Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 21, 1957 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1957
Page 8
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FKOSTIH IHi-KFYSER And Tri-Sttitv Arvti (8) Evening times, Tuesday, May 21, 1957 Receipts From Piedmont Tax Levy Effective July 1 Nijn Elected To Office In Library Unit PIEDMONT — Receipts from taxes of the special levy which the citizens of Piedmont endorsee heavily at Ihe biennial election KEYSEH-Sister M. Dapiista, principal of St. Frances School, was recently elected secretary-, treasurer of (lie Richmond Dio-j ccsan Unit, Catholic Library Association 13 will become effective I, Donald C. ilott, Keyser, May July ..._.. ,„., attorney for the town, 'informed Mayor Rodney Baker qnd Council las! evening. Hott stated they would receive (heir first check in October from the sheriff's office, of which one third of the amount will be from !lie taxation of the special levy. However, " ' group, . w .,^,., duced Anthony Chavez, guidance couns " Falls Peggy According to stat'e law, it will i iiutminy i_navcz, guidance' ••"•"""•B iu .^imc iaw, 11 win sellor at St. Anthony's School j 1 " 5 "wcssary for the conlraclor Church, Va., and Missi vvho W1 " !ay the waler line to y Sullivan, author of "The d . e P° sil a homl with the town. tnatJf" __J )."«"_ • , ..' TIlP Slllrtltnt it (An nor faitt «/ fl.« O'Donnells" and librarian at the Pratt Library jn Balli- . Mother Immaculate, RSI!M. of The amount is ten per cent of the bid. Holt also stressed the importance of the town securing a writ. Aiotner Immaculate RSI!M of .->«.-unng a ivrit- Marymount. Arlington, is the new agreement from property chairman for the cumin* vo,r ownei ' s «Mre the pipe line chairman for the Serving with Iier, Si c coming year. crosses their property line. There Church Class Holds Dinner At Frostburg KROSTBURG-Viclory Class of First English Baptist Church held its annual molher-daughier dinner in (he lower auditorium of the church." Miss Agnes Ilowat, who vacationed jn England and Wales with several friends last summer, entertained the group with movies taken on the trip. Games were played and winners included Mrs. Lillian liichardson. Mr-. Eva Me- Farland and Mrs. Earl Richard- icn. Others present were Mesdames Nellie Eisel, Sara Snelson, Martha Hosken, Patricia Thomas, Eileen Thomas, Mern Stewart, Marlha Settle, Jean Stevenson Kay Ward. Viola Clianey, Vivian Snelson, Marion Geary, Bella Gunter, Edith Ptummer, Joscph- ne Jones, Peggy Fuller, Jenny j'uller, Ruth Moulden, Jewell Mc- ?artaiKl. Rae Pugh and Sally Blank and Misses Claudia Jones, Barbara Thomas, Margaret Price and Delia Hoffman. Program Held POETRY CONTEST VICTORS-Winners of the poetry contest sponsored by Frostburg-c;eor«es Creek chapter of .Ihe AAlW and directed "by the Education Study. Group are shown receiving award checks from Miss Gerlmde A. C. Vulhams, president, in ceremonies held at lo righl are Savage, second prize- ilconil f' «*' PrizV k, Ml. Savage, third prize- Mis .air. Boning, Gordon Marie Speis Renamed Commander Of District 3, VFW VaUey High Graduation Slated June 5 United Council Church Women Sponsor School CoiidiictedAtfrostburg KJiOSTBURG-The final faciil :y meeting of the year at Frostburg Stale Teachers College was ticld in tiie main dining room of the college with John M. Dunn, educational guidance teacher, in charge of the prpgram. Following dinner a student pan- P 1ED . J| OVr - The P I consisting of John Fatkin. *™ lnn " B ? I™ 1 .""" hc Pool To Open At Piedmont - The Piedmon. V consisting of John Fatkin, Mary Agnes