The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TT-tV, TTOM TW A Wf Matron *T»t>r» s\+\ k.mimTr ***»,« ._. ^^^-^^ V J ^^t^ VOLUME XXXVI—NO, 230. Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTHKA8T AHKANSA8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blylhevllle Dully News Will Proud Graf Spee Make "Suicide Dash Or Suffer Internment? Mississippi vmicy u-adcr JiLYTHKVlLUO, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DKCHMHHK faced talav the' .Iton J m of a "3 n ,„.!«„ ~1* .... _ll'..- i ,. . - ' '""^Hll, the inleni- ' There Mml Be Good Reason For Such Generosity .... guns of an allied licet war. "' proil(1 >shil) for ^ e <l»™liQu of llie European. Sunday night—c p. M, E.ST. i ~ ~" according to authoritative reports —was the deadline. H was reported that (lie British cruiser squadrons which had kept the death watch on the Grnf Spee steaming back and forth just ou 1 .- slde Uruguayan territorial waters, had now become nn allied fleet. It was reported though not confirmed that the French battleship Dunkerque, faster, larger, more powerful In every way (lion the Graf Spee. had arrived and was "standing by." The British battleship Barium was reported in the vicinity. British reports indicating that the battle cruiser renown and the aircraft carrier Ark Royal—with 60 fighting planes aboard—weve uing at forced draft to be in at the kill if the Qrnf Spee made ter was sel its dash. i tenant Hallum According to. all reports, Britain to "'? room. LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec. 16.- Licut. Sum p. Hallum of the Little Rock Police Department lind n unique- experience at the Texas hotel, near Fourth mid Center streets, Thursday night. teaming at forced draft to be in f ! »'eatcned violence unless the mat- at once. So Ueu- accompanled him Found Guilly In Attack Upon C. A. Cunningham; Baker Is Sentenced, A fine of $350 mid a jail term of one year, the latter held up l>v recommendation of the jury was fixed In (he verdict in the case of M. O. "Bad" Robinson, charged with assault with Inlcnl lo kill which was returned late yesterday iifler- iioon in the special session of circuit court. The Jury com-icled Hoblnson on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon as llie result of an nlte»ed attack on c .A. Cunningham ut- lorney, in a slreet altercation more than a year ago. ,,„,,„-,,-, ~ i Jiui &° °- E - Keck, who presided Called to the hotel he was met hi (he fuse-which opened Thin-* downstairs by an irate man fi-or • ' ' ls Pine Blulf who said his wife \vi... In a room upstairs with a man she said was her husband. He : man from tlay morning, instructed the jury ills wife was a verdict of not guilty or of pttiltv and Prance combined now' had off T!le woman admitted having mar- the mouth of the river plate a rlccl hoth men - Ole officer said, but • fleet which should blow llie Graf nssel ' tecl sh e had divorced the Pine Spee to bits if it made the d»s- Biu£t resi(lent - The '""«• said he perate choice of trying to break received no notice of the suit guilty on any one of three degrees of assault m 1 g h I been for safety. s The Uruguayan government, had made its decision yesterday, at a cabinet meeting, that thc Graf Spec must go: It was tmderstoffd that a 72-hour zero period for its departure dat«:l from the hour, G P. M. (E.ST.) Thursday, than an official Uruguayan naval commission, after a two hour inspection of the Grnf, reported to the government on its seaworthiness. The decision was not announced officially, though it was published late last night by the semi-official newspaper El Debate, which has three cabinet members on its board of directors. Foreign Minister Alberto Guani, explaining the absence of a formal announcement, intimated that the or decree. The argument ended almost as abruptly as it began. "Well, you can have her," said No. 1. "No, you can take her," said No. 