The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 13, 1927 · Page 12
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 12

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, November 13, 1927
Page 12
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ti —J ITI# i n T j Kjt^i'*äßr%a MA »-»JA—-oCUYíF.ll, If er r fjViM Uaaa* am, amä« ZUPPKE ELEVEN DOWNS CHICAGO got only a yard on a wide sw*eep around left end. Field Kick Is Short. Landon replaced Wilson for the Army. Landon attempted a field goal from the 18-yard line but the ball — ; dribbled only as far as the 11-yard Illinni» I k T oo Powerful taking possession. Illinois IS lOO roweriui oDonnell reniaced Landon and tr«i* MiirnntiK In took Dahman’s punt at midfield to ror .wiarooiis m twenty yards. O’DonneU yards at right end and re- u \jaiiiv. peated for fifteen yards on the op---------------- paslte wing. Hutchinson replaced PHAMPAION 111. NOV. 12 —a. I Cagle in the Army backfleld. ^„«¡Hutchinson fumbled for a loss of N. 8.)—Chicago made a game bu yards on the next play. Perry futile effort to halt the fighting recovering the ball on Army’s 24- llllni here this afternoon and when yard line. Brentnall replaced Born . 1. « tft/vrv» for the Army. Hutchinson s long Army. Hutchinson's pass was gathered in by Brentnal on the two-yard line but Army was i off side, and the play was recalled for a 5-yard penalty. Another pass j was grounded over the goal and Notre Dame took the ball on the the final gun sent 50.000 spectators to their homes Illinois was victor, 15 to 6. Tlie game was far more one-sided than the figures might indicate, for the crippled Maroon squad was outplayed practitally every .second of 12-yard line, the four periods. A fumble by an | Irish Try Passes. Illlnl back on his own 10-yard line | RUey s long pass wa.s grounded, put the Midwayites in a position to score, but the count was already 15 to 0 in favor of the Orange and Blue and it caused little damage. i The statistics clearly Indicate the , superiority of the unbeaten Illini over their ancient rivals. On only one other occasion besides the time they scored were the Maroons in Illlnl territory and that wa.s at the start of the third period when the team crashed its way about 15 yards down the filed. It was on this | drive, incidentally, that the SUgg i men made their lone first down of the game. Timm. Humbert. d’Ambrosia and Walker carried the brunt of the Illinois attack, contributing most of the work toward the victory which sends them into their final game with Ohio next week with an unbeaten record and a chance to win the Big Ten title. VIOLETIN TlE” AT PENN STATE »Continued from Page One.) dowms on their two-yard mark and took the ball away. Roepke kicked to Brlante, who slipped back 22 yards to State’s 21-yard line. Connor ate up 16 yards off tackle and Hill went over for the touchdov^ from the five yard mark. Strong added the tlelng seventh point. State In Comeback. ' Ijiter in the period State started from its 31 »yard again. An end run by Roepke for 25 yards, a 15-yard penalty against the Violet for piling up and an 18- yard dash through the line for the touchdown by Wolff featured the offensive. Roepke missed the kick. In the third quarter, the Violet obtained the ball on a kick on its 34-yard line. Here the Meehan men rolled up six feet first downs in succession on straight, hammer and tongs football. Connor, Brlante and Hill smashed through for steady gains. One forward pass from Connor to Rlordan broke up the monotony of the march. Connor finally crashed over for the touchdown. Strong dropped back for the all-important kick after touchdown. His effort was called no good and the score stood 13-all. Frenzied Fourth Quarter. In the fourth period. N. Y. U. had a good chance to win when Hill intercepted a from Roepke on Uie Nlttanny Lions’ 27-yard mark. A 15-yard penalty hurt N Y. U. and then Strong’s pa,ss fell into a State man’s arms on hl.s 28-vard mark. A kick gave N. Y. U. the ball and then State secured it on another intercepted pass on the home team's 47-yard stripe. Captain Roepke here brought the .stands to their feet by swinging around Rlordan’s end for a 45-^ird gain to N. Y. U.’s eight yard Ime. On the fourth down Roepke stepped bai'k to his 12-yard line for an .attempted placement fighting N. Y. U. amashed through, Barra bee blocking the kick and recovering for N Y. U. When the game ended State was in po.ssession on its 32-yard line. Lineup ®nd SummAry. Penn StAte, 13 Po§ New York U. 13 '. '..C T.. ...U Q. a... R. O, . .. R. T.. .. R. K . ...Q H ... L. H.. ...R H.. .P. B PLAY-BY-PLAY HUSKER-Pin »Continued from Page One.) Welch was Intercepted by Oehlrtch and the ball is in Nebra.