The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE HIGH! "It's Snow Fun!" Cry Brave Co-Eds •BurpiET Candidates. This Year Musi Answer for Posilion They Took in 1928. By ROUNEY DUTfHER N£A Scrvfrc Writer .WASHINGTON—Ilio Al Smith -Siiie will fleiirc lo a i>realcr or . lesser degree In several rf this year's senatorial elections. In two or three rases It may IK just important enough to decide ihe result. Seine of cur must famous t-eim- Icrs, standing for re-election this . year, are (angled up In H. including George W. Morris of Nebraska. . Curler Glass of Virginia, Furmfnld McLendel Siinnuns of North Carolina and Tom lli'flin of Alabama. Morris, technically a Hepubllcaii, supported Smith in the 1'J2» cam-1 palgn. Heltin and Si:nm--n.s dv- ' cerlecl Smith, And Glass stood bcldly by the pally ticket while lit; state voted for Hcnvcr. Pilfer .latm'Sls Iniolvril The- Democratic central cmn- niitU'e in Alabama has read Hi-f- lln out of the party and lirllin. deprived of rcnoinlnallon, will run independently against John II.: Bankhead,. the probable- regular '. nominee, In November. j The Smith Issue undolitedly will; • . be tiniiortant In this Alabama fli;ht,j but (here seems reason to believe that there Is more 'to the Hrflln siluatlcn than meets the eye. While -It appears on (he surface that the Democratic committee was merely punishing Hcltln for his anll-Smll!i position, one.hears it said lliat its - . ..- „.., . action'is a part of a well-organized M »ton C. Work's liadio llildge 6e- ctlort-of Alabama corporations ond! rics ' Broadcast Tuesday from Slu- It';* just an olil Arctic cusluin, Imi wtieii itcliilil""* iiccrnl out i - iluB-s inn) saw llrfcu Hcljbs and Ji-:m llandli-y, Jjiury Culli-Ki- In-slunm, i-avoillliK about In tint snow ut *|>rlii!-lleld. Mo., «ltli only m-uiily bath- iiiK suits tut imiU-rilun from tin- /uu wwitbi-r, lln-y ili-clilcd they lincl ilii-li- prisons mixed. "It's >nuw !nn," cili-il Miss Itamlluy, slmwn ut Hit- ilJSlit, "lint. Just the same, wi- mjuy ilnuwlii;; tuuwlulls,. slcddtJit unU jihoiiis k'nii nut;." Famed Cartoonists Play Bridge for Radio Audience Four of the world's most famyiis his partner's Diamond suit M funny men . who lire llkrwi.,e Cooper spread his . . . ., er pe iiccorded no moan place In the im- my. and from r. acamer lei- of 1 ridge experts .. . convulse-.! Hrchirw. played the 8 of Diamonds' ' hand for Diiin- Mr. Machamer ' .. . . the radio audience with their com- Instead ments on the exhibition of Hie Queen which Mr g a ..... Webster expcck-d to see fall Mr ser expcc- to see which they played as the eighth in Machamer made this plav Mfllnn r. Wnrt'c r>,,,n,. n. !.!.._ ,.- •..- , . . . _ * 1 ^ rca'ctionary forces ta regain con- t t.?tol of Alabama polities nnd as a pubjic officer Hcflln Is regarded as comparatively progressive and hu -.colleague, Hugo L. Black, even morr . EO. The siory is that power companies nnd oilier corporations arc ' •' cut to "i:et" Ixrth Helliu ami niack. Tlie^ chairman of Ihe slale com- mirtee nnd the man v.-lto moved that Hcnin be barred from the ticket are said to be attorney!, for the Southern Railroad and (he man who seconded the motion an-attorney for the Alabama poiver • company. Tlic supposed aims of the movement are . principally Muscle Shoals and a reduction of cor|>or- at'on taxes Iieflin's enemies undoubtedly will . play (he Smith issue against him fcr all it Is worth, but it seems doubtful whether many of Tom's people will turn ogaunst him simply <-' because he turned against Smith. He Is likely to make an nntj-o-r- - Deration campaign, as Black old ngalnst Bankhead In 1020.' Out In Nebraska the state Anli: utlli- ' "°" ! TI ' e Participants In Ilic game— ' "" ° r lllcl " celebrated »s cartoon- lie had n singleton 9 of Diamond* In ll:e closed hand which lie feared would disclose IliclC as a Kliifjlclon the moment It was played. If he ' . , -. ;•'- ^...n™,i- pliiye<l Dummy's Queen. South Ists inmi-'roiis wrlleM and talkers | «-oiil,l overtake, am! when he jmw -Incliidid: II. 1 Webster, who Mr. Mnclwmer's 9 full, 'would not needs no oilier introduction than [continue Hie Diamond suit, lest Mr. ; mention 01 his "lirldge" !1 " d '?"