Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on November 14, 1977 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1977
Page 5
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Trouble: Garden Cily Telegram Monday, November 14, 1977 Page 5 By WAYNE SLATER Associated Press Writer TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Use value appraisal of farmland, approved by the voters and endorsed by the governor, is in trouble in Kansas. Although it carries all the right credentials—bipartisan support from high levels and the cachet of noble purpose—it has the ugly look of a property tax increase. And in an election year, that spells trouble. Exactly whose taxes will go up, and by how much, depends on what version of the bill is passed and on exactly how county assessors do their job. Some lawmakers have virtually, written off the possibility of implementing use value next session, others give it a 50-50 chance. Use Value Has Right Credentials—Adda Headache Nevertheless, ils largely rural supporters are preparing to push for implementation by Ihe Legislature in whal could become one of Ihe Ihorniesl issues facing the 1978 session. In 1976, Kansas voters authorized the Legislature to devise a plan for implementing use value appraisal of farmland. Under such a system, dry cropland, irrigated land and rolling grassland would all be assessed for tax purposes on the basis of what they produce, nol whal Ihey are worlh lo speculalors in Ihe real estale markel. The idea is to help farmers hold on lo Iheir properly al a lime when inflation and encroachment by investors threatens'to price land out of reach. From Ihe beginning, every- WHEN A LITTLE EXTRA MONEY WOULD MAKE THE HOLIDAYS A LOT one knew that if county property taxes were lowered on agricultural land, other taxpayers would have to lake up the slack. But the potential impact wasn't clear until last week when members of a legislative interim committee got their first look at a computer printout detailing whose taxes would be affected. It was a shocker. If tied to a general reappraisal of properly to 30 percenl, Ihe use value bill would have meanl sharply higher laxes for homeowners and substantial tax breaks for utilities and the oil and gas industry. Even slaunch supporters like Sen. Fred Kerr, R-Coats, were starlled. "I didn'l expecl laxes for utilities to go down Ihis sharply or residential to go up so sharply," he said. "I think we all expected, agricultural and lo go down a little, but nol his." Barry Flinchbaugh, Kansas State University administrator and land use expert, explained that the problem was not with use f, u I': 00 1)1, COME ON IN. At Household Finance, we've been helping people have happier Holidays for almost one ;hundred years. S,o eome.on in.when you could, r use a little extra mpney to take care of everyone on your gift list. During the Holiday Season or any season, come on in to HFC. Where people use our money to get the most , out of life. LOANS ABOVE J10.000 ARE SECURED BY REAL ESTATE. HOUSEHOLD FINANCE Corporation and Subsidiary Companies AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY LENDER GARDEN CITY 110 E. Chestnut—PHONE: 275-9635 CaH us tor our spec/a/ Holiday hours. value, but with the stale's oul- of-dale assessmenls. Nol one counly in 105 is appraising properly al the legally required 30 percenl, he said. And unlil old assessmenls are brought up-to dale, "wild gyralions" would resull from any efforl lo implemenl use value assessmenl along wilh a general reappraisal of property, he said. In an efforl lo save use value, Kerr proposed the only politically expedient solution— implemenl use value for farmland without a general reappraisal of all other properly. Leave Ihe an- tiqualed, undereslimaled properly valuations across Kansas exaclly as Ihey are, he said. Under lhal arrangemenl, homeowners would pay slightly lower laxes and many farmers would pay higher laxes, sometimes substantially higher, according to the compuler analysis. Fur example, il all dry crop land were reassessed at 30 percent but based on use value, Ihe average farmer in Alchison Counly slill would have his properly laxes increased 133 percent. For the farmer in Cloud County, the tax hike would be 61 percent. Again, Flinchbaugh explained that oul-of-dale counly assessmenl rolls were lo blame for Ihe aberralions. In Ihe years ahead, as all properly in Kansas approached 30 percenl valuation, the shifls would level oul, he said. Bui Ihe revelalion lhat farmers would be paying more laxes under a proposal aimed at helping them had supporters of use value from rural regions grumbling lasl week. Gov. Robert F. Bennett, however, made it clear al his news conference Wednesday he had nol been swayed. Bennett reaffirmed his support for implemenlation of use value assessmenl wilhout reappraisal, although he suggested it might be necessary to linker a bit wilh figures back at the county levels lo relieve a sudden increase for farmers. To lake Ihe heal off farmers, Bennett suggested altering the sales ralios (ratio of whal a class of property is sells for as opposed lo Ihe amount it is assessed) back in Ihe individual counlies. • Instead of reassessing al the full 30 percent and then incorporating use value, the governor suggesled figures more in line wilh current levels. One problem with Bennell's solution is lhal it appears to overlook the legal requirement that property be reassessed at 30 percenl of ils value. And it flies in Ihe face of a pledge lo the commillee Tuesday by Raymond Vaughn, director of properly valuation, to begin moving by 1980 toward 30 percent assessment and full implementation of use value appraisal. Any county assessor who cribs on the figures, Vaughan affirmed, would be fired. 