Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 15, 1954 · Page 33
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 33

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1954
Page 33
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THURSDAY. APRIL 15. 1954 Make Goodies for Easter ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH By Prw F«w*1 Editor there sre three teaspoons in a JKLLY-BKAN KGGS a-settin' ! tablespoon. If your small-fry in nests ot green cellophane! ' ' Puests are still in the pitfall Heal eggs colored and decorated ' stage. \ve siiRcest you sprinkle • • • - thrir Nog u-ith a few grains of nulmoc bo fore serving. But if your guests are teen-agers, and like. Tn doing so. just remember ( frosting. To make frosting. Mend .1 .... ..„.._ . sifter ronfertioners' sugar uith little orange juice until Matches Season PAGE THIRTY.THRBR plorious shades! Chocolate I'unnies looking deliriously lifelike! Small fry home for the Ka^er holiday — a party as in order. It's time to start thinking about! nav e tlir refreshments you'll serve, j spice. So hnrn's somethins spc< ial. Bunny Biscuits and Kiddie NOR. i;nod to eat and drink, and also nutritious because thesp'recinrs • •all for nonfat dry milk powder. You've probably already di«• rnprrd the virtues of this product, know how handy it is lo keep on your kitchen shelf, and how economical. When ue taste-tested these Runny Biscuits, we had only niie young sriiest and so there v, PIT some left o\er. The np.xt you have a nut me* tfrimler, do pass it and let the youngsters fun of wafting their own Bunny Bfwnif* Ingredients: 2 rtips -sifted flour. "> teaspoons baking powder, u teaspoon saft. U cup nonfat dry ! milk powder. ' •. rup shortening, j c .i cup orange juirc. i Method: Sife together flour, i baking powder salt and nonfat j dry milk powder. Cut in shorten- ! inu \\ith '2 knives nr pastry : blender until n\ixture resembles 1 coarse corn meal. Quickly stir in orange juice. Turn out on lightly floured board and knead gentK morning we split and toasted j about 'i minute. Roll out to '.,'. --nine of the biscuits under -the inrh thickness. Using hunny hroiler and enjoyed Ihem with our coffee. The Kiddie Nog is about the consistency of real egg nog. The amount of sugar its recipe calls for makes it quite sweet, so you can cut the sugar a bit if you a liltle orange juicp until It is of spreading consistency. Makes 24 biscuits. Kldrfle Son Inercdients: 1 cup nonfat dry milk powder. 3 tablespoons supar. 3 cups water. 3 large eggs. \ teaspoon vanilla, dash of salt, nutmpjt. Method: Sprinkle nonfat dry milk powder and sugar over sur- facr of u-atpr in mixing howl. Beat \vith rotary beater until smooth. Add eggs, vanilla and dash of salt: continue to beat until quite frothy. Chill. Serve in muss, if available, sprinklinc surface of NOR \vith nutmeg; or pass nutmeg grinder. Makes S one-half cup (4-ouncct servings. Note: Cinnamon may be uspd instead of nutmeg, if preferred. Put Springtime on Table 'In BOH! of Tasty Salad ler. cut olf biscuits and place on baking sheet. Bake in hot (42.VK) oven 10 to 12 minutes or until golden^brown. Seise hot with butter or margarirtc. Or serve cold and outline ears, eyes and lail with confectioners' sugar . Hnm Sprrnrt (•rind tidbits of leftover rooked ham so that you have a cupful. Mix a tablespoon of prepared horseradish and a quarter teaspoon of dry mustard together; stir well into ground ham. Turn into small serving dish, sprinkle with finely chopped green pepper and serve with whole wheat wafers when the gang comes