*"' -Porlralts"; cartoons Jelterson lime establish Dummy's 10. S3,o:n League and U» Machamer, father of the cartoon scries '•PrllliiB Putty", and other- JoglrarsTi7irivoiri!i"b7(o the ch't'lj wlcs known lo fame as the hllnr- suit, u-l,jch Declarer silw would give ions "Judcc Junior": Tony Sarg. ----- »uiim !,">. 'Judge Junior": cartoonist extraordinary, niiri ere- , ator of the Tony Sarg marlonetl(j> which lie himself has operated in most of.tlic copltols of the world; and 1'ral Li. Cooiier, otherwise "F. G, C." of "Life", whose fun-maklm; probably is done In more diltereiil ways Ihtin that ol any other professional humorist. Tlie cards weie; Mr. Webster. South, dealer: Spades. 9. 5. 2; Hearts. 7. C; Diamonds. A. K, 1, 6, 4. 3; Clubs, Q, 10. Mr. Maclinmer. \VVst: Spades. Q. 1, 4; Hearts, A, J, 10. 8. 5. 3; Diamonds, !); Clubs, K. C, 3. Mr. Sarg. Niinh: Spades, in. C. 3: Hearts, 9, 2; Diamonds. J, 6. 2; Clubs, A, K, .1. 8; Henri*. K.' C), 10, 8; Clubs. ! - . n n ™ «- jor smls, and the adversaries bitl- dlnf; H-.'arls, there was little hope of game for North nnd Rouih at cither minor. Mr. Cooper. East, also passed. He was strong enough to mention Spades, but saw no advantage In doliiB so when h-j hurt such help for his partner's major. Also he feared a shift might be taken iur = denial, and thus mislead his partner. Mr. Webster. South, pn.ej-.-d, giving the contract B ways TO __j ...„ „ ., ,. w , tu _ pie here, much as they disapproved his Jump to Smith, are nt>t bitler against him. Rumors that Rx-Govcrnor Samuel H. McKclvie, now on the Federal Farm Board, would be backed ogainU Norris in tlic primaries by fUndpat Republicans and organized drys are not as strong as they were. Wellington, luensely. interested in the political fate of Norris, has been he.iring more lately about Uie-pcsilb!t candidacy of State Treasurer Stebblns. Read Courier News Want, Ads. to Mr. Heart. ., Machamer, West, ni one Mr. Sarg opened the play with n "strengthening" card—the Jack of This Man Aged Sixty-five, Once Oltl Looking and Gray, Looks Like Only Forty Now GRAY HAIR UISAPPKAKKI) AFTKH USING REMARKA11LE NEW TONIC H:IK Made His Hair ITdok Wclll Groomed, Thick and i Youthful Machamer should rulT the second Diamond lead and at the same North and South three Club tricks if South led and North held the Ace. On the oilier hand, by plnylug a low Diamond from Dummy. Declarer hoped lhat Mr, Webster would allow North to hold the trick with the Jack. A shift lo the Clno suit, by North would not worry declarer, because the Cliiu lead In Hint case would be up tu his Kins nnd he would then be sure of lak- I"B a Club trick. Mr. Webster, when Declarer did not cover Ihe honor led with Dummy's higher honor, put on his thinking cap. Was this unexpected Dummy play a slip or did It Indicate deep nnd sinister motives on (he Declarer's part? Mr. Wetslcr could think of two causes that might have produced the unexpecl- ed play. Perhaps Dpclarer knew lhat Korih had no more Diamonds unil was forcing a shift, lo some other suit: or possibly Declarer had a vulnerable Club suit lhat he did not wish South to lead through. In either case it seemed wiser to Mr. Webster lo overtake Ins partner's Jnck of Diamonds with his own King, even In face of the Qucen-10 In Dummy. Declarer played the 0. Deciding thai Declarer's 0 was a singleton, Mr. Webster shifted lo the Queen of Clubs for his lead. Declarer did not think it probable lhal South wns leading from the Ace-Queen, as with thai much strength in addition to Diamonds headed by Ace-King, South would have been likely lo reblil his Diamonds. Therefore Declarer placed the Ace of Clubs in Ihe North hand There was only'one division of ihc adverse Clubs