The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on October 17, 1924 · Page 29
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 29

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1924
Page 29
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. XEW YORK. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 17. lO.'.. A3 Vision of VanderbiWs Coach and Four Haunts National Horse Show is? m hi n r. joxfs jr. THE SHAI'K of Alfrwl C. V BOrrtalt tiauntrd the National Honw .Show S tfteniay afternoon. This prtral flur of aa ag of awturesqu tharactrrs tni to see on of the last rrtutunts of hi time. vDoa through the years of horse worship there win persist the name of Vanderbilt wherever coaching; is mentioned. And yesterday at the Squadron A Armory the only coach nd four-iQ-haud of the u: show save an exhibi-tioa. Those who remember the days of a decade or more ago still ha e an im-pressioa of VanderNlt driving; hia four famous (rays. la those times it was .uit the thins to have coaching rwcea. And too were races which required a master hand at ths whip, a stout ATLANTA GOLFERS heart and a keen eye. Streaming- down the boulevards, rareeninc around sharp turns, twist-lne through inipoaslbl. alleys snd thundering to th last stop, some times the old Arrow he. d Inn, Yan-derbllt was indeed the most colorful character on the box. o Also ItraiemtM-r His Trips ia LjiclaiKl. BIT not only in America was th name of Vandcrbllt rampant, for some win remember his London to Brightou coaching trips, when be-hlud bis four grays and atop hl eoa'h Valiant he added th tlnal ouch to England's hedge-grows lams. And yesterday there were kindled the glowering embers of hors history. Man thought "of the trsslo fate of Vanderbllt whett the Jutgcr-a.iulHl TuanlQ met a white minster of the sea. This freshening; breath which isused long smoluVrinK ntemoriea to pring into flickering flame was the otto V. Ihmanu roach and four-tn-haud. Drawn by tour splendid srajs and followed by an outrider on a poet horse, th "Tantivy" epun around the ring amid the rippling applause of a record afternoon crowd. Originally it hid been tho plan to have a contest for coaches, bul ihiuann, fur out lit Lake Vlihi. III., was the only one to ship an entry. Therefore the Cliesney Kami . the unly stable to receive tho lurjrt'st approbation of tho show. It. I. Honrs Break luto Winning Ktrtdc, LONG ISLAND exhibitors broko Into a new field of honors when Kins Oxford won the blue In the clsss for yearlings suitable to be-como saddle horses and slso la tne vent for yearlings suitable to be. tome hunt re. The horse is from the Brighthom Farm of Roslyn. In tho same events M1s Ruth Paco scored a yellow snd a red with her, f. Banshee. These ribbon winners wero among the very few Long Island and Brooklyn exhibitors prizes. Another famous trophy went tc n new home yesterday. The John R Townsend Memorial Challenge Cup was won by Little Canada, tho hunter from Frederic H. Bontecou's stable lu l'ort f'hister. N. Y. The mount was ridden by Miss Ivy I. Maddi son in the class for ladles' hunters tn hunt livery. o Stkrest triors IKiwn to D'feat. IN WINNING the cup, Little Canada 1 defeated rlllcrest, ait old tlma fay crite. exhibited by Hiss Sslly Linler and shown by her sister Becky. Last year the John It. Townsend Memorial plate was for the consistent hunter snd Jumper In the show. The