Valley Times from North Hollywood, California on September 16, 1958 · 7
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Valley Times from North Hollywood, California · 7

North Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1958
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SHELLEY WINTERS EXCELLS IN FRUMP MOVIE ROLES Shelly Winters professional Me trary. Ssrlivy has made the cot out of hand, Shr Ucy made has come lull curie nb her pgr- Greatest measurable contribution the hazards of aerial bombing , , r, . .... rv... !to the performance of the pic- crashing!) evulent to actor Lou r ureson 2Mb. gue or takT a Jacobi. ho plays her husband, flamboyant DWchhhauo40 She Va, Ian o hr prture. It hap- knin'nv Wnr- nf "The started out heavy, dieted rigor- paved ohm t!i ere oas a rrod.ngj n DU1J?j c- .ouslv. and ended up slim enough crash of a near-nuss bomb just iary adjx xr . Uy gl&sraur ruk1 aiiu SIm otf-scwr, so tiua the building! Shelley w vow 22, iht 5 pat's ail Lius tor her art, serving shook auJ l!k lights rutkcjvi younger than her rx4e. Only it0 up fart that she and Lou clutched mfe Shelley to hi seven years ago, when was the otlter principals suffer from manly boe n. It .as a licmr 25, she played an 18-year -old prl pragrfb&w food shortage embrace. It must hae beau tor for the same Georpe Stevens, in piqued Occupied smashed Lou t classes us lus his pjxxiucUon of A Place in theian(j ther posuons of Europe dur- right breast pocket. me the ar. j Life is never dull with Slidley In one (ueee of artior aliich around. CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER end Gypsy Rose Lee ore starred in the new Worner Bros, motion picture release "Wind Across the Everglades" written by Budd Schulberg and filmed in WornerColor in Florida. Picture opens tomorrow at Paramount Downtown, Vogue, Studio City, California ond Laurel and Pickwick Drive-Ins. HOME-GROWN Actress Sees Big Changes "Hollywood's young actors, She recently completed the role art much more serious than of a trampish mother in William the youngsters of a dozen years Allanda "The Party Crashers, ago," aaid Doris Dowling, one at Paramount, a story of pug- Sun. Aside from tlie fact that she has thus aged 22 years in seven, tliere is something alike in the two roles for Stevens In both of them she is something of a frump, as she was also in one other memorable film, "A Double Life. Small wonder that Shelley regards frumpy roles as her best ones. They always have been thus far. By contrast, when she has played a glamour puss, the result has not alwajs been to set the world afire. During Shelleys current portrayal m Tlie Diary of Anne Frank, actor - husband Tony Franciosa has neither been out of mind nor out of sight, even though he is in Rome doing a picture with Ava Gardner. Each day for weeks, as Shelley has driven into or out of tlie studio, she h seen a bigger-than-lifc billboard picture of her husband making love to Lee Remick in The Long, Hot Summer." Right now, Shelley Winters needs a publisher. To any presti-, gious national magazine she offers an authoritative article of her own composition and bearing her by-line, about the screen's bright new discovery Millie Per-kin's, who debuts in the title role of Anne Frank. Shelley offers in advance to give any money she receives for this labor of love (which it would be to Slielley) to the Anne Frank Foundation or similar fund set up to perpetuate the name of tlie little Dutch-Jcw-ish girl who was heroine SCREEN : DRAMA MUSIC LEN BOYD. Editor VALLEY TIMES, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16. 1958 of the most popular actresses in town in the mid-forties. Today they want to be respected for their craftsmanship, not their baby blue eyes or other physical appurtenances. I remember when, with a few exceptions, the only good actors on the screen came from the stage. That isn't true today. Dot Bushes First Steve Allen Disc One of Steve Allen's first activities on returning from Europe was a recording session yesterday with Dot Records vice president Bob Thiele in New York, where Steve cut his first smgle. which Dot is rushing into immediate release. Titled Love Theme From Houseboat. from the Paramount picture Houseboat, starring Cary Cram and Sophia Loren, the Steve Allen disc embodies the