«:ka's possession on the Pitt 43-yard line. Presnell dove over the Pitt left taokle lor fourteen yards and a first down. Howell dove over the Pitt left guard tor four yards but the ball wa.s brought back and Nebraska jjenallzed five yards for oft • side. A forward par-s, Presnell to Lee was incomplete. Bounces» Off Lee’s Fingers. Howell smashed through the right side of the Pitt line for three yards. A forward pass, from Presnell to Lee, bounced off Donchess of Pitt. Lee’s fingers to who dow'ned tho wa.s Then he .sent a .short one to Flanagan for six yards. Meehan replaced Nave for the Army. Collins got a first down off right tackle. Flanagan repeated at the .same spot for eight yards. Flanagan’s long pass was gathered in by Voedisch for a gain of twent”-two yards. I^ey, on a hldflen ball play, got twewe yards through center. Riley turned right end for three yards. On a lateral pass Flanagan got around left end for six yards and a first down on the 14-yard line. Riley turned the opposite wing for four yards and then added three more off left tackle. Riley’s pas.s went out of bounds. Brady replaced Riley for Notre Dame. His poor { )ass was grounded, the Army tak- ng the ball on Its 8-yard line. Army Backs Plunge. On a fake kick, Piper hit center for eleven yards. Draper replaced O’DonneU for the Army. Piper’got eight yards off left tackle, Brady took Hutchi.son’s^ punt on Notre Dame’s 48-yard line. Failing to clKk with three straight passes. Notre Dame was penalized ten yarcis Dahman puntea very poorly out t < ì bounds on Notre Dame's 47-yard line. On the next play, Notre Dame suffered a 5-yard penalty for off-side. j- Plunges by Piper and Hutchison netted thirteen yards as the period ended. Score: Army, 6; Notre Dame, 0. . THIRD PERIOD. Notre Dame started Its first string backfleld of Flanagan. Dah- llne and tallied i Collins. Dahman’s ; kick-off went to Murrell who was stopped on the 29-yard line. The Anny line-up wa.s the same a.s at the start of tlie game. WlLson was stopped but MurreU got five yards on a delayed pass. On the fourth down. Murrell puntod poorly out of ■bounds on Notre Dame’s 47- yard line. Notre Dame failing to gain. Dahman punted but Army was off-side and the Irish got a first down on Army’s 46-yard line. Being halted on two plunge.s. Dahman’s flat pas.s wa.s intercepted by Nave on Army’s 46-yard line and. with a clear field, he ran unmolested fifty-four yards for a touchdown. Cagle ml.s.sed the goal. Score: Army, 12: Notre Dame, 0. ' rsiotre Dame Fumbles Ball. ' Voedisch fumbled the kick-off but i , recovered it on the 31-yard line. Collins got away off right tackle : for sixteen yards. On the next ' i play, Flanagan* fumbled and Bom ! recovered at mid field. Murrell rounded left end for twelve yards. Murrell was stopped ! on two plays and Cagle’s was grounded. Army got -a break when BiirreH’s punt rolled out of bounds at right angles on the Notre Dame 9-yard line. On the next play, Dahman punted from behind tlie goal .seventy-one yard.s to Army’s j 29-yard line. Nave brought it back six yards. I Riley fumbled but recovered Mur- kirtk hill Z i Notre Dame’s 20-yard forward Wftil Collins gained five yards in wail plays Npimic and Chevlgny replaced Flanagan and Dahman for Notre Dame. Nlemlc punted out on Army’s 47-yard line. Brentnall replaced Born for Armv West Point failing to gain. Murrell punted to Rilev, who made a bad play in B^van ' calJinR ior a fair catch on his 10- . Dunn i yard line. Nave was inlured and Myer» was replaced b^ Meehan. The period then ended. ‘condor ; Score: Annv. 12: Notre Dame. 0. . mill FOl^RTH PFRIOD. Strong I Niemlc punted to Army's 45-yard line. Hutchison replaced WiLson for Army. West Point also failed to gain the required distance and Murrell punted to Notre Dame’s 28-vard line. Meehan intercepted Nlemic’s pass on the 40-yard line and raced back thlrtv-three yards to the 7-vard line before lie was forced out of bounds. Hutchison got two yards in successive rushes at left tackle. Cagle added two more. Cagle turned right end but was downed inches short of tlie goal line, Notre Dame taking the ball. Ntemic punted from behmd the goal to Notre Dame’s 37-yard line. Soldiers Score Afwn. On the next play. Notre Dame suffered a 5-vard penalty for offside Murrell and Hutchison were stopped in tlie line On the next play Cagle raced into the open to take Hutchinson’s beautiful pass on the 20-yard line and sped on for the third touchdown. Brentnall missed the goal. Score. Army. 18; Notre Dame. 0. IHsh Pass Wildly. Carrying the kick off back of his 30 yar»i line, Niemic threw a pass to Collerick for 12 yards Pltier then replaced MurreU for Army. Ntemic hR«1succe.s»tve pa.