Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 15, 1954 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1954
Page 30
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THIRTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Try These Cheese Recipes for Hurried Cooks THURSDAY, APRfL 15, 1954 Mrr f>r shrimp. Mumrrml nnd 1 tablespoon .«a)t, 3 qunrts boilint? \vatrr, 8 minrc« (2 fup<ii rlbovv mpraroni. 'i nip Inittor or rnaigHiinr. 2 <up« 'about. '» pxiiinHi triMlor) pir>rrs H rhr-rirfar »-hpr«r. 2 lo 4 tfitil sjioom finrly RialH onion (pulp nnri juicn, salt and pfppf-r, pimirntosiiiffrrl olivr* (jf r|p. sirrrl. i Mrlhorl: Add t tflblfspoon snlf (o rapidly boiling wal/v; gradually add manironi so that \valrr rnn- tiniifs to hnil. Cm k twovpff-d. stirring nrr;iMoti;ill. . until ton drr. iJriiin in rnl.'iiid r. \\HS|I nnd rlrf (inn in «lm-li i inramiii \uis rooki'il; return inn •m-nni In il. Add Imliri. rliri-sp. onion, nnd Slllt nnd pi'|>|»T In Ijislr. Pl;i nvrr I'm In-ill ;iud Mir linlil hiillrr nnd rlirosp nirll. Oarmsh with slirrrj shiffprf olive* if desired. Serve fit onre. Make* 4 pcpper, i. Ingredients: i, mp \vater. Vi flip nonfat dry milk powder. '« i teaspoon salt. '« teaxpoon paprika, dash of fayenne ':.• teaspoon dry pound urBlrd piwe.wrt chi'esp. 1'j nips rooked vegetables or sraforxl or 4 hard-cooked sliced Method: Pour water into top of double boiler. Mix nonfat dry mlik powder, salt, paprika, cayenne and mustard; sprinkle over surface of «ator. Brat with rotary beater until blended. Add Ptieese. Cook ovpr hot water, stirring eon- stflntly, until Pneesp melt* and mi.rlure is smooth. If vegetables of seafood are uwd. add and heal thormiRhly. If eggs are used, spoon cheese satire over toast points and garnish with sliced PRRS. Serve at once. Makes 4 servings. A solution of hnt water and vinegar or ammonia is fine for rleanfnjj vases. DRESSEL-YOUNG DAIRY GRADE A HOMOGENIZED MILK HOW TO MAKE THE EASTER EGO PA VOWS: LRXTl3Ff QtllCKfR ~ STnraronl anil rJ.cese which rnn Iw made tnd served In the. same .inm-epun. SPRAY 2s 3? Itre "decomtfofn" e«»t only a, few rwnt« at any variety »tAre~flAw-i>f dpcals, shreddH crllnphsne, and paper tmkfnit cops. Stfek fhci dpcah on hnrd- efts. Pnt 3 cnp* for e««-h flower pot; ne.<it th* PKIH In cellophane. C A.G. Brand 2 -17 35' SALAD DRESSING -23 1 FRUIT COCKTAIL ... --•• A.G. Brand CHEESK KAItltIT — It's nutrilloiiH lor a nu-HllcsH nii> n l. B.r CECILY BROWNSTONK Assoclnlcd 1'rnnn Fooil Editor Ever feel there's something comforting about a familiar rrc- ijjc? It's a relief to cook a dish you are sure your family will like. To use a method of preparation you can't go wrong on? You love the idea of relaxing in tiie kitchen, but you still want 1o get compliments at the lunch or supper table? Here are two recipes for rooks with a yen to take it easy lor H change. Bolh of them are simple new versions of favorite old dishes. Both feature cheese and are fine for Lent. The new version of Macaroni P.i id Cheese is mml<> one-lwo- three in a sauscpan. If you serve it ns a luncheon dish, follow It with a fruit salad. At. this time of year a combination ol apple, grapefruit sections (fresh or canned), pineapple chunks (fresh or frozen) and banana is just rifihf. Garnish the salad with your family's lavorile dressing. Our Cheese Rabbit packs in i xlrti nutrition with nonlal dry milk. You c;m mid almost any ItiitiK on hand to the cheese sauce, once it's made: lello\er cuoked vegetables, slices ol ha id-cooked CK 3 ILNOT 19 C LARGE CANS WITH IQc MAILED COUPON A.G. or Del Monte Sliced PINEAPPLE A.G. in Heavy Syrup No, I Can 1? PEACHES..., •-..." 31' TOMATO JUICE 12? A.G. Sweet Potatoes N - 2 25 C -tur KIM TUNA J can 35e WESSON OIL pint 39c SPRY 3 lb$. 85c RY KRISP 8^.01, pk £ ,23c (ireen (Hunt PEAS No. 303 can 20c SWEET PICKLES pint 37c Koshnr— Sour— Dill PICKLES 24-oz, jar 33c BROWN SUGAR, 2 Mb. ctns 25c nio pint 25c HIPOLITE HETSCHY on RIDGE Son Kldne VKKK OF.UVKKV I'mm™ 3-Blfi-l—S-mi'JB U AMC Mii.vrosK-— UciKly-to-eiit l.h. fi^ nmiTi^ . , . .