2. Lieutenant Hallum left. TUdR IB Blylheville Planter Elected , Chairman; E. B, Chiles Vice Chairman a meeting at thc city "hall of dele- - mke 0[ Blythcvjlle wils ri.M« ., . "amed chairman with E. D. Chiles decision to the German lega- of Pecan Point, as vice chairman and i ' and IYc d Davis, of Manila, ns 11 e ion and it was understood also yesterday to the British afternoon. Britain had protested against , , ot l,er regular member. Charles Coleman, of Osceola, and C. E. Crigger, of Blytfieville, were jiani- cd first and second alternates, respectively. Each community hi the county has cue delegate elected who selects the committee members. This commute administers the AAA program in the comity. street. The building was the *15: Caen Cola Bottling Co., 510; properly of H. S. Taylor. The loss Delta Implements, Inc., Three is estimated at approximately $1500 States Lumber Company,, Ameri- or more. • The Jordans are now can Legion, A. S. Barboro & Co., at the home of friends in Steete Inc., Huddleston & Co., G. G. and will move into another home Hubbard Furniture Co., Courier the shelter given the Graf asserting that it WHS not inisea- worthy in any sense and heiite that it should have been ordered to go within 24 hours of its arrival at 11:55 P. M. Wednesday. The Germans had said that the ship's kitchen had been wrecked. it was understood, and that there was other damage rendering the ship unseaworthy. British Minister Eugen Milling- ton-Drakc was reported to have said that though the lack of -,n' City firemen made two rum adequate kitchen might make since yesterday afternoon but one ' Pa"u! AngTnmT three-months old I things inconvenient for the Ger- was a false alarm and the other son of Mr a, d Mrs A L A, ornnd mans, it did not make the Giaf resulted in only slight damages. El Dorado s ranged to (leaf ' unseaworthy. ' » .......... i _* •,_. _. * . • .»"»"B«.u «> (icait Information had been received by the United Press that Firemen Make Two Runs On Friday returned. The highest degree of assault on which the jury was charged, assault, with Inlcnl to kill, carries Imprisonment, in the) slate 'pen I tent In ry ns pun 1 while the lowest degree, assault, carries a fine. The defendant was give Monday to pay the fine. Alex BnKer, former member of the Manila school district board Big Missing Diamond Mystery"! The Culprit The Evidence ' * SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO 'J'ntTy, n mournful cocker \yas .suspect when his owner, Mrs Winston llulledge of Louisville, Ky., dropped and lost her diamond ring while using the tele- nliiwie. Tally Imd (, TO n seen in tlie room—and he looker! guilty. ' Uul more than suspicions were necessary, so Mrs. Uulledt;o tiirned the dot' over to her doctor husband. Tniry went nmk'r the X-ray and convicted himsrlt when (Ins plate was developed. The doctor will not opcrnle. Shatter Peaceful Quiet Along Front After "Weeks • MI me i „- - nlshment Ut Inactivity '. simple! J who was convicted Thursday on a charge of embezzlement and sentenced to three years in the stale penitentiary with recommendation by the jury that the sentence be held up, was sentenced late yesterday afternoon. Judge Keck declined to suspend sentence. Baker was accused -of embezzling approximately $2000 of school funds through collection of rente on certain school lands but was tried only'on one charge'which involved a maximum of slightly more than PARIS, Doc. 1C. (UP)—The first direct, artillery duel of the war Edwin S Smith between the Mnginol nnd - IES E!SS IN C.I.B/S I.RB Member' Terms Charge Of Prejudice To Bo "Nonsense" WASHINGTON, Dec. IB (UP)— member of thn Clothes, Furniture Lost In House Fire STEELE, Mo., Dec. 1G.