^i.CK broicen up and the I rush were penalized 5 yard.s O’Donnell replaced Cagle for Arm". Niemlc’s pass to Collerick netted 22 Varris On the nex* plav. Piper intercepted Niemu !■ on Armv’s 3- vard line. Failing to gain, Hutchi.nmi punted to Brady, who made a fine catch on Notre Dame’s 32-yard line. Niemic'.s ) a.Sb to McKinney was good for 19 yards ball on the Pitt 11-yard line. Hagan puntod cut of bounds on the Pitt 43-yard line. Pre.snell failed to gain. Howell lost one yard. A forward Presnell to Bron.son, wa.s incomplete. Presnell dropped back to kick but fumbled. He ran the Pitt left side for seven yard.s, but Pitt took the ball on downs on its 35-yard line. Welch hit center for two yards as the first quarter ended with Pitt in possession of the ball on its 37-yard line. Score: Nebraska. 7; Pitt, 7. SECOND QUARTER. On the first plav of the second E eriod, Hagan swung around Ne- raska’s right end and cut back toward the center of the field ana raced slxty-three yards for the second Pitt touchdown. Booth place- kicked the extra point. Score: Pitt, 14; Nebraska. 7. Booth kicked off to Le6. who returned twelve yards to the Neoras- ka 27-yard line. Pre.snell dove three yards over Pitt’s left tackle. Presnell faUed to gain on a try at the other side of the Pitt line. Presnell’s quick punt rolled to the Pitt 25-yard line. Both plunged out trf bounds for two yards. Hagan Funis 50 Yards. Hagan made another yard on a drive at the Nebra.ska line. Haga.n faked a punt and Booth plunged for three yard.s. Hagan punted fifty yards to Presnell who returned nine yards. It was Nebraska’s ball on its 39-yard line. Howell dove over the Pitt left tackle for three yards. Presnell made one yard on a dive at the Pitt right side. Presnell’s forward pass to Oehlrich was grounded ty Donchess. Pre.snell punted forty- seven yards to Welch w'ho returned and made one yard on the Pitt 20- yard line. Howell made two yards through right side of the Pitt line. Randels was hurt and the Comhuskers took time out. Munn replaced Randels in the Nebra.ska line. I Howell and Presnell. j Pre.snell sw'ung around Pitt’s left end for eight yards and another ! first down on the Pitt U-yard line. | Howell plunged for three yards. Another smash by Howell at Pitt’s center gained six yards. Presnell plunged for a yard and a half, just mi.s.sing first dowm. Howell made it a first down on a dive thfough the center of the line on the Pitt 1- I yard line. How^ell lost a yard on a I dive at the Pitt left side, Howell Plunges Over Line. I Howell then took the ball through center for three yards and a touchdown. Score, Pitt. 21; Nebra.ska. 13. Hagan was injured and the kick for extra point was delayed. McMullen’s place-kick for the extra point was wide .Score: Pitt. 21. Nebraska. 13 Uansa r^laced Hagan in the Pitt backfield. Richards kicked off fifty- five yards to Welch, who returned to the Pitt 27-yard line. Booth tried the left side of the Nebraska line and Ifwst one yard. Uansa swung over Nebraska’s right tackle for two yards. Cutler punted thirty-seven yards and it was Nebraska's ball on Its 36-yard line as the third period ended. ’Score; Pitt. 21; Nebraska. 13. The ball Is in Nebraska’s possession on its owm 36-yard line. FOURTH QUARTER. Pitt’s Ball In Midfield. Presnell plunged for three yards but the play was recalled and Pitt drew a rive vard penalty for offside. Howell hit center for two yards. Presnell made a yard at the right side of the Panther line. Presnell failed to gain on a drive at the line. Presnell’s punt went high In the air and traveled only nine yards. Guarino made a fair catch on Pitt’s 49-yard line. Welch swung around Nebraska’s left end for nine yards. Booth then plunged through center for four yards and a first dowm. On a half play, Uaiusa drovf over Nebraska’s left tackle for one yard. Pitt’s ball on Nebra.ska’s 37-yard line. On another half criss-cross Welch carried the ball around Nebraska’s left end for three vards. Captain Brown replaced Bronson in the Nebra.ska backfield. A forward pass from Uansa to Welch was Intercepted by Captain Brow'n of Nebraska, who earned the ball to the Nebra.ska 42-yard Farley carytng the ball the Corn- 