The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1939
Page 2
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.BLYTHEVILLB, XAIJKJ.CGUJB'IER NJBWS .School Facility Members To Spend Holidays Here, Away Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS Woman's Missionary society, LaKe Street McthodlsJ. church, "meeting 2.30 o'clock at church. 1 Woman's Auxiliary, First Presbyterian church, meeting 2:30 o'clock at church. : Mrs, Max B Reid entertaining executive committee, Woman's Missionary /society, First Methodist church,'2:30 o'clock a,t her homo. Woman's Missionary Union, Fiist ^aptibt church, incetlng 2:30 o'clock at diurch. ' Orrlfi of Easlpin Star having party,- eight - o'clock, at'home oil Mis. R A. Copeland. " TUESDAY'S EVENTS Tuesday Afternoon club meeting •Kith Mrs Renkeit \Vetenkoinp.' Mrs. Elton W. Klrby" liavin? Tuesday Bridge club. Double G ' club meeting /with Miss Sara Jo Little. ' 1 Mrs. John F. Rcinmiller entertaining Tuesday Contract chib! • City Contract club meeting with Mrs. L. 01."Nash.' ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hardaway and Mr. a,nd J.frs. Everett B. Gee entertaining with dance al Country club. ... "".' WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Charles criggcr Jr., entertaining Bi-Monthiy Luncheon club. Town and Country club insetln? with Mrs. O. W.'Mco'utchen. Mrs. Ben W. 1 Harpole entertaining . ADO Bridge club at' Rustic Inn. , ".."-.'' THURSDAY'S EVELVTS .Mrs. Charles''Alfprd entertaining Thursday i Bridge ciutt Double Four Bridge chib meeting with Mrs. Rayn'ioiid Sinitli for one o'clock luiioiieon. ; -Mrs. Ross b. Hug'lics entcvtain- ing Tliiirscjtiy Luncheon club, .Cojilllon club having dance American Legion Hut! " • FLAPPER FANNY By (0. 0. S f^.tll. Bits of News Mostly Personals Mrs. Riiimcy Duncan will, go to Milan, Tenn., tomorrow to spend I Chilslmas willi Jicr sister, i/fts I W. U. Martin. Mrs. Martin, who has been (|iiitc ill, Is now improved Mrs. Duncan will also visit'another sister, Mis. McAdoo, al Troy, Tenn during the two weeks she Is av/ay' Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Bcall and son, Tommy, of Pino Bluff, arrived last ni({l)t to spend the'Christinas holidays here with Mrs. BealHi parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Coolcy ' nnd In Wilson with Mr. Be'all's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. 'J'. Beall nnd relatives. Mrs. Cooley, who has been 111, is improving. 1 'Hnyden Williams, son of the'Hev ( nnd Mrs. E. B. l/Villiams, is'recov- ering from nn appendectomy performed Tuesday at the Blytlicvillc hospital. He will be in the hospital for a few more days yet, Mrs. Marcus Evrard hsjs recovered from a week's Illness of iaryn- at Holel Noble Is Scene . , Of 'Large' Parly Ycslerday ' Tile Bliie'Roiiii r of the' Hotel No,; ble was' the sceiie of another of society's large parties for the wl.i- tcr season yesterday afternoon when Mrs. Cecil Shane, Mrs. B. A. Lynch, Mrs. J. Louis Cherry nno Mrs. ' M. 0. Usrey cnteriaiiieri 8-1 giiests at ii bridge luiiclieoii, . Ainid ' a decqraltv'o background of' red and greih, small tables were afrtiriged for lunch and the brid;e games. Entwined about .columns in»; the .center c'f .the' room was Christmas greenery' with "red berries. Red and- green garlands high? lighted by shining tinsel formed a canopy over \he ' guests. In additlon : Jo the illumination cast by," lamps^at encKjCinbie','" blue lights glowecl frbjn'iV laige silver Christrnas tree; " ''"„'' Christmas '/ "desigris of holly wreaths and tapers' decorated (he covers of the placecard lallies dls^ tributed' by" Miss Patty