—The home 'of Mr. and "Mrs. A: L. Jor-' dan was completely destroyed by fire early Thursday morning soon after a fire had been built, a de-l fcctive flue was reported ns the . . cause of the fire which spread so l osc Previously listed, were rapidly that Mr. and Mrs, Jordan ' '"''" "" ""' fried line fortresses occurred today on both banks of the river Rhine. Big guns, sheltered in concrete blockhouses al the water's edge. hammered each other nt close range but neither the French noi (lie Germans tried to force passage of the river. Thc artillery nrc. however, continued for several hours. The river was at high watei and the current was swift, and It was regimled as tin impregnable barrier ' since all bridges across it had been dynamited. Tho artillery action was nnusunl. The Rhine front hns been quiet since the start of thc war. Lack of even rifle fire hns made It possible fur troops on both banks to move freely In 'each other's sljiht. Lists Purchasers i ..... * Of T-..B. Sea! BrJ Purchasers of Christmas seal bonds, In addition , and two small children barely escaped without injuries. All of their household goods and clothing were completely destroyed. Their home was on East Main announced today by Mrs. Rodney U Banister, local chairman of the Mississippi County Tuberculosis ns- scciation. Tlie list follows: Walls hospital, S25; Farmers Bank mid Trust Co., as soon ns n house is available. Baby Strangles To Death On Milk EL DORADO, Etac. 16. — James News, $5 each. Mrs. Banister expressed grati- Graf's 11-inch guncontrol tower had been wrecked during the battle with the British Exeter, Ajax and Achilles. The Graf Spee would not be entitled to have this control tower repaired. As indication that the British were watching developments with the greatest attention, the British minister sought a conference with Foreign Minister Guant last midnight. As part of its diplomatic work, the Uruguayan government sought In cooperation with other American republics to make the battle of Montevideo the last one of the war off the coasts of the American continents. ' • The foreign office announced late last night that it had initiated a movement for agreement among all Pan-American republics to' ' strengthen Hit Panama neutrality i ! declaration. Details of the battle | f of Montevideo and the diplomatic [ situation arising from it, have been i, sent to all Pan-American governments, it was announced. A negro house at the corner of its bottle last moht when the' T , OLEDO ' °- ived Cleveland and First streets caught mother left him to go to o nearby, P ark1l J B Iots a ? the alro this morning, about 1:30 grocery store. ° "™ ru} lo patron's ,autt Mention for the splendid response of the people of Blythevllle in tho sale of the Christmas seals and hopes by the end of the drive to have reached the goal which Is now much over the half way mark. Parking: Lot Held Liable (UP)—Owner.5 of .--National Labor Relations Board today termed "nonsense" n' su«- Bcstlon by Counsel Edmund M. Toland of the house InvcstlsutinK commute that he had been "personally prejudiced and biased In favor of the C. I. O. Thc exchange was followed by an executive session of the committee when Toland produced n memorandum from NLRU Research Director David J. Snposs to 'Smith advising him not lo take sides in the o. I. O.-A. P. of b. controversy. Smith's denial of C. I. o. bias Says League By Expelling Her Has 'Released' Her From Covenants MOSCOW, Dee. 1U. (UI')-Hu.ssln warned (lie league or Nations to- dny that by expelling her »' | 1(u i released her from nil-obligations under the Jennie coventmt. ' Little Finland Keeps Stout Defense Against Mass Russian Offense SVANIK. Norway. Dec.. Finnish- Norwegian' frontier, ; lotlny. — week nclvnne- j oil across the Ice mill snow 01 on two fronts after four clays of savage fighting, At Sunmusalmi, 20 miles from Uio Russian border in I northern Finland with light, modi-1 the central nltl'l of the coilll- lsls uiid lullllur (he stulnncnt ,„!,). ),«„ • I •- «— — • •••• i vi 11 ti tut] i/| illlll lULU ..