1 PanthprR SBPpd Too buskers were thrown for a one yard ' ' anfflPrs opPPa i tfu loss. -A forward pass from Witte to i Much for Nebraska Brown was incomplete. Brown i ifMUCniui Juggled the ball several times and ' »Cwtlnued from Page One.) was unable to hold the pass. i ing the Panthers brilliant sally on Ia»ng Pas* From Witte to Fariey. | the opening play of the day. A forward pass from Witte to; on the fii ' " Ashburn was good for thirty-three yards. Sloan replaced Howell In the Nebraska backfield. Peaker replaced Brown in'the Nebraska backfield. A forward pained e A, jass from Witte to Farley even yards and another irst down on Pitt's 11-yard line. On a fake pass play Farley hit center for one yard on the Ptft 10- yard line as the game ended. seven vards to Pitt's 27-yard line. Welch faked a punt and feooth hit I P^e. Howell ripped through the Pitt the line for one yard. I for four yards. Presnell'.s quick On a half criss-cross play Hagan i kick rolled thirty-seven yards to the swung over Nebraska’s left tackle | 17-yard line, for another yard. A forward pass, by j Booth made a yard through cent- e next er. Welch dove over Nebraska’s left ards ! tackle for three yards. Cutler fhPii four j punted thirty-five yards to Brown. “ • ' "id period. Halfback Hagan swung around the Cornbusker right wing and theji cleverly cut back toward , the center of the field. His Panther * mates quickly ’ formed a wall of In- | terference and Hagan reeled off a j dazzling run of 63 yards in crossing j the Nebraska goal. | The same 'Welch and Hagan ac- | counted for Pittsburgh’s final .scor- i Final score: Pitt, 21. Nebraska. 13. | ing feat which punctuated the final -------------------------- moments of the first half. With Hagan on the hurline end of a very dazzling ptuss play, Captain Welch snatched the ball out of the ah. evaded a pair of Cornbusker backfield tacklers and sprinted over tlie Nebra.ska goal. Hagan’s flip was for 15 yards and Welc’ 's subsequent run accounted for an additional uO yards. Fullback Booth’s accom- i pltshed toe executed the third .sue- | cessful extra point and the Panth- ; ers were making pace by a point margin of 21 to 7. Apparently trounced by a decisive margin, the Comhuskers came back the f Creighton Downs So. Dakota State OMAHA. Neb., Now. 12—Featured by spectacular broken field running of Quarterback Johnny Scott. Creighton university defeated its traditional gridiron enemy, South Dakota State, 14 to 0, here this afternoon, before a crowd of 5,000. Rombough, Blue fullback, plnuged over for tbe first touchdown after six minutes of play. In the final quarter, after Canlglia had recovered a fumble on the visitors 10- yard line, Beha carried the ball over. Somers kicked both goals. Carter Dennis, substitute end of the Dakotans sustained a dislocated vertebrae of the neck while making a tackle. He will recover, physicians said. Cornell Easy For Dartmouth Eleven (I. N. team I pa Hagan was incomplete. On the play Hagan punted thlrty-.six yards to Presnell. who returned yards. It was Nebraska’s ball on its 39-yard line Br»'nson was injured again and Nebraska took time out. Presnell Pound.» Away. Presnell hit the right side of tl'e Panther line for three jards. Howell made a yarc( In the .same direction but the play was recalled and Ne­ bra.ska drew a five yard penalty for r-ffslde. Presnell swung around Pitt’s left end for six yards where he was forced out of bounds. A forward pas.s by Presnell to Lee went out of bounds and was incomplete. Presnell punted fcrty-nine yards to Welch who returned thirteen yards. It wa.s Pitt’s ball on its 23-yard line. Welch Makes Great Run. who fumbled and Kern recovered the ball on Nebraska's 45-yard line for I’Ht. swung around Ne- br.aska’s right end for eight yards. A Nebraska player was injured on the play and Nebraska took time out. Ashhinn replaced Lnw.son at right end for Nebraska. Booth plunged through the line for seven yaros for a down. The ball is in Pitt’s x^.sscs.'iion on Nebraska’s 30-yard ine. Booth’s Placekirk ShorL Welch hit center for three yard.s. I Booth hit the same hole fcr four I yards. Welch made a yard on an off-tHckle plungo.' Booth stepped back to the 30-yard line for an at- m»°d1 i F»'"" PÌUe-TllÌk“ “kick" w“!; tackle.. íílka.,“khótTSw^d’piaí Rlordan BrUnte I »1 13 I 0 13 Woiif. Hoepke, D*lp <)reanshi«td nicker .... Maltoney ,, Martin ... Peneecton liesko ... I.uugren Roepke ... Wolff .......... HmtnM Scor® bir period» Penn stale 7 « New York 0 7 Tourhdomn* Roepke. Strong, Connor, Point® after