Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 12, 1969 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1969
Page 14
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SPOIiTS ! Minnesota jlndiana MUmi Kcntackj- New York M W. L. Pet. 61 28 24 ^ ... 30 27 J26 % 36 25 .510 26 » .510 Ui' Loyo/o beofs UC Irvine in coast basketball CHICAGO (UPI )-Tlit ChiM. Nellie Fox may become to vme Sox are •iSat y .000 ' seats to seneral admissJon for; tUs season, maldiis * total U. Senators new manager Ashland picks up points in small college ratings NEW YORK (UPP -Tbuc 's aSnadat one i^ace to ei^Ui. litUe doubt AdOand College is Pnget Sound also won three imposable to defcod agamst a pair of triumphs and Kentucky Weslejan in the final ,ou, weeks of the small college basketball ratings. The Eagles, wlio have allowed only 31.3 points per game this season, upped their record to 18-1 this past week by humiliating SliH)ery Bock 85-19 and took over second place in the weekly United Press International Board of Coacbes ratings. But the Eagles are still a long way from catching Keatuck}' Wesleyan for the No. 1 spot The Panthers, who held only a three-point edge over Nevada. Las Vegas, last week, received strong support from the 35- mcmber coaches* board TUes day for a commanding lead in the 10th weekly balloting. Kentucky Wesieyan, runnerup in the final ratings the past two seasOTs, received 12 first place votes and 334 points in this week's ballotmg to take an 80- point lead over Ashland with only four weeks remaining in the voting. Nevada. Las Vegas, which a week ago appeared it might overtake the PantiwrE, instead ran into trouble against Houston last week and was crushed 11897. The Rebds rebounded against Loyola (La.), but the coacbes dropped them to third in the voting. Central State of Ohio, which won three games last we^ to boost its record to 15-3, held on to the No. 4 spot while Southwest Missouri State scored a pair of victories and climbed two places to No. 5. S.F. Austin scored successive: , triumphs over Sul Koss and! maintained axth place, but! Southwest Louisiana slumped' two notches to seventh after ^ splitting a pair of games. ; Fairmont State of West: Virginia continued its climb byj whipping three opponents and Oakland Denver New Orleans DaUas Los Angeles Houston By UniM Pfti* InttriMtioMl in front shortly before the half Jim Haderieins 24 points and "^..-T^ "P" while 14 37 .275 13". Dick Dixon's 19 led LojoU to an Si^'^'*^ 18 and Alex Wett non-conference cage win •H M . Hornets played without W. L. Pet. CB over UC Ir\Tne Tuesday night rebounding ace Charlie Walkw, 40 8 .833 ... Irvine gave its West Coast »*» •» arrive in time for 32 22 .593 II Athletic Conference foe a real contest The loss left the 26 27 .491 l6Vi battle, leading 59.58 late in the eonference title pretty wdl up! 22 26 .458 18 going. But Dixon's jumper put for grabs between San Frands- 22 28 .440 19 the Lions ahead to stay. Jeff «> SUte and the Cal Aggies. 16 33 .327 24^ Cunningham had 27 for the In Honolulu, Hawaii's Paul losers. In a Fir Western Confereaoe tus^. Sacramento State leH i just about out of the race when it lost at Nevada Reoo 86-70. Bill Penaluna hit fi\-e buckets in Tuetday't Reivlh .Indiana at New York, (pp) MinnesoU 115 Kentuckj- 105 Denver 108 Miami 98 Dallas 108 New Orieans 98 Houston 101 Oakland 100 (Only games scheduled) Hoffman dropped in two free throws with a second to 0> in overtime to give Hawaii an 85- I 81 win over Puget Sound, wbidi lost for only the second time in 22 games. Puget Sound is ninth ^ a rou- to push Nevada way onti ranked among small college 25,891 that wiU be available lor $iiso. Under the new idan, there will be 730 reserved grandstand seats at $2J0. compared with 17,000 seats last year and 10.800 box seats at $3.50, compared with 12.000 in 1968. teams. Larry Powell's two free throws in the in<d 17 seconds gave Pasadena Nazarene the nod o>-er Riverside 62.80. Gary Davie bad 20 for the winners. Other scores: Oregon Tfcfa 44 