Shane an:! Miss Afarj- Spain Usrey, daughters of two of the hostesses. .Small ,b:v,is of holly were used as centerpieces for 'the small ' lur tales. A foitt' course turkey lunch v;as served before the games. •In the card' games, Mrs. Carroll Blakeinore received', a crystal v^e for high score prize; second high prize, a pair of crystal hurricane lamps, went .to Mrs. Doyle Henderson; Mrs. J. \V. Adams Jr., won a crj'stal cigarette box arid ash trays for" third high score. The ciit prize which- was awarded to the person holding the dated tally went to Mrs. Ed Williams. .She crystal dinner bell. given, a Out of t OW n guests were Mrs. J. H. Grain, and Mrs. W. P. Wilson of Wilson and Mrs. James Hunt ol Manila. t * » P. E..O. Chapter "(as Annual Tarly The annual patty at which members of Chapter N of the P. E. O Sisterhood .entertain their husbands, was given at the home o Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Haincs last nig-ht when Mrs. Haines and SUMrs. George M. Hun! were host- swtsses. ^'Yoti didn't tell the clerk to lake oft' lite price lags?!" Qce,no, fan. Ypii said you waiiletl 'em wrapped as gifts lock, as official <lclcgate from the under the leadership of Mrs. Ren- jcague. She was elected corrcs-. kcrt Wetenkiimp, who witli Mrs randlng secretary of tlic Arkansas; James V. Oates, Mrs. Ceofge W YouIh Leagues, Others attending t,ho Assembly I'cre: Rebecca Sjicbl, Guy'Rubuii- .tclii, Harry Gogelman, all of Oseola, nnd Rabbi and Mrs. Herman 'ollnck nnrt' S. 'ji«lel. Plans were completed duringTh'e reeling fcr tbe program wlilch onjunction with Ihc ihlii mint- Barhain nnd Mrs. B. .were hostesses for the affair. Bligg, Seventeen members of the faculty of the city schools will remain here for the two weeks' Christina: holidays which opened yesterday wlien school , was dismissed, other faculty members will reiurn to their homes or visit in Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Mlclilgun. Virginia, and other points of Arkansas. Among those who will remain here are: VV. D. McClurkln, Cecil Casildy, tyrs. Farmer Eiigi.-ipd. Miss Luna B. Wilhelm, S. K. Gar- rttt, Miss Mary Emma Hood, Miss i'unslilnp Swift. Mrs. E. E, Har- ijin, Mrs, Eileen F. Clements, Miss Ellzjljclh Habtead, Miss MildreO Woorc, Mrs. Herman Rimer, Mrs. E. K Fry, Mrs. Fred FJeemtui, Miss Mary llubler, Miss Alma Peters, Mrs. O, E, Quellmalsi. Mrs. Joe Craig. Miss Rosn M. Hardy will spend her holidays in Gales, Tenn. To Kmixvllle".will so Mr. and Mrs. freeman Robinson. Miss Dora Cop- pcrtga. will go to Big ilock, Tenn., Mis-s Montii Hughes' to Brighton, Tenn., and Miss Louise Parham to Springhill, Tenn. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner will go' to Newbern, while Nashville will claim Miss Grahlm Mls.s Amy L, Bttllcy will Biiend her vacation in' Bluf«on, Oa., while Mrs. George M. Hunt will go to the same slate lor a visit with her parents at Dccatur. William Heswlck wnr celebrate Christmas at Blue Mountain, Miss., and Lol^ Nasoii will ybi v ' in Darling, Miss ruith Epstick and Slanni) Culchin will go to Kentucky for the holidays. Miss Bqstick will be at Louisville, and M< ; . Cutchln at Murray. To, Detroit, Mich., will go Miss Emily Dale Gray, while M^ss Evil Davis will b,o at Jonesvijle, Va. The other' 12 teachers will go 'to various points of Arkansas. Mitchell Best will go to McCi'ory; Joe'DHdy to Nashville; Charles Morchead, Cpnway; Miss- Irene Morgan, Dewitt; Miss , Elisabeth MoHenry Comvay; Miss Eliic Leo Terrell' Minfreesboro; John Ed James, Jonesboro; Miss Virginia Willidms, Fordyce; Miss Alia Mae Garlington, Scarcy; Miss Mcdrlth Hancock. Conway; 'Miss Mary Outlaw. Rector; Miss Marguerite Silaa Conway. . - • •' - '!' ««•*! |/1 VHVJIl- I How Shall We Escape?" wl.l' the sermon theme. Wednesday, 7:30 p. m., s i ne and Bible study at the church. e most cordially invite the' - • , -?,' ' Strangers in our city especially invited. We'll u-y to mtita you glad you came our way. ' I;U.