The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1930
Page 7
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SUMBQWN LAURA LOU BTOOKMAN NEA Service Inc. . Ill, upm-i niinf trum Jailllli I .KHnnlr H hrr in dlnnrr* and n»n- Mrnimhllr Ik). tlrl rimtln- mml". Mlih n ymiiiK unl) ti. -IJAV" KATIIIIVX rt'ri'l'.ll, unli-r r-i- rvinl'r. bn« nrmilrril n dUllkr fur ilif slrt Krfniitr til Knlgkr* fmur. nun Tuiilii-r itl*r« .ludllh Ilip mn»l dUttiMlrlul ln>.k«. At Ihr rj,» o| • uMrluli.d ronrKhln «h» l« nrrt,iu« nnrl dlMlrjjrifj und IcIU him >k^ hA« Ntini.-ililnc In i-unrrhN |lt> [:iuirhk nnd rrtturn In lUit'n. they plnn n nit urrkH 1 t.ii.r-n,i,,,r, |n lli-r»n;,ln. KiilLkl *upnllr> Ikr iiinnrj fur nn clnl,- t>r:ttt- irqa*«rntt. Thry nrc mar- ! rlrd nn n S^ninlnr mortihie, Urifn Ihvy hnnrrt Ihr llnrr In KII|| Ju- dllk t* i,rr,iiLl nnil irtrlllrrl. Sud- dt-nlj In Ikr rrntrd eo Ikr ilnrk • tic <or« IMn. Trur* cnnic *nlo her MPW CD »\ WITH -nil'. STOItl CI1AITKII VI CMI.IM: down Now York hniliiii J was ihrlllliii to Jndllh. ^ Sfie slnod close lo her iiusb.-niil leaning aRalnst the rail. Sliari- brcc-zcg unffolcu Her skirts uml whipped crimson Into her ctieuka Knliihi frowned tihc 51111 slione In bis eyesi as he rmhueil oul familiar Lcacnn? o| the skyline. I'lu; vello'.T l!i;l!i lilt Hie waier nnil spnrkleil oack agnln. II caiiglu up dinmohils In tlie surny and ililUA UIIIR shadows nn the Ivury whiteness nl Ihe decks. l,owcr Manual tan. Those auiaj Ing. r.nhipoua tnrrels Telenlion- DulWln.e. pyre-like Hankers' I'nid slructnre. \Vobhvorlh. Kiinilalilr! 1'rusl. ii dozen oiliers . How tlicj glnrtii (loiv-n nn Ihe murky rirui ; wlfh Us prclcnMiin? ocean HILCI sriorlliia. n-licollii)i lllllc lui;liMlJ terries and freiylii hrir^cs! I'asl llninklyn i'n;| Ihe inillrliii: On j-ail Siiiieii Island und then n last onto ilie gray Atlantic. .Jiiiljlh. luns.. lonp, alter, rnnli'l Ehul urr eyes anil sill] see i-le.irlv the prinnriiniri nl Hie hurlxir nn tohihif; ius-t :ii it luiil ihril niurnliif; Tlie iiwrnliis r-l iier niarrlase to Arljinr Knlslit. II? Icilil ber so itiucli ns ihey »ti;c(l aaalnn Hie Kill. anili-:pailne (Hiaflloiia lislurc she naked ihcin i!rlivi<rln<- an clcnn'iiliiry 'im-inn- or. KrauiniiHliip. he pair \vere amnir4 Ilie IMS! to leave the deck and pii m' . She Juililli. was n-rnr!ng t:iil coat.and the AKIICS liiriian lonkid I'aMsian with Ihe oilc da?li of luileiicnileii! Ainerlc.ui ^ n™d. I'rum lopiuost lip ol (he MiTlian In narroiv black siipde toes Elie was Ljvfioincii sitmi tlx.^ :'/ • Arihur led ihe way to tliel caliln. A brlKlil-fnrei! young stoii ar,l obliKhiKly asslslcil.- A ship c;:hiu'.' 'A Terllalil_ bovver of baskets nnd tioies of roses instead. "Why —Arthur!" lie wheeled. Diplomallrally the slewartl hail ducked Into Hie cor ridur. Arthur KHJ»IH nn d |,j 3 bride were alone at last. Judith fnim:l hersi-lf In Her liua tnnd'3 arras. Artlinr'a sliontiler so comforting. Arthur's ftissps nrrtent anil coinforlliiK. loo. Arthur roiigti Ir.g her with clumsy, caress ihfi liliEcrs. whisperins bis adara tic n. A 'prayc:- at thai Instant ,-ircisc 'rolii Ihe inmost center ot Judith Knight's lleart. ^ "Ucar Oorf," [he prayer said "tench me lo lore my iniiijainl." __ Slie -.rantod In love Arthur Knle'nt. U'Hh all '!er soul the sirl wni;lcd '.o lore l:lm. Mrs. li'esl i»as Vivaciout, generally popular, and il\e urged her cnJi/iip upon luJilh. JUDITH and Knight ivcre liotli cle- J lishled lo discover, ES the trip wore on. lhai the girl wns a natural : nilur. 