«~ s «^|p£5f£!l?» I 5Sf'~ liable of on sct °" ctm W lo di'slro/ rends >'°" n - , 'ovf-r which (lio Russian.-; would 'hrce hundred miles -faither Imvc to advance south, a Russian force was still lleforc dawn the Huhls of pin- ! lcla nt >W w the cast side of nlsh patrol signals could be BOOH '"'I" 1 ' 0 Klvcr, which they had nml In the dnrkness less than a r "" c " lo cross - us the sole force capable of op posing (heir maclilnntions iiml exposing their nggiwslve policies. "Well, all the worse for dm tongue nnd Its undermined preside." condnucd the .statement. "In . llie lliml analysis (he Soviet. Union may prove the winner in thc case." Russia's first statement on Its expulsion slnrtcrt with the comment Mint Iho lenuue's "nljsurd" decision "calls lor an Ironic smile «nd cnn only make a toughing stock of Us uuthor.s." Report Three Cases Of Diphtheria In City Although there, arc now four known cosrs of diphtheria In Mississippi county, the dlsenso hns not- rcnclicd the epidemic stivgc, nccord- Ing to Dr. E. K Schlrmer, director of llie county health unit. Of Ihc lour owes, three arc In Blylhevlllc and onu Is at ciosiiell This Is thc first, diphtheria reported here this Pnll while lust came during continued questioning' year there were eight, cflsos In the of him nbout (lie role he playo;! county during September nml Oc- In the li)30 strike of the Atntfiicun f'edei'ntlon of Hosiery Workers tober but were only two In December. against the Berkshire Knlttini,-1 Dr. Shlnner pointed-out today Mills of Heading, Pa. thn uw)ww>« of tlilldren li ov ln(f Barbare Lee Prevost, o'clock, from a faulty flue. The •occry Physicians said flames were quickly extinguished., from the bottle ye" that the milk ran back into the to the fire caused s i inhaler failed. I stolen from the lot, a jury In the 1 court of Common Picas Judge John M. McCabe ruled. It returned a verdict of $130.43 In fa- mouth. for of an insurance company rcp- with an resenting Gaylc shirr Ire. 'whose I car was stolen and .damaged. Six Years Old, Dies Barbara Ece Provost, six-ycnr-olil daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Terry Prcvost, died at -1:30 o'clock this morning at the family resilience 1210 Holly street. She had been ill only a short, lime. Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon, three o'clock, nt Cobb Funeral Home and burial will be made at MSjile Grove cemetery. Besides her parents, the child is survived by two sisters, Annette and Sue Prances , and two .brolhers, Robert Terry and Stanley Hcarn Prcvosl. His Home's in Wales, It's 57-Lctter Word ALBANY, N. Y. (UP)—Second Ortlcer Evan Recs of thc British freighter Eudby hove to In Albany's dcepwalcr port and siH he ivns. from LLanfalrpullgwlnglllgo- t e r ycliwingrndrobulUlaudyjsillogo- liable for damages' goch, Wales—57 Idlers and pro- noiinccd in one breath. Geographers concede It Is O'c world's longest plnre name. The Welsh village, In the Una-.., Stales, would be named something like "SmlthvlIle-by-the-Crcel:- ncnr - the - old - West - Road-to- GranUfnond," ., , - -. having this dread which can be easily prevented If Inoculation Is done between the ages of six months niul eight years. The health milt docs this -without charge In 'clinics held throimh- oul llie county nnd at the Blythe- vllle nnd Osceoln offices. Helena Youth Killed, Four Others Injured HELENA. Dec. 10.—Charles H. Oist Jr.; .son of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. ,, mile away thc huminln(r nml chug- l ™ 1)att 'e of Suonuisalml ended «inif of soviet armored cars could ™' ° 1D nwmcnl nt least one of be henrd. i '• | »ln»<t's greatest, perils. The Rus- Sovlct bombing planes were cov- , " s lMul "'tempted, by' tlmiits erlns Die riiisslun ndvnnco seeking J, , IE tho cross-country road to Finnish machine gun ncLi which „ , /Ulcaborg) on thc Quit ot ~ were unll.i. „ , sniping nt thc Soviet advance liotlulln > tUe only railway CaPIU) Seized In Drug Slorc, Demands Treatments To "Gel Well" . YUNfA, Arl?.., DM. in.