\0«A METHODIST CHURCH P.. E. I,, iicardeu, Jr., uastpr Church £Chgo i a(/ lc a vm Ml . s „ • -- • - . r --vv« t*v j.v «i, in bue Blown, superintendent them, "i Heard the Bells ' ---".v* i, m; .UUIlb kJJl r!!' £?" ;.PWV Sermon topic: am TI,, Christ Child come Too People's service at six Evening worship «t seven o'clock .".c pastor will discuss "The carols as an Expression of Christian -Inspiration." Soon?" Yoim^. o'clock. Society Osceola Personal Mrs, H. C. Pntton returned last niglit from Hugo, Otjla., where she was called because" of the serious illness nnd death of her mother,' who died Sunday. '. • j Miss Mildred Moore, Miss Mary Helen Moore, Mitchell Best and Joe Dildy arc 'spending today In Memphis. Hugh Nelson Thompson Jr.,-who dancing students of Miss Patty was quite seiipiply Injured by v a /Idklns, which yill have as mcm- chemtcal explosion at school - four tiers' about 2C children and their weeks-ago, is slowly improving and mothers, with two 'children as hds- li-panl/i's New club Dillic Sue Thomas has been elcctcd president of the club ' of is expected to soon be able "to sit up. j Miss Dillic Lcggett. who attends The program was opened with 1 lilc University of Mississippi. Ox- thc shighig of Christmas enrols 1 ford, will arrive this afternoon to led by Mrs. Paul L. Tiplon. Miss I spend the Chiisdna's holidays here ^ tl .« v . v,n,, i,,,, it D uu \vt.-;i> Margaret Shaver then gnve a cut- w " n Ilcr parents, Mr. and Mi's. Cilenda Marie Maxwell, vice-prcsi- (css at each meetin The children will study social usages, how to entertain and receive, formal social correspondence and other related subjects. Elected with Billic Sue were ' was accompanied by Mrs. George M. Lee. Miss Sylvia ,r ? a,y celebraiion of Temple Is-! i^id.n™ ^d Uvo pl^o num- H'l. Leirjue members who will • srticipatc in the program urb 1 W. C. Lcggett. Mrs. Margaret Flanagan has rq- lunicd from St. Louis .and Pnrn- "ipuld ' wiiqre she' visited frieuls for t?n days. ' J. W. Shousc Jr., a student ul ! are sponsors of "the club. Jerry Wiseman, secretary, and Alice Ann Davidson, program chairman. Three older students, Patsy Robinson of Keiser, Marjoric and Betty Ann Edrington, Ann Conway White and Betty of bsrs, "Vulsc" and "Polisli Dauca." | Darlington School for Boys ... „ ,_, v „..„ UV , IK _. „ , , ,- . - , Tlie. refreshment plate carried Rome, Gn., arrived home last night Joe Crosthwa'itc are' hostesses for Riibenstcln and Fcivin Lnpl-, out . tl , 0 seasonm'scheme wilh the to spend the Christmas holidays Ihc first iiicetliie"Frlt(ay iu°ht at <f PI PCD fO n uni-l fr.m\n* _ i 1.1 • , . . . ! ..LjiU - l.E_ 1 _ ' " * .. 'i ' - J ' . ' ' '- • J - P' ' \» • J "*3 llu a, uiul Jack Cooper- .ian of Canitlicrsville, Mo. red. white and green colors being ' with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.. ihe grade school building. , 1s ed for the Wdwiches 'and cake Shonse Sr., and family. The'ShmiV After the meeting refreshments moulded to resemble snowball*. I *es and ' their daughter; Frances f cheuse and corned bocf sainl- . favors wore miniature houses wilii Trcssalyn, motored to Memphis for i cnecse nnci corned iwcf sainl-, favors (idles, potato chips, pickles, sUUI- ! green ;d olives, date loaf and IccA driiiks ;erc served. '.