8 TRACK TAPES WHOLESALE & RETAIL A FINE SELECTION OF WESTERN-EASY LISTENING POPULAR-CLASSICAL-ROCK MODERN RADIO-T.V. SERVICE Your Zenith Sales & Service Dealer Serving Western Kansas For 30 Years ED COX-OWNER 626 N. 8TH GARDEN CITY, KS. 275-5251 Service MASTER Limited Offer FREE! Laser Inventor Savors Victory WASHINGTON (AP) - Throughoul his 18-year bailie Lo win a palenl for invenling Ihe laser, R. Gordon Gould says he never became biller, even when Ihe mililary classified his work and seized his noles. Now, he's savoring Ihe satisfaction of a long-awaited Iriumph. Gould, vice president of a small optical fiber firm in Gaithersburg, Md., has been granled a palenl recognizing him as the developer of the syslem which uses solid malerial, such as a ruby, to generale the laser beam. This Scouters to Be Honored The Annual Scouter Recognilion Dinner will be al 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 19 al Ihe Garden Cily First United Melhodisl Church. Tickels are $1.25 and may be oblained from scoul unit leaders or from Ihe Scoul Service Cenler in Garden Cily. Mayor Duane Wesl will presenl Iwo dislrict awards of merit lo two scout leaders each of Ihe Ihree dislricts in the Santa Fe Council. The awards go to leaders for.lheir work in bringing scouting to area boys. Sidney Warner, Cimarron, will give recognition ID Ihe 30 council scouts who atlained Ihe rank of Eagle in 1977. Silver Beaver Awards will be presenled lo Ihree of Ihe councils scouting leaders by Roscoe C., Waldorf, Garden City. That is the highest award for an adult scoul leader. Doyleen Bolin, Garden Cily, will presenl unit leader recognition for bringing boys in lo scouting. Thai recognilion will have emphasis on Ihe Greal Sanla Fe Trail Roundup, sponsored by the McDonalds restaurants of Garden Cily, Dodge Cily and Liberal. ONE WEEK EXTENSION Enjoy The Best of Western Kansas THE WHEAT LANDS CONVENTION CENTER, d/b/a GRAIN BIN SUPPER CLUB WHEN ENTERTAINING FOR BUSINESS OR PLEASURE, THE "GRAIN BIN" IS ALWAYS READY TO REGALE YOU, WITH THE FINEST IN WINING AND DINING. 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Box 438 Garden City, Kansas 67846 ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^_ ^^ m ^^- ^^— ^^_ ^_ ^_ ^— ^^ ^_ ^^— ^_ _« •• •• ^M •• ^H ^M ^M •§• ^H ^m m """"" STATEMENT OF 1978 EARLY DUES GRAIN BIN SUPPER CLUB Garden City, Kansas Dues 11-1-77 to 11-1-78 25 per cent Discount if paid by November 17,1977 Texas Youth Heads FFA KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — J. Ken Johnson, a 19-year-old Texas cattle rancher, was picked Friday by the Future Farmers of America as the organization's new national president. Johnson, besides starting development of a herd of registered beef callle while he was going lo Nacogdoches, Tex., High School, also was presidenl of ils sludenl body, received the American High School Award for Excellence and was, a member of the National Honor Society. type of laser represents about one-third of Ihe high-intensity light devices now in' use. Lasers sales currently are running at an estimated $1 billion a year and are projecled at $5 billion by 1984. The devices are used for many purposes, including delicate surgery, transmission of photographs, metal cutting, measurement taking, com- munialions relays and military applications. "II looks like'I'll have something lo retire on," said Gould, whose representatives began negotiating license fees with makers of the machines'after receiving the patenl lasl month. Gould also has patents pending on lasers thai use gas inslead of solids, and on several applications of Ihe laser. Al leasl one of these already has been recognized in Canada, although nol yel in Ihe United Stales. Gould's slruggle dates back to 1959, when he tried to interest Ihe mililary in the invention. The military saw Ihe polen- tial for a "death ray," and classified Gould's work and his patenl application as secret. However, Gould had atlended some left-wing political meetings in the 1940s and flunked Ihe FBI's securily check. Thai prompled aulhorilies to confiscate his notebooks — they were held for three years — and prevenl mililary ex- perls working lo develop his machine from discussing Iheir work wilh Gould. "Thai slowed down Iheir la- ser development," he noted, "because they couldn't tell me what they were doing and get guidance from me." The word laser, coined by Gould in 1957, stands for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiution." The announcement of his patent has shaken the laser industry, which faces the possi- bilily of new license fees and royally paymenls. Eugene M. Lung, head of the firm which is marketing Gould's patent rights, said he expecls when all Ihe palent issues are settled, Gould will have a claim on 90 percent of the lasers manufactured or sold in Ihe Uniled Slales. For any carpet, or furniture you have cleaned SERVICE MASTER will provide FREE SCOTCHGARDING!® Take advantage of this great savings today! CALL 275-1433 of Garden City UltraFresl carpet care No Commercial Cleaning Residential Only. Dr. M. IK Niedi-ns Chiropractic Office 811 Main Garden City Hours 8:30-5:30 Thurs.-Sat. 8:30-12 Salute To An Educator Juanita Jameson Juanita teaches English in the Garden City Senior High grade levels 1(1-11-12. She has been a member of K-NEA 5 years. Juanila holds her teaching degree from Fort Hays Stale I'niversily and has credit hours from the University of Kanss. Juanita spent a week last summer in Austin, Texas, and San Antonio. Texas, learning how to write computerized grammer programs for use in her Jr. English classes this school year. Juanita is a member of St. Dominic Catholic Church. Juanila's husband (Ronald) is self employed. Ronald farms east of Garden City. Juanita's hobbies are sewing, needlecraft, embroidery, rug hooking, and crocheting. 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