The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on December 25, 1927 · Page 1
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 1

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 25, 1927
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AWAIT WORD THE LINCOLN SLNDAV STAR Bost No A V s p t\ p O 1 TWENTY-SIXTH YEAR. LINCOLN, NEB., SUNDAY, DECEMBER'¿r,, 1927 SECTION A riimry-Tfro r.tiius FII'E CENTS WILL RETURN HICKMAN SUNDAY COAST KIDNAPER COLLAPSES IN HIS PENDLETON CELL LOS ANGELES AWAITS RETURN KIDNAPER ‘FOX’ A Christmas Message To The American People From Calvin Coolidge TWO YOUNG MEN PULL A FILLING STATION HOLDUP Police IJ n w o r r i e d as Rumbles of Mob Violence Dwindle. TMC WHITE HOUSE WASHtNOrOM ¥ “Fox” Faints Away With Approach Of Los Angeles Officials, Who Arrive In law expected Oregon City Late Saturday—Fails To deal swiftly Carry Out Boastful Promise Of Hickman Trial to Be “Matching Wits”-Plan To Start Given Priority, Judge Journey South Sunday Morning. Hardv Announces. PKNDLKTON, Ore.. Dec. 24- LOS ANGELES. Dec. 24—(I. N. S A city recovering from a week of .> i p \ “Hnrrintr an act city recovering irom a wet-R. oi (L. 1 Kariing an act tonight awaited th 3 re- of God. or .something of that nature, William hdward Hica- turn of the prey of the wests great• . .1 • ? ___________ i. „ 1 \ _______________ .. 4 . i I .. c..r. est man hunt, the coming of he man day nounced here tonight ttOd, or .someining Ol imil liaiuiv, jìiv.ì\- lurn oi me picy u* me- wr-aia an will start his journey to l.os Angeles at 11 a. m., .Sun- ia?rihosi/HAong?d. IV " Herman Cline, chief of <leteetives of l.os Angeles, an- Rumules of mob viblence were re- .;,ne,.,l here tonieht t»«'Ì ‘Jjt.“?.','?.: Although the detectives had planned to take Hickman from thl.s jail shortly after midnight. Dwieht Longuevan, member of the intelligence division of the Lo.s Ang**les police department, will not arrive with extradition papers until 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. Cline .said. The delay means “the Fox" will not be able to meet the father of Marion Parker, the girl he is accused of slaying and then mercilessly dissecting until Wednesday at It Is believed. Hickman’s ouUstanding desire since his arrest here has been to meet Perry Parker. Los Angeles banker, and tell him he is sorry of all Ihc ** Young Men—Go Straight ** Warns Edu ard Hickman EDITOR’S NOTE; Herewith is a statement written by William Edward Hickman, a message, he says, to the young men of America. He is suspected of being the kidnaper and slayer of Marlon Parker. 12-year-old Los Angeles girl. ion of peace officers little difficulty wa.s anticipated when William Hickman, confesvsed kidnaper and asscil- ed filajer of 12-year-old Marion Parker, is brought here to stand trial. "The lew’ will deal .swiftly and ju.stly," wa.s the tense expre.ssion of Judge Carlas H. Hardy, who presides over the criminal division of the Suc'srior court here. "Hickman’s trial will be given priority over everything else on the calendar in that public may know' that justice will be done ” The chief topic of conjecture to< Continued on Page Four.) things that befell the financier’s beloved daughter. Youth Breaks Down. PENDLETON. Ore.. Dec. 24 — lU. P >—For the first time since his arrest, William Edward Hickman collap.sed completely In his cell of the city jail here tonight. Hickman "pa.ssed out” immediately after three Los Angeles offlctaLs gazed at him through the bars of Ills tiny cell A.s Asa K**ves, district atlornev of I j OS Angeles county: James Davis. Los Angeles ixilic.* chief, and Herman Cline, captain of (Continued on Page Four.) BY WILLIAM E. IIICITMAN. PENDLETON. Ore., Dec. ‘24—< I. N. S.)