Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 1, 1974 · Page 7
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1974
Page 7
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Monday, July 1, 1974 Uklah Dally Journal, Uklah Calif.—7 ONVDURHOURW Salad Beans Red Kidney, 15-oz. or Garbanzo, 15'/ J-OI. 4*1 Margarine Fleischmann's i Corn Oil—Cubes •lb. Carton Dill Pickles Zippy, Whole 48-oz. Jar Butter ' Lucerne Grade AA, Cubes 1-lb. Carton •ft Mayonnaise Nu-made Quart Jar Medium Eggs Grade AA Cream O' The Crop, Doi. Peanut Baiter Laura Scudder's OJd Fashioned - 16-oi. Jar Lemonade Scotch Treat, Frozen Concentrate— 6-01. (4 for 50c) (Each 13c) Spaghetti Sauce Ragu 15l/ 2 -oz. < icken Banquet Frozen 2-lb. $189 Mouthwash Cat Food 9 bfves, 6'/ 2 -oz. or • . Tuna, 6-oz. $| Fudge Bars C|< jflj|p\ Eskimo—6 Count <|jff JL Frozen Foods $ Mrs. Paul's Onion Rings Butter Brickie Bars Ice Cream Drumsticks ] Pepperidge F Aunt Jemima Fr French Fried Pa Captain's Choi AA* 79* Party Pride—& Count 79t Frosted Layer Cake—17-oz. $1.19 .i 69« fOeS Bel-oir-li-oz. 37< Sole Dinner— 10-oz. 77* inch 5-oz. Eskimo—6 Count WILL BE OPEN July 4th FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE OPEN 9—6 P.M. I Tom TurkeVS Pork Spareribs JM>< *?N WP y J V Frozen Fresh Thawed—Lb. W Smoked Hams fiQc Shank Half, 100% Hickory Smoked—Lb. WW Whole Fryers K< ^J|\\ Manor House, Flash Frozen Under 24 Pound Sizes USDA Grade A Foster Farms 1 Rresh, California Grown—Lb; flfoed^Platter—*-ol. 15c) A 8lend of Ground Beef and Textured, Hydrdted Vegetable Protein—Lb. Beer • Wine • liquor Dppr Brown Derby, Ifcoz. Coni— 4- Pack UBBI (Draft, 11-ci. lottles-e-Pack tie) Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Annie Green Springs PaulMasson Sangrol-E Wine 12oz. Cans—e Pack Country Wine—5th Rhine Castle Wine-^Sth Fruit Flavored Red Wine—5th Blended Whiskey ^ttt& i DnnrKnn Whiskey, Old Calhoun's, 86 Proof— Quart, DUUIUUII (Ten High. M Proof—Ouart.SS .4t) <* Liquor Available at Stores Marked L Only $1.27 $1.32 $1.09 $2.25 $1.29 $3.29 $4.99 Beef Plus Sausage Beef Pot Roast ChuckUnderB,ad Stew Beef Italian Style, Regular or Hot—Lb. Chuck Under Bla Boneless. USDA Choice—Lb. Boneless, USDA Choice Beef—Lb. Beef Wieners (Skinless Beef Franks, t2-bi. 5?c) 65< M.44 *1.19 M.39 73< Cuddhy—l'/Vlb. tn An (Holiday Ham—3-lb .S4 .79) '2.4V Canned Ham Sliced Bacon Plotter Style—Lb. _ J o / Safeway Boneless Brisket—Lb. V.Ornea beef (Corned Bottom Round Lb. SI. 3») C-.- —- • Foster Forms, California Grown Try Or rattS Breast*, Drumsticks or Thighs—Lb. C|;_»J Q_ Armour Mira Cure—1-lb. MICea baCOn (Thick Sliced—2-lb. 11.77) Gin or Vodka $J25 Stanton's Gin. or Kavlana Vodka 80 Proof—!/ 2 Gallon Raw Prawns Shrimpmeat Breaded Shrimp Jumbo Prawns Small In Shell—Lb. Trophy Brand Cooked it Peeled—8oz. Trophy—l-lb. Captain's Choice Raw— l'/i-lb. 98< M.29 88< 89< *1.79 99< '1.89 '4.99 CHUCK STEAK 77< Beef Shoulder Blade Cuf, USDA Choice— Lb. • ' ROUND STEAK $1 08 Full Cut, Bone In, USDA Choice Beef—Lb. • TOP SIRLOIN *199 Party Ice 7u,39< Party Pride 1 Marshmallows 7R< Kraft Jet Puff-^-16-oi. Poly Bag Iced Tea Mix $105 Nestea, Envelopes—10 Count "™> Mac. & Cheese 1Q< Golden Grain, Stir 'N Serve, 3%-oz. JL %0 Fresh Salads AC< Lucerne Potato or Macaroni, 