Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 5, 1952 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1952
Page 10
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1 TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY, 5, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD-Taker liatvorth*s Editor's Note: Clergyman's sharp tongue is torturing his wife; Owlntf to his rude ways they lone irlends and parishes me and telis me I" have too much worry ire; hut soon I find myself j pride otnerwise he ^ a very good getting nervous and upset again, jman; and were it not for these Henry's philosophy is that it's (faults he could have a very nice over Henry's mistakes. Is getting In tentatively proposing a change tiresome, after 17 years. of occupation for Henry, I take for Henry dresses in a rather sloppy j granted that such a move would be manner, and when I try to persuade j permissible within the framework him to improve he gets angry witt»|of church doctrine or legislation. Your Horoscope DEAR MARY HAWORTH: Myj beUer to say thlngs in people's faces husband has such a blistering sarcastic tongue that it is hard for me than behind their back; and his whole family is like that. So he to bear; and there is hardly a day s ays whatever he thinks. We have! in which he doesn't have me in ,.,.; ^_.._ J . _.. .... ,_._ _„..: personality. What should I do? Am I wrong in feeling hurt or disapproving? Please advise me. L. C. tears at least once. I keep teliing myself that I am overly-sensitive, and that I am not going to let it BRING YOUR FILM WORK to bo developed •° RAND'S 24 HOUR SERVICE WE SELL FILM OF ALL KINDS RAND'S Cor. Baltimore and Cantre Ms. few friends and when we form new i Seems Miscast friendships they don't last long. \A S Clergyman I might add that Henry is aj minister, but we never stay longer! DEAR L, C.: In a nebulous way, than two or three years in any one;you are saying that two lives are parish; and they are always the poorest parishes. 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Persons of happy mind and contented spirit, who have found congenial work to do, are kindly spoken without effort, in the main. They don't bring an ambittered bias to the human scene, as seems to be Henry's handicap; and one wonders what lies back of his special difficulty with people. It may be that he is miscast in the role of clergyman, accidentally detoured into it, after a difficult childhood which denied him opportunity to discover and develop his real interests and aptitudes. Early frustration, which blocks satisfactory self - expression, along socially approved lines in formative years, tends to project a spoiling shadow over the individual's later experience as well. And possibly this is the inside story of Henry's poor showing as a pastor. Perhaps secret distaste for the job is his hidden cross; but maybe he wouldn't face or concede the fact if it were true. Different Work Might Help Him However, assuming that Henry has been coasting along the wrong road (for him) for many years, nevertheless it's still not too late to put on the brakes, pull out of the rut, and find the path that better suits him. After all, if you are continually on the move, making the rounds of the poorest parishes, while alienating friends as fast as you, make them, what has he got to lose, if he adventures into new fields of endeavor, in search of agreeable usefulness? All that is necessary for a fresh start is courage on Henry's part- courage to examine the record, reach honest conclusions and act [orthrightly to reject unserviceable influences, that lead him down blind alleys. But what would your attitude be, if he undertook to find other employment? I hope for the ;ake of both that you would endorse ;he idea confidently—without push- ng or nagging, of course. 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Baltimore, 2nd Floor Phone: 5200— Cumberland Loans made to Residents of Ntortry Towns r FOR FUNERALS Is The Finest Way To Extend Your Heartfelt Condolences! PHONE 2582 75 Baltimore St. Offhand I think of several instances of good men, ordained for the ministry, who are giving fine account of themselves in fulltime work in other fields—such as medicine, education, personnel guidance and the like. Henry might fit into the industrial picture, if not into a professional niche, and gain self respect in doing so. Now about yourself: Your hurt reaction to Henry's sharp tongue is understandable, but it's fairly futile to try to erase another adult's "faults." To make your life easier, accept Henry "as is," without self- pity or reformer zeal. And learn to overlook his errors, instead of straining to cover them. M. H. 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