'i'here were silfT winds before. Hie ;:hip r'ca'clicil (he giilf ureani. 'I'he sen "became so rough tliat portholes had lo be closed.- Sea legs were ns'nati'rai as larai ones 'to Arthur Ktilslit. 'Now he found that, no inat'cr how ihu sett might pilch and rear. Judith was r.oml for five limes around the r,un deck cRch moaning, she enjoyed Ia7y nflrernoohs^. In her steau^cr i-hiiir. well lucked: up in blankels. 1'Jicr had their meals at Hie cap (alu'j table' and Juditli thoni;l:t the slln. sharp^feaiured offlccr uh usually tnicrcsllsig. lie had 90 Ik lie ;o ssy but bis \.6rils bad sucli (mint. Slie ivas equaily allmcted by the ruddy, weather otaiued brouzo ol his Face, Arthur Knight picked up nc- qiratnlanccs. lie knew the ship's olncers, [onud one or two men svitli whom nc bad had business rcla lions, and be broughl tlitm all tu JitrtUh. Knight fairly radiated pride wlien otlicr men paid bis pretty young bride coinnllniculs. The fact that .Mrs. Knight was so con slaully snrroni;ded by n^r.scnlin^ ntteniion sel ionguos goinfc in many a striclly feminine circle o[ wlio sal at (lie captain's taljlc. Then llscro were t'.vo sisters lirre who affcclcd tlio brightest o( sport clothes. There was a solitary cut her ullnly, Mildred four dnys »nd tooii llie tool back. Nowadays you simply c avoid them. These ihoii Klrl» nro ovcrywhorol" Judith ela'rleu 1 to spca!<. then caught her lip. "1 yruinlscd lo incet in; hu» untul," slie galil. "lle.ireua!— t'ta so hue he'll bo turning In a mum Sorry lo dash off. Mr«. Wosl—" Thoueh eho tried very ha id to bn trlenitly mill sociable. Jmlltli Ilkeil Unit part o! each day best wiic-n she iintl her liiishaud slrolleil together or KH eldo uy elJo on the sun deck. Tlicn sho coulil slip her hand slyly under his heavier one ami they could have long, sober talks. There were many things lo talk alwul. The house on 1,0ns Islm.d. tor Itislnnce. win to bo oiieutu 1 asuln upon their return. Then (hero woto the children — I'ony and Arthur, Junior. Their fullicr s|:ohc o[ llicm re (:caicd!y. Jmlltli was conrlnt-uil there never had been 11 more de vuicil inreiu. As yet Knight had "ui even coiilldcd lo tlic-m Ills nmr- rlage. He was gay and carelcsa In e» Plaining this; "You ECC. Juillth," he said, -the klda nio tolng (o no crazy nhoui yon. How ilo 1 know Hint? lie- cause thcy'to Einarl hlds. And bo cause I'm looking ul you tills In Hinnl. girl. They'll (all for you lust ilke Ihelr Uaildy. 1 want them, lo. Only tor els weeks I wtint lo forgr-t everything.else in llio world cxcepl just you and mo and Imppl ness. I'm not willing to share, you oven with the Hoodlums." "Tlio Hoodlums" waa n nnmo Tony nnil Junior, had acquired In their babyhood. • • • JT S9i;nicd such n short lime until Monday morning when, with linmla playing nud Hags llylng. they iloclied ut llainlllon. Tlio (Iny was «arm. actually like summer. As llio liner tnado Us way slowly ninont; the iuiiunicnib!. small Islamls. Jmllth Itngeea Ih'o ship's rail, calllui; out excllcdly tn Arthur lojook quickly ot this.anil nt that. There Old-Fashioned By MARY tiKAHAM IIONNElt "I've lurned the time Rhend." cnld the LHlo Ulurk Clock, "and were goltiR tn so? an ol<Maslrioiied little boy." The scene durum, and It ns thoiioU cve-ryc-iie was Ihn lime n;l!