that seined at all probable to (be Declarer tliat would get him out of (lie hole in which the Club lead had placed him There was a slim chance that South had Queen-Jock of Clubs, a doublet™,- in that case a caver b'y Doclarev would force South to Wort the suit wi'th*.second round. So Wc.,1 plnyed his King; .N'orth Ihe Ace; nnd Dummy the Deuce North won_ the next two wicks with the Jack ami y O f clubs South discarding /th<> r> U ce of Spades on Uic Club a. To trick five- North led Ihe e of Diamonds. In the hope that Declarer liad oi'C more of Ihc suit. Dummy playwl Declarer then led the 5 of Ilmu Uio 10; South the Ace; and Declarer rulfed with the Trey O f ij M ,ts. Dummy with the Quten, and 'Soutii with the li. Declarer ihen placed his hand face up on the tnb!e lo Khav dint he could W lu the rest ol the trk-ks, which ihe ndvi-i<-arU-i tonccdi-d. Declarer . scored three- odd, with 24 for tricks, and 50 above the line for his five honors divide' Mr. Work (hen had u word to soy about the bidding of ( h e imiid Mr. Webster's opening bid \va.s sound, and uould have been HI i-id he held only five Diamonds to me Ace-King, instead of six. His Did told his partner that, he had tii:> requisite two quick tricks lor an original bid; and had he not bid the Diamonds Mr. Sure would nai have known which suit, to open ngalnst the adverse bid. Unices Mr. Surg had .started with a Dinumnu the game could riot havc? : been saved. If Mr. Cooper, East, fiad t:<kc-i, out his partner's Heart with a No- Trump, and had the bid heli! (which Is unlikely, considering West's six-card major and singleton Diamond). Mr. Cooper would have made game (six Hearu,- four Spades, and one Diamond), if South had led Ills fourth-best Diamond. But had Mr. Webster* ai- .Islic temperament induced him fj lead the Queen of Clubs, his side would hove won the first seven Irlcks. But Mr. Cooper, In not blildlii" the No-Trump, made the bid iliat will be a winner In a majority of cases. With King and Queen and one other of partner's major suit, and a defenseless suit, innny more games will be made at purtner's suit than at No Trump, because of the defenseless suit. At Conliact, South would open the contracting with a Diamond West would bid the Heart, and North would pass, just as in 'Auction; but East, with his strength, i must bid. For the some reasons as given in Auction for preferring a Heart call. a. Heart jump would seem to be the wisest bid. East should say three Hearls, which West would surely jump to fo-.L-. The play would be the siimc us in Auction. After his comments on the game. Mr. Work turned the microphone over to the'four contestants, win proceeded to explain, each In his Inilinllable way, Ihe reasons that acteatcd him to make Ihe brilliant play.s that have been described. We quote the four-humorists'ver- batim, beylimhig with Mr. Cooper. "The radio audience rhlghl be interested to know lhat we four played together several times 'foget In practice for this game. Jeff boat them so often In practice that he finally offered lo go grand slam In any siilt they wanted. Many a lime I have seen him go Ilftce:v or twenty -tricks over his bock, 'just playing >eft-handcd. He's wonder fill. "The first lime we played. Webby sorted his hand, took ouf'tlu three worst cards and tossed them fnce down on the (able, saying 'GImmo three cards.' We imlurally thought he had absent mindedly lapsed into |>okcr, but It developed that the thought all games were played practically the same as poker, which he had but recently almost learned lo play. We all worked on him feverishly lo get him fin some sort of shape for this par; ty. The strain wns particularly hard on Tony. "You nre to be congratulated on not seeing Tony, just before his first lead, trying lo recall what his partner bid. It was terribly pathetic. Webby noticed his predicament, pulled out his diamond scarf pin and Jabbed Tony in the knee with it. Tony jumped and the Jack of Diamonds