over. SALAT) BWVLS h r ln)r yon n renl inMe ot the «en-on. rout sprlttR fever, timl nn> packed with vitamin* and mineral*. U ll h Quality You Want Try COLONIAL DAIRY SALAD CREAM It irlVM * new tnug to food* that will thrill the family and CREAMED COTTAGE CHEESE The Versatile Food Both pat-linked in "DurHglns <o preserve that Fla\or and Texture. M Pounds Lean Beef i Medfum-sir.ed Onions 1 Cup of Salad Crenni BEEF STEW WITH SALAD CREAM 'i, Teaspoons of Kitchen Bouquet Cooked carrots and poiatocx to serve 6 Cut bwf into 1-Inch squared. Dip nlr . H t into flour, then saut* In liutlcr or other short- eninir, with two sliced onions, until Brown. Add J'/i cups of water; covpr and rook •lowly for about an hour. Season to taste. Add the sour cream and pour meat and gravy over previously rooked carrots and potatoes and serve. Serves «. QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS BY COLONIAL DAIRY COMPANY ARE A MUST FOR A REAL EXPERIENCE IN GOOD EATING. SEE YOUR^COLONIAL DAIRY DRIVER OR ASK YOUR FAVORITE GROCER FOR COLONIAL DAIRY PRODUCTS, By UAYNOR MADDOX MCA Food and Market* Editor Whrn spritiK fever hits you, get nut the siiliid bowl. Our younger sou, S'j. is like a eo\v. He never gets enough fresh green things to eat. But his health and slnminn i* ama/ing. So it would soem he knows how lo eat for health and vigor. For your vitality-assuring sal- jxiwdercd dry mustnrd. '... tca- spoon pnpiikn, ', tcas|«»on Kt-oimd black prpprr, 1 dovr KHflir, 1 Ir-aspoon niiricr-rt onion. t cup salad or olivn oil. < 4 cup fresh lonion juicf, U cup vinp- gnr. Combine first 7 infjrrdienls nnd let stand lift ni loasl i hour. Hrmovp Rurlir. Add rotnainitiK Beat, wilb A rotary ' ad howl, vise at least three | or plectrii- beater. Servo over Uicrns at a lime. Here are a ! siiUul greens, vegetable or liuil few you will finrl in the market j salads. now : Iseberg lettuce. Boston lettuce. Riob lettuce, romaine, chicory, leaves endive, young spinach Ipfivps, Chinese cabbage, Pascal r-plpry, watercress. Cii-eens are a top source of Vitamin A. Watercress, for example, contains 21.000 International Units per pound. Most greens also contain Vitamin C a no Ihe B complex vitamins, arid all are rich in minerals. An interesting green which sometimes perplexes shoppers is Bibb lettuce. This is a small, fine-flavored butterhead variety, most popular in the middle south, but available now in all major markets. Leaves are rather loosely folded and deep green in color, slightly tinged or spotted with brown. 11. is named for its developer, Jack Bibb, of Frank- tort, Ky. • Dressing Is important. In our house, everyone's favorite is French dressing. It seems to bring out the flavor of the greens, but it doesn't mask French Dressing /(Yield J'i Cups) One teaspoon salt, J ,i teaspoon GOOD FOOD FOR LESS TOMATOES El-Be. Solid, whole .red ripe tomatoes. No. 2 Cans 2-3? CORN El-Be. Fancy, whole kernel yellow. Young and tender. No. 303 Cans 2-35' PEAS El-Be. Fancy, Green Colossal, Tender, delicious sweet peas. No. 303 Cans 2-35' PET MILK 3 r, 38' TELEVISION WEEKEND SPECIAL PINEAPPLE Hawaiian golden slices of field ripened pineapples, in extra heavy syrup. PEACHES El-Be. Fancy California Yellow Cling slices, in extra 'heavy syrup js< 0 . 2 1 ,i Can 34' El-Be. Fancy sweet gherkins. Firm, crisp, In extra heavy syrup. 8-Oi. Jar SWEET PICKLES 22 C MARASCHINO CHERRIES 22 El - Be. Fancy, large, bright red, delicious cherries. 