silver was taken by Miss Itecky Lanlrr on the dependable Sllrrest. Incidentally, the Lanier hunters ere again morn than prominent at the show. Hllcrest was the best bet ft tho string, but Boiling and Down Kast were also numbered In tho w inners. Among those who still persist in capturing ribbons and tiro Miss Jean Browne Hcott, John ft. Thompson, O. W. Lehman. Mortimer B. Fuller, George Crouch, and Mis Kuth I'sge, Chief among the attractions at the show today will tie tho rl pony classes. In fact, most of the rlar will be given over to the glort-fieatlon of the polo mount. In this division Brooklyn ha threa entries in J. Walter Kopke's Gringo snd Ksscx and Earl T. Munkcnbeck s Lyra. Today should be interesting. HtHMARIES. Eteoinf Awards. ' Clan 1M. rlr of en 1umrra, "' lb. ,-oiirap Fir.', l .p'aln W. tlrk V.n; 'rid. TMM V. C f'avalrv. runs 194, pontes In hsmew. ever IIS ami not over 14.1 haoda Klr.f. Ortn-Cr..t Fir. Ktt'g. ri ... nJ Uwhorii H-llr. Tim., i V. O'lloylr; a.rTttl, Darrlrt-najla, b.m, and Cedar Crrst Sully, b.m., t lar treat r.rm: third, WIM Hony, b m.. snd Wild llr.ther, b.m., Mrs. Juan Jf. Ceballon. Claw 72. trnraa. in harnaa", T-ac and jtrllon claaa Klrat, NaiMott Victor, ch.g.. Mlaa Jran Tlrowna Srott; second. t'lyiii Iris, br.m., John n. Thompson: third. S.h-toa Cyran. a (., Kllle.m t'.rm: fourth. Hl.cmtk, Vm.. Mra. J I. Jyl- rr. I Mt. mldl. nldlma 11! andtr nrt. Denm.rk. ch f . lr RIcH. sra J. Goodman : iMeona. Rnaa kin.. br a., Oe'g t'riefe: third, Ci.tiv. ch Mr.. H. J K"itel:learlh. tslrudw. Mrtitar B. Kller. CIm. 1 . tkro penie. in k.rea wti S ! hiHtr I'm, John R. woad. Mortimer S. faller; thud. J. M'j VSItti t'lu. J7, M r. ef drift hor- in.w worklni vhlcl Klrst. Ajmx Tr km i o. V. a, Mail; ni. $nrield rmu .; th'rd. KmcKerbeckvr Ice c; f.rto. t- 8. Tmcklnt C.rp. fl.M 4. Ainri.-.n-t.rd h.ekMy. Ww. in barney; in. ljr.,r Ckllni 4"-Hr. Prln.-. Nr. ia,1 ll w. Un. m.nn; wco.4, br.a nr. k.m. A. W. Atkineon. km l, l.dle. ti.ntnw nndn k- H. Botiteco.: Mfond. Kliv. ,'f. ir.s-. Vies Sully Lanier. yl'J thoroiitbhred rma r auill hunler-Hrrt, rwn rS , Wlv Hnir; secned. Grt, ... J'"Bi Hr.l, ljt a.iot, br.. ch"! rnc'l h K""r; ,aar- "J. ih i., jllM Ruth E. ran. ladi eric MARVELASTOLLEY OUTDRIVES y A f) in ana AwarK Im Mir. of pni m i,.rn,,. not ejrrtlnt li t .adrir.t. Brluk-ld lxl.,, and Ax hoi ma Venaa, km.. Joha R. Thooipann; second, SunHao and Jhinbeam. k I , Mortimer . 'ullcr. k. aiin claaa for xa.ldl. . , jumper, ann on I Klrst ll.-ru.r. h t. Mortimer R. fuller; a-od. Hed Moon. .tt.m.. W. R Durrea; third. linilcaa. brt. Mrs, Tkarlea K. froci.r; fourth. Urayaton. sr.. J. r. O ' " read team, four-la-toand ..I," i.nmann. lm lis. padd x hnrava . 1 J ! kind., up to c.rryaij !:J undi-rir, t'oraat Echo. br.m. Mnr,i,n.. n fuller; aecend. rnncea. Sonouia. k. cifrort-a C'rearh. I laa. ... horara la k , ... . , ''"listen Hltcher. y.rk ni . n. r-viveater; oorond, H'Hlon Saxon, in, fed.r r-.t rnrm; third. s.aten Prlmrooe. br m , IKnton Farm; ,l" ""'l."" rorireia. ca.c. Muiit' rHr Farm. i la. UK. ouallfled buntara rl.iOn k. IMIrorirat, fi.r frett, gr.g . HImi Mally t..nler; r.end, tlolllng. ch.., MImi A.anir; inini. mnanl. CS ... John Met. Howm.n; fourth. l.tttla I'an.Hu. id Frederic M. Ronteoo. eiaa. .3, three haraeaa horaea evned br on. eihlbltor Flrat, Ml.. Je.n Browne econ: aoronn. jonn n. TSoniPMu; third, Mentpellor