Ray Evans-Jay Livingston theme from the movie, plus an additional theme by George Dunning, discovered by Thiele in the pictures music score. Love Theme From Houseboat has pre-viously been recorded as an in- Director Sees New Changes Despite ''inter-family' disagreements which sometnne make trade paper headlines, the Hollywood film industry became more firmly integrated than ever before in its history out of sheer economic necessity in substantially overcoming tlie onslaught of tlie general business recession, Roy Rowland declined yesterday in addressing an executive board meeting of tlie Independent Roy Rowland Productions, Inc., company which he heads. Adversity often breeds strength and a spirit of mutual cooperation, Rowland said. I believe this was the case when box-office receipts readied a perilously low ebb last year, and there was even defeatist talk of naeious deliquency wdth a crowded with youngsters. You sense the new attitude by watching and talking these kids, said Doris. Mark Damon. Hes the leader of the teen-age trouble-makers and Im his no good, mother. Hes terribly Interested in his work. He even came out to These new dedicated kids are my home on a Sunday after-home-grown." noon to discuss our scenes. The Miss Dowling, a dark-haired, others, Bobby Driscoll and Con- a dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty in her early thirties, came to Hollywood as a teen-ager with solid stage training, soon scored impressively In The Lost Weekend" and other hits. Then she went to Italy, became a great favorite 'in Italian films. Now married to Robert Blu mofe, top studio executive, she makes Infrequent screen and television appearances and only when the part appeals to her. Tour Set For Scots Guards "It takes seven years and seven generations to make a piper," says tlie Queens Household Pipers, Pipe Majors John Roe and Robert Crabb of the Scots Guards who will be seen at the Pan Pacific Auditorium, October 4 and 5 when the Regimental Band of the Grenadier Guards and the Massed Pipers of the Scots Guards present their spectacle of music and pageantry. The two units of tlie famous Royal Household Guards Regiments will tour 55 cities of Canada and the United States under the tour direction of S. Hurok. Aspiring pipers have found that there is a great deal to know about the bagpipes, or piob Mhor as it is known in Gaelic, before a Scotsman will bestow the title of "piper. Pipers of the Scots Guards, acknowledged the worlds foremost, have been taught their skills by their lathers and by their grandfathers. Almost all of the pipers have ancestors who piped clans into battle on the moors centuries ago. The bagpipe has a notable his-1 tory, It dates back to the Greek era, and later was popular with the Romans. It was used to accompany chanting in monasteries during the middle ages and later was taken up by traveling minstrels. In the 16th century it become popular in Scotland and it is in this country that it reached its full development. me Stevens, and practically everyone in the cast, have the same intense desire to do a good Job, Doris continued. They consider acting as a craft and think of it as an art much more than many players I can recall a decade or so ago. Back in those days it was all a ball Now days, many of todays youngsters belong to small study groups. They read plays, act out scenes, Improvise on situations, create character. Doris thinks this intimate, self-critical study is a healthy situation and one that has helped bring about the new approach to the craft. Through these groups, they learn their mistakes in class and wont make them in front of the camera. And they take their careers so seriously that they learn a lot more than the youngsters did in the fat years of yesterday. Almost all of the teenagers in The Party Crashers belong to some such group, said playing strurqpntal on other labels, but and the Steve Aden version is unique chronicler of this greatest human ; m that tlie Evans-Livingston interest story to come out of, theme is used in tlie first ... ..... .. World War II. chorus with lyrics. This modu- Hollywood being finished as the Other claimants to the con-!iates into tlie Dunning theme as an instrumental, then both themes are played together in the chorus, again using the