Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 27, 1957 · Page 39
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 39

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 39
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Thursday Evening, June 27, 1957. COMMISSIONERS AND CIRCUIT COURT CLAIMS JVl.? TEK.II, 1037 Th» following claims have been filed In this office and will be prenented to the Board o! Com- j of Caa« County at their r':Kular session. Monday, July i, I'JoT. Also included are those certified lor payment by tho Judge of the Ca.'is Circuit Court: Elizabeth iiieker, clerk's per diem Genri;e W. Cline, clerk's deputy salary ; Thelma !>. Leonard, Same-., jleten Terry. Same Beuiah it. Hall. Auditor's Jjeituty Salary Klizabeth C. .Means, Same .. Sharon S. Krusliour Auditor's Clerk Salnry Kirk \Vell.«, Auditor's exlr;i help wase Clareiir-e K. Sel ti'.-myre. Treasurer's I'er I_)i*-ni .. Aun-s K. bahlll. Treaxur- t-r's Deputy Salary Kerriice \. Settlemyre, Sai; "Wild* U. .Sutt.jn, Same .... Stewitrt C-ordon,, lleeorder's I'er djem . St'-wart tinrdon, llecorder's O. K. Carson, Sheriffs car- allowance 125.00 O. It. Carson. Sheriffs meals for prisoners 560.60 Radiotelephone Co., Sheriff's repair of equip. ... 115.37 O. Jl. Carson, Sheriff's serviny processes Sc-ar.4 ItoebucU Co.. Sheriff's office .supplier O. ]{. Carson, .Sheriff* Lransp. <.,f insane Chase and .Miller Mort. Same 228.00 .MrCloskey & Hamilton ', Mort., Same 280.0D,.M. U. Stewart, M. D. Sher- iSJ.noi iffn medli'ii] 225.0U j riir-h:ir(J^on Cleaner*. Sheriff's uniform maintenance :«<>.»<'; Ci-nornl Telephone (,'o. -uo.uoj .Sheriff's Telephone Carl H. Mohy, Surveyor'!*Mill-ill;', Pliarlec L>. Murjiliy. Same .. tJ. K. JOlliott. Surveyor's 1)11 ' 18.75 :;i.oo m.oo . 2r,o.oo . 22o!ou Lin 'U-proiIiiclinns ilclen r.andolph. Kecord- t-r'n deputy saiftrv Anna 1.. i'.inwle, Saine Clra, a JjOokwalter, iteci.rd- er's' extra h.'lu wa^v O. It. Carson, Sheriffs l'*r di-m Kdwai-d I.. Kins, Sherifl 1 .-. deputy sahiry EUHMril 1.. KlnK. Sc 'Icput Surveyor's off. supp. ... LoKanMi'ort Metal Culvert Co. Surveyor's field fc tile- dilch supp .............. I KnKinfTln™ Const. Co. Sur- 22S.W veyor's npm , illtr.li repair I James B. I'IpetlBer, Snr- 22.1. 7j| veyor's tile, ditch repair • Kr-d Uakcr. Same ......... 210.HO ! iMvJtrbl Xcff, Samp ....... , r Cnlidon, Supt. ls jjostawe ......... ral Telephotie C.'o. Supl. Sch C Sch Chal 28.71 . I'lO.O 3*0.80 10.00 U7.00 20.00 2J.CII 32. IH Is Telepiion i-r Cuiiiinn, Supt. o]j< I nl ve! ?,'jl>.<Jlj; llf'ndrlcjks ITIntlnW Co.. --- ..-- Snpl. Schools prt^ it Hupp 121.03 r (Hem 1«2.<)» Hi : nilrl'-k.i I'riiniriK Co. )li-:,ltli Orritcn Orili.'la! liefordH 4'J.2; 1-jduar ii. Cart, AH«e.snor'H «<.>i>,»l 13.'2 Medl'ind J ind J',,,vcm:i n Ciim-t .00 Sher- iry per diem _ Davis, Sheriff"x (i'-p- iii y srtlnry 300.00 Lionel liavis, Slicriffn dtp- uty tier dl'Tn U1MJO Su*., n c. Tiirnp.'iiiKl iff." clerk depuly Selmar Chapman, hli erneiKency deputy wa^y. ",'i.oiij [loiif-'e household ... KUKeiif .M. Davi:', Same .. & fl (lf) ll;i rris ( ;> :t .ss Cr)., Court Win. W. McCnne, Same .. . i.no ||,,UHe 'Jliitrli...i .Murphy, Surveyor's per Diem 228.00 Oarf P.. .Mosx. Surveyor;* College Showboat Prepares for Cruise HIRAM, Ohio—Soon the last floating showboat in existence will slip away from shore to begin .its annual tour to recapture the mem- cries of a bygone era. The Majestic, owned by Hiram College, will' spend .the summer cruising rivers