Farm. lae. .3. radatera and .naal.tM.nlk. Flrat. Alv.ra.lo, it, John R. Th.mnoon; .econd, Alrlna. clem.. Klllenrn Farm; third, I.ltlla Slat.r. b m., Mr.. A. C. Thompaon; fourth. Dr. licll. br.a.. Hunt. pelter Farm. Lisa. i:i two .add home., on fiddao by a gentleman, and tho other ridden by a laoy rir.i, iteorice etroucn; aecnnd, J. V. u Rorlo: third. Jo K. lavla: fourth Sirs. Richard J. lloodman. rlaaa 11, qualified hunters, th pen tump Flrat, Rally Macphane. r .. Frederic H. Rontecou; aecond. Silver Treat. Ktf, Mlaa ally tjtn-r; third. Llttla Caiiada, b... Frederic II. Bonteceu. Morning Awards. Class !. karkner pony flltle. Flrat, Ced.r Croat tirralne. ch m.. Cedar leat Farm; eecund. liypsy Vue.u. k.lit., Mia ttoeald O. I'a.a. Cla. hackney pony stallion. Flrat. CaaailH Tip Top. br.a.. Cawllla Farrn; ac- ond. - RrookMdo Premier, bp, BroukHjo tarm-i llilr., I,lttl nw,iy. er.a i.laeo Zi, baekn.r eoey st.lllon.Flrnt. Caaalli. Plot. tor, br.a.. Diiwrn. Farm; aecond, Trvlngtnn Arlptocr.t, br,... i, awllla Farm; third, tmin.ton Autner.t. br.p., Ca. alHi Farm: fourth, Hamilton Look In, ch a, Mra. Joaeph S. " ..rises 23, hackney pony mare. Flr.t, Irvln.ton Pounce tit. b.m., C.aplh. Farei: aecond, Kcllpae, blk.m., Mortimer R. Fuller; tlitrd. b.m.. A, W. tkln.on; fourth, tiardcnella, b.m., Cedar lrut t arm. C'saa 30. yearlln.s. aullahto to h-rom saddle horoca Ftrat, Kin. Ilxford hlk t tho Rrlghtbome Farm; oecon.l, H'.hl.n-l lioert,v, ih.t., Mra. ttordon nuaaelt Thayer; third, ilan.hea. b r.. Mlaa Ruta K raae fuiirth. Mlaa 1 hlcf, b.f., .1. Rich P tccr. i laas at. 2 year da, aullahle hecoma annuo noraea rirat. r.ffypiian master, r r Mra. Ciordon Ruooell Thayer; pec.nd Mornln. Slar, h.r.. Mrs. tlordon tluaall Thayer; third, Moon Chief, b.c, J. nirh steers: fourth. My aurprl.e. bun,. Penny Ja'lr Valley Farm. claaa ??. yearllnra. auftahl. to bocoma hnntera Flrat. Kiss Oxford, hlk.g-., tli. Rri.hthome Farm; aecond. R.nphea, b.f. Mlaa Kuth F,. Paie: third, Mia. Chief, k.(. J. Rich Steers. Class 31, I year elds, suitable te become hnnieia Flrat. Moon Chief, h.e., ,f. Ittch Steer's; secoad, heaton liusty itlar, b.i., Sea ton Farm. ' laas 2, bncVney poov atolllons. for the chatnr-lonahlp First. Caaallla filclator. nr.... I'tiwyno rirm: second, irvington Aristocrat, br..., caaaiit. farm. Atlanta. Ga.. Oct. IT Southern SOlf enthusiasts who followed Cyrv I. H. Tolley. British star amateur, in w snatchra her declare thev wit- netued the longest diixmg in the his tory of golf in Atlanta, the home of Booby Jones, national amateur cham pion and former open tnleholdrr. Jenea. aot a short hitter from the e, was con.MMeativ pi. ving the oeid. lie called on hia faithful irons, anu they responded so well that he was almost exactly even in strokes with the British guest, however. At tht Kast ljae course Tol ley's t- shot on No. 1 traveled JSi yards. From the fifth tee he sot a good J yards, snd followed with a brassi. that waa so long and straight lhat he was nicely on the preen in 2. putting for an eagle. f-easoned veterans of the course unhesitatingly gave him a record on the 4a-yard tenth, where his tee hot left him the easiest of pitches to the green. At Imiid Hills on the sixth hole Toller's drive carried fully IDs yard and left him an opea and short pitch to the green. With the line It) feet to the left th ball would have rolled on th green, experts present