The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1939
Page 3
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SATURDAY. -DECEMBER 16,, 1939 BLYTHEVILLT!; (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS London "Blacked Out" Newspiclurc Mead Says Hitler Alone Is Haled By British BY KOIJKHT 1'. 1WUMAN General .Manager, Acme NfH'spiclurcs NEW YORK, Dec. 15. — Tlir> Britisher has been cooped up loo Jens without seeing German bombs drop on his roof lops, and has do- lermlned-blackoul or no blackout —to get out and enjoy himself Even at Ilic risk of stubbing his toe on a curb or bumping into a neighbor as he hearts for n "pun" or night club through pitch dark streets, Prom Easl London's Barkiii" Road to Piccadilly in the West. End, your average Londoner more and more views this war from the slant of the popular ditty "The little man who wasn't there." In (lie fourth month of the' "war of nerves", Londoners hnve r»- wered from the first chlllm- /car that gripped them with the declaration of war. So under (lie nightly blackouts, and behind the lightly drawn shades, there are laughter, drink and gaiety. "Postage stamp" dnnco floois, which have mushroomed in scores of sedate hotels that hitherto considered themselves antiseptic (o such frills, are symptomatic of the Londoner's reaction to the war-time strain. DANGER MJItKS IN THE DARKNESS Tliis blackout business begins as soon as darkness sets in and lasts until 7:30 in the morning.. And I mean -7:30. I heard of one instance where a man got up to open a bedrcom window at I a. m. ami in no time a policeman was rapping at his hotel room door. lh» offender was fined in court. 1 always liad my vest-pocket flash-light beside the bed, because to turn on a light during blackout hours was an open invitation to police. Even the trains are cloaked in Stygian blackness, You can't see the person sitting across from you in tlie carriage. It's a gamble with death to cror.s a London street. Buses and autos show only one dim light and that is NOT in the center. England'.'; accident rate lias trebled over that. of a' year ago. It is no wonder, then, that the tension ,ot moving through a blacked-out city you once knew as a bright, gay metropolis lias brought a definite reaction in terms of laughter and hilarity in hotels, music ha\ls and night clubs PARIS IS "liLUED OUT" But across the Channel, in traditionally frivolous "Gay Parec," night life has virtually disappeared. One of Paris' most famous night clubs is now a soup kitchen. One of the biggest and most elaborate "abris", or air-raid shelters, Is the made-over cellar of a night spot which "respectable", solid burghers of Paris previously shunned. Now all the neighbois meet there when the "alcrie" sounds, warning of Nazi planes on the way. At ft p. m. everything is clcscd. By midnight the streets arc deserted except for patrols of the- Garde Moble and gendarmes, usually patrolling in pairs. However, Paris is "blued out", not "blacked out". The French capital's, bright lights have been replaced by low-power lamps with conerShapEri reflectors to conceal them from enemy planes. The "ro- Sitlt' is a dim blue light in wliich —especially after Londcn—objects are'distinctly visible. • :./!.. FRENCH MOBILIZATION ""' IS THOROUGH I got my first idea of how completely French manpower is mobilized when I saw only very,, old or very young-men in the streets and in the cafes/\^ How complete ahc! sweeping that mobilization is I learned at first hand when M. Astorq, director French newspicture agency, was general of France Presse, great ray guest at dinner. He was on leave from the front where he is serving with rank of captain. I saw how calloused his hands were. "Where did you get those?" I asked. "Digging trenches", he replied. Here was a man, trained in the business of gathering and dtssem-( innling news material, who, it; seemed to me, would have been for I more useful in the department of' propaganda. I said as much M.I Astorq merely shrugged. I Mass hatred fcr Germany and Above: London "blacked oiif'-cxcenl. for moonlight. siders trying to dictate programs of all soils. Very sincerely yours, ncv. Pan! v. Galloway, Osccoln, Arkansas. December 14, 1030 The Hlytheville Lions Club Blylheville, Arkansas. Dear Gentlemen: As a former Lion at Manila and as n charter member oi the Claven- dcn Club, I want to slick out my neck In some else's business jiisl like you did. I regret that you sent the telegram to, Pine Blulf concerning the vole of your school Superintendent. 