-|: Even Hi!- rhiuirrn had lltllc plane? nnd «.-n? nyhiR about in easily nnd inimally ns tlvmigh lhf\ ivere rldlnc blcvdrs. Bui one l».i \vas fipotidlnn h!s lime' on tho grcun'l. nn;l IP «ns ttirnlnc smn- i'is- | - .'lie oUier clllldrni urn i nil l.muhir.i:. "I rton'l f.-p why they're IniiRh- Inrv" saitl .j.-.iui. "HP'S lurninic PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS Phone 306 Jf£ i * vurt fa •i'i«i-ji>m *»» Me. 0*0* UM Announcements For CoUDi)' O>urt t'lcrtt MliS. JOHN LONG. [''OK KKNl FOR HKNT-2-ttory, 1 room hotiso cloii! In on Highway 01. H. Lil TOH 1 KENT— Largo coniforlttbTu lurnMicd rcom 8i"iant! K dcslrcrl. Mrs. [>. E. C'oolcy, Plioiic 117. OpUO •OK KEHT— 10 room house, niotl- cm convcnlcncri, Ul But Ky. tlir l,|(tlc elderly tjentlemah whoin seemed to know much ahout. There was' a -Germanic youiiK man »hn said lie was culoyine hi" Ihst vaca (Ion In seven years. Tiiere v,-as the very attractive Mrs. I'rarililln Mon roe West and her New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. a Ml— OjKn High Low Close 1C8S 1095 1660 lli?5 'PlIKKK were several oilier honeyinoonevs ou buard, Tuere jvnq^Mn oTIioj- fnuuln'iust marricil lly TliK RKV. CAUL )J. W1LHE1.1! Pnslor First Christian Church, Toix-ka, Kas. nearly 10 yeara less. Her KO wore ns perfect as Judith Knisht'3 and she ivore. for more jewelry. Mis. West was vivacious, generally popular, and she inscd lier friendship upon Judith. Tl:o middle aKeil sisters were snolihish. The young tirlilei) with their yotithful linshnr.d;! pomeliow looked askance at Judith lor =o she thought). She turned lo Mrs. Wesl gralcfnlly. ".My dertr," [he older woman said to her Hie second evening, "since it's your lirst trip you rcnlly must let me lake yon about. i It's so fearfully lnnKTluiit niceiini; the right people. Da you know, actually 1 have n friend wlio ranio down nloi^e last season who had the most awful experience! Slw didn't know anyone on the ship and nicVjcd up an ncnuainlaiice with a youiiK girl who seemed very attractive. Iraag Ine how she felt aflcr they had rc-nclicd Hamilton and she learned llie eirl was a hotel ciniiloyo' 01 hers who had known It nil the re merry sallies from His Eallim.iiL 'nnd Iniinchet which played anil circled about.the ship. From hilltops nnd nil along llio water-front cam* waves and cheers, . The lowncss nt ihe structures ICES obtrusive I,i lf | r prislel c ,,|, lMll( , ,„ colUl . asl with tbc BOIscons blncness of Bky se.i,'<|iil(o overpowered Judith Knight. . "Arthur 1 ." .lu'rilih snokc iveniii- lousiy. "I've never, uevcr, been so . "Lei's Mslcii 1 1 tiifm, nir.ok Clork iiiir^Mctl. Si thcv did uml UH\V lu-aril the other children l.ini!h!nB and stii'liiR: "What hm r.m yen tact In ilmt when yi:ii raild turn somcrsaiilts In Hip nlrr" Ynii for." ll:r l.idlc Ulwk Clock cxiilnlnnl, "ihry rBn all i uni joo,,., In (heir planes. They ci^:i ib Ihat ns rasllv ns children In ycur ilny coulil rldo hl- cyclcs or be ii'illpd aroitr.i! corners In express c:nu wiiliout ui'setlliiB" So John and Pogey ivatrhctl tlie lltlle boy us lie continued to Him somersaults cliwn on the (orund, and they Iward the cllwrs nlangh- ing at him. bm he was saying: "Call me old-fashioned! All right! I dcn't cave. It's a lilck to do this. It's nothing clever . lo be nble lo turn a lo-.c in a