\vhoii-. u to in it,. HVJJ... QIC FRYERS - FRESH DRESSED.,.... 49c 1 ' l ' <>sh PORK BUTT ROAST • • • l.h 55c \ r KAJ. U)I.V CLTIJCTS M,. MlKIUOtl IMlK g|| I'OMK SAirsAtiK...' OSfC Dn-ssed I a In Jllh. TTKKKV 1IKNS..I.I,. 65c CHUCK POT ROAST .... ,,,43 C ton Cooked PICNIC HAMS 4 ir S 3' GROUND BEEF . . .3Sc ,','; 3 „, 98c Baking or Sl««wiiifr mf HKNS .......... U) . 40C BOLOG.NA Lh. 49C Tlifltl.NGHR ].|, 49 C JACK SA1.MOX COD or SOI.H Ull MILK-ECCO Homogenized.. ICECREAM ---- .TSl.^Me COTTAGE CHEESE, Creamed.." 1 9c CHOCOLATE EASTER EGGS ^ 25c HEINZ 57 SPECIALS Ovi-ii 1 ()-()/., BAKED BEANS I6c 1-I-()•/.. Tiininln KETCHUP , . 26c Ifi-O/., (nil MACARONI * I5c Ilt-Oi.. C'HII SPAGHETTI < I5c (illlss .lill's Baby Food 3 • 33c Miir-ihiiinllnu > CAMPFIRE |.|b, ctn. 33c Sullincs Flavor-Kist Mb, etn. 25c (i I'M Illl HIS NABISCO l-lb. etn, 33e \\'nip REYNOLDS 25-ft, roll 2Tc A. (i. l-'ri-sh Con M try EGGS FRESH CALIF. Asparagi Florida Large CELERY U. S. No. l~Siie A Ib. ic . . 2 29c •HE*" POTMOES . . . 5-29« 4 in Ctn. 25c Red Ripe TOMATOES . Golden Ripe BANANAS . . . 2 29c U. S. No. 1 Idaho Russet POTATOES... 10 47c Luer's or Moyrose iFuly Cooked) HAMS ^i > IJ). CBH spnv Ubby o - OOC - , GliKKN UMAS-.Cun I \ C | O IUC Uirge FHUIT M C COCKTA11 ...... CHI, >I3C CHAMJKKKV OltKKX BKAXS. -Can IOC iTOMATOKS. | A CHII I9C n - , t ,•,!„» 0 I C 3 J .11 r KC C H iik | A \Vith JOi- Coupon.... I9C MILNOT . . . A.6. PEACHES SLICED FLAT PINEAPPLE ';,""• |7 C MIRACLE-WHIP ...... ;;, 55 APPLE8AUCE-A.C ..... 2~ 45c '«,;; 3 | e J'row-n OHAKUK WICK . 2 *B. for 30C MHGK A |ft- lt:iA.UY 4 fur 190 C'OKN • J'k*. 2le SOLID, RIPE BANANAS ... 2»-29e FANCY WINESAP APPLES,, 3 39c FANCY CALIF. ASPARAGUS.. n 23c Luer's Ready To Eat PICNIC HAMS .... 48c Luer's U. S. Good SIRLOIN STEAK... 65c Luer's Bulk Cello Roll PORK SAUSAGE . . 49c Luer's Small Links PORK SAUSAGE... 69c Luer's Olde Position MEAT LOAF.... 59c Semi-Boneless Pork. BUTT ROAST ... 55c Moyrose "Standing" BEEF RIB ROAST ..... 59' Moyrose '•'- ..... SLICED BACON ....... 79 FRESH DRESSED FRYERS FOOD MKT. MMKtT i OHOCERt j MIRKCT LUER'S OR SWIFT'S PREMIUM FULLY COOKED H ^l • • ^ft Full 3honk AMS. SHANK HALF . . . Sniff* I'rcmliim HfinelPss Sprine * LAMB ROLLS . . . JJgcy BjM.vlle u_hfl« ftrnillnir-l- r.vinn n r RoastlnR TURKEYS . . . i SHRIMP .... SPA Sparkle l-'tincv CAT FISH FILLETS Kmft's LiirRp Kvc ,\ntilr»I SWISS CHEESE . . KrufCs "l>liilinlfl|ibia Rrnnd'* CREAM CHEESE . Tom Boy S|»rcn<linjr MARGARINE 2 47c PLEBTT OF LtRGE WHITE EGOS »T MtRKET PRICE ... 59c 59c 79c 39c ' 41c 2 29c For An Outstanding EASTER BREAKFAST LUER'S KINB'S-X OR ORIOLC SLICED BACON Brookfield Baby Link PORK SAUSAGE CHOICE LB 69 Here's a specie/ treat for the kiddies at Easier Time/ HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE MINIATURE CANDY BARS or HERSHEY KISSES..- CRANBERRY SAUCE—It's delicious served with ham O ^ , L\ OCEAN SPRAY "19 23 PINEAPPLE....... 21 29 FOR HEAVENLY HAM-Ask lor free recipe and bake it in REYNOLDS WRAP HARTEX SLICED-See the recipe at left for delicious salad WHITE • YELLOW • DEVIL FOOD • SPICE BETTY CROCKER SUMMER CAMP COHTEST « f f.r Com* yo ur Irtt'Y Baker $ Coconut 2 Clint. 35c Fresh VEGETABLES To Complete the Easter Menu Fresh BROCCOLI . • • 19 ( Firm, Ripe TOMATOES c ' rt -2r Pascal CELERY 2- 19' SWEET POTATOES 3 29 It'* l)olli>ioii»— !('» \ e \v Donald Duck Tomato Juice 46-Oz. QE Can Z3C An outstanding value The Whole Family Drink. Seven-UP Soda 6 Bottle Carton (plu» holtle deposit) Frozen Foods BIRDS EYE STRAWBERRIES 33' Sliced, nugared hnrriei picked at the peak of delicious flavor ..... Delicious Field Freth BIRDSE1TE FROZEN SPINACH.... - 19c H*rbki Mirkd C. Will.n Mirktl fehiti Mirktl Jinrn't Mirktt Mirkol B»li> j Btli Mirk»t 1.0. H»«r Mirktt P.iri Mtrkd

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