1 think that you owe your friend there nn apology. Athletic programs were started to help beys and not to advertise towns nml states. 1 am heartily sorry that the Slirlners are promoting a Sunday game of high Robert p. Dorman, General Manager of Acme NcK'spictures, famous American newspaper photo agency. the German people? I found little of it, cither in London Or Paris. In contrast to the last war, Londoners don't refer to the German as "Boche" and ."im". Sev- Utilily Employes Adopt Retirement Annuity Plan Hill Announces At a meetiiiB of the district, managers of the Arkansas Missouri Power Corporation Thursday at (he Noble Hotel, Mr. Jas. Hill Jr, president of the company, announced adoption of n retirement annuity plan to be underwritten by the Metropolitan Insurance Company, The object of the plnn 6.0. HOPES 1 Other Side Of Picture Of Man Caiul 'ho Mav Be :latc "V ii Kcrvici; Stafl t'urrcsimmloiil , o., ivc. It!,- Ohio's il'uk horse in ll«> 1911.1 iMCildon- tlal nice, who lit) to 'inn linn stnvnl qulc'lly in in..; s i,,||'i; yia- crnatorlul oulc, hiif. been i;ixulnl by Clitlclxill Of his pnllcilW III till! |/!~ hi'f sfiwiUon Inly Inking n sllphl cuiitor Into (lie niUionn! IlitivUghl. Oov. John William Itrii Uer sceius more shm-ro than un>:;t political hlglionips In his mjn'ttleil •iissw- llon that In. "h not a presidential riimlldale." lie hiis no Warwick or Farley or Mfllnle grooming him He has no machine, mid no money bt'liliul him. In fuel he. Is rather a lonely figure under the gay dome of tin; slate ciipilol whose (rout and lop decked with roil and green C'li ••'- ....... P'A'GE-THJHOi vcntlon with Ohio* (tcloaallofi In* sliwtcd for Tnfl, K Is clear, however, (lint HrSck- • would imf refuse a. definite cull lo the liopubllran mvnhinlloi) should Die Tuft cundiducy full .Hut he Insists, mid It seems true, Hint IIP is nol himself lining iip .-. Ik 1 has nctlvc friends In 'oun politics, like Kqiroscn- liruci! Hiirdm, Governor sen of MiniHViolii, ntirt Ucpie- utlvu Joe Martin. Thut thcv walchiiijj him closely there Is m> doubt. Hut us (o actual U)> <>f deloi!ife (i Jiii s )| 0 (, very (:ir. Hrleker's luck of ostenlQllpn t'fi- pf ars <|i)ite imtiirnl and genuine. Sole adornment In his blno-£iT|;o I'ostumi' Is a simple ^PUI ring ami 11 dliimond-set American VenU)(i button presented to him by (lie; ftnnklln county Wur Vutmim 1 Club, ID which |||» governor lie- KKSKNTS HOLD EVERYTHING . By Clyde Lewis *>ir uri-Kfci wnn roil aiul green ^imin^, HUM nus nevi C'luiMimis lights despite the fumed ' 0 '"-' 11 w " n ""•' People who si Brli'ker economy program, '" suen Pl»cos. Vlt:s WITH niWEV, '"I'hey lire Just as ijooil, )OKS llvo J» s ' »s well, and they U i< quiet-spoken, dls- >" sl " s •'-ocinlly conscious (is pco • mini of 4<j. cot:- J" c '" e'He-i." lie says. "Thpse win e\,\ [,, i.i ,. IJlUlUn t'ltv ri>11 of m-fihl/Mviu nn 4 ti<>» Vli:s WITH IUVKV, McNlITT AS LOOKS Dricker Is u linclly handsome servallvoly dressed lu blue serge Ills gray hair banded with white streaks. McNiill and Dewey Ijnll may lock to Ilielr laurels when th face of John Brlckcr becomes » little better known. The blue eyes are honest and look you .ilrnlghl In the face, not without humor. Given a high collar and 40 pounds of extra weight, Brtekcr would, however, have a fnlnt resemblance to Herbert Hoover. He has been kidded about it mure UIIMI once. For (he present Urlcker Is content to defend himself against what he Interprets rather bitterly hope mcnt h to provide n regular niontli- I ployes which gives a brief outline Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following question.?, (lien checking against the authoritative answers j below: 1 l..Is it polite for a young man y ' pral Englishmen told me the only i "'••"." '" i""" 1 -' >«> "young man persons using those expressions in ; Accept a hostess' invitation to •nnnnl.r ,.