McGann, Floyd Ryan, Charles W. Smith, Lois True and Enardo Arnone. moder-. ator, discussed the subject of! openei Day ' May 30 ' in * ee P f , ]g wflh (he annua( custom £ .a number of years. Francis Albanese, Keyser, i . Vere c.rf h i , c " cl »'«>' Mayor Rodney Bake me discussed by the panel. alu | Council last evening. The iopic discussed by the fac-: Albanese informed the counci - ulty groups following the sludeiHJthal he would 'uphold his assist panel was— 'AVhal Is Meant By ants, providing they use goo< Cooperative Planning' In the Col- ege Classrooms And For What Purpose Is Its Use Suggested There?" Chairman of this dis- IMMCU gi uie following mem- "••«-" an IH-IMJH-, nc imas con •s of • Ihe faculty: Mrs. Mary °" cli "g themselves in a disorder Ilino. Mrs. Rita Clark Don' y , rnann<!r . in and around thi • iprsnn . n- T«— « ,. Pool grounds. •li'the second discussion FROSTBURG - Geor Christine Garnett Chapler of Ihe are (wo properties FROSTBURC-Thc annual daiK (Cumberland, was re-elected corn- vacation Church School sponsored 1 Six college credit hours of his- vice commander: Emphasizing the work ol mem Ihe filtration plan!- to tl: Cumberland, quartermaster- Cal- bers on their "forward steps" of , • -,iij. ^lltllle;, J)|g ier will de directors ot the school vin James, Lonaconing. judge ad- •anking; memory work by mem- . vocale; Carl Neder, Mt. Savage in unison; piano solos by ~,_.,v>ui IJOIIU \V||1 Ihe "Star Spangled Banner. Alex Knode, Hagers- ussion group was Miss Irene Condry, and Miss Angela Brady iclcd as secretary. The group onsisled gf the following members •••«•loll Emerson,- Dr. Laura •!!. harney Miss Elizabeth Hitchins. Miss -ouise Hobbs, James A. Ilosack, liss Helen Hough, Miss Margaet Jones,- Dr. Roger Is 1 . LeFevre, 3r. Alice K. Schuster, Mrs. lelen Silverthorne and Miss Dorthy Stone While. Robert Jones was chairman ot and' } ( — -'.-., f.u. >»>,,£ tll\;^ U3V gUUf- ' judgment, in their decisions ' Mayor B,-iker told him he hac full support in all matters if thej ! «re proper and just. Albanese was also sworn in as i special police officer by Mayoi j Baker. It will give him aulhoritj I to arrest all persons he finds con pool grounds. Ml. Savage MT. SAVAGE - Miss Mari< * Noonan is a patient at Sacred fe Heart Ilosfilal. -';.' Joseph Crowe is a patient al Memorial Hospital. tory will be offered in Keyse this summer by the West Virgin! University Extension Service, a cording to Extension Director B. McCue. Registration for the classes wi be held from 9 a.m, until noo on Monday, June 3. at Keyse High School. Dr. John A. Carus of the Extension faculty, will in struct the offerings, McCue saic The courses to be offered ar< History 258 (Reconstruction am National Development, 1856-1898) History 260 (American Diplomat to 1898). and Hislory 261 (Ameri cman Foreign Policy and Diplo macy 1898-1947). Each class car ties two hours credit. AlternaU courses could be History 208 (Cul tural Europe, 18th Century) ant History 250 (Economic and" Socia Development of West Virginia). Both of these give three hours credit. Six semester hours will fe e selected from the above offerings depending quests. upon majority re- Senior Class Event Held FROSTBURG-Tho Senior CIa«s at Frostburg state Teachers College held its annual Class Day Jn Compton Hall auditorium yesterday. The theme of this year's program was "The Big Break " and consisted of a humorous skit written by Donald Sellin and Charles W. Smith with lyrical adaptations by Marie Golds- Worthy. The selling of the skit was the campus of State Teachers College, and the time was "from an undetermined September