6-O«. ,fnr El-Be. Makes fine cakes, pies and bread. TOMATO JUICE V »S. 25 e SOUP sTJ'sir^r*™ N °°" '2'"33*1 MEAT DEPT. CALLIE HAMS Luer'», ready to eat, fre»hiy »moked, lean, 4 to 6 Ih. avg.. Ih. PORK LOIN ROAST Whole or half in. SLICED BACON Sweet Honv. Ih. cello , BRAUNSCHWEIGER I.tier's 48e 67e 79c 5le ALUMINUM FOIL EGG DYE Whlt * Kabbit ' CRANBERRY SAUCE Ocean Spray — whole or strained. Good with Chicken. 16-Oz. Can 9 ASPARAGUS 26 c El-Be. Fancy, all green cut. Natural color. Very tender. No. 800 Can c Reynolds Wrap. 23-Ft. Koll El-Be. Fancy, rich, smooth, fine flavored. Never separates. 18-Oz. .Tiir SALAD DRESSING 2_5 C CAKE MIX 2 53 C Duncan Hi lies, While. 19-Oz. Pkg... GRAPE JELLY 23 El-Be. Fancy, pure grape juice and sugar. 12-Oz. Glass Campfin Marshmallows Pound U»\^— FUNSTEN PECANS OQ r l-Oz. C»n - -------- C,9lt CRACKERS M r b . Hnr **'» 23c GRAHAM N * b| «°» -L—^..._ RIVAL DOG FOOD 2 MARSHMALLOW CREME Illpollle 16-Oz. 1, HYPOWER PRODUCTS CHILI WITH BEANS 300 can 30e T^MALES 300 can 2lc FAB ,r VEL _ 29c rig, bar Be PALMOLIVE SOAP BATH SIZE Good Until April 17th AJAX CLEANSER, < lie CAT FOOD UPTOWN MARKET Humbert, ALTO*. iOOTCN GENERAL STORE St. w * gt»trr« th* Rightto limit Quaatititf EL-BE FOOD STORK * * BRO K W$$ m COUIOE AVE. MARKET KUSMANOFF'll GPIOCIRY VICARI'f MARKET ISM R. HrAidw«y, Triu- I'Vi-iu-li (Si«rvp» n-8) One-half clove Rnrlip. 3 table- .spoons salnd or oli\-r oil, 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice. • Crush Karlic in bottom of salmi bowl. Then arid salad Rrecus. Sprinkle i oil nnd vinegar over (hi. top. Toss lightly. TomorroM-'M Dinner Patifried liver mid rri.sp bneon, niHshed polotoes, broiled lonuito halves, buttered pens, enriched bieatl, butler or marfiarine, snl- ad bowl (iceberg lettuce, chicory, w«lereressi, French dressing. orange, pineapple and sliawberry cup, sugar cookies, leu, col fee, milk. Here Is Menu Thafs Popular For Easier By CECILY IWOWN.STONK Associated Prc8» Food Kdilor If tradition in your household says you must servo a glorious Easter brunch, here's a menu that takes little work in the kitchen. Serve canned ham and warm thin slices of it In a little butler or margarine in a big skillet. While the ham is warming, scramble a skilletful of eggs; if you have a chafing dish, or one of the new electric skillets, a member of the family will enjoy exhibiting the art of scrambling at the table. See that the coffee is ready—and that it is a fine strong brew. Coffee prices may be high, but after all this is Easter! Now the piece, de resistance lo accompany the ham and eggs. Have fro/en waffles and a toaster right at the table. The waffles go into the toaster to gel hot and crisp. You bring in this good I maple-fruit sauce to ladle over ! them. The sauce lakes no time at [all: Prepare the orange sections and drain the pineapple Ihe nighl [ before— put them together in a covered container and refrigerate. Easier morning jus! heat the maple-blended syrup, then add the fruit and a bit of lemon rind. Delicious, too. Here are the exact directions for the sauce. Maple Fruit HHIMY* Ingredients: 1 cup maple-blended syrup, i,J cup drained canned crushed pineapple, 'i cup diced orange sections, '4 teaspoon grated lemon rind. Method: Heat syrup to boiling. Add pineapple, oranges and lemon rind. Makes 1% cups. Serve warm on heated frozen waffles. If you are planning to serve ham for Kaster dinner itself, we sug. gest a change in this menu. In this '-•use, the brunch might be ready. to-eal cereal with strawberries (fresh or frozen) and cream, soft- cooked eggs and then tho waffleg with the Maple Fruit Sauce. These frozen waffles are good eating. We hadn't tasted them recently; then we spent a weekend at Old Sturbridge village