Evans-Livingston lyric. George Dunning wrote Picnic," lor which Steve Allen wrote the lyric. Steve is again busy writing a lyric for this new Dunning "Houseboat theme, to be used in the future, "Love Theme From Houseboat is backed with Steve sing- r Cleopatra ' Rights To r SANFORD GIBBONS, Diana Loumer ond Tedd Hod-field are a big osset to the olio of 'The Drunkard" or "The Wavword Woy" ot the Theater Mort. Walter Wangt-r has pureture'd the film rights to the Carlo Maria Fran zero novel The Life land Times of Cletra. jW anger, who has JuM omi-pk'trd production lor Figaio, Inc. of Buvan liaywaid in I Want to Livet" a United Art.sts release, has placed Cleopatm urn ha production acheduie for jI9f9. Wanger recently an-inouncrd a film version of the Nobel True winning author 'Albert Camus novel The Fall also for hui 1959 schedule, j Wan per a ill go to Europe before the end of the year to , visit the actual scenes of the tUfe of Cleopatra and her Ime stories with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony in Rome. Cieece, I Alexandria (Egypt! and the leountry of the Mediterranean. IFranaero, biographer of ".Nero,' it a foremost Italian writer, lm-'torian and novelist, II, bmg-jraphy of Cleopatra brought to life the character of Clco-ipatra as a vital vtvid, beautiful and scheming woman. Wangcr will east the principals with a top feminine and two major male stars. Music Lectures Begin Tonight Guest lectures by well-known lyricists, composers, singers, music publishers, disc Jockey and record company executives will make up sessions of a Popular Tests For Two Rotiert Webb ycMerduy nt.nle jLyriC Writing workshop, which tostj p( Gardner McKay ami June University Extension will open Him r for important roles in up-tonight in room 111 of ihe mu- ' JWh Century Fox pie- sic building at tClJU hv h 'n ,, , , , . , placed utuk-r stock contracts by Hid Levy will instruct a begirt- tt, g,w,m ner'a group from 6.30 to 8 30 and 1 advanced students from 30 to in .to Roth groups will continue Tanfui 4 Can Jean RMaxey is the wife of 10 30. tlie study through 15 consecutive Tuesday evenings. Unknown Helpers Praised A jgvpular theme of stories of,ing his first rock n roll nunc the theater pertain to tlie under- ber, Hula Hoop. study who became a star overnight, or the aging ingenue whose career was reborn in character roles, Few see the story behind tlie scenes, ol the people who arc, never seen or heard by the audi-JOW OCt. O ences. The Northridge Theater Guild hopes to be different. They F.ank Senncs today approved loudly sing praises to their actors Sj0,000 stage-expansion and re- and directors but do not crlook tlie people who make contributions unseen from out front. Walter Benson of Walter Benson & Associates, Realtors, for example. In need of a spacious rehearsal hall when tlie guild went into production of Euguene ONeills Ah, Wilderness!, Mr. Benson made available to them his offices at 8916 Reseda Blvd. Admittedly, it being difficult to finance a Community theater, we make mention of: Ruth Tanner who docs yoeman service as membership chairman welcoming interested patrons of the Doris. They may be ,. , juvenile delinquents on the Sui1 Barbara illiams direcb screen but theres nothing de linquent or, for that matter, juvenile about their career program. Rooney Was Top Box Office In Hardy Movies Mickey Rooney, who became the screen's Number One box-office star with the popularity of his i ole as Andy Hardy in the famed Hardy Family series, recreates his role as the now grown-up Andy in the new MGM release, 'Andy Hardy Comes Home, which continues the beloved series after a twelve year hiatus. This new comedy is now showing at the State Downtown, Vogue. California, and Encino. New Record Label Now On Market Liberty Records, enjoying its biggest business since its founding here over three years ago, has formed a subsidiary label, Freedom Records, to give greater concentration and exposure to new talent, it was announced by Vice President Al Bennett. Freedom's kirk-off today with I'm Restless, a rock-a-ballad recorded by Johnny Burnett. Flip is Kiss Me. Liberty, which handles national distribution for Demon Records, has set the Freedom label with all 32 Liberty distributors. Artists-and-repertoire activities for the new label will be headed