~K 1 ° "flllCC—and tllCll rCfUSO In .Inlll-n strangely enough, London were, Americans. Ami in Paris, the words of an aged waiter with whom I spoke summed up the French approach to war and the enemy. "We have no hatred for Germany, but we have for Hitler." • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR December 14, 1939 The Blylheville Courier, BlythsvlHc, Arkansas. Dear Sirs: Enclosed 'you will find tile copies of letters I am moiling tortoy. I think that this side needs to lie brought out. I also want you to know lhat I would be much more pronounced against this if it were Osccola involved. I have waited for some to speak but I hear no one. Very sincerely yours, Paul V. Galloway. December 14, 1DM Mr. W. D. McClurkin, Blj'thcvllle, Arkansas. Dear Mr. McClurkin: I want to thank you for your sland you took in regard to Pine BluiT playing a post season game. I am a big football fan but I tliink Hint high school boys can be injured physically, uiorally, and scholaslically by an overdose. I regret that the Blythcville Lions Club stepped out of its place and said what they did concerning your vote. However I hope that you will continue to stand for the development of boys rather than cater to men whose athletic enthusiasm runs off with their intel- Icctualism, We have loo many out- 1APPY UQUR »GRO.& »MKT. FREE DELIVERY 109 W. Main St. Phone IS .. then refuse to dance with any but one girl? 'i- If your weekend hostess asks you not to tip the servant, should you decide that she is only letting you know that it is not necessary, and so go ahead and tip? 3. When a young- mfm lakes a woman lo the theater, does he usually ask her lo have dinner with him? 4. When does Hie man hand his companion her program? 5. Should the person who has a cough atlend a concerl? What would you do if— Yon arc choosing (lie form for your wedding announcements. Would you— fa) Use the phrase "have the honor to announce"? '.!)) Use tlie phrase "Have the honor of announcing"? 'c> Use Hie one word "announce?" Answers 1. No. 2. No. Obey her wishes. 3. Usually. 4. Afler she is seated and he has helped her 5. No. remove her wrap. Best "What Wouttl Yon Do" solution—all three arc correct. Three Youths Join U. S. Armed Forces Three more young men of this section have enlisted In service of the army and navy. Bnford E. Hawkins, of 'Blytheville. lias heen accepted for coast artillery service, and W. R. Can of the plum ... are unsympathetic to the needs of relief. We uii; jjnui. mvu*. lu 1,111; IILUUS 01 renci, wo 'All of us would like to look. st>lcl Cleveland, for Instance, cou'.cl forward lo a comfortable life when fllul tllc money needed in its cincr- onr active working days are over, 'sency, and it did. Our savinus In We would like to feel that our in-'. ni'irmig the state government 61 "•" IJ not be so greatly . olll ° hnw - not come out of relief. isc any real harci-; We llav e "dually spent more for come then would reduced ns lo cans •>•••!'• • old njje pensions, for inslnnce, and "For some lime we have liccn fal schools, while reducing the studying plans which would enable I cost of running the stale by $10,you and the company together to j OUO.OOO ns compared lo lust year's provide satisfactory retirement, -In-Wosls. For one thing, between 3000 come benefits to bo paid lo you |and 4000 fewer people arc working In addition to any oUt-a«e benefits:' for the state, thnn a year [.go, wllli- payable under the Federal Social security Act." Mr. Hill's letter, that: furlher stated 'The basis of the plnn Is simple. You contribute toward a retirement annuity; Hie company makes additional contributions lo assure you a total aiinuill payable for life after retirement much greater than could be secured by your contributions alone. If you remain n .contributor until retirement the total contributions made for you by the company will exceed the totnl contributions you have made. •Your particular attention lied to the fact that iituicr „„ possible circumstances cnn the return on your contribution be less than the tolal amount you have contributed. The average return to those who retire under the plan will Ije several times the amount out materially curtailing services" NO Sl'EEDi' liSCOItTS FOIl lililCKEK Far another thing, there is less rushing about the slnto In high- powered cars with' screaming mplorcop escorts, Drlcker links (lint sort of tiling. He would not even wear a high hat nt his