plntic. Anyone can do that. What I'm doing Is n \von- dc-rftil trick only people of years ago could, ilol" "Slinll we stay ami watch him n II | •= longer?" l,lie H'.tle Dlack| CSIock nskcd, "and Ilicii perhaps we could see sonic ot the others ns they turn loops In the nlr." "Yes, let'o stay and watch,' John. "Let's," agreed Pcfgy. (Tomorrow— "I. unpins") snli Pulrnnii Of Windmills PARIS (/>')— France 1ms n Soclcl.i ot Friends of Old Windmills wlilc! preserves olil mills [or laiulmarks. ilk cyta were her answer. There w;is soino delay nljout rc.icliliis Ilielr room timl sotting llio liaggage. Arlluir returned do\vit stairs lo consult tlio clurk und founil iiiinself forced lo exclmugo pJe.-isauli-iM willi .Mrs. Frniihlla Mrr'roe WcsU "Oil. Mr. Knight!" llio woman cried csulici-aiilly, "1'vo Rot tht most rlillfiilons Uilng lo lell you. Mlas Bii'jlbte—you rcmemlicr Miss yquihhs on s li 1 p U o a rd 1 ;—well, UUIiSS wlial sliQ said this moraine!". Without walling tor a reply Mrs. West continued: "She jiointed you nnn your wlto out anil she said, T UO think ttmt Mr. Knlslit and Ills daughter are 30 distinguished looking.' Isn't li d»- liclous?" (To l!o CoriIIlined) NCL UPON AT1ML Senator Ibm E. Jiornh, now one ol lh-> mosl r o b u F r men 1n the Senate, left his birthplace in Illinois, when a FlcMy • Ind ot IS/ and wetit wcsl lor- his health. Thai's Thy he romes irom. Idaho. ! or call E. J. Urowiit. PhoiJu r 610. Ucktt 'AN'l'EU—2S colored families to il.u crop, ace Hoy Hrlnkley, WANTKD VANTKD-To do Slmro Cropping. Address o. ti. Lewis. Oencrnl dowry, niythcvllle. Ark. UpkB .'ANTED—ncarder.s niul roomers, $7.00 (ier week, 112 East Cherry (reel. Phone C02. ' LOST Itrporl of (he C«nllllou M Ihe Fanners Bank & Trust Go. of Blylhevlllr, lu tho Slalo of Artuiiwu. «t Ihe dc* of bMltxM *<i Drcrmbcr Jl, 1819 KKSO1JRCES and discounts Loans on Heal Estate. Loutis on CoHon _ OverdrRfts, Sfcured niul Unsecured ., U. B. Securities .' !!!".'.!,". Slock In rcttcrnl Reserve Bank .,!'. Olhcr Bends nnil Sccmltles. Including State Warrant!, County and City Bcrlp Furniture and Fixtures , Bunking llouso Other Hcnl Kstttlc ]"/_] Cash and Due from Approved Hcscrvo llanks Olhcr Hcsourccs »2M,598.84 94.038.00 M5.M 6,900.00 1,710.46 10,800.00 113,200.00 57,090.0!) 055,017.33 30,600,00 TOTAL Cnpltal. Slock, Paid Up Surplus Fund, Ccrllflcd Undivided 1'roflls, Nel . Savings Accotinls Dividends Unpaid i.unii.tTii.s 11,800,910.13 200.000.00 40,000.00 •. H.887.M t 133,230.00 20,000.00 .OST— 36x6.25 Tire oil Main strcr-t Snturdny nflenioon. Return to 7C3 West Miitn. Reward. Opk9 W, J, KNOX repairs show good No, 204 West Main. STOVE Repairs by Sain Sickles, 110 8. Drotulw»y. I3pk Jan 18 Midway Notes LUXORA, U. l._Mr, nnd Mrs. *. V, Tcirtple nnd Edgar Lloyd of dosnell visited Mr. und Mrs. Bud- 'v Lloyd Snnduy. Mr. nnd Mrs. j. o. Oldhnm of 3sccoln visited Mrs. M. s. Aslia- limnner Sunday. Itcv. Slnnfield of Biirdcllc, J. n Cook of Hljhlower, A. J. Hill nnil Wittier Woods uml family nUendcit Sunday school niul cluirch at (he Lu.xoru Bnpiist. chuvcli. Mr. and Mrs. D. Onrrctl and son visited Mr. Ellis and family Sunday. • J. C. Eaton attended to business In Luxoru Monday. Mrs. Collln Dugan iincl children of Luxoru vlslled Mr. nnd Mrs A J. Hill Sunday. Buddy Lloyd nnd Cjisey JotiM Kitcitdc<l to business In Dlythovlllc. Mondny. Mr. ami Mrs! A. J. Hill and