by Jerry Capehart, under supervision of Sy Waronker; Liberty's President. Capehart is also personal manager for record artists Eddie Cochran, Johnny Burnett and John Ashley. Stand-by Guests In Cabaret Show Elizabeth Talbot-Martin, who is Sally Cato in Auntie Mame and Eva Arden's stand-by at the Philharmonic, is also guest-artist in the current "Fall Show at the Cabaret Concertlieatre in Hollywood. Miss Talbot-Martin delights the informal audiences at this unique spot, with original material that only a comedienne of her talent and charm can present. Slie appears nightly in the show which includes Kathleen Freeman, Companion feature in all 4; Wayne Tucker and Chris War- theatres is Tarzans Fight For Life, in color and starring Gordon Srott. field. The Iheater is located at 4212 Sunset and is dark Sundays and Mondays. Cfceattrf epoktn Drama ing management, Gloria Wolf at the box office and Agnes Capps who handles advertising, all keeping the financial ship afloat. We sing praises to Neil llor-gans publicity department and art direction under Dr, Richard Wolf. The team of Tony Williams and Rick Ricklefg head production. These names wont make the bright lights and theirs will not be the public kudos, but "Ah, Wilderness! presented by the guild lor its premier performance on Oct. 4 would not have an opening nijht advance sell-out without their efforts. decoration plans which require shuttering nitely operations of the Moulin Rouge for a two-week period preceding the Oct. 9 premier of his newest musical extravaganza, Wonder ful World!" staged and directed by Donn Arden, Anne Maria Alberghettl Is signed to headline the new revue presented by showman Frank Sennes on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Moulin Rouge in Hollywood. The initial budget of 5250,000 gives free rein to the creative talent of Donn Arden, whose spectacular hit shows may be seen In Paris, Italy, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Hollywood. world' motion picture production center. Since then, studios, independent production companies, exhibitor and film distributors evidenced a concerted realization that they share tlie common interest of selling worthwhile film products to the public. All current trends indicate that operation bootstrap has succeeded admirably! Since leaving MGM as one of that studios lo:.g.;rm top directors soon afts-f completing Metro' Sevei Hills of Rome, starring MTrio Lanza, to branch out inu independent production with formation of hi own company, Rowland has acquired several important story properties cur. rently being readied to be put into the works. These include "Sw'cct Vendetta," based on the Wade Miller novel Mad Baxter, and Tlie Roman Colleen," from a Rome stage success which Rowland purchased while in Italy directing Seven IIills. According to present plans, both pix will be filmed as top-budget color musical-spectaculars, on location in Europe. Positively Lost 13 Doys! TM TkofflM I tiCftui toot SEVEN WONDERS i 'E OF THE WORLD" ivwSs.- M (Ml tM f , n 5" mns MNIMMA lUNSH,0lt I ' I Afsiicm Faul laxcy, who recently plajyfl an Important rnl in "Slowdown On Boot Hill." The Maxcys both recently appeared In The Matchmaker at the Laguna riayUntxe. ORDER TOUR TICKET t OR THE SOUTH SEAS NOW! 1 WEST COAST PREMIERE Wed.Ott. 1, 8:30 Soldi TtCHUtCCKO " Scholastic Star High school senior Sandra Dee, who plays appropriately enough, a high school senior in Universal International's The Restless Years, finished among the top ten per cent of students from all over the country in the recent College Entrance Examination Boards. 16-year-old Sandra hasn't as yet picked the college she wants to attend when she graduates in June. Jeni Legon To Appear At Ebell Jeni Legon, former principal dancer in Lena Home and Judy Garland film musicals, returns by popular demand with her troupe of 24 dancers, drummers and singers in a new edition of their Caribbean Fiesta revue at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, Los Angeles, Friday night only, Sept. 26, featuring ballets and rituals of Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Martinique. Tickets are now on sale at the Ebell box office, WE-9-1128, and all agencies. Company scoted in a 17 weeks run at the Cabaret Concert Theatre, Hollywood, and in