in Massa- fhuselts, where there are many old-time exhibits. After a morning visit to a fascinating collection of antique waffle irons, we camo back to breakfast on (cozen waffles and Wended maple syrup. Naturally we ; were reminded ot how life has^ changed, and how many ready- 1 fixed foods a cook can take advantage of on occasion nowadays. Frozen waffles may be utilized for all those hard-cooked eggs that are going to be around the day after Easter. The pure food colorings your small fry use on the shells won't hurt the insides one bit. Shell and slice the eggs; ladle a cheese iauce over the waffles and arrange the slices of egg over the sauce, sprinkle wiUi paprika or , Winced parsley for color. Of course | you can dice the eggs and heat I them in the sauce, but they'll lose • their shape and won't look to pretty this way. If there's haro left over from Easter, it may be mixed Into a cream sauce aroj spooned over the heated frozen waffles. As we've suggested, you CM heat these frozen waffles in a toaster. But U you are serving a crowd, use the hrpjkr so yw can good nwny a* 000 ton. YOUR GREATEST EXPENSE FOOD BUY IT WISELY" 1-OR KASTKH KN.IOYMKNT HEN TURKEYS .. MOIWKLLX I»R||)K OK RATtt'ft tU.ACKllAWK SMOKED HAMS READY T0 «9lflWr%ILIS riftl?l9 GALA STYLE • l>Ar.KKK\H TOP QDAI.ITY \\IIOLfc MAM READY TO EAT U AMC TENDERIZED nHlfld • • • t , THKY'HK KKK9II! TIIKV'HK FANCY! FRYING CHICKENS . . . tr. S. OOV'T. OttADKI) (1001) OR CHOICE!! — NONE FINER! SIRLOIN and T-BONE STEAKS OUR VKBV MNKST—KXTKA I.ICAN! TIIK 89c KIND!} GROUND BEEF .... TWELVE to FOURTEEN AVERAOH . . . 55c v. s. OOV'T. «KAI>I:I> GOOD OR CHOICES! THEY'RE TOPSJ STA S mo ROAST . . FROM ror GRAOUS OF . ' 49c ROR r ROAST AUSOLUTKLYJIONELESS I ! ECONOMY BEEF Bo * I om SOOPEB SPECIAL! CUBED STEAKS .... 59c IT'S MADK BY ARMOUR! POUND LAYKRS!! SLICED BACON . . OUR FAMOUS ..,1* a. n, nnv . .,.,„ -,„„.„.„ .,„, ..._-_-_^_-^ ?••-* »-M». BOX I IJUIl nuUl'KiH SP1 WIENERS 39c |BOLOGNA BUY 'KM WHOLE!! CANNED HAMS . . . I'ACKKR'S VERY F1NHST!! PULLMAN CANNED HAMS IT'S DRE88KL YOUNG TOO!! lliAtr HOMOGENIZED MILK .X. 33c VITA 1 WHY • . i • • i • . 39c BUY SOW SHANKS . 65c . 39c . l '59c . 29c . tk 59c . . U 39e . l "49c 1 Thin BY THE PIECE! . "290 $6.99 NINK TO TEN.PODNn AVERAGE . . . "89c I HALF GALLONS • • • . 29c Ridiem Your Coupons at Jhlt Low Priei! Rtfulir Be Each, $4,32 Can, Ridum Your Coupon* from tho Mall MILNOT Largt Cant ff-Cun Limit TALL PET Grind Your Own and Savi Flinty!! I 0-Can Limit PREFERRED COFFE TALL CARNATION . . . 12|c You'll Lm It! C NO WONDER \VK 8KLL SO MUCH COITFBE!! ALL VACUUM PACKED KINGXL'T COFFEES I TAJIK PLACK FAR LESS THAN WHOLESALE COSTSI IN ' SAUCE SUNJiHINK OLEO BONNELLI'S SHAGH ETTI KKLLOGG'K J'ACK OK TKN!» VARIETY CEREAL .... 33c CLOVKKLKAF—KRKK! -Iflc, OliuH Shaker with 2 Pki» POWDERED MILK . . 2 69c CUIITISS—VICRY I'RKSII MARSHMALLOWS.... 2';;.- 35c AMKKIGAX HKAIJTV CREAM CORN . . . 9 $1.00 Produce Depf. FIX)Ki»A'S VKIIY KINBST!! FRESH STRAWBERRIES . 19c | TOILET TISSUE.. 20 « 99c . 10 ,'",:. $1.00 Re*. 2BoBaf «w*-n • w w . ««»• CANDY EGGS 2 49c . 8 $1.00 % SWEET PEAS . . . . 7 $1.00 SAC CITY—YOU'LL LOVK IT!! WHOLE KERNEL MISSION BV DEL MONTIS!! SILOAM-.THKY'UK GUAM)!! GREEN DEANS . . . 7 $1.00 IT'S ALL GK1CKN!! PINTS!! 29c FINEST RADISHES or GREEN ONIONS... 2 19c RED or WHITE POTATOES .... 10 25c COBBLER POTATOES ..... ^ $1.69 Bag* You'll Save with Paul!! PAUL F.DAVIS and SONS MOWN Md WASHINGTON Optn rrWiy NI|hU TIM • P.M. OUR IXTWMltr LOW FRiett 00 NOT^WMIT MAIL, PHQNI, PIUVMY OR

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