Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 1, 1974 · Page 6
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 6

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1974
Page 6
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6—Uklahxpafly Journal, Uklah Calif. Monday. July 1, 1974 Merry-go-round Nofziger 'plants' Library celebrating • Native American Week Irish Beach report on commission agendo By JACK ANDERSON WASHINGTON — President Nixon has lived by the leak, just as he has been brought' low by the leak. In his attempt to control the flow of underground information from the White House, he has employed both plumbers and leakers. Indeed, those presidential since it was circulating around Washington at the time. As another "Nofziger Job," Caulfield testified in secret that he was asked to run "a name- check with the FBI" on moviemaker Entile De Antonio, who produced an anti-Nixon movie called "Millhouse: A White Comedy.;' spokesmen, who have ex- .... Caulfield got the obliging FBI pressed such grand moral to give him a summary of De outrage over the House impeachment leaks, are some of the best leakers in the business. We have made a careful study of presidential leaks, which are known in the backrooms of the White House 0 as "Nofziger Jobs," after . former presidential aide Lyft Nofziger who was a master of the leak. Not long after taking over the White House in 1969, President Nixon himself fashioned \ his public relations "strategy in a series of eight secret memos to his staff chief, H.R. Haldeman. In a typical memo, dated Sept. 22, 1969, the President called his aides' tactics ' ' i n a d e q u ate'' and "amateurish" and urged them to show more "bulldog" determination against people like Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass. As former aide Jeb Stuart Magruder has confided: "The most sophisticated student of public relations in the White House was...the President himself." The President's strategy included the adroit use of the leak. He favored staffmen Lyh Nofziger and Pat Buchanan, because of their excellent press contacts, to plant the stories the White House wanted sneaked, out. & The President's favorite target was always Sen. Kennedy. In an^attempt to link Kennedy , with Hanoi, for example, the President ~in- st rue ted Haldeman: "Buchanan's prudent primary group might get a major mailing out to editors and columnists in Massachusetts and perhaps even nationally, just setting forth the Hanoi •quote... Buchanan also should be able to get a columnist or two — and Nofziger could help in this respect — to pick up this line." Another time, Magruder planted an innocent picture of Kennedy and a beautiful woman, photographed on the streets of Rome, in a national scandal sheet. "It was later picked up by one of the news magazines," Magruder has confessed. Former White House special investigator Jack Caulfield has also told senators behind closed doors how he tried to float out a false story that the Kennedy family foundation had financed a newspaper series criticizing presidential pal Bebe Rebozo. Caulfield told the senators that he recommended "an oblique Nofiziger, an immediate drop vis-a-vis the Kennedys..." The bewildered Senate Watergate staff, uninitiated in the backroom lingo of the White House, didn't understand. "What did' that mean?" Caulfield was asked. He explained painstakingly: "Well, what I meant was that consideration be given to have Lyn Nofziger speak with friends that he had in the media (about) whether or not the Newsday article was , financed by the Kennedy Foundation." Nofziger told us he did not leak the story. But someone did, Antonio's file, including raw data. Afterward, Caulfield reported jubilantly to his superiors: "If (Democratic national chairman Larry) O'Brien is stupid enough to get behind (the film), we can, armed with the Bureau's information, do a Nofziger Job on De Antonio and> 0 'Brien.'' Again, a committee investigator wanted to know: "Whatdo you mean,..a Nofziger Job?" "What I , mean," again , recounted Caulfield, "is let him, Lyn Nofziger, whose talents in that area were much greater than anyone else around the White House make that known to his contacts. in the media." This particular "Nofziger Job," however, was aborted — possibly because the White House didn't want to advertise the movie even with unfavorable publicity. At the same time that President Nixon made skillful use of leaks to smear his political foe^s, he Went to elaborate, even illegal lengths to stop leaks about himself. He was a man haunted-by dark secrets which he feared might leak out and drive him from public office. So he formed the para-police plumbers unit, which was supposed to plug up unauthorized leaks/sAnother ex- White House leaker, Charles Colson, has acknowledged in his courtroom confession that the plumbers broke into the offices