declared. "I never saw that done before, and never expect to see it again," was th cmmeut of Bobby Jones after the shot. , From a lofty tee on the seventh, the slugger shot for a hidden green, driving th ball ever a pa'ch of trees to a corner of the green, fully "ID yards, with great heicht necessary to insure position short of a total loss. The tee shot on the 440-yard 11th was t yards short of the green. On treat hoi Jones hit one of his best balls of the afternoon, but was 40 yards behind. Tha gallery was sroused to its greatest burst of approval on No. 14. There, with a lipht breese in his face. Tolley drove I' HO yards, virtually every foot of It carry. The record shot of the afternoon came on the lth, Si9 yards, where the drive was 10 yarda from the green. A bit to the left and il would have been on. "It's hard to believe, watching him do it." mid Bobhy Jones, "Seems sort of funny. I'm not exactly n short driver, find 1 was cutting loose with all I had and plaving the odd 40 or &0 yards back of Cyril. I nevet have seen any one who hit the bull as he did in that round. I don't be- liev sny one ever did before." Commercial -Erasmus Game Should Go Long Way Toward Settling School Grid Title a) Heading the lu of scholastic foot- Ail-American FOOTBALL $01! fee SATURDAY'S GREAT FEATURES Empire City Races (VO.NKr.ItS WT. vno The $5,000 New Rodiclie Algonquin Handicap An ttii R otiif conn rm kh rmsr h.ub a r r. m. .SITiCt At. r.CB TRAIN leaves Orrml rentra! Terminal. Hwrlcm Itlvi.ien, at 1 :11 and 1:23 P.M. Itsular train, to Vf, Vcrtion at ahor interval, from 11:115 A.M. to t:..S r.M. AIM re.'-hed via Lexington and .loromo Ave. Subway, or Went Farms Pub-way to Mott Ave., transferrin, to Jerome Ave. Rubway, thonca by trolley from V(K)Dt.AWN Station. . ORAM) BlAJiD, t-ijU, tadtttUag Isi, 1 i rors to play i armkhs. Th" New York Police Department baseball team will play the Farmers at Farmers' Oval, Glendale, to morrow. On Sunday the Farmers meet the McConnell Colored Giants and the All-Hlnrs. Al Mamaux and Otto Miller will b the battery for the All-mars. HAS TWO BASKETBALL TEAMS. The Junior Boys Club of Grace Church. Jamaica, L. I., has two basketball teams ready to meet sll comers in the 93 and 75 pound classes. For games address John Kershaw, director, Grac Memorial House, Jamaica, U T. al nf pi .17 Von curt adjust the Spur Tie. You can tilt it, jiggls it, pull it tighter or fluff it out until it looks more like a hand-tied tic than a hand-tied tie. That's because ot the patented, H-ttviped Inner-form, found only in tailored ties with th genuine rtJ Spur UbtL HEVES ft POTTER Boehns, Maes, Bail-Dog Garter,, Snaparafcni and Beta KICK. ftaj.w3ai) I SWT aajrxsap isithiS CjnOM, PO4T TTPy TO MT rMa TOO rtaVkO. 'twv rem vru-vsr NCT OlSTAMC;. H'kdt t'j the proper t'oj la r- cK'e o drop kirk.' Answred bi' PADDY DRISCOLL Mar and former conch at North. ftewtprn t'nlvrrslty. Now captain and manager of Ji'hli sgo Cardinals. The. ball on a drop kick should strike the ground in an upright position snd a little inclined to the reur. the loe should meet the ball iust hs It bounces from the ground. To drop kick one must take it easy and not try to hit the, ball too hard or distance will b substituted for accu-rncy.. In drop kicking or place kicking the foot should be brought hack only a few feet, but must follow through In a straight line