—This affair has gained nationwide publicity and the great reward and search by the people of the west shows the opposition of the American people to criminal tendencie.s. Kidnaping and .savage murder are the of America’s crimes, and everything .should be done to pre(Continued on Page Four.) France Hit By Qales Job at Twenty-seventh and South Nets Them $21 In Cash. BIG PLANE AND FOUR OCCUPANTS STILL MISSING STATION EMPLOYE COVERED WITH GUN Stickups Make Escape On F'oot After Ixioting Cash Reg:ister. Shadow Of A New Trans-Atlantic Flight Tragedy Lurks Over Christmas Festivities As Hours Pass Without News Of Aviatrix And Her Companions Who Left Roosevelt Field Friday Night For Newfoundland. Two young unmasked robbers held up the State Oil Co. service NEW YORK, Dec. 21—(11 p. m.) —(I. X. S.)—The o .u “Dawn," the big Sikor.skv amphibian airplane carrying Mi.‘<. ~ Fr.->ncos W. Cra.vs,.,, „H um - fliors, waa still„K the cash register shortly before at this hour tonight— thirty-four hours atter she took olt 7:30 Christmas eve. from Roi.-sevelt Field. L. 1. on the first leg of her projected The men entered the station and flijrfit jo Furope. first a.sked James Rodney, 310 L street. College View. 19-year-old attendant, if they could the room. Rodney eave them permission and when they came oil one of the men edged towards the outside door. hTe other hung back. Suddenly the latter, jerking a pistol there in the corner, of the wash room, young fellow, and don’t try to interfere.” Cioes Through Cash Register. While thl.s man remained in front of Rodney with the barrel of the gun aimed directly at him, the other hurriedly went through the cash register. When he had finished. he summoned his partner and the two walked swiftly east on South .street. Rodney called the iJO- (Continued on Page Four.) AA* A* A * * Tin: WTATHTR. it n — - a a <TIICA<iO. Hi*f. 31—Thf we»lhrr a a outlook for the prriod from Docrm- a a hof 31, Indimivr, follow»; a a I’pprr Ml»»l»»ippi and lowrr Ml»- a a »ourl vallo»»; Mostly fair forepart of i, a nook, followed I».» precipitation pe- a a riod; »llfht fhange» In temperature a ir first part, probably colder toward a a latter part of week. a a Nebraska: I'alr Sunday and Mon- a a day, not murh change in temper- a a ature. a a Kan»a»: Fair Sunday and Mon- yy a day; somewhat warmer Sunday In a a southwest portion. a aaaAAA*waaaaaaaaaaaaaaAa I Mrs. Oray.son had hoped to fly CHEER CARRIED TO MANY HOMES Santa Halts In Alaska ENROUTE WITH SANTA CLAUS, heavy weather. JUNEAU, Ala.ska. Dec. 24—(UP)—i PARIS. Dec. 2A il. N. S » -Gales in many .sections and a slight earthquake near Pau did con-siderable damage throughout Fiance toaay. Touraine wa.s esp.-*cially hard hit by the storms. Damage caused by the earth tremor was estimated at $ 10.000 Air .iervices were forced to run on reduced schedules and coastal shipping was disrupted. Many fi.shmg vessels were grounded along the The liner President Roosevelt, coming in from New York, was late in nsachmg Cherbourg due to the BOMBS WRECK TWO U. S. BANKS IN ARGENTINA SANTA CLAUS AT COLISEUM TODAY SHRINERS SING AT INSTITUTIONS 1 Dead, 4 Lost In Farm Fire Bolshevists Blamed By Paraders, Who Protest Outrage. The Elks Santa Claus reception. Christmas tree, entertainment and treat distribution will be held at the L’niversity Coliseum this morning, the doors being open at 8 o’clock and no earlier. The entertainment will begin at 9 and distribution of gifts will follow. There will be room for spectators. Members of Band and Patrol Tour Gity Saturday Night. ('ase Workers I*lan Distribution Through Social Exchange. Fewer Families Assistance Than One Year Ago. -anta Glaus pa.s.sed through Jun- ' Holdup Men EscapC eau early tonight on his annual. «t..» a.