lo an indefinite June." The.cast of the play included Street. Arnold G. Clark, a contracto from Westernport, who was th lowest bidder, stated it woul lake about two monlhs of favor able weather (o complete the job Orinond Ledlow was authorize lo draw up the contract to b presented to Clark for approva Clark is to be paid every tw weeks for labor and other mat :ers on the job, deducting te >er cent until the project is fina' y approved. Councilman Garland Cheshir vas appointed inspector of th ob but he accepted it with th iromise that council make th inal decision. Ila made the fol owing suggestions which wen approved by council: That a fin >lug with eight-inch pipe will our pumper connections be ploc d at the corner Fredlock Streets; --, a fire plug vilh six-inch line be installed at ic corner of Murphy and Erin Ireets to replace a fire plug with our-inch line; that the plug with six-inch pipe replace the broken ne on_Erin Street and that Nabe used on all onal threads alves. A more rigid enforcement . of „. . he garbage ordinance will be nut nto effect. ~ icked up Charles W. Smith, "Floyd flyan, James King, Jlary Poland, Joseph Sleen. Thomas Rowan, Gail Snyder, Ruth Schade William Paylor, Davisson Ayers and John Swone. Donald C. Drury was director of the play; Ue Pryor, unit manager; Fred Downs, lighting Edward Andrews, sound effects- Joan Kidwell, properties: Jane! Taschenberg, Carole Charles. Delores Fahey and Sally Bland piiblicily. Acknowledgements were given to Miss Dorothy Stone While the FSTC secretarial Samuel Davis. Garbage will not be from any house or la_ce of business which does not ave a garbage card displayed. The Ijjying of 370 feet of "eight nch pipe on Woodlawn Street own Ihe hill to Easl Hampshire (reel was discussed. The Mayor nd Council will visit the site "tomorrow evening. It was ordered that the town urchase a 1953 one-half ton pickup truck from the Reeves Motor Company, Westernport, providing a 90-day guarantee on replaceable parls and two new tires when needed be given. Also authorized was the repair ot lawn mower for SI5. Mrs. Agnes Bell. Westernport was granted a permit to renew tlie front and rear porches at her property at 21 Green Street. The authorization suggested that the poles supporting the front porch be moved in toward the building for about a fool. Councilman James Bissett stated that the Cincinnati Reds baseball team will hold tryouts --— Memorial Park. June in Linda Via; readings by individual girls and singing of the GA hymn, "We've A Story To Tell To The Nation." The program concluded with a , town, district surgeon and Alex Gardner, Lonaconing, three-year trustee. William Preston, past district candlelight ceremony. Awards co ™mamler, inducted the newly were presented by Rev. E. El- e , Iec ! e( ' officers into their respcc- wood Settle., pastor. Sue Thomas and Linda Via were, given awards fo- meeting all of the live positions. Delegates from Ilagerstown [Cumberland, Lonaconing, Jit. lo- meeting all of the require-j < - un >berlanel ( Lonaconing, Jit. ments and the memory work for Sava £ e and Frosfburg were wel- '"\lai»1ari " f«-«.i 'fi . i rnmpH (n fl.n ^— _. . , . "Maiden." Carol Thompson and Carol Biltner were presented "The Lady in Waiting" awards. On behalf of the Women's Missionary Society, Mrs. Emily Stewart presented the organization with a money gift which will ei able the group to send in a corned to the encampment by Commander Curtis Green ot John R. Fairgrieve Post 2462, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the host club District Chaplain Charles Agnew of Baltimore, spoke