recent Santa Barbara and Hollywood sellouts, and now takes over the annual tour dates of Carlos Montoya, Spanish flamenco guitarist, who will not play the west coast again until next season. Samuel Fuller To Film White Kimono f At Col. Samuel Fullers first production under his Globe Enterprises four-picture deal with Columbia Pictures will be Hie White Kimono, which he will write, produce and direct. The White Kimono deals with a handsome, young Japan-exe-American detective on the Los Angeles police force who becomes involved with a beautiful American girl In the course of a murder investigation, and will be shot at Los Angeles Little Tokyo area. Meeker to Confer Ralph Meeker will remain here tor several days to confer with Pvoy Rowland regarding his appearance as one of stellar players in producer-director's projected independent, The Roman Colleen." IfGlMA fNGAGfMfNT STARTS IHURS.OCT.2n4itt.30PM TICKETS NOW ON SAlt AT BOX OITICC 1 Hall Order or it MUTUAL AGtNCILS sx icrj' iVFEIlNANDEt CobheuI THE BLOB T TH 2-5251 1212 San ftrnando Rtf. font Diity I p m H tat . Atfm. to p m. 75 CmoRm TH 5-1 507 Magnolia ik. Hollywood Way Open 4.45-St.'Sun. I 7M, I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE Mtclipy Roonoy fay t ANDY HARDY COMES HOME 71m Companion Faatorp- OHaa lM Ivo pm Tarzans Fight For life" B I L Encino ST 4-8233 16342 Vanturi Blvd. 0BIN : Sat.-Swn, I p m. Mickoy Room? Pay Haltfan "ANDY HARDY COMES HOME PH Campanian Paatwi Cardan 6atf Ivo Brant Tarzans Fight For Life CALI THEATRE DIRECT er RE 1-4111 Tonite at 3:30 T ONLY MORE DAYS! ENDS SUNDAY! tin IK- W. 111. M. in: in., in nil niPIFIfl ,tM. em .lisa. PAN PACIFIC 710 Itvtrly ll. ra. ".if MutMt Wlbtlw 441 .T Ak mm ... B-a m im it i at, tie, a H. t M I'M.' tiii. 'luy Sn.ti N! Cat. Mint. C. . Mtrrla Fri.k E5M Our a 12-11 P M. U09 LanharatiiM f 0S6o45 cooin n MFwuioK Villa cs a color! Brian Keith 'SIERRA BARON' Opan IBM. Mon. A Toot. LanktrM- Mainalla Cant, trem 45 P.M. PO-2-177 Cary Branl Inprid Barymoft "INDISCREET" Alan Ladd PROUD REBEL" mm Oh MS 9 M. I Caalad by Rafrisoration CHINA DOLL Alan Ladd PROUD REBEL" Vaotora at laorat Cnna COOLED DY REFRIGERATION Olann Fard lad lutlawa Imitation General James Stewart "VERTIGO" flimi 4256 Van Nvyp ftfed i ST4-1 BLOB "I HARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE" I V -,n Bu.k r,.. I laurel TOM SAWYER DRIVE-IN ... , T . u77o laurel Cony Bw. Guliiver s Travels Paaoimi EM 9 2588 Pickwick blob drive-in h Married A Monster m,izxmr Frm 0utcf sPa reseda DRIVE-IN Vanowtn I Ristdj Birds. Dickens 3 5550 SanVae M DRIVE-IN 5s Faretndo Road at Vteeo TH M177-TH 2-5714 ftrian Kfith Maryia Daan VILLA flwp Companion Faatoirp Brian KmHi Mala Powoap SIERRA BARON Sepulveda y DRIVE-IN 1127 Sepulveda Blvd. STate 6-6520 Brian KaitR Marpla Daan VILLA Flu Companion faaturo Irian Kaitk Mala Rowora SIERRA BARON Vah Nuts DRIVE-IN Rosette Blvd. bet. Van Nuys 5 Sepulveda Blvds. SI 6 7510 BLOB I Married A Monster From Cuter Space Victory DRIVE-IN cf at Mhatir ta 8? my 7-4423 PC 3-5511 Viator Matipio li U Mva CHINA DOLL Plop Campanian Faatora Mark ttovano Jant Da4 GUN FEVER THEATRE GUIDE 333EBG. I 1)4 N. 1. a. IM. 14711 i a.. . ctiH Naked & the Dead Alan tadd Olivia Da HaviMand Proud Rebel fT'ANKBktSHINI 7U1 lankartteim Btod. ro4-ovJ Cary OfmD liMpid B ataman INDISCREET Jama Slaw art Kim Navak VERTIGO rsag&j 11 t. twnmU. II. - TH 17011 ADULTS 50c - CHILDREN 15c BIG BEAT" FROM HERE TO ETERNITY" TOUGHEST GUN IN TOMBSTONE" (MAQNOClAl 4401 W. Map nail Airannlad TH-6.IM4 6moki ParmiMtd In left Sactiat) I manta cc ax Certain -Smile f"auw0Ann i a JAMES SMART KIM NOVAK -HlfSIStilOTtK VERTICD-v JViAUQft -J Matinee Every Day Coni. 12:30 7)1 N. I.n V.n.nd. IM. TH4-UI1 "HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER" "TEENAGE CAVEMAN - HAIM WED - THE MATING URGE" NAKED IN THE SUN" teANORAMAl fill V.n Nr 114 IM I I 17 At.. t.Ud - OItvi. 5. H.ill.n PROUD REBEL Bark Hudton Cyd Charitta 'Twilight for the Gods 11441 Shfma W.y 0144111 DOORS OPEN 145 PM. LAST DAY) as f .lor iVi ...r" SOODFiA mmw CimmaSOPG COIO S, M 1UXI MX j "-J - L VSHBRMAfll! 15032 VENTURA ST-4 6611 AdnHa tot Kida Fran 1 Camp. hawi Daara Opan I II Frank Sinatra Tany Cur tit KINGS GO FORTH Van Maflin Tab Wvntor GUNMANS WALK i

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