of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist, however, not to plug a leak but to get dirt against Ellsberg to leak out. Ironically, most of the White House horrors, which have by now effectively destroyed the presidency of Richard Nixon; were committed in reaction to press leaks in an attempt to stop them. Footnote: In a future column we will describe more of the secret White House leaks. Vital statistics MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED Kenneth Mural Stephens, 24, and Phyllis Ann Smith, 24, both of Willits. Issued June 21, 1974. DISSOLUTIONS FILED 1 COX — Brenda vs. Jesse. Filed June 17, 1974. BROWN —Donalee Catherine vs. Donald L. Filed June 17, 1974. THOMAS — Christine L vs. Dale F. Filed June 17, 1974. LONGCRIER — Susan Kay vs. Kenneth Ray. Filed June 17, 1974. KEIL — Marjorie vs. Reinholt H. Filed June 18,1974. FOUCAULT — Barbara F. vs. Ronald V- Filed June 18, 1974. BREEDLOVE — Ramona Diane vs. Ralph Steve. Filed June 21, 1974. The Mendocino County Library has declared July 1-6 Native American Recognition, Week and invites county residents to take* part in the celebration. ' . The county library is the first in the state to receive funds to establish a complete collection of materials by and about Native Americans. Working in conjunction with the Mendocino County Indian Health Board, Inc., the library hopes to contact as many Indian residents of the county as possible to determine their special information needs. Mrs. Diane Abella is the outreach worker who will be providing liaison between the Indian community and the library. At present, materials* pertaining to' Native Americans have been assembled' in one corner of the Young People's room, where they are easily accessible. These books and pamphlets will form the core to the collection which will be, by December, one of the most complete housed in a public library in California. Tomorrow evening at 7 there will be an all-Indian film the library. Two hours of films have been selected including: 'Thunder Under the Sea." featuring Mendocino County young people and filmed oh the Mendocino Coast, a dramatization of a Porno myth; "Ghost Dances of theKashiya Porno;" "Water So TWO GENERATIONS OF TILE EXPERIENCE KITCHENS BATHS ENTRYS, ETC. Serving Lake & Mendocino Counties CERAMIC TILE FOR EVERY PURPOSE Complete Remodeling—New Construction Phone 263-MM FREE Estimates 525 N. Main Lakeport, Calif. DINING DANCING COCKTAILS IN NICE AURORA RESORT tm Lafceshore Blvd. Lake County Award of Excellence, Restaurant COMPLETE FULL COURSE $« CA DINNERS FROM MUSIC MY THE ALLEY CATS OPEN EVERY NfGHT 274-fMX Clear-a Blind Man Can See;" Pomo basketry, made locally and with Elsie Allen;" and "Ishi." At Id a.m. Wednesday, Pomo singers will formally dedicate the Native American collection. Representatives of local Indian community groups will be on hand to comment on the importance of this far-sighted program which has been developed and financed through the California State Library. To climax Wednesday's program, Indian food will be served in library park. A lunch of fried bread and sea weed should provide a most pleasant respite from the typical merchant's fare. During the week, the display case in the library will contain a collection of bead and shell work which has been assembled by the Mendo-Lake Pomo Council. This organization, which has for several years won the top awards in Ukiah's Festival Parade, has arranged Pomo basketry displays which Will be on view Monday and Wednesday. The library is proud to announce Native American Recognition Week and hopes all residents of the county will at some time familiarize themselves with the rich heritage of the Indian which is available through the printed word. Native Americans are especially invited to attend the festivities at the library. Hides Air Force destroyed UFO report—Zander AUSTIN, Tex. (UPI) — Twenty-six years ago the Air Force prepared a report that proved Unidentified Flying Objects were actually spacecraft from other planets but the report was destroyed, according to a physics professor at East Texas State University. Dr. Arlen Zander said UFOs should be taken seriously, especially by those who could study-them and prepare serious data about them. "A good hard look at some of the serious evidence, the photographic evidence, the physical traces certainly should not leave any doubt in the true scientist's mind that there is something unidentified involved," Zander said Sunday on the Public Broadcasting Service's television program "Capitol Eye." • Zander said 26 years ago the Air Force assigned a task force with the code name "Project Sign" to study UFOs and issue a documented report. "In September of 1948 Project Sign issued a top secret status report and the conclusions of this status report was that UFOs are truly extraterrestial craft," he said. Zander' said the Air Force chief of staff refused to accept the conclusions