accidentally fell from his hand. •Tony's lips started lo quiver. Webby glared at him. but Mr. Work shook Ills linger at him very severely and he braced up. "My partner. Jeff, ignoring the Half 8 Ton of Pork ,=—_____., ^ _JV|DNESDAY, JANUAKYJ, i!)M You could get a lot o£ pork chops Ifom iho loins o( this hoi! He's a purebred Duroc boar owned tjy Fred Lnytud «jf Midland. Kail. The giau', hoK, welching more than half a ion, measures seven feet seven i"cUcs from stem lo stern, »nd is used for breeding purposes. Hlg offsprliiK art Uit tuiaireds. -Tlie boar Is shown here Vfltfc Alka Lautad, a dausM«r ot Dis owner. rouj;li work of our opponents, naturally made his play exactly right. l)iit the opposition wns now' so demoralized by ihDli- bad start, and our self-possession that Webby forgo', whether to follow suit or raise the bet. "Mr. Work came to their rescue Just in time. He finally nsked ms to vacate my chair, so he could sit there and watch Wcbby's and Tony's plays for them. Of course the',- nrc not used to big-league Bridge, ns Jetr and I are, nml v,-e really felt, sorry for them, but Jed wns nondcrfiil. He was- my partner." Mr. Mnchninrr rolla» p ed his partner. Mr. Cooper, with these, comments: "I hate post niortems; but this EQUIP, was a sickening exception, anil I've get to be upset, about II. My discussion relaiive to the peculiar Hrldgr- systems of Messrs. Webster and Sarg cannot, be termed "post jiiortrai'-^'autopsy' Is a. better u-ord. "Mr. Webster Is so tall than when he appeared before the game wearing a new hat, Mr. Cooper asked him who was living in the new penthouse. Mr. Sarg Is short and constructed along the lines of a uoii-tlppnblc roly poly ash tray. When Mr. V^bster sits down, he still appears to be standing up. When Mr. Sarg sits down he disappears from sight and it looks like a three-handed Bridge game. You can well imagine how contusing this situation was to Mr. Cooper, my superb partner, and myself.' "For instance,—during a rehearsal for this game—and. there had to be a rehearsal to teach Mr> Sarg the names of the various cards- Mr. Webster opened with a Spade bid—1 followed with a bid of two Clubs—and then a voice said 'two Spades: The sound came from under the table opposite Mr. Webster. My excellent partner, Mr. Cooper, awl I thought for a minute thai. we were attending a seance—tut, of course, it was Mr. Sarg sitting out of sight and slightly under the table. I believe that Mr. Webster's tallness enables him to gel a bird's-eye view of every hand at the table, and that when lie is Dummy, he works a system of signals with his partner. These signals are songs. When Mr. Webster bursts into 'Button Up Your Overcoat,' he means that Mr. Cooper has th.* Ace of trumps and Lo finesse like everything! When Mr, Webster sings 'Why Can't ; Fina My Lucky Sta'. he means that, he's looked through all the hands and can't locate the King of Clubs—and then Mr. Sarg looks on the fioor to see If he's dropped it. and, bless my soul, he usually has! "I know all me men listeners are just thrilled to know what >ve men are svearing. Mr. Cooper, my stunning partner, is wearing evening dress of the current convention. Mr. Webster Is dressed in a take- out discarded suit, which was especially designed for him by Omar the Tentmaker. Mr. Sarg is smirk- ly attired in a yellow and black checkered outfit which, from a distance, makes • him look like a gyp taxicab or a grand slam. I am wearing a strong looking suit of ii-orsteti material trtilch makes me look very well set. indeed!" Mr. Sarg then ventured these remarks: "I don't think it's very good tactics for a man n-ho mtxis his mustache to criticize the appearance ol others. You know the old proy^ erb that people who look into loot', ing glasses In their houses shouldn't throu- wise cracks. Outside of thai mustache our opponents are just ordinary—medium «ize. medium build and medium intelligence— except at the Bridsc table. • "Mr. Cooper