in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana, presenting entertainment popular decades ago. During the tour professors and students of the college recreate the riverboat days by presenting two old-time melodramas. This year the.players' will present "The Lure of the City; or The Girl Who Ran Away" and "Lust, Lucre and Liquor; or Virtue Unbesmirched." Each evening's entertainment is topped off by six acts of vaudeville, in accordance with former riverboat shows. The Majestic, entering its ninth season, serves as a floating,classroom for one of the most unusual college cou'rses in' the United States. In the Hiram College catalogue it is listed .as ing Theatre." Aboard the ship the nine Rochester The Foster and Good ambulance took Mrs. Wayne Kamp and baby son from the Woodlawn hospital to their home east of Athens, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dashford and son, Floyd, of Fairbury, 111;, were overnight guests of Mr. and j Mrs. T. E. Holland,' Tuesday. j Mr. and Mrs. Ben Geib returned Sunday morning from a weeks stay in Chicago. Mr. Geib was attenc- gainst "Wesley Ferris, Kewanna; Robert Teter, and Leonard Goodman, both of Rochester and Robert Thomas* Kewanna. Mrs. LeRoy Denton suffered minor burns on.her face and neck Wednesday, wjien she attempted to re-light her oven, and an explosion followed.. Admissions to Woodlawn Hos- Mrs. Rawland Kamp, 625 East 12th street. sonnel of Cities Service Oil Co.i Mrs. Geib shopped and visited relatives and friends. While in Chicago they resided at the Del Prado Hotel. Their children, Ronald and Lorrina, were guests of their-, grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Arten, of Brooks, Indiana, during their parents absence, returning home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Adamson and son, Teri Lynn, were week ,end guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Adamson and family, of Bedford. They all attended the Adamson Family Reunion at that city, on idianapolis; Mrs. Merle Coilins, Ho- st'u- ' irf . . Salary .Tnhii I'. CrlKptMi, Same. CJhalmer Condoit, Supt. wchool.s S» lary ,.. . Margaret llarniou. Snpr. Schools Ijeputy salary .. ilarlon fJllhertJ'nn. Attendance Officer Salary Charles Billiard, Health Officer Salary J. Ste-wart ljuchanan, County Assessor l'*;r diem }ferU Kissel. Couitly A-- nexsor deputy salary ... Aune.K K. l.'liase. Kel Twp. Assessnr Salary •.••,., deputy assessor salai-y .. Charle.ie Haley, Kel Twp. Assessing depu'.y v/at;o . Intr deputy waue Mildred Llewellyn, SiUnc . Anna KillK'le. Same Krtllh Uiii-mitt. Same Clarence IlrlBtf.H. Same ... linn Ham-it, Same Carole Xehrinic. Twp. Ixiplity J '.... "_! ' . Sa/ne G<:orK» H. ICihcock. 1'ron- eenLor salary I'Vank K. Tolliert. I'rose- i-nlor deputy salnry . . . . JuaniliL Srnilh, 1'rosecutor C]ei k Sala ry Klitene Kinllh, rV.irl House Ciis'uiIiHn Salary l-'rli-da Smith. Court Moii»« Ass't Custodian Salary.. Kvelyn 1. Carson. County Jail Matron Salary Carl Rashore, Coijntv Jail Turnkey Salary Hazel A. Helton, Same. . . . . Wendell .V. Frey. Cnunly Home. Supt. Salary rjenevit Frey, County Home .Matron Salary Charles A. liallard. Cnnnty llomn I'hyslclun Salary .. Mildred Krey, County UOIIID cool; salary Isaliei;*! flush. Same V,'ill.ur 1'iiyne, County Hr.nifl nurse, salary Jlelen V. Perry. Coun'y l!i.m« extra help waj;e .. JIe:-l,ert I 1 '. Siriall, County AiJorney Salary Orville M. Thompson. Hoard of Cevle.w wa«e IMlfar !''