presented in the report and ordered all copies of it destroyed. Zander said many more UFOs than reported are sighted by persons afraid of public ridicule. Sheinwold on bridge Missing card causes trouble According to the fortunetellers, the four of clubs is a card of warning. If there is no four of clubs in your deck, you have a legitimate complaint, but don't scream until you're sure that the fault lies with the deck, i West dealer Neither side vulnerable NORTH • , • KQ104 , 9 J3 O 75 4k A Q 10 7 3 EAST WEST 4) 76S V AQ5 0 AK9 8 3 4» 64 • 2 108 6 4 ,0 J 10 6 2 * K985 SOUTH 4> AI983 V K972 O Q4 + J2 f West North East South ro 24 20 2• 3 0 3 • All Pass Opening lead —OK West took two -top diamonds and then shifted to a spade. Declarer won in dummy with the king of spades, cashed the ace of clubs and led a low club from dummy. ' Expecting South to ruff, East played low. South won with the jack of clubs and returned a low heart. He could afford to give up two hearts since he was not going to lose a club trick. Strange Play Why didn't South take the normal finesse in clubs? If East won a club trick, he would return a heart, enabling the opponents to take two hearts. If West won a club trick, , however, be could take only one heart; after that dummy's clubs would be ready for discards. The best chance to stop East from winning a club trick was, to IT'S FLY TIME AGAIN NOW! NOW! GET ALL THOSE OLD SCREENS « DOORS RESCREENED NOW! MLMIS CLASS 4 SVPPLY, 4*24144 act like a man with a singleton deuce. Well, then, what was all this hullabaloo about the four of clubs? Very simple: it didn't appear on the first club trick. When dummy's ace of clubs was led, West carefully played the - six. • East should have seen the absence of the four of clubs staring him in the face. If South had it, he would have taken the normal club finesse. If West had it, his play of the six of clubs was an obvious doubleton signal. In short, the four of clubs is a card of warning even when it isn't played — provided that you're alert enough to be looking for it. Daily Question As dealer, you hold: Spades A J 9 8 3, Hearts K 9 7 2, Diamonds Q 4, Clubs J 2. What do you say? ANSWER: Pass. Don't rely on doubleton queens and jacks for a borderline opening bid. If the queen were a spade, and the jack were a heart, with two small doubletons in clubs and diamonds, you would have a sound opening bid. will be provided for senior citizens. For information or a ride call 462-0700. The week 's events have been planned with the verV able assistance of Doris Jackson, Mendo-Lake Pomo Council and members of the Native American Youth Advisory Council. v Cherry tit Kiwanis convention Ukiah Kiwanis Club President-elect Bill Cherry,, an employe of the Savings Bank of Mendocino County; attended the 59th annual convention, of Kiwanis International '• in Denver, Colo,, June 23-26. As a delegate to the convention, he participated in .the election of Kiwanis International officers arid .trustees. He also passed resolutions upon which the organization's 1974-75 community service programs will be built and amended the Kiwanis International Constitution. The delegates represented some 276,000 Kiwanians in 6,315 Kiwanis clubs in 45 countries. Some 20,000 people attended the convention. Convention activities included an address by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Kiwanis International President William M. Eagles, M.D., and American humorist Sam Levenson. Personalities such as Miss America-1974, Rebecca Ann King, former Miss America Marilyn Van Derbur, and comedian George Kirby also attended. Other convention activities included various award luncheons and banquets; workshops and clinics; youth tours and dances; special ladies programs; and six forums on contemporary issue forums, a series of intriguing conferences on today's most vital human concerns headed by experts in various socio-economic fields. Bids opened for curve correction Lange Bros. Construction, Inc. of Lakeport was the low bidder of five for the realignment of two curves on Route 175 in Lake County between 4.8 and 5 miles east of the Mendocino County Line, according to Bill Hegy, District Director of Caltrans in.Eureka. Their bid was $92,079. The correction of these two short-radius curves is to alleviate the present high accident rate at this location. . S. D. Sidener will be the resident engineer for Caltrans on this project. GUALALA — A report on the overall conditions for the- Irish Beach Subdivision' in Men-' docino County will be discussed Thursday, July 11, when the North Coast Region Commission of the California• Coastal Zone Conservation located mile NW of the community :©JL .Albion, on Windjammer - Coye, west ' Of Highway 1. William hay —Hearing" Qosed.. To construct a single- family 'residence in Whiskey Shoals. Subdivision, 3 miles Commission meets' in, the „ southvof Point Arena Gualala. Community