touchdown Strong. (placemenUi, Subiiltutlonii New York II Robert® for Strong. Strong for Roberta, Satennt'tn for Myer®. PoUette for Strong, Weiner for Orant, Rarrabee for Rtoroan. Ohertn for mu. A«ton for Oberln, Penn Slate Pln- cura for Lungren, Krall for Oreenahtelds. Miner for Wolff, Dangerfleld for Ptncura. Darragh for Krall. Referee Tom J Thorpe, ColunibU. Umpire E M. Bennt®, Pennsylvant». Lineman R A Oreen, PenniylvanU Field Judge- n. n Dougherty, Washington it Jefferson. DETAIL STORY ARiMV-N. GAME »Continued from Page One.) HUaiy to Hanagan, was good for three yards. However, the Irish attack was stopped and Dahman was forced to punt over the goal. MurreU punted beautifully to the .36-yard line. A moment later Cagle intercepted Rllev'.s pass and rutaied back to the Army’s 39- tard Ime Murrell got »ix yard.s off right tarkle Cagle was stopped on the next play and, after a pass was pounded. Cagle got around the Irish right end for twelve yards. Wilson and MurreU were stopped after a gain of four yard.s. Cagle to Welch lor fifteen yards Xd i Welch ran the remaining distance ivftte reniaieri PrcJlfii^n l^^ to the Nebraska goal making the | w iimmrH third touchdown for Pitt. The total i ,„0 Piti imi ior ihrc” yarL, WTtl'1 HANOVER. N. H.. Nov. 12- S.)—Dartmouth’s big green hung a 53 to 7 defeat on Cornell today In their annual football classic here. Myles Pane and Al Marsters, the green backfield stars ran wild through the Ithaca line. Marsters reeled off a sparkling 90-yard run In the first period when he took a lateral pass from Lane on a kickoff and went through the entire Cornell team for a touchdown. Marsters contributed two othtfr long nms. one for 55 yards and another for 50 yards, to the yardage gained by Dartmouth. Lane, leading scorer In the east, added 23 points to his total today when he scored three touchdown.s and kicked five goals after touchdown. in the second half to outbattle the Panther and invade Pitt's goal for a second touchdown. The same pair of Hiusker dazzlers, Pre.snell and How'ell, who had plunged so success- fuUy In the opening period., slashed off the tackles and pierced the Pitt line In a sustained offensive which ■had as its climax a drive by Howell, who battered his way through center and agaip planted the ball back of the Pitt goal. I'he Panther wiis fagged and w-as , limping during the closing moments | At Hastinf®—iia®unf®. i; York. «. of the struggle and the Huskers sud- i sidn*y—sidnfy. Kimbaii. ». denly launched an aerial drive. Witte. Comhusker sophomore, was sent into the breach to direct the passing and a trio of forward flips, with Lee, Ashburn and Faglev on Hi/chool Jborer 1 At Lineala—Lincoln. Norfolk, 0. At Omalia—Nortb FUtte, A; Ornate * Teeb. 0 At Emeroon—Emer»on, li»». Ponea, A. At Adam*—.Adaiba. 7; »lerltnt, 7. .At Imperial—Imperial, IR; Ogallala, «. At Oerlnjt—fierlnt. 7; Mtlrhell. 6. At »eottabluff—ScotUblaff. 0; Bride«' j»oit. »» At Aahland—I'nKeealty Place, *; Ashland, A. At Benklrman—Curila Agg'.«® 13; Benklc- man. t. At Bioken Bow—Broken Bow. R7; Sargent. U. At t entrai City— Ccntcal City, •; Aurora. 0. At VVakericId—YVakefleld, il; Wa>ne. 7. At l.odgepole—l.odgepole, %t; Oalton. A. At Pawnee City—fecumaeh. IS; Pawnee City. «. At Fawneo City—Pawnee City re»er»es, 6; Tecum®eh reserve®. 0. At Ord—Ord, tl; Burwell. 0. At Hebron—Hebron, 9; BellevUle. Ka®. .6. .At Superior—Superior, 7; Nelson, 7. At Neligh—Nellgh. IS; \Ve*l Point. A. Al St. Paul—St. Paul. 10; Scotia, «. At Bertrand—Bertrand, Holbrook, 7. At Harvard—Harvard, 1«; Clay Center, A. .At Wyroore—Wymore. 7: Auburn. A. .At AlUanee—Alìianee, IR; Cbadron. It. At North Platte—North Platte reserves, 7; Big Springs, A. NAt Red tnoud—Lohanon, Kas., 7: Bed Cloud, A. At Guide Rock—Edgar, 6; fluide Rock, A. At Beatrice—fairbury. A; Beatrice, A. At Crete—Crete, il; Havelock, 0. At .Seward—Seward Academy, 35; Bethany. 0. At Wilber—W'llber, «4; Beatrice reaervea, A. Al Elmwood—Weeping Water, IR; Elmwood, Q. 1 At Schuyler—Stanton, 3.V: Schuyler, 0. : .At Fremont—Omaha North, IR; Frrmont, I A. .. Farley on the receiving end. pressed the Pitt team back to within ten yards of the final chalkllne. Farley followed with a plunge through center and Witte wa.s poised to hurl another pass when the pistol shot checkmated the Comhuskers and pas.xibly cheated them of a third and last toiichdown. Nebraska, Lee .......... Richards Holm .... James .. McMullen Randels Lawson Lineup and Summary. 