« n/m 1 » 11 Christma.s eve visit to the southland I M ith $3,000 Payroll He threw heavy blankets over hts ___________ reindeer during his stop in Juneau and addressed R. C. Mize, weather CHICAGO, Dec. 24 -iI. N. S.)— man. Three armed bandits held up Mau"And listen ” he .said, his red face rice Zeller, ca.shier of an engraving 18 ARE INJURED; THREE MAY DIE Acquit Mrs. (¡allop • Home Christma.s ” was the slogan of the social service exchange at community chest lieadquarter.s. and .serial workers rejwrted splendid co-operation from the people of Lincoln in carrj’lng out the new plan of planning Christma with the head.s of the needy famllie.s and distribution of gifts by experienced case workers who were already acquainted with the per.sons to be benefited and their particular needs. "By the di.strlbution of gifts through ea-se workers instead of by .strangers, a iiersonal touch was added to Christmas this vear. "declared Miss Ada Barker, head case (Continued on page Six > Require growing even redder with anger, company, here today, and escaped • next Christma.s there will be no with a $3.000 payroll. Santa Clau.s for you if you can’t do better than this.” The trouble was that there was no .snow in the vicinity of Juneau and the reindeer of Santa Clau.s were already worn by their swift journey down from the polar region. The weather was biting cold and (Continued on Page Four.) Citizen Asserts I*olice Were Forewarned Against Attack. Gun Discharges In Auto Smash; Man Is Killed RIVERLAND, Mo,, Dec. 24- (UP) —Fire that d-’stroyed the two-story house on the Wlnlaco farm, a mile of Riverland .today caased the death of one man. Four children were mussing and four ijersom suffered seriou.s injuries. Thomas Kelley, horse trader, owner of the farm, digd from burn.s he received when he rushed from the burning afU?r trying to Forty-two Shriners in two char- start a kitchen stove fire with gas- bus-ses suTO ChristmM carols ollnc,_^ housekc.pcr at six hospitals, four stat€ intitu- and believed buried in tion, two children’s homes and four the ruins of the home, residences late Christma.s eve and Tom Kelly, jr., also was burned early Christma.s morning The painfully, group, made up of the Shrine patrol and band, under the direction Sonris Word of Leslie Strain, left Scottish Rite DCnus YY ortl To Former Friends to CojYcnhagen during the ma.s holidays. She Is long overdue at Harbor Grace. N. F.. her first .scheduled stop, and grave fears were entertained late tonight that .she and her companions may have met death. Tile "Dawn” lia.s not reported .since pas.slng over Cape Cod early Friday night. She is nine hours the maximum limit of her fuel supply. Not a signal has come from her wireles.s, which had a range of more than 1,000 miles. Three Men Aboard. Accompanying Mrs. Grayson on the flight are 0.skar Omdal, pilot; Brice Oold.sborough. navigator, radio operator and a.ssistant pilot, and Pi'ed Koehler, motor expert. Bitter blasts tonight whlpYied the north Atlantic into waves that hamjiered small craft. It Is believed that if the plane Is forced down it cannot survive long. The temperature off the of Newfoundland wa.s low and snow vva.s falling at the most northerly points. A dispatch late tonight from Halifax, N, S., .said that an inquiry at all wirele.s.s stations along the Nova Scotia and Newfoundland failed to bring any news of Mr.s. Oray.son’s plane. Ships crossing (Continued on Page Six.) SANTA PAYS VISIT TO STATE WARDS temple at 10:30 and did not return until after 4 o’clixk this morning. MONTREAL. Que.. Dec 24—(I. N. S.)—Mrs. Emily Sprague Gallop tonight was acquitted of .slaying her hu.