15-oz. W%0 (In the Dairy Cose) Paper Plates 70< Brocade, White, 9-Inch—100 Count ,0 W Boneless Beef Steak, USDA Choice—Lb. WHOLE FRYERS QQ< Marior House Flash Froz. USDA Grade A—^Lb. CANNED HAM 5 £ $E99 Safeway or Dubuque • CHUCK ROAST RQ< Beef Shoulder Blade Cut, USDA Choice—Lb. "w ' Breaded Shrimp captain sch 0 ;ce-io Assorted Chops Pork Picnic Pork LeCJ Fresh Ham Rump or Shank Portion—Lb. Pork LOin RoaSt i/ 3 Pork Loin-Sirloin-Lb. Pork Butt Roast Porterhouse Beef Shoulder Beef Under Blade Rib Steak Small End. USDA Choice Beef-Lb Rib Eye Steak Top Round Steak Round Steak Round Steak Pork Loin—Lb. Shoulder Arm—Lb. Bone-In—Lb. or T>Bone Steak USDA Choice Beef Loin—Lb. Boneless Chuck Steak USDA Choice—Lb. Boneless Chuck Steak USDA Choice—Lb. USDA Choice Beef—Lb. Beef Round USDA Choice—Lb. Boneless Beef USDA Choice—Lb. Beef Round Bottom USDA Choice—Lb. '1.49 '1.29 69< '1.09 '1.09 89< '1.99 '1.49 «1.49 '1.89 '2.59 '179 '1.28 '1.69 Holiday Planners Pitted Ripe Olives Cucumber Chips Deviled Ham Spread Underwood—I'/j-oz Armour Vienna Sausage Salad Macaroni Diet Sodas Kool-Aid Town House, Select—6-oz. Fanning, Bread & Butter—M-or tfippy-1S.ox.40c) 5-oi. ' Golden Grain—2-lb. Oagmont—12-oi. Can (Shotta—12-ox. Can tic) 1 Sugar Sweetened Drink Mix Makei I Qyqrt— Envelope Sweetheart Cups ,££¥$& n , Sea & Ski Suntan Lotion Instamatic Film ™«f>*-**p«>>™-**i Kodak C110 Film Polaroid Colorpak Film T yP , ,«-Pack 4oz. (MEipoiur.i SUtj For Pocket Instamatics 12 Exposures—Roll 53< ASi 63< 43< 73< 14< 12( 85< $1.39 $114 $1.15 $4.19 I 1 From The Bairn Case Sour Cream Lucerne—Pint Lucerne Onion Dip For Chips—8-oz. Rods IMG* Dressing—Pint Cream for Whipping i^- Vl m Borden Lite Line Cheese Sin ptc^»a^! ic " 75< Sargento Cracker Snacks Sliced Cheese—6-oz. 75< Fresh Kosher Pickles Claussen—32-oz. Jar 99* 69< 43< 51 < 47< I Pound Everyday Needs Vita Crunch Granola Buttered Syrup Tree Top Apple Juice Safeway Coffee Edwards Coffee Edwards Coffee Hills Bros. Coffee Log Cabin—24-oz. 4-oz. Cans—e-Pack Pre-ground—2-lb. Bag Rich In Colombian Coffees Mb. Can Ground—2-lb. Can (Mb. Can St .31) Ground-2-lb. CO OC (Mb. *1.U) Oranges 1Q < GREAT JUICERS 5.||j Jgg, |J| (l/l-oi. Shack Favorites Scfeojning yellow Zonkers Pilisbury Food Sticks Toast 'Em Pop-Ups Big 6 Snacks Planters Peanuts •»'/,-oz. Toaster Pastry—10/j-oz. Bugles, Curly Crisps, or French Onion Supers—Regular Package Dry Roasted—12-oz. (Cocktail Peanuts, 12-ei. 13c) PeaniltS SpanMh,Planters-12-oz. Is* I It* ,M '"* d NU '' W " h , """ >U - X2 ' 0t - ,U " KOOl KOpS Ready To Freeze Bars—16 Count . 51* 65* 52< 59i 93( 73< 59r Kraft—18-oz. Cook~Out Suggestions Charcoal Briquets ,K32^&> $235 Wizard Charcoal Lighter Fluid Q ua „ 55* Barbecue Sauce Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce Tomato Catsup Town House—24-oz. Bottle Sweet Pickle Relish Ranch Style Beans 10-oz. Zippy—12 -oz.' IS-oz. Apples GRANNY SMITH FROM NEW ZEALAND Radishes &0. . OAl Gr. Onions Z Buncte$ Z}| < ItfTttt grid prices ifi this ad available thru July 4, 1974 at all Safeway Stores listed below: UKIAH 453 S. State St. WILLITS 845 S. Main LAKE PORT 1155 Main WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS YOU CAN ALWAYS DEPEND ON ^J% SAFEWAY

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