—Winnie Ruth Jmld, 34, was seized in n ilniK stoic herp yesterday after walking nearly 200 miles across the desert from vhonclx In her second flight In six weeks fvom .the ?tftte hospital for the Insane. Tattered mid -Mred, the mad slayer of two women, gnveJicr captors notes demanding a now trial and-"shock" treatments "so I can get well." over wliidi south Finland cnn receive supplies overland from tlie ouUlde world. Thc railway runs from llaparnmla, Sweden, near the Finnish border,- through Oulu to tho south Finnish const, since shipping to. Finland Is at the Jiiercy of German and Russian blockades of the Baltic, the Hitsslan advance hi the Suoiiitisnlml region threatened to end all hopes of moving supplies to the south Finnish area; including the' capital, 'from Britain, America and other countries. ; " The Finns slaved off that threat in four dnys of lighting -In ''the .sparsely .settled, unfertile, snow- covorcct countryside. The Muns severed the road between Siiomu- salml anil the Russian frontier, and had surrounded the 6,000 Russians west of. there.. ; : ., • ,L. : The other Finnish victory was ftt, the point where the Talpate River debouches Into lake Ladoga, about- 10 miles north of the Ruaso- f'lmilsli liottlcr. The' . river is 200 yiirds wlde r tl)cro. and . : Finnish nr- tllleryi had rcpuScd; tlie/Russlans 1 nttcmpls to crossly boat.., H. Olst of Helena nml n .student slnylug of Heel vie Snmuelson, ono I" Mississippi Slate College at cf the two women she killed In sisters, Cheric Stfirkvilln, was killed almost In- ' 1031, and that she got "Insulin ™1, T 5 ' 1 stnl !f ly <intl four oll!cr lrclcm nntt 1 » clr0i »> 1 U'Cttlmcnts like the youlhs were Injured In n JilghUMy other iinllcnts. accident near Qreenwootl, Miss,, Unhappy nnd ngain imagining yesterday. 'Ihcy were rcturnlnn herself persecuted by attenclnnts, home to spend the Ijolldays. she escn|>ed tlie second time by .automobiles if they are It. was reported here that the slipping out through .a ward door automobile In which the youths In time)) Hie snme manner ns on were riding collided with a. truck the previous flight. But she made loaded with lumber. . A piece of no attempt to conceal her flight. limber from the truck crushed As on thc first occasion, she left young Gist his sent, collapsing his chest, break- suicide. Ing his neck and fracturing Ills skull. , llie buck of notes fn which she mentioned Little City; I»K Airport BOfSE, Idiv. (UP)—'nils city contends Its airport has the tons-.Jan. est, -runway of nny airport in the \f ftr '. nation. The flcltl covers OGO acrea, May or more than 250 city blocks, nnd jury Its rlnclpal runway Is 8,800 feet, oct In length -with another 0.000 feet DKT long. New York Cotton open close 1114 1115 1091 109G-7 1100 1062 . 1027 1024 908 015 . OG5 012 White 'Ghost Armies' Battle For Finland In Arctic Snow Surety Firm Pays $7,443 On Shortage LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec. 16.— A $7,443.08 shortage in the 1938 accounts of former sheriff and collector John Hallum of Newton county was paid yesterday by the Hartford Indemnity Company, surety on Hallum v bond. Deputy State Comptroller J. Bryan Sims said It was the first settlement ever made on the basis of a partial audit. More than $5,000 tti " IT the county to pay warrants Issued to New Orleans Cotton open close Her slockliiBs ivci-fl worn mrny.j Alter fir fog^ hundreds' of tons She said she walked barefooted; nil of six-Inch shells, weighing tho way from Phoenix except fur — ' " • • • • a 20-mile ride, and thai she Imd not enten for three days. Shu was carrying two notes, apparently copies of those she left behind after her escape December One demanded a (rlnl for the pounds each, nnd -ninny- three-inch shells, the Russians attacked in successive waves, -preceded' by. six- ton tanks. The tanks crumpled be-' tore the Finnish defense lines at Plnnus, just south" bt the middle of lower Lake Voucski. • j : ; •'-. Anotlicr attack, preceded by artillery lire, was beaten off by-the Finns about 30 miles northeast of: thu top of Lake^Ladoga".In rugged/ heavily-wooded coflntry in -the vicinity of Lolmola, and five'tanks .were captured,aiKr Russian \ crews' acandoilcd them and .fled. ".