Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 15, 1954 · Page 36
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 36

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1954
Page 36
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PAGE THIRTY-SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH fttfe SAOft fty Le*ffo CHRIS WELKIN, rianeteer By RIMS Wintcrbothftm BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith rtxrii KVXP A NEW ccuei E. , N NEW C*\ILET; ^ ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hinnliii ALLSV7 ALL votme NOT / HECK, NO. PRISONER?/ I'M A GUEST YOU ROMANS AR6 A AU,WeHT,6UT A FIERCE,HOSTILE PONT TW TELLING 4 BU3ODTHIRSTY ME YOU'RE A OUST, >•» OUTFIT/ AW, THEY AIN'T NEITHER, OOOLA, HONEST WHV, MV fiOO'NESSj BUT LOOK \ NUTHIN THAI ' AT YOU.' Mr 1 \ I KNOW STARS, WHATS, HAPPENED tXttfALD DUCK By Wtrt titomsf THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 1954 tME BKRRY9 By Cart Orobert GET OFF GUS-.SOME . ..". ON TUUME... By Carl Anderson CARNIVAL BJJ Dirk Turner Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 as a sapphire 5 Blood 8 hair 12 Direction 13 Compass point *> Conclusion H Contest of 7 Dinner course speed 15 To cut 16 Paid notices 17 Level 18Covered with pitch 20 Pilots 22 Negative vote £ 23 Eternity 2l 24 Oriental DOWN 1 Finest 2 Miss Turner 3 Employer 4 Everlasting 5 Pi spared (Pi.) fi as grass 9 Rant 10 Maple genus 11 Japanese monetary unit?. 19 Auricle digit 27 Poker stake 28 Touch 29 "Emerald Isle" 30 Suffix 32 Mishap 36 Footgear 40 Small pastries 41 Nut - . 42 Sailor* (slang) 43 The dill 44 Erect 46 Century plant 38 Scottish alder 47 Surrender Eintar 25 Notion 27 Exist 26 Diminutive of 39 New Guinea 28 Roman bronze Anth °ny port 31 False god 32 Social insect 33 Bridle part 34 Writing implement 35 Courts (ab.) 38 Certain 37 Utter 48 Golf mounds 51 Driving command 38 Black as the of spades Television Programs Key to Chnnneli: KSD-TV I5>. KACY 114), KSTM (38), WTVI (M). TIIUIISDAY 5:00 P. M.—(Hi Wrangler's Club 194) Serial Theater 5:19 P. M.—IS) Buckeye Four (36) Sundown Ranch 5:30 P. M.—I9i Sporta. Weather (64) Cnptaln Video 5;49 P. M.—(.1i INS Tolenews (36) Sports Review 194) Movie Quick Quit 6:00 P. M.—19' Llnklfftter'i KMs I Mi New* (841 News; Sportl 8:15 P. M.—(Si Dottye Bennett (36) John Daly 194) Marge & Jetf 6:30 P. M.—191 Dinah Shore '36| To Be Announced (54) News 8:49 P. M.—(Si Newi Caravan (54) Merry Go Round 7:00 P. M.—I5i Groucho Marx |3U| Arlene Prancli (94) Screen Playhouse 7:30 P. M.—IS) Ozzle 4c Harriet (38) Where'i Raymond 8:00 P. M.—19) Dragnel (36) Open Hearing (541 Trie Story 8:30 P. M (5) Theater (30) TV Theater (541 Science Review "Mr. Kirby, the chief here would like to look at a new lightweight spring outfit!" 9:00 P. M—(3» Victory At Sea i54i Wrestling 9:30 P. M.—iSi Cardinals Preview I3UI Second How Center 10:00 P. M.~i.V Lone Wolf Clili Second now Center 194) Movie Showcase 10:30 P. M.—i3i Public Defender (3(11 Second How 11:00 P, M.—(5i News. Weather 11:19 P. M.—151 Danger IMS P. M.—<5l Justice 12:15 A. M—151 Lcsicr Morris 12.30 A. M.—t5i Weather FRIDAY 7:00 A. M—'5i Dave Garroway I54i Morning Show 0:00 A. M.— c5> Ding Dong School (54) Morning Movie 9:30 A. M. —i5l Cit.v Art Museum fl:4S A. M.—15) Morning Musicals I0:il() A. M.—15) Home 11:00 A. M. —ISi Valiant Lady 11:15 A. M.—(51 Love of Lite 11:30 A. M—(5i Search for Tomorrow 11:45 A. M—151 Guiding LiRht 12:00 Noon—(51 To The Ladies 12:30 P. M — i5l Garry Moore 1:00 P. M.—151 1:30 P. M.—IDI 2:00 P. M.—I3i 2:30 P. M.—(5i 2:45 P. M.—i5i 3:00 P. M. —15> (36i Ed 3:30 P. M.—I5i On Strike It Rich Homemaklng Big Pay Ott Bob Crosby Movie Quiz Welcome Traveler! Brown Your Account (30i Kay Morton 3:45 P. M.—(38) Public Schools •»:00 f. M—(5i Russ David (361 Penny Wise Show 4:20 P M.-I54. Thought Kor Today 4:30 P M._ifli Howdy Doody Miii Once Upon A Time I54i Spice O-Life 4:45 P. M.