«band by poisoning. It was her fourth trial on the charge. D1V0R('FS HUBBY SO HE MAY WED NEBRASKA (¡IRL DENVER. Colo.. Dec. 2A (U. P.» Mrs. Louise A. Dudley today gave her husband to another woman as a Christmas pre.sent. BUENOS AIRES. Dec. 24 (I. N. S,(—A vigoroiLs police search was under way tonight for the persoius who placed and exploded bombs in the Bueno.s Alre.s branches of the National City Bank of New Yor;i and the Bank of Boston, wrecking the buildings and Injuring nearly a .score of per.sons, three of w'ho’.n may die. Except for the fact that both explosions occurred at the noun IlnlH« ITn Uitr \nw«£ Storv «•losing hour, when many officials tioias L p I41g i\CMS 5ilOr> already left, the lentil H is Weekly ca.sualty list would have been great- Is Issued. NORFOLK, Neb., Dec. 24~<U. P.) Peter Hoffman, 30, prominent Norfolk man, was fatally injured this evening when a shotgun in the car in which he wa.s riding, was accidentally discharged. The accident occurred a.s Hoffman’s car crashed into a machine occupied by a Mr. and Mrs. Hanson of Hoskins. LOCAL EDITOR SCOOPS WORLD THEODORE SCHL.iCE EXPECTED TO LIVE Bullets Removed From Body Of Norfolk Man Who Tried to Kill Self. er ( HIIJIRFN WILL BE ENTERTAIN LI) AT LE(;i()N PARTY Eighteen person.s were injund in the National City bank. Joaquin Oliva of Bueno.? Aires, AlmaOvergardStill Lives .„d “Ao;™ smfn c, Sd, n.ay die of their injuries, physic^ns reported. Manuel Taborda, of Buenos Alre.s. a wine merchant. .411 children of ex-senire men will be entertained at the American Legion club room . 1516 N street, at 7 o’clock Sunday nlaht A Christ­ ma.s program of carols, and movluf plcture.s ha.s b« en planned to br climaxed with the arrival of Santa Clau.s Ttie legion auxiliary has made over 300 stockings which will be filled with candy and iiut.s for the little folk.s The legion Is inviting all ex-service men and ihelr wive^ of this community, whether members of the legion or not. to bring their children to this Christma*^ treat The committee i. headed by Clarence S KItfinger band. George, on grounds of infidelity, Mrs. Dudley said she a.sked for a divorce only when .she learned Dudley had been living with a sixteen year old girl m Curtis, Neb. The girl’.s parents, Mrs. Dudley continued, begged her to divorce her lULsband so that he could marry the girl and provide for her expected child. By Artificial Respiration. (Continued on Page Pour.) NORFOLK. Neb.. Dec. 24—(U. P.» —An oneration was perfisrmed tonight upon Theodore Scmack, who last night shot and killed his wife and then fired two shots into his own ^ , The bullets were removed from Schlack’.s body and physiciams said he would recover. He will probably be charged with first degree murder Uve (¡ernian Miners Killed in Explosion JUDGE SHORTENS JAIL TERMS AS ( HRISTMAS (ÎIFT OCONTO. Neb., Dec. 24 (U P.)“ —Because a lo^al editor wanted ♦/> , "scoop the world.” ‘acts in one of the most remarkable medical case.» In histrry in which a young girl was kept alive by artificial respiration for thirty-four days did not become generally known until yesterday. Tiie editor. H T. Krier of Lexington. knew the facts more than a week ago but waited until his paper was ready for this week before making them public. The girl. Alma Overgard. 16. is .suffering from paralysis of the lungs , following infantile paralysis. Hoiie for her ultimate recovery was seen by her physicians tonight after the girl had shown great im- QAVF VIII F r.IFTS ‘’"r’immMÔÎr dav. . o( fcjia f Vi 1 ULiLi xJll 1 k3 volunteer worker.» have been ceaselessly pumping air into her lungs At each of the sixteen places visited the Shriners were given a hearty reception. At the home of the potentate, Charles Roper, and at the reformatory for men at Hawthorne, hot coffee and .sand- w’iches w’ere served. "Joy to the World” and "Holy ; Night” were sung. A large crowd accompanied the singer.s. The