-*** '5gcciul Prugram to lie ''' Auxiliarj- nuts. and red roofs filled Cotillion Club Wakes Cliri.Etmas Dance, V'nns. i} .'.Final plans for, the Christmas with him. Mr. nnd Mrs. Earl S. Koontz of Fulton, Mo., will be Die giirsls of . Mrs. Koouta' mother, Mrs. E. M. Bryan, and family tonight. They .. ........ , ....... ,„, ,..„ „... ______ ,_ A special Christmas program is dance io' be g'lye'ri" Thursday night I Attend Luncheon. I Osceolans attending the bridge luncheon given by Mrs. Edward Segraves in Blytheville at Holel No- jblo on Wednesday in honor oJ •Miss Marion Cromer, whose mar- will 1 'stop "here overnight as ire en-route to'Jacksonville, Pia., icing arranged by Mrs. R. C. Allen by the Cotillion club' at the Aiheri- to spend tile holidays. pr the Woman's Auxiliary of the Presbyterian chufni win : news Monday afternoon til the 'hurch auditorium at 2:30 o'eltv:;. ' Tiie Joy of the. Dorri" is the ayie of the prosrnni which relates he Christmas story in scripture 2nd song. Mrs. William Young and Mrs. Ross StereiLs'will be renders. The scripture and me.-tHation Dndinss will ba interspersccl with ippropriate music including:'a violin duet of "Silent 'Night, Holy Might", antl "Adesle Pidelis" by Joe ft'rard, accordionist, and Mrs. Allen, violinist.; n solo. "Little Town of Bethlehem" by Mrs. Paul L Tipton; a solo. "The Birthday ot il'.e KinB" by Mrs. James A. Over- liolscr. Mrs. P. 1). Joyncr will be organist for the numbers. Tim program will be concluded with prayer by the Rev. James A, Overholser, pastor of tlie church. Mrs. James H. liell and Mrs. Youivj are in charge of the decorations for ;he affair. * • • Local Girls. Attend Lahc Lure Luncheon Four Blytheville girls who attended Lake Lure Camp for Girls at Lake Lure, N. C., and one of the camps' counsellors are in Memphis today for the nnmial l/ike Lure luncheon being held there. Miss Mary Jean Afflick, Miss Betty Phillips. Miss Nancy Supper was served buffet style the dining table decorated In holiday theme with a 'center e of. holly lighted by red tapers Polnsettiaa and vases of red ber- fciitles and Christmas greenery formed ^ a Yuletide background for the arrangement of sum!) tables (it which guests were seated. After supper, the group played parlor gar-ss Milder the dlrectioi of the master of ceremonies, Qeorge M. Hunt, assisted by Farmer England. Mrs. Dixie Crawford was the modern Sarita Olaus who distributed the gl ts. .at the closs of the entertainment. ' ..... » *. . * . Roscnthal Given Honofs at College Harold Rosentl\ai, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. ' Rosenthai, has recently received two honors on the campus of th,e University of Alabama at Tuscaloona, where he is a student. On the basis of "A" grades In advanced French, he was named to the French club, and has also „>..,„, been appointed to the editorial , staff of the Rammer Jammer, col- Woman's Club Has 4^1cge magazine . ' - Christmas ProgrVm' •jffrl * « t — SgVouth can Legion Hut were announced Mrs. Robert Copeland, of Catn- tcdny by member's of Ihe commit-' t^n, and Mrs. E. S. Chiles, of Os- tcc In chnrjc. | ceola, were the luncheon guests Cclle StoUu nnd his orchestra of Mr. and Mrs. Bob' chiles yes- will piny'(or the affair which Is lerday. to be one of the largest dance's Miss Gloria Martin will arrive given by (lie club this year this afternoon from Oxford, Miss., Members may call for their to spend Christinas holidays dnncc prograuis nt'the home of i here with her 'parents, Dr. and Mr. and Mrs. Reiikert" Wetenkamp M^s. S. P. Martin, she is a stu.? Twcsclayi Wednesday or Thursday, dent at the "University of Mis- Jn clmrge of arrnngements for sissippi. Hie dance nrc Mr. and Mrs. Rilcy B. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Wctcn- jiamp and Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Graber. * • * Entertains Group With IlinncT Party Mrs, W. IS. Nally entertained nine womcii with a dinner party at her home last night. Tlie dining table was lighted by red Vajiera in crystal candelabra at each end which reflected in the lights of the miniature Christmas tree in (lie center of the (able. After the chicken dinner was served. Christmas gifls were distributed from the 'Christmas tree. Announces Program For Baptist CantaUi The program for the Christmas Cantata. "The Comlnir of the «my Humps. Miss Nancy Ann Christ", bv Ira B. Wilson, which Hughes, Miss Sarn Lou McCulehcii is to be ' presented by Ihe choir were all campers at the North 1 0 ; the First Bajillsl. church at 1-30 Carolina spot last sumnwr. Mrs. o'clock Sunday night was an- nouncGd today by Mrs. Paul L. Tipton. director." Mrs. Murray Smart is to be organist. A Christmas prelude •'Chrislmas Offertory," E. S. Charles Morehead was a counsellor there. Tlie group was accompanied to Memphis by MIES Bslty Brooks Lsnncs nnd Miss LtnrLlc Tii-'-iT ,,„ -,, ,, ... '"-.-i~*. v*m..nji.i, u. o. iiioniiM. \\ILI onfil uc ts luncheon as Hie program followed by llic pro- Dnroas Class Meets. Mrs. J. T. Ashley and Mrs. C. G. Hires were hostesses to H members of the Dorcas Sunday school class of the First Baptist church nud one visitor yesterday afternoon at the church. The guest was Mrs. Mary Cox, of Memphis, housegucsl of her sister, Mrs, C. P. Tucker, and family. Mrs. Theodore Lojan gave the devotional after which Mrs. Cox offered pr.iycr. The. business session was presided .over by Miss Cordelia \Vilhltc, After Chrislmas gifts had been "Glory to God." Other numbers follow: "Hear Yc". choir,' soprano solo by Mrs. Ruwcll Parr and men's chorns: "Waiting", women's part chorus, contralto solo by Mrs. Roy Head; "Thou Shall Scs Hi soprano and bass Parr and T. din-t by Haynes; "TUc Holy Night", choir; "Tiie Shc.j- hcrd's Watch", women's two-part chorus; "C;ood TidinEs". soprano solo by Mrs. Pjrmer England and choir. ."Babes of Bethlehem", mixed quartet ot Miss Bonnie Jean Buchanan, Mrs. Tiplon, Mr, Havocs R O. Hunt; "Unto Us A Child 'is Mrs. L. L. Ward, who has been with Mr. Ward at the Methodist icspltai in Memphis for the past week, spent inst night here. The condition of Mr. Ward, who un- dErwent a major operation a week ago, is very good- Mrs. Virgil Richardson and son, Blllte Wess, returned to their Home in Torrance, Calif., today after having spent tlje" past three months here with Mrs. Richardson's sister, Mrs. Ployd Sharp, and lyir. Sharp, and her pnrcnls, Mr. and Mrs. Will Perkins, of Gosnell, and other relatives. Lieut. Frances W. Adams, who is stationed at Ca\np Pike at Little Rock, will arrive Friday movnlnj to spend the ciirbtmas holidays here with" his mother. Mrs. J. w. Adams Sr.. and family. Mrs. Parr; "He Loved Us So", contralto solo, Mrs. Harry Frilzius; "Go. Mnkc It Known", choir: "in Perfect Pence", choir, alto solo and obligate by Miss Clco Garner; "The Light Is Come" clioir and soprano pbllg.ito. Mrs. Farr. The Rev! Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the church, will offer llic benediction. For the' postlnde, '"Festival March" by Carl Wilhclin Kerr will be used. At The Hospitals Walls hospital ClitT AlcCorailck, city, adinitlnl. Mrs. R. Yarbrough, city, admitted. Mrs. J. C. Jones. Mavmadiike, dismissed. and he is improving. sirs. J. o. Jolly Is confined to licr room Ihis week. Attend Luncheon in lilytlicvlllc. Those from Qsccola who attended the bridge luncheon given by Mrs. L, c. B. Young at the home of her mother, Mrs. C. S. Stevens, in Biythevillc, on Tuesday'in compliment to Miss Marion Cromer, a brlde-clcct of December, were Mrs. Joe Cromer, mother of the hoiiV oree, Martha Jane Cartwright, Mrs. Edward Segraves, Mrs. John Blnford \VUlte, Mrs* Sain Hodges Jr., and Clementine B.owcn. * ' * • Herbert Sluppen and E. S. Shippen are expected home (lie latter part of the 'week from New Castle, Ky., where 'they'were called on .account ot tlie illness of the former's father, Frank Shippcu. Mr. Shippcu formerly lived in, Osceola and was associated with his brother, E. S. Shippen, in the lumber business at Keiier, but moved back to Kcntucky about six years ago and retired on account of ill health.' ' Tile Rev. Harold B. Tillman and family are expected home' today from a week's visit in Louisville and Wheatley. Ky. The Hev. Mr. Tillman was in ths Southern Baptist Theological Seminary at Louisville, and pastor of the church at Wheatley before coming to Osceola. 'Mrs. D wig hi H. Blackwood, ^'l ^ ^s riage is set for the holidays were kltss Cromer and her: mother,, Mrs „ - ... loe Cromer, Clementine Boweii, Jettie Driver', Mrs. R. S. Wilson Mrs.; D, Fred Taylor, Jr., Mrs. Jr., Mrs. L. W. Walters and Mrs Vaylof Segraves of Hightower, Guy Bryant drove to Kennett, Martha Jane Cartwright, Mrs. j Mo., Wednesday to attend the des- Raymond • Cotner, Miss Catherine sert bridge given at the Kennett Harwell, Mrs! John "Blnford White, Country club by Mrs. Hal Mc- Mrs. George Adams, Mrs. 'Godfrey White, Mrs. G. B! Segraves. * * • Among the Sick. Mrs. J. H Bostick, who has been palient in the "Baptist in .Memphis for two weeks following a major operation, was ab'.e to be broiight home Wednesday. John Thomas Diilard, son of Mr. iind Mrs. Roy Dillard, has been' ™S° and Springfield, III. Mr. So- kept out of school this week on emves was the account of flu. Annie Laurie Frazier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W- H. Frazier of Little River community, who was operated on at tlie Methodist hospital 10 days ago for appendicitis, returned yesterday. C. L. Moore has beeir ill bed for the past week from an attack of flu. He sal up Thufsdny for tlie first time. Delia Shi'pp'en, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Siijppen, is with deep, colds aild cough. ill Haney and her mother, Mrs. Belva Martin. Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter McGarrity of Crawfordsvillc, spent Monday and Tuesday here with their mother, Mrs. W. D. McGarrity, and sister, Mrs. Gilbert Gougli ai)d family. G. B. Segraves will return today from a week's business trip to Chi- SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1U,: 1939.' CHURCH NEWS FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Main at Sixth Oo. >v p iMHerson, minister ^'•*& a. m., Bible school, W. O. jeVfln, Eupei-intendent. 'f^O a. m.. worship, communion «d preaching. "Ourselves and things are created spiritually. Mind, not, matter, ts the creator. Love, the divine Principle, is the Father nnd Mother of the universe, In- eluding jiian." Page 25G ' • A Christian Science program is broadcast next Wednesday (Dec. 20) at 1:45 p.m. over KLCN. I'M,GRIM HITHERAN CJIUBCII II. S. Kleindiciist, pastor Divine service 9:45 a.m. Sunday school, 10:45 a.m. Rehearsal of the Sunday school The Lutheran Hour over"" KLCN at 3:30 p.m. and over WREC at •! p.m. The Young People's society mcec f -> ' p.m. -••••? All- A FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Walnut and Eighth Ilcv.'Alfred