• Snyder, Same .... Charles IJeiinetl, Ws-li arid Measiire-t Salary Kll7.nl.olh Uleker, Cli-rkl I'o-laKl C...i!enil Telephone Co. i-Merk's Telephone Helidrteks I'rinllnj; Co. Clerk's mat. it. prlK. ofr. s_npp. ....... K.' w'. (iolil', Audllor's p HK«. j — Auditor's telephone Ilendrl.-l'.s i'rintlnK Ci Auditor's hlndliiK, »ss ft. off. Hllpp S:ew;.rt riuchannn, Auditor's spr. aHuessInwr exp. Ci-nrrnl Telephone. Co. Trn'iMiirer's lelephone . Clarence U. Si-It Inniyr". St'-wart <;i»rd posl aKe fieniTiil Telephone Co. Kccorder's Telephone .. Hendrlcks I'rlllllim Co. He. corder'a off. ri-i:., off. O. I:. Cf'irfinn. Slierlff's nille a f;i% pfir diem Kdwarrt f,. K'.nK. Sheriff' d'-puty inileaKe per d!en Lionel [. Jiavls. Same ... <;ei,..rnl Tclephnne i'o. Slinrirr-n telephone O. U. Carson. Shi'i'lffK I ra nsporia lion 210.00 2S:..00 M J .CO 200.00 310. <!0 .... ..... . ............. dents who are members of the per-' •xi'i"" I ' l coriVori 1 ' 1 roun Struci450-S8 |manent crew and 40 other students '' '" " ''""""• --"- — 'who are aboard for part of the tour perform 'all the traditional functions of showboating acting to grocery, buying, . 3.71 " iVouii'tv ".ia'il Telephone .. Hi.60 .V,11 horn Ind. I'ul). Serv. I'uiin-.i- Jail lias 27.75 Charl-'-s .1: S'-hmlilt, t'oun- ly Jail rf-pr. lildK finlpli David, Inc. County Jill! repr. hide: household 125 88 fahimljo Distrihnt in!-' Ci IV Jail household .Star Laundry, County Jail 1 1.01 4B.01 3.70 1S.<0 31.20 onrler l-:\press, Inc., County Koine freight I'leneral Telephone. Co., „,.. County Home leiephon - 1 ' 1 ' 1 " Small's riitkery, Cnunly II,,me l.akery prodiicls Tanuuy's Hairy. Connly H ,me mllfc Hull checsn .. J.12.7 Hnllei and Pnrrer. l.'ounlv Home food n ml houmihold 519.! gtoney l'!l:e Market, County Home meat processing . . . gnality. Iric. County Home meat processii •rreastirer State of Ind. Connly Home foorl .... ea<ey 'Coal Co. l..'olinly Home fuel T.wi-lv,- Mile Skeluas. Same .•icu Klatlon Cotinly Hoine ^a«. A. oil ulomolive Service Inc. Coun- IV lloini. ensen Itnplenient Co. Cf,un!.v Home truclor silppll(:H -\Vatcner Surendorf Inc. Home Household ',ducts. Same ; niodlcal /C- liousehold Hard ware Co. Cotin- llome household Cou nl y from Jr., Macy, are the parents of a son. Mr. and Mrs. Cirk Livengood,! Tippecanoe, are the parents of a' .daughter. Wednesday in the Kulton County clerk's office marriage licenses were issued to the following persons; James W. Brown, Anderson, and Phyllis C. Rogers, Rochester. William G. Gates and Shirley Hammond, both of Rochester. Communications Commission.! .Lynn L. Ladson, Mentone, and President Eisenhower announced!Judith N. Dillman, Rochester.* he intends to name FCC member i Larr V E. McKee and Sally Swi- John C. Doerfcr of Wisconsin to: hart, both of Argos. FCC CHAIRMAN RESIGNS WASHINGTON "(UP)—George C. McConnaughey resigned Wednesday as chairman of the Federal Wayne Kamp and son, Akron; Mrs. Curt Bailey and son, R. R. 3; Fred Kirby, Akron; Mrs. John Peterson and daughter, Knox. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kindig, Mentone, are the parents of a son. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cook, Silver Lake are the parents of a son. Fulton county lists the names of four drivers whose license has been suspended by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles: they are, Guy N. Anderson, 1434 Main 'street; Burl B. Keel, Jr., R. R. 1, Rochester; Guy L. DeTurk, Box 2G4, Rochester; and Richard Ault, Akron. Jack Slagle, owner of Siagle Motors, local Oldsmobile Agency has sold his business, located at 528 Main street, to Tom Baldvjin of Rochester, following final approval of General Motors Corporation. The business has already been taken over by Baldwin and will be known as Baldwin Motors. Slagle is presently working with Courtwright Motors in Kekomo, and his family have returned to Goshen. The new owner has employed Ed Richard as chop foreman and Jerry Barren as service department employee. The Baldwins and children reside at 437 West Eighth street. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Fifteen Fort Wayne Bishop Institute Speaker ' SOUTH 'BEND (UP) — Bishop Leo A. Pursley of Fort Wayne today was announced as Russian Submarines Sold to Egypt Have "Atomic Capabilities" ABOARD THE U.S.S. SALEM in the Mediterranean (UP)—At least two of the three submarines sold Toll Road Terminal To Get More Lanes INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Th» Indiana Toll Road Commission announced today it will construct four additional traffic lanqs at the western terminal of the cast-west •by Russia to Egypt have "atomic superhighway in Hammond be- capabilities," U.S. Chief of Naval j cause of a Lrarfic congestion. r ' 1 r»rr:..:-!„ __:j n i .. . . Operations Adm. Arleigh said today. Burke said two of the subs delivered recently to Alexandria by the Russians "have far more range capacity" than would be needed for patrolling the Gulf of Burke! omcials said they hope to have 'the new lanes at the Westpoint Toll Plaza in operation by the July 4 weekend. They explained Aqaba or the approaches to (he Suez Canal. Records showed about 34 per cent of all traffic cither entered _ , ... „ , , . ,„ .. , or left the loll road at the western kpvrtole Burke ' sa ' d ' ie d° ubl fd' lhat terminal during the (ifst four , e nst ^"™^Z?'L? 0 ^ VI ; , !™nlhs at this y^ear. the new lanes were necessary because traffic was heavier than at any of the other H interchanges along the 156-mile turnpike. speaker at the fifth annual InsLi-: t ; le submar ines. But he said the . tute of Spirituality at the Univer- ' lwo big "W" class subs trans- i - ; - - • • — - • ••--• --• sity of Notre Dame Aug. 7-13. j (erred to Egypt were More than 800 superiors andL nough .. lo carry atom j c niissile novice mistresses of women's re-!] almc i,; n g equipment, ligous orders were expected to at •tend 'the lessons under ship of Notre Dame's b .| g Read the Classified Ads . department. Theme of the institute is "The Apostolate of the Sisters." I those launching devices. succeed him. Jack Lee d-b-a Credit Bureau of Fulton County filed suit !n Ful-j ton Circuit Court on account, a- FAVORITE HOLIDA Afenf Trent Grand DucheSS STEAKS DINNED, SANDWICH AND MCADED 9TIAXS Picnic Casserole Sf»'cnfc forMolher, too! nl U. WilHun, .Same , . . Si. .r. Morrlcul, bumc '. ., 9.t;o i (,Iuirl(!H J,. yiney, humts 10. L. l-Ied<lu, Hume 3.40 -John i;. 'Davl.s. Hurnu .. .tlnriftii Jfathliaiicr. Same Thnmpho Jltil li. Maim. WMneHH [COM (Je ne nil T Hit! phi UK; Co. J uiiK'i'.'n Telephone I'rliiMiiK Co. Cir. HUPP Verdi. l.t. titnli.li, Wcfare ir SuiiU-y Ki L rt':rl.y, Welfju-o • Salary 275.0(1 2 'tii '• J'Vfiucu.H Fjjujty. H;in)e i Kiiln, Wciraro oli;; 1 1 »ii.ljiry [KfiincRH lia.l, SuniH 7 2n i CJ(in«rjil 1'eltphonr; Co. i i.-l 1 VVi-lCur*; Ti:l(![)li<j!t« .y, Witiritra IriivhllriK cXpiriiHii I-'j-;inci!« h'lniMiy, Sninu Vuff.l It. Smith, Kunih ?,T. .10 ' J Uhl.-t Kn.lp, Kami* Hall. Siimi! 'rlnilnx Co. \V«1 fiirn Uffh:n lndt; L niL rinlvui-Hlly .Mi-ti. C«n- H!i-, Wiiiruro crhirilud clill- dr*) Muruly, Wi;lf!irc as !«'.. (.