- ! About 25 miles nbrOiwc'st -of there, the Finns took the of.ensiye and drove the Ilussians back to the frontier. Tho retreaimg -,Russians left Dt'lilud 15 six-ton tanks, it-was reported, • ' : •-.: From a man who talked to prls- oners captured at'the western end ot Hie Kareuan fslhmus, I received : additional .confirmation' of the In- . different quality of Kussiaii troops used on this sector. .Several' prlsij oners were from 35 to 40 years old.? Their bare toes were sticking'out•'. of their torn shoes. A few had wrapped sacks around 'their"'shoes,''to protect their icet from tempera-V turcs as low as 10 degrees above/ zero. , . Prom all along the front came' similar stories which . caused It Finnish general staff to ask: \V are tlie first class Soviet trooi One theory wns that Josef Stl expected Finnish resistance loit Jmi 1120 1123 Mar 1102 1110 May lous 1075' lapse quickly, hastened by July 1032 1033 nal dissension, and . another'; 072 983 that the Russian choice troops • ••• 9TO 9701 been sent to Poland to Oct Dec Stock Prices AT&T .................. 168 1-2 Anaconda Copper ........ 31 Beth Steel ................ 83 3-8 Chrysler ................ 891-4 Cities Service ............ 5 Coca ,Cola ................ 118 General Electric .......... 40 1-8 General Motors .......... 54 1-3 Int Harvester ............ 62 3-4 Montgomcrj' Ward ........ 54 7-8 ' N Y Central .............. 18 5-8 Packard ............ 31-8 Phillips ................. g? Radio .......... ' ......... 51-2 Republic Steel .......... 23 1-2 y ay warrans ssued to , nort " ern n| 8hls. Finnish soldiers, right, have taken a camouflage tip from teachers. The remainder was crcd- ; polar bear in wearing white to become virtually invisible against the snow Only fted to county and state funds. ,* tew Soviet troop., use the light garb, left. Those that have not make easy targets In their dark garments. Finns have held the upper hand in battle because they nre better trained In the broken Hold fighting necessary on (lie frigid wastes. Because' mechanized armies cannot advance as a mill across the Arctic, Soviet troops haw gone largely on foot, to full prey lo v Ui c skiing Finnish defenders. " ' .......... North Am. Aviation ...... 26 Socony Vacuum .......... 12 Studebaker .............. 9 thc Germans. Finnish army olff-' '< cers believed that In any event,' Stalin would not let his best troops be chewed uj> in a war with Fin-: land. "I Yesterday's Finnish coinrminicrue'- said that at Aabo tTnrku) coastal batteries had damaged a Rissslah destroyer of the Gordij class, and that It was believed to have sunk later. Electric Range Serves A? Baby Iricubator HAZLETON, Pa. )^Aii electric ranga was pressed into service when Patricia Adams, 8!« pounds, was born. • : - . The afternoon, was cold nnd the Standard Oil N J ........ 43 1-8 1 doctor, fearful cf a bitln° wind Texas Corp .............. 43 1-2 . ordered the bat? wrapped In blan- "' " " ' U S Steel 61 7-8 Chicago Wheat open high low close Dec. 105 '.. 101 103 1-8 108 7-8 May 102 3-8 103 3-8 39 3-4 105 Chicttf/Q Corn open high low closi Doc. 55 1-2 56 3-"8 55.3-1 56 t~l May 57 1-8 ,58 3-8 .57 1-8 53 1-8 kets and held in 'front, of the range. The oven switch was turned "preheat" and Patricia baked co'ri fortably for a- half hour In lli nntis of her grandmother. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly fcloudy tonight nnd Sunday, warmer tonight. Memphis •'arid Kvlclnlty—Fair,

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