certainly displayed a real sense of humor on one occasion today, though, when he wai not trying to be funny. It was when he said Mr. Machamer was a great card player. If you can top that one for comical remarks, I'll eat tlic cards. "Mr. Webster and 1 scored a moral victory—particularly Webby, for the opposition had nearly all of the good cards. Webby really figured out all of his good plays in the way Mr. Work said he did, for he is a truly great card player. He Is greater in fact than the man who invented the game, for he is the one who caused the same to be invented. Webby had drawn those wonderful Bridge cartoons of his for some two or three hundred y«rs before there ever was such a-., thing as Bridge. Card players learned from (ncse cartoons how much fun there would be in such a earne, and so somebody just naturally went ahead and invented it, 'Webby, of course, knew all about the game before it was ever played. I have heard It said that in the first few years before anybody elsi- was expert, lie never lost a trick. Even once when the other side held the Ace of trumps he played his hand so skillfully that he fooled the man ir.lo revoking with it on the next to last, trick. 50 that when the revoke penally of two tricks was applied, Webby had a grand slam. Even now he never loses a trick If it can possibly b? taken. 'Our opponents tonight were lucky. They juit happened to make ti few right play.s by reversing their usual system and trying to play wrong every time. If they nad tried to play right, Webby would have made a defensive grand slam against them, as Is his custom when ths opponents are foolish enough lo bid against him." Last, but not least, the radlc audience heard from Mr. Webster as follows: "I appreciate what my partner lias said about my game, even if lie did lay it on pretty thick. He's ifTlletrd with a case of false mod:sty this time, though, or he would have admitted tiie fact, that several times lie made correct plays himself. "He really Is a most satisfactory kind of partner to have, for lie has a way of inspiring his side-kcik Most of you have noticed the remarkable facial expressions he puts on the various characters he'draws. He learned these expressions by studying his own before a mirror, using the same tactics Jeff does on his mustache. He lias developed so many expressions by means of hard practice that he always has one for any occasion. If his partner start to gel rattled, he flashes a special sardonic grin which in effect says 'Fie on them!', if the partner threatens to become careless, or hasty, or too studious, or over-confident, or K'hac-have-you. he always selects the proper scowl] grimace, frown, sneer or smirk to |)ut him back on the right, track. So no wonder II a man happens to play fair Bridge with his as a partner! "Tony used personalllies on our opponents merely as a counler-at- tack because they had used them on him and me. When we are playing Bridge we don't really pay any attention at all to who is opposed to us. esiwcially if they arc people of no consequence except as supposedly funny guys. "I don't believe Tony would object if I gave the real inside dope RITZ THEATRE Thursday, Friday and Saturday-. Wonderful Storyj— F in (he South Corns Come Out Without Murmur; Pain Gone At Once—Guaranteed. WAFERS TfllN AS PAPER SHOES DON'T HURT "I never saw their emial." Yank corns light out by the roots and never a pain or sting. It's a joy to stick an "O-Joy corn Wafer" on a tender, achy corn. Away goes pain immediately and then later outcomes callous, corn, roots and all. Slip shoes right on—they won't hurt. O-.Joy Corn Waters are thjn as paper, stop using ugly burning acids and doughnut plasters. Thousands of people tortured with corns have joyfully praised O-Joy Wafers. Results absolutely guaranteed, six wafers for 10 cents. At leaning druggists. Adv.