Center on Center FW. at,9 r ;30 &.m. [. , > The Irish • Beach report is scheduled under director'* reports. on the commission agenda. ' 1 % . — • '-•' Other Mendocino County* projects to be deliberated byfthe board at the meeting include: Public hearings ' Ralph,B. Faraum — Hearing closed. To construct a single- family residence on 3+ acres on an ocean: front lot jjvest of High- ; way 1, approximately mile* south of Little River. Arthur C. Reeb | —Hearing Closed. To construct a 5&unit motel complex with a 200-seat restaurant. Proposed project Consent calendar PafHcU Caughey —To build a two-Car garage wiffiNap sq. .ft. apartment above/ on a ; lot loeatedjbff Navarro Ridge twonttlessouth of Albion. • 'BaxmanVajHrAl Trefethen —To construct an aircraft hanger with -attached shed to protect and. service aircraft. Located on aviation-zoned property 1% miles north of Fort Bragg. Leo Rancier; —To place a mobile home on a one-acre lot on Benson Lane; approximately 1% miles s .ea8t of Highway 1. . Howard MaU —To construct' a 12 ft. x 18 ft. building for a fresh fish market' to be located at 32450 North Harbor Drive (Noyo Harbor) Fort Bragg. , Joesph Step — To construct a single-family residence and car 'housing facility in North Gualala Subdivision, lVfc miles north of Gualala. Scholarships awarded At their installation dinner held June 14, Mt. Konocti Chapter 19 of the California State' Employes Association announced the following scholarship recipients for 1974: —Peter Land of Fort Bragg received a $200 scholarship and Michelle Sand of Boonville was awarded a $100 scholarship* The next business meeting of Mt. Konocti Chapter 19 will be. held July 8, at 8 p.m. at the office of the Department of Transportation. 'JACKPOT' — Lois Gower, Pacific Telephone cashier, stands beside the sleek 1974 Mustang that she won in a drawing sponsored by KCRA-TV Sacramento, Channel 3. "I've been entering contests for years," Lois said, "but this is; the first time I've hit it big." The car was the grand prize for the TV station's "Big Money Movie" contest. Lois has a vacation coming up in three weeks and she'll possibly swing Lake Tahoe way to "hit it lucky." Journal photo by Raymond. Public Works Act extended WASHINGTON D.C. - Cong. Don Clausen; R-California, Friday announced that the House of Representatives approved legislation he sponsored to extend the Public Works and Economic Development Act for two years. It a statement made during general debate on the floor of the House, the Redwood Empire congressman said that "this two year extension, which authorizes a total funding level of over $l billion, along with demonstration programs for special economic development and adjustment assistance, will add to the tools we possess to meet the economic heeds of the nation. "The Economic Development Administration," Clausen said, "has served the nation's economically lagging areas well, providing essential public facilities, grants and loans, business loans, technical assistance, and the vital organization structure of economic development districts, to cope with economic decline. "The many projects in which. EDA is involved in our own North Coast area serve as graphic illustration of EDAs successful performance, partnership with private enterprise and local government. "It's been estimated," Clausen concluded, that for approximately every $2,800 spent under EDA, one $6,000$8,000 job is created. MORENO'S CLUB Open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Every Day , LUNCHEON SPECIALS DAILY 1 RED DEVIL ^^^^^^^ iKl c/Vlailirig^upphes ^Headquarters MAIL IT IN THE RIGHT ENVELOPE PAY THE RIGHT POSTAGE SAVES YOU MONEY 1 We are now more than a source for your business printing needs. We are also your mailing supply headquarters. Come in and get a Free starter kit. XOUft nil CTAftTf ft KIT INCLUD1S , 3 - (9 x 12) • 28 White Tuffmail Presto Gum Envelopes 3 - (9 x 12) - 32 Manila Tuffmail Envtlopes 3 - (9 x 12) - Tyvek Presto Gum Envelopes 1 - (6 1/4 x 6) - Pressure Sensitive Packing List Envelope FAMILY ASSORTMENT 95 Treat your family and <£ friends to all the excite- M> ment and fun of selecting and setting off your own fireworks display on the 4th of July. YOUR AUTHORIZED MAIL-WELL ENVELOPE DEALER Contra/ Printing 45 EAST CHURCH STREET PHONE (707) 462.-4666 UKIAH >wn AW^A the 11 OO VALUE IF ITEMS PURCHASED INDIVIDUALLY STAR fm SPANGLED \yi SALUTE WITH EVERY RED DEVIL FAMILY ASSORTMENT! OTHER ASSORTMENTS FROM $2.95 TO S49.95 SOLD BY LOCAL CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS EVERYWHERE FIREWORKS MAY BE LEGALLY SOLD. POSSESSED OR DISCHARGED ONLY WITHIN CITIES WHERE SALE IS AUTHORIZED. Troop No. 42, B.S.A. (1) Library Park, Lakeport (2) Nylander Center, Lakeshore Blvd., Lakeport (3) Shoreline Shopping Center, Hwy. 29, Lakeport Troop No . 47, B.S.A. Hwy. 20 and Main Street, Upper Lake,

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