toward the goal. As In all sports, success In thtf phase of football is due to consistent practice. Take a ball out In a vacant lot and make your kicking mechanical. s bill exhibitions oil the program for tomorrow is that between Commer cial snd Krasmus at Orimmercial Field. Albany ave. anuKJJncolu rd. The contest ia billed to get inder way at 2:3 w'clock. Th rival institutions are th leading contenders in the drive for the Manual Ltague plaque, whk h is mbolic of '.lie bor championship. Commercial has chalked up three brilliant victories, while Krasmus has forced tw sturdy comblnationa te bow lo its prowesa. Judging from the strength they displayed oa ach occasion, the gcarlct and Cray and the Bulf and Clue appear to be evenly matched. Both teams will go Into action drilled to th minut for the' hardejat combat of the season. Erasmus credited with having a much better balanced aggregation . than that which captured the much-coveted till last season, while Commercial is a much Improved outfit ia every department of the game. The clo-se students of the sport favor Commercial to gain th verdict. They base their opinion on th outcom of last season's tilt, when an inferior Alban uve. tear only bowed to the Fut- bush steam rolfcer hv the raiint At I to . The Commercial partisans insist thai if th Commercial team of List season was able to stage such a stub born contest against the champions. v.hat will It do with a much fiitooiher functioning all-around bk- rregatton. even allowing for trasmus hsving a team that Is the peer of that of l:i? It Is true that Krss- mua baa no Jonah Goldman to pull it through, but Allie olff: formerly c New Ctrccht. is not far behind the sensation of a rear ago in all-around skill. Should lie Tough Otntot. No matter how the decision goes, the fans can rest assured tliut they are going to se a struggle that will lie keenly contested from the opening whistle to the concluding Open football is sine to be favored, lis that brand of football appeals te noth Coaches Anthony Bove of Commercial snd Bross of Krasmus. If "Nellie" Blel were In th Commercial lineup It would make all the differ-once In th world, as "Horse'' Weiner ould be able to get off many dangerous thrusts of the oval. However. Blel Is now a member of th, F.rasmua team, but it Is hardly likely that he will be eligible to compete t.gainst his former mates. Wolner Is one of the best backfleld players In the clly and he has two able running mates in the buckflcld in Sonny and Barney Cohen. F.raa-mus boasts a buckflcld that Is every bit as rapnhle In Bobby Wlese. Simmons and Kline. The lines of the rivals appear to be of equal proportions, which makes it unsafe to speculate on the possible outcome of the clash. Commercial has beaten Richmond Mill by 14 to . Poly Prep by ' to 0, and Manual. 14 to 0. In Its two fc:irnes, Krasmus disposed of St. John's Prep, 1J to 0. and Brooklyn Tech, 1! to 0. These scores sdd to the difficulty In making a thole. St. John's. Brooklyn Tech and Toly 1'res ar about on a par and there is not a siilfcient margin in tne .core to Indicate which of thd. rivals !s really the strongest. r Irrfcat Will Be CoMl). A defeat either way will play havoc w ith the chances of tho rivals in their endeavors toward the championship. The rivalry is so Intense thnt arrangements have been made lo handle a record crowd nt t'ofn-mercial Field. The