Frank Llnd shopped In Blythcvlllc Saturday. Mrs.. P. n. s=xton and son, Clarence nnd Mrs. Helen Sexton sU»p- pcd in lllytliuvllle Mondny, Mr. and Mrs. Vess Holm-Is 1 baby Is 111 nt llils writing. E. M. McCall of Blyllievlllc wus a business visitor here 'Mondny. John Melvln visited A. J. Hill Mondny on business. A Inrgc number of guests attended H party given nl Hie honu of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Line! Sai- ui day. Mr:,. Grace McFadden and Mrs. R. L. Thorn spent Sunday with Mrs. E. M. McDonald. Individual Deposits Including Public Funds ....11,173,051.72 Time Certificates ot Deposit 61,343,18 Cushltr'6 Checks .., 59,633.05 Total Amount of all Classes Dcposlta as Above Shown , , 1,400,233.05 Nel Deposits (after deducting amount on which more Uian •1 per cent Interest Is paid as shown above) 1,408,333.05 TOTAL ,,, »J 1 eeo l »io,»-- STATE OF AHKANSAS, COUNTY OP MISSISSIPPI, us: 1, B. A. Lynch, president, or F. E. Wnrrcn, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear the above statement U true to the best of my knowledge niid belief. 1J. A. LYNCH, President. F. E. WARREN, Cashier. COniiEOT—ATTEST: n. A. liynch, Cecil Shane, L. L. Ward, A. M. Butt, ; J. L. Cherry. Subscribed and sworn lo before- me this 7th day ol January, 1930, My Commission expires March 26, 1831. E. H. BRYAN, Notary Public. !1. Stockton Smidny morning. Mrs. V/. P O'Neal sr., visited In the home of Mrs. W. F. O'Neal, Jr., last Wednesday. Fo-d McOarrlly *as the gutat of Miss Kclslc Ik:v111 Sunday. tUSSlFIED- ^r !•• H <p"g»^ Sandy Ridge News Ben Lamb nnd Dock Orny nro visiting at Blnck Oak. The Misses Vlnlng cntcilain|-d n group of young people in Ihslr hcme Saturday evening. Mrs. T. W. Whittle visited Mrs. Wlinsdvcro shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it.—Matthew 10:25. , i The children say, when ens oi them lias lost smutching. "Findeii keepers: losers, weepers." That is wlial the world would eall common sense. lint Jesus co:nc.i in quietly anri reverses this, sayinj. "Losers, keepers:- finders, weepers." The explanation of (his paradox Is not -/o ditlicult. however. It is finiply that Jesus has reverted the world's standards ot values. The world standard is. for K lo die is loss; for t'r.c man win loves wealth and power nnd pleasures loses all when he dies. But Ihe folltraer ol Christ lins little regard for these tilings. Hi-, treasure is in Heaven. Therefore for him "to die is gain." Read Ccuricr News Want •art lUMBER •-fob & On the Wire and On the Level LUHBEn '-fob And always on the jump. We're always luisUinj; like llic devil; We arc your one best tnimn. E. C. ROBINSON LMM CO. tiSE*PBQNE Mrs. Molllc Whittle Visited Mrs. W. Bevlll TluiMday cVeulng. WERT He. Makes 'Em'See Royal C, Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Socializing in Income Tax, Bookkeeping System^ Phone SZ Ingrnm Dldg. Blythevllle, Ark. I'lumbing, Stcnni, Gas and Hot Water llcnting by "AL" the Pluniber (A. C. Aitken) PJtotic 894-W 316 N. .9th. ONE PUNCH I)ESEHVES MUD XC.S1E.OOW VJHOJ VIE w/\-s JOST MCQC. TO ^LE. VOU VOO K GOOD PUMCH m me l;'RKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS BEFORE THEIR VERY EYES! OF THC UrllTEO STATES, OSCAH !! INTO 7H£ STWIQ.M:' THAT MOST BE COOCT- uoose ! . 6tT A CA3 TO UOTEU iu V= WTO r?i6«r OSJ TU£ DOT

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