briefly. During the business meeting Sunday afternoon, Commander .... rvl „. s>nce being inducted into offic The post was also given a cit tion by the department comma™ er for its outstanding communil service projects. latient at Miners Hospital. Mrs. Alonzo Middleton, 233 Centre Street, is a patient in temorial Hospital, Cumberland. The Past Chiefs Association ~of Calanthe Temple 3. Pythian Sis- ers, will meet at the home of Irs. Pearl Hanna, Beall's Lane oday at 7:30-p, m. Eleanor lopkins will preside at the nieet- A business meeting of the Past latrons and Past Patrons Asso- ialion of the.Western Maryland Irder of Eastern Star will be LT mc/woy of Baltimore for in- • —"•"•'"" "" u win ne enrolled]""'""" 0 'creasing the membership of the!!, , 1 len ? ber 1957 at Valley Highi"™ Mrs local post by over ten per ce ° c ' 1<x " w '^ be guests on Orienta-r r ' mary ~ : since being inducted into office. U °J? ? ay '"morrow. ;?? n , al ! E — — o- —*F t-v j^im m a [—""—"„• fii^i uuviif v^oiiiinanucr subscriplion for each member to! Green received a personal cita- !he GA magazine "Tell." (ion from Department Command- Mrs. Harry Fuller has served cr McAvoy of Baltimore for in- as .counselor for this group ol c ' " girls and Mrs. J. Bras' Thompson las been co-counselor. Following the program the girls and their leaders served refreshments. The table was deco- raled with candles, spring flowers and favors in the GA colors of Vile green and while. Brief Mention Alexander Rowe, 82 Bowery- Street, was re-admitted fo Miners lospital as a medical patient. Mrs. Agnes Mackay, 80 West Main Street, Lonaconing. is a medical patient at Miners Hospital. Mrs. John Ritchie. RD 1, Frost- iurg, is a medical patient, at Miners Hospital. Mrs. Minnie Chancy, 428 Spruce Street, Westernport, is a medical - ~-.,-™, 1 group and* ,' Miss V>"ise Bower*. «ho oper- •the subject was "What Are the? - a , cal heaut >' sn °P' is * 28 Common Points of Difficulty ln! S ", ri! , pal ' Cnl at - Mincrs Hos - av Helnino 1 1**™*-* n_j ._» , P ltal - -, .-••* : *"> 3 "N£ oy me school choir. Dr. William Bedford Williamson will be Ihe com-! mencement speaker. i J. Goodloe Jackson, member -' the Board the preser, band will also play'"Storm King" and "Deep River Rhapsody " Principal J. A. Pelry will make . Learners Understand Cooperative Proceed Richard W. Cope acled as secretary of included Thomas Kcnnclh Baucom, Mrs. Jean Smith is a surgica' * patient at Sacred Heart Hospital ! Visits Area Kelutives Cook, -. -. -..„ j.juin lanem. ID Opening exercises heldu,'- ™ ... a St. Paul's church on June 17 f" D ° ro ^[ «• ""^ at 9 a. m.. aflnr u -h;/.i.- n 1.:. lrcne L - Kirkbev. Mrs. C WESTERNPOKT - Mrs. Victoi •"»}•. .urs. toiin knapp, Arlington, Va., spent th( -Miss Charlotte Feer,| we( *cnd with her brother-in-law a. m., after which' Ihe chil . ., c e c- '-• ....... —»..« dre " will leave for Iheir claw . pp> charl " '• Sager, C. Wai,- 0 ««««-«lbeivaUaWe?*. ShlBner ' LTOC » "• Sowers, P^-school children of lhe ! ™! am H ' Stewar| . Mrs. Mvra Dr. William Van ments at St. Paul's. Classes for - Primary, junior and inter Newkirk. Ivan C. Diehl, dean of instruc- gm the Beguine" will be sung by the choir and the benediction will be given by R ev . Charles Recklcy. The organ recessional will be played by Derry VHS Event Tomorroir Students who will be enrolled'j len - A! lo include three and children between years of age. Classes and teachers lollcnvs: Nursey—Mrs. Ralnh a]l| K - Cole acted as secretary of ISjfhis panel. The subject was: | How Can Cooperative Planning as il ^ ace In Subiccl Matl " (Areas?" Taking