advance sale of tickets has been the lsrgest of the season, which plainly illustrates the interest being manifested In the blue ribbon schoolboy event of a busy day. Next on the program in Importance Is the event In which Boys High and Nw L'trecht will plsy on opposite sides of the lino at Hawthorne Field, t ouch Walter Mulier ot tne Red and Black and Coach Tommy Ornce of the Green and While have drilled their charges hard all week in grooming them for the roughest kind of usage. Old tnsn dope picks New Utrecht to win, but football Is so uncertain that Boys Hlsh might turn around and surprise the Ben-annhtirst eleven. Toly Trep has a tough proposition on it-, hands in Brooklyn lecn, wnicn made a great stand before It bowed tn impimia last week. In its only game this scsson the Dyker Heights proteges of Coach Herbert Bonne! bowed to Commercial by th narrow margin of one touchdown. Considering that It. was the opening event of the season against a team that had already played twd games, one with the Alumni before Illeh-mond Hill was encountered, the Court Sport h Most Popular At St. Francis Scholastic Athletics Scheduled Tomorrow Football. Commercial vs. Keastuus. Com. nieecial Field, 2:J p.m. Boys Hull vs. New I'trjcht, Hawthorne Field. I p.m. Adelphi v. McBurney. Adelphi Field. South trsone I'ark. ::3 p.m. pH-raon High vs. r.iverncad. Sag Harbor. U I.. ":. p.rn. Hwsnwtck vs. lesiile. Wallacv Field. 14:t a. ra, Po'y l'r p vs. BrooMyu, Commercial Field. 1 3 a.m. Manual vs. fartis, P. S. A. L. Field, p.m. St. John's Prep vs. Heffl 'v. ft. John's Field. Jamaita is. Ulrhmond Hill, Iiexter latk, 2;3 p.m. Flushing vs. Far Bockaway, Memorial Field, Flushin;. 2 .9 p.m. M. Paul's School vs. lisckley. Tarrytown. N. T.. 2:J p.m. !. Francis Prep vw. Hamilton Institute, Edison Field, t p.m. Brooklyn Kvening High v.. Usrenc, Horn Field, Inwoo.1. U I. Manharset is. Huntmg'on, Huntington, L. 1.. 2:Jv p.m. Frceport vs. tynbrook. Free-port. K I., !;3 p.m. Baldwin va stony Brook, Stony Brook. L. I.. 2:9 p.m. Palchogue vs. Kasthantplon, rstchogue. U I., 2:30 p.m. Port Washington vs. Southampton, Port Washington, 2;3'i p.m. Glen Cove vs. lleinpo'ead, Hempstead. L. I.. 2. 34 p.m. Woodmere Academy vs. River-dale, Woodin ire. L. I., 2:39 p.m. Friends Academy vs. M.vllson Ave. I'resby. Club, Locust 'alley, L. I 2;3 p.m. Cross Country. Second series of P. R. A. I. prellminery meets. Van Cor'.lan jt Park, It a.m. Sort. or. Manual vs. Boys High. Itlchmond Hill va Comni'.icial Krasmus vs. Btishwiek. Flushing vs. Brooklyn Teclu Swimmln:. fieeond series of I. S. A. L. meets, Columbia Tool, 1 p.m, Blue and Gray made a most remark able showing. The team has greatly improved since then and la out to hand Coach Ira Bloom s huskies a little surprise package. This fs another lame that Is bound to bristle with action. The teams employ vastly different tactics and it is a question as to which is the better. The lark of suitable ma-terlal has greatly handicapped Coach nonnei in nia rebuilding procesa this year, but he has gone about his stork uncomplainingly and is get-ting the best out ot his team under the prevailing circumstances. Other Important Games. In the other games Involving! boro schools Manual will try conclusions llh t:urtln High of Staten Island at P. 8. A. I Field, Ave. K and K. 1 7th St.: Adelpht will go against McBurney School of Man. Italian at