--i38i Westward Ho! J'oultry Comment? ORANGKBURG, S. C., /P-The Town Players liei;e hope their production of the Broadway hit, "Bell, Book and Candle," won't do u-liHt a hen did on the flats of their stage set. The hen's production: one large egg. 39 Tardier 40 Three times (comb, form) 41 Prohibit 42 Type of rifle 45 Edit 49 Heavy blow 50 Self-esteem 52 Toward the sheltered side 53 Cudgel 54 Novel 55 Vein of ore 56 Steamer* (ab.) 57 Number 58 Views 41 W ft MS 'SO 58 % Gets Navy's Goats PORTSMOUTH, N. H., /P—Albert Kobel of Amesbury, Mass., recently got the Navy's goat. But it cost him $92. Following two years' service at the Long Island fuel depot at Casco Bay, Maine, the Navy called for bids on 'l'.\ "auxiliary lawnmowers." At the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard's sale, Kobel bid high on the goals at $4 apiece. Driver Warnings Sought RALEIGH, N. C., /P-Tha North Carolina Motor Vehicles Department wants to put stickers on every bottle of liquor sold in state ABC stores, warning of the dangers in driving under the influence. A sample sticker starts, "Would you place your life in the hands of a drinking driver? You do when you drink and drive." The ABC Board promised to think it over. BOARDING iVith MAJOR 1IOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Hillianui WELL, 1'P FEEL BETTER IF THIS BATTER WOULP HIDE WHAT SHE'S GONMA DO TO TH' BALL iF-SHE [T: THAT'S IT.' A PITCHER BALL WITH HueAMDEK'-rHEB'AcXOF TOO AND THIS t>EAL LOADED Head Telegraph Want Ads THIS »5 UNCLE M^HINB, ALV.NI, AMD. »EAL COOL/-*. I WATCMED IT EVEM TORM6D OM i.OVJ WOULt) 'A GORILLA AWAY FRO/A A OP 8AMAMA6/ The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart KSD (NBC) 850 KC KXOH (ABC) 630 KC TOMI6HT VlE'LL Newt: Tonn. New> One (or the Book Allan Jackson News; nines Curt Masaey News; Thomas News: Records Record Report News! Sporti Artist of Day Club 1570 New News, Bonner BUI Stern News: Sports Sports Daily Morgan Ueatty One Man'» Family Sports Digest Qulncy How* Cnpt. Starr News Tennessee Ernie Symphonette Bob Burnett Ed Murrow ll-Clty Byline John Vandercook Sammy Kay* News Preston ot Yukon Truth or Conseq. News. Cantor Henry; Sports Official Heatter Detective News; Bandstand McGee News Jane Pickens News And f'or Tomorrow Town Meet Bob Trout Escape Guest Book Muclc Mart News Stars Music Edwin C lllll Aragon Ballroom World Newi Sunshine Sue Records News; Banditand Bandstand Dawn Patrol THE WORKV WAKT FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS News; Sports Platter Parade News Midnight Melodle* Concert Facorltea By Merrill News; Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol SORRY, BUT THAT TteAlM TRIP WAS A BIT OFAdAK?-..- BIFFE lrwlU.BE^rCKJR. LASTCMANCe /I'M POPPING SUN-UP,OLD BEAN/ SAT-WAS AOOUY PCAsr, UNCIE yxii CANCEL News Chapel Time and Tempos News News Owight Gordon Kentucky Jess Markets; Weather Farm and Home News Weather World Newi New* Records Breakfast on 6:30 Meditation Weather: H>mn» Motet No. 3 Tom Dai ley Moegle Wilson Ed Wilson News; Br'fait Club News: Br'fast Club Newi Dwight Gordon News: Gordon Owleht Gordon Bruce Harrington Break last on 6:30 World News Sports News Time and Tempos New* Dwight Gordon Bob Hop* Break the Bank Whispering Sta. Girl Marries Modern Komancei Liberal'? Coffee Break News Family Worship Lenten Music Newi OK Bandstand Phrase That P»s Second Chance CAPTAIN EASV Make Mp Your Rosemary By Leslie Turner Meludy Just for Women St Louis Ntwi News Wendy Warren Aunt Jenny Helen Trent Our Gal Sunday (vews Dwight Gordon OR THfc 4UP&HOD TVPg WMO'P,iO&6 WR.FRMWE'S THEM PIP? MOP WKV Id SO HARSH, (k,T IT& TURNED 606Br CMJ t ~4 «6. HOW ANYONE 65 R6SrVNSl8L6 FOK. HER ACTtM)&.,OR WHY! Bruce Harrington Song it D«nc« Rex Davis Ma Perkins Young Dr Maloni Road ot Ute Matiey j-ap Commentary 3ueen For a Day News: Muiie Uafc* Ulna Muiie Newt and Markets Song and Dane* Martin Block 2nd Mrs. Burton Perry Mason Nora Drake Brighter Day Newi; Other Sid* Other Sid* Via Osmone Piano Portrait Uf« BMUtUui Road of Life Voung Right to HsppincM Sacred Heart Music Showcase Program (or Von Newi Hilltop Hous* UOUM Party Ed Wilson Cd WtltQD Wizard oi Odds Backstage Wife Stella Dallas Wldder Brown In My tioute Moment Masttri New*: Record! Record Report New* OK Ballrooa Penuy frto Guiding Light Chamber Muilc r"»tun* Rotary Curl R*v Kitchen Club Pbli Stevens Lorenzo Jonei Marriage Pays I

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