itinerary follows: i Home of Potentate Charles Roper, University Place, Tabitha Home, Forty-sixth and Randolph street.s Bryan Memorial ho.spital, Forty- eighth and Sumner streets. Ba ley Sanitarium. Fifty-fifth and South .streets. Lincoln General ho.spttal, 2315 South Seventeenth street. Home of Veime Herge, mayor, 1810 C street. Governor’s mansion, 14<5 H street. Lincoln sanitarium. Fourteenth and M street. County jail. Tenth and K .streets, St, Elizabeth’s hospital,, Twelfth and South streets. Orthopedic ho.spltal. Eleventh and South streets Reformatory for Men, Hawthorne. State ho.spltal. .state penitentiary. St. Thomas orphanage and home of N, Ray Hall, 2638 Sumner street. In Kansas ('ity High More Than 100 Children Receive Gifts at Special Programs. N PENDLETON. Ore., Dec. 24 (I. S.)—"Tell my former pal.s at Central high school, City, that I hope they will forgive me for my terrible record. Be .Mire also to tell J. Lyman Laughlin, vice principal, that I also beg his forgiveness." That wa.s the me.s.sage that William Edward Hickman, former Kan- sH.s City high school .student, sent from his cell in the Pendleton city jail today, Hickman, accused of kidnaping and .slaying Marion Parker, 12-3'ear- old Los Angeles .school girl, uttered these words as if he meant them. "Tell them also.” he continued, “that I that all of them could have a college education, but warn them not to seek it the way I did ” Hickman has said that he intended to use the $1.500 he got from Marlon’s father for a college education. Christmas Dinners and Entertainments Feature Holiday. CARS CRASH ON ICY PAVEMENT Chri.stma.s will be observed in the many institutions in and near Lincoln in a.» "homelike” a manner as po.ssible. Santa Clau.s has already found his way into the six homes caring for 410 children and the spirit of Christma.s will make Sunday and Monday much happier for the .several thoiLsand adults who are confined here. Rules will be disregarded to as great an extent as possible in order to make way for Christma.s tree programs, services of worship, distribution of gifts, chicken dinners, the appearance of Santa Claus, entertainments and the singing of carols, Santa .Makes llis Rounds. Wlien the more than 400 children cared for in state homes here went to bed Saturday night they were happy in the knowledge that there is a Santa Claas and that he had visited them, leaving gifts, candy, fruit and nuts. The children (Continued on Page Six.) BERLIN Dec. 24-1 N S.*Five coal miners were killed and two injured in a mine expiosion near Dotmund today. FLOOD REFUGEES Rebel ('hief ('apturee! And Shot by Federáis VERA CRUZ. Dec. 24 (I. N. 8.» - Juan Aco.sta. rebel chief operating in the Tuxpam oil field, has been captured and shot by ' troops. But Four Minor Accidents Reported to Police Saturday Night. Hickman Asks Father Of Murdered Girl for Chance to Tell Storg Rebels Repulsed. MEXICO CITY. Dec. 24—(I N S.»- Rebels are reported to have at- . , Only four minor accidents were federal to ixilice Saturday afternoon evening. No one wa.s Injured and the damage to cars was very small When K. J. Van Voltenberg. 832 L street, tried to stop his car to aii- tarked a military tram conveying ot^pr ^„arhlne at Thirty.third IDO Two f'hriktmas present» in the form of *u»pende<! Jail sentenee*» for two men we*e |'ven b> Mu- Familics Flee From River at Shelby, Ind. niripal Judge ('happell Haturdav Thafternoon. The men, Clinton M. Cioodwin and Harry Snethen had been serving aentenee» in the county jail after eonv.ction on liquor eharge». They had only a few day» mo»-e to »erve mi the Judge decided to »u»pend the remainder of the »enlenee«! and permit them to spend C’hrl»tma« their famine«. The famyiew have been eared for by the Social