jji- ruiKiirallon. He had told his stute committee that there were to be no elaborate ceremonies. " j Despite this, several of his ! n'd- herents singed ah elaborate nrcjak- fiist, and later the bill 1 wjis broildit to Brlckw-$2200. -'•i our particular attention • ts n bank, borrowed the money, imrti called lo the fact that under no paid the bill hlmselt. Wqen Hits' nn "' M<1 ""• •="""•"- oecame known, within a wegk mo old friends around Ihc ,olty ,'linfi paid $22j djjlyct in a V^J ^jj- they have contributed." The company recognizes the faithful and loyal service older em- ployes have rendered In the past years and therefore plans to purchase additional or supplementary -nullities for this so-called "past irvlce." Tlie plan nlso provides that all contributions made by the employe will be returned to the beneficiary in case of death before retirement. Dell News .iiigllier Born Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Smith, are the parents of an eight pound , —..*,. i,. it. vynn- i nn.; pcti^ikvo ui «ill UlfilH. pOUllu nady of Blythcville-and .Tames W.' daughter named Donna Gall. Mrs. Harris of Holland were accepted Smith was before her marriage for service In HI* n ™,, i - Berr>-, daughter of Mr. L. Beny, of Para- for service In the navy. Read Cciirler News want ads land Mrs. gould. FOR NOMINATION' 1 ' Bricker insist'! nto'n 11 made a move io ! 'get the '[{Itcan nomination, and woii'lv "T!mi sort of tiling takes-mqneyi;foi):'cn thing," ho says,." ; 'aiid I. hfe' mvy." . ,;•'.! AI'.I li.i'Jii'f !.;Vi| He expecls to .go itb'i. We Will Buy Your 1938-39 GOVT. LOAN COTTON A. R. WETENKAMP & CO. 204 W. Ash St., Blytheville Phone 758 . Long Distance !W Just Received 3 CARLOADS OF NEW 1940 CHRYSLERS and PLYMOUTHS Unloaded today and ready for demonstration. Just telephone 111. WANTED —USED CARS OF ALL KINDS IMMEDIATELY T, I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 West Ash SI. settled the note "ia'~liio and sent' it, canceled, to move, bank, Dricker. ., There are no 2 per cent club's doing business in Ohio, and building up a campaign fund. "If I ever hear of any of that around here, I'll slop It very quickly," says tne governor, his normally tow-pitched voice rising. "And" fiirtlicrmote, licoEle"hat«!rfej IbusWtUgl Uljfltj the state today 1 . dV'lt, ^ 'thi/nrLr officials direct. Wc'.vc got' Iwii'llc'.v 'aw, the Culp Dill, under «'htc.i( ,-n couple cf firms have" .a{ready ''•*"•• fined $1200. for o'rfe'ringT.lor'Be Ciovernor Dricker resents It bitterly when Wi-.dly mayors and oilier representatives cojno to the I'OHllnl and make slluliung remarks iilwut "Imyslmkers from do\yn- slnic",llirowlii(r HWJiclics Into HID 'ily relief prolilom. l^or nrfeker WHS born on ft southern phlo farm. He went In one-room country school, ImiKht one year in a township'high sellout it Mt. Hiuillim, and tins never lort who Ktlii live H.-16 corn.m»»T,OFF . they they uro city relief problems on them are unfair, and they do tiinnll service in solving tlie prob!c;ii.i when they come to the capital snouting 'liayshnker.' The sensible wny tp do Is to sit down timt work out the problems across rancor and nn Inble, wllho'it FARM NEWS Although the cotton ncrcagc on i. M. llnlley's -15 acre trace on the Jesse Taylor fnrm In Clcur Luke community i, ns | )ccn 1C(U iced from A) acres in 193-1 to 10 .acres this year, lie doesn't mind since his total production oi cotton has actually Increased from 12 lo 20 b»)C' In spite of the reduction In acres DiiriiiB this six years his yield per acre was more than doubled His acreage am! production by years was ns follows: fu 1934 the 25 acres produced 12 bnlc.v the following year the 25 ncres produced 13 bnles; In 1Q3C only 23 acres produced 14 bnies; in 1037, the 21 acres produced 17 bates; In 1038, the same number of acres produced ID bales and this ycni 10 acres produced 20 bales in discussing how (his happened Mr. Dnlloy explained that the fertility of his farm had become very low due to continuous cropping In cotton and that when he began rotating legumes with his soil depleting crops, collon mid corn, nature did the rest. Hi; planted soybeans In nil his corn and also for hay.' Lespedczn wits'grown for both hay nnd pasture. . Mr. Bailey believes that even though he will receive' uboiit nn