\t-.n. child I-:. PH'/tKurali!, Hiime . . C;LHM <'o. (JrphanH l-lorm: Wul- analHi.. tic p. child. In.st In<!, 1,'nlv. Muil. fan: flnttpiljil Ojinniilnriftiit I 871.70 lfff;k«r. lt«K. Off. |'«r JJluni .. 01.25 H. -Kli-HllriK, HiMi'. T)f'|)uiy Hilary 175.00 J, Mtcwarl UiiL'hanun, In!jf:r- ltiuif!<! Tux J'tfjn—ann( 1 nnorl02.1.2 r ISlmcr Hlnirnai], Mil pi. Diuilfl M. Ilo;iklr way HHH'L Hiiiil. r, .(JniiailMn M 1.. (JfirljIT int !:irn'-r f'hiirli-H .M;i rv I-'. f.-rcil Kli I i:il» fljirdy. Ki Iri-in; I'.y '«.««•rr^":i,'; i ; l "M n ,.,-n-. V i:Nl ly n Swiiiclsiir 1 So-man OM <Jr :"•. K. I'a Srlinol M- It. Stf IHIlIp Hllp, ^VILK" : II. UnrUiiarl. Kan ,'fitlowfiy, K;triHj . i'.i-iiti)'U' t Sanift . , A1 hcrt JJ 1 . i n i til, Kii.ii i» . .. f JHJI. Cciirhii r:., Hjim'i Murl llnmli^rK. Hanin Nrjthcrcutl, SILIIH; l.«iHH'.r M. Snhlcc, Hurni. .. f »:u'!ir l.i:n Sn Dlcliy I .mi Ai Illind W»K« SoniiK'1 llnrrlM. HUITH. KiiK'ini! W. llolvln, Sumo UNCO VS'llllnrri Mnl«, H.'inir fucll Nfitli'irfult I., BLEACH Now specially made for DETERGENT WASHES! Not only whitens and brightens . . . but actually removes dirt detergents don't touchl makes bathrooms tparW'mg clean. Iliifliil y ll.ilor- Funl Tax DIvJMri IKhWllV I'lcHt'l riK-l linn Harvlr.a UM I-'". HlKliwny DlimiH !':!•{ :IHKM (Ji-n.u'jil 'I'h'tj <;N.. MlKliwuy tl' 1 "" ""'I l»l""' IH».""' Tlrn Horvlc-u Cn., Humn ... K.0.12 MiinilrlrlcH I'l-lllllllK ''". HlKll- w»y MIII: IniHM'y find IH-IK. 2'J.iKi rmlniicl Inu 1 UnnHt. Co., IliKll- \vtty rtjnlnl nf it(|ulp. ^t nlr foinproMHOi' 1057..iO Wltflil Niifr, lllKliw.-iy ri-nlnl i,r i..(|iilpini!i 87.0(1 Krni Slcinii C'J. JIlKh- i»» '('mi n I y' SI n iii) i ; ii.' Si'i riii-T I 7<. I.( (iondlur, lllKliwuy vi..l lihuinlnnUH in •. H-.niullnri C-i. 80B0.1IO l.trlul Sinhli C'oi Wnir Hnnily Mlxc'il I Cn. Illj-.liwdy rofi !.1H6,»2 l-'ln ri-pr. Aninrli'iiii Hl«i!l Supply Corn niK'iw&y iniilntii liMjr hlitdiiH ft liiu-dwiiri! 3»<.<n rxoH« .McCiml tc.it lit MHIi.i- l-lffHullnl (.'nnHlmclfon hi- KHl niTVli'i;—(IlliliilB) .. . S77.r,(l llnnilrlukK Pi'lnlliiB ctn. MIIH- -]]||nl (.'mini. Iloiiil iirlnllnir 8EO.OO InillnnHiirilli Ciiminnrrljil, Iliixullnl (.'runt. Jlornl nilv l«.7r, 1 I, iUuhurd %V. Unhl, Atidli'ir i:»»» rounly .Ininiinii, du lnu'ithy ciM'it- fv Dmt Ihii HboVn JK n tj'il'J lind i.'iini|il«l<- H»t. of alultiiH Hlod. I" IMI lir«Hnin.ni! to tliii Tiiiurd n( <-om- nilMHloimrw <iT CJu^H County, Indl- nnii. til. thulr rnitiilnr indi'iliiK, .Miindny, .Inly I, l!ir>7. Alun Ini-lllil- i-d fii'ii lliynf: {-urtiritjfl liy llic. .InflKn i,! ttm CUM. Circuit ConrL lor pny- tnutit. P.lnlllird W. Onh; Auditor Cun» County, liidlann instant coffee that smells like coffee I New Instant Hills Bros Coffee with the original Tasle-Lok* that assures freshness Copyright H. I.C. Rich coffee aroma wafts from the cup - rich coffee taste lingers on your tongue —you get the full enjoyment of wonderful flavor in neW'Instant Hills Bros. Coffee. That's because we've found the way to capture the elusive flavor "esters"-the delicate flavor tones that are usually lost in processing instant coffee. And this coffee goodness comes to you fresh-packed in a flavor-protecting vapor which is locked inside the jar by an inner-seal of aluminum foil that keeps taste in, keeps air out ... Hills Bros, original TASTE-LOK*. Why not reward yourself soon with the full pleasure of this instant coffee that smells.and tastes like coffee? It's at food stores in 2-ounce and 6-ounce jars. HILLS BROS. COFFEE, INC.

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