Welfare »oclety and an adequate rhrl»t- ma« la assured them SHELBY. Ind . Dec 24 (U P ) — More than 100 families, who fled their homes on the banks of the Kankakee river when flood waters crept up their doors, took with them Christmas gifts which will be distributed at neighbor’s hrmes tomorrow An ice gorge, reported the worst in the river’s history, caused the river to overflow. Many houses were flooded and the gorge cau.sed the water to back up for miles Other families were prepared to flee on a minute 8 notice The flood extend' frrm Shelby to Schneider, Ind Each j^orker toils for fifteen or twenty minutes. At intervals .she falls a.sleep. She eats almost normally and at times keeps up a conversation with her relative.s Tlie work will be continued until the girl recovers or 1» no longer able to stand the constant pumping. physicians said ('mintess Dc Janze Denies Plan.s Marry PARIS, l>ec 24—(I N S.» Countess de Janze the former Alice Silverthorne, of Chicago, who wa.s fined $4 for shooting Vincent de Trafford. a young Englishman with whom she was infatuated, denied today that she will marry de Trafford A timilar denial wa* madf by d« Trmiiord huuMil. ^Z5he Star- Wishes Everyone a Merry ChriSlmas and a Happy and Prosperous oN^ew Year- prisoners to the penal colony at Pleatanar, Jalisco, but federal troops controlled the situation without losing any prisoners, according to reports received here from Oua- delajara. Daninh Vessel Sinks Following ('ollision PARIS.Dec. . 24 d. N. S.» The Danish steamer Hield was .sunk today when she collided with the Spanish 1 Arantzazu and the steamer Silver in the River E.scaut near Antwerp (¡eneral Ix‘nn Dead I I. W’ASH I NOTON,Dee. 24 »U. P.» Brig. Oen James lienn. retired, former!»’ assistant surgeon general of the army and commandant of Walter Reed hospitil, died hert U>- i nlng and R street, about 5 o’clock. Saturday afternoon, he skidded ucrorn flie street into a machine parked at the curb belonging to Floyd Angelo, 943 South Thirty-third streets Cars driven by W. W. Barkhotf, 1145 E street, and August Meyer, collided at 4 15 Saturday afternoon at Eleventh and O streets. Skidding at a stop button at Cotner boulevard and O street, a car driven by J F Panticr collided with another driven by T B McMa.ster.s of Eagle. Both cars plunged over the curbing on the side of the street and came to a stop in a field. The fourth accident occurred Saturday afternoon wiien a car driven by A. B Hauser 3301 Mohawk street, and a marhine b<iongmg to the Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph rompanv eolhded at Twenty third and O .streets. Automohil"' were creeping along St a snail-like pare .Saturday eve because of the slippery pave- I'ENTH.ETON, Ore.. Dee. 29— "Tell Marion’s father that I want his forgiveness. Tell him I want to see him when I go to Los .Angeles, to tell him Just what happened, to explain. If I can. my part in this thing.” This was the message that William Edward Hickman, accused of kidnaping and killing I2-year-old Marion Parker, to- riav wishes to send to her father. “Hove you a message for your mother?” he was asked. “I have already told her not to worry about me ” he replied. “.And your father?" More or less reluctantly, Hickman said: ‘I don't care much Whetliet he gets a message or not. He de- »erted mv mother. I don’t believe he is Interested In e. Just tell him not to bother about me. I'll take care of mvself.” Hickman’s calmness Is baffl- leg He Is the personification of rose excapt for a certain shi'tl- ne v of the eves. Mention of the girl he is ae- riis-il of slaving leaves him »»n* nr rtorbed He savs he is sorrv, hut he tells of it In a most err- sorv manner. meni*. L

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