ncre-cut In ncrcngc for next y' that his •production will not be ilc- creiisc'J. He also pointed out Hint the. AAA • program -would been worth money to him have even without government payments, not only because his total production mid Increased, but because lie had more iicres to devote, to food jind feed crops, which gave him an opportunity to have a balanced liyp- nt-hoinc and livestock program.' -NOTICE OF SAI.E IN THE CHANCERY COURT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Ohlcknsiuvbd District. A. O. DOUGLASS, Plaintiff, vs. No. 0344. ALEX BAKER, ct al, Defendants Notice Is hereby given Hint the imlersigned, commissioner In Chancery, will, pursuant to the order of the Chancery Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas. Olilckasawba District, rendered on :hc 25th day of September, 1930, n n cause therein pending wherc- A. O. Douglas. 1 ; Is plaintiff and Alex Baker, Pearl Baker, Manila School District No. 15 of Mlssls- —PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. M»Jn * Fim phon* Ml NOTICE To PROPERTY OWNERS In Sewer District No. Three Yon are hereby notified that l!)39 assessments in Sewer District No. Three must be paid by January 1, 1910. Penalties and costs will be added thereafter and will have to be paid. These requirements will be rigidly enforced. He sure and see thata your assessments are paid immediately. Signed Roy E. Nelson Receiver, Sewer District No. Three. A colltu- billion in your soup, .sir? Oil, gbodyl I've been. looklm; 1'nr lint Ml nflM-nrwm 1" looking for Unit all nflcruoonl' pl County, Arkiihsns, Blmily 3rovc School District No. ',)D ot Mississippi County, Arkansas. MII- igan School District No. 8 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, Ultick Water School IMslrict No, G3 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, Rocky School District No. 54 of Mississippi County, Arkimsns, Lux- orn School District No. i of Mississippi County, Arkaiisa.s, Doll School District No. 23 of Mississippi Calmly. Arkansas, and Drink- ley School District No. fl2 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, arc defendants, on Hie Ulh day of January, 1040,' offer for sale ill public niiclloi) at the south door of the Court House In the City of Illyllicvlllc, County of Mississippi. Ohlcknsawbn District, mid Sluto of Arkansas, lo llm hlahcst iind best bidder, tho following Innds and property In the County of Mississippi Ohlcknsawbn District, Slulo o( Arkansas, lo-wll: the Southwest Quarter (SWW) of Northwest Quarter (NVV'/i) and Northeast Quarter (NE'/<) of tlie Northwest Quarter (NWVS) ,.ol Section Eleven (11), Township Fourteen North (H N.) imnije Eight East (8 E.) and containing eighty (BO) acres more or less. Bald sale will bo held between tho hours of nine o'clock hi the loreiiocn flnd three o'clock In the afternoon of tho date aforesaid, unon the following terms, to-wit: oi( n credit of three months. The purchaser at snid sale will IJD required to give bond, with approved security, to secure the payment of the purclmsc price and ft lien will be retained on snld lands further lo secure such purchase, money. Witness my haiul this Ulh day ot December, 1939. HARVEY MOimiS, Commissioner in Chancery. 11-18-20 : REMEMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Mobilgas , Now Managed by Waller Cox, Jr. and R. M. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! <KIT.l1. SATURDAY Cnrlton & Serial "IMiiuitom ' Creeps." •SUN.'& WON. MELVniDGUGUS'JOMII Ncws, RiililiiofT .mi Carl oon. ROXY LAST TIMES TODAY HOME ON PRAIRIE with GENK AliTRY & Smiley Uurnetle Oarlnou & Serial ."Fighting Devil- <iogs."'. ' SUN. & MON. A COLUMBIA P I C T U R 1 with ' Oonrnil Vclilt & Valerie Hobson Fox Neivs & Comedy LISTEN TO KLCN 1I;00 a.m. — 1!J:45 p.m. —ii30 p.m. Phone Hit/, 224 I'bone Roiy 333 Now Located "it 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, ; Proprietor f All Makn of.Rcbuili Typewrtteni, Adding MacUJnei in* Calculators— Repairing—P«rt»—Hlbbpnt ARKANSAS & MISSOURI Farm&SCityl LOANS LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS —LONG TERMS Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in this slate. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark. '

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