Adelphi Field. South Ozone Park; Bushwlek will clash with Tex-til, alao of Manhattan, nt Wallace' Field In Bldgewood; St. Joint's Prep will get Into sctlon with Heftley School at a field that hasn't been decided as yet: Si. Francis' Preo will play host to Hamilton Institute, which has Jonah Goldmnn In th lineup, at F.dlson Field, Henry and Lorraine sts while Brooklyn Kve. nlng High will furnish the opposition for Lawrence High at Horn's Field, Inwood, i, I. With.iu: a doubt. hasVeibaU ! the most popular ef th sports fostered by St. Francis College Heretofore the Butler st. institution has been represented by a crackerjaok quintet Manager Walsh has been iueceosful in booking som of the biggest lollege of tile Last. The team will have a hard row to hov.-this soitson. but Coact Fian Bren-nan has prophesied another success ful campaign tor his charges. The th col' eg i eot..rr.encemen. Isst spring took awsy the beet pair j of athletea that ever played for St. Francis. For t!: past four yar.! the nanus of th tw F.ds. Keatln I and Moma. have been identified wiih th- col'ege by all spurt fans These two players have mad the college basket-all team famoua in colleg'ate circle.. It will be a miracle if a pair of studentj capable of equaling thi combination show themselies at St. Francis. The is fortuniM in halns Jim Keney for c-iptain. Kenny ha' played ;ruard for thre years and his worm at that position has been commendable. He generally drawl the hest forward man on th opposing side, but th faster hia opponent is the greater Kenny's Joy in holding him te a ridiculously lo number ef baskets. Three jther n.smbers ef last year a team at back. Jack Crare, Cilit Ray and Muckesy. All three men played consistently good basketball for the varsity last season and Coacn Brennan depends on these men to sustain the reputation of th college on the bssketball floor. Coach Brennan has not yet given the call for first practice, but it ts expected shortly. The ajmmon. will bring forth Garvey.' who for merly played on the prep; McWal-ters. a new college man. who graduated from Iwrenr. and O'Loary ef Bay Shore. Th freshman class has announced that it Is ready o dispute the riglua of the veterans snd reserve men to positions on the team Jawn MrOrmiclc and Driscoll, the nsslstnnt basketball manager, arc-booking a card for the reserve team and hope to get out a good second team to represent the college. Tlu schedule as released follows: i Nov. n, ATumnt. horn.; III. Cathedra nome; ;j, i. ar. T 1,1': P.O. ti Brookljn rely, away; H. rmnmeuth. wa; ?a, Clark, away; it. H.My loi r.imo; jan. i, i.atnaiir.1, .way; 18. Army. ay; i. Manhattan. .a ; !J. Spring HIGH LIGHTS .v SCHOLASTIC SPORTS By JAMES J. MURPHY JOHN EDWARD GAILF.R wasi chosen captain of th I'oly Prep luotball team seslerdav. "Jcs," ; t he is known at Inker Heights. h iV lea a member ef the Blue r?: Gray grid squad fer th past two y.arv He has also been a .:tin'.r of th track team for three yeari. Aside from being an ath:. Gal'er is a member of the Oasis, th honor society of the school, and chairmsn the Inter-fra'ero;! dance est.i- tttee and a member f the inter- raternity council snd the Glee Club ;iiler served s aeting cuptain here being elected and displayed rare skill as a leader. A vast ir.i-ivroienient has beea noticed in II- playing st tai k!e this keawn. He is live wire on the efteneive and