part were Dr. Beall Hi-Y Holds Annual Election FROSTBURG - Carol Bea has been elected president of th Girls Hi-Y al Beall High Schoo and the boys of the Hi-Y etecte Walter Mackay as their dent. Other officers of the girls grou include Judy Harrison, vice pre ident; Dianna Meehan, secretars Sally Layman, treasurer, Janet Nelson, chaplain. The officers were formally in stalled at a mother-daughter din ner in the school cafeteria. Eac member of-ine club presented he mother wilh a corsage of sprin flowers. Lawrence R. Dehn, pri gram secretary of the Cumbe land YMCA, was a guest at th dinner. Mrs. Frank Munson, wh was advisor for the group fo several years, and Mrs. Belt j Workman were also present. - 4d June 5 at 8 p. m. in thej -The boys group also electe tasonic Temple, East Main Vmcer,l_Bollino, vice president ie \Vhile, the • > " :lllu " a ' ram. June 3-4. n c !oueui, is a me staff and; , slie(I !° nave the ground rolled. Miners Hospital. Mrs. M^ary Wilson. Cresaptown, •as admitted to Miners Hospital s a medical patient yesterday. .. Patrick Quinn Jr., ~207 Center ! street ' is a inedical patient al Ka ati Midland MIDLAND - Mr. and Mrs James Moon, and daughter. Lisa Ann, Shepherdstown, W. Va visited her mother, Mrs. Jane McGowan, and her aunt. Miss Mary K. Manley, O'Mara Avenue extended. Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eisentrout, Paradise Street, were Mr. and Mrs. William Eisentrout and daughter. Linda Lou, of Frederick Ruth Engle and Mr. 3 aclion was taken. A leak on Gocke Street near Easl Harrison Street was also reported by Bissett. He called attention to holes in streets needing patching, especially on Fredlock Street. Foins joins Horneirtakcrs To Sleet LONACONING — The Lonaconing Homemakers Club will-meet Thursday evening at the VFW home. Mrs. Stanley Green and ' WiIIianl Wcir Iheir air a Tarts , Phillip Beeman, secretary; Clyd Bollino, assistant secretary; Van Newkirk, treasurer, John Schultheis, chaplain. Thomas Blair is faculty adviso of the Hi-Y Chapler at Beall. Contract Awarded i For Pipe Line Work" PIEDMONT - The conlract fo the new eighl-inch water servic line from the reservoir at th west end of Piedmont Hill to th junction of FREDERICKSBURG, Va. _ „- ..„. uc „„„. Jonn Among the new members of Gowans, Mrs. James Hadley and' Alpha Phi Sigma, national honor- ! Mrs. Leroy Brant ary scholastic fraternity at Mary Washington College of Ihe Uni"- versity of Virginia is Miss Gcrt- Auxiliary Plans Meet Erin and Fredloc. awarded to Ar contractor, o \Vesternport, according to Mayo. Rodney Baker. The contract was approved a a recent council meeting an awarded on condition that voter rude Ann Hudson, daughter of McCOOLE — The Ladies Auxil- approved a special lax levy which Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Hud- McCoole Volunteer Merle Jackson and son, Kim all son, Piedmont, W .Va., a sopho- Fire Company will meet tomor row al 7:30 p. m. in the fire hall. OUT OUR WAY By R. J. Willi.mi OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAOR HOOPLE AS^ \s WAT vou TQV IT SOWtBODV 6UTM6/.J AW TOES ARE STILL PI AT [TUNING THE PIA,NO,DIDYOIJ SAY ? — WHAT KIND OF SARCASM IS 7HKT?^ SO HAPPENS I'A\ CREAT- VOhH you — i WAS CD ,5 AT WEAXlNS ANiD BOBBINS, TOO, SOT THOSE PiO\M SHOES OF YOURS ALWAYS ' - HIT THE MARK/ . IMPL&TONE |M yi TIME TO &o WITH A rtEvJ DA^ce I-A\ PER- FECTJKS TO MAl^e OU(2 WMV MOTHERS. (SET GCA.Y im T lune 6, meeting. son of Mr. and .Mrs. ,,,,, lar n T Gordon, 124 Spring Street and a member of the gradualing class at Beoll High School, has awarded a . scholarship in neenng at the University 01 Maryland. Gordon was acti've in sports J ' years. FROSTBURG-Ronald Gordon, - ,. , Broadwaler and ' Mrs Harlon Midland Central graders „ ,.