—5 Runs for Senate ^•> r Tlsfc Democrats ut North Carollu. uit to stage the Smith-Hoover felii all um- agaiu us Joslah \Y. Ual<ey, above, of Raleiglt, lias .'muuficeo as a candidate against Scmiior f. M. Simmons, who is atekim; re- elt-ctlou for & sistti term. Utiley stumped tht state for Al Smith lasi I year, whereas Senator Simmons oi>- ^. posed the, New Yorker. Simmon . had been unopposed for Hie Dtuw - cratic nomination siuce 1'Jl-. on this game. He and I had It alt fixed up that we would try to b? funnier than our opponents tonight, and 1 believe we have succeeded, Our plan was to cause Jelt Machamer to play the hand—although he really should be the Dummy instead of Fred Cooper— and then to let Jed make game. We leave it to you radio listeners —can any of you Imagine anything funnier than the Idea of a terrible dub like Jeff making game?" Guns Make Fertilizer NEW YORK W'j-A peace time use for cannon barrels, says H C Sherman, Mitchell professor of chemistry at Columbia university, it to make high pressure reaction' apparatus for producing ammonia salts for farm fertilizer. KING VIGOR'S daring drama of Negro life/ One of the Greatest Pictures Ever Filmed Filmed Memphis, West Memphis, Wilson, Ark. and vicinity DON'T MISS IT! 'Comedy and News .Matinee, .10-35c Night, 15-lOc RITZ Last Time Today "Glorifying- the American Girl" HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday IHER AND SON" Comedy and News Admission JO und 2ac although i)cople who hnrtivt seen me for sometime K'lnnrfccrt right away how much youn?er and better I was looking. I'll admit it, made me look more like forty than sixty-five, and so I've goi no kick "I had occasion to apply for a position not long ago and I noticed -. - - • •- ••••" "" ""•'• the men though gray haired them-1 ™«"»e- Nearly every gray hair selves, took one look at my gray 11? m - v llcad cll! "'g«l tack and so hair which gave me an aired an-1 ?J C con . tl . n "? fl to use it now and as old. It Isn't fair but It's true, no matter how much a person denies it," declares Mr. Max Gablsr. well known Florist of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, -Route 6. "My general health'and appearance Is good, but the gray hairs give away my age (65). so I quietly began nibbing a HU!e Lea's Hair Tonic Into my scalp each night with my finger 1 tips. 1 figured-that even though friends recommended it, that it was some'sort =lluu , u IKSlla ™ ^"OUB. dye or pure bunk, but tive guarantee by »<« ..,r.,,™ „„ i..,- i.- ... crerywherj! no ;^ o _' Gabler. Lc.Vs Hair Tonic is a clear, colorless liquid one massages Into the scalp and seems to stimulate nature back en the job of giving you a healthy, vigorous growth of even colored youthful appearing hair in place of streaked or gray patches. It Is nmazinr how one's appearance Is Improved. It lakes years from ycur age and so harmless nnd simple lo use no one should hesitate. It I? f o!tl on posl- gan gradually getting darker and like the rest. After using three bottles hair was the same youthful color, full of life and -splendid looking and the change came so gradual folks seeing me «r«7 day nevw noticed Ihe change SMn cash, check or stamps for bottle and directions, return rr.all backed up by printed guarantee of mcr.ey back question if It fnils. You are sole jurlgc. Sent C. O. D. parcel post, Uc extra. Lea Tonic Co., Rrcniwond. Mr. Adv. Our Guarantee WE WILL NOT BE UNDER-SOLD Regardless of any sales oiling may hold you may conic here knowing that our prices are as low or lower than any you may obtain elsewhere. If you find the same merchandise—styles, quality and workmanship considered, "elsewhere at a cheaper price than you have purchased it here, we will glad- ly refund the difference. This guarantee applies to all merchandise bought on date of purchase only. This guarantee "We will not be undersold" will be a part of our policy in 1930. The Grand Leader Style, Service, Quality at a Price OUR CLEARANCE SALE IS NOW GOING ON

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