Carpenter, pastor Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:40 a.m. Morning worship. AuIhejjis: "One Sweetly Solemn ihought", "Pear Thou Not". Ser- raon—"The Voice of six Angels." fi:30 p.m. Training Union 7:30 p.m. "The oilier Wise 'Man" presented by Intermediate B Y P. U. directed by Miss Minnie Foster. Special music directed by Miss Oleo Garner. Wednesday—All-Church-Nighl 7:00 p.m. Departmental meeting 7:30 p.m. Mid-week service 8:30 p.m. Choir rehearsal. .. . , cordial invitation is extended to all to visit our services. KIHST METHQIU'ST CHURCH Corner Main & 1th E, B. WillJ.'ims, 'pastor Church school 9:45 am S K Garrett, superintendent. ' Morning ivorshij) 10:55 a.m. Services broadcast over KLCN. ' Message by pastor. Evening worship, 7:30 PJII. By the- Junior department of the Church school,, The message will be to the children. 9:00-11:30 each morning the pastor will be in his study to see anyone who wishes to 'counsel with him. !" " Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Bible study —Life of Christ,. Thursday 7:30 p.m. Choir practice. Sunday G:45 p.m. The Young people will meet in their respective departments. LAKE STREET JIKTUODIST CIIUllCH F. M. Sweet, pastor 9:45 a.m. Church school. Iversou Morris, si]|ierint«ndent, 10:45 a.m. Preaching service. 6:30 p.m. Young People's meciing.'i. 7:3q p.m. Christmas Pageant pre- seiiled Ipy the Young People. 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, mid-week prayer service. TEMPLE ISRAEl, Herman I'ollack, Habbi 1:30 p.m. Sunday school classes will meet. 2:30 p.m., Meeting of Sunday school teachers and parents, 3 p.m. Memorial service in honor of the late Sigmund Freud. His last work, "Moses and Monotheism," will be the basis of the ser, mon discussion. There will be no Sunday school and services on Sunday afternoon, pec. 24. A service ushering •m the 40's will be hold on'Sunday [afternoon,, Dec. 31. Tiie public 'is cordially invited to attend the services. guest of former Governor Frank O. Lowden at his Mississippi Farms at, Oregon. 111., returning by Springfield to transact business with Miss Mary and Maud Humphries of that city. Mr. Segraves is attorney for Gov. Lowr den and Miss Humphries. Yarbro News W. !H. S. Blccls Sixteen members o[ the Women's Missionary society of the ,,..-. Lemvood Tnltlaterro, small son Yarbl - 0 Methodist church and two ol Mr. and Mrs. E. L. TalHafei'i-o.< guesU . mel al . |llc , lome of j,,.,. A ; is suffering from- an attack of w Harris Wednesday. Guests were whooping cough. , . I Mrs. O. J. Little and Mrs. Lvn .James H. Lovewell has been ui Nic i 10 | s bed for several days with flu. T , ,,.,„,„ c)) ST. STEPHEN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Matthew A. Curry, rector Evening prayer and sermon, 1:30 p,m. Text, "Love Is the Fulfillment ui the Law." Church school, 10:00 a.m. under supervision of John D. MsDowell. CALVARY EPISCOPAL CfiUUClI O5GEOLA ' Matthew A. Curry, priest-ia-charge Holy communion ' and sermon 11:00 a.m. "• ' Choir practice for the Christmas program Sunday Afternoon, at three o'clock under the direction o[ Miss Lilliaii Patterson and Mrs W \V Presvitt. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES I Its S. Broadway "Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?" is the subject of the Lesson - Sermon which will be read in all Churches and Societies of the Church of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, Dec. 17. The Golden Text is: "All tliy works shall praise thce, O Lord; and thy saints shall bless ihee. They shall speak of the glory of thy kingdom, and talk of thy power." Psalms 145:10, II. Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is the M- lOH-ing from the Bible: "By the word of tlie Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth?' P.salms 33.6 The Lesson-Sermon also includes the following passages from the Christian Science texto.opk, "Scieire and Health with Kev to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy: "All In Memphis, is still confined to his bed at his linme north of town. j. U Williams, seven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Williams of Lvixora. sustained a broken leg In a foil vvlille playing with some| playmates at his home Monday af-i lernoon. The boys arc said to h.avej been wrestling over some candv and one of the toys "threw" him In the tussle. The leg Is in n cast was in charge, of the program and Mrs. W. A. Holingsworth gave the mission study book. Christmas carols were sung. The next meeting' will be a Christmas party Tuesday at the home of Mrs. E. B. Lloyd. Each member is urged to attend the meeting, officers said, as gifts will be exchanged that day. ....... v..,. .uku'v^j 1,1110 iinu uct.ii T) ,, . , —-...*. K, distributed, refreshments were! " c ''° lr ' soprano oblig:\to by TERM I NIX TERMINATES t •••**• v : .TERMITES| >.. BRUCE-MEMPHl served. i At Osceola The Youth" League of Temple Is- ''wei held ils Monthly ''meeting ^Tuesday night, at the home or the Misses Rebecca and Virginia NIcliol in Osceola. . ';. Dyring the business meeting n rcp:>;t was made I5y the 'president, Virginia (flcol, on the. Arkansas'. YouthN Assembly^ ^h'ich .'fcSeV-at^''< tcr^M tioy~25 'nnd 'M "in* Uftlc' Tlie annual • Christinas program of the Woman's club was given' yesterday afternoon at the club for. Christmas Give Her HEALTH'ANh BEAUTY A r course of Swedish Massago; Vnpor Baths and Reducing Treatments. , , >JRS..RyTH.LAWH.QN' •<;> M. MaigarcVs, Beauty. L shop ..- COTTON George If, McFadden & Bm's. Agency I. C. PATIOS, flgent Leader Biiilding Swedish Massage Vapor Baths ^ Reducing Treatments By An Experiepced Masseuse > Mrs. Ruth Lawhon What Massage Will Do For You! Soothes Ihc Ncrvivs Stimulates Diges.lion, Circulation S Klimiu;\tiou Increases Inlcstinal Action Ueduces Overweight Builds'Up yndc Phone 106 Fov Appointment —LOCATED IN— MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optometrist in BJyUievUle. Glasses Fitted Correctl.i FIKST PRESBYTERIAN CIIURCI! .lames A. Overholser, Minister Sunday school" 9:45 a.m. Morning worship 11:00 a.m. Theme, "The Unblemished Church.' Young People's meeting 6:?t) p.m. Evening worship ' 1130 p.m.'Sermon theme, "A Colony of Heaven." Midweek service Wednesday 1:30, P-ni, ' " , 1 iJi Choir practice Wednesday 8:15 p.m., for ty>tli the Adult and the Junior Choir! If yoii are looking for a Church Home, come! We can help you; If you are looking for Church work, come!'You can-help us.-- BAPTIST CHAPEL Lilly Street 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. PILGHIiM TABERNACLE 110 Clierry Street O. W. Doss, pastor ^ 9:45 a.m. Sunday school. Mrs. O. W. Doss, superintendent. ll:i/0 a.m. Worship service 7:15 p.m. P. M. y. P. Meeting. 7:45 p.m. Evangelistic service. 7::30 pin., Wednesday, prayer- service. Head Courier News want atls Try One of Our Delicious HOT PIT BARKECUE SANPWICHES , Ok Hickory Inn Across from High School Blylhcvillc, Ark. Will Buy Your Government Loan Cotton [UfTDmER? "You should sec my husband smile when he puts on a suit that's been dry cle.incil ly llic HI, YTIIEVII, (, B STEAM LA UNITY'S Cleaners. It gives i|iin such ,1 dressed up appearance.'' For Better Laundry and Iky Cleaning

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