„ , . -, ^,. a graders next school year will Mrs ' lda Be " Gordon. visit from 9:15 a. m. and return ~ Jojheir respective schools for Wins Scholarship >Pos!pon« Initiation Miss -Barbara Ann Mowbray royal princess, presided at the recent meeting of Victory Council ', Pythian Sunshine Girls. Initiation ceremonies were postponed because of members attending the mother and daughter dinner at Valley High School. The initiation will he held Thursday, 1 ,. at tJie sunshine Girls * Mrs. Howard, Joseph A. Ko , Miss and sister, .Mr. and Mrs. SmitV ' twl " 1 —--"- ""- :1 -_ . •, ;*ii*»: 1 ••*** «uiu ^ni a. oilllil Charlosl"_ ll ' t ' v °' : th. Philos Avenue^ Rosanna P. Langhans, Dr Robert T, Novak, Dr. Hazel G. Ramsay, Walter J. Risslcr. Alfred Taylor and Miss Lillian M. Well- ncr. Following the sessions held by the discussion units, reports were submitted for the benefit of the entire group. Lost: contact 1 set Keys-Finder please' George Layman — y ° r Ca " cngi-)_ during being his high schoo. member of this GOP Women Hold Election KEYSER-The Mineral County Chapter of the Federated Republican Women Clubs elected Ihe following officers at a recent meeting: Mrs. Havon .0. Sions, president- Mrs. Leoti Paxlon, Mrs. John Bane, Mrs. Maurice Amtower «', , Vlva Shobe - Mrs - Elizabeth Weakly and Mrs. Joseph Ray vice presidents; Mrs. Wade Par- nil, recording secretary; Mrs ' Harold J. Snyder, treasurer; and Miss Liza Sites, publicity. i Airs. Sions announcec her com-' mittees as follows: Miss Sites -ecreation: Mrs, Amtower. cam- 1 ' Paign; Mrs. Bcuanna Pollock ;, ititenship; Miss Sladelyn Bazzle •rath and Mrs. John Hoover elephone. The meeting was preceded by covered dish supper witli the program under direction of Mrs Amtower. .Mrs. Ray Bright reao report from the News-Letter ifficial paper of the organization »iss Dazzle gave a report from enator Chapman Revercomb. liss Sites reported on the At- anlic City conference. The Jjne meeting will be held r Ihe Legion Home on the sec- nd Monday. year's track team. He was also a member of the Honor Spciets and was chosen "Citizen of the Month" by members of the Student Forum during his year. junior For Sale: Top Soil, Fill Dirt Bulldozing. Phone Froslburs 742- W-J. * . Adv.— N-T-May 21-22 ' cout Associnliou Vpproves Council PIEDMONT - The Tri-Towns •one Troop Association has vot- d lo go along with plans to or- amze a new Girl Scout area ouncil. The activities of the locai Girl couts will continue as al pres- nl, as it may take two years to' H <ip the new area council. I -Subcommittees are meeting! gularly to work out the details jhe new organization. SEAT COVERS „„,„.„ ,„ $12.95 »19" „„„,.„ „ $15.95 INSTALLED FREE E-2 TERMS SERVICt IN REA» DEZEN'S PHONE FBG. 13SS fROSTBURG «xl It. Fkg. Not. «onk Adv. N'-T May 21-22-23 A PREMIUM Won't Break You AN UNINSURED LOSS MAY HOLBEN AGENCY PHONE 6JJ FKOSTBURO All FORMS OF INSURANCI JEFFRIES BROS. JEWELERS - Broadway ANNOUNCE THE EXCLUSIVE FRANCHISE FOR CASTLETON and PETER TERRICE CHINA DINNERWARE IN FROSTBURG PATTERNS ON DISPLAY:FLAIR » SEVERN TURQUOISE •• SUNNYVALE CORSAGE • TEMPO TROUSSEAU • LACE WE HAVE ALL THE NEW GOOD LOOKING. GOOD LISTENING MOTOROLA RADIOS for as little as " PALACE AIR CONDITIONED TUES. - WED. DESIGNING WOMAN with Gregory Peck Lauren Bacall THE PERFECT GIFT FOR THE GRADUATE-OR FOR ANY OCCASION 69 E. Main St. BOB'S RADIO Frestburg mm^m-^r Phone 87 We Service What We Seff

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