CR No. 239)., at its Sly intersection with Hwy 101 and Frontage Rd (CR No. 227D) Request: A-1 (Unclassified) to R-E (Residential Estates); two parcel division creating parcels of 1.4-)-- acres each. 3. KINNEY, Larry C. - R 21877 & MS 240-77—3% -f-- mi N of central Ukiah, lying Vs+- mi'S of and E of East-Side Calpella Rd (:CR No. 230) at its intersection with Antoni and Richey Rds (pvt) Request: A-1 (Unclassified) to R-1 (One Family Residence); four parcel division creating parcels of 30,300, 14,100, 16,500 and'14,500-1- sq. ft. 11:00 a.m. MINOR SUBDIVISIONS 1. JENKINS, Donald - MS 229-77— 1%-|- mi E of central Ukiah, extending 600 -f- ft E from Vichy Hills Rd (CR No. 2041), 350 -f- ft S of its intersection with Quail Dr (CR No. 204K) Request: Two parcel division creating parcels of 1.5+^ acres each. 1:30 p.m. USE PERMITS 1. Use Permit: U 66-76 — cont'd Owner': MATTHEWS MACHINERY CO.. Applicant: COUNTY OF MENDOCINO DEPT. OF PUBLIC WORKS . Request: Renew permit for rock extraction pit. Location: 4'/i .-f- mi SE of Potter Valley town center, extending '/fe-t-- mi E and 1-f-- mi S from Ely terminus of Burris Ln (CR No. 243). 243). 2. Use Permit: No. U 11-77 Owner: MILENDER, R.A. Applicant: same Request: Modification of permit for construction and operation of a niobile home park with overnighters. Location: 2%+- fni S of PUBLIC NOTICE central Calpella, 1 -f- mi E of , the "Fofks,". extending V4-i- mi S from Lake Mendocino Dr (CR No. 227B), 600-1- ft E of the West Branch of the Russian River, and lyhig oh both sides of the East Fork Russian River.. ^ All interested persons are invited to appear and present testimony in these matters. PHILIP GORNY, CHIEF PLANNER 1-9,1978 How to use your hcMise to borrow up to *30^000 (How you use the moilMy is Up to you.) We make Home Equity Loans. For anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000, secured by a combination of real esJale and personal property. It's money you can use to clean up bills lor a tre^sh start ori your budget... make home Improvernents .:. buy things.., travel... do the things you want to do. At Beneyest, you have your choice of convenient payment plans. No balloon payqnent. No long, waits for approval. All arrangements handled by phone and mail—escrow closing held at convenient location hear ' you. ', For informatioiJncail WallerE. zink, Jr. , Director. (Call toll free Irom anywhere in Califowa; 600-632,-4766 #benevest,«c 401 Sbum • B" Stteel , San Maieo, Cahiornia 94401 PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that the Mendocino County Planning Commission, at its regular meeting on Thursday, January 19, 1978, to be held in» the Board of Supervisors' Chambers, County Courthouse, comer of No. State and Perkins Sts., Ukiah, Ca., will conduct public hearings on the following item, at the times hereinafter listed, or as soon thereafter as the items may be heard: 2:30 p.m. REVERSION TO ACREAGE B9HNEN, Mike — RA 5-77 — 8%-f - mi NW of Ukiah< lying n\i S of Orr Springs Rd. (CR No. 223), 2%-f - mi E of Montgomery Woods State Park entry. Request: ReSversion to acreage All' interested persons are invited to appear and present testimny in these matters. PHILII^ GORNY, CHIEF PLANNER 1-9,1978 MASON ITE CORPORATION UKIAH AREA SERVICr CLUB DIRECTOR V, CHAMBER Of COMMERCE "GREATER UKIAH Board of Directors 1st Wednesday General AAdmbershlp Meeting 3rd Friday ELKS LOPGE NO. 1728 ' . Vichy SprlriCis ' Eyery"2nd«.itth Wedhesday INDEPENDENTORDER OF ODD FELLOWS Every Tuesday Lodiie Mali. State St. 8:00PM UKIAH JAYCEES 2nd 8.4th Wednesday Masonite Rm. Palace Holei, 7:00 PM KIWANISCLUB Every Tuesday Masonite Rhi. Palace Hotel 6:00 PM KNTGHTS OF COLUMBUS 1st & 3rd Thursdays St. /y\ary's LAKE,MENDOCINO LIONS CLUB 1st & 3rd Wednesday Masonite Room Palace Hotel, 8:00 PM UKIAH LIONS CLUB Every Thursday Ndbn Zack's Restaurant RED,WOOD EMPIRE LIONS CLUB 1st 8..3rd Tuesdays 7:01 AM Sambos ROTARY CLJB Every Tuesday Palace Hotel, Noon SOUTH UKIAH ROTARY CLUB Every Thursday House Of Garner SATURDAY AFTERNOON CLUB 2nd 814th Saturday 2:00 PM; ClUb House Church8<Oak- - PROGRESSIVE SENIOR CITIZENSCLUB . 1st a. 3rd Thursdays 1st-1:30,'3r.d-11:00 , Municipal Clubhouse SOROPTIMISTCLUB OF UKIAH Monday, Weekly Zack's LEWIS WHITE POST NO. 76 AMERICAN LEGION First Wednesday Veterans Bldg. 8:00 PM LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE LODGE NO. 336 Reg.Mtgs: 1stA3rd- Wednesday, 7:30 PM LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE CHAPTER NO. 816 Reg.Mtgs: 2nd8.4th , Wednesdays, 8:00 PM VETEiRANSOF " FOREIGN WARS . Second Thursday Veterans Mem. Bldg. Brought to as a public service by: MASONITE

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