14— Pos. —put U., ...L.E___ ...L.T....... ...L.O___ ,...C......... ...R.G___ R.T....... R.E.... ... Kern Fox ... Cutler . Roberts Wasmuth . Ouarino Parkinson Welch to .. Hagan Booth Bromon............Q.B.......... Howell .............L.H.......... Presnell R.H......... Oehlrich F, B......... Substitution.x: Pitt — Salata for Wasmuth, Montgomery for Fox, Uansa for Hagan, Qettb for Salata. Demolse for Donchess. Nebra.ska Brown for Bronson. Witte for How- .r-w-. „ I ^^*^7 for Raiidels. Ashburn for OVER HOLDREGE HI Law.son, Bronson for Brown. Witte . for PYresnell, Brown for Bronson. , ppaker for Brown, Farlev for Oehl­ rich, W'hitmore for Holm, Sloan for Howell LEXINGTON WINS LEXINGTON. Neb.. Nov. 12—Lexington defeated Holdrege In football here yesterday, 37 to 0. Lexington goal was never in danger. ■ Mullen Holdrege made only two ' first | Score by periods: downs during the game, both being | pat U, ....................7 14 0 9—21 aided by penalties. Pinkerton of! Nebraska ..................7 0 6 0—13 Lexington ran 65 yards to a touch- I Officials: Referee—Ed Thorpe. De At Gothenburg—Gothenburg, 0; McCowk, 0. At Omaha—South, A; Central, 0. At Omaha—Crcightbn Prep, 20; Cambridge. A. At Crete—Crete rraerve®. It; Havelock re»erv)B«. A. At Callaway—Broken Bow rcacrve®, 19; Callaway reserve®, 0. At Lexington—Lexington, 37; Holdrcga, 0. At Columbu®—Grand Itland, A; Columbu®. A. At Seward—Heward high. A; Aggie high. A. At E -ter—Friend. 7: Exeter, A. At Hemlngford—Hemlngford, 12; Harrl®on. It. .At Ravenna—l«iup Clty^S; Itavenna, A. At Kandalph—Randolph, 30; Bloomfield, A. At Tekamah—Tekamah. .32: Lyon®, 0. At Oakland—Oakland, A; Pender, A. .At Friend—E'riend rexerve®. A; Lxeter reserve®, A. HITN i T r ED BOYS IN FOOTBALL COMPET AT LINCOLN OVAL Touchdowns—Welch 2, Howell 2, Hagan. Extra points—Booth 3, Mc- I Mull Approximately 100 Lincoln boys between the age.» of 10 and 18 competed in the middle western football contest at the Lincoln high oval Saturday morning. Boys in Omaha, Detroit, Chicago and other principal cltie.s were competing at the same time. The Lincoln sector was in charge of Earl Johnson and the boys were j down. North Friday. divided into four groups. The boys whose ages were 10, 11 and 12 comprised the first group; boys 13 and 14 made up the .second group; boys SAFETY MARGIN DOANE VICTORY (Continued from Page One.) back, and wltii but three minutes to go. Pillmore hurled a long flip to Beck to put the ball on tiic Doane eight-yard line. As the rampant Methodists were plunging for what seemed a sure touchdown. Manchester bobbled the pigskin and l>oane recovered as the gun was fired. It was a trick of fate that the fatal fumble was made by Manchester who had been show'- Ine his mates the way throughout the game During each quarter tlie Durhani eleven made threats at the Tiger goal three times the,, attemptcvl placeklcks, two of the tries going straight but low, while the Uilrd fizzled before any kick was made. Any of these kicks would' have turned Uie win to Wesleyan. Fumbles Mar Game. A variety of fumbles marred the contest, which was Homecoming for Daone, and ruined chances for both I teams. During (he first half rc j peated slips lost the ball for Doane whenever the orange and black out- I lit started to function, j Forward pa.sses were in abundance all the time for both teams. The desperate Wesleyan aggregation even d&iTd to hurl successive flips in its own territory Until the last quarter. oDane showed the most proficiency in aerial plaj’. With the bulky Scheer on the heaving end and Spielman domg snagging, Doane made mank long gains via the air It’s rushing attack following the succes-sful were Invariably squelclied by the Wesleyan line. Ttgers Try Early In (he third quarter the Tigers opened up wlUi a rush, and made their most dangerous bid for a touchdown. A 30-yard, Scheer to Spielman put the ball on the 2ft yard line. A ten-yard flip. Scheer to Smith made another first down Line plunge.» by Baldwin Ttas halted by the Durhamltes. and ^heer again pas.sed to Spellman, but the gain did not net first down, and We.sleyan took po.sse.sslon ot the ball In mldfleld the Doane offense featuring slashing off tackle drives by Baldwin .slashed form at Intervals, but was inconsistent, Wesle.van Lack» Punch. In the final quarter We.slcyaii took over the aerial attack with fair success but with the .same dlfflcul- tle.s. After getUng Uie ball in scoring position .the MeUiodlsts were powerless to make further headwav. Outstanding In the Wesleyan line up was Don Manchester, both on the offense and the defense. All the ’Inemen, e.speclally Gass and Bosley, played good games. Baldwin. Swanson. Rezabek, and Saj7derson well for Doane. Read was badly Injured in the first quarter, being replaced by Campbell Mneun and ttummar*. Doan*. 