a ower of strength on the detcnsne . a JONAH GOLDMAN, who waa ti e outstanding scholastic erldder last seasor with the champiorikhip raainus eleven last fall, has fallen for th lure ef the gime ,'.ui. this eason. He has turned up w:th the aintlten Insritute team of Manhat- an and is going as well as eer. a a AL LF.TH. es-Fi asmian. who has en out of the l"niersitv ef i'enn- rylvania backtleld with Injunea. wis; et into action again en ituriny. . a a MICKF.T ABOVSELMAN. the ggreesive tackle of tne krasmus iothall tem. Is making a strcriig id tor All-Scholastic fame this I. He wns very much on the ,iol t Saturday, recovering three Sold, som.; Kab. 1. Manhattan , hom. ri. r-oenar ray. aw.y; Jl. Sorlngflela Holy renas, sway; March t. i. a..ib, away. Dual X-Country Run Is Captured By Bryant Bryant High School defeated Flushing High in a dual cross country meet held at Flushing yes iflraay. Z4 to 33. Captain Classner of the Flushing t-sm outsprinted Kiemm. captain of ths Bryant, har riera to win oy five yards In th rather slow time of H minutes fo tne JH-mile course. r.very members of both teams to start finished, hit Flushing h-rle veer entered, while 11 Bryant run ners came through. Those to finish were: I'o.. Man. S-hool. iter. Vluahins ........ 1. . num., at , . 'lallo. V'lu.Slng '.'.'.I' a. Uhnwa, Prvant .... . Welaoerg, Ftryant ... . Trlaha, Uninl T. Handly, tlry.nt I. reenra. Flushing .... S. Ann!,, PJrvant 10. Hardy. Bryant 11. Willjmati. Pry.nt ... t:'. Prean, Fltiahlng 13. Tricon, Brcant .... U. Schnlte. Fltiahlng ... 1. Hutidberg, Prant ... M. Hlller. Kluahlng 17. nouerni.n, Kluahir.i fumbles that htlp-d th Buff ard B.ue conquer Brook ra TC-.. Auouselman was ongmallv a back- held player, but he waa shifted t. the line Uet season ard mad. good ia his new berth, troin t.l Stan. WAL.LY CHANDLER, former '-moua gn.ider of Erasmus, who aal striving for greater preallg In t' a 'ptgkktn game witi Rutgers, as bope-tul ef getting tck tn th lineup lo-irmrrew. Wally injured his rtgki ttheu.iier s;ain during a seriniuiag the earlv part of the week. Th injured niemtr haa been glMng him trouble all week. OGDK.N EDWARDS, cracli erosc country runner of Poly Trep, aaa appointed manager of th erosse team of that institution yesterday. Edwards, who is also a. member of th Blue and Grav swimming team, is serving' on th inter'raternily dam committee a"t la affiliated with Beta 11. a a . LESTER 11 -FF.ENCHT HANF. formerly of Erasmus, who ts no starring with th Rutgers varsity football team, has been elected rep-regents' Ive of the sophomore class to the Hutrjcrs Athletic Association Hanf. together with Ted Clara and Harry Lorenr.. will serve on th com. iiilttee throughout the year. Additional Sporting; News On Following Pag Tim. . ,t; oo .17:01 :; ..IT:'iJ ..1!:4 ..17:0; ..17:) ..17:07 ,.lT:0v ..I7:l .. 17:1H ..17:11 ..17:12 ..17:13 ..17:14 ..17:1. ..11:14 SALE EXTRAOUfDIUARYfl THETEMER50N SHOE hoaost aQ tWjrbo-rw. tluced for tbr first time in our Imtorjr. BecaaM of DMlrartrd ttuoa ALL our cgtormous stock mutt bm sacrificed. Men and boy,' here ia your chainc to ffet remarkable Mvlngs in fall and winter footwear AT THE START OF THE SEASON. UNEQUALLED vAL,uuipote the real leather, the tylei, 'ne workmanship WIDE ASSORTMENT! -high shoe and snappy fall oxfords all suet B0 different stylet. GEN. 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