Southern Oregon 37, Eastern Oregon 84 Northwest N; 7L WASHINGTOil (UPD — Owner Bob Short's guessing game of who will manage the Washington Senators hovered today around former Chicago White Sox second baseman NeUie Fo.t Short invited the former American League All-Star infielder to his office today for "talks." Former Manager Jim Lemon was fired last month. Candidates mentioned for the post previously, ran the gamut from Ted Williams to Yogi Berra. Williams was said to have wired a "not interested" reply to 9iort. Short's problem would have been solved earli«' if he bad been willmg to extend a three- year contract to Bob Kennedy, a scout with the St Loois Cardinals. The offer was for tfco years an;l Kennedy balked. Fo.x. a coach with the Senators last season, is expected to be offered a one-year interim contract as manager. The 41-year-old Fox broke in with the Philadelplua AtMeUcs and later spent 14 years with the White Sox. He comiriled a .290 career batting average in the American League. Fox flnished his playing days with Houston, hitting .265 for two seasons. White Sox to add to stadium CHICAGO (UPD-The Chicago White Sox are going all out tliis year to realign the' dimension of Comiskey Park so! as to aid Sox batters into lifl &g! the club from its lowly second division of a year ago ttiatj attracted only 538,323 fans. Some of the new innovations at the South ^e Park wiU include: —A new lestauraot beneath . the grandstaod, where dinner and cocktails will be servvd. —A chance in the soopeboanl that wiould aBow the results of! t »x> more games and shift the! pitchometer. wfaidi times the 20' seconds allowed between pitch- to ftc Neacher wall. —.An additional $100,000 to be spent in additMoal lighting both inside the park and outside in the parking lots and adjacent elie>-5 and streeits. —A new fence wliich will be erected inside the outfield walls to cut the foul line distances to 335 feet with the powe- alleys cut to 370 feet and 400 feet in dead center. And if the mentioned innovations don't get the Sox off on a winning streak, the management will proride a group of 15 neatly uniformed young ladies who will be known as the "Soxettes" to make fans feel at home. Svare hired by Lombardi for defense WASHINGTON lUPP—' Hariaad Svare. former bead coadt of the Los .Angeies Rams, was selected today by Vincc' Lombardi as a coaching assist-' ant with the Washington Redskins. I Svare. defensive coach withi the New York Gi«te the past; three seasons, was the second' • coach named by Lomfaaidi to his Washington Reddans staff. BiU AustiD. droffod bjr the Pittsfair* Steden ttis s«ar, was hired by LooAaidi Hon- dij-. Svare, 37, will Mrve as everaB defense eooeh for the Redskins. In his playing cmer. be WW an oulstMdiaK detaisive liaebacker with New York's championship team in the ISSO'S. TWO KXHttlTIONS STOCSHCHJf (OTD - Jack NicUns win cm S ^.OOO for plajiag tvo golf e ^liitiaBs m Siradea the first week of Jnljr. Be wm play in BaasUd July 2 •ad Oeretso July «. «ifli jhe iDOBty f.wiihn frm Swedish tdeiiMB nchfs. 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Ik NEWS DETERGENT 81c 59* UBGE SEE • FACT or 13 „ A At BRILLO PADSiNCL5con29e 23* M0ILiQUrsflRCH31c 25* Vlio FABRIC FINISH 69C 62* W00llfE°-^1- 79c 67* (g) nlbtary Flwr 63e 52* Mfiiiy ^^Ai. 63* S?SiT«"-*"S .Br MU CHESeU NKESI '** BANQUET BINNEK 43c 3V VMDEUMPHAUMIT Tie IB* 4Sc25* )lTlMSeUVES49c22* >TliioiiiEfiR raiiiiM^'»^l69e 55* muiWmi Nc 76* CNBKEII CHM MEM Tie 7ieT8* i ^otprs. riMa~BC£/MlS' "'^MeSI* SOLVCKA: • rp.aziK • tMZ,.prG. VMTONSOUP He J3 GREEN BEANS 16' S.KA.'CGKAI • nans • l>Or PCS I 'ili^'Wi^la ncIT* Vi KST CABTOM • Se VAL3E lirWIKTNSwrCrttn • ro.Taurro>f •sseVAiui • QVAHT CAJtrCN • US VAIOT SRICTSOURIEEF I ^OtPIG. S.HJL-.IHA; • • jtor PES CMCON ALMOm 1" B^ifii^"iL*SSS SAnyacnoN awuMiBD w mi* «»o >cr unHcto • me TAX COLUCTID QW AU. TAXAIU tims • wi asavi «ieffWigws«unoce «Mai«ciAi .eiAUM THE QUALITY LEADER - THE PRICE LEADER TOO'. 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