3 Platte plays here next ! LaSalle Institute. Umpire—Fr^k E.i irom 15 to 16 the third group, and gain was .seventy-six y-ctrds. Welch made a brilliant catch of a difficult Score: Pitt, 20; Nebraska, 7. Booth place-kicked extra point. Score: Pitt, 21; l'iebra.*:ka. 7. forward pass to Lee gained thirty yards. Nebraska’.» ball on Pitt’s 47- yard line. Lee was injured by the hard tackle and was replaced by Sprague for Nebraska. Farley re- 3pr «^ebra.-^ka, 7. . nJaced Oehlrich. Whitmore replaced Bronson and | Holm for Nebraska. Witte went in for Howell in the Ne- a te braska backfield. Booth kicked off fifty-two yards to Presnell who returned twenty- two yards to the 30-yard line It was Nebraska’s ball on its 30-yard line Witte slipped m the mud and last two yards at tho right side of the Panther line. A forward, Witte to Lee, was Incomplete. Tlie pas.s wa.s pirrfect but Lee muffed the ball. Witte’s quick punt rolled forty- five yards and It was Pitt’s ball on Its 25-yard line. Welch hit the left side of the Nebraska line for tv?o yard.s. On a half criss-cross play Hagan was downed for a yard loss. Montgomery rerlaccd Fox at left guard for Pitt. A long forward from Hagan to Guarino was grounded by Presnell. Hagan punted forty-.six yards and Presnell returned tw'o yards. Nebraska’s ball ou iU> i 32-vard line. Witte's Punt Partially Blocked. A fonvard pa.s.s, by Witte was Incomplete. Presnell nit the left side of the Panther line for two yards. A forward pass itte ward pass but no receiver was In the complete. W •mpted a for- 'S clear and Witte was thrown for a two yard loss on un attempted end run. A forward pa.«.s from Witte to Sprague was incomplete. Nebra.ska drew a five yard penalty for the second incomplete pass. Witt’s punt rolled thirty-two yards to the Pitt 22-yard line. Getto replaced Salata In the Pitt line. Roberts replaced Fox in the Pitt line. made a yard on a plunge through right tackle. On a half crl.xs-cross Uansa swunif around Nebraska’« left end for four yards. replaced Donches.s at left end lor» Pitt. Welch made a yard through the left .side of the Nebra.ska line. I Cutler punted yards to Brown, wlio was downed in his tracks on the Nebra.ska 35-yard line. Witte dove over Pitt’s left tackle for two yards. On a triple pass wltli COLI.EGE SCORES. (Continued from Page One.) At AtUnta—Gaerfia Tech. 23; L«ui®lana gtatv. 0. At Uall. 1 *—Soutbrrn Methodist®, 41; Baylor, 0 At Grrrnville—Furman, 34; South Carolina. A, At t'Barle*toB—Kentucky, 2.1; V. M. I , A. At Knoxville—Tenne®aee, 7; Vanderfcllt, 7. At Blarksburt—V. F. I., 21; Washlnfton A Lee. A At Richmond—Richmond. 7; Hampton* hydney, «. At Nashville—Vanderbilt frosh, 12; Tennessee frosh, 7. At WIncheater—Georfetown collece, 12; Rentuekv H'csleyan, A. ' At Alhen®—-Georeja. »2; Clemson. A. At Montfomery—^Florida, 1.3; Alabama, R. At Chapelhtll—North Carolina, 37; Davidson, 0. At Virkaburc—VIrflnia, 21; tVashlnfton A 0. At New Orleans—Newanee, 12; Tulane. A At Chattanoeca.—Cbattanoofa, 52; Southern Florida, A. _ At Charleston—Citadel, R; Wofford, 6. .41 Blrminfham—Mtsslaslppl Afgle®, 7; Auburn, 6. OS THi: COAST. At Stanford—Santa Clara, IS; Stanford. «. At liO® Anfelex—Southern California. 30; Colorado. 7. At Berkeley—Washlnftan, A; CaUfornta, At Spokatie—.Montana, A; Gonsafa. 0. FRIDAY »CORES, .4t .4mea—Misaourl, IX; Iowa Slate, A. At 4u®ttn — Tesaa. 41; Kansas Affle®. 7 . At Bethany—Kearney Normal, 13; Cotner rollere, A. At tlrand Island—Haatlnf* eolle|c, 13; Grand Island. 0, At York—.Midland. A; York, A. iTIe). At AUlanee—ChadroB Norm®!. 21; Colorado Teacher® rollexo, A. At Omaha—Nebraska CenUal. tt. Omaha t'niyerslty, A. Eiich, Earlham college. Field Judg*; —M. E. Thompson. Georgetown. Headllnesman—H. Q. Hedges. Dart- mouUi. ADAMS-STERLING ELEVENS IN TIE ADAMS, Neb., Nov. 12 —The Adams high grid eleven battled to a 7 to 7 tie with Sterling at the Adams field Friday. It was an evenly played encounter, both teams getting their scores In the first half. 17 and 18 the last. The events consisted of the forward pass, dropkick, placeklck and punt. AU were recorded for distance and a graduated scale of point scoring made it possible for tne smaller entrants to score as many or more points than the older and larger boys. The points made by the Lincoln boys Saturday morning have not been computed, but will be announced Monday. Winners of both the Lincoln boys and those of other cities will be announced shortly. Po* . L E .., . LT ... v.d”... .no., . RT.... . RE... ..QB ... . L H... . .R H r B Wevleyan--Campbell for Read. Beck for Campbell, Loy for Keltoush Doane - Simon for Saanaon. Official®; Referee Earl Johnaon, Doane Umpire Harry Johntlon, Doane Head- Itneaman - Don Elliott. Nebraska Field judxe Walter Black. Nebraska Score by periods NebrsRka Wesleyan ..............0 0 A ft 0 Doane ................ ... 0 0 3 0 3 Rezabek Swanson .......... Nixon .............. Boon ................... Sanderson ... Smith ................. Baldwin to . Kuzelka .............. Scheer Substitution® Wealeyan 0 Levlc« Boalev .... Stanley ..... C'ee® ... Ralston . • - - - Cass MeConnahe . - ■ PlUmore Mancheatee ... Kellouch Read punt and Witte orward pass but IT’S AN ART to renovate hats. It requires skill and practice that only yeai-s of experience can briiiR Lincoln Hat Works Practical Hatlcr« IU2H O, Over Kinney's, Nebraska faked a then attempted a It was Intomplete, Nebraska drawing a five vard penalty for two Incomplete passes. Witte’s punt was partially blocxed by Parkinson and the punt rolled only ten yards and It \va.s Pitt's ball on the Nebraska 38-yard line. On a half cnss-cross play Welch wa* thrown for a two yard lass. A forward pass, by Welch was intercepted by Captain Brown of Nebraska on the Neebraska 29- yaid line as the half ended. Bcore: Pitt. 21; Nebraska, 7, THIRD QU.kRTER. The Pitt lineup was fhe same as at the Sturt with the exception of Salata at right tackle in place of W.asmuth. The Nebraska lineup was toe same m at the beginning of the game Booth kicked olí lorty yard.s. Bronson relurnmg fifteen yards Nebraska’s ■ 35-yard line. Presnell dove over Pitt - left tackle for two yard.»; On a hali ciisí -cros play Oehlrich plunged for one yard. Fox was injured ou the play and Pitt took time out. Prtsnell’.s punt rolled forty-eight yaros. it was Pitf." ball on Ite 15- yard line. On a half crlts-cross Haran made two vard; pun*,dV Mrih“ whÄ dow™d “ on Rriny's 11-yard line. Hutchison’s ikweal 3ft-yan 3unl 1 line sailed only to Army's McKinney made a pretty leaping catch of Brady's pass lor a 16 vard gain A moment later ted Brady’s paas - ___ e. Another poor punt by Hutchlaon gave Notre Dante the Hutehtsoii intercepted Brady's pass on the 5-yard line. Another mnt by Hutchlaon gave inte the ball on Army’s 27-yard line Brady Immediately passed to McKinney for 13 yards and again lor o yard.** but the game ended be- iore another plav could be started Notre Dame having the ball on the 7-vard line Final score Army. 18. Noire Dame, 0 BELATED RALLY WmFORY.YLE Continued from Page One * times and was over for the touchdown that made victory virtually certain for the Blue Cox again scored the (xunt and wliat had seemed a lo»t cause to the Blue but a dozen minutes before, had been . punt and Hagan drove through for three j;ard.s. Hagan punted thirtv-flve yards, Presnell returning eight yards to Nebraska's 48-yard line KalaU Rusts Through. Nebraska attempted a forward paaa but Kalata broke through and 'dropped Bronson for a 11-yard losa. I Presnell’» quick punt rolled fifty- t nine yards to Pitt s 4-vard line Hagen punted tweniy-eicht vard.t out of bounds. Nebraska'.« bah . j I i P itr 32-yarri line I’re.snell forward pass was incomplete Mow - il plunged for three yard. H-wel! dove through the riKht .side of ih< Panther line for .stx vard;.. HcweU's next dive gained onlv a half yard and Pitt tof>k the ball on downs on its 22-v«rd line V/eUh fried the left sid* of the Nepra.rka , ; line and was thrown for a one yard ’ lOM Kagan pluirged for four vard- A forward pa;»* by Welch wax in Howell Interrepla I'asA. tercepted bv Howell and it w. Rc braska’* bail on Put s 3'f yard line Piesnell reeled oif thrr- v rd, ov.-r Pttf- right latkle IP- cP'd. ve througl center foi »-ix yr. <1 An other plunge by Howell i ,.i ed y:trd: at the sanve iiole and a In t down I »r Nebraska Pi =ncH 'h.iicii _ , • - -wr®. % •• lawn II * »I iWT’UI fcl I 'I ^ = I ir n r j J • Jl If“ transformed into a brilliant victory. ¡ to the ground but regain'd h.i.-’^C’ S. SAMVELS CLOTHES SHOP Little Bldff., nth and O. FREE! FREE» Finest Quality $G.OO BROi’ADED VEST V4ith ovei v TUXEDO Purchased This week Just in (»2 Mpocmlly pur- c’iiafuil T uxpi I dh . Perfect fit for I very man ni/oii from 21 to U). Smartesf, latest, Skinfier »Satin lined. 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